Oct 20


Oct 20
Pastor: Fr. Michael Carroll
Parochial Vicar: Fr. Arnold Parungao
Deacon Dave Ford ([email protected])
Deacon Ed Morgado ([email protected])
29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 20, 2013
“As the Father has loved me, so have I loved
you; abide in My Love.” In Christ’s Love the
Eucharistic community of St. Teresa of Avila,
Auburn, embraces and welcomes all as part of
God’s family. We value every parishioner and
strive to reflect the forgiveness and healing of
the Gospels.
Sunday Masses
Parish Office: 11600 Atwood Rd., Auburn, CA 95603
Saturday Vigil………………………………………………...5:00pm
Sunday…………………………………………….8:00am, 10:30am
………………………………………...3:30pm (Spanish), & 5:30pm
Office Hours: Monday—Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm
(530) 889-2254, fax (530) 889-2643 www.stteresaauburn.com
Business Manager, Jo Anne Drummond
(530)-889-2254 ext. 11
e-mail: [email protected]
Daily Masses
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Saturday, 3:00pm – 4:30pm
The priests are honored to celebrate the Sacrament of Penance
at any time; please call for an appointment with the priest of
your choice.
Religious Education Program
Judy Jones (Coordinator) (530) 823-7122
e-mail: [email protected]
Adult Faith Formation, Fr. Michael Carroll
(530) 889-2254
Ministry to Seniors, Bereaved & Homebound
Barbara Freuler (Minister) – (530) 889-2254 ext. 10
e-mail: [email protected]
Baptisms: For the celebration of Baptism, please call the
St. Joseph School, Mr. Christopher Nelson, (Principal)
Eucharistic Adoration
Parish Office, for information.
Marriage: If you are a member of our parish, please contact a
priest or deacon of your choice at least six months in advance of
your desired wedding in order to participate in a process of
marriage preparation.
Confirmation: For teens, the Sacrament of Confirmation is a
[email protected] or www.saintjoseph.org
11610 Atwood Rd., Auburn (530) 885-4490 fax (530) 885-0182
St. Joseph Preschool/Day Care Center
Jaime Anderson, (Director) (530) 823-1822
11610 Atwood Rd., Auburn, www.saintjosephauburn.org
e-mail: [email protected]
two-year preparation process; please contact our coordinator of
religious education; for adults not yet confirmed, please call the
parish office.
Music Ministry:
Ministry to the Sick: Please call parish office
Youth Group:
(530) 889-2254
Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
Call the parish office (530) 889-2254
Jean Sawyer, (Music & Liturgy Director) – (530) 885-2958
e-mail: [email protected]
Brenda Fischer, (Youth Director) - (530) 305-9919
e-mail: [email protected]
St. Vincent de Paul: (530) 906-8311
Bulletin Submissions: e-mail to [email protected]. All bulletin articles are due in the parish office no later than
12:00pm on Mondays.
Twenty-Ninth Sunday In Ordinary Time
Page 2
Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 20, 2013
I lift up my eyes toward the mountains;
whence shall help come to me?
My help is from the LORD, who made heaven and earth.
— Psalm 121:1-2
To the best of our knowledge, the authors of the New Testament did not spend much time in each other’s
company following the Resurrection. They took their charge to go to the nations and spread the Good News seriously.
Paul and Luke are an exception to this, having travelled together on missionary journeys. It is no accident, then, that
perseverance in prayer is a favorite theme of both authors. Luke’s Gospel (which speaks most frequently about Jesus’
own prayer), Acts, and the Pauline Letters all exhort us to unceasing prayer.
Paul’s personality was certainly tenacious; he most likely would have admired the persistent widow in today’s
Gospel passage. The purpose of these passages is not to make us think—as infants and toddlers do—that if we keep
asking or yelling or crying we will eventually get our way. No, the point is that when true disciples believe in something,
we will persist in following that belief whether it is convenient or not, even when we come up against seemingly
insurmountable obstacles.
