scripture readings for the week of the trinity



scripture readings for the week of the trinity
FEBRUARY 16, 2014
Readings for the Week of
BEREAVEMENT GROUP, for those who have lost a
February 16, 2014
loved one will meet on Thursday, February 20, in Classroom B
at 1:15PM. If you have any questions, please call Sr. Charline.
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sir 15:15-20; Ps 119; 1 Cor 2:6-10; Mt 5:17-37 or 5:2022a, 27-28, 33-34a, 37
Jas 1:1-11; Ps 119; Mk 8:11-13
Jas 1:12-18; Ps 94; Mk 8:14-21
Jas 1:19-27; Ps 15; Mk 8:22-26
Jas 2:1-9; Ps 34; Mk 8:27-33
Saint Peter Damian, Bishop and Doctor of the
Jas 2:14-24, 26; Ps 112; Mk 8:34–9:1
The Chair of Saint Peter the Apostle
1 Pt 5:1-4; Ps 23; Mt 16:13-19
Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time
Lv 19:1-2, 17-18; Ps 103; 1 Cor 3:16-23;
Mt 5:38-48
Our St. Ambrose Parish is in great need of ushers. Whether you
are an usher, or wish to be one, please attend our gathering in the
Narthex of the Church on Wednesday, February 19, at
from 3:30PM until 4:30PM.
God bless each of you who have so generously responded in
support of the 2014 Diocesan Services Fund. If you have heard
Christ’s call and have not yet responded, please do so. Help us
to attain our goal of $80,450.00. If you prefer to donate online,
visit www.archghorg/dsf.
with Fr. Dat Hoang and Sr. Anita, are coming to the Archdiocese
this fall. Fr. Dat Hoang and Sr. Anita Brenek bring local, national, and
world vocations-related news, including the vocations forecast in this fastpaced morning show. Be a part of the studio audience and enjoy
breakfast, round-table discussions, networking, and a Holy Hour with
vocations-minded Catholics. Registration begins at 8:30AM, live show at
9:00AM and Holy Hour at 11AM. Dates and locations: March 1, 2014 at
St. Joseph Catholic Church in Baytown; April 26, 2014 at St. Vincent de
Paul Catholic Church; and, May 3, 2014 at St. Martha Catholic Church in
Kingwood. Register now for free tickets by contacting the Office of
[email protected] Breakfast will be courtesy of the Serra Club of
Monday, February 17
8:00AM Oscar Thomas
Tuesday, February 18
8:00AM Adelina Santos
Wednesday, February 19
8:00AM Anton A. (Tony) Havel
6:30PM(Spanish) Rosalina Herrera
Thursday, February 20
8:00AM Alice and Tony Korenek
Friday, February 21
8:00AM :John Whelan & Claire Whelan Coale
Saturday, February 22
8:00AM Johnny:Lynn Waltmon
5:00PM Brad Barron
Sunday, February 23
8:00AM Dinh Do
10:00AM James Lenahan
12:00Noon(Spanish) In Thanksgiving from the Perales Family
5:00PM(English) Carmen Luna Deon
Let us pray for all those who have given their life for our freedom and
for those who are serving in our military at home and abroad and
especially the following: Victor J. Broussard, Peter Zachary Carroll, ,
Samuel Castillo, Brandon Cook, Matthew Cook, Master Sgt., Dean
Crawford, Evie Estrada, Nephew Brandon Falcon, Robert Freedman,
Olivia Garza, , Captain Mark Grahmann, Matthew Grissom, Timothy
Groh, Lee Anthony Guerrero, Andrew S. Gutierrez, Bernie Hanus,
Christopher Hernandez, Lucas Hernandez Matthew Hernandez, Mia
Hernandez, Sean Dietrich Hrncir, Samuel Dylan Hrncir, Captain Mary
Hrynyk, Captain Jason Hrynyk, Anthony Handy, Ivan Ibabao, Elizabeth
Grassmann Ibabao, Kelpen, Kayla Loff, Robert Marquez, Jr., Aaron
Limas, Captain Andrew Locke, Daniel Martinez, John Martinez, Major
Kelly McGovern, Gamaliel Nava, Tony Noser, Dominic Patronella,
Jeremy Redman, Captain Jonathan Reed, Casey Rogers, Daniel Salinas,
The Smith Family, Oscar Sicola
is every Wednesday after the 8:00AM Mass.
RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is a process
whereby adults learn about the Catholic Church. If you would
like to learn more about our faith, Baptism, First Eucharist or
Confirmation, call the Religious Education Office at 713-6863857.
Please pray for the speedy recovery of the following :
Jacqueline Aguilar, Barbie Alexander, Rena Alonso, Gertie Atchison,
Tammy Babineck, Agnes Bashinski, Kelli Bevans, Dwayne Bilski,
Lukas Bobb, Lee Ann Boutte, Bill Boyd, Imogene Boyd, Logan Brown,
Arlie Brennan, Charles Brennan, Linda Cameron, Mark Carson, Edith
Carson, Benny & Mary Cedillo, Katie Clark, Faye Collins, Elizabeth
Cunningham, Henry Davis, Albina Diehl, Betty Devine, Jimmie
Dostalik, Mary Derkowski Dowling, Chinh Duong, Joanne Ensz,
Landon Faterkowski, Roy Faust, Jonathan Flemate, Robert Freeman,
Kevin French, Louanna Portier Gellien, Donna Gillispie, John Graham,
Leticia Graham, Octorio Gutierrez, Carlos Guzman, Bennie & Leona
Hanus, Myra Hearn, Alice Hernandez, Angela Hernandez, Israel
Hernandez, Lucy Herrada, Rachel Herrera, Donald Hunt, Pauline
Hutchings, Wiley Inman, Mario Jimenez, Bill Kominczak, Henry
Kopycinski, Connie Kelpen, Hilda Kennedy, Julie Korst, Michael
Lafferty, Marcela Lewis, Josephine Lovato, Carlos Lavato, Dominic
Lucio, Martha Maldonado, Ellen Marinucci, Edmund Mazoch, Sharon
McLeod, Justin Mendez, Sylvia Medina, Yolanda Medina, Pauline
Michals, Michelle Miller, Pauline Morin, Louise Mock, Mark Mosser,
Gloria Nunn, Kristen Oden, Christi Ortiz, Robert Peres, Frank and
Johanna Petronella, Melody Perez, Esther Price, Ernest Prodraza,
Alberto Ramirez, Emily Rivera, Jeff Rivera, Cindy Rocha, Belinda
Rocha, Hazel Rollins, Selma Salazar, Rene Salinas, Joe Sanchez, Deena
Skucius, Mertie St. Pierre, Jon Stevens, Avelina Suarez, Dolores
Tijerina, Daria Titts, Dan Mark Torres, Ken Vollbrecht, Michael
Walker, Paul Whelan, Marjie Waltmon, David Zaborowski. .
of St. Ambrose – Cenacle Silent Lenten Retreat –
Once again our parish ladies are invited to attend a retreat at the
Cenacle Retreat House, 420 N. Kirkwood, just off the Katy Freeway on
Friday, April 4, 2014, 7:00PM through Sunday, April 6, 2014 at
1:30PM. The days are scheduled with conferences with our retreat
master, Reverend Joe Nassal, CPPS, quiet time, private conferences
with Reverend or the Cenacle staff, as well as free time too.
The theme of the retreat is “The Breath of Life: Honoring the Mystic
Within”. During this retreat, we will explore how we can honor the
mystic within each of us by becoming aware of the love that God has
kindled in our hearts.
Don’t miss a truly wonderful weekend. Transportation is arranged.
Call Juana G. Sandoval for more information, questions, or reservations
at 281-451-412 or 713-688-0702.
GOLDEN YOUTH will meet today, February 16, in the
cafeteria at 2:00PM in cafeteria. We will have a dynamic
speaker, Fr. Page E. Polk, director of the Catholic Chaplin
Corps. Please bring your favorite finger food to share.
All those age 55 and older are invited to attend. You will be
glad that you came.
Dear Friends:
We have a tremendous treat in store. A Minister who
experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) and has
written a book about it titled "90 Minutes in Heaven" is
going to come to our February 26 meeting
and relate his NDE and answer your questions. You
Our special treat on the 26th will be DON PIPER - in
person. This will be our final meeting.
Bob Connor
Serve God through your sacrifice of time and talent, serve the parish
community as an assistant to the priest at Mass, and build new
relaitonships through involvement with other altar servers and ministers
of the church.
Altar serving training will be offered Saturday afternoon from 3:304:30PM on February 22nd and March 1st .
