Riverview Neighborhood Association Newsletter


Riverview Neighborhood Association Newsletter
Riverview Neighborhood
Association Newsletter
We want to thank all the volunteers that made “Dumpster Day” a success, and to all those who
participated and helped decorate for the Riverview Holiday Social! Also, a special
CONGRATULATIONS to the Sanchez Family, our “Best Christmas Lights Contest” winner!
Just a friendly reminder! We need your active participation in order to continue being a safe and
beautiful neighborhood. Please keep yourself connected to neighborhood news and updates by attending
the Riverview Neighborhood Association meetings opened to all residents, or by joining our Yahoo
Group. Email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you an invitation to Yahoo Group via email.
Thank you.
Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament
January 18th from 6:30pm until finish!
Paper goods and holiday decoration donations are greatly
appreciated for future meetings and events.
Thank You.
Riverview Neighborhood Association
For more information email
[email protected]
Special Presentation by
Santa Ana Police Department
Date: Monday January 14th
Calendar of Up Coming Events
March 11th
March 16th
March 24th
Dumpster Day
Izaak Walton
Easter Egg
Time: 7pm to 8pm
Location: Izaak Walton Cabin
1714 Santa Clara Ave.
*Reminder: Let’s keep our neighborhood beautiful, clean and safe. Report any violations to Santa Ana Code
enforcement or suspicious activity to: Code Enforcement: 714-667-2780 / Santa Ana Police: 714-245-8746 or 714-8344211.
3. Heavy items at the bottom "one-
Riverview Farmer’s Market Exchange
Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!
Date: Monday January 14th
Couple’s Crawl
Location: Izaak Walton Cabin
Elsie Robles
Vice Chairperson
Carla Ramirez
Time: 6:30pm (Before Meeting)
Exchange homegrown fruits and
vegetables with your neighbors. Also, a
great opportunity to ask your neighbors
about their growing tips.
Bring your
Date: February 16th
Time: 6:15pm to 9:30pm
Go house to house sampling wine, beer and cocktails,
along with a delicious appetizer.
R.S.V.P to participate. Email at [email protected]
Matilde Barrows
or rsvp on Yahoo Group
Ana Gallardo
Abandoned Shopping Carts Are
A Real Eye Sore.
Reunión de la Asociación de Riverview
Presentación Especial Con El Departamento De
Policía de Santa Ana
Social Events
Fecha: Lunes, Enero 14.
Farmers Exchange
Hora: 7:00pm
Phone Tree
Please Report Abandoned Shopping
Carts to Santa Ana Code
Enforcement at: 714: 667-2780.
Let’s All Do Our Part to Keep
Riverview Neighborhood Beautiful.
Thank you.
Lugar: Izaak Walton Cabin
1714 Santa Clara Ave.
Participe en Nuestro Intercambio de Frutas y
Fecha: Enero 14 Hora: 6:30pm
Lugar: Izaak Walton Cabin 1714 Santa Clare Ave.
* Recordatorio: Vamos a mantener nuestro barrio hermoso, limpio y seguro. Reporte
cualquier violaciónes a/o actividad sospechosa a: Code Enforcement: 714-667-2780 /
Policía de Santa Ana: 714-245-8746 o 714-834-4211
For Neighborhood News and Updates Please Join our Yahoo Group by
E-mailing. [email protected].
Thank you.
Reminder! All holiday lights must be taken down by Feb. 1st . Santa Ana Code
Enforcement will issue a fine if lights remain past the Feb. 1st date.
Recordatorio! Todas las luces de Navidad deben ser derribadas por el 01 de febrero. La Ciudad de Santa
Ana puede imponer una multa si las luces se mantienen más allá de la fecha de 01 de febrero.

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