August 23, 2015 - St. Peters Catholic Church, Waldorf Maryland


August 23, 2015 - St. Peters Catholic Church, Waldorf Maryland
A Catholic community
devoted to deep and
abiding friendship
with Jesus Christ
Established 1700
3320 St. Peter’s Drive
Waldorf Maryland 20601
Mission Statement
Saint Peter’s Church is a Catholic community devoted to deep and abiding
friendship with Jesus Christ. We strive to build upon the legacy of faith entrusted
to us by the Catholic pioneers who courageously established Saint Peter’s – an
ethnically and economically diverse community unified through the power of
the Holy Spirit in the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Mindful of this legacy as well
as our need for ongoing conversion amidst new challenges, today, in our fourth
century, we seek friendship with Jesus through our commitments to:
• Understand and proclaim His saving truth revealed in the
Bible in union with the official teaching authority of the
Catholic Church.
• Worship joyfully His living presence in the sacraments,
especially the Eucharist.
• Recognize His face in those we are privileged to serve and
protect, particularly the poor and vulnerable.
• Welcome Him in each other through our fellowship and
unity amidst the rich diversity of our parish community.
• Encounter Him and the beauty of His creation by preserving
our parish as a peaceful and prayerful sanctuary.
• Hear His personal call to holiness and help families embrace it
in all vocations, especially to priesthood or consecrated life.
• Imitate His generous self-giving as a way of life that expresses
our gratitude to Him and our love for God and neighbor.
Mass Schedule/Misa
Monday - Saturday: 8:00 am
Saturday Vigil:
5:00 pm
8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, en Español 1:30 pm
7:00 pm
3:30 pm
Parish Office
Hours: M – F, 8:30 – 4:30
301-843-8916 Fax: 301-843-3163
St. Peter’s School 301-843-1955
Office for Christian Formation
Rev. Cezary Kozubek
Parochial Vicar
Msgr. J. Wilfrid Parent
Deacon Robert Martin
Tom Abell, Parish Facilities Manager
Alice Culbreth, Director of Christian Formation
Sr. Theresa Frere, IHM, Coordinator of Ministry
to the Sick and Homebound
Marianna Hamilton, Coordinator of Christian Formation
Alicia Moore, Parish Secretary
Msgr. Oliver McGready
Msgr. Andrew Cassin
Fran O’Neill, Parish Accountant
Pastor Emeritus
Cara Tiffin-Johnson, Music Director
J.R. West, Principal, St. Peter’s School
Parish Life & Service
Christian Formation
St. Peter’s Students
Return to School!
scheduled to officially
open on August 31st
and by looking around
the school, it is quite
evident that they are.
Teachers returned to
school last week and
are in their classrooms
busy getting ready for their students to return.
This year the school has 277 students enrolled.
From pre-kindergarten to 8th grade, each teacher is
working hard to create classrooms that are student
centered. “The students have to be the primary
focus when setting up the classroom,” says eighth
grade math and science teacher Beth Watson who is
now in her 36th year of teaching.
Purple is the word of the day in the third grade
classroom. Margo Van den Bossche, now at St.
Peter’s School for six years as the third grade
teacher, says that purple is her favorite color and the
students love it too. Purple is said to have the power
to uplift, calm nerves and encourage creativity,
making it a great choice to adorn the classroom.
St. Peter’s ittiest, bittiest students, pre-kindergarteners and kindergarteners, will come with
separation anxiety, but teachers Meagan Humbert
and Cheryl Kimm will work hard from day one to
make school a place they will look forward to
coming to each day, once the adjustment is made.
This year, for the first time ever in the history of the
school, St. Peter’s School will have a nurse. A safe
haven for students who may have a scraped knee, a
run in with asthma or an upset belly, Nurse Connie
will be on hand each day from the hours of 11:00
a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to ensure that students have the
medical attention needed while at school. A retired
Army nurse, Nurse Connie is quite experienced
Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time
in nursing care. Having recently worked for
the Archdiocese of Washington, she is well aware of
the policies and procedures of the Catholic schools
overseen under the auspices of this organization.
Part of her job will also be to make sure that
students are all up to date on their immunizations as
required by the state of Maryland.
Heading up the computer lab at St. Peter’s School is
Dan Hartman whose son Johnny will be entering
the third grade this year. Mr. Hartman comes to St.
Peter’s School with over 25 years in the technology
field. His background in the area of technology will
be a great asset to St. Peter’s School. The school
administration is excited that he has joined the St.