Participants must have
received Holy Communion to qualify, and are encouraged to remain
afterwards to attend the Saturday 5:00PM Mass with their classmates.
Please call Jerry Rog at 832-420-4426 to register for the classes.
MEN’S CLUB – Men’s Club will meet Monday
February 17, in the auditorium at 7:00PM. All men of the parish
are invited to attend and join this dynamic organization of St.
Ambrose. Hope to see you there!
It takes much effort just to make ends meet in our world today.
Do you wish you could talk about something besides all the
stresses in your life? Jesus said: “I will put my spirit in you that
you may live.” Come to a Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Weekend and experience Jesus’s love through your spouse in a
unique way, deepen your communication, and nourish the
spirituality in your marriage. To find out more about upcoming
weekends, visit or call 713-482-1791.
FEBRUARY 16, 2014
Growing in Fai
St. Ambrose Bingo will be held on Tuesday, February 18, at 7:30AM in
the auditorium. We will be calling one (two) Bonus Ball Numbers.
Come and bring your friends and neighbors.
February 9, 2014
Loose Checks
Mail Ins
$$ 9,015.00
$ 2,100.00
Thank you for your support.
BOD $49.00
Finance Council
AND INDIAN MISSION will be taken up at all the Masses the
weekend of March 8-9, 2014. Please mark your calendar.
Please remember in your prayers the repose of the soul of Robert
(Bobby) Peres, husband of Joan Peres. Pray for the peace and
comfort of his loved ones.
One Family Under God
The annual St. Ambrose church bazaar is scheduled for Sunday
April 27th. The church bazaar is the single largest fundraiser the
church participates in. We are looking for volunteers who would
like to help make the bazaar a great success for our parish. If
you would like to help chair an activity booth, food booth or just
share ideas we need your help. We will have our next planning
meeting Sunday, March 2nd at 1:30PM in classroom A. Please
email Jerry Farek at [email protected] or 713-443-9254 or
Lori Woods at [email protected] if you would like to
help plan this exciting event. We look forward to having a
wonderful community event to build an even stronger church.
Hope to see you there.
Visit our PLANT BOOTH for
Big Plants – Small Plants
Short Plants – Tall Plants
Skinny Plants-Fat Plants
Fluffy Plants – Indoor Plants
Plants In Pretty Pots – Gifts for all Seasons
CHRIST WANTS YOU! People who are interested in
serving God by visiting the sick, the poor, the lonely, those in
prisons and the aged,, please call the St. Vincent DePaul Office.
Please give some of your time to this important calling. If you
have any questions, please call the St. Vincent de Paul Office at
YOUR HELP IS NEEDED - In order to have our records in the
office up-to-date, we need your help. If you have changed your
address, telephone number, or have moved out of our area,
parish, please call the Parish Office at 713-686-3497. Thank
Manna Food
Pantry is now open from 10:00AM to 2:00PM the first Saturday
of every month. MANNA Food Pantry is operated out of the
Temple Oaks Baptist Church, located at 2101 West 34th St. Call
713-682-7556 for more information.
ASH WEDNESDAY, March 5 .2014
Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of fast and abstinence
during Lent.
Fasting binds all persons who have completed their 18th birthday
and through those who have completed their 59th year, unless
prevented by poor health. In days of fast, one full meal is
allowed. Two other meals sufficient to maintain strength may be
taken according to one’s own needs. Eating between meals is
not allowed although fluids may be taken.
Abstinence binds all persons who have completed their 14 th
birthday. On days of abstinence, the consumption of meat is not
allowed. The Church strongly encourages the observance of
Friday abstinence, but failure to do so is not regarded as sinful.
Lent is a penitential season, and religious practices such as daily
Mass, the Sacrament of Penance, the devotion of the Stations of
the Cross, works or charity and justice, and acts of self-denial
are highly encouraged.
Domingo 16 de febrero de 2014
6º domingo de tiempo ordinario
Eclesiástico 15,16-20: Dios no ha dado a nadie
permiso de pecar
Salmo 118: Dichoso el que camina en la voluntad del
1Corintios 2,6-10: Dios predestinó la sabiduría antes
de los siglos para nuestra gloria
Mateo 5,17-37: Han oído lo que se dijo a los
antiguos, pero yo les digo…
Muchas veces creemos que el cristianismo es
una lista larga de normas y mandamientos que
debemos cumplir. Es más, parece que Cristo, en este
pasaje, nos complica más nuestros deberes. Pero eso
no es el cristianismo: "No se comienza a ser cristiano
por una decisión ética o una gran idea, sino por el
encuentro con un acontecimiento, con una Persona,
que da un nuevo horizonte a la vida y, con ello, una
orientación decisiva". (Deus Caritas est, n.1). Es sólo
a través de Cristo, del prisma de su amor, que se
puede, no sólo entender, sino sobre todo vivir lo que
nos corresponde como sus seguidores.