October 19—October 26, 2013
Sat. Oct. 19 5:00pm
Sun. Oct. 20 8:00am
Mon. Oct. 21 8:30am
Tues. Oct. 22 8:30am
Wed. Oct. 23 8:30am
Thur. Oct. 24 8:30am
Fri. Oct. 25 8:30am
Sat. Oct. 26 8:30am
Ed Pence
Erna Faye D'Amato
Michael Salarno
For The Faithful
John Patrick Messner
Don Rader
Leora Frickle
Dr. Angelo Russo
No Mass Request
Judy Sanabria
Lloyd Henry, Jr.
This weekend we will be taking up a special
collection for World Mission Sunday to support the
Church's missionary activities. This is a practical
way for us to show Christ's Love for those whose
practice of our faith needs our support.
First Reading — As long as Moses kept his
hands raised up, Israel had the better of the fight
(Exodus 17:8-13).
Psalm — Our help is from the Lord, who made heaven
and earth (Psalm 121).
Second Reading — Remain faithful to what you have
learned and believed (2 Timothy 3:14 — 4:2).
Gospel — Will not God secure the rights of his chosen
ones who call out to him day and night? (Luke 18:1-8).
The English translation of the Psalm Responses from the
Lectionary for Mass © 1969, 1981, 1997, International
Commission on English in the Liturgy Corporation. All
rights reserved.
Rom 4:20-25; Lk 1:69-75; Lk 12:13-21
Rom 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21;
Ps 40:7-10, 17; Lk 12:35-38
Rom 6:12-18; Ps 124:1b-8; Lk 12:39-48
Rom 6:19-23; Ps 1:1-4, 6; Lk 12:49-53
Rom 7:18-25a; Ps 119:66, 68, 76-77, 9394; Lk 12:54-59
Rom 8:1-11; Ps 24:1b-4ab, 5-6;
Lk 13:1-9
Sir 35:12-14, 16-18; Ps 34:2-3, 17-19,
23; 2 Tm 4:6-8, 16-18; Lk 18:9-14
We appreciate your generosity for the Missions.
October 13, 2013:
Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time;
World Mission Sunday
St. John of Capistrano
St. Anthony Mary Claret
Blessed Virgin Mary
October 20, 2013
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Week of October 27, 2013
Altar Servers
Saturday, 10/26/13, 5:00pm
Cole Johnson, Sarah & Chris Cole
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 8:00am
Benjamin & Jack Niece, Aubry Peterlin
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 10:30am
Megan Towne, Alexandria Melendez, Adam Santos
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 3:30pm
Not Filled
Sunday, 10/27/2013. 5:30pm
Chad & Emily Bucher, Anastasia Barrett
Eucharistic Ministers
Saturday, 10/26/13, 5:00pm
Angelina & Lawrence Franzoni, Maria Vielbig, Jim McKevitt,
Michael Percoski
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 8:00am
John Kysar, Jennifer & Mary Jo Buettner, Tom Epperson,
Helen & Duane Voges, Margaret Scheller
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 10:30am
Joan Orban, Mary Studebaker, Cathie Ensel, Anna Fenner,
Theresa Anderson, Michael Krieger
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 3:30pm
Not Filled
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 5:30pm
Yanira Muniz, Sarah Horvath, Justin & Shannon Lafaille
Joseph of Nazareth – the
Story of the Man Closest to
As part of the “All Saints Fair”,
all are invited to join us for the
movie “Joseph of Nazareth” at
2pm on Sunday, October
Movie snacks and
drinks will be available. Any
questions, please call Brenda
Fischer at (530) 305-9919.
Saturday, 10/26/13, 5:00pm
Kathleen & David Rose
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 8:00am
Eileen Sapnaro, Monica Durant
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 10:30am
Martin Gouvea, Russ Zeller
Sunday, 10/27/13, 3:30pm
Not Filled
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 5:30pm
Therese Rozowski
Hosted by
Teens, please arrive at 11:30am to help with the fair
and movie set up.
