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The Messenger El Mensajero
Ramsey Memorial United Methodist Church
5900 Hull Street Road
Richmond VA 23224
September - Septiembre 2016
The Messenger
El Mensajero
Non Profit Org.
U. S. Postage
Richmond VA
Permit No. 2045
5900 Hull Street Road, Richmond, VA 23224, 804-276-4628,
Just these lines my friends…
To say it is September, and for many that means back to school, and back to church… after
times of needed rest, and spending time away with family and friends. At our August
Church Council meeting, a topic of discussion was long range planning for our church and
its ministries. I am excited that our leaders see the need to address planning for our future.
My own ministry background has given me some essential training and insights into strategic planning as a spiritual practice for congregations, both through the Healthy Congregations initiative and the Alban Institute.
At its heart, congregational planning revolves around Who are we? What has God called us
to do or be? Who is our neighbor? We have already done some good work in responding to
the identity question, our purpose, and discovering our ministry in context. In 2015, our
Church Council and congregation reviewed and updated our vision and mission statement,
which is included in our monthly newsletter and every weekly bulletin. We are in the
process of updating our logo with new images for Serving the Spirit, Family and
Community in both English and Spanish. Look for more on this soon from our
Communications team.
There are many different kinds of planning; and there is no perfect planning process.
Planning is not a ‘quick fix’ for any congregation. There are important questions that need
to be asked before we begin. I would offer the following questions, and my responses; I
invite your responses in return.
Where is Ramsey Church in its life cycle? I am going to risk saying that Ramsey is a
mature and vital congregation with a passion for mission. We know we are aging, and we
are concerned (and sometimes anxious) about our future. At the same time, we recognize
and praise God for the growth of our church in diversity, in reaching out to our
neighborhood especially the Hispanic community.
Other important questions before beginning planning are:
What is the level of trust? The issue is not whether there is disagreement in the
congregation. In fact- disagreement- the ability to hold more than one idea at a time is a
sign of systemic health. I have been most impressed with the strength and unity of our
congregation and leadership, amidst differences. I believe we have a healthy and workable
level of trust for strategic planning. What are our resources? I believe Ramsey has
sufficient energy and resources to enter into long range strategic planning. We have a
common faith tradition, and a vital mix of bible study, prayer groups, and small group
ministries for all ages.
Women’s Bible Study will resume on Tuesday, September 13, at 6:30 p.m. and led
through Tuesday, October 25th. This fall we will be studying “The Armor of God” by
Priscilla Shirer. Join us for this wonderful study which will dress us for the occasion to
face the enemy when he seeks to wreak havoc on our daily lives. The enemy’s battle plan
is to catch us unaware and unarmed.
Goals for this study: Equip us to be serious in our prayer life, Turn challenges and discouragement into opportunities for prayer, Grow spiritually as we expand our understanding of prayer. Please join us for this in
depth study and for some wonderful fellowship time together. For more
information please contact Tammy Howe at [email protected] or 804307-5056 if you are interested.
Ramsey will host CARITAS Nov 5-12. Thanks to
all who have signed up to provide the non-perishable
items. You may bring them to church any time so
they can be inventoried. The list of perishable foods,
lunches and sign-ups for dinners and laundry will be
posted in October.
It truly takes a church to support this ministry. We
are providing food, shelter and lodging for up to 40
men each night. When you do this for these men, we
are doing the same for Christ.
~CARITAS Mission team
We are getting to know our neighbors
who come to the meal, and they have
been visiting us in worship! Please come
join us in mission and fellowship!
September 24
5:00 PM in the CLC
Hispanic Heritage Festival
& Yard Sale
Join us on Saturday,
October 1st for our annual Hispanic
Heritage celebration and yard sale.
We are accepting yard sale donations in the education wing.
Usted está invitado a nuestra celebración anual de la herencia hispana
el sábado 1 de octubre. ¡Por favor,
done artículos a nuestra venta de
garaje !
The Ramsey Church family remembers those
who have claimed the promise of resurrection
this year. We offer prayers and thoughts to the
family and friends.
Ramsey Iglesia recuerda a los que amamos
que han muerto este año . Oramos por las familias y amigos de los mencionados aquí .
