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Prairieview School - Community Consolidated School District 46
October 14, 2011
Dear Parents and/or Guardians,
Thank you for attending your child’s goal setting conference last week. It’s hard to believe that Fall is
here! In addition to conferences being held in October, several Fall Festival activities are planned for the
week of October 24th at Prairieview School, including:
daily activities to recognize Red Ribbon Week (10/24-10/28).
wearing costumes to school on Friday, October 28th. Remember that there are a limited number of
adults available to help assist students with their costumes. Costumes worn to school should be
comfortable and conducive to learning. When helping your child choose a costume, please remember
weapons and other suggestions of overt violence are not allowed. Please keep in mind some families
are deeply offended by the representation of witches, ghosts, vampires, devils, werewolves, and
a costume parade for children and teachers of grades PMK-4 will be from 12:50 P.M. to 1:00 P.M.
We hope you can join us to observe the parade! The parade route is scheduled to take place
through the main hallways. Parents are welcome to observe the parade by standing along the
perimeter of the hallways. Parent party volunteers will need to arrive early to obtain a security
afternoon K-4 classroom parties will be from approximately 1:00 P.M. to 1:50 P.M.
in order to prepare for dismissal, we ask that parent party volunteers leave the bus parking lot by
a parade for AM Kindergarten and Full Day Kindergarten classes is scheduled from 9:30-9:40.
Parents are welcome to meet their children in the classroom and join the parade. (All visitors
should sign in at the office before entering the building.) Classroom parties will then be held from
9:40-10:30 for AM and Full Day Kindergarten.
If your child is unable to participate in these celebration activities, please contact the Prairieview School
office or send a letter in to your child’s teacher. We are happy to plan other activities in which your child
can participate.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at 543-4230 or via email at murray.vince For specific questions regarding classroom parties, please contact your child’s teacher.
Vince Murray
October 14, 2011
Estimados Padres o Encargados,
Gracias por asistir a la conferencia de su hijo de el establecimiento de metas la semana pasada. Es difícil de
creer que el otoño ya está aquí! Además de las conferencias que se celebra en octubre, varias actividades
del Festival de Otoño se han previsto para la semana del 24 de octubre en Prairieview la escuela, incluyendo:
actividades diarias para reconocer Semana de Cinta Roja(10/24-10/28).
uso de disfraces en la escuela el viernes, 28 de octubre. Recuerda que hay un número limitado de
adultos disponibles para ayudar a los estudiantes con sus disfraces. Disfraces usados en la escuela
deben ser cómodos y propicio para el aprendizaje. Al ayudar a su hijo a elegir un disfraces, por
favor recuerde las armas y otras sugerencias de la violencia abierta no están permitidos. Por favor,
tenga en cuenta que algunas familias se sienten profundamente ofendidos por la representación de
las brujas, fantasmas, vampiros, demonios, hombres lobo y duendes.
un desfile de disfraces para niños y maestros de los grados K-4 será de 12:50 a 1:00. Esperamos
que pueda unirse a nosotros para disfrutar de el desfile. La ruta del desfile está programada para
realizarse a través de los pasillos principales. Los padres son bienvenidos a observar el desfile de pie
a lo largo del perímetro de los pasillos. Voluntarios para las celebraciones en el salón deberán llegar
temprano para obtener una insignia de seguridad.
Las fiestas de celebración en los salones será de 1:00 P.M. a 1:50 P.M.
para para prepararse para la salida, le pedimos que los voluntarios de las fiestas dejen el
estacionamiento de autobuses a la 1:50.
un desfile para las clases AM Kinder y Kinder de día completo está programado desde las 9:30-9:40.
Los padres son bienvenidos a observar y ayudar en los salones y unirse al desfile. (Todos los
visitantes deben firmar la Oficina antes de entrar en el edificio.) La fiesta se celebrará a las 9:4010:30 de la mañana y Kinder de día completo.
Si usted no desea que su hijo participe en estas actividades de celebración, por favor póngase en contacto
con la oficina de la escuela de Prairieview o envíe una carta al la maestra de su hijo(a). Planearemos otras
actividades en las que su hijo puede participar.
Como siempre, si tiene alguna pregunta o inquietud puede llamar al 543-4230 o vía correo electrónico a
murray.vince @ Para preguntas específicas sobre la celebración en el salón, póngase en contacto
con la maestra de su hijo(a).