Saturday, 10/26/2013, 5:00pm
Sharon Dunkel, Carol & Bob Thomas, Kathy Russo
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 8:00am
Kate Sabins, Marcia Kitchell, Betty Mathews, Sharon Hane,
Joan Thompson
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 10:30am
Maureen Spencer, Bobbie Cairns, Ruth Wright,
Micheline Turner, Bernice Ambrose, Elizabeth Morales,
Ben & Jack Niece
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 5:30pm
Karen & Augie Sotelo
Saturday, 10/26/2013, 5:00pm, Not Filled
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 8:00am
Ed Larsen, Terry Noziska, Mary Niece, Oscar Thompson,
Bill Clark
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 10:30am
Gary Crockett, Tom Huckins, Paul Law
Sunday, 10/27/2013, 5:30pm
Joe Tatman
Sunday, October 20, 2013
Life Teen
Parish Hall
Monday, October 21, 2013
Spanish Ministry
Beatitude Room
Tuesday, October 22, 2013
Youth Choir Practice
St. Teresa
Core Team Meeting
Beatitude Room
Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Children's Music Theory & Choir St. Teresa
Parish Hall
Thursday, October 24, 2013
Music Theory & Adult Choir
St. Teresa
Jim McKevitt
Julia Eggert
Joe Offer
Not Filled
St. Teresa of Avila Parish
All Saints Family Day
Sunday, October 27, 2013
Noon to 2:00
Learn more about your favorite saints and even
some saints you don’t know about! Lots of fun
games and prizes! We’ve even got a snow cone
machine! Hot dogs, chips and sodas available.
(Your small donation is greatly appreciated.)
Life Teen will be presenting a movie “St. Joseph of
Nazareth” at 2:00 p.m. for your family viewing
pleasure. Please join them.
Popcorn and snacks will be available!
Children who dress up in costume as a saint will
receive a special treat!
Everyone is Welcome! Free Family Event!
Twenty-ninth Sunday In Ordinary Time
Page 4
Every year, Thank God, we have about twenty people who join St.
Teresa of Avila through our R.C.I.A. program. Every Monday morning at
Mass we offer special prayers for those who are pondering life as a Catholic
and for those who have drifted away from the Catholic Faith. I know prayer helps, but so
does the tradition of our community of being welcoming to others. I hear from Catechumens
and Candidates that in our loving and welcoming community, questions and people's sacred
journeys are respected.
The Holy Spirit is our host and teacher. This year 25 have begun the journey towards Easter
with us. Last evening, during Sr. Maura Powers presentation on the scriptures, a young man asked
about the problem of suffering in Job and why did God the Father allow Christ to suffer? The class
and Sr. Maura shared magnificent insights . . . . . . The Holy Spirit led the discussion that God is
always with us.
GOD'S WORK (By Teilhard De Chardin)
Above all, trust in the slow work of God.
We are, quite naturally, impatient in everything
to reach the end without delay.
We should like to skip the intermediate stages.
We are impatient of being on the way to something new,
and yet it is the law of all progress
that is made by passing through
some stages of instability—and that it may take a very long time.
And so I think it is with you.
your ideas mature gradually -—
let them grow, let them shape themselves,
without undue haste.
Don't try to force them on,
as though acting on your own
you will make your own tomorrow.
Only God could say what this new spirit
gradually forming within you will be.
Give our Lord the benefit of believing
that his hand is leading you,
and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself
in suspense and incomplete.
God Bless, Fr. Mike
"Halloween is the day when kids put on strange outfits to startle the adults. In my
house, that would be a clean shirt." ~~Rodney Dangerfield
"Airline hostesses show you how to use a seatbelt in case you haven't been in a car
since 1965." ~~Jerry Seinfeld
"The future ain't what it used to be." ~~Yogi Berra
October 20, 2013
Page 5
Vigésimo Noveno Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
20 de octubre de 2013
Levanto mis ojos a los montes:
¿de dónde me vendrá el auxilio?, el auxilio me viene del Señor,
que hizo el cielo y la tierra.