Peter’s team. He will begin the school year with an
emphasis on keyboarding, so that St. Peter’s
students can become more proficient when typing.
Partnering with St. Peter’s Spanish teacher Ashley
Rexroth, who is also St. Peter’s School technology
coach, Mr. Hartman and Miss Rexroth will be
working to make sure that St. Peter’s students are
being confronted with technology that is currently
trending in classrooms across America. There will
also be an addition of 64 tablets for use in the lower
grades in addition to the 32 iPads that have already
been in use for the past two years.
Principal J.R. West will remain at the helm as the
school doors open and everyone agrees that it is
with his leadership that St. Peter’s School continues
to thrive. “I appreciate the confidence and kind
words,” he says, “but nothing I do could be carried
out without the support and dedication of the
wonderful staff who works for St. Peter’s School.
Not just faculty but everyone in every position has
an important job that helps the wheel to turn here.”
Welcome back everyone, teachers and students
alike. This promises to be an exciting year!
Tina Wagner, Vice Principal
August 23, 2014
Sunday, August 23, Twenty-First Sunday
in Ordinary Time
5:00 p.m.
8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
12:00 noon
1:30 p.m.
Perley and Edna Waters
Emma Sofia Lobo
Parishioners of St. Peter’s
Leo and Violet Montgomery
Intentions of the celebrant
Monday, August 24, St. Bartholomew
8:00 a.m.
St. Bartholomew
Tuesday, August 25, St. Louis and
St. Joseph Calasanz
8:00 a.m.
Intentions of the Sheehan family
Wednesday, August 26
8:00 a.m.
Nettie Montgomery
Thursday, August 27, St, Monica
8:00 a.m.
Aida Viera
Friday, August 28, St Augustine
8:00 a.m.
Mc Ellen Goldsmith
Saturday, August 29, The Passion of
St. John the Baptist
8:00 a.m.
5:00 p.m. Vigil
Roza Pap
Olivia and Gene Swan
Sunday, August 30, Twenty-Second Sunday
in Ordinary Time
8:00 a.m.
10:00 a.m.
12:00 noon
1:30 p.m.
Juan Barrera
Parishioners of St. Peter’s
Vinnie Warring
Intentions of the celebrant
St. Bartholomew was one of Jesus’ original
12 apostles. His name in Hebrew, BarTalmai, means “son of Tholomaeus” Some
scholars identify him with the “Nathanael”
in St. John’s Gospel because both are
closely associated with St. Philip. Philip
brought Bartholomew (Nathanael) to
acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah and
Jesus referred to him as an Israelite ‘in
whom there is no guile.’ If that
identification is not correct, we know
nothing of him from the New Testament
other than that he was one of the Twelve.
He may have preached in India, Phrygia,
Lycaonia, Mesopotamia, and Persia and is
believed to have been skinned alive and
beheaded at Albanopolis on the west coast
of the Caspian Sea in Greater Armenia.
by Fr. Richard P. McBrien.
Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 23, 2015
If someone you know is seriously ill and asks to be included in the prayers for the sick, please call
the parish office. Names will remain on the prayer list for four weeks. At that time if you wish to
have the name put back on the prayer list, please call the parish office.
Our Parish Prayer Requests
Please pray for God’s grace for those who are ill:
John David Yamnicky
Doris Ann Bradburn
Leo Bradburn
Susan Lunceford
Loula Phoebus
Winzola Swann
Cheryl Binch
G. Oliver
Belinda Windsor
Michael Negbenebor
John Thomas
Mark Sheehan
John Smith
Elaine Moses
Tiger Hebert
Frank Bowie
Jhonry Dela Cruz
Kayla Savoy
Isabel Velazquez
Barbara Lueders
Kate Clemont
Bob Greenwell
Alaina Hebert
Patty Martone
Marvin Steffensmeier
Please also pray for:
●For PO2 (Navy) Nikolas Wirick deployed to Middle East
●For Jonathan Brake, Joseph Hess and Giselle Rivas
who were baptized on August 16
●For an increase in vocations, especially in our parish and
●For our parish priests
Our Lady of Częstochowa
Our Lady of Częstochowa (pronounced “ches-da-hoe-va”) is patroness of Poland
and her memorial is celebrated there on August 26th. The famous painting of
Our Lady of Częstochowa hangs in Jasna Góra Monastery in Częstochowa,
the third largest Catholic pilgrimage site in the world today. The United States
leg of the “Ocean to Ocean” journey in defense of life by a copy of the
miraculous icon, blessed by the Archbishop of Częstochowa, began on St.
