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Fr. James - Christ the King Catholic Church
JUNE 15, 2014
Dear Friends,
Trinity Sunday is one of the most interesting feast days of the year for the very fact that the Most Holy Trinity is both a total mystery and a total reality in our lives. How can this be? First off, there is simply no way to ever explain the Holy Trinity: Three Persons in One God! But in an odd way, the Trinity is part of every relationship too!
From a theological perspective we know that the Son proceeds from the Father and then the
Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son. But this isn’t exactly easy to understand.
The theological fact is that there has never been a time when any of the Persons in the Holy
Trinity haven’t existed. They are the three Persons of the One God and there has never
been a time when God has not existed. God is and all of time and space flows from God.
So when we consider the Holy Trinity we have to use our religious imagination.
You might recall a homily I gave once where I told the story of JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.
They were friends in England, Tolkien a Catholic and Lewis an Anglican. They were great
friends and would sit up and debate about theology into the late hours of the night. Once
Tolkien said to Lewis, “Lewis you don’t have a problem with struggle with a
lack of religious imagination.” The only way you and I can ever begin to believe in the Holy Trinity is to engage our religious imagination. This is not religious fantasy either. We
have to believe that it is possible for there to be Three Persons in One God and that it is possible that Jesus, the 2nd Person of the Trinity, lived on this earth 2000 years ago AND is the
Son who has always been God throughout time and even before time. He is the Word that
spoke all that is into existence. We have to use our imagination to try to understand the Trinity.
But as I said earlier in this essay, we can also understand the Trinity quite easily by our own lives. Imagine the Father loving the Son as part of his begetting the Son. The Son then receives that Love in a most perfect way and because of that returns that Love to the Father. The Father, who is the originator of perfect Love, then returns more love to the Son who returns that love back to the Father who returns more to the Son and so on and so forth. This giving and receiving of Love is
infinite; there’s never a time when they are not loving each other. That love is the Holy Spirit.
We see this all the time when Husbands and Wives live out lives of love, when friends love friends, when parents love children and when children love parents. The love we share each and every day as people is an exact replica of the Trinitarian
love that has always been part of the Godhead. This is why, even though the Trinity is a total mystery, it is also totally part
of our every day lives. When we chose to love each other it is a Trinity of persons too.
Take care,
Fr. James
Weekly Mass Intentions
14th 5PM †Mary Catherine Walsh
15th 8AM †Pablo Moreno
10:30AM †John & Frances Antunes
5PM Pro Populo
16th 8AM †Anna Tamez
17th 6:30PM
18th 8AM Poor Souls in Purgatory
20th 6:30PM †Sam Hawkins
21st 8AM †Henry Wallace
Please pray
for those in our
Parish who are ill.
The list is posted at the
entrance to the Oratory.
Please remember to
contact the office with
any changes.
Our Military Serving Overseas
Phillip Aiello
Mark Barreras
Maj. David L. Gomez
Maj. Deana S. Gomez, USAF
Olivia Hunte
Matt Jakircevic
Maj. Reggie Jamo
Christopher Kroll
Capt. Jason Piper
Curtis James Walters II
Wilbert Witt
At CTK this Week
Catolocismo Class VII
9:15 Parish Hall
Central Texas Voices for
Life Raffle Ticket Sale
After Mass
Joyful Hearts Moms
10:00-1:00 Parish Hall
Mary Queen of the Rosary
7:00 PM Gift Shop
4th Degree Knights
7:00 PM Parish Hall
7:00 PM Cristus Center
Spanish Prayer Group
7:00 PM Parish Hall
JUNE 15, 2014
Stewardship Report
June 8
Black Bag
$ (116.50)
Additional Debt Reduction from
Springfest Earnings
Loan Balance $499,975
In every way we must keep in mind the words of the Lord Jesus who
himself said, “It is more blessed to give than it is to receive.”
Acts of the Apostles 20:35
CTK Food Pantry
Month of May
Served 97 Families
368 Individuals
11 New Clients
January - May
442 Families were served
1,756 Individuals
33 New Clients
June 14-15 The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity
This Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity invites
us to enter into the mystery and dynamism of
our Triune God. Our God is not an abstract
force, but three persons so united in love that
they are One. We are baptized into that dynamic love and now God’s life and breath are
ours. We are challenged by this feast to let
God’s love tranform us more fully so that it pours out of us
in all our words and actions. Such love enables us to be
freed from fear and to lead others to that freedom. How
can we give witness to this freedom this week, especially
as we approach the Fortnight for Freedom?
Please consider Pope Francis’ prayer intentions
for the month of June:
†That the unemployed my receive support and find the
work they need to live in dignity…
†Que las personas desempleadas recipban apoyo y
encuentren el trabajo que necesitan para vivir dignamente
†That Europe my rediscover its Christian roots through the
witness of believers…
†Que Eropa redescubra sus raíces Cristianas a través del testimonio de los
Please consider using the following mediation for the
Feast of Corpus Christi (June 22)
†For a greater belief in the True Presence of Jesus Christ
in the Eucharist...
