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Design Culture
This section compiles the thoughts, ideas and aspirations of various contemporary designers.
It can be expressed through various mediums like photography, print art, graphics, products,
fashion, space or audiovisual design. A good opportunity within this section to function as a
gallery to up and coming and talented creatives. Each individual possesses strong creative
beliefs and integrity in their approach towards commercial and non-commercial work. This is
an inspirational space for designers and it serves to stimulate the creative surge within the
international design community.
All rights of the owner of the original contributed works reproduced reserved.
Featured Creatives
Jonathan Yuen
:phunk Studio
Red Design
Trigger Studios
Neasden Control Centre
Sleep At Work
Untitled Document
Guerrilla Collective
So Fierce
Marchut Bartek
M3cca In(k).
Segura Inc.
Werk Inc.
Marc Atlan
Terry Palka
The Glue Society
The London Police
Fold 7
Fredrik Clement
The Aurora
Hooked Clothings
Takeshi Hamada
Patrick Tan is one of the founders behind
Singapore’s street-wear label Fourskin.
Besides running Fourskin with partners
Eddie Lin, Jon Mah and Marc Lim, they
are also actively involved in bridging the
gap between design culture by infusing it
with fashion.
Collaborations include Design Is Kinky
(Aust.), Phunk Studio (S’pore) and the
event Vector Lounge Singapore. Check out
their ever inspiring Fourskination project
which features designers around the globe.
Fourskin monogram
email: [email protected]
Franklin Kwan aka Frankenstein is
currently a graphic designer. His passion
for photography has led him to compile
a photoessay on his closest pals last year.
Mainly candid shots, reflecting each
individual’s personality.
Handmade into a booklet and given as
a token of appreciation, 29 pieces which
included a poster.
Booklet spread
email: [email protected]
What is Rabbit? Rabbit is an
indescribable feeling, a kind of silly
happiness that leaves you dumbfounded
for the entire day, a spontaneous split
second that changes your whole
life’s events.
Rabbit heightens your senses, presents
new perspectives, tempts you to destroy
preconceived mindsets, challenges you
to relearn your experiences.
Rabbit redefines the meaning
of your thoughts and surroundings,
re-orientates existing value systems,
and leaves you high.
Have you found your rabbit today?
Rabbit box-set by H55
comes with:
A2 rabbit poster
H55 interviews with Rabbit and Lamb
Rabbit booklet featuring Rabbit Walk
Featuring photographs by
Toshie Takeuchi
Limited edition T-shirt
*price: S$38 (Singapore sales price)
*prices may vary overseas.
Created by H55, rabbit is a
communication design platform where
various disciplines can interact and
explore new processes and mindsets to
improve our daily lives. Founded by
Hanson Ho in 1999, H55 was recently
awarded a Distinctive Merit Award at the
recent New York Art Director’s Club as
well as a finalist spot at the British Design
and Art Direction (D&AD) for their work.
email: [email protected]
Description: FFF (Front)
Colour: Light Blue
Sizes: XS, S, M, L
Description: FFF (Back)
Colour: Light Blue
Sizes: XS, S, M, L
Description: FFF (Front)
Colour: Dark Green
Sizes: XS, S, M, L
Description: FFF (Back)
Colour: Dark Green
Sizes: XS, S, M, L
email: [email protected]
Description: Rain (Front)
Colour: Dark Green
Sizes: XS, S, M, L
Description: Occurence (Front)
Colour: Light Blue
Sizes: S, M, L
Description: Rain (Front)
Colour: Light Blue
Sizes: XS, S, M, L
Description: Occurence (Front)
Colour: Red
Sizes: S, M, L
email: [email protected]
Work In Progress
fFurious is a multi-disciplinary creative
communications agency in Singapore.
In addition, they are responsible for the
establishment of the Singapore Lomo
Embassy. The 2nd Lomo exhibition,
‘While You Sleep’ was held in February
2002, bringing the local creative
community closer. Besides commercial
work, they divide time to contribute to
BigO, Singapore’s cult alternative music
magazine & creative collaborations
such as the recent Vector Lounge 05
Jam Session at IDN Fresh Singapore.
No Love Design
email: [email protected]
Broken View
I’m Ricardo Martín, 24 from Zamora,
Spain. I’m an amateur graphic designer
(it's a hobby) and photographer. I created
‘Nolovedesign’ in 2001 as a platform for
showing my personal works and of
course for meeting another designers.
Nolovedesign is also an experimental
site in which I prove new techniques
and formats. I have no professional
experience. I collaborate with works
for Spanish design sites (
and and Mexican One
Jonathan Yuen
Typography study 1
My name is Jonathan Yuen, a 24 year old
young designer currently residing in
Singapore, my birthplace is Malaysia.
I began studying design when I found
out my interest in arts, especially
typographic arts. I was exploring my
young curiousity and raw creative urges.
Now I continue to study in design
however because I believe design is a
great tool for storytelling, prorpaganda
and philosophy. I wanted to use design
to change people’s life for better. Just like
photography expose many minute details
of human experience, I believe design is
another form of such tool.
