Spring 2012 Vol. 19, Issue 1 - Ronald McDonald House at Stanford


Spring 2012 Vol. 19, Issue 1 - Ronald McDonald House at Stanford
Ronald McDonald House at Stanford
Fall 2011 Volume 18, Issue 3
Hope for Elijah
n October of 2010, three-year-old Elijah got a cold, the third one that month. His
mom, Melody, left him at home with his dad, Ronnie, and older brother Cayden, while
she went to church. She returned, only three hours later, to find large lumps protruding
from Elijah’s neck. Their pediatrician believed it was swollen lymph nodes, or even cat
scratch fever, but after a month trying varying levels of antibiotics with no results, a biopsy
was ordered. Melody had a gut feeling something was very wrong, and asked that the biopsy
also be sent to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital for testing. The same day that their own
doctor called to say nothing had been found, an oncologist from Stanford called and asked
the family to bring Elijah to the Bass Center for Childhood Cancer.
Elijah was diagnosed with Stage IV
Neuroblastoma, a particularly aggressive form
of cancer. Ninety percent of his bone marrow
was covered in small tumors, and the swelling
in his neck was caused by tumors in the lymph
“We just kept going and
going to get this done.
We always brought a
hopeful atmosphere into
our room.”
Intense chemotherapy, over six months,
produced incredible results. Within three
months, Elijah’s bone marrow no longer
showed any signs of cancer, and a
month later, the tumor in his skull
was gone. Melody slept by her
son’s bedside for a month and
a half, before the pair was
able to join Ronnie
and Cayden
in staying
at Ronald
House at
Making the move to the House made a huge
difference, especially when Elijah was well
enough to join the other children at Summer
Camp. The atmosphere at the House “helps
comfort you that you’re not the only one in
the world, you don’t feel so lonely,” Melody
commented, further adding, “Elijah’s an
outgoing kid, so with all the other kids around
it really helps him keep a sane atmosphere.”
After a successful surgery to remove
the tumors in his neck, Elijah underwent
an experimental treatment—two stem cell
transplants which used his own cells. In a
process that took several hours, a sophisticated
machine extracted the “clean,” cancer-free stem
cells from Elijah’s bloodstream. The cells were
then reintroduced in a fashion similar to a
blood transfusion. Though he suffered painful
side effects, Elijah recovered
quickly. The final step
was twelve days of
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page 2.
nodes as well as tumors that had wrapped
around nerves and his carotid artery. A tumor
was found in his skull, growing through the
bone itself, pressing down on the top of his
brain. He was given a 20% chance of survival.
Sliding with Smiles
How to Talk to
Your Kids about
Children’s Legacy
Pampering the
How Kids Can Help
Upcoming Events
Participate in the House’s annual
Giving Tree Holiday Drive.
See page 10 for details.
Board of Directors
President, Brad Lyman,
Cornish & Carey
Bern Beecham,
Community Volunteer
Daniel Bernstein, M.D.,
Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Karen Boyd,
Turner Boyd LLP
Denise Côté,
The Chateau Group
Gregg Davis,
Webcor Builders
Brian Dinsmore,
Seiler LLP
Judy Kirkpatrick,
eBay, Retired
Laurie Kraus Lacob,
Community Volunteer
Bob Kresek,
Founders Financial Network
Allison Leopold Tilley,
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Katharine Martin,
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Jim McCaughey M.D.,
Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
Honey Meir-Levi,
Ronald McDonald House at Stanford
Debbie Mueller,
Community Volunteer
Dean Riskas,
TriplePoint Capital LLC
Janice Roberts,
Mayfield Fund
Scott Rodrick,
Rodrick Management Group
Michael Rubenstein,
Community Volunteer
Barbara Shapiro,
BLS Partners
Susan Twietmeyer,
Cisco Systems, Retired
Community Advisory Council
Eric Brandenburg,
n Monday, September 19th, the kids staying at the House got a special
treat—a new playground structure thanks to the generosity of the Boris and
Vera Bogart Foundation.
