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business times - Midlands Latino Community Development
The MLCDC Journal
MAY 2010
Celebration and Concerns Hit the Latino
This past month was very important for the Latino Community in the USA. On
one hand, people celebrated the Cinco de Mayo weekend. Parades were held
throughout the United States, dancers performed traditional Mexican folkloric
dances, and there was a general sense of celebration. In Omaha, organizations
such as the Mexican Cultural Arts Center and the South Omaha Business
Association, hosted these celebrations at the Kroc Center and La Plaza de la Raza
respectively. However, in the other hand, concerns developed for Latinos due to
recent changes in Arizona law in regards to identifying “illegal” immigrants and
the effect this may have on other states. Students from UNO, Creighton
MAY 2010
BY: Marta Sonia Londoño
María Elena Castro
Yesenia Wilson
Photos: Marcela Morales
María Elena Castro
Comments to:
University and other institutions held a rally on Saturday May 1 at 23 and N
4923 S. 24th Street
Suite 201. Omaha, NE.
streets in regards to this law.
[email protected]
Coincidentally, MLCDC recently presented speakers on the immigration problem during the April breakfast. They
hosted two prominent experts in the field to talk about issues facing Latinos nationally and locally. Dr. Lourdes
Gouveia from UNO and Rosa Ortiz, Accredited Immigration Specialist with Lutheran Family Services spoke on the
issue. Many people will never know what an immigrant’s life is like; many believe that they are here to “take jobs”,
avoid taxes or to take advantage of government assistance. However the life of an immigrant is much more than
that. Their life is a struggle; a struggle to survive, to fit in a country that is not their own, and a fight for basic human
rights! To help dispel misconceptions about immigrants, we need to start by educating people about their reality.
First of all, immigrants, documented and undocumented pay taxes just like any US citizen. Whatever job they take,
whether it is in fast food, meat packing plant, or any other place, taxes will be taken out of their paycheck. But
what most people don’t know is that once they pay taxes they never get any returns at the end of the year.
Previously, the biggest problem for immigrants was language but, this is a problem that is slowly being remedied.
Currently the problem consists of the lack of knowledge by some members of the traditional American population
in regards of immigrants
Photos by: Eliazar Ramírez
Marcela Morales
Midlands Latino Community
Development Corporation
(MLCDC) expresses its gratitude to
Miguel Gonzalez and his company
Gonzalez Painting for the Great
Work they have done in our
Proud to have you as a Member!
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*DO YOU NEED SPANISH FOR YOUR BUSINESS? Spanish Classes can help you to better serve the
Latino Market. The classes are directed at business owners, professionals or individuals that are
interested in doing businesses with the Latino community. For More Information, please contact
Yesenia Wilson at (402) 706-7818 or (402) 933- 4466.
INTEGRATION LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE is offering the conference “Understanding the Latino Market
for Expanding your Business” Because good businesses know that it is not enough to simply have a
bilingual staff. For More Information, please contact Yesenia Wilson at (402) 933- 4466
*Monthly Educational Business Program: How to Prepare a One Page Business Plan. This training is
designed to help and support small business owners or anyone who wants to start up a business. The
speaker will give the participants all the necessary tools and easy steps to create a plan for their
business. The participants will have a face to face opportunity for technical assistance. Also, they will
receive a book and a CD in Spanish. May 4th, 6th, 11th, and 13th from 5:30 – 8:30 pm. For more
information please call at (402) 933- 4466. SPACE LIMITED.
*Monthly Educational Breakfast: MLCDC hosts a monthly educational and networking breakfast, at
4923 S. 24th Street Suite 201- second floor. Come and Join us on May 14th 2010 from 8:00 – 11:00 am.
Sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank.
*Monthly Educational & Networking Childcare Meetings: Childcare providers and their staff meet once
a month in order to receive training and discuss different challenges they are facing in their businesses.
Next meeting will be hosted on Saturday May 22nd at MLCDC. Participants will learn about Children
and Nature.
Photo by: AIM Institute
Midlands Latino Community Development Corporation (MLCDC) is happy to announce
that has been awarded a grant of $25, 000 from Compassion Institute of the Midlands for
capacity building assistance in three areas: Organizational Development, Evaluation of
Effectiveness and Community Engagement.
MLCDC has helped Latinos in South Omaha create new businesses, jobs and economic
self sufficiency through effective educational programs and technical assistance. It has
strong leadership and a strategic plan with clearly defined goals through 2012. However,
the organization needs capacity building assistance in three areas to reach its goals:
1. Organizational Development: MLCDC needs new computers, peripherals & software
to continue to offer Training and job development. The Executive Director needs a
convenient reporting system to show progress on achieving strategic goals, document
results and show accountability for Board directed Initiatives.
2. Evaluation of Effectiveness: MLCDC needs to identify client characteristics, criteria
which show program outcomes, and develop an effective methodology for compiling the
information and writing reports billing with the progress of our efforts.
3. Community Engagement: The website needs to include new programs and services,
and have a better management system so content can be easily updated.
This grant will help MLCDC to build capacity in these areas and reach goals defined in its
strategic plan.
ABM Enterprises
Alfonso Hardwood Floor
Andres Apestigue.
Bertha Mancilla
Claudia Zapata.
Decoraciones Lupita.
Dora’s Daycare.
Edllyn Personal Assistant.
El Alamo Restaurant.
El Dorado Restaurant.
Estrellitas Del Futuro
Giovy Demiranda
Gonzalez Painting
Hood Cleaners Mr. Cruz
Jormar Construction.
La Cabaña de Franko.
La Palma Market
Lynda Shafer.
Machu Picchu Imports.
Marcela Morales.
María Bonita Mexican
María Elena Castro.
Mariachi Los Andariegos
Marina Mendoza.
Marta Sonia Londoño.
Mejor Vision.
Metro Omaha Women’s
Business Center.
Mis Hijos Childcare.
Modista La Fiesta II
My Little Candies.
Novedades El Progreso.
Pettis Law Office.
Primerica – Mary Onken.
Professional Associates.
Plaza Latina.
Prouty Place Dos.
Reyes’ Modista y Regalos.
Rosangela Godinez
State Farm-Matt Ricchini
South Omaha Arts Institute.
Susana Pettis.
Taxes by Professionals.
Timko Tax Services.
Vega Beauty Salon.
Wellsfargo Bank.
Wright Printing
Zoraya Hernandez
Take the chance to connect with the Latino community through our free MLCDC on line bilingual directory. At you will be able to find any company or organization that provides bilingual services to our
community. Also you will be able to promote for free your non-profit organization all during 2010.
Latinodir is promoted in the community by the following:
 5,000 magnet cards are being distributed in Greater Omaha.
 Advertising through Radio Lobo.
 Advertising through local newspapers.
 Advertising through e-mails to the MLCDC database and website.
 Advertising through the MLCDC Business Times Journal.
 Advertising through direct marketing: MLCDC classes, OPS, and different presentations.
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