†Por que exista una mayor creencia en la Verdadera Presencia de
Jesuscristo en la Eucaristía
Congreso Católica de Familias:
“La Algría del Amor”
Sábado, 21 de junio del 2014. ¡Día para unir a su famila
y renovar su fe y amor en Dios! Habrá talleres para niños de 5-12 años y para adolescentes 13-17 años. Se
llevara a cabo en el Palmer Event Center. La Misa de
Apertura será celebrada por el Obispo Joe Vásquez. Para más información o para obtener sus boletos hablar al
512-745-0574 o al sitio web
Deferred Action for childhood arrivals Meeting (DACA)
There will be a FREE informational meeing with
lawyers on August 23 at Our Lady of Guadalupe in
Temple. The meeting will begin at 9AM. This meeting
is organized through the Austin Interfaith by the Equal
Justice Center. If you think you qualify, please make
plans to attend.
Junta de acción diferida para jovenes
Habrá una reunión informativa GRATIS con abogados,
el 23 de agosto en Our Lady of Guadalupe en Temple.
La reunión comenzará a las 9AM. Este encuentro está
organizado por el Centro de Justicia e Igualdad. Es elgible si tiene por lo menos 15 años de edad y tenían menos de 31 años de edad en junio 15, 2012 y entraron al
país antes de los 16 años de edad.
Men’s Mass July 19
Bishop Joe Vásquez will celebrate the sixth annual Men's Mass July 19 at 10 a.m. at St. Mary
Cathedral in Austin. Men throughout the Austin Diocese are
invited to celebrate the Eucharist. A reception will follow in
the Bishop's Hall. This Mass is sponsored by the Central
Texas Fellowship of Catholic Men (CTFCM). For more information about CTFCM, visit
JUNE 15, 2014
Ministerios Hispanos en Cristo Rey
Catolicismo es tu historia... Únanse con
nosotros para ver las ultimas 5 partes sobre nuestra religión. El Padre Robert
Barron de la Arquidiócesis de Chicago
presenta sujetos como Conocer a Dios, La Comunión
de Los Santos, y La Liturgia. Domingos en el Salón
Viejo de la parroquia entre 9:15-10:15 a.m.
La Palabra Entre Nosotros estará en
el vestíbulo para La temporada de Pasqua/
Estos libros son buenos para usar en la espiritualidad de este tiempo sagrado. !Por favor, solo un libro por familia, gracias!
Grupo de Oracion Carismática en español. Cada
tercer viernes del mes a las 7PM en el salon de la iglesia para masine or masion. Call Ben 254-624-8206
Cedarbrake Retreat Center presenta
Retiro en Español
Sábado, 28 de junio
Redescubran a la Santísima Trinidad como una
comunión de amor, y nuestro llamado a entrar y vivir en esta
comunión. Le invitamos a este retiro donde meditaremos las maneras de cómo podemos atraer a la gente a esta comunión y cómo mantener la unidad en nuestras comunidades. A través de la
eucaristía podemos llegar a ser la imagen de Dios en el mundo,
esa imagen que Jesus anhelaba cuando dijo: “Permite, oh Padre,
que alcancen la perfección En la unidad, y así el mundo reconozca
que tú me enviaste y que los has amado a ellos tal como me has
amado a mí.” El costo es $25.
Por favor registrese antes del 25 de Junio 254-780-2436
On this, your final weekend at CTK, we
take a moment to thank you, Fr. James, for
the pastoral care, the wonderful homilies,
& the administration of our parish. We will
remember you in our prayers and pray for
you and your new parish to be blessed and
to grow in ways in which God leads.
9-12 - Garner State Park Camping Trip
12 - High School Six Flags
19-21 - Servus Dei for 6th-8th grade
22 - SUMMER SNL 6PM - Come meet the new Youth Minister Abigail Riley!
27 - TEC for 16 years old and up
11 - Hawaiian Falls!
12-13 - Leadership Retreat
17 - Cross Training incoming freshmen $185 Diocese of Austin
18-20 - Confirmation Retreat $45 Pick up Packets in Office
JUNE 15, 2014
Religious Education Spotlight
Students: Plan to attend VBS this summer beginning
July 28.
Catechists: Remember to pray for all your students to have a safe
Parents: This year there will be changes to the schedule for RE
formation. Please note the new days and times:
Sunday, 9:15-10:15 AM - PreK 4 - 1st grade
Monday, 6-7:15 PM - ALL Sacrament Classes - Sacrament Class
First Confession/ Communion (2nd Grade, RCIA adapted for
children, SSPC)
Tuesday, 6-7:15 PM - 2nd –5th Grades
Wednesday, 6-7:15PM - 6th-8th Grades
ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Love children? Love the Lord?
