Spring 2009 - Museum of Glass


Spring 2009 - Museum of Glass
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director’s message
Museum of Glass
Board of Trustees
Daffodils and tulips may be the traditional harbingers of
spring in your yard, but at the Museum, it is art that is
popping up all over. A glorious garden is the result of
months of planning and thoughtful design mixed with
creativity, passion and diligent hard work – and so is the
potpourri of new projects that are coming to fruition at the
Museum in the next few months.
Randall P. Lert, Chair
Geoff Isles, Vice Chair
Mikal J. Thomsen, Treasurer
Sarah Castles, Secretary
George H. Weyerhaeuser, Jr.,
Past Chair
The Honorable Norm Dicks
Diane C. Dimmer
Carl Fisher
Janet Halvorson
Kathy Hillig
Leonard Klorfine
Anne Kroeker
Stephen B. Loeb
Tom Luce
Bonnie B. Nelson
Leilee W. Reiter
John D. Ritchie
Joanne Selden
John Sullivan
Mary D. Thomas
Joseph N. Walter
Emeriti Members
Dr. Philip M. Phibbs, Chair Emeritus
George F. Russell, Jr., Chair Emeritus
Martin Blank’s monumentally spectacular Fluent Steps
is the first of these. This permanent sculpture will span
the length of the reflecting pool on the main plaza and
promises to be one of the most frequently photographed
works of art in the Pacific Northwest. How big is it? Think in terms of seventy-one
thousand pounds of molten glass exposed to the exponential effect of Martin's creativity.
Fluent Steps will be completed by April 18, but you can watch the installation process,
which is underway right now.
Two years ago, our Board of Trustees formally decided that the Museum would begin to
build a Permanent Collection. We are pleased to present a peek at what this collection
will eventually become by introducing our latest acquisitions and a few pieces that are
on loan – and on our wish list. Incoming! will open on May 16.
If you are a Museum member, save this date: May 15 is the Night of Firsts, a party on
the plaza to celebrate Fluent Steps, Incoming! and the roll-out of our traffic-stopping
Mobile Hot Shop Truck. (If you aren’t already a member, now would be an excellent time
to join!)
On a more serious note, the economic situation has been, and will continue to be, a
significant challenge for the Museum. The market downturn has affected donors and
funders, which in turn impacts the contributions that are vital to balance our budget.
There have been some bright spots. Attendance in 2008 was an almost startling
178,000, a 14% increase over the prior calendar year. Although retail spending across
the nation has declined dramatically, the Museum Store has been notably successful.
Thanks to Museum members and visitors for making the MOG Store one of their favorite
destinations. In summary, the Museum is doing well, but will curtail its budget and
prepare for a tight fiscal year. We may have fewer resources -- but we do have a very
resourceful staff and a supportive community.
Cover image:
Martin Blank with Fluent Steps
Photo by Chuck Lysen
Tim Close
Just A Reminder
April 18 • First chance to see Martin Blank’s Fluent Steps
April 19 • Last chance to see Dale Chihuly’s Laguna Murano Chandelier
members only
i g h t
o f
i r s t s
a y
Join us for a Night of Firsts! Museum members and donors are invited to a party on the plaza to celebrate the completion
of Martin Blank’s Fluent Steps and the roll-out of the Mobile Hot Shop truck. Inside, preview Incoming! Selections from the
Permanent Collection, and enjoy music and refreshments in the Grand Hall.
Save the date and watch for the MOG invitation in your mailbox soon!
Event sponsored by:
Special Offer for MOG Members and Supporters
Sunday in the Park with George
The 5th Avenue Theatre in Downtown Seattle
April 21 – May 10
$50 tickets available for all performances
Support Museum of Glass by purchasing tickets to The
5th Avenue Theatre’s upcoming production of Sunday
In The Park With George. Purchase tickets online at
www.5thavenue.org with the code word "GLASS" to receive
a discounted ticket of $50 (regularly $69 - $81).