Memoirs from Hijiyama
( is my
design manifesto for this belief. A pivotal
point of my journey turning from pure
creative interest into something more
purposeful in my pursue in design. Like
many other designers who work to
support life, being bound by reality,
purely doing commercial works can be
soul-destroying. Hence I need a creative
outlet where I can learn, and improve
myself and above all, test my own belief
in design.
Jonathan Yuen
Typography study 2
Set up in mid 2001 by senior
photographer Stryke and producer
Eugene Chng, ShotSighted Studio aims
to provide cutting edge photography
services spiced with a whole lot of
creativity. Aesthetical quailty has always
been their prime focus throughout their
work. True to their form, they steer away
from stereotypical and cliché styles that
other photographers tend to adapt.
Their portfolio covers from the industrial,
fashion, retail, corporate sectors to
collaborative work with leading
Singapore design agencies.
Untitled (Polaroid transfer)
Anna Sui parfumes/Dreams
right: Junkie Tractor
bottom: Greendonkey website
Junkflea is a collective of archives created
by Superlover and Saigonapple. It’s listed
by our journey through the unknown
world of virtual insanity. We started as
an estore selling limited-edition
camouflage items collected from
fleamarts all over the globe back in Y2K.
It’s not about making money but to make
our life a little more interesting. As
interactive designers, we felt that there’s
a need for total freedom, away from the
rigid usual routine... that’s when Junkflea
was born, where we only execute projects
that we enjoy. Welcome to our world &
hope you enjoy your stay!
Alter Ego
Medina Chen is behind PushPixel. A
digital playground; a personal retreat for
her to experiment and develop as a
creative. It also allows her to
communicate with designers around the
world. Shuffling between print & web,
she has designed numerous graphic
identities including
Her work includes Fourskin & The Filter
Group just to name a few. She has also
participated at the Vector Lounge 05 Jam
Session at IDN Fresh Singapore together
with other design luminaries. Visit her
site for daily updates on the design
scene globally.
Phunk Studio
Why Don’t You Try Faking It?
:phunk studio is a collective of
information junkies based in Singapore.
Their work has been featured in
numerous publications from Neomu,
AM7 Magazine, Tiger, Design Is Kinky’s
Permanent Book project, Refill Magazine
to XL8R. In addition, they have formed
Guerilla Fonts, showcasing their various
typographic sensibilities.
Phunk has recently completed two
exhibitions in London’s Magma
bookstore prior to their second project
‘Utopia’ and ‘Control Chaos’ at the Reed
Space, New York. Their first book ‘A
Decade of Decadence’ a compilation of
10 years of their work is already released.
Red Design
Red Design are a Brighton-based design
partnership specialising in print design
for the music industry.
Their success has rested on their ability
to recognise their clients’ respective
markets and by communicating attitudes,
emotions and thoughts rather than
simply going for the jugular. Although
print specialists, Red Design welcome
the challenge of applying their skills to
other media, increasingly producing
interactive solutions alongside their
print work.
top row left to right:
Apex EP sleeve,
Slam Alien Radio album sleeve
bottom row left:
Lo Fidelity Allstars Ghostmutt EP sleeve,
Quantic Album sleeve
Red Design
top row left to right:
European Design Annual (Rotovision Books),
Louise Campbell Corporate ID
bottom row left:
Red Design website
Ginette Chittick aka Styra Foam
Global Citizen based in Singapore
What..., CherryBombPress
zine, Astreal (Dreampop), Atari (Stencil
Graffitti), (May 4th).
A piece of work in stencil graffiti, done
right: Amateur Provokateur vs Styra Foam
bottom: Stompboxes illustration
Prate does not code, but loves code
more than graphics because code is more
beautiful. The code asks you to appreciate
it on your own terms, rather than trying
to charm you into it’s own aesthetic. loves,,, among others. holds the very human, errorridden, traces of one person's echo.
Trace echo one (1): modified topography.
Trace echo two (2): poor typography.
Trace echo three (3) : mountain dew
drinking a tennis shoe.
Beautiful Land
Worktitle: Beautiful Land
The medium is the vantage point. The
message is the map. The map was derived
from satellite altimeter data collected by
the PrateTM Computer Channel. It is
possible to predict depths by combining
gravity data with computer channel
surveys of depth. The authors are
currently analyzing the available data
to produce a database of inferred or
“predicted” topography.
Dated: May 23, 2002
James Khing
No Idea (Collage)
No idea is about experimentation. Lifting
some drawings out of my notepads and
translating them to a format that will last
way longer than the paper medium. And
of course, keeping a portfolio that one
day I hope, I can have imprinted outdoors
for the public to contemplate. These are
ideas that force me to make the tough
decision of staying in bed or getting up
to find that pin of a pen so that I can
take them down while still vividly playing
in my head. These are some of the images
that results.
I’ll urge anybody to make time to explore
any ideas they are uncertain with, as
well as to waste time daydreaming,
putting down on paper their ideas in
quick scribbles of lines that may be the
signatures of the next big idea. Or a
mistake that you will learn from and
progress thereafter.
