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VOLUME 7, ISSUE 1, 2014
For more than 50 years, Amway has worked
to help people live better lives. This is who
we are. And that singular purpose is deeply
rooted in our Founders’ Fundamentals and
corporate values – ideals that guide the decisions,
strategies, and direction of this business.
We help improve lives by motivating others to
realize their potential. Our business opportunity
uniquely empowers people around the world to
discover the courage, confidence, and inspiration to
take the first steps toward changing and improving
their lives. Our Independent Business Owners –
each one of you – work hard to use this plan to
achieve success in a way only you can define. It’s
this focus that grows your business. And it brings
in others so they, too, can achieve success.
So as you work each day building your business,
we hope you’ll take to heart Amway’s true purpose.
As new people are brought into your groups,
remember that success in this business goes
beyond pin qualifications and financial rewards.
Success is also tied to how well we help each other
realize the potential we have within to better our
lives, and the lives of those around us.
Steve Van Andel
Doug DeVos
Fast paced and growing, Miami is Florida’s banking and financial center.
It’s also the heart of south Florida’s fashion, music, and entertainment
industry. Celebrities, the Everglades, South Beach, a research hub …
it’s a city of contrasts, an integrated patchwork of cultures.
A city born of hope and ideals. A city that shines with the power
of individualism and dreams.
What an incredible setting for Amway Achievers 2013,
showcasing “The Power of You”!
Achievers is Amway North
America’s largest recognition event.
Celebration, motivation, education,
and inspiration – it’s an amazing five
days that rewards hardworking IBOs
like you. Join us for a look back at
the 2013 celebration in Miami Beach.
Rajneesh Chopra, Vice President – North America Sales
Dean and Marcie Whalen, New Founders Diamond
“We’ve been mentored really well.”
Tanios Viviani, Regional President – Americas
“You are success stories.
You are inspirations. You are heroes.”
Jeff Johnson,
National Sales Manager, Canada
Vinny Pappalardo, Founders Diamond and Danielle Nafte, Diamond (Father and daughter)
Jori Hartwig,
Amway Chief Marketing Office – North America
“Amway is always investing in your success.”
Kathy Victor,
Chairman, IBOAI
Scott Scheidmantel,
Director of Performance Drivers
“Our business is about finding and
developing leaders.”
“It is clear that the Amway business
opportunity is as relevant and
powerful as it ever was.”
Jim Ayres,
Managing Director – Amway North America
“Anybody can find economic and
personal freedom through this
fantastic business opportunity.”
Steve Van Andel, Chairman – Amway
“We’re proud of all you’ve done.”
Our Values
we live them every day
When Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel created Amway,
they did so based on their personal values. Those values
shaped their choices, their attitudes, and their actions.
They also defined the outcomes they sought.
Today, those same values – Partnership, Integrity,
Personal Worth, Achievement, Personal Responsibility,
and Free Enterprise – remain the basis for the decisions we
make. In a world where change is necessary to stay relevant,
the Founders’ Fundamentals – Freedom, Family, Hope, and
Reward – and our values ensure constancy during change.
Everything we do starts with strong values. We talk about them
all the time. But we don’t just talk about them, we live them.
Amway, the company, and thousands of
Amway Independent Business Owners
“have a partnership, a relationship, a
friendship that has been established and
has endured for more than 50 years. We
have a trust that brings us together and
holds us together. We are not simply
business partners – we care about and
respect each other.”
– Doug DeVos
On stage, in the Business
Experience, and every day
to ensure your success!
Integrity is essential to our business
success. It’s doing what is right, not just
whatever works, even when there is no
one to see you do it, even when it isn’t
easy. There are no exceptions; there are
no excuses. It’s the measure of every
woman and man.
Renee DeSilva
Jody and Kathy Victor
Bill and Peggy Britt
Lynn Burnett
Awarded annually to four IBOs/couples who
exemplify Determination, Generosity, Leadership,
and Patriotism, the Hero Award winners are
testaments to living life with honor and integrity.
Watch all of the Hero Award videos at:
Nominate your hero or heroes today at:
It encourages you to embrace their
potential and work to help them be
successful. Dedicate yourself to ensuring
each IBO has role models to emulate,
and access to the education and training
they need to sharpen their skills and grow.
Empower them to stretch beyond their
fears; applaud their successes. Share your
wisdom and serve as a mentor to improve
the lives of others just as you improve
yourself. What an amazing investment!
Celebrating the contributions of those who have
passed, while fueling the dreams of our future.
Congratulations to our 2013 scholarship recipients: Fatumata,
Marriyam, and Kristina!
And thank you to our partners in this program – the IBOAI
and the Dutt, Hansen, and Victor families.
Congratulations to the 2013 Scholarship Recipients!
Jere and Eileen Dutt
Memorial Scholarship
Fred and Bernice Hansen
Memorial Scholarship
Joe and Helyne Victor
Memorial Scholarship
IBO and daughter of Michael and
Marianna Kelvy, IBOs
* Kristina’s parents accepted the award on her behalf
Read more about this year’s recipients at:
The 2014 Founders Memorial Scholarship Program is now
open and accepting entries.
See page 84 for more information about how to submit your
entry for consideration.
Business excellence is the cornerstone
of Amway Achievers recognition. It’s
exciting to set goals and strive to reach
them. When you do, the celebration is well
deserved. Congratulations!
Congratulations to each of the 2013 Amway
IBO Talent Show finalists. We know you've
worked hard to make your dreams come
true. We applaud your achievement!
Check out the new Emerald and Diamond recognition videos at:
Although we work together in strong
partnership, each Independent Business
Owner is responsible for achieving his or
her personal goals.
to grow and succeed comes the responsibility for
actions and choices. When you’re ready to tackle that
next challenge, you have an amazing team of fellow IBOs
and corporate resources right next to you, supporting you
every step of the way!
We are proud advocates of freedom
and free enterprise. It gives us
confidence in the future and keeps
us moving forward, together.
Congratulations, New Platinums!
Amway New Platinum Conference is an invitation-only Amway North America business
event designed to reward and educate new Platinums. Dynmaic training covers business
programs, products, and resources available to them in their new leadership roles … and,
how to use them!
Invest in your future at NPC!
Learn what it takes to grow your
business and the responsibilities
that come with leadership. Network
with other leaders … and, of course,
celebrate your success!
Welcome home to Amway World
Headquarters in Ada, Michigan!
Experience the magnitude of
the resources behind the
opportunity, firsthand!
Pili and Hugo Castellanos | Florida
Reaching Emerald is a significant achievement, the result of sustained effort and successful leadership.
As Emeralds, IBOs have demonstrated their ability to sell, recruit, train, motivate, and teach others to do
the same. They have built healthy organizations and are reaping the rewards of their hard work.
Living the dream: “Being in this business … gives us the freedom to live special
moments with special people,” says Hugo. “It has completely changed our lifestyle
and provided us with the perfect balance of income and time.” As Founders
Executive Diamonds in Colombia and Founders Emeralds in the U.S., the
Castellanoses have introduced the Amway™ business to many people and made
a difference in their lives. They also support a nonprofit shelter that protects
destitute children who are victims of abuse.
E merald
Looking to the future: Ask Pili and Hugo what they want to accomplish moving
forward, and they respond similarly. “We want to see the people in our organization
achieve the great results we have, to live the same kind of lifestyle we enjoy.”
Karen and Mark Ackley | Texas
Sreedevi and Sudhakar Dereddy | Arizona
Living the dream: The Ackleys enjoy traveling around the country with their
children and as a couple, thanks to their Amway™ independent business. “Whether
it’s an incentive trip to Miami, Orlando, or Las Vegas, a cruise in the Bahamas, or
impacting IBOs at speaking engagements in Toronto, Tampa Bay, or St. Thomas,
we have had honeymoon after honeymoon after honeymoon,” says Karen. “Seeing
our kids have the time of their lives at Universal Studios during Achievers was
great,” adds Mark.
Living the dream: The Dereddys agree that the Amway™ business has helped
them grow in all areas of their lives. It has increased their income, strengthened
their family unity, and expanded their friendships. It has boosted their confidence
and self-image. Sreedevi was extremely shy prior to joining the business. Now,
she says, “I can speak in front of thousands.”
Looking to the future: The Ackleys look forward to the arrival of their third child
this summer and hope in the near future to own “their first true home,” as Karen
puts it. They are also working diligently for the day Mark is free to walk away from
his current job.
Looking to the future: Sudhakar and Sreedevi share many dreams for the
future. They’d like to take the extended family, including their daughters and both
sets of parents, to the finest resorts around the world – without worrying about
time or money. The Dereddys also plan to help underprivileged children in India,
especially orphans in need of proper nutrition and education.
Pedro and Keide Ávila | Dominican Republic
Igor and Raisa Dutko | Oregon
Living the dream: “The Amway™ business has given us the freedom to grow as
human beings,” Keide says. “We contribute to other people’s lives. We’re able to
spend quality time with our daughter, Angely (5).” Pedro adds, “We’re financially
free now and able to help others do the same. We’re meeting people from all over
the world. None of this would have been possible if not for our business.”
Living the dream: Prior to coming to the U.S., Igor worked in a nuclear power
station; Raisa was a crane operator. She says, “We want others to have what we
have now. Freedom from a regular job. Time to do what you want to do. More
hours with the family. The time and money to go on vacations.”
Looking to the future: The Ávilas dream of visiting new places someday,
especially Spain, Italy, and Jerusalem. They also plan to someday give their families
“everything they deserve,” according to Pedro. “We want to show others what
you can achieve through the business. We want them to realize what we know –
nothing compares to this business.”
Looking to the future: Thanks to the growth of their Amway™ independent
business, they have a family vacation to Ukraine planned for this summer. Raisa
reports, “The entire family is going on this trip. We will be visiting our relatives
and also meeting the orphans we support there.” In the future, Igor and Raisa
share the desire to travel to other countries. Raisa says, “I’d like to learn to
speak and understand English easily.” Igor adds, “I’d like to do missionary
work, especially with teens.”
Subroto and Sangeeta Bhattacharya | Texas
Hilda and Alejandro Fajardo | New York
Living the dream: Sangeeta and Subroto agree there have been many wonderful
experiences since they joined the business. One of the best was being welcomed by
thunderous applause upon entering the Amway World Headquarters lobby during New
Platinum Conference. Sangeeta says, “It was emotionally overwhelming. Something
we’ll never forget.” In 2006, they attended Achievers in Orlando with their two
daughters. “This was very special for our family. A dream come true,” says Subroto.
Living the dream: According to Hilda, “We’re living a lifestyle we’ve always
dreamed of living. When we became Founders Sapphires, Alejandro left his
construction job. Now, we have more time with our three children (Yesenia, 20;
Bryan, 13; and Katherine, 7) and each other.”
Looking to the future: The Bhattacharyas are grateful the Amway™ business has
taught them to dream big and go after what they want in life. As a family, they look
forward to visiting exotic vacation spots worldwide. They also plan on supporting a
school for underprivileged children. Subroto adds, “I’d like to retire from my job in the
near future.”
Looking to the future: The Fajardos have goals set for the future and are
working diligently to achieve them. Alejandro states, “Our next step is to own
a home in New York. We also want to care for both sets of parents. At their
age, they need our help.” Hilda says, “We also want to provide the best
education we can for our kids.”
Read more about each new Emerald qualifier at:
The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs in the U.S. was $202 in 2010.
Approximately 46% of all IBOs in the U.S. were “active.”
Claudette Reineta and Lionel Koeiman | Curaçao
Living the dream: Since they started in the business, Lionel and Claudette have
achieved financial freedom. But that’s not all. She remarks, “This business lets you
be successful in all areas of your life. I know it has helped our family life, our health,
and our spirituality. This means everything to us.”
Looking to the future: Besides continuing to grow their business and spending
more time with their daughter, Jihoon and Sanglim share a desire to travel. Jihoon
longs to ski in Canada, while Sanglim dreams of sightseeing in Europe. Jihoon
says, “I’d like to work harder in the business and give my wife a break. I would like
to see her relax more.”
Looking to the future: With Claudette working from home, they’re able to spend
more time with their three children. “We used to travel as a family every few years.
Now we’re able to travel together once or twice a year,” says Lionel. Claudette
adds, “In the future, I hope we’re able to spend even more time with the people we
love and respect – our family by blood, and our Amway family, brought together
through shared principles and values, and a strong sense of loyalty.”
Meg and Colby Jacobs | Pennsylvania
Vanessa and Wilfredo Lazo | Florida
Living the dream: For Meg, raising her children and being with them at home
is the biggest freedom the Amway™ business has afforded her. Colby and Meg
are also thankful to have “100% financial freedom.” Colby says, “We believe this
business is even more realistic and secure than a 9-to-5 job. We’re living a life
now that was once a dream.”
Living the dream: Vanessa says, “We have much more time with our daughter,
Daniela (9), than we did before. When I was a medical assistant and Wilfredo was
in banking, our daughter was always in day care. Now that we’ve left those jobs,
we spend quality time with her every day. We also have the time and money to
take her on a trip, wherever she wants to go every year, on her birthday.”
Looking to the future: The Jacobses are excited about the future for their family.
Meg explains, “Our decisions are no longer based on a dollar bill. We spend more
time together as a family than we do apart. We are able to be a blessing to others.
We can dream about building a beach house for family getaways – and know we
will make it happen someday.”
Looking to the future: The Lazos believe in working as a team and setting goals,
strengths they attribute to their success in business and in life. They also believe in
keeping family close. Currently, they are working on the goal of retiring Vanessa’s
parents from their jobs. Wilfredo’s parents, their upline, work closely with them in
the business, sharing the same goals and hope for the future.
Palitha and Mala Jayasinghe | Texas
María and Mario Mendoza | California
Living the dream: The greatest reward through their business has been the gift of
family time. As first-generation immigrants to the U.S., their parents and extended
family live overseas. The Jayasinghes are grateful they can travel together and
provide their sons the opportunity to get to know their relatives. Last year, the family
traveled by motorcoach through Australia, where they have a Platinum business.
Living the dream: “Our Amway™ independent business gives us hope,”
says Mario. The Mendozas agree the business has brought them rewards
beyond financial freedom. According to María, “This business has helped us
get closer to what we want.” It has given them and many others a future filled
with hope, and a lifestyle built on principles and values. Mario states, “For as long
as I live, I will keep helping people connect with Amway. We are incredibly thankful
for this opportunity.”
Looking to the future: The Jayasinghes strive to be the best ambassadors
for the Amway™ business in multiple markets. “We would like to build strong
businesses in international markets and see the opportunity for Freedom, Family,
Hope, and Reward benefit people all over the world,” says Palitha, referring to the
Amway Founders’ Fundamentals. Mala adds, “We also want to do more in terms
of giving, such as education and nutritional support for girls.”
Looking to the future: This business is the future of the Mendoza family. It’s
their legacy. As Mario says, “I am not giving my children the fish. I am showing
them how to fish. I want to keep the same hope and lifestyle alive. It’s the best I
can give my children because it is built on solid principles and values.”
Varudhini and Sreeranga Kalavapalli | New Jersey
Waleska and Carlos Nouel | New York
Living the dream: “The true measure of success is how many people are better
off because of us,” says Sreeranga. “Thanks to our income from our Amway™
independent business, we’re able to find deserving students in India who are
unable to pay college tuition and support them until they complete their education.”
Living the dream: Carlos admits, “The greatest reward so far in the business is
having Waleska become a full-time mother. The day she retired from her job as a
supervisor of a women’s health clinic in Yonkers was a special moment.” Waleska
agrees. “It’s wonderful to work from home and care for our 18-month-old daughter.
She’s our princess. Carlos still runs a traditional retail store, but he doesn’t work as
long of hours as he did before we got into the Amway™ business.”
Looking to the future: Sreeranga attributes much of their success to “passionate
dreaming, laser-like focus despite many distractions, along with persistency and
consistency.” They continue to work hard, striving for the day Sreeranga can leave
behind his traditional job so they may travel the world together and experience
different cultures firsthand. They also dream of building a school in India for
children in families who cannot afford to pay for their education.
Sanglim Lee and Jihoon Han | New Jersey
Living the dream: When Sanglim was first introduced to the Amway™ business,
she met an IBO leader who donated the bonus she earned through the business
to a charity. Sharing this leader’s strong desire to help others in life, Sanglim
thought, “This is the business I should do.” Now, Sanglim explains, “[Jihoon and I]
are both in the business and we’ve left behind our jobs. We’re completely devoted
to our business.”
Looking to the future: Carlos and Waleska are excited for the day when Carlos
can close his store and they can rely on their Amway™ business for their income.
It is their hope they’ll be able to enjoy even more quality family time and frequent
vacations in the future.
Read more about each new Emerald qualifier at:
The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs in the U.S. was $202 in 2010.
Approximately 46% of all IBOs in the U.S. were “active.”
Living the dream: Araceli and Evaristo agree it’s beautiful to be the owners of
their time and in control of their lives. Prior to joining the business, Araceli was a
cashier in a fast-food restaurant by day and worked in an electronics store at night.
Evaristo was in the construction business. Now, they’re doing what they love and
have time to spend with family. Araceli states joyfully, “We’re there when our boys
need us, night and day.”
Looking to the future: The Rubios moved to California from Mexico, leaving
behind most of their extended family. It is their hope to gather both of their families
together to celebrate Christmas. Araceli says, “God has given us a lot, so we’d like
to share some of it with those who have little in Mexico.”
Living the dream: Miguel and Hidalia agree the greatest reward of this business
is that it affords them more time with each other and their four sons: Christian (19),
Edward (16), Michael (10), and Jordan (8). Hidalia says, “We travel as a family every
four months … this business has given us the freedom to live life to the fullest.”
Looking to the future: Miguel wants to help his extended family members get
an education and start a business. Hidalia says they dream of building a home for
the elderly. Someday, Miguel announces excitedly, “We plan to load up a truck with
toys and deliver them to poor and abandoned children in Mexico. That would be a
wonderful Christmas gift.”
Gaby and Francisco Sanchez | Texas
Sandra and Jorge Zavala | Texas
Living the dream: Parents to four children, Francisco and Gaby are grateful for
the financial freedom and quality family time they enjoy as IBOs. “The time we
spend with kids now is quality time, regardless of what day it is. When I was in the
construction industry working a lot of hours, I had to wait for weekends or holidays
to be with them,” says Francisco. “It’s totally different now – for the better.”
Living the dream: Jorge says, “We have time for our son, Moisés (9), and our
daughter, Joana (27), who is also an IBO. We’re able to send Moisés to a private
school. Sandra elaborates, “We’ve been to Achievers for the past 10 years and it’s
been great. But the best thing? We get to help others better their lives. That’s the
most beautiful part.”
Looking to the future: Francisco and Gaby dream of going to Puerto Rico, and
helping her parents in Mexico financially. She also hopes they can make a dream
come true for her mother-in-law, who yearns to see the Holy Land. For their son
Francisco, who loves to play soccer, they’d like to take him to the World Cup.
Looking to the future: Sandra states, “I want us to have the house of our dreams
paid for in cash. I want to give our son the education to do what he wants to do
and realize his dreams.” Jorge adds with a hint of humor, “Of course, No. 1 is
Sandra’s house.” Jorge grew up in Mexico as an orphan and wants to help orphan
children someday.