Vince Murray
Prairieview PTO Pride
October 14, 2011
Volume 5, Issue 4
Movie Night
PTO Board Members
Don’t forget – TONIGHT is Movie Night!
This year, we will be showing Gnomeo
and Juliet, so get in your pj’s, grab some
pillows and blankets and come join us
for a fun, relaxing evening. Popcorn,
drinks, and other goodies will be
available for purchase at the concession
stand. And, don’t forget, if you ordered
Affy Tapples, they will be available for
pick-up either after school or before the
movie! Please see the attached flyer for
more details!
Kristi James – President
Market Day
Upcoming Events
Movie Night,
Friday, Oct. 14th
Affy Tapple pick-up,
Friday, Oct. 14th
Market Day pick-up,
Saturday, Oct. 15th
LifeStyles fundraiser
orders due,
Thursday, October 18th
Red Ribbon Week,
October 24 – 28
RSVP deadline for Boy
and a Buddy Night,
Friday, November 11th
Boy and a Buddy Night,
Friday, November 18th
Market Day pick-up will be held tomorrow,
Saturday, October 15th . Since Prairieview
School is the District 46 host school for this
pick-up, we appreciate everyone who has
stepped up to volunteer and ensure that
the pick-up runs smoothly!
Red Ribbon Week
The week of October 24th will be Red
Ribbon Week at Prairieview School.
Red Ribbon Week is the country’s
oldest and largest drug prevention
campaign, and is a week to celebrate
healthy lifestyle choices for the
students. Each day of the week will
feature a different theme for the
Monday – Wear favorite team jersey,
hat, or colors
Tuesday – Wear sweatpants and
Wednesday – Wear red
Thursday – Dress like a twin
Friday – Dress up for Halloween
We hope you will encourage your
student to take part in the week’s
activities because that makes it more
special and memorable for the kids.
Also remember to ask them the types
of things they are talking about and
learning during that week! We are
looking forward to a great week for
the students!
[email protected]
Beth McGowan – Vice President
[email protected]
Kathy Stanislowski – Vice President
[email protected]
Staci Parmer – Treasurer
[email protected]
Stephanie Arnopolin – Ways and Means
[email protected]
Jacki Galauskas – Ways and Means
[email protected]
Tina Coleman – Volunteer Coordinator
[email protected]
Jessica Kern – Secretary
[email protected]
Melanie Bruce – Newsletter
[email protected]
Prairieview PTO Pride,
page 2
Fundraiser Notes
This past week we sent home brochures for the LifeStyles fundraiser. This
is a great way to raise money for the school as well as get some early
holiday shopping done! There is a short turnaround on this, as orders will
be due back on Tuesday, October 18th!
Also, if you chose not to purchase an Entertainment Book, they were due
back to school two weeks ago! We still have quite a few books missing, so
we ask that you please return the book if you are not purchasing it. If you
would like to keep it (and there are a lot of great coupons in it), please
send a check for $25 payable to Prairieview PTO ASAP.
Finally, we hope you have been saving up your BoxTops! During Red Ribbon
week there will be a chance for your kids to vote on the Best Halloween
Costume using BoxTops, so stock up extra between now and then and don’t
forget to send them to school with your kids! Thanks for supporting
Boy and a Buddy Night
It was so much fun last year, we will be having another Boy and a Buddy
Night this year on Friday, November 18th. This is a night for boys to grab
a guy in their life – dad, uncle, family friend – and spend time doing boy
stuff! There will be games, food, raffles, and boy-centric crafts (light
saber making, anyone?). For $5 per person, you get dinner, popcorn, a
drink, one free raffle ticket, and a night full of fun and games. So, mark
down the date on your calendar for this Space-tacular Boys Night Out! For
more information, see the attached flyer.
If you haven’t had a chance to check out the SchoolaMoola website,
please do! The SchoolaMoola program is a photo fulfillment website
similar to Snapfish or Shutterfly. You can order photo prints, calendars,
cards, and photo books – all of the same things you order from those
online photo websites. Except, up to 40% of the sale comes to back to
Prairieview so that we can continue to fund enrichment opportunities
for our kids! Please check out the website at and see the flyer on the next page. Any
of your friends or family members can also order from this website, so
be sure to share the link with as many people as you can. This is an
ongoing fundraiser, so you can use it throughout the entire school year!
As we get into the fall and you start thinking about photo Christmas
cards, please think about ordering them from SchoolaMoola this year!
Caitlyn in Mrs. Zeigler’s Class thinks
responsibility means, “To get your homework in on time.”
