May 2010


May 2010
Volume 2, Issue 5
May 2010
From My Desk
Vicky Baxter, Executive Director
[email protected]
714-547-6100 ext 200
Since my arrival last August, I have heard several business owners express
their belief that 4th Street should be closed to traffic and take on a “pedestrian
mall” atmosphere. I thought it would be good to lay that idea to rest this month
with some recent findings. Sacramento will take a consideration to City Council
this month on reopening K Street to traffic. Other cities that have reopened their
streets include: South Bend, IN, who experienced a 20% increase in retail
sales. Burlington, IA also documented a 60% decrease in ground-floor
vacancies. Perhaps it’s not the magic bullet to transform the area by adding a
pedestrian mall and instead we need to increase pedestrian traffic by listening
to what consumers are telling us. “We want products and services that have
broad appeal that will bring all demographics to downtown.”
Board Director
on Gothold is a Partner and the
Executive Creative Director of DGWB
Advertising in Santa Ana. Jon was one of
the original founders of the agency in
1988, and has helped guide its growth to
become the largest independently owned Orange
County based advertising agency. He and his
Partners, Mike Weisman and Mandi Dossin,
This summer Downtown Inc is thrilled to announce our active Intern program.
purchased the old Santa Ana City Hall building
Andrew Tovstein is our Retail Recruiter if you need information on properties in
in 2000 and relocated their agency from Irvine
the downtown. Kathryn Podsiadlo is volunteering her time to enhancement
to Santa Ana later that year. He and his late
projects to include the First Saturday Art Walk and a possible Farmers Market.
wife, Janice Lowry, were extremely involved with the early days of the artist
Joshua Lee is looking into a “Happy Hour Trolley” and ideas that promote our
village, and Janice was one of the first artists to open a studio in the
entertainment district. All of our interns can be messaged at 714-547-6100 ext.
downtown. Jon is a founding member of the Grand Central Art Forum,
205 and they will return your call. From Westminster College in Salt Lake City,
which is the advisory board for Cal State Fullerton’s Grand Central Art
Berkeley and University of California Long Beach, we are honored they chose
Downtown Inc because of their commitment to improving downtown Santa Ana. Center. In addition, he served on the Executive Board for Arts Orange
County for seven years, and has been in an advisory role for the Orange
If you would like to volunteer for events/promotions in the downtown, please
County High School of the Arts, The Art Institute of Los Angeles/Orange
give us a call.
County, and Taller San Jose, a Santa Ana based educational facility for atDowntown Inc is pleased at the quick response from City Staff in regards to
risk youth. In 2001, Jon was awarded the Exceptional Citizen’s Award by
one of our restaurant expansions. Consuelo Arredondo is a proud restaurateur Mayor Miguel Pulido.
in business for over 18 years. Jugos Acapulco located at 307 E First Street
will double in size this summer and is appreciative of the efforts of Downtown
Inc and the City of Santa Ana Economic Development staff to move this
expansion forward. Please let us know of challenges you are facing in your
business improvement projects.
In 2002 he was the winner of the Ethics in America Award presented by the
Paskey Foundation, and in 2003, he and DGWB were named Small Business
of the Year by the Southland Economic Development Corporation. Jon
firmly believes that Downtown Santa Ana can and should be the cultural
Downtown Inc will be promoting downtown as World Cup Headquarters 2010 epicenter for all of Orange County, and looks forward to rolling up his
FIFA World Cup South Africa with your logo or name of your restaurant and info. sleeves to do his part in help making it happen.
The promotion will include all media and our new website. Call Ruth Valle to
participate at 714-644-8371
Downtown Inc.
Board of Directors
Executive Officers
Bob Stewart
Ryan Chase
Gil Marrero
Wendy Bryan
Irv Chase
Joe Duffy
Elise Luckham
Adolfo Lopez
Jon Gothold
Raul Yanez
Michael Paxton
Santa Ana Police Representative
James Schnabl
City Representative
Cindy Nelson
Merchant Representation
Teresa Saldivar
Resident Representative
Brian Christenson
Downtown Inc. Staff
Executive Director: Vicky Baxter
Business Manager: Liset Hernandez
Outreach Manager: Ruth Valle
Administrative Assistant: Phung Mai
IT/Special Projects: Norm
Interns: Andrew Tovstein
Kathryn Podsiadlo
Joshua Lee
From the City: Corinthian Enrolls Downtown Santa Ana for its Newest Campus
Santa Ana, CA, -- One of the largest post-secondary education companies in North America is helping to breathe new life and
vitality into downtown Santa Ana.
Corinthian Colleges Inc., which is based in Santa Ana, plans to open its newest campus this summer in a 4-story, 40,000-square-foot
building on 500 W. Santa Ana Blvd. The school will employ 100 and support an enrollment of nearly 1,000 students six days a
week from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. As many as 150 of those students are expected to be Santa Ana residents.