Hidalia and Miguel Torres | California
Araceli and Evaristo Rubio | California
Chin Jong and Chee Heng Teng* | New York
Living the dream: Chee Heng and Chin are friends and business partners who
felt that their coordinated efforts in an Amway™ independent business could benefit
both their families, without requiring too much time from their already busy lives.
“We work well together and cover each other’s backs when we get tied up with
work,” Chin says. Chee Heng is a waiter; Chin is a media marketing consultant.
“With the additional income, we’re providing a better life for our families,” she says.
The average monthly Gross Income for “active” IBOs in the U.S. was $202 in 2010.
Approximately 46% of all IBOs in the U.S. were “active.”
Looking to the future: “Because we both have kids, we’re working hard for
their future education,” Chin says. She and her husband Jeff are looking forward
to taking their boys Edward (9), Adrian (7), and Evan (5) to Disney World someday
soon since “they’re the perfect ages.” Chee Heng and his wife Ling have one
son, Brian (8).
Read more about each new Emerald qualifier at:
*Not pictured.
Achieving Sapphire exhibits dedication to building a sustainable
balanced business and mentoring others to do the same.
Ravi Chawla and Arti Kapil
Jim and Maryann Elrod
Yoel Labusta and Maylen Abeledo
Francisco and Karla Salgado
New York
Jaime Sanchez and Angelica Villanueva
Xing Xue Yang
New York
Attaining Ruby reflects a strategic investment in time and
effort to produce significant financial rewards.
Guillermo Agramonte
Adam and Amanda Clark
Xing Xue Yang
New York
Sponsors in italics.
Reaching Platinum is an important milestone in building a profitable and sustainable Amway™
independent business. When you achieve Platinum, you have built a strong foundation and
demonstrated the ability to build a successful enterprise with great growth potential.
Joseph Abbate
New York
Anthony and Frances Pappalardo
Jose Luis Abreu and
Clara Elaine Abikarram
Dominican Republic
Claudia Karina Munoz
Robert and Claire* Aylward
Taimur and Zainab Baig
Juan Hernandez and Rose Isela Felix
Paul and Margaret Madeo
Gaurav and Sapna Verma
Gersom Barreto and
Yudeysi Marrero
Sethu Baskaran and
Srilakshmi Pandurangan
Luis Heyaime and
Patricia Bayonet
Yudith Barreto and Peter Jordan
Sumesh Sundareswaran and Deepa Nair
Dominican Republic
Nicole Heyaime and Jose Guerrero Zorrilla
Francisca Morales and Benito Pantaleon
Mateo and Martina Alavez
Jose and Olga Barrera
Briseida Ramirez and Lian Arieta
New Jersey
Antonio Aguilar and Teresa Ortiz
Maria Castillo and Humberto Castillo Mendez
Jose Alvarez and
Regla De Arredondo
Juan Benigno
Luz Bautista and Facundo Benitez
Napoleon Bernabe
Jaime and Mariluz Billoch
New York
Rosalio Barrientos
Francisco and Dinora Rivera
Mario Munoz
Milagros Perez and Juan Herrera
Jorge Luis Blanco and
Claudia Villanueva
Reinol Abreu and Maria Bon
Maria de la Luz Alfaro
Pablo Alfonso and Belkis Triana
New Jersey
Nicholas and Stephanie Nwoke
Aracely Alfaro De Cruz
Yusleidy Leonard
Lyudmila Anikhimik
Florentino Arias and
Maria Elena Montes De Oca
Lian Arieta and Briseida Ramirez*
Alfredo Islas and Bertha Arredondo
Abhisekh Biswal and Anurupa Satapathy
Alvaro and Laura Blanco
Nelso Garcia and Francisca Toro
Felipe Mendoza
Videepkumar Rajendiran and
Meghana Madbhavi
Reinalda Morales
Juan Castro and Florencia Vargas
Gustavo Guerra and
Maritsa Barajas
Guillermo Agramonte
Luz Albarracin
Lyubov and Petr Glushenya
Barbaro Martin
Guillermo and Edelia Ramirez
Maria Espino and Manuel Bon
Kugan Arumugam and Sagaja Kugan
Timoteo and Guadalupe Avellaneda
Caty Antonio and Sipriano Avendano
Gabriel Avila Molina
Arturo Huepalcalco and Maria Botello
Sayana Bozoeva
Nemorio Briones
Kenny Bui and Nini Tran
Ruban and Anne Joseph
Delfina Avellaneda
Yolanda Briceno and Patricio Ortegon
Marisela Langarica
Esmeralda Nieto and Ismael Avila
New York
Aygul Musayelyan
Matias and Marta Alfaro
Khoa Tran
*Not pictured.
Audon Ayala and Maria Chavez
*Not pictured.
Sachenka Cabrera and
Zanony Severino
Sofia Camacho and
Miguel Vasquez*
Dominican Republic
Jeannidalia Grullon and Jose Gonzalez
Dominican Republic
Juan Jacobo Payero and Cecilia Garcia
Luis Capaz and Damarys Estrada
Jatniel Casanas
Barbaro Martin
Irina Vargas and Lazaro Vega
Antonio Castellanos and
Julissa Grullon
Juan Cebreros and Susana Rubio
Prithwish and Reshmi Chakravarty
J. Gonzalez Camarillo and E Cendejas Alvarez
New Jersey
Mayank Minglani and Akanksha Katyal
Danny and So Young Cho
Vidhi Choudhary and
Avneesh Bhatnagar
Yudiel Delgado
Jeong-Hye and Greg Combs
Leifi Corcho and
Yudisleydi Fernandez
Luis Fernandez and Yanivs Padron
Chetan and Vineeta Rastogi
Celso Cano and Candelaria Cantor
Manuel and Celia Cruz
Maria Cruz
Nathaniel and Sommer Cunningham
Matt Cyrtmus
Gabriela Pascual
Juana and Salvador Magana
Xiomara Gomez
Erika and Eric Hunter
Mary Latif
Andres and Elizabeth Castillo
Yongqing Da and Christine Lee
Qing Yan Deng and Zheng Cao
British Columbia
Ya-Ru Chan
Gregorio De La Trinidad and
Maria Meza
Lily and Emerson Del Aguila
Martha and Guillermo Nava
Vinod and Hanh Mohan
British Columbia
Wei Ning
Ning and Ashley Chang
Yue Ying Chen
Dusty and Ashlee Douglass
Domingo and Magdaliza Duluc
New York
Duan Li
Henry Diaz and
Alexandra Diaz-Izurieta
Adrian Domiguez and Patricia Laza
Jenny and Peter Lee
Daymel Rivera and Ammy Zaldivar
Nathan Beck
New York
Luis and Milady Payan
Adam and Amanda Clark
Jesus Enrique and
Maricela Clemente
Andriy Dunets and Zoryana Hryb
Carlos Escobar and Cristina Osorio
Nataliya and Igor Shtohryn
Dublin Ortiz and Neida Miranda
Hermes Hernandez and
Anay Fernandez
Glendy Flores and
Luciano Rodriguez*
Magaly Fernandez and Jorge Munoz
Orlando Borges and Midelvis Santana
Dominican Republic
Edriel Ojeda Acosta and Patricia Grullon Saleta
Dana and William Huppert
New York
Gregory Panselinas
Manuel and Veronica Pineda
Maria Meza and Ruben Rosas
Aramis Costa and Madelyn Rodriguez
Mark and Melissa Costanzo
Jon Cruz
Adolfo and Blanca Fraga
Aiying Gao and Rugang Chen
Abiael Garcia and Kevin Velazquez
Gilberto and Maria Garcia
Olga Larios
Jerry Donohoe
New York
Leissa and Robert Johns
Adelina and Jose Devora
Xueyun Lin and Zhiteng Ma
Daday Garcia
Porfirio and Teresa Lira
*Not pictured.
Leovel Caballero and Carlos Alejo
*Not pictured.
Irma and Baltazar Garcia
Yanin Garcia
Rudsel and Milushka Girigori
Gerardo Castaneda and Sonya Sausedo
Karina Barrera
Carlos and Adianet Verson
Ruthmila Gerard
Karen Gomez
Zeltzin Kareny Gomez
Oscar Gonzalez
Hector and Esperanza Gomez
Hector and Esperanza Gomez
Yenesleydi Gonzalez and Jehan Fernandez
Robert Gonzalez
Yosdel and Mairove Gonzalez
Esther Paulino and Juan Felix Ortiz
Jorge and Lilian Quintana
Jose Gonzalez and
Jeannidalia Grullon
Irais and Jovita Garcia
Perla Heredia Aranda and
Eduardo Hernandez
Barbara Hernandez and
Oscar Rivero
Emiliano and
Maria Leticia Hernandez
Francisco Marez and
Erika Hernandez
New Jersey
Rafael and Alma Arellano
Yaniel Mustelier and Lizi Mustelier-Paredes
Omar Ortega Montero and Maria Hernandez
Heriberto Mares and Maria Barraza
Rafael Gonzalez and Yoanna Parra
Miguel and Maria Hernandez
Maiker Herrera and Yanet Ortega
Carlos and Teresa Flores
Juan Hernandez Soto and
Maria Hernandez
Juan Herrera and Milagros Perez
Henry Trashorras
Nancy Gonzalez
Jose Luis Cabrera and Mayelin Torres
Keeva Gopaul
Carlos Grullon
Nitta Horsakulkon
Nathan and Terese Houghtailing
Lily Huang
Anthony Ragbir
New York
Patria Marcelino
Prusantai Mahakkapong and Ramanya
Katherine and Kyle Nakamoto
British Columbia
Longjin Huang
Daniel Jackson and
Maria Martinez
Horace and Crystal Guiness
Victor and Maria Gutierrez
Jesus and Maria Salgado
Jose Gutierrez Hernandez and
Carolina Murillo
Mauricio Jimenez Alarcon and
Maria Jimenez
Jose Jovel and Elsa Romero*
New Jersey
Dolores and Cory Jones
Rajavelu Kandasamy and
Praveena Velmurugaswamy
Jose and Angelica Valencia
Bertoldo Montoya Figueroa and Lucila Longino
Alejandro Guzman and Laura Garcia
Edgardo Guzman and Wilma Lozada
Javier Hau Gongora and
Aracely Gomez
Santosh and Sundari Kumbera
Yoel Labusta and Maylen Abeledo
Victor Trinidad and Jessica Maldonado
Saul Ramirez Guzman and
Jazmine Chavez
Ming Chun Ku and Hui Chu Liao
New York
Alvaro Vazquez and Minerva Gallegos
Sergio Martinez and Noemi Chan
British Columbia
Hui Chun Chiang
Snehalkumar and Ami Dalal
Geovanny and Monica Zerquera Tejeda
Dominican Republic
Paolamantina and Edmund Livingstone
Bernabe and Maria Avilene Garcia
Salvador Belmontes Chavez and Joana Garcia
Abraham Vargas and Margarita Alquisira
Deep Iyer and Sateesh Chandrasekaran
Jubis Gonzalez Martinez and
Eva Marin Lozano
Terri and Gerald Kaneshiro
Many and Ryan Yamamoto
Raul Landaverde and
Lidia Margarita Castaneda
Fredy Almendares and Delmi Alvares
*Not pictured.
Ricardo Lara and Angelica Rojas
Jeimy Larrota
Alex Law
New York
Danielle and Dennis Nafte
Maria Caceres
Jose and Librada Sosa
New York
Anthony Digiantomasso and Callan Davis
Mirliani Leon and Jose Bas
Xin Li
Simon Lim and Polly Guan
En Shu Chang and Lucy Liu
Martha Pita and Raul Hernandez
New York
Sia Peng Wong
Choi Wan Ng and Nam Sang Fu
Jessica Chen
Wendy Liu
Juan Lopez
Leonardo Lopez and Isabel Mazon
New York
Rong Fang and Mancsi Huang
Saul and Edit Cuevas
Yoel Labusta and Maylen Abeledo
Juan Alberto Lora
Elvira Luevanos and Alberto Lopez
Valerio Luna and Angela Calderon
Dominican Republic
Plino Lora and Rita Tineo
Guillermo Hernandez
Etzael Rivas and Clementina Torres
Jose Rodrigo Magallanes Perez and
Cristina Venegas
Naruss Mahakkapong and
Samornsri Klungsupavipat
Toby Man
Israel Higuera and Alejandra Vanegas
Prusantai Mahakkapong and Ramanya
British Columbia
Weiliang Zheng and Bin Luo
Sergio and Idalit Marquez
Cadir Martinez and Gioconda Castillo
Luis Martinez and Gilda Sarseno
Aurelio Lopez and Rosa Maria Calzada
Dominican Republic
Francisco Dominguez and Thelma Cespedes
Arnulfo Sarceno
Marcial and Leticia Martinez
Misael Martinez
Sameer Master
Edgar and Carmen Mazariego
Oscar Ruiz Najera
Heriberto and Alejandra Cruz
Paul Nelson
New York
Jacqueline and Julio Aguirre
Alex Eleazar Lopez Monzon
Jieselle and Peter Mc Sween
Kevin and Asta McFarlain
Aaron Barrios and Mary Medina
Jose Mejia and Ana Pereira*
Washington, D.C.
Julio and Santa Alvarez
Joanne Jimdar-Deokie and Megan Deokie
Daniel and Ingrid Todhunter
Patricia and Mayra Martinez
Felix and Sonia Montoya
Rodolfo Macias and
Alberta Aparicio
Roger and Teresa Menendez
Pierre Nickel Michel and
Marnida Alexandre-Michel
Keith and Amanda Misner
Darrel Mohan
Robert Verrastro
Alicia Jagoo
Erika Nava
Ernesto Marchesini and
Marta Espinal
Mario and Marleny Sosa
Geny Marie and
Cecilia Segura-Alcocer
Carlos and Cynthia Dominguez
Jose and Carmen Marino
Al and J. Thessa Colas
Cristian and Stephanie Molina
Jose Montas
Francisco and Lizzeth Morales
Henry Andres and Guerly Morales
New York
Henry Diaz and Carmen Diaz-Izurieta
Dominican Republic
Teobaldo Galan
Daneyris Levya
Orlando Borges and Midelvis Santana
Shaun Landi
*Not pictured.
Luis Moreta
Estervina Mota
Matthew and Wendi Mullins
Eun Young and Sang Soo Park
Andres and Maria Parra
Jesus and Anabel Partida
Jose and Aledia Aponte
Dominican Republic
Anthony and Frances Pappalardo
Martha Mendez
Keith and Lynn Mullins
Hyun Sook Lim
Nataly Parra
Javier Segura and Graciela Mercado
Zam Mung and Vung Ciin
Fredy and Gabriela Munguia
Maria Hernandez and
Victor Manuel Navarrete
Heriberto Pastor and
Laura Martinez
Yi Peng and Renwang Ge
Ernie and Emma Perez
New York
Brenda Castrejon Espinoza and Luis Hernandez
Yaniel Mustelier and
Lizi Mustelier-Paredes
Obelvi and Silbano Pavia
Thang Mang and Mang Nuan
Jose and Sylvia Cintron
Manuel and Rosi Martinez
New York
Esteban Rodriguez Pineda
New York
Socorro Marin and Mario Mejia
Dunxi Zhou
Jorge Ameneiro
Margaret Navarro
Antonio Navas and Yudelin Guerra
Silvestre Ocampo and Emilia Miranda
Kwan and Hyerim Oh
Gustavo and Daysi Perez
Elia Figueroa and Jose Perez
Matias and Marta Alfaro
Rita Masip and Jose Rosario
Miguel Linares
Jae Kim
Pablo Jimenez Zabala and Carmen De Jimenez
Aramis and Ligia Valencia
Amado Perez Perez and
Asuncion Perez Lopez
Mateo Perez Santiago and
Tamara Perez Lopez
New Jersey
Gabriela Perez Soria and Benjamin Herrera
New Jersey
Rosa Bautista and Raul Rodriguez
Nicolas Olea and Teodora Lazaro
Emilio Armando Olivo and Juana Jon
Aung Oo and Niang Tha
Maria Orozco and Carlos Lopez*
Koon Sang Phoon
Tong Zheng and Shengjiao Qin
Dominican Republic
Jaime Jon
Boi Hmung and Ngun Sui Sung
Jose Valdez and Maria Lopez
New Jersey
Khai Shen Wong
Marie Jose Pierre and
Jacques Dalias*
Maria Antuna and Yasniel Pina
Bersain Olea
Nelson and Sonia Bellido De Luna
Hong Xia and Tongxin Zhou
Omar and Lupita Ortega
Adrian and Julie Ann Ortiz
Miriam Ortiz
Niveditha and Ravikumar Pare
Andrew Quinones
Puerto Rico
Eric and Nancy Ruiz
Salvadore and Guadalupe Ortiz
Prakash and Purnima Desai
New York
Francis Nunez
Uliana Radchenko and
Andrey Boryozka*
Pedro Rafael Luis and
Petrona Pérez
Anthony Ragbir
Jose Juan Padilla and Silvia Perez
New York
Kim and Valentina Cairns
New Jersey
Mateo Perez Santiago and
Tamara Perez Lopez
*Not pictured.
Nousta Audate Dieudonne
Sun and
Natalie Parunchaichayanon
Raul and Rhonda Morales
Nutnawat Parunchaichayanon
Selwyn and Herute Lall
*Not pictured.
Videepkumar Rajendiran and
Meghana Madbhavi
Hemalatha Logaiah and Govindaraj
Sudhakara and Sreedevi Dereddy
Ashwin Ram Pammi
New Jersey
Natarajan and Lakshmi Sreekumar
Hector Ramirez and
Luz Adriana Reyes
Ryley and
Ana Dominique Renneberg
Beatriz and Celso Guillen
Lora Gingera
Alejandro Rodriguez and
Zaida Borges
Carlos Rodriguez and
Beatriz De Diego
Yenesleydi Gonzalez and Jehan Fernandez
Idalia Acosta
Jose and Rocio Rodriguez
Yuliet Conchado and
Ray Rodriguez
Ruddy Elena Encarnacion
Anthony Olivia
Anuratha Ramakrishnan
Christopher and Crystal Ruiz
Eduardo and Cesaria Ruiz
Josue Salazar and Beatriz Tapia
Tadek and Karina Sampson
Kugan Arumugam and Sagaja Kugan
Rueban and Vanessa Mcgoings
New York
Ngullen and Shirley Rivera
Miguel and Margarita Tolentino
Michael and Brandie Wagner
Evelio Reyes and Yoandra Betancourt
Andres and Carmen Robles
Luciano and Maria Antonia Sanchez
Rodolfo and Elodia Sandoval
Hector Rogel and Maria Vazquez
Manuel Romero and Gloria Varela
Mario Sanchez and
Felicita Cordova Ramirez
Rafael Sandoval and Angela Rodriguez
Deisy Beltran and Luis Enrique Rodriguez
Dominican Republic
Pedro Arcenio Espinal
Carlos and Olivia Arellano
Cesar Rodriguez and Maria Sedano
Ivan Rodriguez and
Omaida Hernandez
Naul Santos and Angelica Gomez
Nick and Nikki Schaidle
Landon and Natalie Carr
Javier Segura and
Graciela Ortiz Mercado
Manish and Priya Sharma
Elsa Santos
Nataliya and Igor Shtohryn
Orlando and Marina Sierra
Angel Eduardo and Mabel Solano
Oleksandr and Vira Kovalyk
Lorena and Daniel Verdin
Xiomara Calas Avila and Harley Guzmeli
Carlos Lopez and Imelda Perez
Tenay Rodriguez Sanchez
Ramon Rodriguez and Dana Guerrero
Emilio Tapanes Fuentes
Gilberto Rojas and
Alejandra Duarte
Cesar Rodriguez and Maria Sedano
Olgo Marisol and Jose David Barrera
Beverly Lopez
Hugo and Heather Rojas
Belkis Padron and Alberto Rojo
Alfredo and Lissett Rosales
Maria Jose Rosendo
Hui Hua Sun and Grace You
Nanyotl Tafolla and Fani Morales
Asami Tateyama and Oscar Oviedo
Jesse and Brenda Atilano
Luis Fernandez and Yanivs Padron
Alexis Castillo
Aramis and Ligia Valencia
British Columbia
Wei Ning
Lizzeth Salas and Francisco Morales
Dominican Republic
Yanet Diaz
Raj Rajakkani and
Bhavani Merugula
New Jersey
Kumar International Inc.