It is important for the House to have areas in which children can play safely. Many of the
kids, both patients and siblings, spend their days in hospital rooms and clinics, often cooped-up waiting for
tests and results. Returning to the House after a long day and being able to expend their energy and anxiety by
climbing and playing helps both the kids and their parents cope with the situation they are in.
While Boris and Vera Bogart were never able to have children of their own, they wanted to make a difference
in the lives of children. By starting a foundation they felt they could affect meaningful change in the lives of
individual kids, and help society as a whole. Now managed by their nephew and great-niece and -nephew, the
foundation continues to improve the lives of children facing mental, physical and financial challenges.
While planning for the construction, the House found the costs would be a little higher than originally
planned. Expecting to have to purchase soft playground mulch for under the structure, they contacted Rubber
Bark in Ballico in California’s Central Valley. To their surprise the owner, Rob Nairn, generously donated all of the
bark needed!
Thank you to Robert, Ina and Alex Parr of the Boris and Vera Bogart Foundation, and Rob Nairn of Rubber
Bark for making this project a reality!
Brandenburg Properties
Mike Casey,
Rosewood Hotel
Maryles Casto,
Casto Travel
Hope for Elijah
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Harvey Cohen, M.D.,
Stanford University School of
Ron Conway,
Angel Investors, LP
Brad Lyman,
Cornish & Carey
Paraag Marathe,
San Francisco 49ers
Susan Orr,
Packard Foundation
Joe Simitian,
California State Senate
Roger Sippl,
Sippl Macdonald Ventures
Larry Sonsini,
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Peter Ziebelman,
Palo Alto Venture Partners
For staff directory, please visit
Melody and Ronnie attributed their son’s
amazing recovery to the power of prayer and
hope. “We just kept going and going to get this
done,” recalled Melody, “we always brought a
hopeful atmosphere into our room, we never spoke
negatively.” They also had a “village” standing
behind them. During their ordeal, the family
received tremendous support from their home
town of Sonora. An email request to pray for Elijah
was passed to more than 10,000 people and more
than 800 attended a dinner to raise money for
his medical expenses—a meaningful gesture for a
family who could no longer afford the $10 a night
requested from the House.
For the family it was a relief that they had the
House to stay at during Elijah’s recovery, and not
just for financial reasons. Melody explained, “it’s
not healthy for him to be home right now.” The
family was in the middle of renovating their house
when Elijah got sick, and it was still half torn up.
Ronnie bought several heavy duty air purifiers to
help keep the air clean.
The good news was that Elijah was recuperating
better than expected. While it was still too soon
for the doctors to say that he was in remission, all
tests continued to come back with no evidence of
the cancer remaining in his body. At the end of
October, he started maintenance therapy—
a six-month routine which involves cycles of two
weeks at home and two weeks in the hospital.
R- L E
V I , E XE
he Silicon Valley Community Foundation
recently commemorated its 5th anniversary
with an event that celebrated the power of
philanthropy and recognized the Bay Area community
for its dedication to making the world a better place. At
the heart of our area’s success is first and foremost the
deep-seated belief that we have the power to affect change.
It’s true that as individuals, we often feel powerless to
address a major problem. Yet, when we come together
as a collective whole, we have the capacity to solve
crises, build hospitals, provide disaster relief,
and house the homeless. Philanthropy offers
the vehicle through which we can make a
difference. It is our opportunity to put our
greatest values to work, whether it be through
financial support, volunteering, or
But what is it that motivates us
to act? As one of the speakers
suggested, it is living “with a
sense of renewal and hope,”
a sentiment that echoes Dr.
Hope is the cornerstone
of the House’s mission.
Philip Zimbardo’s words from our Children’s Circle
Reception that “we must be future oriented to be
successful in life.” It’s also a belief that most families
staying at Ronald McDonald House at Stanford
embrace wholeheartedly—this issue’s cover story, in
particular, demonstrates the power of faith in a better
future. When we live with hope, our eyes are open to
the possibilities that exist before us and we focus on
the destination rather than the roadblocks.
Hope is the cornerstone of the House’s mission.
Together, our efforts are providing a place where
seriously ill children can recover faster in the
arms of their loved ones. In fact, we consider
Ronald McDonald House at Stanford the
place “where hope has a home.”