On April 5, Santa Ana City Council gave final approval to the project, which was the result of a 2008 meeting between Corinthian
officials and staff from the city’s Economic Development Division. “The city has consistently reached out to educational institutions
to make Santa Ana their home.” said Mayor Miguel Pulido. City officials told college representatives that a campus could be very
successful because of Santa Ana’s centralized location. “It’s a great location for Corinthian,” said Bob Caudill, Senior Vice President
who handled the deal for Grubb & Ellis. The bus station is right across the street and the college will have very visible signage on a
building that is bigger than it appears.
“It’s a great opportunity for Santa Ana’s downtown district, our residents and Corinthian,” said Michele Martinez, Santa Ana
Designed originally as a medical building, the four-story facility has a lot of available parking. Corinthian Colleges Inc. offers its
more than 105,000 students short-term diploma programs and associates, bachelors, and masters degrees through WyoTech and
Herald and Everest colleges. The company operates 100 schools in 25 states and 17 schools in Canada. Primary programs include
healthcare, criminal justice, business, information technology, transportation technology and maintenance, and construction trades.
In addition, it offers online degree programs in business, accounting, criminal justice, paralegal and information technology.
Corinthian was founded in 1995 and went public in 1999. It has 12,500 employees in North America, including 5,200 full-time and
part-time faculty members.
The 2009 Latino OC 100 honorees pose for a
photo during the fourth annual Latino OC 100
reception at the Delhi Center in Santa Ana,
Calif., on Tuesday, April 6, 2010. One hundred
people who make a difference in Orange
County's Latino communities were honored. Courtesy of The Orange County Register.
Ruben Alvarez, President of Stay Connected OC has been the coordinator for the
Latino OC 100 List. Downtown Inc is pleased that our own Ruth Valle was named
one of the 2009 honorees. “It was an honor to be nominated and I’m still astounded
as to the attention that I’ve received from family, friends and co-workers.” To see
more pictures or learn more about this event, please look up Ruben Alvarez on
Facebook or connect via e-mail at [email protected].
From page 1 Spanish Version below
Desde mi Escritorio
Art Walk first Saturday of every Month
Location: Artist Village
May 1
7 pm - 10 pm
Vicky Baxter, Director Ejecutivo
[email protected]
714-547-6100 ext 200
May 5 (Cinco de Mayo Festival)
LOCATION: District
May 1 & 2
11 am - 10 pm
Safety and Security Committee Meeting
Second Tuesday of every Month
LOCATION: 305 E. 4th St., Ste. 200
May 11
1 pm
Mixer - Original Mikes
LOCATION: Main & 1st Street
May 12
6:30 pm
Combined Event & Marketing
Committee Meeting
Second Thursday of every Month
LOCATION: 305 E. 4th St., Ste. 200
May 13
8 am
Restaurant Association
Second Thursday of every Month
May 13
6:30 pm
Board of Directors Meeting:
Third Thursday of every Month
LOCATION: 305 E. 4th St., Ste. 201
May 20
8 am
Merchant Meeting
(bi-monthly) Always on a Monday
LOCATION: 305 E. 4th St., Ste. 200
May 24
6:30 pm
A partir de mi comienzo en Santa Ana en agosto 2009, varios
propietarios me han comentado que la Calle 4 se beneficiaría al
cerrarse al tráfico vehicular para convertirse en una zona más amena a
las personas que aquí compran. Pensé que sería bueno poner esa idea
de reclinar este mes con algunos resultados recientes. Sacramento ha
tenido una experiencia similar. Sacramento ha considerardo el consejo
de la ciudad este mes, y la Ciudad de Sacramento les ha pedido que
vuelvan a abrir la Calle K al paso de automóviles. Otras ciudades
(South Bend, IN, Burlington, IA y otras) han notado un aumento de
(20% en ventas y 60% de disminución en las vacantes de la planta
baja) al volver a abrir calles que anteriormente se había cerrado. Tal
vez no existe una bala mágica para transformar la zona mediante.
“Queremos que los productos y servicios que tienen un gran atractivo
que traerá todos los grupos demográficos al centro.”
Este verano Downtown Inc se complace en anunciar su programa de
internados: estudiantes a nivel universitario que prestan sus servicios a
cambio de créditos académicos. Andrew Tovstein está trabajando por
atraer más comercios al centro. Kathryn Podsiadlo coordina los
proyectos de mejoramiento que incluyen “Artwalk” (el primero
sábado de cada mes) y posiblemente un mercado de frutas y verduras
al aire libre (farmers market). Joshua Lee está desarrollando ideas
para promover los restaurantes y bares del distrito y también buscando
una Tranvia. Nos sentimos honrados de los esfuerzos que ponen estos
estudiantes para el mejoramiento del Centro de Santa Ana. Todos los
internados pueden contactarse al llamar al 714-547-6100, extensión
205 dejando su recado. Si Usted puede servir de voluntario para los
eventos que organizamos, por favor comuníquese con ellos.