Si atendemos bien, la lista de leyes que Cristo
perfecciona en este evangelio tienen necesariamente
un punto de unión con el amor, sea a Dios o al
prójimo. Acaso, el saber perdonar al que nos ofende,
al que ha dañado nuestra familia, nuestro trabajo,
nuestro interior o nuestra situación económica, ¿no es
el acto supremo del amor? El guardar nuestra pureza
de corazón y de cuerpo, ¿no es un acto heroico de
amor a nuestro Señor? El matrimonio, ¿no se puede
traducir como fidelidad en el amor que Dios unió? Y,
la coherencia en los deberes contraídos ante Dios,
¿no es una postura de un alma que quiere amar con
Sólo Cristo nos da la fuerza, los ánimos, el
coraje y la paciencia para ser auténticos seguidores
de su Persona; sólo así, nuestro compromiso de
cristianos deja de ser un peso y se convierte en una
respuesta de amor al Amor.
Cristo viene a "dar plenitud" a ley y a los
profetas. Viene a purificar en el fuego lo que le
impide a nuestro corazón darse plenamente a Dios.
Lo que Cristo pide es un plus de justicia en la
convivencia con los demás; un plus de santidad en la
realización de nuestras tareas más ordinarias; un plus
de generosidad en nuestra oración, en la vivencia de
los sacramentos: "si su justicia no es mayor...".
Por eso para Cristo no basta hacer justicia
humana con el que nos ofende, pide que lo
perdonemos, que nos reconciliemos con él. No le
basta que no se cometa adulterio, quiere que
custodiemos la pureza de nuestro corazón con una
voluntad tajante: "si tu mano derecha es para ti
ocasión de pecado, córtatela y arrójala lejos de ti".
No le basta la ley del divorcio, sino que
correspondamos al designio divino sobre el
matrimonio (cfr. Mt 19, 4). A Cristo, en fin, no le
basta la vivencia externa de nuestros deberes de
cristianos: ¡quiere nuestra coherencia, nuestra
sinceridad de vida: "digan sí cuando sea sí..."!
Con la colaboración de
Horario de Servicios
Lunes a Sábado
8:00 a.m. Misa en Ingles
6:30 p.m. Misa en Español
5:00 p.m. Misa en Ingles
8:00 y 10:00 a.m. Misa en Ingles
12:00 p.m. Misa en Español
5:00 p.m. Misa de Jóvenes
Exposición del Santísimo 8:30 a.m. a 6:15 p.m.
Rosario en Español 10:00 a.m.
Oración de la Divina Misericordia 3:00 p.m.
Miércoles de 5:30 a 6:15 p.m.
Sábado de 3:30 a 4:30 p.m.
Misa de
La misa es a las 5:00 p.m.
1er y 3er domingo en español
2do y 4to domingo en Ingles
5to domingo del mes será bilingüe
Exposición del
Se les hace una cordial invitación
para que pasen tiempo en adoración
frente al Santísimo. Está expuesto todos los
miércoles después de la misa de 8:00 a.m. hasta las
6:15 p.m. en la capilla.
FEBRUARY 16, 2014
Te invitamos a rezar el Santo Rosario en la iglesia cada
domingo a las 11:30 a.m. para prepararnos a celebrar la
Santa Eucaristía.
Devoción a la Sangre Preciosa de Nuestro
Señor Jesucristo
Te invitamos todos los jueves
De 11:00 p.m. a 3:00 a.m. en la Capilla
para más información llama a
Lupita Cedillo al 713-956-6422
El Grupo de Oración
Les invita todos los viernes de 7:00 a 9:30 p.m.
Tienen predica, alabanzas y sanación.
Acompáñelos a crecer con el Señor y a tener una
experiencia inolvidable con Jesús.
Los bautizos son el domingo después de la
Misa de 12:00 p.m.