The Legacy Pin is a small token of
appreciation members receive.
s a loyal supporter of the Ronald
McDonald House at Stanford,
have you considered a legacy of
giving beyond your lifetime?
The Children’s Legacy Circle recognizes
those generous individuals who have included
Ronald McDonald House at Stanford in their
estate plans as a beneficiary in their wills,
trusts, IRAs, life insurance policies or bank
There are no dues or obligations of any
kind, and membership can be anonymous
or changed at any time. Benefits include
invitations to special events, recognition in
House publications and the confidence that
the House will honor your gift, invest it
wisely, and use it as you intended. Simply put,
Children’s Legacy Circle membership is an act
of faith in the House’s future.
Our Professional Advisors Council includes
many charitable gift planning experts who are
happy to work with your own professional
advisor and have agreed to one-hour
complimentary consultations for potential
Ronald McDonald House donors regarding
estate gifts to the House.
If you have already included the House
in your estate plans, or would like more
information about joining the Children’s
Legacy Circle, please contact Chris Hirano at
(650) 470-6037 or [email protected]
n Thursday, August 25th, nearly
150 guests gathered at Ronald
McDonald House at Stanford
to honor the members of the
Children’s Circle. Senator Joseph Simitian
greeted the dedicated group of supporters, and
invited several to the stage to be recognized,
including: Diane Claerbout, who has applied
her healing hands to House guests as a massage
therapist for more than five years; Dave
Schaub, for undertaking his cross-country
fundraising drive a second time; the Boris
and Vera Bogart Foundation, whose funding
of the House’s new playground structure
recognized that even seriously ill little ones
need a safe place to play; Ronald McDonald
House Charities of the Bay Area, for their
firm commitment to bettering the lives of
children in our community; the Sobrato
Family Foundation, whose grant publically
identified the House as an efficient and
well-run charity worthy of investment; and Art
and Lisa Zafiropoulo, who have demonstrated
unsurpassed leadership in supporting the
Keynote speaker Dr. Philip Zimbardo
shared with the audience his own narrative of
being a seriously ill child in 1930s New York,
a story which he had never before revealed
in public. Guests were also treated to hors
d’oeuvres generously provided by Left Bank
Restaurant, wine from Vino Locale, and
desserts courtesy of Creative Cake Bites. The
event was organized for the fifth year by Kristi
Rossi, whose hard work embodied the amazing
talents of all House volunteers.
Thank you to everyone who helped the
House honor those who have dedicated their
time, talent, or treasure to make a difference in
the lives of families with critically ill children.
From left to right: Keynote Speaker Dr. Philip
Zimbardo with Barbara Oshman; Honorees Art
and Lisa Zafiropoulo with Board of Directors
President Brad Lyman; Robert and Alex Parr,
of the Bogart Foundation
Light the House
Thursday, December 1
Family Reunion (by invite only) – 4:00 pm
Community Lighting Celebration – 5:00 pm
Kick off the holiday season with Ronald McDonald
House at Stanford! Join us as we Light the House
and celebrate with hot beverages and cookies.
House families are invited to a reunion party
prior to the lighting. Invitations were mailed in the
last week of October. If you did not receive an
invitation, please call (650) 470-6000.
To help maintain clinical integrity, please be sure that all items
are new and in original packaging. Thank you for your desire
to help!
• Gift Cards – Safeway,
Target, Wal-Mart, Jamba
Juice, Starbucks
• Small Puzzles
• Small Boxes of LEGOs
• Craft Kits for Girls and Boys
• Barbies
• Matchbox Cars
• LaLa Loopsy Figurines
• Polly Pocket Miniatures
• Zhu Zhu Pets
• Littlest Pet Shop Items
• Webkins
• PS3, Wii and Xbox 360
Games (E and Teen Ratings
• Infant Toys (0-18 months) –
Teething Rings, Pacifiers,
Rattles, Blocks, etc.
• Baby Einstein Products
• Circo Products
You can view more Wish List items and access the House’s
Target registry by visiting http://www.ronaldhouse.net/
Pampering the Families
here’s nothing like a new haircut or a
relaxing massage to lift your spirits, and this
is especially true for families of seriously ill
children. The House is able to provide some of
these comfort services free of charge to families
through the generous support of volunteers who
dedicate their time and talent to making smiles
increase and stress levels decrease.