Les reportamos también la expansión de Jugos Acapulco (307 E.
First St.), mismo que ha doblado su tamaño después de 18 años en su
local actual, gracias a la participación y cooperación de Downtown
Inc. y el Departamento de Desarrollo Económico de la Ciudad de
Santa Ana. Si tiene Usted algún proyecto que podría mejorar su
negocio y requiere nuestra ayuda, por favor háblenos al 714.547.6100.
Atención Propietarios de Restaurantes: Downtown Santa Ana se
está promoviendo como la Sede de la Copa Mundial 2010. Solo se
necesita su logotipo o el nombre de su restaurant. Hable con Ruth
Valle, 714-644-8371 para mayores informes sobre la participación en
esta promoción.
Don’t Miss an Arts Orange County Imagination Celebration Event
on May 22nd from 11 – 2 pm @ Grand Central Art Center!
Event Information:
P.A.R.T.Y.! Public Art Recreated Through Youth A FREE event for families!
At Grand Central Art Center, it's okay to draw and paint on walls! Kids of
all ages get to work outdoors together on mural paintings with notable
southern California muralists, vinyl window art, chalk pastel art, and
theatre performance art. There will also be face-painting and snacks.
For more information call 714-567-7233 or go to:
Welcome Newest Members:
Atilano Salon & Gallery, The Orient Express, Kermes Strategies, Apoteca
Moderna AKA Yerba Mex, Carretones Fiesta, Rancho De Menodza
Request a Merchant Association Application
Call 714-644-8371 and speak with Ruth Valle. Applications will be sent
via fax, e-mail or US Postal Mail.
Next merchant meeting May 24 @ 6:30 pm Dinner will be served.
Vendors who want to operate on the 2nd Street Promenade at all
upcoming Art Walks must obtain a permit from Downtown
Incorporated due to City regulations that require a permit to
operate on public property. Please contact Kathryn at Downtown
Inc. ASAP to obtain a permit or ask questions.
American Shield Security available in downtown
24 hours 7 days per week at 1-800-296-2777
For non-emergency issues
[email protected]
phone: 714-547-6100 ext. 206
Entrepreneur Spotlight
oseph Atilano is one artist in the Santora Arts building that can style your hair
while introducing an oil canvas on his red walls. An “Ah-Hah” moment! 35
years of cutting hair and his entire life painting several magnificent art pieces,
have led him back to his hometown. He left a few years back and was located
in the Orange Circle but didn’t fill the “vibe” he feels in Santa Ana. He’s back home to
stay with art that is bold, striking and captivating
As I started the interview, he sat in a Champaign colored wingback chair in his gallery.
The setting is relaxed and reminiscent of the wine country estates. Proud of his
heritage, he stated he was one of the first Latino artists to be part of the East Artist
Village in 1998. His first business was a salon located on 17th St. Another move on
16th St. and Main St. placed him close to Patsy’s Clothes Closet in Santa Ana (the
one with Vintage clothing). The owner Patsy saw his art work displayed on the salon
walls and insisted he close shop and venture onto his artistic side. Her
encouragement was all he needed. Joseph grew up in Santa Ana with family
members that have also inherited talent in art and hair styling. This apple does not fall
far from the tree, as his mother is the main Diva stylist in the family.
When asked how he connects to his art his reply was, “The paintings come from
everywhere”. Participating in his first Art Walk in 1999, he displayed 5 mannequins in
various Cubism styles. Cubism was a 20th century avant-garde art movement,
pioneered by Pablo Picasso. Joseph sold 4 of the mannequins and kept one and
named her La Conquistadora. She is a stunning beauty on display in his gallery.
Joseph carries a blank canvas board with him at all times as he simply can’t stop
creating art pieces. Art expression is therapy to Joseph and like many artists; he
enjoys watching prospective clients enjoy his work. Joseph’s journey through life has
given him a humility that transports him from his past to appreciate his present. “We
have a voice through art, says Joseph.” Be confident about the creation in your art.
Atilano Salon & Gallery is on the Main Floor of the Santora Building entry way.
Located at 207 N. Broadway, Unit# 100. Make your hair appointment now
(714) 973-1718 or visit him. Art pieces are negotiable.
Phone: 714-547-6100
Fax: 714-547-6102
E-mail: [email protected]
305 E. 4th St., Suite 200
Santa Ana, CA 92701
U.S Postage Paid
Santa Ana, CA
Permit No. 399

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