For each ticket sold, The 5th Avenue will donate
$20 back to Museum of Glass.
Be a part of art supporting art!
Not a MOG member? Click here and JOIN TODAY!
outdoor installation
Martin Blank, Fluent Steps, 2009
Completed April 18, 2009
A permanent installation commissioned by Museum of Glass
Fluent Steps is poetry in glass.
It is a love song that celebrates the many moods of water,
from the delicate wisps of mist that rise from a meadow at
dawn to the crashing cascades of a waterfall.
The result, for those who visit the Museum as well as those who
will see Fluent Steps in the thousands of photographs that will
soon circle the globe, is a magnificent sculpture that captures
the fluidity, light, motion and transparency of water in clear
glass. Ultimately, it is a work of art that is as imaginative and
exuberant as Martin Blank himself.
This monumentally beautiful work of art—which entirely
fills a 200-foot pool, rises to a height of 15 feet, and includes
754 individually sculpted pieces of glass supported by eight
tons of stainless steel—was inspired on a rainy afternoon in
Seattle by the sight of steam rising from a cup of tea in Martin
Blank’s hands.
Photo by Chuck Lysen
It has been two years since Martin contemplated that steaming tea. It has also been 71,000 pounds of molten glass and
months of hard, heavy work in the Museum’s Hot Shop followed
by more months of refining the configuration of the individual
sculptures or movements that compose the symphony that is
Fluent Steps. The project has required the invention of new
tools to handle these massive amounts of glass and a team of
41 artists, architects, and engineers to create and install the
work. For both Martin and the Museum, it has been a marathon that demanded vast amounts of imagination, creativity,
persistence and resourcefulness.
Great sculpture
all you have to
Photo by Chuck Lysen
is like music,
do is feel it.
– Martin Blank
Fluent Steps Sponsors
Ben B. Cheney Foundation
Deborah and John E. Gross
Chap and Eve Alvord
Elias and Karyl Alvord
Alan Benaroya
Habatat Gallery Michigan
Beverly and Orvis Harrelson
Michael and Sheila Kurzman
Robert M. Minkoff
Frederick and Gilda Slifka
Arlene Wright
Doug and Nancy Allen
Alice and Paul R. Kaltinick
Kandace and Rick Holley
Jack and Leslie Kavanaugh
Ann and Bruce Bachmann
Hawk Gallery
Gerry Johnson and Linda Larson
Robert and Rachel Stern
Everett Steel
Kuker-Ranken Inc.
McCallum Company
Peter Opsahl Structural Engineering
SME Electrical Contractors SME, INC. of Seattle
True North Land Surveying
Harry Hosey and Judith Shulman
Drs. Carolyn and Robert Kitchell
Jim and Liz Luce
Doug MacDonald and Lynda Mapes
Rita Meltzer
Amy and Chris Savage
Kathie Werner
Image credits l. to r.
Stanislav Libenský (Czech, 1921-2002) and Jaroslava
Brychtová (Czech, born 1924)
The Second Queen, 1991-1992
Cast glass, 32 x 21¼ inches
Collection of the Museum of Glass, Tacoma Washington,
gift of Lisa and Dudley Anderson (2008.8)
Dale Chihuly (American, born 1941)
Jumping Horse Cylinder, 1976
Blown glass, cane drawing pick-ups; vaporous metallic
11 3/8 x 7 1/8 x 7 inches
Collection of the Museum of Glass, Tacoma, Washington,
gift of Elizabeth H. and Heinz K. Wolf (2008.10.3)
Tarja Lehtinen (Finnish, born 1983)
Cameo Brooch, 1996
Recycled and sandblasted glass, silver and stainless steel
1½ x 3 x 3 inches
Collection of the Museum of Glass, Tacoma Washington,
gift of Susan and Bill Beech (2008.4)
Incoming! Selections from the Permanent Collection
May 16, 2009 – June 27, 2010
When museum-goers are invited to view selections from a
permanent collection, they may envision a curator sifting
through hundreds of objects that have been squirreled
away deep in the bowels of a venerable institution and
selecting a small sample from a vast treasure trove to
present to the public.