Diane Claerbout learned firsthand how
powerful massage can be when she was given
one during a critical point in her life. The
experience was transformational and lead her to
pursue a certification in massage therapy. “For
many parents, a caring, nurturing, attentive touch
is the only thing that relaxes them with everything
going on in their lives,” she explained. Diane,
who logs over 400 hours a year, is one of two
volunteer massage therapists currently serving at
the House.
Fran Alvarez, the co-owner of a local beauty
shop, volunteers twice a month to cut hair at
the House. “I always wanted to get involved,”
she said, “but I didn’t quite know how.” Fran’s
patience with squirming little “clients,” talent
for converting harried mothers into radiant,
confident women, and language skills that ease
anxious, Spanish-speaking dads makes it so that
her appointments fill up fast.
True Salon in Palo Alto offers haircut
vouchers to families staying at the House. “I
believe that business owners of our community
should all reach out the help where needed,”
said Owner Lori Romero. Jenny, whose daughter
recently received an organ transplant, couldn’t
remember the last time she’d had a haircut. “It
felt like such a special treat to go to the salon,
get my hair shampooed and cut,” she revealed,
“it’s something I couldn’t have afforded to
do and now I even wear my hair down
“Spa Sundays” are organized by Sophie’s
Heart, an organization founded by Amy
Castillo, a former House mom. Amy and her
friends drive all the way from Monterey to
convert the library into a makeshift spa, offering
pedicures and manicures. “I was one of those
families who stayed at the House off and on for
three years, through all five of my daughter’s
heart surgeries,” Amy remembered, “I knew I
could give back and I am pleased at all of the
volunteers willing to give up their weekends
and help.”
If you are interested in “pampering” the
families at the House, please contact Family
Services Director Bri Carpaño-Seoane at
[email protected]
How to
Talk to your Kids about
A natural
disaster is an excellent
opportunity to teach your children about
the power of philanthropy, and how individuals can
come together to make a difference in the lives of others.
But how do you teach your child the everyday side of charity? How do
you make giving a way of life?
The Family Education Network advocates for teaching children about philanthropy
as part of a larger lesson on sound financial management, focusing on the concept that
everyone has the ability to give money, but the amount or percentage will vary. One idea is
to ask children to divide their money into two different piggybanks (one for savings and one for
charity), presenting them with a visual representation of the direct connection between their savings
and giving to charity. For Ava, learning about philanthropy started as a toddler with a “mitzvah jar.”
Every week she would do a good deed, or mitzvah as they are known in the Jewish tradition, and place
her financial reward in a jar. Helping kids become “piggybank philanthropists,” like Ava, teaches them that
saving for their future is just as important as donating to help others.
According to blueavocado.org, one of the best ways to make philanthropy stick is to encourage children
to seek out organizations that speak to their values and interests as individuals. Discussing your child’s concerns
about the world is a great way to identify the kinds of charities they could support. Ava’s mother Janice thought
it was important that her little girl choose the charity she wished to contribute to. “Ava heard about Ronald
McDonald House when she was watching TV, so she asked about it,” Janice recalled, adding, “then she got
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Money-Smart Kids (Alpha Books, Inc.) suggests personally delivering
donations to the organization and bringing the children along. “Kids love to tell people what they are doing
and for whom–it makes them very proud. They love the fact that they can see Ronald McDonald House and
know that there are children inside who they have helped,“ related Jeanne, a pre-school teacher who
actively engages her students in philanthropic projects at school.
Yet, one of the most powerful ways to inculcate charitable behaviors in children is for parents
to exemplify them. “Our family expectation is that each of us will give back as we are gifted
and able,“ said Liz, a mother, House Volunteer and nurse at Lucile Packard Children’s
Hospital. Additionally, parents should include their children in the decision making
process. Although complex financial concepts may be difficult for young children to
understand, it is important to sit with them when writing checks or reviewing
an organization’s materials. Including kids in the discussion will help
them understand how the family’s donations will directly
impact the populations they care about.
ven though you must be 16 years of age
or older to Volunteer at the House, kids of all
ages can help make a difference in the lives of
families with seriously ill children.