James Khing
Series of flyers for Zouk Club, Singapore
My work is really what I do now for
pleasure as well as for work. I am helping
Zouk (the club) to get people not just to
pick up our flyers, but more to use them
as wallpaper. The better part of the story
of my work is in our collaboration
projects with as many people as the
internet can reach as many as I can
manage. I feel that we naturally look
everywhere to be inspired, it becomes
very much more possible with the mass
adoption of the online lifestyle and I
think that we should take full advantage
of this enhanced form of connectivity.
This, I’m glad to say, is a trend that design
individuals and collectives likewise, have
chosen to adopt.
A hairy back is never beautiful, so in the
spring of 2001 Humidus was erected. A
product of Sweden. Never before had
a parkbench been so useless. Humidus
sells T-shirts designed by designers but
not necessarily for a designer but for
every one with a back furry as a rabbit.
We do it for fun and we try to have fun
as we do it.
How else would we do it? We welcome
designers to submit and contribute with
their own designs so that we can have a
wide variation of T-shirts.
left to right:
‘Happiness’ by Joachim Baam,
‘Complex Feelings’ by Deework
Stylo Design
Poster series
Stylo Design, based in London was
formed early 2000 in Bristol, home to
trip-hop/downbeat maestros like Massive
Attack and Portishead. Their mission: to
provide quality design across diverse
industry areas. Their core experience is
drawn from three distinct areas: classic
graphic design, creative new media
programming and solid project
management. Their multi-discliplinary
approach is evident in their portfolio;
from web, print, identity to multimedia
projects. Majority of their work can be
seen at the newly launched website which
also includes subsidary company Stylo
Sound and t-shirt label Big Army.
Stylo Design
Poster series
email: [email protected]
clockwise from right:
Neomu 4 submission,
Neomu 5 submission and
Henna tanktop
What about Jasmine...
I love to sketch, daydream, Indian culture,
bodyarts, greenery, fine arts, executing
montages, photography, Japan, rainbows,
butterflies, junk food, I love too many
things! I guess these silly things I love
somehow contribute to what I think and
do. Not so very active in the design/arts
scene, I just simply appreciate any form
of work/idea/concept produced.
Working as a multimedia designer in
Zouk, I do most of the videowall
animations for guest DJs, Phuture
Sessions nites, etc and all the eflyers and
flash flyers. I do henna painting/ tattoo
on certain Sundays at Clarke Quay simply
because I love doing it. I’m also at the
initial stage of doing some detailed henna
drawings on tees. Still experimenting for
now... You can see one of my henna
drawings in issue 4 of Neomu entitled
Ol’ Max Hancock had a website,
And on this website he had some
distortion, I)I))II)I)II)IIIII)I)I)I)I)).
With some floating eggs and
manipulated retro hear, there, manipulated
Ol’ Max Hancock had a website,
And on this website he had some buttons,
IOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOI. With a click click,
here, and a click click, there, click, click,
click click everywhere!
This web site is Diphthong, art, design,
but first was music. Now in he resides
on a small island, surrounded by liquid
hot magma. Singapore.
Trigger Studios
Tree Top Productions identity work
From a young age, Mélanie Richards
aspired to become a graphic designer.
This grew quickly into a passion by the
time she reached high school and became
her vocation after graduating from La
Cité Collégiale as a professional designer.
Her contemporary style is the result of
progressive thinking and talent. She
spends much of her free time researching
international design trends that keeps
her work fresh and innovative.
Her desire for knowledge and a constant
challenge has led this designer to the
creation of her own successful company,
Trigger Studios.
Trigger Studios
bottom : Trigger website
bottom right: Jardins Chateau website
An island where jellyfishes jiggle and slugs suck,
a place where dreams metamorphoses…
Fleecircus is about taking pictures in the city,
looking hard to see things that aren’t there,
doodling on a sketchpad for new ideas,
and having a chat over a nice hot tea.
Peeking into the latest issues,
getting inspired by miyazaki,
walking the streets with beats in the head,
dreaming big dreams...
Fleecircus is me, us, who loves polaroids,
lomos, camomile, dogs, plants and holding hands.
Collaborated with :phunk for Tatamix Vol.6
(Japanese Freepaper)
Contributed to :transmission 02-UTOPIA
Currently working on In-Stance, a polaroid project
featuring James Lavelle, Sagmeister and many more...
Slant Boy
email: [email protected]
top to bottom:
Astro Forlorn Boy and
Astro Forlorn Bike
Desmond Goh is a freelance illustrator
and bassplayer for Electrico, one of
Singapore’s homegrown rock bands and
as he proclaims; psyches himself as
Slantboy (Physically ChallengedBoy)
trying to conceptualise and create works
for print. He displays his own brand of
tongue in cheek humour through his
juxtaposition of images and illustrations.
His approach towards creativity is to
become more acute on minimalistic
design whereby space bears
more prominence. Get it?
To experience creativity through
different mediums.
To not think of what I’ll do if my love is
not with my work.
email: [email protected]
To be driven by passion, enjoying
every process leading towards the
desired output.
To end this nonsensical write-up.
Have a good day ahead.
To do what I like, what I think is nice,
yet be receptive to other views.
To rest yet not sleep, thinking of silly
and ideas possibilities, depriving myself
of possibly good times in the
other dimension.
