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Created by
Hélène LeSage «Aguila Brillante»
Shaman, Naturotherapist n.d.,
Reiki Master and Phytotherapist n.d.
336, Buckingham Ave., Gatineau, QC J8L 2G5
(819) 281-0811
Unique products, maufactured in Québec,
hand made by
Canadian Forest Tree Essences
Concept and design by Céline Chrétien. [email protected]
This essence is especially created to awaken our
cells. Who are we?
Without cells, there is NOTHING.
The cells represent life.
Only the cellular memory can show our destiny,
this UNKNOWN DESTINY. These small spheres
have a life within us. They call upon us through
the physical body and represent our life map. To
live well, your cells need LOVE and LIGHT.
This essence will consciously work to support this
mindful challenge. Via its vibration, weakness
becomes strength, discouragement transforms into
courage. It helps us find courage and hope in
keeping the light alive within yourself, so the small
spheres that got lost into darkness can hope to find
their path of life again, this UNKNOWN DESTINY.
At times, the energy within can take us into
unfamiliar and mysterious paths, so one may have
access to a marvelous consciousness, which is LIFE.
Where there is LIGHT, there is HOPE!
And hope becomes LIGHT:
Existence’s Conscious light = Love for Life.
This essence is especially created to help your soul transcend
towards the light. Its vibration facilitates a serene and peaceful
passage and helps to let go of the physical body towards
the way to radiance.
Leaving fear behind, a door towards divine consciousness
opens for us.
The soul can leave the physical plane and find unconditional love.
The gentle perfume of this Mist-essence brings us in contact to
our own inner garden, the soft memories of a journey on earth.
This Mist-essence is the key to a free soul at last.
Unconscious pass over of the SOUL
A person who suffers is… a suffering soul.
Due to unconscious actions, the soul aches and is now asking for
forgiveness. Through the pain, it was solely looking for liberation.
This Mist-essence can help surpass obstacles holding the soul. Its
vibration works in ways to support a process of purification, so
the soul can cross the dark zone and ascend towards light.
For those still remaining on this earth journey, looking for
harmony and peace, you may integrate this Mist-essence to your
heart energy, because being in your heart energy is to
recognize the Divine within.
Our Mirror: the forgotten tree!
Tree: a universal symbol of wisdom and longevity.
The tree breathes life.
The trunk and branches of the tree are a reflection
of the human body’s shadow.
Why does it seem so difficult to live and breathe-in
life fully? Many questions and so few answers.
The tree takes us back to our own reality and the
knowledge that only when one feels grounded
he/she can consciously open to life.
This essence is a key to help open up the earth’s
energy, so we may contact our own nature, since
we are the creation within creation.
This tree is who we are.
Without feeling rooted, one remains unrealistic,
unstable and without a solid foundation.
Without firm feet on the ground, one remains
focused on thoughts.
This essence’s purpose is to create a profound
relationship with earth, so we can ground our self,
thus, experience the strength of our ancestors, the
messages from the mirror of the past.
With this essence we will witness our destiny guided
by the tree of life.
The recaptured tree !
The Real Child, Forgotten
All children whether forgotten, abandoned, sick or sad are looking for the
same thing: to find the hope of life. THE UMBILICAL CORD is where life
began, from the connection of the mother to the child.
This essence is created especially to regain those precious moments
between mother and child. This vibration joining those two lives is real and
alive. Yet at times, our passage on earth directs us towards a completely
different road: Our own!
This essence helps us understand this conscious life experience. Many times,
we cannot let go of a suffering and solitude felt within.
But it is possible to alter this borrowed road by reviving and experiencing
profoundly our inner child. In return, we regain courage to continue our
own personal journey.
When forgotten, we can ask:
“How was my mother? Alone, abandoned, sick, sad? Who knows?”
Just know what we never are alone as long as the umbilical cord connects us
to life! Life is the energy of love which is often belittled into silence. This
essence reminds us that love is our guide, and even in the invisible, it is so

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