Here are a few of our favorite ideas:
• Organize a Penny Mania competition at your
school to benefit the House. For instructions,
visit http://www.ehow.com/how_5425129_
hold-penny-war-fundraiser.html. To register
your school, contact Bri Carpaño-Seoane at
[email protected] The winning classroom
will receive a prize!
• Research Ronald McDonald House at
Stanford, by visiting www.ronaldhouse.
net, and write an article in your school or
community newspaper to raise awareness
about what the House does and ways people
can help.
• Invite your friends over to watch “Cars 2” and
witness Lightning McQueen and Mater take
on Tokyo. Have each guest bring along new
and unused matchbox cars to donate to the
• Ask family members to bring canned food to
your holiday celebration. The House stocks
a community pantry with low sodium soups,
vegetables, fruit, and beans.
• Assemble season-themed snack packs for
families. Decorate plain paper bags with fall
or winter themes. Place non-perishable items
inside, including: a
small bottle of water,
single serve soups, fruit
snacks, a granola bar,
etc. Fold the bag over
and staple it closed.
• Instead of receiving
birthday gifts from
friends, ask them to
bring a toy from the
House’s wish list to
your party or specify
YOUR favorite items
on the wish list for them to purchase and
donate in your honor.
Many thanks to our generous donors
Due to space limitations, we regrettably cannot list donors below $150. Please accept our sincere appreciation.
Raymie Stata & Kimberly Sweidy
Janice M. Roberts
Bob & Meryl Selig
Sobrato Family Foundation
William S. & Janice R. Anderson
Phil & Linda Anthony
Paul R. & Sandra Bonderson, Jr.
Rich & Beth Brenner
Michael Brownstein & Denise Grant
Bonnie Cashin
Gerald & Jeanne Casilli
Scott Chopin
DeBartolo Holdings, LLC
DemandTec, Inc.
Steven & Wai-Ling Eng
David Holmes & Deanna Starnes
C. Brad & Twinkie Lyman
Jim & Kimberly McCaughey
Mark Moskowitz & Mindy Cheng
Nicholas & Catherine Noviello, Jr.
Barbara Oshman
Doyle & Sherry Rundell
Nick Slonek
Spring Lamb Barbeque
Nan & Leighton Strader
David & Erika Taxin
UBS Employee Giving Programs
Wells Fargo Bank - Private Client
Leetha Yee
Ian & Claudia Knight
Bay Area McDonald’s Co-Op
Boris & Vera Bogart Foundation
Estate of Josephine Truzzolino
PILLARS $10,000+
Andy & Nita Gibson
Cindy Schlaefer
Arthur & Lisa Zafiropoulo
Paul & Peggy Connors
Kathy & Bob Courson
Mark B. & Kelley Roberts
Diane Weiss
BUILDERS $3,000+
Karen Boyd & Brad Finkelstein
Jon & Suzanne Bruce
Gilbert Bugg, Jr.
Danford Foundation
Jorge Zaragoza Fuentes
Manuel & Elizabeth Henriquez
Mary Alice Kelly
PG&E Corporation Campaign for
the Community
AT&T Services, Inc.
Paul & Deborah Baker
Louis Berlot
Renee Bourdet
Mark & Diana Bowler
John Buck
Barry Campbell
Nigel Carroll
Hutch & Dawn Collier
Concrete Coring Company
Emily Fairbairn
Bammer Flippo
Abel Campos & Araceli Flores
Rich & Nanette Freedland
Glastender Inc.
Robert & Kathi Goldberger
Cory & Nicole Goligoski
Martin Guerrero
Rachel Guerrero & Nancie Farris
Jody & Joe Horowitz
HP Company Foundation
Joe & Ritsuko Iwasaki
Chop & Annette Keenan
Paul & Andrea Koontz
Rajeeva & Sangeeta Lahri
Lawford Media, Inc.