Orlando Suarez and
Helena Castrillon-Suarez
Lilan David and Leonardo Lopez De Rodas
Geovanny and Monica
Zerquera Tejeda
Ricardo Guiardinu and Grettel Varona
Eusebio Teodoro Rubio
Victor and Sugey Terrazas
Erika Torres and Israel Ramirez
Huifang Yang
Xing Xue Yang
Camilo Yordi and Beatriz Veliz
James and Lizabeth Young
Jose Juarez and Anabeli Rivera
Urbano Hernandez and Nayeli Zecua
Silvestre Ocampo and Emilia Miranda
Rogelio Barcenas and Maria Martinez
New York
Xingfeng Yang
New York
Yue Ying Chen
Odalys Maria Gunes
Greg and Lynn Stergar
Rafael Torres Ochoa and
Guadalupe Olague Roman
Marcelo Troncoso
Colon and Indira Turner
Jose and Evelyn Valdez
Aihua and Bo Yu
Xiaolin Yu
Zhifeng Yu
Feng Zhao
Brian and Jennifer Frangipane
New Jersey
Ebony Mayes
New York
Geuris and Maria Martinez
British Columbia
Jiawen and Shengxi Lu
British Columbia
Sulei Liang
New York
Xi Chen
British Columbia
Wei Ning
Abraham Vargas and
Margarita Alquisira
Gamaliel Vazquez and Luisa Nava
Andrea Velasquez
Yueshan Zhao
Weiliang Zheng and Bin Luo*
Han Guan Zhu and Meijin Lin
Huo Hui Zhu and Chun Yan Su
Magdalena Fierro
Magaly Fernandez and Jorge Munoz
New York
Shengtian Lin and Fu Shi Cui
British Columbia
Howe Kean and Jenny Foo
New York
Zhong Ru Yang
Jinli and Zhen Hao Chen
Maria Torres and Raul Cancino
Juan and Leticia Valdivia
Miguel Angel Palacios
Lidia Reyes
Iran Velazco and Ilem Nodal
Belen Vivar and Alejandro Rodriguez*
Maria Vlantis
Tyler Horn
Kamil Zolynski and Irene Tejeda
Maria Elena Reyes
Juan Merino and Ana Gutierrez
New York
Daniel Viccora
New York
Gretchen Paavola
New Jersey
Steven and Karen Jennerich
Jia-Hwa Wang and Su-Ling Chen
Vergilly Winklar and
Nancy Winklar-Rodrigues
Sui Xin Xie and Lokman Chan
Hui Hua Xu and Zhi Kang He
Raymond Chu and Yin Ling Po
Sandra Tang
Ruby Wang
L. Koeiman and C. Reinata
*Not pictured.
Honorina Tello and Gregorio Perez
*Not pictured.
Satthaphat Jiamsiriporn
Sivabalan and Leena Periasamy
Christa Windhorst
Xiaohan Chen
Xiao Qing Jiang
Pookit Phomjeen
Lawrence Wong
Xiu Mei Chen
Yue Qiang Jiang
Kiley and Jessica Podhordeski
Cory and Darah Woomert
Lei Cheng
Lisset Jimenez and Ismael Martinez
Fengguang Wu
Jessica Chi
Achieving Gold or Silver Producer is an important step toward Platinum qualification. When
Sang Cho and Jae Ock
Jose Elias Juarez Roque and
Dulce Juarez
Garcon Carline and
Joubert Junior Pollas
Esa Kyaw and Nathan Keh
Lisheng Wu
Argimiro Cisneros-Ortiz and
Irma Janett Morales
Jorge Porras and Teresita
Rachel and Young H. Kim
Juventino Coxtinica Cortez and
Mariola Choluj
Radhika Krishnamoorthy
Chun Xia Cui
Veronica and Reynaldo Ledezma
you reach one of these levels, you are on your way to building a strong and lasting business.
Gold Producer
Anthony and Milangely Garabito
Lingming Meng
Shaun and Katia Tompkins
David and Stacey Garcia
Zaheera Razia Mohammed
Pierre Philippe and Lhouise Abellard
Virginia Garcia and Cesar Pacheco
Yari Montoro and Yasser Lorenzo
Dimitris Torres and
Clemencia Rivero
Eduardo Acosta and Anuvys Castillo
Daniel Garcia Hernandez and
Paula Torres
Chris and Susan Music
Tes Gebrewold and Bitu Mendaye
Tania Negrete and
Juan Manuel Mazola
Ann Marie Geeban Nagassar
Matt Nguyen
Maylin Alfonso and
Daniel Rodriguez
Alexander Gomez and
Vilma Gonzalez
Rafael Orlando and
Jacqueline Nunez
Tania Alfonso and Sahily Serradet
Guillermo and Patricia Gonon
Fabian Oliva and Kenia Paiz
Dusty and Kimberlee Allen
Eva Gonzalez and
Humberto Angulo Jarquin
Maria Clara and Paul Oprea
Gurnek Gosal and Sandeep Nijjar
Prakash and Rita Patel
Michele Ahern
Enma Marlenis Alfaro and
Mauricio Guillermo Rivera
Jose Alvarez and Adriana Gomez
Juana Alvarez and Manuel Gomez
Rey Luis and Emilia Aquino
Alina Arcia and Luis Hernandez
Jorge Ian Barrera
Rosalio Barrientos
Orlando Barrios and
Amarilis Escalona
Kandis and Laronn Haliburton
Shusuke and Tomoko Hamamoto
Andrea Henshue
Coral Hernandez
Donis Hernandez and Norma Ochoa
Marlon Paynter
Leobardo Paz and Mayra Rivera
Erickson Perado and Ampy Amparo
Pookit Phomjeen
Bettie Fayette Pierre Michel
Tu Poe
Paola Uribe and Miguel Flaquer
Hector Dolores and Zheni Granda
Humberto Valenzuela and
Susana Bojorquez
Ismael Dominguez and
Mariela Montoro
Yurisley Valladares and
Evisleidy Loyola
Renae Doulaghsingh
Prudhvinath Vasireddi
Junior Etienne
Sravan Villa and Sirisha Balantrapu
Felix B. Viloria
Elvire Eugene and
Jean Paul Edmond
Justin Vincent
Renguo Fang and Zhengai Li
Tanya Wiebe
Chevonese Fender and
Marvin Bartley
Susan and Tiger Wilson
Kyle Wilz
Guoxiu Xie
Qiuchan Yang
Sri and Udaya Yellapragada
Raul Porras and Griselda Carrizales
Guadalupe Pulido and
Edgar Borbolla
Silver Producer
Steven Bartz
Camelia Batista
Kyle Higgins
Ernie and Elmina Beiler
Ryan and Kameo Hosley
Thalia Bellido De Luna
Shuzhen Huang
Dulce and Jose Ramirez
Prakash and Arti Bhanshali
Sthefany Hung and Jonathan Godoy
Greg Abrams
Thitima Bhiraban
Adnel Iglesias and Darays Perez
Jose Leonida Ramirez and
Maxima Nunez
Marisol and Silverio Blanco
Daniel and Brittany Jackson
Ramakant Raut
Michele Ahern
Ruben Botello Ceja
John Jacobs and Annie Corbett
Johana Ajo and Elimber Mulet
Andrea Bown and Bryan Fraser
Daniel Jimenez and
Victoria Morales
Yaimara Reid Hechavarria and
Jonelle Hope
Maribel Castillo
Roberto Cedano and Lupita Ceron
William Cerdas Garro and
Maria Suarez Rodriguez
Leissa and Malik Johns
Jean Juig and Gipsys Corona
Pam and Chad Klinger
Bernabe Lagunas and Maria Mora
Yingyue Ren
Juan Reyes
Kyle Ripley
Eduardo Rivera Florentino
Jesus Manuel Rivera Ibanez and
Lorena Tellez Lopez
Arnaldo and Nidia De La Vega
Joan De Paula and Roberto Almonte
Zheyan Zhang
Anthony Ren
Marcos and Marilyn De La Torre
Margarita Torres and Dennis Corona
Telma Hernandez and Juan Barrillas
Luz and Elias Cajamarca
Reva and Pushp Agarwal
Pierre-Benoit Alexis and Farah Jovial
Hodalys Almanzar Vargas
Jorge Alvarez and Mileidys Monzon
Ramon Alvarez and Yessika Trujillo
Chow Hian Er
Qing Shi
Ruddy Frias and
Stephanie Colombani
Jose Alfredo and Yuremi Galindo
Frank Gao
Zhichao Gao
Diogenes Garcia and Rosalina Riano
Simone and Ainsley Gardener-Lewis
Yaniel Garriga and Roxana Galindez
Maura Gaspar and Simon Valerio
Jordan Gerace and Jessica Shine
Vickens Widly Gerve
Brandon Gibson and Rylee Marsh
Raj and Treesa Andrews
Alexander Gomez and
Vilma Gonzalez
Zenon and Lilia Angeles
Eddy and Mirian Gonzalez
Daliza Arias and Luis Arias
Goretti Gonzalez
Miguel and Amelia Avendano
Matas Balta
Oswaldis Gonzalez and
Jane Liz De La Vega
Aaron Banks
Darlene Michel and Frantz Gracia
Changfu Li
Yuniel Rojas and Yasleydi Del Sol
Rachel and Andrew Barker
Olivia Grande
Jian Lin
Gerard Basso
Xiaodan Guan
Hyon and Daniel Choi
Jonathan and Jennifer Rosario
Su Lin
Hongbin Guo
Hitesh Chudasama
Fernando Llanes
David Rubio and
Anamile De La Rosa
Yoseli Bello and Luis Reyes
Brad Berghoff
Jianping Guo
Bhavya Chugh
Alberto Lopez
Cirilo Ruiz and Romualda Morales
V. Gupta
Nadie Clervaux
Mario Lopez and Nereyda Bustillos
Surjit Sahoo and Arati Baral
Bala Sai Swarup Bhattiprolu and
Akshitha Guduru
Gabe Dominelli
Ly Duong
Ethan Ellenberg
Iraida Fernandez and Jose Basilio
Achala Fernando and
Danuja Lokuliyana
Shalin and Tanvi Gandhi
Vik and Miriam Manne
Dinesh Maraj
Yaite Marrero and Ricardo Ruz
Addiel Martinez and Grensy Lima
Ana Lilia and Juan Martinez
Siva Sampathkumar and
Brinda Palanisamy
Lanaya Boehler
Silvana Gutierrez and
Arsenio Gonzalez
Luis Borrego
Aron and Becky Hall
Lilia Sanchez and Jorge Villa
Nelson and Darlene Shirk
Sarma Maganti
Vongphouthone Sichanthalath and
Bounpalamy Suvandy
Shantanu Mangalvedhekar and
Amrutha Sakaray
Amphone Sipasert and Pho Vangsa
Uday Kumar Manne
Javin Maraj and
Rehana Rampadarat
Akarabodin Siwapornpitak
Xingshu Sohn
Ming Wei Song
Joshua Mascol
Rattanon Suntivich
Daylin Mendez and Jorge Garriga
Juan Jose Tepeu Quiran
Chumpolwiwat Chanasongkram
Pratik and Varsha Chandan
Ying Lian Hu
Dulce Islas and Andres Islas Silva
Gina Jeanty
Benjamin and Cindy Hill
Larry and Deborah Johnstone
Jing Jing Li
Lanying Zheng
Tatiana and Sirney Moya
Pimmada Teplaong
Fanny Mui
Raja Tirumala
Latitia Mun
Amy Tong
Marilu Nazario and
Florencio Guevara
Suphakit Trakulkitcharoen and
Rawiwan Wongjohn
Tim and Mary Ann Nicoson
Nga Trinh
Guadalupe and Raquel Trujillo
Freddy Nodarse and Yanet Cabrera
Fredy and Gabriela Munguia
Alfredo Pacheco and Digna Reynoso
Platinum Elite
Founders Emerald
Francisco and Veronica Arevalo
David and Connie Schwarting
Chantal Norde
Meng C. Tsai
Lluvia Noriega and Juan Ochoa
Lai Tsui
Alexander Nunez and
Jeney Malnero
Marchelle Turner-Pitt
Ruth Olmeda
Moises Valdes
Founders Platinum
Yurisley Valladares and
Evisleidy Loyola
Chun Yu Guo
Kenny and Ashlea Toms
Allan and Lynn Tuttle
Fernando Villanueva and
Maribel Caballero
Hunter Stine
Kathleen Sun Hee and Ryan Cho
Jack Tu and April Delzotto-Tu
Kumar Vedula and Padmaja Paluri
Victor Martinez
Renzo Castillo and Magerling Espin
Zhenquan Tejada
Manuelita and Jorge Padilla
Matt and Myleka Horton
Mariela and Hugo Castillo
Glenis Morillo and Robinson Lebron
Oberto Ozier
Miguel Angel Castro and Mireya
Viktor Batt
Cort Ratliff
Julio Otano and Ivet Milian
Casimir Junior St. Jean and
Giovannie Felix
Founders Platinum
Bao Yu Tang
Esther Milian and
Juan Fernando Perez
Lazaro Heredia and
Yelitza Henriquez
Luis Martinez and Rusminy Valdes
Diane Chevalier
Mariangela and Fabio Ramirez
Olga Bruno and Felipe Hernandez
Daniel Herrera and Yoelis Coronel
Vicky Tan
Ranjith Sivanathan and
Jegitha Sivaranjith
Victorina and Antonio Carreno
Leonardo and Rosa Vasquez
Ray Tan
Chad and Chelsea McCann
Hector Vargas and
Concepcion Lozano
Manuel and Margarita Soto
Anish and Anita Arora
Marie Jose Pierre and
Jacques Dalias
Mauro B. Ortiz
Victoria Hernandez and
Esteban Garza
Shu Zhu
Yue Sun
Zarema Bozguncheva
Marcia and Jose Carranza
Chenghua Zhu
Charles Mc Lean and
Kimbale Rogers
Hong Su
Stephen Haynes
Timoteo and Catalina Sosa
Ren Lang and Sheng Mei Zhou
Dustin Staten and Carla Navarro
Xing Ru Han
Eliseo and Sonia Hernandez
Yue Zheng
Fernando Martinez and
Veronica Carrillo
Brandon Stadelmyer
Andrea Bown and Bryan Fraser
Rayner Canedo and Katty Ortiz
Zhefeng Zhang
Youngnam and Manshik Song
Maria Shelton
Ben Buckwalter
Mi Ju and Tae Song Yu
Raymundo Marquez Jose and
Paulina Mendez
Nelis Orellana Gomez and
Ildebrando Molina
Xiangli Song and Yue Nan Zhang
Shumao Ye
Founders Emerald
Callie and Tom Schoenherr
Andres and Maria Cristina Florez
Mingde Xu
Platinum Plus
Miguel Lugo-Luqueno and
Alma Dominguez
Suanchoon Ma
Fanny W. Xu
Miriela and Enrique Rojas
Sheng Hua Lu
Lyubov Flisfeder
Xuexiong Wu
Jose Rojas and
Hortencia Hernandez
Hammid Firoozeh
Gladys Chery Moise and
Hans Mary Moise
Ubaldo Diaz and Florinda Garcia
Bo Liu
Mariel Rodriguez Corrazo
Iraida Fernandez and Jose Basilio
Esteban Rodriguez and Eunice
Monica and Antonio Delgado
Jiong Lin
Dilia Rodriguez
Yasser and Sheila Sarante
Veronica and Reynaldo Ledezma
Kelly and Charles MacGregor
Kiet Lien
David and Le An Rich
Wyatt Sann
Yan Qun Chen and Yan Hua Xie
Sidney and Martha Lopez
Jie Li
Gabriel and Maria Araceli Reyes
Juan Lozano and Olga Lozano
Yan Chen
Raymond and Michael Lopez
Jessie and Alan Lei
Diogenes and Janeth Reyes
Sidney and Martha Lopez
Luisel Lara and Tania Rodriguez
Pablo Lopez and Juana Garcia
Hsu Lee Li
Tony and Lisa Reinhard
Juana Sanchez Martinez and
Jeovanny Morales
Huy and Jenny Lam
Kelvin De La Rosa Mateo and
Elvia Severino Baez
Kyung Min Lee
Ryan Rampersad
Lauriano Lopez and
Arizbeth Dorantes
Diana and Carlos Lahitte
Mariana Cruz and Antonio Mejia
Kwangsoo Lee
Yohana Ramirez and Michel Padron
Teofilo Salomon and
Inocencia Jimenez
Mei Qiu Chen
Roni Rocha
Hee Jung Lee
Harry Ramakrishnan
Jianhua Liu
Liling Chen and Junru Xue
Valente De La Torre and Hilda Mona
Zeller and Alourdes Guerrier
Manuelita and Jorge Padilla
Rafael Curbelo and Leysi Ramirez
Bwe Lar and Htee Nay Htoo
Elsa and Edgar Pulla
Li Jian Wu
Dery Palacios
Michelle Pan
Sang K. and Sam C. Park
Ning Wang
Matthew Ward
Alex Pascual
Mirioli Weger and
Ghwenhywhare Weger Jacobus
Baltazar Perez and Elena Loeza
Elvis Wei
Liliana Perez
Eric and Danielle White
RECOGNITION | Gold and Silver producer
Wei Guang Chen
Mike and Paige Loehr
Vivek Khattri
Joyce Chan
Jian Hua Huang
Kai Kang
Ling Qing Wang
Zhu Ying
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Fast Track
Martha Charrys
Raul Franco
Yan Kuang
Janice Chen
Marcus and Jessica Frisby
Tanya Kuny
Ken Chen
Elsa Gainza
Vivian Lam
Lin Lin Chen
Marianela Gamboa
Danyou Lan
Felix and Miladys Abreu
Yan Qun Chen and Yan Hua Xie
Abiael Garcia and Kevin Velazquez
Veronica and Reynaldo Ledezma
Julie and Javier Acevedo
Ryan Chi
Alex Garcia
Tongxi Lee
Daymi Acosta
Ayahi Cisneros
Francisco Garcia
Shulamite Leung
Lazaro Aguilar and Lazara Hernandez
Jonathan Cisneros and Maricel Perez
Melissa Garcia
Elyin Leyton
Chester Alexander
Juan Clariot Baret and Bella Mirabal
Wilmer Garcia
Fred Li
Maylin Alfonso and Daniel Rodriguez
Nadie Clervaux
Vickens Widly Gerve
Gary Li
Roilan Almendro and Magaly Acosta
Pedro Concepcion
Liliana Giraldo
Xiao Meng Li
Gabriel Alvarez
Yontuet Cordero and Hallesky Vitier
Edith Golding
Xin Ling Li
Reinier Alvarez and Yanet Vega
Dylan Cox
Denis Gomez and Yoanka Lazo
Zhao Li and Jingtao Zhao
Alina Arcia and Luis Hernandez
Edel Cuba
Mario Gomez and Ortensia Batista
Kuan Liang
Alejandro Arenal
Lingling Dai
Pavel Gomez and Liliam Martinez
Zhen Tao Liang
Vilma Natacha Arencivia
Dalia Mendoza
Esther Milian and Juan Fernando Perez
Camilo Rodriguez Garcia and
Damirka Herrera Martinez
Zeck Ming
Adriana Roman
Shane Molinaro and King Palau
Noe Roger Roncal
Manuel and Patricia Moncada
Cesar Salazar
Eldieu Absalon and Paulette Jean
John Mongar
Jose Salvas
Candance Adolph
Ansy Montrose
Jhon Sanchez and
Steeven Lizarazo Sanchez
Suresh Alluri and Leela Ghantasala
Yoselyn and Marcelino Sanchez
Deepak Dev and Varsha Arora
Leidy Mota
Yoandy Sanchez Diaz and
Ada Diaz Rodriguez
Ernesto Arteche and Danay Bazain
Jose Gonzalez Ocasio and
Brenda Flores
Consuelo Munoz and Jose Recendiz
Yoandy Sanfiel Gonzales
Paramsivam Arumugam and
Chaitali Agaskar
Zhen Gu
Hector Munoz
Lian Sang and Dim Cing
Juan Ballestas and Shelly Plata
Ponciano Nartines
Osvaldo Sarduy and Niurka Borrero
Erika Bernal and Jaime Ramirez
Tania Negrete and Juan Manuel Mazola
Wen Feng Shang
Onilber Bernal
Chantal Norde
Aiden Shen
Xiaolin Bi
Maria Del Carmen Oliva Avila
Jagpreet Singh
Jorge Borges and Sandra Hrywniar
Yeow-Heng Ong and Lois Lau
Jasvinder Singh and Ravinder Gehlon
Alex and Patty Buitrago
Jinet Orta
Ainadys Mora
Juan Moreno
Manohar Gobin-Gopaul
Hector and Esperanza Gomez
Maria and Leonardo Gonzalez
Oreste Gonzalez Jr.