To wake up, feeling a rush to get to work
fast so as to start working on the idea
that pop up the night before.
Go Local, promotional items for a DJ night in
Zouk Club, Singapore
Phono team is composed by 2 French
natives Antoine & Toma (25 & 27
respectively) who planned at the
beginning to create their own tee-shirts
and skateboards based on their collage
and drawing creations inspired by the
attachment to analog technology & old
machines, the trash and nonsensical
skateboard culture, Pop Art, AsianHelvetic-Northeuropa sense of details,
and years of graphic history.
They have evolved to general print
graphics and web/interactive design at
the same juggling their hectic schedule
with commerical work like project
management & marketing.
Free Your Soul poster
Workflow poster
Consumer Information announce:
“Lomp® Illustration Services delivers
three inspiring products in one complete
package. For a great price, you can create
original artwork. Lomp Illustrator, design
images, page layouts and websites
with Lomp O’Grapher, and assemble
compelling comic pages with Lomp
Comicshop. Unleash your creativity
with Lomp Illustration Services !”
The package is not a software, but
a person...
email: [email protected]
Senegall is based in Poland working as
a creative for Epeiron Interactive. a new
media division of ‘S4’ advertising agency,
as he states ‘making juicy stuff for both
online and offline media’. He specializes
in motion design and for this contribution
feature he included “Seat As You Like”,
a self- initiated non commercial project.
A series of some useful design-orientated
objects. He proclaims it as something
kinky to put under your ass wherever
you go.
He has recently completed an acclaimed
website for photographer Marchut Bartek. is one of his older
experimental projects.
Seat As You Like
email: [email protected]
Seat As You Like
a Singapore-based graphic propaganda started by 2 lads.
We are what we are...
Clean & simple are not just words that
describe a style; They form a whole new
philosophy of design. Design that doesn’t
shout, yet provocative enough to evoke
a fresh perspective of our environment.
This is the underlying philosophy of
Deviljiru and is what it’s creator aims to
project to the world.
Control Centre
email: [email protected]
Neasden Control Centre is a tight
collective formed soap box style in 2000
as a visual agency by art directors
Smith and Diamond. Matt Ward and
Ross Holden joined soon after;
together they work in all forms of
visual communication.
Neasden Control Centre has worked,
illustrated and designed for art galleries,
ad agencies, book publishers, bars, clubs,
charities, clothing labels, musicians,
magazines, music industry and oursleves.
In addition to this the studio collaborates
with companies/ individuals on a number
of outside projects and commissions
worldwide. The online portfolio is
updated daily with new works.
Artwork for Puta magazine
Phojekt: A research and development
division of Onemorethantwo.
Learning the process of having the power
to bring into being.
Human effort to supplement, alter,
or counteract the work of
To master the art of simplicity.
Collaborate - To work together with
other creatives, especially in a joint
intellectual effort.
The conscious production or arrangement
of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or
other elements in a manner that affects
the sense of human emotion and space.
Phojekt vs 123Klan
Phojekt 0009 (detail)
Adapt (detail)
Sleepatwork was founded in May 2002,
Hong Kong by Pak-to Yip aka
forrivermann and me. The name came
from our concern about the not-enoughsleep habit of modern designers and
our love to sleep.
We are open to any interesting
collaborations/projects, if you are
interested, please send us an email, and
of course, let us know if you like or dislike
our work, all comments are welcome.
Insects, Traffic
Dextro would not like to comment &
prefers the work to communicate on
his behalf.
Insects, Traffic
Cndtn equals condition.
What you know about this, specialist
armed dangerous.
Hit close range with this madness.
Unique design shine like a deep dish
I’m Louis Lam from Singapore. I created
Deluxism as a base to showcase and
document my works. Inspired to
experiment with design and do
collaborations with other designers.
Live to design. Design to live.
Untitled Document: Offtake
Established in mid-2000, the Guerrilla
Collective is the vision of Kiat and
Ashidiq, two stalwarts in Singapore’s
music community. Essentially a fraternity
of Drum n Bass DJs, their intentions lay
in promoting the music and the culture
behind it in a variety of ways while
having fun at the same time. Armed with
experience from past musical exploits,
the purpose to share the unexposed
sound of Drum n Bass and passion for
what they were doing.
While Kiat and Ashidiq are the backbone
of the Guerrilla Collective, they are joined
by like-minds, Rendie, Hasnor and
Escobar. Friends prior to the formation
Promo poster 01
of the collective, it was only natural that
they were included in the collective,
providing their own flavour and resources
to build a stronger unit.
The Guerrilla Collective is determined to
project more than the ideology of good
music and is intent on stretching the
Guerrilla banner to encompass other
forms of expressions. They commit
significant attention to the design of their
flyers and T-shirts and have plans to take
their design concepts further with other
merchandise. They also create their own
visuals projected at their regular nights
incorporating production footage and
animated sequences.
Promo poster 02
Located in a 36s- 40s0C nature system,
Lorette and Guaica insert at one space,
one format; all they past.present.future
graphic reflections in dosis of vector
monotones and RGB photographs in kg.
To listen is to see.
Image for an upcoming Latino-American book
Image for an upcoming Latino-American book
So Fierce
Curtis McClain, 32
Artist at heart, designer by trade.
