Oxford Berkeley Program


Oxford Berkeley Program
Oxford Berkeley Program
Oxford Awaits!
Experience the tradition and intellectual challenge of
studying and living at University of Oxford in this unique
three-week summer seminar program. Join other intellectually curious adults for a scholarly adventure within the
Oxford Berkeley Program
Join us this summer, and discover firsthand why people
return year after year to enjoy the magic and tradition of Oxford.
Select one of several seminars to enrich your understanding of English
culture and history. In a small classroom setting, you learn from Oxford
dons who are experts in their fields and enthusiastic teachers.
hallowed walls of one of the world’s oldest universities.
Browse this brochure and visit our website to discover the intellectual
adventure you’ve been waiting for. We’d love to share this experience
of a lifetime with you.
Historic Setting
Live and study at Merton College, one of the oldest colleges at
Ramu Nagappan
Christopher Day
Program Director
Program Director
Oxford and—with its medieval architecture, picturesque gargoyles
and mullioned windows—one of the most beautiful. Immerse yourself in the timeless daily rhythms of life at Oxford: morning seminars
with your tutor, discussions over tea with classmates, afternoon
strolls through Oxford’s botanical gardens and world-renowned
museums, and evenings spent taking in the theater at Oxford
Playhouse or having a pint at the Turf Tavern.
Engaging Seminars
Like-Minded Peers and Outstanding Faculty
Choose one of many seminars covering a variety of topics that are
sure to provoke stimulating debate. During the three-week session,
your seminar meets every weekday morning, with the afternoons
kept free for independent study. Before arriving, you receive an
in-depth reading list so you can prepare to participate fully.
Expand your friendships, and enjoy the company of other
intellectually curious adults from across the country: teachers,
doctors, retirees, students, homemakers and others. You learn
in small seminars led by British university scholars who are
experts in their fields.
Academic Focus
Experience Oxford as a student, not a tourist. Browse original
documents in the world-famous Bodleian Library to supple­
ment your learning. During the course of your seminar, you
present your research, get supportive feedback and
produce a short paper based on your interests.
Topics span many interest areas.
Experience an essential part of your seminar.
Select one seminar for your three-week stay that will
develop your interest in British culture and history.
Discover something new to be passionate about—
from the art of the English garden to the societal
roles of castles and country houses, from a character
in Shakespeare’s works to the consequences of war
on Britain’s global identity. Past seminars include:
Immerse yourself in college life with your stay in the halls of residence.
Merton was one of the first colleges to house students on site, though
the accommodations have been updated since the 13th century!
Elizabethan World
of Place: Houses and Landscapes in
English Life and Fiction
the Victors Lose the Peace? History,
Politics and Economics: 1945–2015
Lovers and Poets in Shakespeare’s
Comic Worlds
Visit extension.berkeley.edu/oxford for this year’s
seminar topics.
Typically, you live in a historic hall with simple student furnishings.
Most rooms have shared bathrooms, though a few feature bathrooms
en suite.
Your breakfast and lunch are included, as are dinners in the magnificently appointed Hall. These shared meal times are an excellent
opportunity to get to know your fellow students better—particularly
those participating in different seminars—so you can exchange stories
and expand your circle of friends. School staff members dine in Hall
at High Table. Each evening, they invite a few students to join them
and to have cocktails beforehand. During the course of the program,
every student receives an invitation.
Take a walk outside of the classroom.
Mornings are spent in seminar with your fellow students, but you
still have plenty of time to enjoy the university, the town and the
surrounding countryside. Students always find a fascinating array of
extracurricular activities, whether it’s attending a concert or sitting in
a pub with some newfound friends. Explore the bustling culture of
the city, while away the summer hours on a punt in the Cherwell or
the Thames, or even steal away to London for a glittering night—
the possibilities for pleasure are endless.
If you are studying the work of Shakespeare, a trip to London’s restored
Globe Theatre is a must to understand how the Bard’s plays were
experienced by his contemporary audiences. Great houses underline
the power and influence of England’s ruling families and expose you
to a wealth of art and architecture that informs your studies.
You typically take three field trips during your stay. These are led by
the seminar tutors and linked to the particular seminar you attend.
Oxford, of course, contains its own trove of history and beauty, and
you are encouraged to spend your afternoons in more leisurely investigations of the local scene.
Physical requirements: Participants must be in good physical and
mental health and be able to keep up with the pace of the group on
field trips and while navigating the medieval halls and steps of Merton.
Please see the website for more details and requirements.
Prerequisite: You must be at least 19 years of age to participate in the
Oxford Berkeley Program. We recommend that you have completed
at least two years of college. For important information about your
enrollment and student record, visit extension.berkeley.edu/info.
Oxford Berkeley Program seminars run
for three weeks in the summer.
UC Berkeley Extension reserves the right
to cancel any course due to insufficient
enrollment or other circumstances, in
which case all program fees are refundable. UC Berkeley Extension is not responsible for nonrefundable air ticket costs or
any other travel or accommodation costs
not included in the program fee.
Academic credit (optional)
“Getting to be a student at
Merton College is something that
so few people have the chance to
do, and I loved being able to live
in dorms and actively be a part
of a campus that is hundreds of
years old. I feel so fortunate to
have met such inspiring people
from across the U.S. who have
already accomplished so much in
their lives.”
— Katie Forsyth
“The academic experience is the
reason that I plan on furthering
my education at Oxford. The
teachers were first rate and
an honor to work with in class.
The social interaction was a lot
of fun and added to the overall
educational experience, both on
and off campus.”
— Scott Shriner
Three semester units (upper-division
undergraduate or professional credit) may
be earned in each seminar. Note: If you
plan to apply the credit toward a degree,
you must check with your institution to
confirm that it will accept transfer credit
from UC Berkeley Extension.
How to enroll
You may enroll by phone, mail or in person. A deposit of $500 must be included
to reserve your space; early enrollment is
advised. Please see the website for enrollment deadlines and seminar information.
The program fee includes the seminar fee,
single room, all meals (Monday–Friday,
Saturday and Sunday breakfast, Sunday
dinner), general lectures and receptions;
it does not include field trips or travel to
and from Oxford. Please see the website
for additional information on fees and
their deadlines.
Refund policy
Please see the website for details on the
refund policy and the deadlines. UC Berkeley Extension cannot make exceptions to
the program refund policy. We strongly
recommend the purchase of vacation
cancellation insurance; UC Berkeley
Extension is not responsible for nonrefundable air ticket costs or any travel or
accommodation costs not included in the
program fee.
Vacation cancellation insurance
Vacation cancellation insurance can protect against nonrefundable costs incurred
when travel must be canceled on short
notice. Please contact your travel agent
for details.
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Please note
UC Berkeley Extension reserves the right
not to accept any person as a participant
in the Oxford Berkeley Program or to
require any participant to withdraw from
the Oxford Berkeley Program when such
action is determined by a UC Berkeley
Extension representative to be in the
best interests of the health, safety or
general welfare of the individual or
program participants.
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Oxford Berkeley Program
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