Not this Museum, and not our curator! Our visitors can
instead imagine the thrill of unpacking a sturdy shipping
crate to reveal a glorious new addition to a Permanent
Collection that has really just begun. So although this
may not be a large collection (yet), it is very meaningful because of the impact it will have on the Museum’s
future. You can expect that many more works of art will
be incoming, but right now you can see some of what the
Museum has already received and get a glimpse of what
is hoped for.
Incoming! includes eleven stellar objects that have been
accessioned or promised to the Museum’s Permanent
Collection—including Dale Chihuly’s early Jumping
Horse Cylinder (1976), Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová’s The Second Queen (1991-1992), and
Finnish jewelry designer Tarja Lehtinen’s Cameo Brooch
(1996)—and one work that is on long-term loan. In addition to introducing these newly acquired works in glass
and explaining their significance, the exhibition includes
a description of how objects are obtained, approved and
added to the Permanent Collection.
On Incoming!
By including examples of works we are seeking to acquire, we can tell the complete story.
Loosely organized into the categories of landscape and portraiture, the works reference how
humankind and nature endure as powerful,
universal sources of inspiration.
Curator Melissa Post
On the Permanent Collection
A collection is the DNA of a museum. The
Museum of Glass is the only institution west of
the Mississippi devoted to the medium of glass.
By collecting significant works of art that
support our mission, MOG will solidify its
leadership role.
Director Tim Close
Most of the Incoming! objects were previously part of
private collections and have been donated to the Museum
by generous art lovers who want to share their passion
for glass. There is one very big exception -- and you won’t
find in the gallery. Martin Blank’s Fluent Steps quite
literally takes up the entire reflecting pool outdoors on the
main plaza. This monumental sculpture was commissioned by the Museum and is part of its Permanent Collection. And it certainly didn’t arrive in a shipping crate.
In fact, it’s so large, it has an article of it’s own
on page 4.
in the hot shop: visiting artists
Image courtesy of Elliott Brown Gallery
Chin-Yu Fu, Design Works Competition Winner April 1 – 5, 2009
Conversation with the Artist, April 5, 2 pm
Chin-Yu Fu was selected as the winner of the Design
Works! competition presented by the Museum of Glass
and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her design
will be produced in the Hot Shop April 1-5 and a limited
quantity will be available for purchase in the Museum
Store late spring.
Chin-Yu graduated from the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan, majoring in Industrial Design. Her passion
for design grew after working at Chenming Mold Industrial
Corporation in Taiwan where she designed products
ranging from household electronics to digital communication products.
The design is based on the
lanterns, made from milk
cans, that she remembers
from childhood. Using a
candle in a lantern is
the traditional way of
Chinese lantern lighting.
The concept of this competition is an experiment
for me to use real culture in a product design process
and let people in different cultures have the same and
more resonances.
Laura Diaz de Santillana / Venice, Italy
April 8 – 12, 2009
Conversation with the Artist, April 12, 2 pm
Laura Diaz de Santillana was born in Venice and is the
granddaughter of Paolo Venini, who founded the Venini
glass factory. She attended the School of Visual Arts
in New York and worked as a graphic designer before
returning to Italy and Venini. At the factory, which was
then directed by her father, Ludovico Diaz de Santillana,
Laura met and worked with many artists, both Italian
and foreign, and ultimately has worked in glass as a
designer and artist. Her work is especially notable for its
originality and technical refinement as well as unusual
colors and textures.
During her Visiting Artist residency at the Museum, she
plans to concentrate on creating large-scale objects.
