Media kit 2014 - Dumbo Feather


Media kit 2014 - Dumbo Feather
Media kit
What is Dumbo Feather?
Ever wondered what Dumbo Feather
is about? We asked some of our
readers to describe Dumbo Feather,
here’s what they said:
• National distribution
• RRP $15
• 124 pages
• Quarterly publication
• Printed using environmental and
responsible business practices.
• Distributed through subscription,
newsagencies and speciality
retailers throughout Australia
Dumbo Feather at the National Gallery of Victoria, March 2014
Dumbo Feather
and Berry
Dumbo Feather is not your average magazine,
we are a print and online publication with a
social mission to inspire change.
Each quarter our print publication
features long-form conversations with five
extraordinary people.
We scour the globe to find people living with
passion and purpose, across science, politics,
fashion, food, environment, literature and the
arts. Whether they’ve touched millions, or just
those around them, what unites them is their
passion. We take the time to get to know these
people, and ask them to tell us their stories.
More and more people are seeking
meaningful content that educates, inspires
and nourishes. Unlike conventional media, we
publish conversational style features, explore
innovative ideas, projects and people from all
over the world.
Dumbo Feather also has a strong social and
environmental mission. We are part of the
Small Giants family of companies. Small Giants
is an investment house with a difference,
investing in businesses that have a positive
social and environmental impact.
Dumbo Feather is also proud to be a founding
Australian certified B Corporation. B Corp
certification is for businesses who are
redefining success in business.
With superb image quality, highly ethical
publication values and award-winning, often
radical art direction, the final result is a
publication that is as beautiful as it is smart—
every issue is a gift.
Pass it on,
With love,
Berry Liberman
Our Community
Our readers engage with Dumbo
Feather as a consistent source of
inspiring content and a forum for the
exchange of new ideas.
Dumbo Feather readers are part of an
emerging and exciting new consumer
group LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and
Sustainability). The LOHAS market
segment is focused on eco-luxury,
health and fitness, the environment,
personal development, sustainable
living, and social justice.
• Research shows LOHAS consumers
are a fast growing market.
• One in four adult Americans identify
as part of this group - nearly 41 million
people, with the marketplace for goods
and services satisfying their needs
growing from $290 billion U.S annually.
• Australia is set to follow.
Dumbo Feather Conversation Series event with Joel Salatin
Justice &
Art &
Our Content
Each quarter, Dumbo Feather
presents five long form interviews
with people who are doing
extraordinary things within their
The community section within the
publication brings Dumbo Feather to
life. Laid out as a photo gallery, this
section highlights where Dumbo
Feather and our 1960s Airstream have
been, and what our partners have been
doing. Featured in the first 10 pages
of the publication, it is a great way to
showcase the different touchpoints
of Dumbo Feather.
In the first third of the publication,
Dumbo Feather presents short pieces
of writing that compliment the
feature interviews.
These sections break up the feature
interviews to provide readers with
another reading and writing style and
to allow advertising to seamlessly flow
through the layout of the magazine.
Each issue covers a profile of a
historical figure and their extraordinary
impact. Captured in a brief biographical
form, this profile reminds us to
appreciate the past as a way to make
positive changes to our future.
This is a booklet lift out often inserted
into the magazine. We sometimes
forget how many people have lived,
loved and died before us. They have
grappled with suffering, shifted
morality, created revolutions and
breathed in the beauty and sheer
extraordinariness of being
alive. This section is dedicated to
collective memory, to the wisdom
of our world. Sometimes the wheel
doesn’t need to be reinvented,
just remembered.
Second Quarter 2014, Issue 39
Fourth Quarter 2013, Issue 37
First Quarter 2014, Issue 38
Partnership Opportunities
Dumbo Feather is more than just a
magazine . We are a positive media
voice and force of social change.
We invite companies who share
our vision and values to become an
extraordinary partner.
Our interest is in building long-term
relationships with our partners.
Advertising with Dumbo Feather
provides a direct connection between
you and our highly engaged and
influential readers.
Our principle is to keep advertising
limited to below 25% in the advertising:
content ratio, thereby maximizing the
exposure our partners receive.
An advertisement in Dumbo Feather is
an endorsement from Dumbo Feather
about your brand, and that’s something
our readers place a great deal of faith in.
Dumbo Feather has moved towards
a multi-layered partnership offering,
increasing your visibility with a multiplatform approach.
We offer communication solutions
across channels—to continually
and effectively spark interest and
engagement in your brand.
Our goal is to create a connection
between your brand and our audience,
to build brand equity and increase sales
—extending our local influence and
global reach.