Acknowledged as a finalist in the
FlashForward 2002 NYC Film Festival
for “Best Navigation”. As well as three of
my most recent websites are being
published in “Web Design Index 3”.
Collage of various work, website in the middle
Sweater Weather
SweaterWeather is the online presence
of Chicago based graphic designer
Dave Weik. More an excuse to further
his design studies than an active portfolio, is a continually
evolving webspace.
Dave is currently a Senior Designer at
Segura Inc.
Brazil Project
Sweater Weather
Coast Project
Sweater Weather
Coast Project
Other urls where creators are involved
Team Halfproject hails from the
Philippines. Team Halfproject is
Drew Europeo, Rex Advincula
and Niccolo Balce.
Team Halfproject aims to inspire the
community and get everybody involve
in every project they have in the site.
Halfproject was born in the year 1999.
Halfproject is all about collaboration and
Halfproject will continue to bring
goodness and inspiration.
Halfproject will always be sexy!
Halfproject collage
Marchut Bartek
Marchut Bartek considers himself as an
amateur photographer. However those
who have viewed his prints in the
Alabama Art website will beg to differ.
He specialises in woman portraits & likes
the interaction in the work process.
Combining atmospherics, shadows &
light; this brings an edge to his perception
of photography.
He has recently finished a few exhibitions
in Karkow and is a distinguished member
of the Krakow Photo Group- Kontra Z.
Marchut Bartek
Ricky Tillblad is a great fan of music and
this is a logo for a band called Baxter.
Design, expression and interactivity
has always been at the heart of 24HR.
Ricky Tillblad built a company around
packaging and communicating music,
after a decade he teamed up with the
interactive media agency 24HR.
Throughout the last couple of years
we have worked with different types
of clients and in different communication
areas, but the core of our identity will
always be linked with our genuine
design interest.
Baxter logo
Rik Catlow
email: [email protected]
Thirty-one year old Rik Catlow was born
in Hoboken, New Jersey. After high
school, he studied illustration at The
Kubert School and The School of Visual
Arts in New York City. He now resides
in Secaucus, New Jersey with his
wife Wassa.
Rik has worked in New York City for
the last four years as a web designer and
has designed sites for such companies
as, Bertlesmann, and
N2K/CDNow. At N2K/CDNow, he won
an American Graphic Design Award
for his work on
Do Not Detach: 8 x 10” Collage on plexi-glass.
Rik Catlow’s artwork is influenced by
pop culture, images of the past, and urban
decay. His multi-media artworks are a
stream of unrelated images to form one
unified composition. Rik has a fascination
with typography, not as communication,
but as a compositional element.
top left to right: SOUL, M3CCA sticker ‘bombing’
bottom: M3CCA sticker ‘bombing’
M3CCA In(K)orporated is show and tell.
Remember kindergarten? I never had
the coolest toy, I still don’t have the coolest
toy. Toys are overrated, you can have just
as much fun with an open mind, some
creativity, and an imagination.
The streets is where art really lives.
I slung dirt at night on the streets...
that is where I really learned how to be
an artist by doing throw-ups and tagging
everything I passed. I am exploring it all
now... particularly typography. Letters
excite me along with the design prophets
of Armin Hofmann and Kurt Schwitter.
I get sad when images and letters are
exploited and human hearts become
desensitized. I am frightened that it
will be harder and harder to reach the
authentic human heart in the future
and not the evolved heart of the now. 43
email: [email protected]
left to right: Error404 logo, The Default Human Soul
A moltivation project that aims to
experience new visuals and merge all
designs that interacts with each other.
Also an upcoming project “Error404
redirect” which is a collaborative network
with great designers and anyone inspired
to share good works, just doing his
portions for design.
Segura Inc.
Deep Series (Visual Collages)
I was born in Cuba, and came to the
United States in 1965 when I was nine.
I grew up in Miami, and at a very early
age (12) got into a band as their drummer.
I remained there until I was nineteen.
One of my responsibilities was
promotions, and when I left, I threw
all that stuff into a book and got my first
job as a production artist at an envelope
company (my job was to design the
return-addresses for bank deposit
envelopes). My first real break
was at an agency in New Orleans, and
after a few more job changes, I moved
to Chicago (always wanting to move here
because I liked the way the name
sounded) in 1980. I’m glad I did because
that’s where I met my wonderful wife.
I worked for advertising agencies, such
as Marsteller, Foote Cone & Belding,
Young & Rubicam, Ketchum, DDB
Needham and more, both here and in
Pittsburgh for eleven years until
coming to the realization that I was
not happy creatively, so I quit and started
Segura Inc. in 1991 to pursue design,
with the goal of trying to blend as much
fine art into commercial art as I could.
Our motto is “Communication that
doesn’t take a chance doesn’t stand
a chance”.
Segura Inc.
Express Jeans
“Dangerously Bold" campaign
Segura Inc.
In 1994, the [T-26] digital type foundry
was born to explore the typographical
side of the business, and that too has
been received with open arms. [T-26] Is
now distributed throughout the world.