Flo Perkins / Santa Fe, NM
April 22 – 26, 2009
Conversation with the Artist, April 26, 2 pm
Flo Perkins considers herself a translator. She creates
art about things, ideas, moments, and the invisible. She
addresses developing themes about adaptive survival,
disappearance, and change in both natural and urban
environments, using fragility, humor and beauty. Following hunches and going with the unforeseen, she
continues evolving a personal iconography and style
that is internationally recognized. Perkins has exhibited
in Europe and Asia and is included in many books on
contemporary glass. She lives in the desert of northern
New Mexico and lectures and teaches throughout
the United States.
Flo will be working on a new project in the Hot
Shop, creating large freestanding snakes with a
sculptural presence.
I desire to explore new forms
in glass and to make glass art
something that arouses feelings
and a connection of some kind.
Because I so enjoy the process
of glass, I hope one day that
it will become more than
colorful shapes.
Living Stone Asphalt, 2008
Blown glass and asphalt
7 x 9 x 8 in.
Courtesy of the artist.
Clare Belfrage / Kensington, Australia
May 13 – 17, 2009
Conversation with the Artist, May 17, 2 pm
Clare Belfrage has been an active visiting artist and
lecturer in Australia and the United States. She currently
is employed as the creative director of Canberra Glassworks. Her work is inspired by nature, specifically small
details, growth and movement. She works by arranging
long, thin threads of glass in a repetitive order across
a hand blown glass form until it is completely covered.
Only a few of these threads can be melted onto the form
at one time; an exacting process that results in visually
breathtaking work.
During my residency I will continue to work with the
cane drawing techniques that I use with a particular
focus on building the patterns and textures through
different layers in the forms.
Check out our live webstreaming!
in the hot shop: visiting artists
Nancy Blair / Melbourne Beach, FL
Daniel Clayman / East Providence, RI
Nancy Blair received her BFA from Alfred University in
New York and an MFA from Rutgers University, Mason
Gross School of the Arts in New Jersey. She is a recent
recipient of a Hauberg Fellowship at Pilchuck Glass
School where she was also a Professional Artist in Residence, instructor, scholarship recipient, and teaching
assistant. Her sculpture and installation works combine
glass, ceramics, works on paper, found objects and a
series of videos entitled One Minute Meds. Nancy’s
residency will focus on creating larger shaman figures
from a wooden blow mold, varying the shapes and sizes
in intuitive and spontaneous ways as they are pulled
from the mold. The figures are inspired by ancient ritual
vessels and goddess sculpture.
Daniel Clayman's first formal training was as a theater
and modern dance lighting designer. In 1983 he
enrolled in the Glass Program at the Rhode Island
School of Design. Graduating with a BFA in Glass
in June of 1986, Clayman made his home in the
Providence, RI area where he has maintained a studio
ever since.
May 20 – 24, 2009
Conversation with the Artist, May 24, 2 pm
I am particularly fascinated by the
voluptuous excesses that accumulate, clutter and distract, and
at the same time can elevate the
ordinary detritus of daily life into
extraordinary objects that demand
attention and reverence.
Ocean Guardian (Royal Medicine Dog Series), 2008
Kiln Cast Crystal and 23K Gold Leaf
17 x 6 x 6 in.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
June 3 – 7, 2009
Artist book signing, June 6, 1:30 pm
Beginning with the modular construction techniques
premiered in his exhibition White Light: Glass
Compositions by Daniel Clayman, the artist will be
researching new methods of building forms with the
assistance of the Hot Shop crew. With the use of
various experimental blow molds, he intends to
create forms that are
an extension of the
blowing process.
I am in contact with my
work everyday. The work is
a continual, always evolving
exploration of simple forms.
Suspended Channel, 2007
Glass, stainless steel cable
3 x 129.5 x 14 in.
Courtesy of the artist.
Visiting Artist
Summer Series
In partnership with Pilchuck Glass School
The Visiting Artist Program is generously supported by Courtyard by Marriott / Tacoma.