Clements Island here in Southern Maryland on August 24th, 2013. The
National Shrine of Our Lady of Częstochowa in the U.S. is located in
Doylestown, PA, an hour north of Philadelphia.
Parish news and information in our weekly bulletin can also be
found in color on the Parish website at
Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 23, 2015
Parent Orientation- Growing In Faith Together
Sunday, August 30 is Parent Orientation for our GIFT programs. This is for
adults only, with children in PreK-12. It’s required that you participate to know what’s
new for this upcoming “season” (returning families) and how the faith formation
process works here at St. Peter’s (new families). You will have the opportunity to meet
our catechetical team, learn about the expectations for your child(ren)’s level, and pick
up books. Our regular sessions begin on September 13 at 11:30 a.m.
Confirmation 2016 Rite of Enrollment
All Confirmation Candidates come together for 10:00AM Mass Sunday, September 13,
2015 for the Rite of Enrollment. Please keep in mind this is a sacred celebration, and
dress accordingly; candidates sit in the reserved seating after checking in with our youth
minister, Gavin Arvizo.
Sacraments of Initiation Overview
Join us Saturday, September 26th from 8:00AM- 12:00PM for an
overview of the Sacraments of Initiation. This brief session has been designed to give
parishioners a better understanding of these “first" sacraments and what impact they
have on our lives as Catholics. It is a required part of sacramental preparation for those
with children receiving Baptism, Eucharist or Confirmation and those who are
participating in our RCIA program. We strongly encourage those preparing for
Matrimony or seeking convalidation of their marriages to attend as well.
We will begin with 8:00AM Mass; light refreshments will be provided. Call the Christian
Formation office at 301-843-9583 with any questions you may have and to register.
Passport to Discipleship/ Pasaporte a Discipulado
Here's an exciting opportunity for all parish youth entering the 7th
grade this academic year (and their parents)!
Aquí hay una gran oportunidad para todos los jóvenes de la parroquia de entrar en
el séptimo grado este año académico (y sus padres)!
You are invited and encouraged to attend one of our Passport to Discipleship meetings
being held in late September. Come learn about the amazing spiritual journey of
preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation beyond the classroom. This first year
provides for activities in service, worship and fellowship to enhance the young person's
movement from believer to disciple, with the support of family, sponsors, catechists,
youth leaders and the parish. Your "passport" will guarantee your entry into the final
year of preparation for the sacrament, which will begin with the Rite of Enrollment in
September 2016!
Se la invita y anima a asistir a una de nuestras Pasaporte a Discipulado reuniones se celebra en a
finales de septiembre. Venga y aprenda acerca de la increíble viaje espiritual de la preparación para el
sacramento de la confirmación más allá del aula. Este primer año contempla actividades en el servicio,
el culto y becas para mejorar el movimiento de la joven de creyente a discípulo, con el apoyo de la familia,
los patrocinadores, a los catequistas, líderes juveniles y la parroquia. Su "pasaporte" garantizará su
entrada en el último año de preparación para el sacramento, que comenzará con la consagración de la
La inscripción en septiembre 2016!
A Year to Refocus on the
Patron Saints
“St. John Paul II and St. Gianna
have been chosen as the two
worthy patron saints to guide
international event as they fully
embody the history, mission,
and theme of the World
Meeting of Families 2015.
-Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, July
20, 2014 Mass
St. Gianna Beretta Molla
A medical doctor and a mother,
Gianna Beretta Molla was born
in Magenta, Milan, Italy. She and
her husband had three healthy
children. When she was
pregnant with their fourth child,
she developed a fibroma, or
benign tumor, on her uterus and
was given three options:
abortion, which would save her
life and allow her to have more
children; a hysterectomy, which
would save her life but not her
child’s; or removal of the
fibroma, which would create
risky complications. Gianna
opted to have the fibroma
removed. On April 21, 1962,
Gianna successfully delivered a
healthy baby girl, but she died
seven days later. She was
canonized on May 16, 2004.
St. Gianna, help us to follow
your example of protecting
human life at all costs. Amen
For ideas and ways you can join
This is not an elective part of Confirmation preparation, so plan to attend on Sunday, September 27 at 11:30 a.m. or
Wednesday, September 30 at 6:30 p.m. Remember, this is for the youth and at least one parent/guardian. Please contact
the Office for Christian Formation for more information.