In 1996 we started the independent
record label, “THICKFACE” with our first
release entitled “Mobile” by Deep,
followed by “EVL”, Aquagirl by
“Everplastic”, Micronaut, Ecohed, Jive
Council, (fusion jazz), Sister Machine
Gun and a second effort by Micronaut.
We have now combined it with [T-26].
In 2000 we split Segura Inc. into two
dedicated companies and formed
Segura Interactive.
In February of 2000, we founded, which launched
September 2001.
Artwork for Puta magazine
Hippieflip loves the blue sky, smoking,
sleeping, junk-food, sex, beer (but we quit
on that already), the air-con on a humid
day, the air-con on a rainy day, the aircon on a humid night, the air-con on a
rainy night, the digital camera, looking
at our cute neighbor starting his bike,
taking a walk outside the apartment,
translating math textbook into Braille,
the cold hard cash, nickelodeon channel,
being rude, more sex, blythe dolls,
voodoo dolls, heavy metal music, sewing,
cooking, reading books, gardening and
of course, you.
email: [email protected]
I’m Simone Legno, graphic designer from
Rome-Italy. Freelance and Design Director
for, an Italian multimedia
design agency.
I chose “Tokidoki”, that in Japanese means
“sometimes”, as a name for my project
because I love japanese culture, modern
and traditional faces of this wonderful
country. Tokidoki represent my daily
waiting for those moments or meetings
that can change my life and realize
my dreams.
My design is inspired by all the precious
things and people I have seen around
the world. I’m into web design because
I love to feel close to other people from
all around that do the same work and
share the same passion for creativy.
Kevin Hoang Vo, ds9r.
Vietnamese born designer.
Studied Graphic Design at Enmore
Design Centre Sydney.
Worked with Deepend Sydney for two
years producing work for clients such as
Qantas, Kelloggs Nokia, MCA
and Accenture.
Current projects include:
KEEPLEFT. design magazine
Contribution info:
7 large format banners.
2 metres in height by 1 metre in width.
They were done for an exhibtion for
young Vietnamese creatives here
in Sydney.
Everyone should have right to have a
fun. We @ WERK really enjoy doing our
stuff. That is what we try to inject in
every project we’re in, either commercial
or non-commercial. And also pass those
great feelings to both our clients and
associates. Since we’re just a bunch of
freelancers, we are free to pick the
projects we like, and that results in best
efforts we can make. WERK is not a
company nor agency but more like a
project or a lifestyle, to do what you want
and really enjoying it.
This year, we created our own products
in order to spread this philosophy of
ours. It consists of highly limited and
luxury packaged tees and posters, with
our very own character designs on it,
cause the fact is: we’re suckers
for great illustration and quality design!
WERK is located in Stockholm, capitol
of Sweden.
Marc Atlan
Based in Los Angeles, Marc Atlan is a
French Art Director for fashion, beauty
and luxury. Among his clients are Tom
Ford for Yves Saint Laurent, Helmut Lang
& Comme des Garçons. His references
include the latest YSL Rive Gauche and
Opium ad campaigns.
This image:
Everybody can piss on the floor,
it takes a great man to shit on the ceiling.
Oliviero Toscani
To a friend... circa.1999
Marc Atlan
If we were truly awake, we would be
stunned by the horror of everyday life.
Henry Miller (1891-1980)
Marc Atlan
The road of excess leads to the palace
of wisdom.
William Blake (1757-1827)
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Marc Atlan
I’m not an alcoholic. I’m just a big drinker,
and there is a difference.
Sean Penn
People magazine
Marc Atlan
The only way to get rid of a temptation
is to yield to it.
Oscar Wilde (1854-1900)
The Picture of Dorian Gray
I’m Brazilian, Arts graduated but I work
as designer since 5 years ago. I try looking
for new graphic languages to my personal
work. The variation of the shape, all
the shapes without any restriction.
Experiencing is a way to create.
Superficial and childlike.
234.330 SmilesWithoutReasons is the
first work of a series I’m working on,
just with color and shape.
234.330 SmilesWithoutReasons
[email protected]
Ron Ho aka Submind.
Working with an ad agency based
in London.
4 years of Design studies have broadened
my knowledge and deepen my love
for this field. Hope to make that little
communication, that little change,
and be part of this whole big
wonderful community.
Name: Michael C. Place
Start: 30:04:69
Ripon: North Yorkshire
SE315715 [431500, 471500]
GB Grid
York College: York County
OND Graphic Design: 730 days
SE315715 [431500, 471500]
GB Grid
Newcastle College: Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
HND Graphic Design: 730 days
NZ255645 [425500, 564500]
GB Grid
Bite It!: London
547 days
TQ315825 [531500, 182500]
GB Grid
The Designers Republic: Sheffield
3475 days
SK356868 [435660, 386830]
GB Grid
IDEA Magazine Issue 291
Build: London [Current]
NZ255645 [425500, 564500]
GB Grid
Sleeve design for the
Thought Universe album ‘Mixed Messages’
Pinglet aka Miss Ping began drawing
even before she could crawl. As a kid in
school, all her textbooks were covered in
doodles, which prompted her teachers to
complain that ‘Ping is very talented in
Art, but needs to apply herself in
important subjects’.