Katharine A. Martin & David Laurits
Paul & Lilia Martin
Carlos & Christine Martins
Renee McDowell
Ethna McGourty
David & Honey Meir-Levi
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Sherrie & Bill Millichap
Nanya Technology Corporation
Won Sup Park
Darren & Alicia Phelan
Pitman Farms
Tom Rees
Scott & Jenny Rodrick
Toni & Ed Sarraille
Stuart & Josie Shiff
Paula Shuer
Boyd C. & Jill J. Smith
Scott Sutherland & Lesley Gold
Barbara & Mel Taylor
UBS Foundation USA Matching Gift
United Way Silicon Valley
Dennis & Kathy Varni
Elizabeth Wadas
Wells Fargo Community Support
Jeremiah & April Anderson
Perry Ashworth
Elizabeth Axelrod
Andrew & Susan Baker
Thomas Baker
Bill Bananco
Barlocker Insurance Services of San
David J. Berger
Ronald Berki
Alex Bianchi
Michael Blum
Elizabeth Bodine
Bohannon Foundation
Kyle & Caroline Boller
Stephanie Bourassa
Ben Boyer
Sam & Kelly Bronfman, II
Greg Buchner
Gary & Clydene Bultman
W. L. Butler Construction, Inc.
Antonio & Lyzbett Caliz
Edward Calvello
Debi & Bill Campbell
Capitol Auto Club - Thunderbolts
Kristin Cashin
John & Nancy Cassidy
Andy Chase
Theodore Chuba
Classic Party Rentals
Margaret Corkery
Dave & Denise M. Côté
Michael & Theresa Dahlbeck
Carey & Jamie D’Alessandro
Kerry & Howie Dallmar
Christopher & Elizabeth Dawes
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Richard & Stephanie Donafrio
David Dornan & Harumi Shimizu
Erik & Leslie Doyle
Rudolph W. Driscoll, Jr.
Wallace & Sherrie Epstein
M. W. Farino Foundation
Bill & Michelle Feldbrill
Daniel & Yvonne Fimby
Firefighters Charitable Foundation
Sue & Sean Foley
Forties Limited of Orange County
David Frank
Harry Gabe & Jennifer Whelan, III
Beverly & Len Gabrielson
Gilroy Honda
Google Matching Gift Program
John Hahn
Holly Hebard
Damian Hedley
Heintz Vineyards & Winery
Christopher Hirano & Chiyomi
Craig Holsopple & Marie Purisima
Jimmy & Sachiko Hong
Mike & Dede Huffman
Derk Hunter
JD Strategies, Inc
Mark E. & Diane Jensen
Kaiser Permanente Community
Giving Campaign
Craig Kalinowski
Kristopher Kallstrom
Mike Kelly
Vinay Khanna
Brad & Kathryn Klaus
Anthony & Alicia Kreshock
Jerilyn Kugel
Wayne Kumagai
James Labe
Wendi C. Landa
Steve & Tammy Landon
Scott Lassetter & Cindy Roser
Ralph Lechadores
Peter Lee
R. A. Lehnert & Laurie Quintel
Polly Liu
Larry & Heather Lustig
Larry & Julia Macneil
Geri & Scott Macomber
Paraag Marathe
Sherry McGuire
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Anthony McKeon
PJ & Carol Mecozzi
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Shelley & David O’Such
Oracle Corporation Matching Gifts
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Peter & Susanna Pau
Lars & Valerie Pedersen
Matt & Tyler Pender
Will & Karen Perakis
Pete & Jake’s Hot Rod Parts
Bill & Nancy Quintel
Thomas & Lauren Rettagliata
Mark Roberts
Sally & John Robinson
Mr. Jeffrey Rodgers
Rolling Bones Hot Rod Shop
Bert & Mary Rouleau, D.M.D., M.S.
June 1 to August 31, 2011
Due to space limitations, we regrettably cannot list donors below $150. Please accept our sincere appreciation.
