A tognum Group Brand
Engine Overhaul:
Giving your engine
new life.
Power. Passion. Partnership.
Subject to change. | 3233511 | 1/10 | VMD 2010-09 O | Printed in Germany on chlorine-free bleached paper.
Setting the standard
Let MTU complete your engine’s overhaul and return it to you as good
as new. Our engine overhaul program utilizes genuine new MTU parts and
MTU_ValueExchange parts to help your engine meet new-product
standards for performance, warranty and appearance. The engine
maintains its identity throughout the overhaul.
MTU overhauled engines feature the same level of durability, reliability,
performance and economy that you expect from a new engine. You will
continue to receive the same high level of service and support throughout
the life of the MTU overhauled engine, bolstered with a complete line of
consumables to maximize service life.
MTU remanufacturing begins with a complete engine disassembly, right
down to the last bolt. All parts are thoroughly cleaned and inspected
according to factory guidelines. We reuse any components that can be
restored to original factory blueprint and quality specifications.
Our MTU_ValueExchange process ensures competitive turnaround
Your benefits
—Engine overhaul maintains the engine’s identity, making it easier to
track usage, calculate residual value and perform other financial
—Overhauled engines share the same reliability and performance
advantages of new MTU engines.
— Only genuine MTU parts and components are used.
— One-year/unlimited hours warranty; extended warranties and options
are available.
—Overhauled engines share the same MTU custom parts book,
publications, online tools and services with new engines.
—Overhauled engines are tested using the same procedures as new
engines. Test results are available.
—Upgrades and modifications can be included at your request.
—If reclassification is required, the class surveyor attends the whole
overhaul process and acceptance test. MTU provides necessary
documents for reclassification.
For more information, please contact your local MTU service center.
Any components that are worn, damaged or have outdated design, as well
as all wear parts are replaced with genuine MTU parts. We reassemble the
engine using standardized, factory-approved methods. Overhauled
engines from MTU are tested and updated to meet original factory
performance requirements.
Europe I Middle East I Africa I Latin America, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, 88040 Friedrichshafen, Germany, T +49 7541 90 3322, F +49 7541 90 3923,
[email protected], I Asia I Australia I Pacific, MTU Asia Pte. Ltd., 1 Benoi Place, Singapore 629923, Republic of Singapore,
T +65 6100 2688, F +65 6860 9950, [email protected], I USA I Canada I Mexico, MTU Detroit Diesel, Inc.,
13400 Outer Drive West, Detroit, Michigan 48239, USA, T +1 313 592 7000, F +1 313 592 3883, valueexchange_r[email protected],

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