Today, she’s a sought-after illustrator
whose works have been published in the
US, Japan, Korea and Singapore, where
she lives.
I have always been interested in
photography, but have only been taking
it seriously for just over a year. I use my
back to challenge societies’ views on
beauty as well as help me cope with my
The Glue Society
The Glue Society is an independant creative
group which formed at the start of 1998. The
co-founders of the Glue Society, Gary
Freedman & Jonathan Kneebone, were both
formerly a creative team at advertising
agency, Young & Rubicam Sydney.
Feeling that the type of work they wanted to
create was proving more & more difficult to
produce in the structure of a traditional
advertising agency, the team decided to
leave and set up their type
of organisation.
The Glue Society was born & established as
an “independant creative collective”. Whilst
they would continue to provide creative work
to advertising agencies (whether ideas,
concepts, graphic design or film direction),
BeMe flakes packaging
from the Getty book
‘SOON: The Future Of Brands’
the idea of the Glue Society was to make
“direct access to creative minds” available to
and at the same time expand their own
creative expertise to new areas.
email: [email protected] is the portfolio of Gabriel
Suchowolski were it shows designs,
graphics and programming gachets as a
playground. I was born in Argentina but
I established in Madrid-Spain were I
worked with clients like Citroeon,
Coca-Cola,, My Alert, Repsol,
Xfera, AOL and others. Also I’m member
of the a Spanish Designers
Community. I start working young and
took me more than 8 years of experience
working on programming and
graphic design.
Press: “Gabriel has created his own
Microcosmos. His obsession for the
organic is the funkiest illustration of his
works. But he is not closed to the
graphical stuff, he is the author of the
famous chromeless window. His sense
of the interactive perception and his
attention on details are what put him
there.” -Shift Japan.
Assembled thirty-six inches below the
sidewalks of New York City, TwoPiece is
the ebbsite where Sarah Ancalmo’s
meandering streams of conciousness
meet the vast ocean of consumer culture.
She is currently Senior Designer at Heavy
and her astrological sign is Scorpio.
Clockwise from top: Double Bubble gum,
TwoPiece website intro sequence and
TV Dinner
Digital expressions of
Online presentation:
Atlanta, GA
Top to bottom:
Design Death, Magic Tree
Top to bottom:
Nebula, Render
Clockwise from top:
Nocturnal Movements Part 1-3
Ross Mawdsley is the driving force
behind Liverpool based design studio
IKDA and the flash narrative project
‘Simian’. His work can be found in
numerous books, and his work has been
shown at many different festivals around
the world.
Work title:
Nocturnal Movements Part 1-3.
These 3 pieces have been produced for
the Worldwide Designers 2007 book due
to be published at the end of this year.
It is up to the viewer to decide what they
are about.
PANISM, established in 1997 and is based
in Hong Kong, all works in PANISM are
created by Designer Pan Chan.
PANISM includes 3 major parts, they are:
PANAVISIONS: photography
PANARAMA: motion memories
PANAGRAPH: graphical homeworks
Think Panism.
I’m David Rondel Cambou, a French
designer from Paris curently based
in London.
Overage4Design is my personal space
where I talk story through motion graphic
at the moment. It’s also a place where
I can experiment my freedom, where I
also collaborate with other creative people
who share the same visions.
The London Police
The London Police are three. Amsterdam
has been home-base for four years but
the possession of passports to other
countries insures frequent-flyer
miles are never in want. Embracing a
democratic approach to street-based art,
they offer a singular subject-matter to an
audience willing to search it out. Markers,
spraypaint, rollers, brushes and equal
amounts of drive and determination
figure in the work.
Love is the answer.
Mono is a multi disciplinary design studio
based in Mount Pleasant in London
where we work for clients in the music,
film, publishing and arts related
industries both in the UK and abroad.
Mono also produce moving image
graphics and title sequence design and
teach regularly at the London Institute.
Mono believes in clear, functional
typography. We believe in design as a
way of communicating ideas to an
audience and refrain from allowing styles
and trends to force our work into neat
little genres and categories.
Digital Lab series
(Rotovision Books)
Bottom left:
Zuni Icosahedron poster
(Arts organisation in Hong Kong)
Top right to bottom:
Getty Images - Soon:
The Future Of Brands spreads
(Laurence King Books)
Evaq is growing every day in New York.
People doing normal stuff, the tops of
buildings and anatomy books are what
he looks at. He drops visual ideas through
artwork, design and motion.
His background in the traditional
techniques of fine arts - painting, drawing
and printmaking - is the starting point
and everything sprouts from there;
graffiti, scribbling and photocopying is
the fertilizer. He is often moody.
Fold7 is an integrated creative agency.
We have evolved through building an inhouse base of creatives from all areas of
design and advertising, including print
design, digital, promotion, strategy
and marketing.
We now work on projects ranging from
corporate identity, brand consultancy,
retail design and consultancy, above the
line advertising, brand promotion, brand
extension and digital work in areas from
print to promotion, advertising to audio.
Front cover and spreads from Chemistry
(Laurence King Books)
Over the past 7 years we’ve worked with
some incredible companies on a
multitude of projects, for which we’ve
needed to offer watertight planning,
project and account management.