Rik Allen / Sedro Woolley, WA
June 17 – 21, 2009
Conversation with the Artist sponsored by PONCHO, June 21, 2 pm
Rik Allen has had solo exhibitions of his sculptures throughout the country, most recently at
the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame, Traver Gallery, Lewallen Contemporary, and
Thomas Riley Galleries. His present series of work has been in the form of spacecraft, rockets
and scientific apparatus. While many of Allen’s pieces reflect his curiosity about science, they
also convey humor, simple narratives, lightheartedness and an antiquated vision of the future
that much of science fiction embodies.
Image courtesy of the artist.
During his Visiting Artist residency Allen will build components for the assembly of his sculptural rockets and other scientific apparatus. He hopes to use forms made from metals, plaster
and wood to shape glass parts that will later be cut and reassembled with a variety of other
materials. Rik will also utilize the cold shop to shape glass components. These parts will be
reheated to working temperature and assembled on the Hot Shop floor to create a complete
piece, with details that would be difficult to accomplish with hot shop tools alone. Silver foils
and glass powders will be used to obtain unique surfaces, creating vessels that have a feel
of history.
Benjamin Wright / Providence, RI
June 24 – 28, 2009
Conversation with the Artist sponsored by PONCHO, June 28, 2 pm
Image courtesy of the artist.
Visiting Artist Benjamin Wright has developed a holistic approach to
artistic expression based on his studies in the philosophy of conceptual
art, the evolution of biological ecosystems, and the preservation and
innovation of traditional craftsmanship. He is simultaneously awed, yet
reassured, by the overwhelming complexity of the interlocking physical,
biological, cultural and mechanical networks through which we swim on
a daily basis. Ben creates conceptual artworks that mine facets of our
biological and cultural interrelationships for their expressive and metaphoric potentials. He will work to produce a number of large scale blown
glass environments which will be inhabited by various communities of
insects, plants, molds, bacteria, etc. These environments and communities will be utilized for their evocative potential and ability to isolate and
emphasize often overlooked human interactions within the ecosystems
that they inhabit.
Click here for the complete listing of all 2009 Summer Series Visiting Artists
apr calendar
April Studio Artist
apr 1-5 wed-sun
Visiting Artist Chin-Yu Fu,
Designworks Competition Winner
sun 2 pm
Conversation with the Artist
Shannon Eakins
Polymer Panic!
It came from the depths of
your imagination . . . sights
the human eye has never seen.
Shocking, amazing, and baked
in the oven. Three times more
terrifying in three dimensions.
Polymer clay creatures to terrorize the world!
Always HOT
Third Thursday ArtWalk
Apr 16, May 21, Jun 18
Free admission 5 – 8 pm
Sponsored by The Boeing
Company and Columbia Bank
Friday Hot Lunch
Fridays, 12 – 1 pm
Enjoy a box lunch from Gallucci’s Glass Café while watching
a featured artist at work in the
Hot Shop. $10 plus admission
Call for more information
Kids Design Glass
Children 12 and under can
create original designs. Each
month, one entry is selected to
be interpreted into glass by the
Hot Shop Team.
apr 22-26 wed-sun
Visiting Artist Flo Perkins
sun 2 pm
Conversation with the Artist
apr 8-11 wed-sun
Visiting Artist Laura Diaz de Santillana
apr 26 sun
sun 2 pm
Conversation with the Artist
apr 29-30 wed-thu
Kids Design Glass
Featured Artist Becca Chernow
apr 11 sat
Family Day
Hippity Hop
Celebrate the onset of the Spring
months by painting your own egg
animal with artist Jennifer Adams.
Breakdancing will also be performed by
Fab5 to inspire bunny jumps and chick
spins in all of us!