Carol Acree
Mary Dunbar
Shirley Mucha
Betty Raper
Bernie Gerring
Chris Griffin
Gladys Farmer
Pat Dyson
Elaine Pollard
55+ Luncheon: Friday, September 9th, 2016. Join us for
lunch at noon in the Fellowship Hall. Bring a friend.
RSVP by Wednesday, Sept.
7th. Our theme is Back to
School so we will collect school supplies
like crayons, rulers, notebooks, pencils,
glue, etc. We will donate them as part of
the MICAH project. Thank you!
Brian Koontz
Doris Moody
Perley Goolsby
John Monk
Barbara LaPrade
Betty Lou Brame
Virginia Harris
Caroline Kastelberg
Vernon LaPrade
Janet Wood
Dick Guilmart
Laura Aguilar
Youth Group: What an amazing summer! We spent a week doing hands-on
mission work with Impact Richmond.
Now we are gearing up for a fun Fall season. Be on the look-out for our upcoming youth fundraisers to help us do another mission week with Impact Richmond
next summer!
Brett Shelton
David Bisset
Warren Smith
Lindsay Wallace
Joyce Spain
Darlene Thomas
Norma Aguilar
Ray Wallace Jr
Peggy Early
Lynne Ahles
Randall Sayles
Kasey Beville
Altar Flowers: If you would like to
acknowledge accomplishments or celebrations (wedding, birthday, birth, graduation), remember a loved one, or to show
a symbol of ongoing prayer by
sponsoring flowers for the
church altar, contact Sue Wheat
at 303-1670.
Roger Wooldridge
KidCheck: Ramsey Church cares deeply about the safety and security of our
children. Coming this fall, we will initiate the KidCheck program. KidCheck is
a children’s check in web based program
that is designed for child safety, secure
information, and a convenient simple
check in process. Look for more information coming soon!
Erin Shrader-Amason 30
Ralph Connor
What are the memories or results of previous planning efforts? Some may remember past
planning efforts with thanksgiving of accomplishments. Others may feel frustrated about past
planning efforts, results, or even cynical about entering into planning once again. My experience has been that when we review past experiences, it may help to reveal that more was done
to fulfill former plans than we realize.
As a relative newcomer, three years at Ramsey and now in year 4, I see many results of all the
past planning and efforts. As I look around, I see the church facilities utilized nearly every day,
faithful ministry and flourishing community partnerships. I am deeply thankful for the efforts
that have been made and the many accomplishments of the past and I give praise to God for
Our next step will be naming a long range planning team and team leader. The Church Council
has charged the Nominations committee with this task. We will need persons of Christian
maturity and temperament to work with ideas and willing to experience a bit of discomfort. We
will need persons able to see new potentials without needing to immediately act. We will need
persons able to see the whole without being driven to fix the parts. We will need planners to
work inclusively, making room for the ideas of others and listening deeply to those in the
congregation. We will need persons who think ‘outside of the box’ for new strategies and
potential new futures.
An integral piece of strategic planning will be receiving and giving feedback to the
congregation. A task of the planning team is to ‘work out loud’ through continued conversation
and reporting about the planning work, both to the Church council and the congregation.
Paul & Paige Austin
Jeffrey & Carole Harper
Steve & Pat Meadows
David & Phyllis Woodfin
Stuart & Ethel Baltz
Jerry & Jane Cummings
Cicero & Helen Gainer
It all begins with prayer and spiritual discernment. Please join me in praying for our church
leadership, and please feel free to be in conversation with me and other church leaders about
your thoughts and concerns, hope and dreams. May God’s Spirit pour out on all of us here at
Ramsey Church and may we receive the blessing and promise of Joel 2:28: ‘Then afterward I
will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men
and women shall dream dreams and your young men and women shall see visions…’
Will & Lynn Flynn
Grace upon grace,
Howard & Sherry Fox
Mike Momenpour & Carla Annette
Pastor Deb
Sólo estas líneas mis amigos ... Y pensar que ya es septiembre y para muchos esto significa volver a la escuela, y de vuelta a la iglesia .... después del tiempo de descanso necesario, y de pasar tiempo con amigos y familia. Uno de los temas que el concilio de la
Iglesia discutió en la reunión de Agosto fue la planificación a largo plazo para nuestra
iglesia y sus ministerios. Estoy muy fascinada de que nuestros líderes vean la necesidad
de abordar el tema de planificación para nuestro futuro. Mi propio ministerio me ha dado
de alguna manera cierta formación e ideas fundamentales cuando se trata de la planificación estratégica como una práctica espiritual para las congregaciones, tanto a través de
las iniciativas congregacionales y salud y el Instituto Alban.