Then please consider being a Catechist and teaching the children
the GOOD NEWS! Stop by my office or email me at
[email protected] to discuss this. Rita Motl, DRE
astoral Plan Update and Survey Summary
The Steering Committee met on May 31 and reviewed all the data collected for the Pastoral Plan that included
summaries from the listening sessions, focus groups, parishioners’ surveys and priests’ surveys. The committee
engaged in a prayerful discernment process to begin to identify key themes that could be the focus of the new plan.
The work of the committee was presented to the team of Essential Conversations that will begin to write the first draft
of the plan and present it to the committee in August. A summary of the survey results is attached. Complete results
and data will soon be made available on the Pastoral Plan website.
Highlights of the Survey Results
There were 4,125 respondents (3,880 English, 245 Spanish)
Respondent Demographics—just over 60% women and nearly 40% men responded. Age: An encouraging 10% of respondents are
under 21; 8% are young adults (between 21and 30); Generation X (between 31 and 49) is represented by 30% ; and Baby Boomers
(between 50 and 69) comprise 40%; with Seniors (70+) at 12%.
About half, regardless of English or Spanish speaking, report that their faith is at the center of their life, and that they base important decisions on it.
An overwhelming proportion (93%) of parishioners considers that teaching children the Catholic faith is important or very important. Meaningful prayer & worship follows closely with 91% rating important or very important. Nearly 90% of parishioners
find it important or very important that the parish supports their spiritual growth, provides adult Catholic education and focuses on
youth and young adults.
Connecting faith to work/family life is considered an important or very important area of focus for 81% of the respondents, tied
with focusing on learning church teachings (81%). Learning more about how to pray is important or very important to nearly threefourths (74%) of the parishioners and learning how to speak about or share faith (witness) is important or very important to nearly
70% of respondents.
Half of the respondents agree or strongly agree that they would like their parish to better collaborate with other parishes, followed
closely by a desire for greater involvement in parish life (49%).
Priests’ survey results: Offering meaningful prayer and worship, as well as a focus on youth and young adults, and supporting spiritual growth were top parish priorities for priests.
Priests say the most important things the Diocese of Austin must address as it plans for its future are evangelization; spreading the
Good News; young adult faith formation and ministry; and how to minister to a growing population.
Volunteers are needed:
Social Workers
Dental Hygienists
Dental Assistants
Webpage Managers
Database Managers
Event Planners
JUNE 15, 2014
Clinic Hours
1-4PM - Counseling
6-9PM - Medical & Dental
2210-B Holland Rd
Belton TX 76513
Holy Trinity
Catholic High School
Is seeking a Part time High School German teacher for the
2014-2015 School year.
Please contact Principal Veronica Alonzo
[email protected]
Fr. James Ekeocha and the parishioners of St Luke Catholic
Church cordially invite you to hear Fr. Dave
Dwyer, CSP, Executive Director of Busted Halo
Ministries and international radio personality, at
St Luke Catholic Church in Temple on Sunday, June 29, at 1:30 p.m. Fr. Dave will discuss
“How Pope Francis Is Changing the World.”
Fr. Dave will speak at St. Luke as part of the
New Evangelism: Catholicism in the 21st Century
- St. Luke CARE Speaker Series, a vibrant forum that features
discussions of the most important topics facing the Catholic
Church today.
Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP, is director of Busted Halo ®, the Paulist
ministry & media outreach to those in their 20s & 30s. He is publisher of, aimed at spiritual seekers, and Young
Adult Ministry in a Box, a subscription service for parishes. He
hosts “The Busted Halo Show” nightly on SiriusXM radio, cohosts “Conversation with Cardinal Dolan” and has appeared in/
on CNN, The History Channel, NBC News, Fox & Friends, The
Today Show, The New York Times and The Daily Show. Fr. Dave
worked in campus ministry at the Universities of Colorado and
Texas, and developed ministry programs for the Military Archdiocese. Prior to his ordination, he directed television for MTV and
Comedy Central.
English As Second Language
ESL Classes are Free to the Public at Temple College
Free GED Classes are offered for any students who have completed ESL
New Orientation is August 11-14, 2014
Call to get an appointment for orientation at
254-298-8620 or 254-338-6167
Email any questions to [email protected]
June 18: Back to Ordinary (Time) Now What? Retreat lead by Fr. Bill Wack at Cedarbrake Retreat Center
June 20: 7:00 PM Healing Mass, Santa Cruz Catholic Church, 1100 Main St, Buda.
June 28: ”Meditacion sobre la Santisima Trinidad” Retiro en Español. Rosa Bejar & Mario Godoy. 254-780-2436
June 29: 1:30 Fr. Dave Dwyer at St Luke, Temple
Aug 11-14: 5:30-8:30 PM ESL New Orientation. Call for appointment 254-298-8620 or 254-338-6167
Sept. 27-Oct. 3: Pilgrimage to Mexico and the Shine of Our Lady of Guadalupe with Dcn. Jerry Klement. Contact
Nov. 10-20: Italy Pilgrimage with Fr. James Ekeocha. Contact Kathy Pappenfort 979-587-0595.