1 – 4 pm
apr 15-16 wed-thu
Featured Artist Nadine Saylor
apr 17 fri
Featured Artist Leana Quade
apr 18 sat
Martin Blank's Fluent Steps opens
apr 19 sun
Dale Chihuly: The Laguna Murano
Chandelier closes
Ongoing Exhibitions
dale chihuly
The Laguna Murano Chandelier
Closes April 19, 2009
daniel clayman
White Light: Glass Compositions
by Daniel Clayman
Closes June 14, 2009
definitely cool
may calendar
May Studio Artist
may 1 fri
Featured Artist Jessie Blackmer
may 8 fri
Featured Artist Ben Edols
may 9 sat
Family Day Spring Spectacular
may 13-17 wed-sun
Visiting Artist Clare Belfrage
Jennifer Adams
Paper Paradise
Follow your destiny in creating
your own perfect vista with
torn-paper and collage. Become
lost in a world of wonder! Fold,
cut and tear ‘til you make the
sun rise or set!
Robbie Miller
Susan Plum
a glass primer
Organized by the Museum of Glass
Sponsored by the Ben B. Cheney Foundation,
the Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation,
The Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Through October 12, 2009
of culture and collaboration on
Singletary’s work, particularly
the exquisite glass sculpture that
honors his Tlingit heritage. The
documentary was produced by
the Museum of Glass for inclusion
as a DVD in the catalog that accompanies the exhibition.
sun 2 pm
Conversation with the Artist
may 15 fri
Join the Museum of Glass for its
3rd Annual Spring Spectacular!
Join Jennifer Adams and create
your own personalized photo frame
while dancers from Pacific Ballroom Dance swirl and spin in the
Grand Hall. Design your own cupcake in the Ed Studio and transform yourself with face painting by
Barb White and Ms. Lily Flamingo.
Sponsored by hello,cupcake.
1 – 4 pm
may 11 mon
Sneak Preview! Preston Singletary
KCTS 9 10:30 pm
The exhibition opens July 11, but
the documentary that accompanies
Preston Singletary: Echoes, Fire
and Shadows will air two months
early on KCTS 9 (and KYVE 47 in
Yakima) on Monday, May 11 at
10:30 pm. This one-hour special
documentary, filmed in Alaska and
Washington, explores the influence
A Night of Firsts
Member Reception
6-9 pm
may 16 sat
Incoming! Selections from the
Permanent Collection opens
may 20-24 wed-sun
Visiting Artist Nancy Blair
sun 2 pm
Conversation with the Artist
may 25 mon Memorial Day
MUSEUM OPEN 10 – 5pm
Summer hours begin (open 7
days a week)
may 25-26 mon-tue
Featured Artist Jen Elek
may 27-31 wed-sun
Featured Artist Greg Dietrich
jun calendar
June Studio Artist
jun 14 sun
jun 1-2 mon-tue
Featured Artist Jeanne Ferraro
White Light: Glass Compositions by Daniel
Clayman closes
jun 3-7 wed-sun
Visiting Artist Daniel Clayman
jun 15-16 mon-tue
sat 1:30
Daniel Clayman book signing
jun 17-21 wed-sun
Visiting Artist Summer Series
Rik Allen
jun 8-9 mon-tue
VickiKay Spalding
Puppet Playmate
Create a puppet playmate using
magazine clippings and paper
scraps. Use the full force of your
imagination to piece together a
new friend . . . or creature. New
playmates guaranteed for all!
Featured Artist Jeanne Brennan
Featured Artist Lynn Read
jun 10-12 wed-fri
Featured Artist Jen Elek
sun 2 pm
Conversation with the Artist
jun 22-23 mon-tue
Featured Artist Nick Davis
jun 11-14 fri-sun
Siteworks on the Plazas
jun 13 sat
Family Day Colliding Colors
The sunlight will shine even
brighter through the colliding
colors in the kaleidoscope you create with Family Day artist Jennifer
Adams. Irish step-dancers from
the Comerford School will perform
to kick your spirits up even higher!
1 - 4 pm
jun 24-28 wed-sun
Visiting Artist Summer Series
Benjamin Wright
sun 2 pm
Conversation with the Artist
jun 29-30 mon-tue
Featured Artist Brian Pike
All events are subject to change;
check our web calendar for updates.