En sí, la planificación de la congregación gira en torno a las preguntas, quiénes somos?
Que es lo que Dios nos ha llamado a ser o hacer? ¿Quién es nuestro prójimo? Ya hemos
hecho un buen trabajo en la respuesta a la pregunta de identidad, nuestro propósito, y el
descubrimiento de nuestro ministerio en su contexto. En 2015, nuestro Concilio de la
Iglesia y la congregación revisaron y actualizaron nuestra declaración de visión y misión,
que se incluye en el boletín de noticias mensuales y el boletín semanal. Estamos en el
proceso de actualización de nuestras imágenes gráficas para la porción del Espíritu, Familia y Comunidad en Inglés y Español. Busque mas información sobre esto con nuestro
equipo de comunicación. Existen varios tipos de planificación; y no hay proceso de planificación perfecta. La planificación no es una "solución rápida" para cualquier congregación. Hay preguntas importantes que necesitan ser hechas antes de comenzar. Me gustaría ofrecer las siguientes preguntas y mis respuestas; invito a que compartan también sus
respuestas .
¿Dónde está la Iglesia de Ramsey en su ciclo de vida? Voy a arriesgarme diciendo que
Ramsey es una congregación madura y vital con una pasión por la misión. Sabemos que
estamos envejeciendo, y esto nos preocupa (y, a veces nos pone ansiosos) acerca de nuestro futuro. Al mismo tiempo, reconocemos y alabamos a Dios por el crecimiento de la
iglesia en la diversidad, para alcanzar nuestra comunidad, especialmente la comunidad
Otras preguntas importantes antes de comenzar la planificación son:
¿Cuál es el nivel de confianza? La cuestión no es si hay un desacuerdo en la congregación. En hecho el desacuerdo es la habilidad de contemplar más de una idea a la vez, la
cual es una señal de salud sistémica. He estado muy impresionada con la fuerza y la unidad de nuestra congregación y su liderazgo, en medio de las diferencias. Creo que tenemos un nivel saludable y viable de confianza para la planificación estratégica. ¿Cuáles
son nuestros recursos? Creo que Ramsey tiene suficiente energía y recursos para entrar
en la planificación estratégica de largo alcance. Tenemos una tradición de fe común, y
una mezcla vital del estudio de la Biblia, grupos de oración, y un pequeño grupo de hermandad para todas las edades.
Welcome Bishop Lewis! A welcoming service of worship for Bishop Sharma Lewis will be
held on Saturday, September 17 at Reveille UMC, 4200 Cary Street Rd, Richmond, from
10:30am-Noon. Bishop Sharma D. Lewis, the first African-American woman elected a bishop in the Southeastern Jurisdiction, has been assigned to lead the Virginia Conference for the
next four years. She will begin her term of office on September 1. Lewis was the first bishop elected by the 376 delegates at the Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference which met July
13-15 at Lake Junaluska, NC. She is currently serving as District Superintendent of the Atlanta-Decatur-Oxford District in the North Georgia Conference.
5 Talent Academy—Equipping People for Ministry Outside the Walls of the Church
Tuesday, October 4, 9:00am-3:00pm at Woodlake UMC. Church doesn’t stop on Sunday
mornings and it doesn’t happen only in our church buildings. Vital Congregations are full of
people who live out their faith each day in their workplaces, homes, schools, communities,
etc. This event is designed to help participants equip the people of their congregations to be
the church in the world. Contact Pastor Deb if you are interested.
Upcoming event: January 8th 2017, Richmond District Conference and Leadership
Training Event at Reveille UMC.
Prayer need: Rev. Hugh Harris and family on the death of his mother, Mary Ellen Harris on
July 26.
Your Finance Committee wants you to know that we have completed the re-finance of the
Capital Loan. We decided to partner with the Virginia United Methodist Development Co.,
LLC. We were able to lower our interest rate and payment amount. We had been approved
for an amount up to $1,250,000.00 to include $100,000 for the cost of the roof repairs on the
Education wing and Fellowship Hall, repairs which had become critical. Once all work was
completed, we only needed to borrow an additional $69,593.08. Even with this increase, the
loan amount is $1,217,811.01. Our interest rate went from 4.87% to 4.00% and our monthly
payment decreased from $8,874.43 to $5,814.46.