San Luis Roadsters
Norberto Sanchez
Yvonne Sangiacomo
Craig & Cathy Schrader
Stanton & Marile Shelly
Taber & Tina Smith
David & Donna Soo
Tod & Diana Spieker
St. Paul’s Lutheran Family WELCA
Joyce & Bruce Steakley
Shane Stent
Judie & David Stepner
Brad & Nancy Switzer
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Edwin & Julie Tadokoro
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Jeanette Kennedy
Allstate Giving Campaign
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Sunol Valley Golf Club
Kevin & Barbara Sypniewski
Keith Tandowsky
Philip & Julie Taylor
Mr. Brett Thomas
Chris Tsakalakis
Eugene Turkov
Teresa Uribe
United Way of San Joaquin County
John Vidalin
VOX Printing
Rachel Warner
Blake & Lou Ann Winchell
Chris & Kim Worrall
Worthing Capital
Chen Yu
Peter H. & Cindy Ziebelman
Accuray Incorporated
Alexis & Madison Tortorici
The gifts listed below have a
declared value of $500 and above.
Alexander Atkins Design, Inc.
American Airlines
Calafia Cafe
Errol Carlson
Mark & Jackie Curtis
Chris & Kathyrn Davis
Rachel Dovek
Cindi Durchslag
Dean & Katherine Filice
Jerry & Sally Howard
Left Bank
Patty Lemos
Jackie Moliis
Motion Textile, Inc.
Mr. Rooter Plumbing
National Association of Ticket
O’Connor & Sons Electrical
Stephen & Janet Peat
Rosewood Sand Hill
Michael & Lisa Rubenstein
Silver Oak Cellars
Skip’s Tire & Auto Centers
Southwest Airlines Company
Jannelle Spann
Dawn Stockholm
Steven & Susan Swanson
John & Nancy Turek
Stephen & Amy Venuto
Vino Locale
Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
Kathy Wright
Honor someone special in your
life or celebrate a milestone event,
birthday, marriage, or holiday while
helping the hundreds of families
who call the House “home” each
year. Donor is listed after the event
or person they are honoring.
Denice da Gloria-Wurnitsch
Matt Berlin
Bill & Linda Black
Margaret Jimenez
Gary & Mary Cary Coughlan
Lindsey Fish
Jackie Walker
Laura Miller & Stephen Wagner
Lee & Rosalie Hicks
Madeline Oliver
Todd & Suzy Oliver
Elenka Stoyanof
Stoyanof’s Cafe & Restaurant
Jeffrey Tortorici
Making a memorial gift is a
meaningful way to honor the
memory of a loved one. All
memorial gifts are designated to the
Children’s Legacy Fund Endowment,
making your gift a lasting tribute.
Donor is listed after the person they
are memorializing.
Any Angel taken back to God
Sabrina Thompson
Alberto Arroyo
Juvenal & Alicia Arroyo
Kristin M. Crudo
Tim Crudo
Sandra Lubina
Joan Walters
Brady Mostes
The Caldwell-Fisher Foundation
Timothy & Melissa Draper
Lum Parenti, Zero Lar y, Mark
Farmer, Evelyn Dobert, Sammy
Thomas & Lauren Rettagliata
Yesenia Peguero
Arturo Peguero
Jennifer Tegley
Tina Ferguson
Carrie Thomas
Diane Hawkes
Jacob Wells
Leatha Dimas
ach Fall, the House creates hundreds of paper
ornaments, each one listing a household item or toy
needed for the House or our families. Participation
in the Giving Tree Program is a wonderful way
to support the little ones at Ronald McDonald House at
Stanford and a meaningful holiday activity for families,
schools, businesses, Scout troops, and office parties.
n November 20th, Team Ronald McDonald
House will be walking and running the Big
Sur Half Marathon on Monterey Bay. In its 7th
season, the team has 34 participants, including
two mother/daughter pairs and a House mom. So far, the
team has raised $25,000 to support families at the House.
Our thanks go out to the volunteer staff making the
event possible: Head Run Coach Jennifer Babcock, Head
Walk Coach Christina Del Villar, Assistant Run Coach
Rob Babcock, Assistant Walk Coach Ken Seto, and Team
Manger Lisa Young.