SiteWorks 2009
Site-Specific Dance Festival at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma
The BareFoot Collective presents SiteWorks 2009, a summer outdoor
festival of site-specific dance and related-arts performances created
for the plaza spaces of the Museum of Glass in Tacoma. SiteWorks
2009 will be performed free of charge:
Thursday June 11 - 4 pm • Friday June 12 - 4 pm
Saturday June 13 - 2 pm • Sunday June 14 - 2 pm
it's time for a field trip to MOG!
School Tour Season is upon the Museum of Glass
in full force! The 2008/09 school year has brought over
3,300 students to date and it is not over yet. Over 1,000
students are already scheduled for tours in the next
two and a half months, for an expected total of 4,000.
Bookings are coming in daily with school instructors
repeatedly saying that the Museum of Glass is their
favorite place to bring their students for field trips! Make
sure to keep an eye out for youngsters the next time you
are at the Museum!
Learn more about School Tours
Thank you to our generous sponsors!
Contrasts: A Glass Primer
Sponsored by the Ben B. Cheney Foundation, the Gottfried and Mary Fuchs
Foundation, The Seattle Times and the
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Contrasts: A Glass Primer Multi-sensory
Sponsored by McGavick Graves, P.S. and
the Pierce County Arts Commission
Visiting Artist Lecture Series
Conversation with the Artists
Sponsored by PONCHO
Visiting Artists Program
Sponsored by Courtyard by Marriott /
Downtown Tacoma
School Visit Program
Sponsored by the William W. Kilworth
Foundation, the Puyallup Tribe of Indians
Charity Trust Board, Bank of America,
U.S. Bancorp Foundation and Macy’s
Science of Art
Sponsored by the Institute of Museum
and Library Services, the Washington
State Arts Commission, the William W.
Kilworth Foundation, The Baker Foundation, and Qwest
Arts Connect
Sponsored by Educational Legacy Fund
and Rainier Pacific Bank and the
Harrington Schiff Foundation
Kids Design Glass Program
Sponsored by Key Foundation, a
foundation funded by KeyBank, and the
Muckleshoot Charity Fund
Third Thursday ArtWalk
Sponsored by The Boeing Company
and Columbia Bank
Permanent Collection Acquisition Fund
Sponsored by the Klorfine Foundation
Mobile Hot Shop
Sponsored by M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust
and City of Tacoma
Outdoor Plaza Sculptures
Sponsored by the Sequoia Foundation and the
Ben B. Cheney Foundation
The Museum of Glass is sponsored in part by
the Forest Foundation, Comcast, Click! Cable TV,
News Tribune, the City of Tacoma Arts Commission, Safeco Corporation, the Washington State
Arts Commission, ArtsFund and Greater Tacoma
Community Foundation.
Family Days
Sponsored by Pierce County Arts
volunteer profile
Shirley Wilkinson
marriage with the Air Force.
Seven of those years were
in Germany, but they also
lived throughout the U.S.
and settled in Washington in
1977. In Tacoma, she spent
eighteen years in the attendance and secretarial departments at both Lakes and
Clover Park High Schools.
Shirley considers it a privilege and honor to be a part
Shirley Wilkinson was raised of the Museum team. She
in Mansfield, Ohio and is the has always been fascinated
oldest of seven children. She by glassblowing, especially
after seeing a demonstramarried Charles Wilkinson,
tion at the Puyallup Fair. In
a lieutenant in the U.S. Air
Force in 1954 and they have 2003 upon reading an article about the Museum, she
three children, Gail, Sandra
and Scott, now all grown and knew that she had to volunteer in some capacity and so
on their own. Shirley and
Chuck spent twenty-six years she placed a call. Her first
volunteer task was assisting
of their fifty-four years of
with setting up membership
events on the plaza, which
lead to a relationship with
the Advancement Department. Working behind the
scenes, Shirley has an array
of projects, from assembling
public relations packets,
processing donation requests, working on mailings
and lending a helping hand
to other departments such
as Education and Marketing
when needed. For the last
several years she has been
a member of the Red Hot
Committee, the Museum’s
annual auction and gala.