Man Yu Guan
Eduardo Guelmes Jr.
Xiao Yun Guo
Andrew Ha
Qutub and Farida Hashmi
Ivy He
Yanping He
Yann Carlos Caraballo
Carmen Sorriano
Jose Carpio
Maribel Padron and Carlos Luis Leon
Francisco Soto and Yris Mercedes
Orlando Paez
Genesis Soto
Helena Castrillon-Suarez and
Orlando Suarez
Jorge Paiz and Lidia Sanchez
Xi Su
Nelta Cesar-Dameus and Ernst Cesar
Orlando Herrera
Maritza and Gaspar Suarez
Orlando Chavez and Ileana Cruz
Shi Chou Hong
Elisa and Julio Tamayo
Jia Long Chen
Lijun Huang
Marileiny Toledo
Liling Chen and Junru Xue
Longjin Huang
Mariana Torres and Fermin Nava
Min Chen
Aravind Janagam
Mayda Torres and Manuel Ulloa
Qingdong Chen
Xiao Qing Jiang
Yeilis Torres
Sheng Chen
Amanda Jin
Roylandys Travieso
Changqi Cheng
Dean Jin
Emilio Ulerio
Lei Cheng
Karl Jin
Elier Ulloa and Heydis Rodriguez
Amanda Choluj
Katharine Jin
Paola Uribe and Miguel Flaquer
Shrddha Chouhan
Michael Jin
Jesus and Luz Uruchima
Felix and Ines Ciprian
Xiang Jin
Indira Valdes
Enos Coeuranor
Jean Juig and Gipsys Corona
Sonja and Robb Vannoy
Juventino Coxtinica Cortez and
Mariola Choluj
Manishkesh and Sheetal Kanwar
Doris Diaz and William Harrold
Shonch Kim
Magaly Diaz
Eunhee Kimpark
Maykel Diaz
Katie Kory
Yanet Diaz
Rachel Kuang
Ivet Dicit
Calvin Hin Chung Lai
You Dong
Tommy Lam and Hai Yan Wu
Leidiana Duarte and Richard Mijares
Jorge and Norma Landaverde
Tracy Duong
Dan Larson
Gaurav Dwivedi and Neha Tewari
Pooja and Sheldon Lastique
Gautam Dwivedi
Andy Lau
Zaida R. Escalona
Mei Chu Pauline Law
Edno Estigene and Phara Jn. Louis
Maggie Le
Belanne Estime
Jeong Shik Lee
Xiang Fei
Barbara Li
Yohanis Fernandez
Dolly Li
Hami Feyesa
Henry Li
Maria Gabin and Jorge Collado
Jia Li
Raul Gamarra
Qun Li
Yuliet Garcia
Scott Li
Anmiel Gonzalez
Yun Lin
Adriana Avendano
Luis De La Noval
Jose Antonio Gonzalez
Bujiao Liu
Cipriano Ayala and Andrea Capistran
Johanny and Lester De La Paz
Juanita Gonzalez
Xue Jin Liu
Juan Azcuy
Guadalupe and Claudia De La Rosa
Leslie Gonzalez
Maria C Llamosa
Ana Maria Bacallao
Jorge De La Torre
Mayra and Eduardo Gonzalez
Fernando Llanes
Rahul Banerjee and Hetal Mishra
Roberto J. Palomo and
Maria Elena Fernandez
Zunilda Del Rosario
Yovana Gonzalez
Vladimir Llanes and Marlene Cordero
Evelin Barcenas
Tatiana Parra
Sylvester Delacruz
Ana Gabriela Gonzalez Santiago
Mike and Paige Loehr
Andy Barrios
Cheng Peng
Jean Delgado
Gurnek Gosal and Sandeep Nijjar
Alberto Lopez
Orlando Barrios and Amarilis Escalona
Abdiel Perez and Kenia Vera
Raul Delgado and Carmen Rosa
Vladimir Govea and Marlene Vazquez
Deime Lopez
Pavel Bazan and Yanelis Vargas
Hector and Maria Perez
Luisa Diaz
Jireh and Elisa Graham
Estanislao Lopez
Ana Beato
Katrina Perez
Gladys Dominguez
Maria Carmen and Adrian Granados
Llinay Lopez and Luis Diaz
Eric Beaubrun and Taina Camy
Rafael Perez
Sihua Dong
Xinhan Guan
Maria Del Socorro Lopez
Yuzai Ben
Diana Pesquera
Guba Du
Fany Guerrero
Silvia Lopez
Juliet Bermudes
Yasmayumi Piedra
Miriam Esperanza Dubon
Isnelsy Guilarte and Ernesto Torres
Tomas Lopez
Yunexis Bermudez
Maya Pupala
Hou Dugu
Kailun Guo
Lisa Luo
Hua Binh
Yuehan Qian
Victoria Duque
Maria Gutierrez
Xiaoyun Luo
Xiaoxian Bo
Yi Qiao
Lon and Diana Hals
Nghia Luong and Anh Dang
Hugo Bonilla
Gergens Edouard and
Magalie Alcius Edouard
Maria Fernanda Quiceno
Anneatte Healy
Minjing Ma
Leonel Enrique Bravo
Juniev Edwards
Victoria Quijano
Denis Hernandez
Alberto Machin and Dayami Guevara
Jonas Brown
Pilar Encarnacion
Inaissa Quinones
Gisela Hernandez
Rodolfo Macias and Alberta Aparicio
Eleanor Bustamante
Alejandrina Escalona
Alain Raposo
Joel Hernandez
Severo and Lorena Macias
Heraldo A. Cabrera and
Lissett Borrell Galan
Priscela Escotto
Pablo Regollar Alvarran
Liset Hernandez
Raiza Madrazo
Gonzalo and Kendra Estevez
Marcel and Julia Reinosa
Heraldo Cabrera
Jaime Hidalgo and Fany Sosa
Jason Man
Kevin Eusebio
Raul Renovales
Taymi Cabrera
Rong Fang and Mancsi Huang
Celia Marin
Jin Long Fei
Juan C. Reyes and Mariuska Santana
Vladimir Campos
Edwuar Hung
Michael Marrero
Luis Felgueiras
Maria Cristina Reyes
Arnulfo Cano and Maria Mendoza
Quang Huynh
Lilian Martin
Ana Fernandez
Ineabelle Rios
Jannette Capote
Andrew Jackson
Alberto and Rita Martinez
Cliff Fernandez and Maria Perez
Oscar Rivero and Barbara Hernandez
Abimael Casanueva
Ramon Javier and Ludys Lopez
Victor Martinez
Darwin Fernandez
Dania Maria Perez Peralta
Yoandy Casanueva and Monica Freyre
Rosa Javier
Keyler and Zachary Masineli
Rolando Fernandez
Ydel Noel Castellanos Rosas and
Arlette Tejeda
Junia Olibrice and Kesnel Jean
Oscar Mavilio
Carlos Rodriguez and
Yenisel Alvarez Artiga
Yudisleydi Fernandez and Leifi Corcho
Smith Jean and Martha Jean Dalizien
Juan Marcelo Mazola
Danay Rodriguez
Da Hua Wu
Zara Ferrer
Tiantian Jiang
Zoila Medina Torres
Gabriela Rodriguez
Jarry Wu and Queena Chen
Alberto Flores and Marta Vento
Aman Kaur
Nemecio Mendez
Josefina and Antonio Rodriguez
Xu Xin Xie
Andres and Maria Cristina Florez
Saleha Azam and Azam Ahmed Khan
Yissell Mendiola
Maily Rodriguez
Xue Ying Yan
Daniel A. Franco
Pradeep Kothamachu and
Repakula Prasanthi
Antonio Mendoza
Paco Rodriguez and Teresa Mora
Alex Zhang
Yojandro Gaspar
Anup and Preeti Sodhani
Yoendri De Dios
Diana Amor
Marco and Sonia Garzon
Lennette Ottey
Yi Lin and Liyuan Chen
Jiaming Chao
Xiqing Cai
Jhon Gonzales
Jasvinder and Amardeep Chana
Yaniel Garriga and Roxana Galindez
Piara Singh
Heidi David-Morton
Juan Cepeda
Rafael Antonio Garcia Guerrero
Bing Zhou
Julio Otano and Ivet Milian
Carolina Arguello
Enrique and Socorro Castillo
April Zhe
Gita Vasan
Odissa Vazquez
Andrea Velasquez
Daniel Velazquez
Ricardo Velazquez
Yesenia Velez
Yasmany Veliz
Carlos and Adianet Verson
Diamanda Villanueva
Osniel Vital
Yu Wang and Li Jian Sheng
Zuyang Wang
Yishu Weng
Yiqing Zhang and Minh Bui
RECOGNITION | Fast track
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First Step incentive?
Jasvir Heer
Carlos Heredia
Jaime and Martha Heredia
Marvin Herrera and Linda Rosales
Esa Kyaw and Nathan Keh
Ravi Vamshidhar Peddi and
Kura Neetha
Mayi Aguilar
Mostafa Azarbar
Dan Bui
Guillermina and Pompilio Cervantes
Abhirup Banerjee
Vidalina Aguilar
Juan Azcuy Perez
Leonard and Grace Burkholder
Orfelina Chacon
Bei Liu
Beatriz Rivera
Marisel Barrera
Frank Pena and Karen Sivestre
Yadir Aguilera
Tianhu Ba
Christian Bustamante
Yangjin Chae
Wenrou Liu
Carlos Rodriguez and Beatriz De Diego
Sam Bei
Elites Pierre and Jesulene Saintilmond
A. K. M. Nurul Alam and Dilara Begum
Jessika Babwah
Diogenes and Margarita Bustamante
Connie Chan
Xiaoai Liu
Jose and Candida Rodriguez
Yolette Pierre
Liliana Alarcon
Ana Maria Bacallao
Eleanor Bustamante
Sharon Channer Samuels
Yuyao Liu
Luis Felipe Rodriguez and
Mabel Hernandez
Veerabhadra Bhamidipati and
Sandhya Thumsi
Alberto Pupo
Luis Alberto
Gloria Byer
Farah Charles
Grace and Antonio Rebello
Liannette Sanchez
Abhisekh Biswal and
Anurupa Satapathy
Rut Alcantara
Jose Gregorio Baez and
Patricia Guzman
Estefani and Arnol Caballero
Dolores Riano
John and Kehwon Baik
Monica Blanco and Mauricio Agudelo
Maria and Victor Cabello
Marie Carmene and
Emmanuel Charles
Eralia Sayas
Lesly Aldana
Pam Saengpet
Cindy Cabrajal
Diana Charria
Nahjah Campbell
Lourdes Aleman
Correy and Lisa Baker
Babita Sharma
Sandra Santana
Cricerio Carrasco
Heraldo Cabrera
Martha Charrys
Nagina and Vikas Sharma
Chester Alexander
Yuri Barbon and Yoana Pereira
Ke Shen
Jaccius Castil and Elkine Pierre
Miledys Cabrera and Emilio Ceballos
Alok and Vandana Chaturvedi
Kulwinder Singh
Roberto and Eugenia Alexander
Arnulfo Barboza
Manting Shen
Smita and Motijhari Singh
Wen Chen
Osmani Cabrera
Reinaldo Barcelo
Yanqing Chen
Taymi Cabrera
Panthip Chavivonchol and
Sengdeuane Xabandith
Rattanon Suntivich
Gabriel Simeon and
Marianie Simeon Moncher
Mickael Alexis and
Rose Marjorie Celestin
Rosa Barboza
Obdulia Alfara
Mirna Barranco
Wendy Tang
Su-Hui Chien
Miqin Song
Weiheng Cai
Ana Alfaro
Andy Barrios
Liangying Chiu
Venkata Kiran and Deepthi Taduri
Xiqing Cai
Uday Kumar Manne
Gabe and Iris Terrazas
Sonia Alfaro
Sandy Barrios
Elizabeth Couso
Magdelin Vazquez
Yi Cai
Javin Maraj and Rehana Rampadarat
Thambiappah and Sujitha Thavaseelan
Arturo Alfonso
Mercedes Basilio
Lian Ming Da
Juan C. Villaman
Enma Calderon
Erick Marin
Ke Tian
Iluminada Alfonso
Maria G. Basurto
Daming Wang
Yadira Alfonso
Raul Bauta and Suzana Isaac
Shelly Wang
Nuvia Cambero
Mileydis Martinez
Michael and Rachel Toussaint
Ocerneau Darismond and
Rose Aliance Laguerre
Jose Calzada and Dora Salazar
Barbaro Martin
Yuedi Tian
Laureano Bazan and Elizabeth Valle
Feifei Wu
Zane Campbell and Alexa Sexton
Narai Martinez
Jose M. De La Cruz
Yoarcel Almaguer
Stephen Trinh and Van Nguyen
Ana Luz Beato
Meining Tseng
Angel Del Valle and Andrea Torres
Yuneisy Almeida and Claudia Alfonso
Yuki Wu
Robin Cansler
Anaily and Alexis Menas
Jack Tu and April Delzotto-Tu
Mayelin Edreida and Pedro Roques
Jeremy Becker and Nikki Auker
Heyi Yao
Huaping Cao
Daylin Mendez and Jorge Garriga
Arley Alonso Garrido and
Stephanie Jackson
Moises Valdes
Monica Yu
Maria Alvarado
Xuichai Cao
Delvis Mendez and Suric Cruz
Junior Etienne
Kadian Whyte Beckford
Juan and Leticia Vasquez
Xiao Feng Yue
Reinier Alvarez and Yanet Vega
Yuniel Capi
Yunfen Miao
Jose J. Fernandez
Javier Belisario
Yahozka Vegacruz
Ying Zeng
Maria Alzamora
Jannette Capote
Niurka Mayara Milanes
Reynier Gallego
Isabel Bello
Gilda Velasquez
Ailing Zhang
Diana Amor
Giovanni Carbajal
Aayushman Misra and Barsha Das
Sergio Gil
Albert Bellvert
Arvind and Anu Verma
Bingshan Zhang
Leonia Anderson
Billy Cardenas
Yuleydis Montesino
James Hu
Roman Benitez
Jody and Kathy Victor
Lihua Zhang
Rodney Andino
Gladys Cardenas
Roger Morgan
Hai Bo Huang
Jameil Benjamin
Alex Vile
Wukeng Zheng
Celina Andrade
Johnny and Gladys Cardenas
Glenis Morillo and Robinson Lebron
Lihuan Huang
Keisha Bennett
Jean Guidalbeau Villarson
Alejandro Arenal
Blanca Cardenas Morales
Viswanath Nalluri
Paul Jin
Yunexis Bermudez
Felix B. Viloria
Balanced Sponsor
Mabel Andrea
Maria Cardenas
Juan Mota
Klever Huanga
Santa Beras and Ysidro Agramonte
Vilma Natacha Arencivia
Yasiel Cardentey and Rachel Rodriguez
Gustavo Ojeda
Thanh Lam
Marvin Betanco
Cheong Sau Wong
Ganga Bhetwal
Andre Clarke and
Stacey Ann Ottey Clarke
Jack Wu
Sahily Argudin
Goma Bhujel and Suk Gurung
Clavda Clerveaux and Williamson Louis
Tanaputt Bhumnugkij
Melisa Cobb
Gabriel Bido and Luz Franco
Inocencia Coca
Alvertis Bishop
Blaise Colin
Lourdes Casil
Zhangxi Ouyang
Ji Liang
Norberto Abreu
Yuan Wu
Jose Antonio and
Lourdes Guadalupe Arias
Abimael Casanueva
Vikranthi Otra and Arunasri Adiraju
Xiao Lin Wu
Xuanzhe Li
Daniel Abreu
Estela Arias
Rosie Casanova
Dinora Osorio
Lian Giang Wu
Walt Li
Fatima Abrahimi
Alejandro Arias
Amada Carrera
Andrea Ortega and Carlos Gregorio
Jiesong Wu
Nick Li
Nodir Abidov and Zukhra Abidova
Albina Carmelo
Aung Oo and Niang Tha
Mingli Li
Kaiden Abdul-Wahhab
Elida Argudin
Aristides L. Cardoso
Leyla Oliva
Mei Yu Li
Neetu Bhatti
Aiqiong Wu
Jorge Luis Collado
Oberto Ozier
Luhua Lin
Cleyder Blanco
Zhuo Liang Wu and Yan Mei Li
Alex Bolivar
Ivis Comes
Ulises Padilla
Guoxiu Xie
Yanyan Lin and Jiansheng Tan
Eduardo Castaneda and
Perla Hernandez
Telicia Bolivar Meme
Marina Castaneda Perez
Yasmani Palomo
Xiao Feng Xie
Julio Linares and Roxana De Linares
Miguel Bonachea
Mildrey Castelao
Shouying Pan and Rui Yu Gao
Renne Xu
Henry Liu
Elena Bonilla
Odalis Castellano
Alina Pascual
Sri and Udaya Yellapragada
Mailin Lopez and Pedro Cardentey
Hugo Bonilla
Ronald Castellano
Parshwa Patwa
Xin Yi Zhang
Ye Lu
Floraima Borges and Antonio Aloi
Judy Zheng
Saul Arredondo
Marlon Paynter
Yaite Marrero and Ricardo Ruz
Carole Braquet
Magna Pelaez
Yue Zheng
Paul Mi
Teresa Artiga
Ydel Noel Castellanos Rosas and
Arlette Tejeda
Aman Brar
Deandra Cooper
Dayma Perez
Chenghua Zhu
Rolando Adan
Suman Brar
Victor Castillo
Jupiter Cordova and Michelle Herrera
Jacqueline Perez and Wilber Rodriguez
Linlin Zhu
Bertha Alicia Morales
Ramanathan Arumugam and
Kalpana Ramanathan
Raquel Castillo
Jose Montas
Edith Agoston
Shankar Arumugam
Leonel Enrique Bravo
Zady Castillo and Jorge Jacobo
Francisco Cornejo
Kity Perez and Osman Linares
Wen Zhu
Johnson Myrtil
Eloina Aguila
Viviana Atanasich
Roilan Breton and Yanelis Arrieta
Cinthia Castro
Eugenia Corpus and Alvaro Jaramillo
Sulerma Perez
Ivan Aguila and Lizette Campos
Adriana Avendano
Thomas Brito
Jessica Castro
Ruben Corrales
Maria Powell
Karthik Akinepalli
Roberto Aguila and Taimara Marrero