Esto no es una parte electiva de preparación para la Confirmación, así que planea asistir el Domingo, 27 de septiembre a las 11:30 am o
Miércoles, 30 de septiembre a las 6:30 pm Recuerde, esto es para los jóvenes y, al menos, uno de los padres / tutores. Por favor, póngase en
contacto con la Oficina de Formación Cristiana para más información.
Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 23, 2015
Designated Charity: Health Partners
This week the Designated Charity is Health Partners. They will receive at least 1% of
the regular Sunday offering. You may use the envelopes available at the entrances to
Church. Please put your envelope in the regular collection basket. The Designated
Charity next week will be the Gabriel Project.
Catholic Daughters Are Thinking Fall!
It may be the dog-days of August, but Court St. Peter 1618 is already thinking ahead to
its upcoming craft fair on Saturday, November 7 in Sank Auditorium from 8:30 a.m.
until 2:30 p.m. This is the only fundraiser for the many charities Court St. Peter
supports. We also need your help with donations for the Jewelry Room (Mary Ann
Kelly, 301-645-6990 or Suzanne Carr, 301-645-5203), Flea Market (Kathy Swanson, 301645-1799 or Kathy Dopkowski, 301-645-7944) and Silent Auction (SandyMcGraw/301645-2973). Thanks for your help!
Social This Sunday
This Sunday, August 23, all parishioners are invited to the Summer Social held outside after the 8:00 and
10:00 Masses. The hosts for this social will be the Office for Christian Formation. Come and enjoy
breakfast snacks and fellowship with friends and parishioners – maybe even welcome someone new!
Support Group at St. Peter's
St. Peter's is a local host site for Al-Anon meetings on Thursdays in St.
Peter’s School from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. Please call the Office for Christian
Formation at 301-843-9583 if you have any questions.
Cub Scouts Recruiting 1st and 2nd Graders
Cub Scout Pack 417, which has been sponsored by St. Peter's for over 40 years, is
looking for boys in the 1st and 2nd grade to join their ranks. Cub Scouting
promotes values such as faith, compassion, and citizenship through a wide range
of fun activities and events. if you are interested in learning more, please contact parishioners Joe Ward
at [email protected] (301-870-8724), Tim Gibson at [email protected], or Kayla Shoemaker,
at [email protected] and visit the Pack's website: for more information.
Light a Luminaria for Pope Francis
Light a luminaria for Pope Francis! The luminaria candle symbolizes a
welcoming path into our hearts for the Holy Father as he starts his apostolic
journey to the United States. Candles will be lit in front of the Franciscan
Monastery of the Holy Land (1400 Quincy St. NE, Washington, DC) the
evening of Sept. 22 and will remain lit throughout Pope Francis’ visit to our
nation. Join the friars on Sept. 22 to light the candles, see a relic of
Franciscan Friar Junipero Serra, pray and watch the arrival of Pope Francis
on large screen TV.
Details:, or [email protected]
Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 23, 2015
The 8th Annual Saint Vincent de Paul 5K Friends of the
Poor ®Walk will be held on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at
Saint Peter's Church in Waldorf, Maryland at 9 A.M. The
event is open to all levels of walkers and runners.
Participation in the walk is free, but walkers are
encouraged to collect pledges from sponsors. For more
to and click the "walker"
tab on the left hand side of the screen or contact Jennifer
Tersero at [email protected] Help families in
need by supporting this event. You can make a difference
All monies raised in the event go directly to support
services to the poor in the Waldorf and White Plains
Thinking of Donating Your Car to a Charity?
Please consider the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. If you donate your car through the National SVdP Car
Donation program, our St. Peter Conference can receive the proceeds for our charitable work. You just need to
call (800) 322-8284 and the National SVdP contractor can arrange to pick up your car in 24 hours. They take
care of all the paperwork and send you the tax forms for the donation. We in the St Peter Conference do not get
involved except to receive the proceeds from donations in our zip code areas (e.g., Waldorf, White Plains). For
more information, visit
Items for the Bulletin
We're always happy to receive notices and news for our weekly bulletin. If you wish to have information appear in a
particular week, please be sure to send your item at least ten days before the date of the bulletin to
[email protected] Questions? Call Alicia Moore on 301-843-8916, especially if you have a tight
deadline for your event.
Twenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 23, 2015
Loyola on the Potomac
A Jesuit Retreat House
9270 Loyola Retreat Road
Faulkner, MD
Sunday, September 13, 2015
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Fried Chicken, Hamburgers & Hotdogs,
Corn on the Cob, Cole Slaw, & Potato Salad
~ Loyola Cookies ~
Beer, Soda & Water
Live Music
Football on Wide Screen TV
Sponsor Opportunities Available
Early Bird Ticket Price $50 ● Children 12 and under $35
After September 1 – Adult Ticket Price $65
For tickets email [email protected] or
call (301) 392-0819.
Los Estudiantes de San
Pedro Regresan a la
Puertas de la escuela
están programados para
abrir oficialmente el 31
de agosto y mirando
alrededor de la escuela,
ya es muy evidente que
Los maestros
regresaron a la escuela la
semana pasada y se
encuentran en sus aulas ocupados preparándose para
que sus estudiantes a regresar.
Este año la escuela cuenta con 277 alumnos
matriculados. A partir de pre-kinder a octavo grado,
cada profesor está trabajando duro para crear aulas que
esten centrados en el estudiante. “Los estudiantes
tienen que ser el enfoque principal al configurar el aula,”
dice la profesora octavo grado de matemáticas y
ciencias, Beth Watson, quien se encuentra ahora en sus
36 años en la enseñanza.
El púrpura es la palabra del día en la clase del tercer
grado. Margo Van den Bossche, ahora en la Escuela de
San Pedro durante seis años como maestra de tercer
grado, dice que el púrpura es su color favorito y los
estudiantes les encanta también. Púrpura se dice que
tiene el poder de elevar, a calmar los nervios y estimular
la creatividad, por lo que es una gran opción para
adornar la sala de clase.
Los estudiantes “ittiest, bittiest” de San Pedro—prekinder y kinder—vendrán con la ansiedad de
separación, pero las profesoras Meagan Humbert y
Cheryl Kimm han trabajado duro desde el primer día
para hacer de la escuela un lugar que se verá ganas de
venir a cada día, una vez que el se hace el ajuste.
Este año, por primera vez en la historia de la escuela, la
escuela de San Pedro tendrá una enfermera. Un refugio
seguro para los estudiantes que pueden tener una rodilla
raspada, un encuentro con el asma o un vientre molesto,
Enfermera Connie estará a su disposición todos los días
de las horas de 11:00 am a 3:00 pm para asegurar que
los estudiantes tienen la la atención médica necesaria,
mientras que en la escuela. Una enfermera retirada del
Army, la Enfermera Connie es de bastante experiencia
en la atención de enfermería. Después de haber
Vigésimo-primer Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
trabajado recientemente para la Arquidiócesis de
Washington, ella es muy consciente de las políticas y
procedimientos de las escuelas Católicas supervisados
bajo los auspicios de esta organización. Parte de su
trabajo será también para asegurarse de que los
estudiantes están al día con sus vacunas como requisito
por el Estado de Maryland.
Al frente del laboratorio de computación en la Escuela
de San Pedro esta Dan Hartman cuyo hijo Johnny va a
ingresar en el tercer grado este año. Sr. Hartman viene
a la Escuela de San Pedro con más de 25 años en el
campo de la tecnología. Su experiencia en el área de la
tecnología será un gran activo para la Escuela de San
Pedro. La administración de la escuela se enorgullece de
que él ha unido al equipo de San Pedro. Él comenzará
el año escolar con un énfasis en el teclado, para que los
estudiantes de San Pedro puedan ser más competentes
al escribir.
Asociando con la maestra de español de San Pedro,
Ashley Rexroth, quien también es entrenadora de la
tecnología de la Escuela de San Pedro, el Sr. Hartman y
Miss Rexroth estarán trabajando para asegurarse de que
los estudiantes de San Pedro están siendo confrontados
con la tecnología que se está tendiendo en las aulas a
través de América. También habrá una adición de 64
tabletas para uso en los grados inferiores, además de los
32 iPads que ya han estado en uso durante los últimos
dos años.
Principal J.R. West permanecerá en el timón con las
puertas de la escuela abiertas y todo el mundo está de
acuerdo en que es con su liderazgo que la Escuela de
San Pedro continúa prosperando. “Agradezco la
confianza y palabras amables,” dice, “pero nada de lo
hago podría llevarse a cabo sin el apoyo y la dedicación
del personal maravilloso que trabaja para la escuela de
San Pedro. No sólo la facultad, pero todo el mundo en
cada posición tiene un trabajo importante que ayuda a
que la rueda gire aquí.”
Bienvenido de nuevo a todos, profesores y estudiantes
por igual. Este promete ser un año emocionante!
Tina Wagner, Vice Principal
23 de agosto 2015

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