She notes that she keeps
volunteering “because of the
experience of working with
the many dedicated and
wonderful people whom I
associate with and because
of the many friendships
I have made while with
the Museum.” Shirley
values the opportunity to
see Visiting Artists in the
Hot Shop, such as Martin
Blank, getting to meet
interesting people like
John Curley from Evening
Magazine, and of course
the flexibility to travel to
Hawaii when she and
Chuck want.
educator night at the museum - SAVE THE DATE
Save the Date
October 1, 2009
Museum of Glass
Educator Night at the Museum (formerly Back to School
Night) is an annual community collaboration between
many of the Puget Sound’s museums and other educational
organizations. Educators from all over the area come to see
what we have to offer to enhance their current curricula.
Educator Night at the Museum has been held since 2002,
and happens each year in October at one of Tacoma’s
downtown museums – the Museum of Glass, Tacoma Art
Museum or the Washington State History Museum. This
free event invites educators of all backgrounds to visit
booths representing more than 30 organizations offering
educational programming, hear presentations about that
programming, try their hand at making art, view stellar
performances in a variety of disciplines, participate in a
raffle to win fabulous prizes, and of course, enjoy light
bites and refreshments!
For further information and updates
visit the MOG website
Hot Glass. Cool Art.
Shop Now!
Jellyfish Paperweights
Landscape Vase
This ‘pouch’ style vase, created by collaborative couple
Heather and John Fields, is stunning because of the
vibrant colors and unusual techniques used. Available
in several sizes, call Store for details.
Fields & Fields, Portland, OR
12” tall, 10” at widest
$525, Members $447
Richard Satava is renowned for an array
of stunning hand-blown and solid forms in
glass. His fascinating line of jellyfish are
well known and appreciated throughout
the world.
Satava Art Glass, Chico, CA
Line ranges from $400-$3,800
Members $340-$3,800
a glass cone
every purchase!
Take home the Cone!
Print and bring this coupon into the
Museum of Glass Store OR use coupon
code ‘CONE’ online at
for 1/2 off the price of a glass cone.
2 hour complimentary parking
with the purchase of $100+
*coupon good only on full price cone, not to be
used in combination with other discounts
Members always receive
15% off
mark your calendars
upcoming events at MOG July - Oct 09
1801 Dock Street
Tacoma, Washington 98402-3217
Visiting Artist
Summer Series
Fall/Winter/Spring Hours
Wednesday – Saturday • 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday • 12 to 5 pm
11 Sizzling Weeks of Acclaimed Artists at Work!
June 17 - August 31, 2009
Third Thursday each month • 10 am
to 8 pm
Preston Singletary
Echoes, Fire, and Shadows
July 11, 2009 - September 19, 2010
Member and Artist Reception
July 10, 2009 • 6 – 8 pm
Preston Singletary (American, born 1963)
Raven Steals the Sun (Gagaan Awutáawu Yéil), 2008
Blown, hot-sculpted, and sandcarved glass
9½ x 26 x 9½ inches
Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Russell Johnson
at RED HOT 2009
september 12
Join us in celebration of another year of outstanding
accomplishments at the Museum's annual black-tie auction
and gala. For more information, contact Nick Johnson at
253.284.4708 or [email protected]
Kids Design Glass
October 31, 2009 – October 3, 2010
Organized by the Museum of Glass
Designed by Cameron Day (age 8)
Made by Nancy Callan (American, b. 1964) and Deborah
Czeresko (American, b. 1961)
Pip, 2007
Blown and hot sculpted glass with applied bits
17 x 14½ x 8½
Summer Hours
(Memorial Day - Labor Day)
Monday – Saturday • 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday • 12 to 5 pm
Third Thursday each month • 10 am
to 8 pm
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