As we approach the 2017 Commitment Sunday on October 16, it is very important that we all
prayerfully consider our pledge to the Capital Fund. We are confident that since our monthly
payment has decreased, we will be able to make additional principal reduction payments
each month. But, that can only happen if we all continue our dedication and contributions to
the Capital Fund. During 2016, we have been averaging around $7,000 in contributions per
month. We must do all we can to continue this trend. The CLC is used by the congregation
and the community almost nightly. We have become a gathering place for recreation, health
care and worship for so many. Let’s make sure that Ramsey will continue to Make Disciples
for Jesus Christ.
God’s Blessing to each of you,
Beth Lane, 2016 Stewardship Chair
United Methodist Women News:
Sept.9-Richmond District Mini Mission Encounter, St. Mark’s UMC
Cost $10.00, Registration: 5:00pm-5:30, Dinner: 5:30-6:30pm, Study Group: 6:30-8:30pm
You may choose one study: “Latin America: People and Faith”, “Climate Justice”,“The Bible
and Human Sexuality”
Sept. 18-19 Conference UMW Young Women’s Event
Sept. 24-UMW District Annual Meeting, Worship and Praise UMC, 3006 Laburnum Ave.
Registration: 9:30am Meeting: 10:30-11:45am, Speaker-John Hatcher from Wesley Community
WHITE CHRISTMAS – Applications for the White Christmas program are in the
church office. The deadline for applications is Sunday, October 30, 2016. Applications can be submitted by Ramsey members for individuals or families who are in
need of some assistance with food and small gift items this 2017 Christmas season.
Questions? Contact: Scotty Doyle 744-3034
Nativity and Bethlehem Ministry:
Mark your calendars for Thursday, December 22, through Saturday, December
24, 2016 for our Living Nativity and visit “live” Bethlehem (December 22 and
23). As always, these 2 events will require lots of volunteers. Look for opportunities to sign up
to help in the months to come.
No BUCS meeting will be held in September because of the Labor Day
weekend. Our next gathering will be for Brunswick Stew on October 1,
2017. Stew is still $8 for 1 quart, $15 for 2 quarts and $7 per quart for 3 or
more quarts. We will meet on Friday, September 30 to peel and dice potatoes
and onions.
In August, we led the church in donating 50 Flood Disaster Relief Buckets for UMCOR, and we
thank everyone who supported that mission. We also helped to relocate the choir room down
closer to the elevator. We attended the Flying Squirrels game on Faith and Family night at the
Diamond for baseball, fun and fireworks. We also attended the Rappahannock River Cruise in
August. It was a beautiful day on the river with clear skies, milder temperatures, lower humidity, lots of bald eagles and ospreys, and picnicking.
- Craig Lane and the BUCS
¿Cuáles son los recuerdos o los resultados de los esfuerzos de planificación anteriores? Algunos pueden recordar los esfuerzos de planificación en el pasado con acción de gracias por
sus logros. Otros pueden sentirse frustrados por los esfuerzos anteriores de planificación,
resultados o incluso cínicos al escuchar una vez más acerca de la planificación. Mi experiencia ha sido que cuando se revisan las experiencias pasadas, esta es una ayuda, que revela que
fue lo que más se hizo para cumplir con los planes anteriores.
Como una recién llegada, tres años en Ramsey y ahora en el 4to. año, veo muchos resultados de todo el pasado y los esfuerzos de planificación. Cuando miro alrededor, veo las instalaciones de la iglesia utilizados casi todos los días, ministerio fiel y asociaciones comunitarias florecientes. Estoy profundamente agradecida por los esfuerzos que se han hecho y los
muchos logros del pasado y doy gracias a Dios por ellos.
Nuestro próximo paso será el nombramiento de un equipo de planificación a largo plazo y
líder del equipo. El Consejo de la Iglesia ha encomendado al comité de nominaciones con
esta tarea. Vamos a necesitar personas de madurez cristiana y con el temperamento para trabajar con ideas y dispuestos a experimentar un poco de incomodidad. Vamos a necesitar personas capaces de ver nuevas posibilidades sin necesidad de actuar inmediatamente. Vamos a
necesitar personas capaces de ver el todo sin sentirse inducidos a arreglar las piezas. Necesitaremos de planificadores que sean inclusivos, dando cabida a las ideas de los demás y escuchar profundamente a las de la congregación. Vamos a necesitar personas que piensen "fuera
de la caja" para las nuevas estrategias y nuevos posibles futuros.