But first and foremost we’re a team of
creatives doing what we like best.
Being creative.
On September 30th 2002, Laurence King
publish “Chemistry”, the first book to be
created by Fold7.
Laurence King asked Fold7 to create a
book that was an experiment with print.
“Chemistry” takes the reader on a journey
through the use of the CMYK four colour
print process. Separated into four
sections, Fold7 experiment at first with
only two colours from the CMYK palette,
then three, then all four and the addition
of UV, silver ink and pull-out sections to
create an explosive exploration of print.
Spreads from Chemistry
(Laurence King Books)
Unlike many design company books,
“Chemistry” is not a portfolio of Fold7’s
work to date, but all new work created
for this project. It was envisioned not
only to inspire creativity in the use of
design, photography and illustration,
but also to encourage students and
experienced professionals alike to
consider the myriad possibilities of the
four colour print process.
By tightly controlling the use of colour,
the creativity which is at the core of all
Fold7’s work can truly shine through.
Fredrik Clement
email: [email protected]
Fredrik Clement Photographer. A few
years spent in London, I have now
returned to Denmark. Based in
Copenhagen I work on commissions
and on personal projects. Packshots
and popstars, Al Green and heavy
Seventies architecture.
Fredrik Clement
email: [email protected]
Futro is a Creative Service Unit based on
the World Wide Web, where group of
talented people from different parts
of the world, try their best to inspire
the rest. Futro work is dedicated to
experiment, good humour and better life.
It consists of singular projects produced
weekly, including: Stories, Systemerror,
Private Public, Silent Majority and more.
top: Fashion Fiction
bottom: Private Public
top: Stories
bottom: System Error
DB-DB Mirror:
Francis Lam graduated from the Chinese
University of Hong Kong in 2000 with a
Computer Science degree. After that,
he joined IdN as a web designer. But his
strong passion for design made him
enroll into the School of Design,
Polytechnic University of Hong Kong in
the same year.
In April 2000, he started his own web
site as his own design
playground. Currently, he is working on
some interactive projects exploring
the possibilities of expressing art and
technology in the digital media.
DB-DB Mirror:
The Aurora
The Aurora is a design entity specialising
in on-air promos and visual
communications through broadcast and
interactive media. Formed by Xavier Oon
in 1998, its objective is to serve as a
platform for self-expression and
experimentation though the use of
video/film footage and graphic design.
Aurora does mainly motion graphics,
broadcast design, club visuals, short form
editing and 3D work.
Screenshots of collective work
Hooked Clothings
e-mail: [email protected]
Hooked Office:
32B Sago Street
Singapore 059025
Hooked Shop:
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-66
Singapore 228213
Hooked Clothings is a streetwear label
based in Singapore. We believe that the
one piece of clothing that we, and most
probably, you cannot live without is the
T-shirt. Other than being as comfortable
as a second skin, the T is a canvas for us
to share our innovative graphics and
prints. It reflects our creativity as well as
the creativity of our collaborators.
Hooked also believes strongly in
promoting designs from every discipline
and allowing for our T-shirt to be a
medium for such creative expressions
to materialize.
Takeshi Hamada
Takeshi Hamada, Graphic designer and
Art Director. Born in 1970, worked for
master Kazuya Takaoka until his
departure to Germany, where he attended
the Hochschule fur Gestaltung Offenbach.
He publishes a screen magazine called
‘Tiger’, which originated from a school
project. He is now based in Tokyo and a
member of Tokyo Type Director’s Club.
Jefftimes36 has not yet been published
and is part of my Jeff Personal Statement
series which features on TEX_server.
Basically it’s about using image search
engines (like the one on Google) as a new
source of pop-art inspiration.
In the 60’s pop was mass produced prints
and celebrities, today I think it’s far
broader – everyone can have their fifteen
hits of fame on the internet. Thus I did
a search for ‘Jeff’ (the name was randomly
chosen) and found thousands of ‘Jeff’s’,
all clumped together as a search result
rather then a human with a life behind
him. I thought this was interesting and
decided to use these ‘Jeff’s’ as inspiration.
Jefftimes 36 images
This next piece is more a narrative then
design. I like the idea of using the
incredible amount of visual noise around
us as a source of creativity, and it doesn’t
have to be more design either.
Contemporary design should have more
narrative, it upsets me that it’s still being
used 95% for corporations selling shoes
and drinks. Design should be seen as a
second language, not just a means to sell.
Besides this, I love the semiotic and
graphic power of words. The excerpt
featured in the dps is part of a novel
being written by myself and a friend
in Brussels.
Narrative DPS parts 1 & 2
Typevsm is the work of Ben and Reneé
Loiz. A small team that works together
and with friends to Art Direct, Design
and Develop projects for Print, Screen
and Interior. Reneé is also a Make-up
Artist and they both create work for
exhibitions. They have shown in galleries
in Atlanta, New York City, Philadelphia
and Miami.
They have recently launched NeeNoon,
a line of men’s and women’s apparel as
well as the NeeNoon shop where you can
purchase pieces from the line, custom
typefaces and other misc. products online.
Rorschach prints (personal series)
NeeNoon apparel