• Print media
• Digital media
• Zinio
• Web
• iPad app
• e-news
• Vimeo channel
• Podcast channel
• Conversation Series Events
• Dumbo Feather Culture Club
• Airstream Adventures
Partnership Principles
At Dumbo Feather, we seek long-term
partners who are values aligned with
the below key principles:
1. Demonstrate a commitment to
positively impacting the world
2. Are leaders in their industry
3. Are engaged and resposible
community actors
4. Are disruptive of the status quo for
positive change
5. Continuisly seek to improve the
social and environmental impact of
their business.
We are proud to be aligned with the
following partners as they provide us
with the opportunity to increase the
reach of Dumbo Feather.
On a white ground the brand must appear in ‘Allpress dark brown’ at all times.
Where colour is limited the brand will appear in black only
‘Allpress dark brown’
C61 M51 Y49 K99
On a 1 colour (black) ground the Allpress Brand must appear as
‘white’ at all times.
1 colour (black) ground
Print advertising
Print advertising in Dumbo Feather
makes a statement about your brand’s
values and philosophy.
Printed on beautiful paper called Sun,
with Sovereign Offset cover stock, the
magazine materials are sourced from
responsible forestry practices.
It is perfectly bound and often likened
to both books and magazines,
affectionately earning it the term,
‘mook’. With long-form interviews
and breakouts throughout, Dumbo
Feather is the perfect mix of in-depth
conversations and bite-sized editorial
that links to some of the extraordinary
ideas, stories and individuals that
are covered.
Together with the beautiful
photography commissioned globally
and artwork by local Australian artists,
the pages of Dumbo Feather are filled
with inspiration that is both culturallyrelevant and timeless.
Often referred to as a reference guide
for life, each edition features advertising
that shares its editorial values: to live
with passion and purpose.
Come and join our community.​
Digital Media
On July 18, 2013 Dumbo Feather
expanded its digital presence across
two digital new digital platforms:
website and iPad app.
Online our audience has grown by 150%
since the launch – and has become
a powerful place for business and
customers to connect. is the hub for the
• Extending the themes from our print
magazine—we profile more people
doing extraordinary things
• Speak about what we are
passionate about
• Review what to read, watch, listen, visit
and discover
• Engage the community in debate
• DIY (make it, do it, love it)
• Promote Dumbo Feather’s full and
exciting events schedule
Online advertising space is limited
and is booked month-to-month with
unlimited impressions and clicks.
Our accompanying e-news is
delivered every two weeks, to 12,000
subscribers—sponsorship is limited
to one partner per e-news, delivering
three banners and one editorial
featurette/advertorial. Our highly
popular “Extraordinary person of the
week” mail out also goes out every
Tuesday morning.
Dumbo Feather’s tablet edition is
here, free to download. A beautiful
library collection of over 75 long
form interviews with the worlds most
extraordinary, exciting, adventurous
and inspiring people. Five new
interviews are uploaded every quarter.
We’ve just opened the doors to
sponsorship of the Dumbo Feather
App. Partnerships are extremely limited
and restricted to 12-month spots.
Much more than a simple reproduction
of the print magazine, the Dumbo
Feather iPad app embraces the latest
innovations in digital publishing. We’ve
always told stories with words and
pictures, now we bring video, audio
and interactivity into the conversation.
We are here to show the world how
beautiful digital publishing can be.
This is a very exciting new partnership
platform—offering sponsored tiles,
clicking directly through to your website
within the app, promoting immediate
access to your brand and products.
iPad App launched, July 2013
Experiential Events
Passion. Purpose. Community
Sponsorship of Dumbo Feather events
invites your brand to develop a unique
bond with our loyal community.
Become part of our event experiences
which are intimate, warm, grounded,
inspiring and leave with lasting
Build brand equity through activating
your brand or product at Dumbo
events—a priceless compliment to any
print or digital media campaign.
Conversation Series
This is the live format of our magazine.
We run these approximately once each
quarter where we host a conversation
and Q&A with an extraordinary
person. These events are exclusive to
100 people and provide a warm and
intimate setting to inspire and build
community among our readers and
supporting partners. Our guests are
treated to Dumbo Feather hospitality
and there is opportunity for the
audience to engage with other guests
as well as the person interviewed.
Past speakers include...
Chad Dickerson (Fashion)
Mia Freedman (Pop Culture)
Joel Salitan (Organic Farming)
Chid Liberty (Social Enterprise)
Dr David Corlett (Politics)
Kate Bezar (Passion)
Julian Burnside (Justice)
Culture Club
Culture Club events occur
approximately once a month and
can be anything from film screenings,
creating workshops, floral foraging to
making bread. Anything that connects
with out community in a culturally
engaged manner constitutes the
Dumbo Feather Culture Club.
Dumbo @
We are proud owners of a 1967
American Airstream and we love
nothing more than taking it on
adventures. Equipped with a bar
and coffee machine, you will find the
Airstream at partner events, festivals
and other great locations around
If you are interested in sponsorship and
getting involved with Dumbo Events,
please contact us for an info pack.
Dumbo feather Conversation Series event with Kate Bezar

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