Rafael Avenia
Jonas Brown
Laura Cebada
Alex Correa
Ana Puron
Jose Alvarez and Regla De Arredondo
Yudith Aguila
Sara Avila
Karen Browne
Juan Cepeda
Yolanda Z. Cortez
Parmod and Ranju Ralhan
Jing An
Lazaro Aguilar and Lazara Hernandez
Daysi Consuelo Avilez
Valentina Bueno
Lisandra Cepero
Yunia Cosme
Luis Aguilar
Umar Ayesha
Filomena Bueso
Maria Julie and Ian Christian Cerillo
Maria L. Costales
Yanisleydis Llanes and Felipe Santos
Chanh Lu
Li Min Lu
Na Na Lu
Vishwas and Dipu Mahale
Billy and Sara Malcom
Vener Malimban and Percy Andora
Shantanu Mangalvedhekar and
Amrutha Sakaray
Jose and Aleida Aponte
Martha L. Nunez
Rafael Orlando and Jacqueline Nunez
Jesus Oquendo and Melani Abella
Hilda Ortiz
Sudhir and Afreen Pargaonkar
Moo Paw
Ynes Abreu and Ignacio Vargas
Mercedes Abuin
Roberto Acea
Eugenia and Miguel Acevedo
Migna Acevedo
Yanitza Acevedo
Daymi Acosta
Solange Acosta
Eusheline Adamson-Mathilda
Lucia Arias
Martinez Armand
Edgar Armenta and Liliana Ruiz
Luz Arredondo and Manuel Aquirre
Maria Teresa and
Juan Manuel Arredondo
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Arunprasad Ranganathan V. and
Anusha Seshagri
Nakul Dipak Arora
Dennis Lindo and Leydis Morejon
Anthony Richard Lim
Elva Chen
Hong Chen
Sheng Chen
Ting-Jae Chen
Xiu Yan Chen
Yiqiang Chen
Yunxia Chen
Feng Cheng
William Chi
Fabian Chika
Alina Chirino
Uzzal Ahmed Choudhury
Alwin Chu
Jinliang Chu
Karen Chu
Thawng Cin and Niang Man
Alciviades Cisneros
Fernando Clares
Juan Clariot Baret and Bella Mirabal
Maria Altagracia Compres
Pedro Concepcion
Rita M. Concepcion
Santiago Consuegra
Celia Contreras
Manuel Contreras
Elizabeth Couso
Aleida Diego
Macleidy Farrada
Qiong Gao
Alina Gonzalez
Yousef Hammad
Robert Hpaudai and San Lahpai
Michael Jin
Eulalia Cruz
Xiao Shuang Ding
Joseph Fedel and Yanick Thomas
Laidy Garay
Anmiel Gonzalez
Judith Haner
James Hu
Paul Jin
Jacqueline Cruz
Criselia Domiguez
Luis Felgueiras
Saly Garay
Antonio Gonzalez and Lidia Diaz
Sai Rajam Praneeth Hanmandla
Jiawen Hu
Aarti Jones
Jannet Cruz
Aurora Dominguez
Maria Felix
Tainy Garay
Aymee Gonzalez
Daniel Hanna
Tiehua Hua
Jorge Agramonte
Luis Cruz
Gladys Dominguez
Reiby Fernadez
Jeffry Garber
Daniela Gonzalez
Jose Haro
Daxian Huang
Melida Jose
Robinson Cruz
Ismael Dominguez and Mariela Montoro
Abdelazy and Jaqueline Fernandez
Aracely Garcia
Elsa Gonzalez
Dionne Harrison
Hai Bo Huang
Brandon Marlon Joseph
Lenin Cruz Montenegro and
Isabel Valdivia
Noslen and Kenia Dominguez
Abel Fernandez
Cali Garcia
Ernesto Gonzalez
Matt Hartigan
Jasmie Huang
Julienne Joseph
Lorena Dominguez Noriega
Ana Fernandez
Caridad Garcia
Esperanza Gonzalez
Jianhua He
Linyun Huang
Edel Cuba
Ismael Dominguez Vidal
Ariel Fernandez
Carlos Javier Garcia and Ana Nunos
Gabriela Gonzalez
Anneatte Healy
Delia and Ignacio Huici
Guerlande Joseph Alexandre and
Matinal Joseph
Carlos Cueva and Veronika Reyes
Jose Don
Darwin Fernandez
Danilo Garcia
Jimy Gonzalez
Cesar Henao
Antonia Huizar
Schuller Josma
Noemy Cuevas
You Dong
Fernando Fernandez
Desmond Garcia
Jose Antonio Gonzalez
Zulay Henriquez and Julio Soto
Edgar Manyen Hung
Theomartin Josma
Valia Cutie
Jean Dorsainvil and Jamesly Augustin
Jennyfer Fernandez
Eddy Garcia
Jose Gonzalez
Tatiana Henry
Edwuar Hung
Shi Ju
Lian Ming Da
Ricardi Dorval and Marie Suse Edouard
Edwin Garcia
Juan Alberto Gonzalez
Antonio Heredia
Jose Hurtado and Veronica Gomez
Aida Juarez
Damber Dahal
Jermaine D. Douglas
Johander Fernandez and
Magaly Venegas
Eidys Garcia and Aurelio Llanes
Lala and Alejandro Gonzalez
Armando Heredia
Hirma Ibanez
Fabian Juarez and Alma Garcia
Rupali Dalvi
Jiaoying Du
Jorge Luis Fernandez
Elvis Garcia
Leslie Gonzalez
Mileydis Heredia
Mayra Infante
Sulma Juarez
Minerva Dameus
Liping Du
Jose J. Fernandez
Juan Garcia and Ines Poblano
Lisandra Gonzalez
Erik Hermon
Teresa Intia
Julmiste and Laurette Julcin
Chelda Damis and Pelege Mervilus
Cristian Duarte
Luis Fernandez
Julio Garcia
Maylin Gonzalez
Abel and Cristina Hernandez
Mark and Patricia Ivory
Alexis Justo
Ledual Darias
Martha Duarte
Marilyn Fernandez
Maricel Garcia
Omar Gonzalez
Ailen Hernandez
Aida Izquierdo
Ariel Justo
Susy Davila and Alex Soto
Miriam Esperanza Dubon
Marisela Fernandez
Mario Garcia
Oreste Gonzalez
Alexis Hernandez
Myrtle Jack
Daniel Justo
Luis De La Noval
Hris Duncan
Miguel Angel Fernandez
Rafael and Martha Garcia
Reynold Gonzalez
Angel Hernandez
Susan Jacob
Jesus Justo
Johanny and Lester De La Paz
Tracy Duong
Nataly Fernandez
Rigoberto Garcia
Ruby Gonzalez
Azary Hernandez
Daniel Jacques
Nordia Juttan
Yeraldin De La Rosa
Pierre Charnel Duperval
Rolando Fernandez
Sheyla Garcia and Naychel Rodriguez
Veronica Gonzalez
Carlos Hernandez
Sigmund A. Jacques
Anjali Kapoor
Radhika Kartha Rajan and
Susobhini Korakode
Jacqueline De La Torre
Constanza Duque
Xucha Fernandez
Wilmer Garcia
Vivian and Durienne Gonzalez
Denis Hernandez
Yasmin Jafri
Jorge De La Torre
Victoria Duque
Yohanis Fernandez
Rafael Antonio Garcia Guerrero
William Gonzalez
Eliseo Hernandez
Nikhil Jain
Vilma De Leon and Alejandro Meono
Phillip Dushime
Zara Ferrer
Yicel Gonzalez
Eloy Hernandez
Josh Jamison and Tiffany Jantzen
Shimmy Dushime
Wilkenson and Jocelyne Fils Aime
Armindo Garcia Santamaria and
Eglis Trejo Mederos
Oreste Gonzalez Jr.
Gerardo Hernandez
Lasan and Roiji Jangmaw
Heriberto Dutan
Jared Findlater
Jeannine Gaslonde and Yunior Santana
Idania Gonzalez Moreno
Gisela Hernandez
Yesie Jardines
Gautam Dwivedi
Gladys Finol
Ana Gabriela Gonzalez Santiago
Jesus Hernandez
Pascal Jarju
Madays Echemendia and Lazaro Torres
Ignace Firmin and Silvie Hector
Yolanda Gaytan Morales and
Rejino Ruiz-Santiago
Joel Hernandez
Ramon E Javier and Ludys Lopez
Maximiliano and M. Isabel Echeverria
Hernely and Imose Jean Gedeon
Zoila Gonzalvo
Catherine Fischer
Jorge Hernandez
Jocelyn Jean and Denise Andre
Mauricio Echeverry
Agustin Govea and Yazmin Villanueva
Luneda Jean and Osnel Pierre-Louis
Juniev Edwards
Carlos Fletes
Jesus Maria Genao and
Magdelaine Reyes
Felicia Gopar and Luis Robles
Carlos Fleites
Luisa Edwards
Luis Ernesto Florentino
Gabriela Elizondo
Bladimir Flores
Maria Isabel Enriquez and
Rigoberto Aparicio Aparicio
Dalia Flores
Victoria Erazo
Kamila Flores
Alejandrina Escalona
Stephanie Fortune
Daniel Escobar
Leslie Fraga
Luis Escobar
Daniel A. Franco
Priscela Escotto
Raul Franco
Jose Espinal and Quisorys Wanda Colon
Danely Frias
Mercedez Espinal
Lifen Fu
Ruddy Espinal Guzman
Omniel Fuentes
Anabel Espino and Sergio Vasquez
Rosario Fuentes
Santiago De Leon Severino
Suset De Los Rios and Nicanor
Donaldo De Santiago
Maria Dejesus
Terence Del Castillo and Luz Munoz
Javier Del Monte
Zunilda Del Rosario
Angel Delgado
Israel Delgado and Yusimile Rodriguez
Nilen Delgado
Raul Delgado and Carmen Rosa
Yves Delivrance and Ritha Pradieu
Brenda Derbyshire
Matt Deroest
Kirandeep Dhaliwal
Joti Dhil
J.P. Diab
Belkis Diaz
Dinorah Diaz and Byron Moreno
Jose M. Diaz and Lidia Rodriguez
Doris Flores
Carmen Espinosa
Ma Ga and Dah Shee
Leocoldo Diaz
Pedro Espinosa
Rafael Gabin
Luisa Diaz
Kevin and Ruben Estefan
Santiago Gabriel Sanchez
Gonzalo J. and Kendra Estevez
Teresa Galdamez
Orlando Estevez and Silvia Aguila
Reynier Gallego
Ramia Estevez
Raul Gamarra Jr.
Elvin Ezekiel
Sai Chandan Gambiraopet
Yaxun Fan
Marianela Gamboa
Qing Fang
Karen Gamboa Verazain and Jairo Tobar
Hilaria Farinas
Darren Ganesh
Magaly Diaz
Martha Diaz and Idania Marie Caceres
Neysis Diaz
Rodolfo Diaz
Xacsiel and Jessica Diaz
Maria D. Diaz Ovando
Clarisa Diaz Viana
RECOGNITION | Fast track
Vivian Cribeiro
Sandeep Katragadda
Kamaljit Kaur
Simerjit Kaur
Singh Kaur
Mimi Kebede
Peter Khai and Cing Piang
Pau Khual and Awi Nuam
Roberto Genao
Veronica Govea
Juan Hernandez and
Alejandrina Matamoros
Krista George
Blanca Rosa Gramajo
Kirenia Hernandez
Mackendy Jean Baptiste and
Rose Camille Jeudy
Maria Socorro Granados
Lazara Hernandez and Lianet Aguilar
Sathees Jenathas
Jong Im Kim and Kyung Won Choi
Samuel Germain and Miracle Domingue
Jessica Grandel
Lazaro Hernandez
Emilia M. Jerez and Raul Diaz
Jung Hyae Kim
Sophia Gidding
Sandy and Lany Gregory
Liset Hernandez
Johanna Jerez
Shonch Kim
Ines Gil
Davinder Grewal
Lourdes Hernandez
Lian Xiang Ji
Rachel and Gideon King
Liliana Giraldo
Gisela Grippo
Marcelina Hernandez
Mangui Jiang
Busakorn Koeberlein
Mayelin Giralt
Iris Grullon
Roberto Hernandez
Hamid and Yasmeen Jibran
Taoy Kou
Shubhal Goel
Xinhan Guan
Violeta Hernandez
Calixto Jimenez
Pura Kuang
Zachary Goldstein
Alejandro Guerra
Yarisel Hernandez and Jose Martinez
Carolina Jimenez
Rachel Kuang
Barbara Gomez
Fany Guerrero
Yeni Hernandez
Christian and Christopher Jimenez
Suson Kuang
Iliana Gomez
Librada Guevara
Alberto Herrera
Iris Jimenez
Dilafruz Kulizada Keselman
Jeffry Gomez
Kaiwen Guo
Cristobal Herrera
Jacqueline Jimenez
Mu Kyar
Jimmy Gomez
Qi Guo
Maciel Herrera
Janet Jimenez
Ascension Labrada and Micaela Rivas
Jorge Gomez
Mario Gomez and Ortensia Batista
Durga Bhakta Gurung
Hou Wan Heung Heung
Maria Jimenez and Carlos Ramirez
Nancy Gomez and Juan Rodrigez
Maria Gutierrez
Zach Higgins
Maria Jimenez and Natividad Aguilar
Jorge Luis Lago Hernandez and
Maria Gutierrez
Nestor Israel Gomez
Alexander Guzman and
Mayra Alejandra Marin
Barbara Hilarion
Morbila Jimenez
Hector Hilarion and Marlene Claros
Omar Jimenez
David Guzman
Akiko Hirai
Felicia Jimeranes
Dhariana Guzman and Chris Strickler
Hiromi Hirai
Amanda Jin
Gisselle Guzman
Jimmy Ho and Hang Tran
Bo Jin
Rossy Guzman
Alicia Hobson
Dean Jin
Austin Hall
David and Tarrah Holland
Karl Jin
Landon Hall
Donna Hooper
Katharine Jin
Pilar Gomez
Raul Gomez
Christian Gonzales
Damaris Gonzales
Jhon Gonzales
Reinel Gonzales and Dilenia Rusell
Grace C. Kim
Heela Kim
Rutha Lahpai
Oscar Lai
Thanh Lam
Wai Man Lam
Danyou Lan
Pascual Lantigua
Guoyu Lao
Bertha Alicia Lara Delgado
RECOGNITION | Fast track
Miguel Largaespada and Zoila Bernales
Marilyn Lopategui
Surinder Pal Kaur Malhi
Oscar Melgar and Yalixa Perdomo
Abdul Mueed
Jesus Oquendo and Melani Abella
Katrina Perez
Pablo and Elvira Quirindongo
Modeline Latortue
Roxana Lopategui
Venkata Abhilash Manchineella
Danny Mena
Nancy Barbara Mulet
Adan Ordonez Garcia
Lazaro Perez and Johanna Flutsch
Mayelin Raga and Maria Santana
Monic Laurance
Adrian Lopez and Yanet Reinoso
Abhishek Mangannavar
Lucia Mendez
Cherry Mun
Maria Veronica Organista
Lisandra Perez
Brennette Rahming
Yudelay Lebron
Blanca Lopez
Barbara and Crescenciano Manjarrez
Milvia Mendez
Jocob Mung and Niang Vung
Silvia Orozco
Lisde Edith Perez
Rajesh and Tula Rai
Yoana Lechler Lozano
Carmelindo Lopez
Nemecio Mendez
Miguel and Nancy Muniz
Jinet Orta
Maria E. Perez
Aldo Ramirez
Albert Lee
Concepcion Lopez and Nelson Gonzalez
Jaskirandeep Mann and
Dharmvir Dharmvir
Carlos Munoz
Martha Ortega Marrero
Maria Perez
Emerenciana Ramirez
Chiting Lee
Daviel Lopez
Sarbjeet Mann and Tarlochan Singh
Yeleine Mendez and
Nelson Alejandro Castellano
Edilma Munoz
Erica and Martin Ortiz
Navyl Perez
Jose Jesus Ramirez
Hee Jung Lee
Deime Lopez
Bhavanie Maraj
Neuri Antonio Mendez Polanco
Hector Munoz
Jorge Eduardo and Clemencia Ortiz
Noel Perez and Ruth Anariba
Jianshen Lee
Estanislao Lopez
Valery Marilus
Yissell Mendiola
Jose Munoz
Jorge Ortiz
Odilon Perez
Luis Manuel Ramirez and
Maria Loera
Tongxi Lee
Fernando Lopez
Celia Marin
Dalia Mendoza
Reinaldo Munoz
Lizardo Osorio
Rafael Perez
Reinaldo Ramirez and Ania Pendaz
Jordan Lopez and Yinaidi Vigil
Elida Marin
Emilio Mendoza
Hayne Murcia
Zong Luan Ouyang
Santo Perez
Ouke Lei
Julia Lopez
Erick Marin
Erika Mendoza
Michael Angel Murrugarra
Wilfredo Ozoria Vega
Silvana Perez
Jose Manuel Ramirez Santos and
Annette Hernandez Morales
Juana Leiva
Llinay Lopez and Luis Diaz
Anthony Marine
Jan Mendoza
Adiene Mursuli
Sukhjinder Pabla
Sulerma Perez
Rosa Lemus
Luis Lopez
Jessika Marquez
Mauro Mendoza
Brittany Myers
Ulises Padilla
Vicente Perez
Yi Leng
Mailin Lopez and Pedro Cardentey
Gladis Marrero
Nelson Willian Mendoza
Narinder Nagra
Hans Paez
Yaima Perez
Oksana Leonova
Maria Del Socorro Lopez
Michael Marrero
Rafael Mendoza
Maykel Nardo
Orlando Paez
Yamileidi Perez
Mercedez Lescaille and Gino Borrell
Nela Lopez
Sandra Marrero
Rosa Mendoza
Ponciano Nartines
Jorge Paiz and Lidia Sanchez
Yamir Perez
Elyin Leyton
Orestes and Yasary Lopez
Lonnie Meredith and Jundee Erazo
Brenda Narvaez and Gabriel Vazquez
Guillermo Pajon
Yanet Perez
Pedro Leyton
Rodrigo Lopez
Yuniesky Marrero and
Barbara Hernandez
Kristi Messer
Sathish Kumar Navaneetha Krishnan