— Salmo 121 (120):1-2
Hasta donde sabemos, los autores del Nuevo Testamento no pasaron mucho tiempo juntos
después de la Resurrección. Tomaron muy en serio la orden de ir a las naciones y esparcir la Buena Nueva. Pablo y
Lucas son una excepción pues viajaron juntos en jornadas misioneras. No es accidental, entonces, que la perseverancia
en la oración sea un tema favorito de ambos autores. El Evangelio de san Lucas (que habla más frecuentemente sobre la
oración de Jesús), los Hechos de los Apóstoles y las cartas de san Pablo, todas nos exhortan a rezar incesantemente.
La personalidad de Pablo era ciertamente tenaz; muy posiblemente él habría admirado la persistencia de la
viuda en el pasaje del Evangelio de hoy. El propósito de estos pasajes no es hacernos pensar –como hacen los bebés y
los niños pequeñitos– que si persistimos en gritar y llorar, eventualmente conseguiremos lo que queremos. No, el punto
es que cuando los verdaderos discípulos creemos en algo, persistimos y seguimos creyéndolo sea conveniente o
inconveniente, aún cuando nos tropecemos con obstáculos aparentemente insuperables.
Primera lectura — Mientras las manos de Moisés estaban en alto, Israel se imponían en la batalla (Éxodo
Salmo — El auxilio me viene del Señor
(Salmo 121 [120]).
Segunda lectura — Proclamen la palabra; sean persistente cuando sea conveniente o no (2 Timoteo 3:14 — 4:2).
Evangelio — Dios asegura los derechos de los elegidos que claman día y noche (Lucas 18:1-8).
Sábado: Rom
Rom 4:20-25; Lc 1:69-75; Lc 12:13-21
Rom 5:12, 15b, 17-19, 20b-21;
Sal 40 (39):7-10, 17; Lc 12:35-38
Rom 6:12-18; Sal 124 (123):1b-8; Lc
Rom 6:19-23; Sal 1:1-4, 6; Lc 12:49-53
Rom 7:18-25a; Sal 119 (118):66, 68, 7677,93-94; Lc 12:54-59
8:1-11; Sal 24 (23):1b-4ab, 5-6;
Lc 13:1-9
Eclo 35:12-14, 16-18; Sal 34 (33):2-3,
17-19, 23; 2 Tm 4:6-8, 16-18; Lc 18:9-14
Vigésimo Noveno Domingo
del Tiempo Ordinario;
Domingo Mundial de las Misiones
San Juan de Capistrano
San Antonio María Claret
Santa María Virgen
Saturday, November 2nd in the parish hall. Dinner begins at 6:30pm, Music 7:15 to 10:15pm. Menu
consists of salad, pasta, chicken marsela, dessert, wine and coffee.
Tickets are $25.00 per person. Call Trish Putkey @ 530-878-6814 or Delores Aleccia @ 530-8239125.
October 20, 2013
Page 6
St. Joseph
Catholic School
Dear St. Teresa of Avila Parishioners and Guests,
St. Joseph Catholic School is such a vibrant learning community, that it is difficult to decide what to
highlight. Whether it is costumed preschoolers performing in the hall, sixth graders spending the
week learning at Lake Tahoe, or eighth graders making online religious “Glogs” in the computer lab,
there is excitement all over! Thank you as always for your continued support of our school. Our
partnership is truly making a difference in the lives of children, advancing the mission of our Church,
and transforming the world. For that I am truly inspired and truly grateful.
Please spread the good word about our school! If someone you know is considering a Catholic
education (preschool through eighth grade) please let me know and I will be glad to answer any of
their questions, meet with them, and/or give them a personal tour of the school.
Peace and Blessings,
Christopher J. Nelson
The Lord’s Bounty
Dinner/Dance & Auction
St. Vincent de Paul
Saturday, November 23, 2013
St. Teresa's Parish Hall
6:00pm (No Host Bar)
$30.00 per person (Adults Only)
Dinner provided by Sierra Grill – Mediterranean Cuisine
Live Music and Dancing by Sols!
Live Auction MC – Amy Lewis KFBK News Radio 92.5FM/1530AM
Guest Speaker: Bob Litchfield, Attorney & Author
Tickets can be purchased at the parish office, after most masses, or by calling:
Sarah O’Reilly at 530-268-1617
All proceeds to benefit the poor & homeless in the Auburn community.

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