Las fechas de los bautizos son las siguientes:
16 de Marzo 2014
20 de Abril 2014
18 de Mayo 2014
15 de Junio 2014
20 de Julio 2014
17 de Agosto 2014
Necesita llenar la forma de registro y entregarla
con una copia del certificado de nacimiento del
bebé. Los papás y los padrinos deben tomar las
clases para bautizos. También se le va hacer una
cita con la Hna. Barbara Tovar.
Clases para bautizos:
Las clases para bautizos son el primero y segundo
martes del mes de 7:00 a 9:00 p.m. en el salón A
Las siguientes clases para bautizos son:
Marzo 4 y 11, 2014
Abril 1 y 8, 2014
Mayo 6 y 13, 2014
Junio 3 y 10, 2014
Julio 1 y 8, 2014
Agosto 5 y 12, 2014
St. Ambrose
Los retiros de ACTS son un servicio a la Iglesia para la
promoción de la fe, la renovación moral de la vida
cristiana y sin dejar de reconocer los cambios que afectan
a cada tiempo.
Costo de Inscripción
La cuota de inscripción incluye todas las comidas,
alojamiento y transporte.
Mujeres $170.00
El retiro de mujeres será del 13 al 16 de Marzo, 2014
Para más información al respecto llame o venga a la
oficina de la parroquia para inscribirse con:
Angélica Lucio
Bendiciones especiales
 El 1er domingo del mes es la presentación de los niños
recién nacidos.
 El 2do domingo del mes es la presentación de los niños
de 3 años.
 El 3er domingo del mes es la bendición para las
parejas por su aniversario de bodas.
Sábado 1 de Marzo del 2014
6:30 p.m. en el Gimnasio
Aprende mientras te diviertes explorando lo que
se necesita para una Quinceañera
Admisión $20.00
Para más información
llama a Silvia Núñez al 713-686-3857
Todos están invitados
La Asociación Guadalupana Arquidiocesana les hace
una cordial invitación a hombres y mujeres a un dia
de reflexión el Sábado, 22 de Marzo en el Auditorio
aqui en la Iglesia de San Ambrosio. Las
registraciones empezaran a las 7:30 a.m., para más
información llame a Alejo Herrera al 832-640-0986 o
María Luisa Herrera al 713-682-4217
Sunday Masses, special Archdiocesan Liturgies, and other services
and celebrations. Anyone with an interest in Music or Singing is
encouraged to join one of the choirs briefly outlined below. For more
information, please contact Veronica Stevens, Music Director, at 281440-4445, or visit with her after any weekend Mass.
CHORALE, Saturday evening Mass at 5:00PM
Contact Veronica Stevens at 281-440-4445
FAMILY CHOIR, Sunday Mass at 8:00AM
Contact Robert Korst at 713-688-0046
LITURGICAL CHOIR, Sunday Mass at 10:00AM
Contact Veronica Stevens at 281-440-4445
SPANISH CHOIR, Sunday Mass at 12:00Noon
Contact Alpha Omega Cruz – 281-808-3430
SAIL AWAY ON A 7-NIGHT Catholic Alaska Cruise with
Fr. John Ossino August 24 through August31, 2014 on Holland
American Statendam out of Vancouver, Bristish Columbia.
Prices begin ar $177 for two passengers and includes all port
fees and taxes. Daily Mass offered. Deposits of only $350 per
person. Call Doug or Eileen at 860-399—1785 for further
Appropriate Mass Attire:
Please know that there is appropriate dress for those attending Mass and
coming to the Lord’s table on Sundays or daily mass. Ladies should
have their shoulders and backs covered and no plunging necklines or
short shorts. Gentlemen should at least wear nice shirts and slacks. If
you are serving as a Liturgical Minister: Usher, Hospitality, Eucharist,
or an Altar Servers, you are asked not to wear flip-flops, tennis shoes,
shorts and please no jean or sweatpants. We appreciate your
Also, please refrain from bringing FOOD AND DRINKS INTO THE
CHURCH, such as, Cheerios, Raisins, candy, gum, drinks, etc., out of
respect to our prayerful environment. In order to keep our church clean,
beautiful and inviting for all those who come for mass, it is necessary
that we all do our part!
material to be made into Prayer Blankets in the church office.
The material has been matched. It needs to be washed, cut, and
stitched. If you can help, please call Sr. Charline at 713-6822242 or stop by the office and pick up a package.

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