Maria De La Luz Palacios
Yanier Perez
Fang Qin Li
Silvia Lopez
Loraida Quirina Marrero Gomez
Adriana Milan
Mario and Patricia Neyra
Eduardo Palau
Yileydis Perez
Henry Li
Tomas Lopez
Ana Rosa Marte and Crescensio Garcia
Keerawat Mingcharoenwong
Sandra Martiez
Cho Yau Ng Chan
Maria Palau
Yojara Perez
Felix Mirabal
Alina Martin
Len Nguyen
Ramon Palmero
Luzaurora Perez Lanuza
Aurora and Victor Miranda
Lilian Martin
Michelle Nguyen
Xiaodong Pan
Noemi Perez Lopez
Joaquin Miranda
Lyzvania Martin
Trang Nguyen
Koly Panera
Regla M. Pers
Lazaro Miranda
Alberto and Rita Martinez
Fengmei Ni
Kirenia Paredes
Diana Pesquera
Mario and Yoana Miranda
Alexander and Leidy Martinez
Po Ni
Taya Parishi
Wanda Pestana
Bassam Mirghani
Andres Martinez
Zhidao Ni
Jenny Park
C. O. Phung and Lynn Trinh
Raudle Mnagu
Armando Martinez
Emerita Niebla and Roberto Marin
Ander S Parra
Manisha Modi
Barbara Martinez
Nelson Nieto and Alismei Valdes
Tatiana Parra
Junior Pierre-Louis and
Natalie St-Sume
Logan Moe
Zenaida and Jesus Recendiz
Blanca Martinez
Om Patel
Michelle A. Pina
Maria Moles
Nirmala Patil
Osniel Recio and Yadira Fernandez
Carlos Martinez
Angela Nino
Miguel Pina
Noel Molina and Meyli Lopez
Eric Alexander Noble
Aye and Nwe Paw
Carlos Pineiro
Candido Rega
Eric Martinez
Pasquali Molinaro
Nidia Nodarse
Carolina Payano
Dennys Pinero
Yanelis Regata
Holman Martinez
Shane Molinaro and King Palau
Madelaine Noriega
Roderick Pech and Maria Brito-Salgado
Magaly Pinho
Elsa Reinoso
Isele Maria Martinez
Tyler Monk and Venesia Rivera
Luis Longino Pelaez
Jose Plana and Mayra Gonzalez
Fancy Ren
Lidian Pena
Raul Portales and Yesenia Guevara
Fransisco Renasco
Wudao Lee
Hui Li
Vilma Lopez
Jidong Li
Teresa Lorca
Ling Li
Viam Lorenzo
Meng Ying Li
Ming Li
Marcos Lores
Omar Lovera
Wei Jia Li
Ya Wen Li
Yanfang Li
Qiaoyun Liang
Chloe Lowe
Hai Tao Lu
Li Min Lu
Na Na Lu
Marites Nieva
Kimberly Ramlochan
Carlos Ramos
Jose Ramos
Reynaldo Ramos
Arshi Rana
Sara Randall
Alain Rangel
Gisela Rangel
Akeem Raoul
Alain Raposo
Daniel Raposo
Tyler Rath
Guriqbal and Mandeep Rayat
Rajvinder and Kamaljit Rayat
Sonia Raymond and Mon Rot
Gilberto Recendiz and Beatriz Rivera
Refugio Recendiz and Cristina Nevarez
Yisheng Liao
Wan Jun Lu
Kiet Lien
Emily Lucas and John Vega
Belkys Lima and Amable Encarnacion
Reina Lugo
Migdalia Lima and Rafael Del Busto
Franny Lin
Misael Lujano Arce and
Maria Susana Bucio Luviano
Hangxi Lin
Carlos Luna
Julio Martinez
Hermida Montejo
Vernande Noriega and
Rogelio Noriega Garcia
Ouping Lin
Lisa Luo
Laura Martinez
Hermes Montenegro
Elena Norkulova
Maria Pena
Ana Portillo and Rogelio Barrera
Maria Jesus Renasco
Ruxin Lin
Jean Ronald Lusier and
Wiselaine Pierre
Narai Martinez
Benita Montesino
Nidia Nunes
Maria Inocencia Pena Hernandez
Sebastian Posada
Raul Renovales
Ramon Martinez
Luis Montoro
Alexander Nunez and Jeney Malnero
Gustavo Restrepo
Yunfang Lin
Salatiel Martinez and Yanira Figueroa
Diaoming Peng
Sashi Poudel
Veronica Luviano Aguilar and
Juan Colin
Daniela Morales
America Nunez
Haiyuan Peng
Maria Powell
Jean Reyes
Zhen Lin and Shi Ke Li
Susana Martinez
Yirka Morales
Anabel Nunez
Sheron Powell Nash and Shauna Powell
Zi Lin
Keyler and Zachary Masineli
Maria Perdomo and Luis Lavin
Jhon Reyes
Tiangang Lv
Sonya and Alberto Moralobo
Angela Nunez
Aggarwal Prateeksha
Orodina Linares
Chakradhar Mateti and Sujatha Koturu
Milena Perea
Jose Reyes
Hon Ly
Andy Moreno
Gini Nunez
David Prieto
Zina Ling
Oscar Mavilio
Angela Moreno
Lina Michelle Nunez
Ernesto Prieto
Margarita Reyes
Zhirong Lyu
Nestor Pereira and
Maria Del Carmen Santiesteban
Lindon Reyes and Rosa Dextre
Jerri Lynch and George Ramirez
Bujiao Liu
Humberto Mazola
Cesar Moreno
Victor Nunez
Abdiel Perez and Kenia Vera
Napassorn Promnim
Mariana Reyes
Hanying Ma
Lina Liu
Juan Marcelo Mazola
Freddy Moreno
Sareena Nuzhat
Carlos Perez
Aiping Qian
Mariel Reyes
Meiyou Ma
Ping Liu
Jeremy Mazuca
Heriberto Moreno
Marie Elise Obas
Dayron Perez
Beisha Qiao
Judith and Amelio Rincon
Erick Machado
Xingyuan Liu
Leocardia Mazviwanza
Jorge Moreno
Rico and Daisy Ocasio
Elizabeth Perez and Gabriel Prieto
Sen Qiao
Alexander Rivera
Maria Macias
Zhangjiao Liu
Daliana McKen
Osiria Moreno
Henry Ojeda
Enrique Perez and Yeney Torres
Zhihui Qie
Arnulfo Rivera
Sopaparn Macik
Maricel Llanes Perez
Hilda Medina
Raidel Morfi
Maria and Olarte
Fernando Perez
Tianzhu Qing
Claire Rivera and Lionides Fernandez
Raiza Madrazo
Esperanza Llombart
Jose Medina
Roger Morgan
Ernesto Oliva
Franko Perez
Giselle Quesada
Jeannette Rivera
Jorge E. Madrigal
Nelson Llompart
Kimberly Medina
Orquidia Oliva
Guadalupe Perez
Deysi Quijano
Fernando Lobo
Zoila Medina Torres
Christen Mosquera and
Jovani Hernandez
Misael Rivera
Gloria Maldonado
Eneyda Olivas
Gustavo Perez
Victoria Quijano
Moises Rivera Jr. and Brunilda Torres
Maria Maldonado
Robert Loehr
Camilo Mejia
Juan Mota
Erika Olvera
Indira Perez
Anabel Quinones
Maritza Robert
Gurinder Singh Malhi
Leonel Mejias
Leidy Mota
Alioski Oquendo
Jose Perez
Inaissa Quinones
Jared Robinson
Yi Bao Lin
Martha Londono
Manuel Rocamonte
RECOGNITION | Fast track
Saul Rodrigez
Rodney Sabado
Maria Silva Reyes and Antonio Moles
Kampanart Suthivanich
Yoga Vashi
Yun Xie
Luis and Ana Almanzar
Clara Cagigas
Sergio Rodrigues
Donna Sabandal
Justin Suzuki
Imelda Vasquez and William Garcia
Tiandi Xin
Ralph Andy Almonor
Jose Cahue
Adrian and Ariana Rodriguez
Patricia Sabogal
Mathieu Francois Simon and
Carole Guillaume
Rocco Tamayo
Steven Vasquez Tejeda
Guoming Xu
Maria Alvarado
Huaibao Cai
Anais Rodriguez
Rosita Sadioui
Boomer Simpson
Dangdang Tan
Odissa Vazquez
Hua Xu
Miguel Angel Alvarado
Carlos Calderon
Antonio Rodriguez
George Saez
Bali Singh
Carla and Jose Tapia
Jorge Vega
Jianfeng Xu
Anthony Alvarez and Carla Lopez
Zenaida Calderon
Caridad Rodriguez
Sukhpal Saini
Baljinder Singh
Raghuveer Tatini
Yahozka Vegacruz
Yan Yan Xu
Jorge Alvarez and Mileidys Monzon
Suyapa and Gabriel Calleja
Caterine Rodriguez
Harmeet Singh
Andres and Francisco Jesus Tatis
Ricardo Ramon Velazquez
Zheng Xu
Ana Amaya Romero
Marisol Camela
Cristina Rodriguez
Scherlee Saint-Cyr Germain and
Willio Saint-Cyr
Inderdeep Singh
Facely Tavarez
Yesenia Velez
Chaitanya Chowdary Yaganti
Lisset Amor
Nahjah Campbell
Danay Rodriguez
Richa Saksena and Vishal Nath
Jagpreet Singh
Fleming Tejada
Yasmany Veliz
Lui Yang
Jing An
Antonio Campos and Lazara Bega
Javier Rodriguez
Cesar Salazar
Kamalpreet Singh
Gildardo Tejeda and Tanhia Ruiz
Carlos Venegas and Esperanza Morejon
Sun Shou Yang
Sung Sun An
Rafael Canizares
Jhon Rodriguez and Karen Cawley
Maria Alejandra Salazar
Manjinderjit Singh
Pimmada Teplaong
Lisandra Vera
Teresa and Charlie Yang
Nanouse Antoine and Jean Joseph
Lilia Cano
Jorge Alberto Rodriguez
Arnoldo Salinas
Piara Singh
Trey Tevelde
Rajinder and Harinder Verma
Xue Yang
Brian and Anna Anvarinia
Yann Carlos Caraballo
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Salvas
Ravinderjit Singh
Chandra and Tara Thapaliya
Ujju Verma
Shuying Yao
Antigua Arcangel
Carmen Caridad Rodriguez
Juan Antonio Rodriguez
Andy Sam
Riya Singh
Tuney Thom
Phenold Verneus and Daphenie Cange
Patricia Yebra and Juan Vera
Idalys Arcia and Carlos Sanchez
Juan Pablo Rodriguez
Oscar Sanabria
Surinderpal Singh
Delva Thomas
Erika Vertiz and Cecilio Perez
Meizhen Yes
Miguel Angel Armas and Dailys Suris
Norberto Carmenate Sanchez and
Wilma Montalvo
Liudmila Rodriguez and Raysmel
Tamara Sanabria
Tarnvir Singh
Humbero Tieles
Juan Vidal and Elvira Adams
Chuan Yin
Shiwali Arora
Thomas Caro and Niabel Cerrado
Jimy Sanches and Yahima Menendez
Julio R. Sinto
Enrrique Tiguila and Janice Labastida
Jose Hassan Vilas and Mayte Martinez
Eliza Yong
Lorenzo Arteaga
Cricerio Carrasco
Luz Marina Rodriguez
Ernesto Sanchez
Lidia Del Carmen Siri Polanco
Milagros Tirado
Carlos Yael Villagran
Yimin You
Arianna Atsaves
Yaremi Carrera and Yobaris Estrada
Maily Rodriguez
Jesus N. Sanchez
Eirawat Siriyakul
Gloria Tivillin and Jorge Loja
Diamanda Villanueva
Ken Yue and Ha Hoang
Lisa Auyeung
Maria Rodriguez
Jose Sisa Nova and Yudelky Moreno
Jensen Tod
Magdalena and Alberto Villate
Xiao Feng Yue
Irene Avila
Pierre Richard Carrier and
Marie Rachelle Thelimond
Marisol Rodriguez
Jhon Sanchez and
Steeven Lizarazo Sanchez
Aish Siva
Jose Sanchez and Annette Villanueva
Katalina Toledo
Agustin Villegas
Gisela Zamora
Sarandeep Bains
Mirta Rodriguez and Jose Silveiro
Manny Sanchez
Marileiny Toledo
Elpidio Vinas
Silvia Zamora
Elida and Juan Balcorta
Neido and Edilce Rodriguez
Inocencio Sixto Layna and
Maricela Perez Barrera
Mayra Sanchez
Thithi So and Koyin Kyaw
Odalys Tores
Osniel Vital
Hermogenes and Reyna Zapata
Zhijuan Bao
Rene Rodriguez
Pedro Sanchez
Sergio Soares
Aylin Torralbas
Bret and Kristen Wackerly
Leider Zapata
Tapon and Angelina Baroi
Rigoberto Rodriguez
Yailin Sanchez
Camilo Sojo
Noel Torrens
Jagdeep Wahla
Martin Zeferino
Jose Francisco Batista
Rogelio Rodriguez
Yoselyn and Marcelino Sanchez
Nancy Solis
Ashley Torres
Leon Walters
Juan Zelaya and Gissela Cantarero
Karen Beadle
Rolando Rodriguez
Jaime Sandoval
Alyssa Solupe
Aylen Torres
Ken Wan
Lucy Zettlemoyer
Sam Bei
Rosana Rodriguez
Yoandy Sanfiel Gonzales
Chan Kum Song
Gabriel Torres
Shu Chen Wan
Joseph Zhang
Susana Rodriguez
Jaswinder and Taranpreet Soni
Bingchen Wang
Long Zhang
Tibursio Rodriguez and Gladys Carbajal
Jose and Ofelia Sangle
Noe Torres and Ana Luisa Ramirez
Sylvie Bellerose and
Jean-Pierre Beaudoin
Pui Chan
Yoandra Rodriguez and
Lazaro Antonio Gacet
Maribel Celestina Sanjul
Ramon Soria
Yehong Zhang
Gerald Benjamin and Martine Voltaire
Sampson Chan
Stanley and Rose Josette Sanon
Carmen Sorriano
Yordani Rodriguez
Chris Santiago
Maria Celena Sosa Cruz
Yuliet Rodriguez
Jorge Santini
Eduardo Soto
Camilo Rodriguez Garcia and
Damirka Herrera Martinez
Aura Santos
Genesis Soto
Elier Santos
Maydelin Sotolongo
Jacob Rogers
Enrrique Santos
Southakhone Soundara
Sonia Rojas
Thomas Sciarriano
Jose Soza and Eliette Sanchez
Adriana Roman
Grisell Seijo
Thelucienne St. Fort Regisma
Rosa Maria Romero
Harbant Singh and Parmeet Sekhon
Noe Roger Roncal
Guillermo Senmartin
Carousse St. Meus and
Chrislaine Tabitha Lendais
Marina and Jose Rene Rosa
Gilma Rosales
Anastasio Rosete and Fatima Cruz
Bank Ruangsangwattana and
Saowaluk Petcharoen
Darian Rubiera and Ana Mari Pompo
Jorge Rubio Rubio
Elkin Ruiz
Jairo Ruiz
Luis Maria Ruiz
Miguel Ruiz and Lenia Diaz
Odalys Ruiz
Robin and William Rush III
Gurdeep Ryatt
Yeilis Torres
Linlin Wang
Roberto Castellon and Dunia Padrino
Danielle and Ademil Castrillo
David Castro
Irma Cedano and Irma Solis Cedano
Maria and Josue Cedillos
Lilian Celis
Pablo Centeno Nunez
Parinda Chaiwiset
Michael Chan
Lance Tram
Xiu Yun Wang
Huilai Zhao
Onilber Bernal
Dan Tran
Yang Wang
Jiu Dong Zhao
Silvia and Jose Bernardi
Lin Chang
Pastor Travieso and Ana Diaz
Yongzeng Wang
Li Zhao
Jonathan Charles-Pierre and
Marie Calene Voltaire
Alexander Treto
Christina Webb
Qiaolian Zhao
Damaris Berrios Marrero and
Luis Rodriguez Cruz
Dorien Wheatle and Sedene Blake
Stella Zhao
Renise Bertrand Michel and
Raldek Michel
Chengyao Chen
Dolores Trevino
Michael Trewin
Angelina White
Charles Zheng
Andriw Beruvides
Da Wei Chen
Dayana Trujillo
Brittany Wilcox
Yue Zheng
Liliana Betancourt and Lazaro Blanca
Fen Fen Chen
Annie Truong
Indiana Williams
Lifeng Zhou
Hao Jiao Chen
John Ross Tukodlangit
Nadine Williams
Mei Qing Zhou
Gurpreet Bindra and
Davinder Pal Singh Bindra
Lynda Tumpar
Philip Wing
Chenghua Zhu
Stephan Blacksher
Min Chen
Diana Serrano
Brandon Stemwedel
Wai Tung
Dayi Wo
Len Nguyen
Maria and Perfecto Blanco
Ren Qing Chen
Hermis Serrano
Emiline St-Fort
Patrick and Augustina Udechukwu
Zaideng Wo
Linlin Zhu
Margaret Bo
Wen Chen
Humberto Sevilla
Stephanie St-Phard
Zuliany Ugalde
Lily Wong
Yan Lai Zhu
Fioreya Bondani and Jacobo Barrios
Xiajing Chen
Dr. Brinda Shankar
Isora Suarez
Hari and Radhika Uprety
Tanakorn Wongwean
Fenyi Zhuan
Nubia Bonifacio
Xin Chen
Jinbi Shao
Jorge Suarez
Alekhya Vaddiraj
Heather Woodson
Rina B. Zuniga
Jorge Borges and Sandra Hrywniar
Yanqing Chen
Xue Feng Shi
Kenia Suarez
Sonia Valdano
Brady Wu
Luis Borjas
Zhengjie Chen
David Shin
Santiago Suarez
Indira Valdes
Sanyi Wu
Andrea Borra and Mario Guerrero
Changqi Cheng
Xi Shou
Sathishkumar Subramaniam
Ismael Valdes
Tongwang Wu
Luis Borrego
Youfu Cheng
Tongding Si
Zahida Sueimankhil
Yanelis Valdes
Xiaoyi Wu
Alexander Borrero
Judith Chery
Nathan Sibert
Yara Sugey Lopez
Luis Valle Lisboa
En Xi Xie
Rahul Bose