Thank you also to the team members who have dedicated
their time (and sweat) to participating in the event:
Joy Admana
Sonja Avery
Mara Brodsky
Angela & Josie Butler
Debra Chauvel
Diane Galazzo
Renee & Mark Greenstein
Danielle Guerrero
Juliet Haataja
Cassandra Haughey
Pauline Hill
Stephanie Hu
Kelli King
Marilyn Lattin
Christine Martins
Sascha Mowrey
Joan Opp
Rahul Reddy Padigela
Reene & Jodi Paley
Lisa Pinner
Michael Rubenstein
Jessica Sanchez
Jamie Schein
Meryl & Rob Selig
Barbara Shapiro & Mark
Lee Thorpe-Critten
Allison Tilley
Susan Twietmeyer
Lisa Vierra
You can support the Team through a donation at http://
www.firstgiving.com/TeamRMH, or by cheering them on the
day of the race!
1. Request ornaments for your tree. The more you request, the
more families you will help! Contact Bri Carpaño-Seoane,
Family Services Director, at [email protected] or
650-470-6008. Please include:
• Number of ornaments needed
• Contact person’s name
• Contact person’s email address
• Projected delivery date
2. Use the ornaments to decorate a tree at
your business, school, office or church.
3. Hold your drive to collect the
items listed on the ornaments. Purchase the items yourself,
and encourage clients, students, friends and family to take
ornaments. Duplicates are acceptable and appreciated!
4. Bring the unwrapped items to the House with the ornament
attached. When you drop off your gift, you will be asked to
complete a donation form.
December 19th
Monday thru Friday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
We Remember...
These children will live in our hearts forever:
Hannah Ahrens
Elijah Anishchenko
Olivia Davis
Dylan Frick
Rachel Kim
Kurtis Lindsay
Edison Reyes-Alvarado
Sophie Salmond
Raul Silva
Jennifer Tegley
Lex Lee Thao
Melanie Toun
Jacob Wells
Cassidy Wheeler
Levi Wion
In Their Own Words
Letters from families who have stayed at
Ronald McDonald House at Stanford
Words cannot expr
ess our
sincere appreciation
and undying
gratitude for your
help and
support these past
months. You
have made us feel so
and like a part of yo
ur extended
Mammy Ma, Oliva,
Elisa, Mommy
& Papa
On October 3rd,
San Francisco 49
ers took
time out of their bu
schedule for a bo
game tournamen
t with
House kids.Clockw
from top left: Josh
Morgan and Daim
Joe Hastings and
Costanzo with Eri
c in the
Garden Immune
tting us
k you for le ifficult and
We would
ring thos
House du ou for providing us
ank y
g days. Th
tting us s
g , espec
ser to our
hat we c
so helpful
there so t Everyone had been ally
re’s re
girl, Melan
to us. The thank you for
and very g
o say but
re for us t
& Donny
s feel welcomed
W always
by the Ronald McDonald
House…what an immense
difference you are making
for parents whose hearts
are breaking. The House
supports, uplifts, warms
and feeds the body, heart
and mind.
Ali, Brenton & Tatum
Nonprofit Org.
U.S. Postage
Palo Alto, CA
Permit No. 290
Ronald McDonald House at Stanford
520 Sand Hill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304-2001
Tel 650.470.6000
Fax 650.470.6018
Please check your mailing label. Is your address correct?
Please make any changes and mail to the House at the address above.
If you would prefer to receive your newsletter electronically,
email your request to [email protected]
Design & Production: Alexander Atkins Design, Inc.
Get Involved!
Upcoming events at the House and ideas for projects to sponsor.
1, Thursday
“Light the House” Annual
Family Reunion and Party
ÍMake my annual gift to the House
and get a great tax-deduction
January 2012
23, Monday
Intro to Volunteering
ÍHold a “Welcome Pack” Party to
make goodie bags for the families
1, Wednesday
Bi-monthly Professional
Advisors Council Meeting
ÍRun a “wish list” drive at work for
5, Friday
First Friday Tour and Lunch
ÍDrop off treats for all the mothers in the
House in honor of Mother’s Day
items for the Happy Wheels hospital
10, Saturday
Denim to Diamonds Gala
ÍReview my estate plans and make
the House a beneficiary of my
To view the full
calendar, register for an
event, or sponsor a project,
please visit us online at

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