Una pieza integral de la planificación estratégica será recibir y dar retroalimentación a la
congregación. Una de las tareas del equipo de planificación es el de "trabajar en voz alta"
mediante la constante conversación y presentación de informes acerca de la planificación del
trabajo, tanto en el concilio de la Iglesia y la congregación.
Todo comienza con la oración y el discernimiento espiritual. Por favor, únanse a mí en oración por la dirección de la iglesia, y por favor siéntase libre de estar en conversación conmigo y otros líderes de la iglesia acerca de sus pensamientos y preocupaciones, esperanzas y
sueños. Que el Espíritu de Dios se derrame sobre todos nosotros aquí en la Iglesia Ramsey y
que podamos recibir la bendición y la promesa de Joel 2:28: "Entonces, después de esto derramaré mi Espíritu sobre toda carne; sus hijos y sus hijas profetizarán, vuestros ancianos y
mujeres tendrán sueños y tus hombres y mujeres y jóvenes verán visiones ... "
Gracia sobre gracia,
Pastor Deb
September ~ Septiembre
3 Hispanic Family Retreat
8:00AM Care A Van
6:00PM James River HomeSchool
9:00AM Prayer Group/Shawl
6:00PM Hispanic Citizens
6:00PM James River HS
7:00PM Estudio Biblico
10:30AM Come & See
12:00PM HOPE Basketball
2:00PM McGuire Park Circle
8:30AM Worship Service
9:30AM Sunday School
11:00AM Worship Service
Office Closed for Labor Day
6:00PM James River HomeSchool
6:00PM HOPE Basketball
6:00PM Hispanic Citizens
10:00AM Pickleball
6:00PM HOPE Basketball
7:00PM Administrative
8:00AM Care A Van
12:00PM 55+ Luncheon
9:00AM Prayer Group/Shawl 6:00PM James River HomeSchool
6:00PM Hispanic Citizens
6:00PM James River HS
7:00PM Estudio Biblico
12:00PM HOPE Basketball
8:30AM Worship Service
9:30AM Sunday School
11:00AM Worship Service
11:00AM Escuela Dominical
12:30 Servicio en Español
6:30 Youth Group
6:00PM James River HomeSchool
11:00 Ada Mae Bookman
6:00PM HOPE Basketball
6:00PM Hazel Gibbs Circle
6:00PM Hispanic Citizens
10:00AM Pickleball
6:00PM HOPE Basketball
7:00PM Trustees Meeting
8:00AM Care A Van
6:00PM James River HomeSchool
9:00AM Prayer Group/Shawl
6:00PM Hispanic Citizens
6:00PM James River HS
7:00PM Estudio Biblico
10:30AM Come & See
10:30AM Bishop Welcome
service at Reveille UMC
12:00PM HOPE Basketball
8:30AM Worship Service
9:30AM Sunday School
11:00AM Worship Service
11:00AM Escuela Dominical
12:30 Servicio en Español
6:00PM James River HomeSchool
6:00PM HOPE Basketball
6:00PM Hispanic Citizens
10:00AM Pickleball
10:00AM Food Pantry
6:00PM HOPE Basketball
7:00PM Finance
8:00AM Care A Van
6:00PM James River HomeSchool
9:00AM Prayer Group/Shawl
6:00PM Hispanic Citizens
6:00PM James River HS
7:00PM Estudio Biblico
8:30AM Worship Service
9:30AM Sunday School
11:00AM Worship Service
11:00AM Escuela Dominical
12:30 Servicio en Español
6:30 Youth Group
6:00PM James River HomeSchool
6:00PM HOPE Basketball
6:00PM Hispanic Citizens
10:00AM Pickleball
6:00PM HOPE Basketball
8:00AM Care A Van
6:00PM James River HomeSchool
9:00AM Prayer Group/Shawl
6:00PM Hispanic Citizens
6:00PM James River HS
7:00PM Estudio Biblico
12:00PM HOPE Basketball
5:00PM Neighborhood

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