Leotise Chery and Jean Danny Geffrard
Vivian Sibori
Amida Suleimankhel
Yolanda Valverde
Li Qun Xie
Luis Felipe Botero
Hyang Mi Chin
Victor Sierra
Sadiya Sultana
Karla Vargas
Qiong Xie
Aaron and Sarah Brenner
Pamela Chin
Juana Siller
Lanxiang Sun
Sandra Vargas
Xiao Feng Xie
Peter and Cecile Brodeur
Clarizza Ching
Jose Silva Hernandez and
Tomasa Casiano
Yue Sun
Alvaro Marcial Vargas Juarez and
Ana Yadira Benitez Nunez
Xiaojuan Xie
Maria Rosa Bucio
Hannah Cho
Jerry and Dixie Surovchak
Xu Xin Xie
Yolaitys Acosta Perez
Reilley Adamson
Martha Aguirre
Leo Aiono
Santhosh Akinepalli
Etzio Al
Johnathan Aleman
Juma Ali
Chirs Chen
Husi Husi Chen
Antonio Cabello and Elba Carballo
RECOGNITION | Fast track
Jiwhan Cho
Lorna Dyal
Teresa Guerrero Cedeno
Sreenivasulu and Lalitha Jadapalli
Misun Lee
Jorge Machado
Enrique Munoz and Maribel Moreno
Geraldine Perez
Dongok Choi and Juhan Song
Torres Eduardo and Cubero Francis
Kavitha and Mahesh Gundluru
Miralda Jameau
France Lemay
Edwin Mack II
Zoila Munoz
Duck H. Choi
Laura Emmanuel
Brianna Guo
Tamara Jean Baptiste
Perez Lemay
Rosa Magos
Jeanpierre Mutara
Jacqueline Perez and
Wilber Rodriguez
Yujin Choi and Sang Woo Oh
Marlen Espinoza
Fei Guo
Maria Leon
Nithin Reddy Malladi
Travis and Nichole Myers
Lucila Perez
Eric Cholly
Nadege Estermine
Bhim Gurung
Yves Wenchel Jean Baptiste and
Rose Macuse Celoy
Jeanny Leung
Peter and Mai Mana
Viswanath Nalluri
Sandra Perez
Anh Ha
Judith Jean Pierre
Sharon Lewin
Jon and Lani Manez
Lakshmi Kanthan Natesan
Steven Perry
Dieulamene Jeanty S. and
Jacob Jeanty
Marissa Lewis
Biak Mang
Joey Newell
Ingrid Petiton and Ignacio Araujo
Baohong Li
Breon Mann
Erick Nguyen
Jacob Petkac
Baozhu Li
Jordany Manresa and Jessika Magrinat
Hung Nguyen
Davis Li
Ravi and Sandhya Mantri
Phuong Nguyen
Thunyaporn Phannuch and
Ittidech Sophonwatthanawichit
Dolly Li
Antonia Marcos and Felipe Barcenas
Sau Nguyen
Dongdi Li
Elin Marinero and Jose Quinteros
Fang and Zu Zhen Li
Erika Martinez and Jayson Mercado
M. Evangelina Nieves Rios and
Mario Nieves Avila
John Li
Joel Martinez
Felecia Niles
Greg Pope and Lisa Thomas
Johnson Li
Milagros Martinez
Magalie Noel
Smita Pradhan
Mark Li
Susana Martinez
Yadira Nunez Cardenas and Yunior Diaz
Militza Profas Schmidt
Nick Li
Fisnel Maslend and Angela Piazza
Hardy and Steela Ifeoma Nzeribe
Jesus and Lidiana Puig
Sam Li
Arnaldo Ochoa and Elizabeth Plaza
Odalys and Jose Puig
Scott Li
Richenelo Mathilda and Gwensca
Gustavo Ojeda
Ana Puron
Tom Li
Aracely Mayorga
Leyla Oliva
Changsun Pyo and Jinhee Jung
Walt Li
Fredy Edulfo Mazariegos
Olga Leticia Olivera
Jianhong Qian
Wen Juan Li
Desmond Mbapaha
An Qiao
Xuanzhe Li
Julian McClary
Cenelda Orozco Soza and
Mileydi Castellon
Yunshi Li
Quincy McCollin
Andrea Ortega and Carlos Gregorio
Josue Quinones
Yan Lian
Zach McDonald
Gavina Ortega
Jomaway and Marelly Quintero
Victor Liang
Tabitha Mehu
Jose Antonio Ortega and Paola Terrero
Hanifa Rahmaty
Bill Lin
Darky Rene Mendez
Josue Ortega and Maria Zuniga
Bikash Rai and Sivika Sharma
Jiong Lin
Delvis Mendez and Suric Cruz
Leticia Ortega and Jose Luis Amdor
Souk and Sai Rajamountry
Luhua Lin
Lilia Mendez and Tomas Lopez
S. Azucena Ortega
Blanca Ramirez and Rafael Flores
Pengtao Lin
Avinav Menon
Yanelvi Ortega and Junior Batista
Veronica Ramirez
Julia Lindo and Juan Pablo Rivas
Paul Mi
Soumia Ouachem
Mirna Ramos and Alfredo Hernandez
Nathan Ling
Ilfautanne Michelien
Zhangxi Ouyang
Siddharth Ramteke
Crow Liu
Zack Michta
Anna Pak
Rishbh Rana
Danke Liu
Osniel Mijares
Margarita Palomeque
Mamta Rani
Jing Liu
Niurka Mayara Milanes
Mercedes Paltin
Chaynee Rapoza
Mingyu Liu
Tanya Mills
Xiaobei Pan
Miriam Rappaccioli
Xiaorun Liu
Da Guan Min
Sarah Pantin
Melissa Rasie
Xiu Ping Liu
Francis Ming
Pedro A. Paredes
Yasmin and Ali Ratnani
Yanbin Liu
Rachel Minor
Grace Hankyung Park
Evette Rebucal
Yuyao Liu
Shashank Reddy Mogulla
Heyjung Park
Johnathan Reed and Briana Ramage
Yolanda Llanes
Jose Molina and Hortencia Trejo
Soo Youn Park
Da Ren
Telmo Lliguichuzha
Adrienne Noel Mondesir
Alina Pascual
Reyna Reyes and Jacobo Alvarez
Fe Llombart Rivera
Maribel Montelongo Quijano
Tejas Patel
Themis Reyes
Isela and Rene Loche
Humberto Montes D. Oca
Yiska Ricardo
Graciela Lomeli
Juan and Claudia Montoya
Jessica Patlan Ortiz and
Ranulfo Mondragon
Josh Lopes
Dah Doh Moo
Tania J. Paz
Mireya Rios
Fior Daliza and Francisco Lopez
Bianca Moore
Francisco Pelayo
Yalidis Rivas
Olga L Lopez
Aida Morales
Alexandra Pena and Joseph Rios
Iris Rivero
Louinice Louis
Mixy Morales
Frank Pena and Karen Sivestre
Alfredo and Tere Rodriguez
I. Chen Lu and Enrique Piedra
Rosa Morejon
Maria Penalosa Miranda and
Mayra Penalosa
Celia and Miguel Rodriguez
Johnson Lu
Dayami Moreno and Celso Machado
Nebraska Pereira
Robert Lu
Nargis Moshref
Ricardo and Lucy Pereira
Charles Lucianise
Vishnu Vardhan Reddy Mukku
Alejandro Perez
Jinfang Luo
Monique Mun
Ariel Perez
Hung Ly
Pau Mung and Lin Lin
Estela and Karla Perez
Amanda Choluj
Luis Estrella and Martha Sanchez
Beixiao Chong
Peter Eulenstein
Dusi Hai
Bradley and Rebekah Chrisman
Preston Evans and Ashlynn Simon
Yanxia Han
Deng Xi Chui
Tate Ewing
Duo Li Hang
Jenni Chun
Avelina Fabian and Baldonero Suarez
Danielle Hartley
Myong Chung
Fang Fang
Sana Hasan
Nina Chung
Xiaoyu Fang
Yamila Hassan
Anthony Coburn
Nefri Feliz
Chingching Hau
Tite Colin
Patrick Fenelon
Carlos Heredia
Adilia Colon
Alexander Fernandez
Aldrin Hernandez
Aristides Columbie
Irianys Fernandez
Aracely and Oscar Hernandez
Rosula Cominencia
Maytu Fernandez and Julio Zaldivar
Ines and Jorge Hernandez
Luis Compres and Pamela Almonte
Viraj and Ann Fernando
Rosa Patricia Hernandez
Gilda L Concepcion
Jose Figueredo and Diana Perez
Blas Herrera and Jessica Henriquez
Darwin Cook
Yonesy Florian
Marian Teresa Herrera
Esther Cortes
Alberto Fragoso
Orlando Herrera
Katiana Coulanges and Wangel Platel
Haiqiong Jiang
Jingdong Jiang
Wu Jiao
Eduardo Jimenez
Xiang Jin
Zachary and Beth Johnson
Adam Jones and Jessica Forsty
Rodrigue Joseph and Moslie Remonvil
Guisly Julmiste and Alette Amboise
Syed Kamran
Hyesook Kang
Lakhbir Singh Kang
Monali Karemore
Bharpur Kaur
Manuel Cruz
La Tonya Francis-Bailey and
Craig Bailey
Oscar Orlando Herrera and
Maritza Noemi Vasquez
Hector Cruz Santana
Maria Laura Franco and German Acosta
Yoelsi Herrera and Franchesca Damaso
Anup Kumar Ketkale
Elis Lizeth Cruz Torres
Iris Fuentes
Francisco Herrera Garcia
Lauren Key
Flor De Maria Cubias Ardon and
Luis Antonio Cubias Mendez
Nelson A. Gallego
Kesly Honore and Marthe Jean-Baptiste
Firangis Khalim-Zade
Raul Gamarra
Nelson Hoskins
Kashif Khan and Mubashira Anwar
Chun Xia Cui
Gourishetty Ganesh
Wendy Hou
Naved Khan
Jose Da Fonseca
Ping Guan Gao
Eh Ney Hser and Hser Ner Moo Paw
Peter Kidiavai and Sonia Rios
Sahil Datta
Sandra Garcia
Ree Hser and Chri Soe
Karen Killingbeck
Byron Davis
Yadil Garcia
Jue Htoo
Bomi and Jae Hong Kim
Krit Htoo
Chul Kim
Anna Hu
Jung Ok Kim
May Hu
Kyunghee Kim
Mingming Huan
Sara Kim
Chao Huang
Yejung Kim
Chunxiu Huang
Knollis Wellesle King
Dongmin Huang
Vinod Kumar Koppurapu
Lihuan Huang
Juan Kuffo and Mariela Vargas
Lingbin Huang
Varinder Kumar
Qing Y. Huang
Liang Kun
Qiuhua Huang
Mary Labang
Qiuyan Huang
Micheline Jean Lafrance
Ting Huang
Joanna Lai
Xin Hui Huang
Denis Lajoie and Louise Morin
Xin Zhen Huang
Kevin Lam
Josefina Huerta
Kevin Lam
Ranique Davis and Jheanelle Walker
Antonio De Castro and Francius Silien
Maria Elena De Leon Severino
Nattakan Dechajutinan
Eloy Del Sol and
Estrella C Munoz Perez
Dayamy Delgado
Yanira Garcia
Sahith Gattu
Lange Gauthier
Brittany and John Geist
Johnson Georges
Damaris Gomez and Manuel Borjas
Sabryna Magaly Delgado
Juan Gomez Roblero and
Maria Sanchez Zaragoza
Geralda Delisma
Lianying Gong
Nikko Dennis
Malena Gonzales
Sasha-Gay Denton
Diana Marina Gonzalez and
Cesar Reveron
Harbhinder Kaur and
Gurmeet Singh Dhillon
Janine Gonzalez
Simon Kerva
Marco and Gaby Diaz
Noel and Dirleys Gonzalez
Yanet Diaz
Sarina Goulding
Ivet Dicit
Hengxia Ding
Walter David and
Maggie Patricia Goulding
Easter Doh
Nicole Greenidge and Khardelle Allen
Richard Ibarra
Vivian Lam
Claudin Dolce and Angelene Charles
Judith Grijalba
Amy Ikeda
Maria Isabel Lares
Dieuseul Dolce and Diana Louis
Leiah Groom
Kaderjan and Nurbiye Ilghar
Andy Lau
Chai Douanglee
Diana Grujic
Xinyu Dum
Huan Xia Guan
Razia Inayatullah and
Hayatullah Abdul Nabi
Mei Chu Pauline Law
Emil Le
Julio C. Duran
Ou Guangliang
Amarender Indurthi
Vivian Le
Miguel Duran
Xiomara Guerra and
Reymundo Hernandez
Nolan Jacoby
Bryce Jacovetti
Junyu Lee
Allanle Le
Philesia Phillips
Robert Pichardo
Erick Plasencia and Maite Lafont
Hui Qiu
Diana and Juan Rios
Dumorie Rodriguez
Maria Regla Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez
Miguel and Alejandro Rodriguez
Norge Rodriguez and Maritza Montes
Ramona Rodriguez
Reba Sledd
Daming Wang
Guadalupe Zavala and Gloria Munoz
Maha Alnaji
Aida Candelaria
Mohamed Dad
Jose Gomez
Rosario Rodriguez
Lila Smith
Huan Wang
Cesar Zayas
Suha Alnaji
Sabina Cano
Pah Dah
Minelia Gomez and Gustavo Bourzac
Elisa Rodriguez Solano
Josephine Sok
Lan Fang Wang
Hilda and Juan Zelaya
Mie Francoise M. and Jean Kely Altenor
Rosa Carbajal
Howard Dai
Nilo Jose Gomez
Diana Rodriguez
Georgina Solano
Qian Wang
Robert Zeth
Dulce and Francisco Alvarado
Elpidio Cardenas
Richard Dai
Frankie Rogers
Miqin Song
Qin Wang
Yun Zhen Zhan
Jorge Alvarado and Maricela Arevalo
Shella Casseus
Andre Daley and Doreth Richards
Jorge Humberto Gonzalez and
Susana Ponce
Veronica Rose
Sun Gwi Song
Shan Wang
Bingshan Zhang
Ivelyses Castellanos and Fidel Corcho
Maria Elena Davila
Maribel Gonzalez
Hermelinda B. Rubio
Ana Elizabeth Soriano Marchena
Shun Y. Wang
Lihua Zhang
Yanet Alvarez and
Hermes Lazaro Estevez
Rosa Maria Castillo
Sandra Davila
Noel Gonzalez and Yessica Barrios
Maxwell Amanfo-Sakyi and
Rebecca Dixon-Sakyi
Bruno Castro
Wilfredo Gonzalez
Loyra and Juan Cata
Jackenson Davilmar and
Valentina Deguerre
Georgina Ceballos
Aday De Armas
John Gorut
Jovenel Cerant
Maylin De La Cruz
Nicole Grant
Cregorio Cervantes
Melver Diaz
Tony and Lily Greene
Henny Cha
Sebastian Diaz
Ju Gu
Chompunut Chamnanraksa
Violeta Diaz
Mosheng Guan
Tun Kam Chan
Rafael Domenech and Marta Duenas
Mirelkys Guarin and Donaldo Lorenzo
Lu Chang
Holver Dominique
Ariana Guerra and Jorge Martinez
Olguine Charles
Lorena Don
Manuel Guevara
Guadalupe Chavez and Milton Fuentez
Ming Dong
Marie Josee Guillaume
Rouder Chavez
Lovell and Milana Dowden
Poster Guo
Amy Chen
Fabiola Dubreuze and Fenold Joseph
Felix Gutierrez and Ivonne Perez
Shaun Dull
Max Genel Duperval and
Rose Carmel Joseph
Jazmin Gutierrez and
Emmanuel Medina
William Rubio
Kaur Sran
Xiao Bing Wang
Hongfa Zhao
Joaquin Ruelas and Julia Gonzalez
Yi Wang
Mark Zhao
Ana Ruiz and Cesareo Meneses
Judith St. Louis Guillaume and
Anthony St. Louis
Pam Saengpet
Camille Story
Esdras and Gladys Sainval
Eric and Bree Stough
Adam Way
Xu Zhe
Joel and Maria Salazar
Su Su
Josh Welch
Ashelly Zheng
Suheidy Salazar Peralta
Yanet Suarez and Yosvany Garcia
Dan and Valencia White
Longhui Zheng
Jean-Marc Sambrano
Chun Lan Sun
Saw Than Win and Htoo Paw
Mei Fang Zheng
Lona Samson
Shui Mei Sun
Jeff and Yary Wiscovitch
Qing Zheng
Geraldo Sanchez
Zhilin Sun
Horicia Wright
Wukeng Zheng
Jesus Sanchez
Jai Sunuwar
Aiqiong Wu
Yuya Zheng
Liannette Sanchez
Yana Symonenko
Baomei Wu
Zhen Yu Zhong
Marianela Sanchez and Telmo Elias
Francis Tagarino
Carl Wu
Sophia Zhou
Silvestre Sanchez and Noelia Suarez
Marc Tamura
Emily Wu
Weihao Zhou
Jasvir Sangha
Shan Tang
Ruchard Nitson Baptistin
Danning Chen
Feifei Wu
Jianmei Zhu
Kazzandra Sanquiche
Stella Tang
Vinton and Marlene Barham
Ling Xiu Chen
Feng Xiao Wu
Jie Zhu
Jeremiah Barnes
Miz Ying Chen
Felipe and Amparo Santana
Vamsi Krishna Tarigopula
Feng Yi Wu
Julie Zhu
Norma Barreras
Qianning Chen
Yasandra Santana
Yuki Taso
Feng Zhong Wu
Taylor Zhu
Eralia Sayas
Hon W. Wu
La Ja Zing Hang Gam and Dou Nyoi
Maria Elena Bartolo and
Santos Aguilar Morales
Valley Chen
Piang Thang and Man Pi
Carlo Sebastiani and Arlis Maria Loayza
Patricia and Loic Thomas
Jason Wu
Junior Zorrilla Calderon
Wyatt Begay
Xuehong Chen
Jing Shen Seng
Yuedi Tian
Lewis Wu
Kevin Zuniga
Kulsuma Begum
Ying Chen
Giovany Sequeira and Maria Rincon
Jansen Tong
Tongtong Bei
Yurong Chen
Oscar Servellon and Reyna Romero
Lester Torres
Caralene Bell
Kevin Cheng
Alex Shadley
Rosana Torres
Dulce Belliard and Angel Javier
Scott Cheng
Aliya Shahzad and Shahzad Ali
Martha Tovar
Bienvenido Benitez J.