Brian Buchert, Caytee Welch, Joey Happ
Kharys Edwards,Angel Cruz, Devyn Tellez-Perez,
Nick Juenger, Ruthie Pignatari, Kaitlyn Tagarao,
Nathan Shriberg, Grace Connoy, Clayton Garrison,
Rhiannon Luth, Ryan Si, Gwendolyn Thommes,
Katie O'Connor, Ethan Feldman, Alyssa Kuhn,
Lizbeth Orozco, Isabel Garza, Ally Struck,
Samantha Galauskas, Raegan Hawn, Jacob Redker,
Jassmin Ramirez, Luiz Mendoza, Will Doninger,
Henry Dodds
Lexi Summers, Luke Mudd, Olivia Guerra,
Tatum Schuerman, Niko Reyes
Ava Bruce, Jacob Hollen, Bella Brady, Sahn Kim, Annick Bottomley, Evan Kuzeja,
Angela Macias, Alma Ghalili,
Leo Lam, Drew Arnopolin, Charlotte Shafer,
Angela Caliendo, Alexander Kurzeja, Jake Stanislawski,
Leah Carter, Chase Mittlestaedt, Talah Mekki
Rachel from Mrs. Peterson’s Class thinks that responsibility means, “To pick
your stuff and do what your grownups say to do.”
Rachel Smigielski, Katelyn Stickney, Tori Caliendo, Bryce Nicoli, Siddharth Acharya,
Sophie Goemans,Meaghan Stahoviak and Jake Connet,
Zoe Hannemann, Lucas Takiff, Jon Richard, Toma Buchyms, Jesus Tellez,
Lily Bassett, Kassidy Wilkinson, Damaris Riano, Nathan Parmer, Chase James, Theo
Giannios, Anahy Hernandez, Adema Kalstrup, Joe Rozzoni,
Xavionna Wright, Zachary Lackner, Shannon Hill, Eddie Carter, Lizzie Green, Jaime
Echevarria, Olivia Ferris, Andres Garcia, Dustin Keefe, Destiny Sanchez, Josh
Griffiths, Owen Holevas
Cecilia in Ms. Hurley’s Class thinks responsibility means, “To always be done on
and to be ready.”
Evan Mittlestaedt, Micaela O'Halleran, Desiree Pletz, Ira Wright,Emmy Bongiovanni,
Madelynn Struck, Mary Kate Drevlin, Brett Arnopolin,
Jonas Sjodin, Grace Serres, Robert Graham, Madeline Peterson,
Jocqael Thorpe, Chantel Gerow, Alec Dempsey, Emma Pryzbylsk, Dylan Racho,
Crystal Rameriz, Richie Pignatari, Abbie Juenger, Luis Martinez-Gonzalez, Darby
Lux, Nicole Papin, Mark Herrmann, James Rohlfing, Justin Crundwell, Sophia Bruce,
Jovan Perez, Jordain Maglaque, Ivan Vazquez
Jenna from Mrs. Erickson’s Class thinks responsibility means, “To do something
you’re suppose to do.”
John Kalstrup, Audriana Tapia, Jared Stickney,
Mell Sanroman, Johanna Torres, Azann Mohiuddin,
Khairy Fiala, Sam Krischak, Dasha Merkulova, Jayden Spaethe,
Logan Spaulding, Jacob Astigarraga, C.J. Heraty,Seja Kern, Kaitlyn Consing, Andy
Berkinshaw, Brendan Veenstra, Jenna White, Jordan Cuellar,
Osman Querishi, Samantha Waszak, Danna Romero, Tommy Jakubowski, Savanna
Mundinger, Tyler Kalata, Cassie Poray, Eian O'Connor, Natasha Davila,
Brendan Parmer, Abby Barfield, Logan Holevas, Zoe Spiwak
BUS #1
Evany Rivera, Nicole Papin, Shannon Hill,
Angela Caliendo, Kristina Galeczka, Jack Moran,
MaryJo Connet, Brady Mann, Evelyn Hauer, Zackary Lackner, Angela Macias
BUS #2
Maggie Jensen, Ralph DeLeon, Jasmine Knoll, Ashton Sanderson, Eddie Carter,
Noah Bowman, Noor Zamamiri
BUS #5
Marcus Maristela, Lucas Mozayeni
BUS #7
Lucy Johnson,
Cooperation and Problem-Solving are the Life Skills for October.

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