Marie Josee Delsoin and Ernst Chery
Umakanthy and
Anushika Shanmuganathan
Ileana Triana and Jorge Gomez
Jonathan Benjamin
Markensy Chery and Sandrine St-Plice
Guy and Antoinette Bernadin
Youdian Chi
Leonce Bernard
Bayar Chinzorig
Maryjane Bessey
Jungsun Choi
Di Bi
Brandon Cholette
Charles Blanco
Anquen Chou
James Blanco
Yasmin Sharaf
Yasmine Sharaf
Babita Sharma
Gaurav Sharma
Amanda and Jared Trickey
Vinh Trinh
Jackson Tsai
Eric and Melinda Turnmire
Andrew and Noel Uzzo
Youzhu Wang
Yuehui Wang
Neil Wu
Shirley Wu
Xianpu Wu
Xiao Lin Wu
Xinshi Wu
Xiuzhi Wu
Yizhen Wu
Yuki Wu
Zheng Wu
Yunxiang Xiao
Menglin Zhao
Ricky Zhao
Pauline Abelard
Reem Abramovic
Zenaida Abreu
Eduardo Acosta
Victoria Adejibola
Roberto Agelan and Sheila Lezama
Deuris Aguiar Naranjo
Davil Aguirre
Brij Ahluwalia
Yanzi An
Radelin Angeles
Alberto J. Antoine
Lysandra Aponte and Andres Serrano
Nahomi Arias
Marcelo and Paola Ayala
Gonzalo Bado and Merlyn Pazo
Victor Baez and Marielys Ramos
Rani Bains
Sriparna Banerjee
Rochelain Baptiste and
Manivie Emmanuel
Vinod Gorrey
Heidi Guzman and Wilberto Figueroa
Miguel Duran
Jose Luis Guzman and Susana Perez
Veronica Dutan
Maria Guzman
Ephese Edouard
Thanh Han
Tanisha Edwards
Matt and Dakota Haney
Carmela Enrera
Jiji Hao
Alexa Espino
Xingyu Hao
Gabina Espinoza and Lucia Ortega
Karthik Hari
Ze Feng Fang
Matthew and Kathy Jo Harrison
Fernando Farina Jimenez
Gloria Henao and Maria Zapata
Michael Febres
Cynthia Hernandez
Lauren Feinberg
Francisco and Rhina Hernandez
Alfredo Fernandez and Candida Isla
Jose Hernandez and Victoria Oviedo
Belinda Flores
Maria Teresa Hernandez
Gabriela Elias and Manuel Flores
Osmeidy Hernandez
Vidalia Flores Trujillo
Salvador and Maria Cristina Hernandez
Amado Christopher and Morveli Jessy
Jean Ribert Francois and
Jose Minerve Cayo
Sandra Hernandez
Richard Blanco
Quoc Chu
Yangong Fu
Josh and Niki Bledsoe
Agustina Cisneros and Raul Cortes
Oneida Herrera
Francisca Gallegos
Donny Blue
Suzette Clarke
Hong Hong and Qing Wang
Guman Gao
Murthy Bokka and Swathi Kudipudi
Maria Claros Ocampo
Yan Hong
Ping Gao
Frank Bolufe and Zahiry Castaneda
Jany C. Cok
Weiming Hou
Xin Gao
Gloria Bonilla
Maria Collado Almonte
Scott Houle
Milagros Garcia
Jorge Bonome and Yamile Fernandez
James Cooper
Eh Htoo and Mae Re
Ralph Garcia
Matee Boonpoo
Rosa Cordero
Ktray Htoo
Wily Garcia
Miao Xin Hu
Xi Chen
Umer Sheka
Jude Vainqueur and Yverose Vilmond
Wen Cheng Xie
Pei Shen
Roopashankar Valathur
Becky Xu
Rong Shen
Fausto Vargas and Reyna Angeles
Hongsheng Xu
Yang Shen
Angelica and Carlos Vazquez
Philip Xu
Louis Shi
Angel Rolando Velazquez Callejas
Shu Rong Xu
Zengzhen Shi
Soveida Veloz
Yihan Xu
Sheree Shirley
Ruby Vera
Darcy Xue
Tangbai Shui
Ratha Vettivel
Meng Xue
Brittany Sibley-Hawthorne
Bobbi Vheung
Stephan Xue
Ilfrene Simon and Youseline Theodor G.
Elisa Villacorta and Luis Iglesias
Maria Alba Vazquez and
Marcelino Zapata
John Yanez
Minouche Borange
Makensi Corrier and Fabiola Bellevue
Rasbhinder Singh
Victor Viloria Adames
Juan Albuerne and Wilma Hernandez
Mayra Garza
Deguang Yang
Mark and Barb Bowditch
Jose Cortez
Brandon Hua
Ratanjyot Singh
Elodie Vincent
Katia Alcantu
Jeffrey Gates and Jason Barron
Yoonkyung Yang and Sangyoon Ji
Jems Brunot
Karem Cortez
Cyril Hua
Ricky Singh
Mike Vo
Cholticha Geb-Ngern
Yuyang Yang
Donatien Alcinbert and
Ismane Saint Martin
Kathleen Burton-Marriott
Holman Cruz Montenegro
Gustave Hua
Kittiphong Siriieophikul and
Nadcha Suknit
Amelia Voelker
Pi Chun Yeh and John Chou
Angela Alexander
K. M. Georgekutty
Baljit Buttar
Mumu Cuai
Flora Huang
Dadie Georges
He Huang
Farzana Ahmad
Zahoor Ahmad
Sana Ahmed
Tooba Ahmed
Maria De Jesus Ahumada
Rachel Ajua
Sandeep Akinepalli
Victor Hernandez and Norma Rodriguez
Bae Wah and Tho Poe
Kanpimpar Siriwat
Andi Yeyille
Malein Alfaro and Antonio Rivero
Catalino Caballero
Adela Cuevas and Kevin Ortega
Ce Wang
Kahyun Yoo
Sydrick Cadogan Jr.
Zach Cutkomp
Hua Hui Huang
Shilpa Sivaramakarishnan
Miguel and Gloria Alfonso
Anny M. Gil Regalado
Cong Wang
Yongbin Yue
Emilio Almonte and Ysabel Morales
Gurchand Gill
Yeniel Campos
Douding Da
June Huang
RECOGNITION | Fast track
Raysa Rodriguez
RECOGNITION | Fast track
Kate Huang
Alice Li
Janet and Arsenio Marrero
Upender Nooka
Carson Rivera
Wanhee Shin
Ricardo Totaitive
Li Xiang
Xuejing Huang
Ji Li
Bertha Nunez
Cesar Rivera
Kayode Shonoiki
Yurisan Trujillo and Erick Duardo
Haiyan Xiong
Yu Bo Huang
Ju Li
Dagoberto Martin Lopez and
Zenaida Martinez
Filiberto Nunez
Charles Rivera
Jiuka Shou
Andrea Tubino
Hang Xu
Zuxin Huang
Liying Li
Ariel Martinez
Elioth Junior Obas
Leonor Rivera
Hassan Shrafdeen
Jacob Tucker
Goddard Yan
Melissa and Jeffrey Huber
Ma Li
Yovani Ochoa
Yasmany Rivera
Mianyang Shu
Elissa Ulrich
Hogan Yan
Kim Huynh
Mingjiao Li
Lazaro Martinez and
Maria Eugenia Vega
Jin Suk Oh and Kyung Mi Hyun
Elisa Rivera Florentino
Shubham Shukla
Komala Vaddadi
Joshua Yan
Liosmany Iznaga
Qi Li
Craig and Amie Onstott
Danielle Roberts
Manpreet Sidhu
Jatinder Vahra
Xu Yang
Ashley Jacobs
Shishi Li
Didier Ortega
Alejandra and Samuel Rodriguez
Ana Mercedes Sierra Fuente
Tercius Val and Amonise Jacques
Lismeidy Yervilla
Samba Jallow
Tony Li
Partha Saradhi Otra
Alfredo Rodriguez and Patricia Perez
Lorena Elsa Sigcha
Anay Valcarcel and Martha Sanchez
Junlian Yin
Limaira Janga
Yanhua Li
Raul and Luz Padilla
Barbara Rodriguez
Guilloux Simon and Oldine Lucien
Yamsi Valdes and Llulys Hilda Vidal
Junwei Yin
Delon Jean
Yishan Li
Ada Pan
Caridad Rodriguez
Bhupinder Singh
Janior Valle
Mengqi Yin
Lysette Jean and Gustave Dieuseul
Yunping Li
Ru Yi Pan
Sandy Rodriguez
Gurmeet Kaur and Baljit Singh
Paula Valle
Pei Yong
Mirlene Jean and Ricardo Eugene
Dexian Lin
Matthew and Marina Parker
Henry Rojas and Raquel Guzman
Sabsantokh Singh
Ana Isa Vargas and Tomas Nivar
Fenghui Yu
Mercidieu Jean Baptiste and
Marie Carmene Dorcely
Doris Lin
Adriana Parra
Marie Adele Romelus Noel
Sri Prakash Singh
Santa Vazquez
Xin Yu
Trupti Patel
Sugandha Singh and Yash Kumar
Lidice Vega
Qi Bin Yuan
Philona Jean Baptiste Payout and
Ronel Payoute
Foster Lin
Yassunary Romero and
Alexander Hernandez
Jennifer Song and Kaylin Kim
Corina Velasquez
Zhang Yuping and Jiajing Wang
Alexander Rosa
Stephen and
Esther Jacques Jean Louis
Clarissa Mendez
Xiaozhao Song
Roger and Silvia Velasquez
Syndi Zamora and Alexis Hernandez
Harper Lin
Jose Antonio Patlan Rodriguez and
Maria Antonia Ortiz Sauceda
Domingo Rosario and Cristina Javier
Argeo Mendoza and Sandra Cuevas
Zhao Song
Armando Velazquez Callejas
Fenglei Zhang
Lourdes Pedraza and Juan Quevedo
Flavia Royal
Maria Meran
Oleksiy Startsev
Jorge Verona and Yunay Perez
Guofang Zhang
Jose and Edna Pena
Helen Ruan
Jose Luis Mercedes
Samantha Su and Hieu Nguyen
Alfredo Viera
Jianfeng Zhang
Juana Pena
Aris Saintadieu and Rosette Massillon
Matt Messina
Shyam and Surja Subba
Harjeet Kaur Virdi
Sam Zhang
Confesora Pena Perez
Jacky Saintil and Kencia Henry
Yolaine Michel and Serge Valmera
Jing Sun
Philippe Vollant and Melanie Gauthier
Yi Xin Zhang
Shajabin Salam
Kemonia and Damien Mignott
Alberto Jesus Perez and
Diagne De Los Santos
Xiao Jin Sun
Tony Vuong
Zhaoyang Zhang
Kimberly Salas
Arelis Milian and Luis A. Hernandez
Kenia Perez and Celido Gonzalez
Buncha Surinsirirat
Kadesha Walker
Fan Ke Zhao
Mireya Leonor Salas
Emi Minakami
Luisa Perez and Melvin Siu
Vanel Sylvestre and Fleget Micheline
Bao Chuang Wang
Jay Zhao
Carlos Ariel Sanchez
Venkateshwar Minupala and
Sreedevi Gopadi
Manuel Perez and Mirelis Pina
Lin Ta and Moe Moe Lwe
Joanna Wang
Zuitong Zhao
Joanna Sanchez
Yokiana Perez
Long Tang
Shu Cai Wang
Xiao Jun Zhou
Ruben Sanchez and Maximina Pacheco
Gertha B and Richard Pierre
Zhuanhua Tang
Ying Guang Wang
Jianxing Zhu
Guille Santana
Herisse and Christianie Pierre
Ning Tao
Yusheng Wang
Tommi Zuo
Jose Luis Santillan Borja
Desean Tate and Shelina Merali-Tate
Zhihe Wang
Enos Lin
Hao Lin
Misael and Abadelina Martinez
Maura Martinez-Solis
Luis M. Mateu
Nelson Maxen
Stacy-Ann McCrea
Andrea and Sean McGaughey
Francisco Medina
Emiliano Medina Marmolejos
Eduardo Mejia
Jose Melo Jimenez
Anyeli Mendez and Felix Jimenez
Vinesh and Jyotika Patel
Yousenie Jean-Baptiste and
Ismael Mathurin
Kit Lin
Andrew Jenkins and Allison Meyer
Lupin Lin
Minjia Ji
Maoxiong Lin
Eason Jiang
Marry Lin
Liang Jiang
Qi Qing Lin
Wizmann Jimenez
Yan Yun Lin
Huiying Jin
Zhifa Lin
Yufang Jin
Zhiheng Lin
Zaily Jomolca and Rolando Pera
Jianrui Liu
Miguel Jorge and Alba Santos
Ling Liu
Angela Joseph
Linluan Liu
A Mohmed
Xiu Ju
Mingxia Liu
James Piram and Aniatina Richemond
Rosio Sao
Zhihong Wang
Quan Cai Liu
Hla and Hla Kyei Poe
Linh Tay
An Sai Ka La and Nu Hing
Osner Monvil and
Marie-France Saint-Jean
Sebastian Sema
Ronald Watson
Dharmu Kalarikkal
Yajian Liu
Paw Moo
James Poelah and Ywahay Say
Alma Tells
Haregu Shama
Zheng Wei
Nitin Kamani
Yanina Liviapoma and Nelson Paniagua
Josefa Morales and Jesus Herrera
Maria Vianey Ponce
Mongkol Temrangsitornrat
Yanpin Shao
Daniel West
Sukhwinder Kaur
Nelia Morales
Violette Preval
Anwar Sharif and
Matahren Alawi-Sharif
Duran Thames
Normi Willis
Yin Ke
Ivelisse Loche-Zaitman and
Daniel Zaitman
Tanya Pretola and Sue Read
Senait Tewelde
Miguel Lop
Maria Moreno and Raul Hernandez
Ai Shen
Maud Wilson
Anil and Manorma Keela
Hector Puello
Supachai Thirasathitwong
Librada Lopez
Bhaskar Mothukuri
Ke Shen
Ellan Wu
Juicy Kina
Marilexis Puente
Robin Thomas-Malcolm
Mirian Lopez
Sonam Mumane
Ren Shen
Michelle Wu and Chuck Leung
Matt and Dione Klassen
Tatiana Pupo
Prabha Thumsi
Melitina Belen Lopez Gomez
Dioselis Munos
Yi Shen
Xavier Wu
Wei Kong
Meilong Qi
Jeremias Tiguila
Ruthnavia Louis
Isidro Munoz and Alexandra Rodriguez
Shunji Shi
Hao Xia
Jaideep Kular
Shou Qin
Delia Torres
Pin Lu
Alicia Ping Kwan
Tao Lu
Ricardo Munoz Carrillo and
Anaberta Hernandez Santiago
Wping Shi
Puang Xia
Tom Kun
Renee Rabouin
Felix Torres
Julia and Jose Lago
Julie and Juan Lupian
Jirandy Lahitte
Rosanna Luthje and
Steven Thomas Luthje
Lucy Lin
Po Mo
Manal Mohammad
Celeste Morel and Maximo Perez
Antany Rajathurai
Jordany Munoz Tavarez and Leyrienth
Mahikannan Rajendran
Paul Muroki and Leah Njue
Sandra Ramirez
Alis Macarro
Mariano Naranjo
Henry Ramos and Reina Bolanos
Gowsigan Mahenthiran
Kushal Nargundkar
Glendon Ramsay and Sophia Humphrey
Thang Mang
Tony and Marcia Nembhard
Premnath Rangisetty
Anusha Manne
Manita Nexil
Tasneem Rashid
Marie Suzie Marcelin
Giang Nguyen
Chang Xia Ren
Mary and Mery Leiva
Faketty Marcellus and
Rachelle Beauvoir
Van Nguyen
Juanita Rios
Edrens Leon and Mageline Joseph
Ping Ni
Addison Rivera
Evantz Mareus
Yraida M Leon
Keerthiga Nithiyananthan
Ade Rivera
Yolanda Mariano Mariano
Rocio Nonato and Jose Tapia
Baron Rivera
Dorotha Lamore
Taokong Lan
Trieu Le
Juyoung Lee and Geonyeop Kim
Lijuan Lee
Yong Lei
Jonoy Lewis
Jose Ignacio and Ofelia Ramirez
All of these current and previous qualifiers can be found at:
The 2014 program is now open!
We are pleased to announce we are now accepting entries for
the 2014 Amway Founders Memorial Scholarship Program.
Established in 2013 in honor of early Amway Independent
Business Owners Jere and Eileen Dutt, Fred and Bernice
Hansen, and Joe and Helyne Victor, the Founders Memorial
Scholarship Program is open to IBOs (and their children)
throughout North America and the Caribbean.
Three scholarships – each in the amount of $15,000 – will be awarded:
· the Jere and Eileen Dutt Memorial Scholarship,
· the Fred and Bernice Hansen Memorial Scholarship, and
· the Joe and Helyne Victor Memorial Scholarship
Each scholarship will be presented annually to individuals who best exemplify
leadership as characterized by the Amway Founders’ Fundamentals – Freedom,
Family, Hope, and Reward.
More than 50 years ago, these four principles
were set forth by Amway’s founders, Rich
DeVos and Jay Van Andel. Today, they remain
the foundation of the Amway business and
an important part of the values and principles
Amway provides to Independent Business
Owners everywhere.
The program is supported and funded by
Amway North America, the IBOAI, and the
families of the Dutts, Hansens, and Victors.
Complete program guidelines and rules for entry
may be found at:
Nominate your hero or
heroes today at:
Watch all the Hero
Award videos at:
Through your nominations, you’ve told us about
Amway Independent Business Owners who give of
their time and money to build houses for those who
need homes. You’ve shared stories of fellow IBOs who
run orphanages for thousands of children who need
a safe haven. You’ve told us about young people who
themselves struggle with challenges, yet are bursting
with can-do, I’ll-change-the-world attitude. Young
men and women in the military who travel the world
to honor and serve their country and, of course, the
larger-than-life leaders who have helped thousands
see the opportunity for a better life.
Over the past five years, the Amway Hero Awards
program has celebrated some pretty amazing stories.
Everyday people … super heroes.
Nominate your hero for the 2014 awards program.
Find the entry form at:
On the Go?
Read Achieve wherever you are
Diamond Dreams: Custom-designed incentive trips from January to December.
Founders Memorial Scholarship
Program Opens
(accepting applications until May 23)
A Winning Combination
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much more.
The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and
used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
We know you’re doing amazing things in
your community. Tell us about them! This
year, during National Volunteer Week
(April 6-13), share your story with us
for a chance to win one of five $500
awards for a charitable organization
National Volunteer Week is about inspiring,
recognizing, and encouraging people to
seek out imaginative ways to engage in their
communities. It’s about demonstrating that
by working together, we have the ability
to meet our challenges and accomplish
our goals.
We’re Celebrating
of your choice.
Amway Independent Business
Owners had the opportunity to
share their stories of making a
difference and investing in the lives of others
with our on-site illustrators at Achievers.
View all of the illustrations at:
Think of the Independent Business
Owners who built the early
foundations of the business. The
ones who have weathered changes
and persevered. The experienced
entrepreneurs who model success
for new generations.
Among them, there are a select
few – the marathoners, if you
will – who believed in the longevity
of the business and have been
highly successful. There are
individuals who have qualified as
a Diamond not once, not
twice, but 30 or more times!
These individuals – our Legacy
Diamonds – proudly took center
stage during the Recognition
Celebration at Amway Achievers
2013 for a few sparkling moments
in the spotlight and well deserved
congratulations. Among them? IBOAI
Board members Bob and Terry
Andrews, Bill and Sandy Hawkins,
and Jody and Kathy Victor.
Empowered by freedom
Through this business, these IBO Leaders agree they’ve earned the
freedom to work when and how they want, without having to answer to a
boss. Bob elaborates, “It’s this freedom that opens doors, gives meaning
to our existence, and allows ambition to thrive.”
Supported by family
The Amway™ business is a family affair for these Legacy Diamond pin
recipients – and for many IBOs who are building a legacy for their children
and generations to come. “We’re thrilled to have our own family involved
in the business and feel privileged to have a group of IBOs who seem like
family too,” said the Hawkins.
Offering hope
According to the couples, the Amway business filled them with hope from
the start. Looking back, Bill says, “This opportunity put hope back in our
lives that our dreams actually could come true!” Jody adds, “This business
has also helped us provide hope to many others over the years.”
Abundantly rewarded
The rewards from building this business are both tangible and intangible.
Kathy remarks, “Some of the intangibles, like friendships as strong as the
bonds of family, are priceless.”
Building a legacy
“This award is a testament to our long, rich heritage and building
something long term,” explains Bill. The Victors add, “The fact that a third
generation of our family is building the business says it all. We’re so proud
of our Legacy Diamond pin and all it stands for.”
Download your screensaver now
at AchieveMagazine.com
Watch the sneak peek video at:
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