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Growl, Meow and Wine auction cover photo winner Sadie,
proud canine companion of Pat Finnegan!
Fall 2011
From East Bay SPCA Executive Director Allison Lindquist
space and every animal in our adoption
program is kept until we find it a home. On
page 3, you will read about Tessie, one of
our shelter cat guests we had for 18 months
before we found her the perfect home.
Allison and Sushi, a five-week-old kitten
in our Foster Care program
Dear Supporters:
With the continued downturn in the economy,
our services have been in great demand this
fall. Due to the mild weather, we continue
to receive and care for hundreds of young
kittens in our foster care program. Our
low-cost, full-service vet clinic sees needy
families and their pets, and our affordable
spay/neuter centers in Oakland and Dublin
are busier than ever.
Our adoption numbers continue along at
a vigorous rate, and we are grateful to the
people who choose to adopt a shelter dog
or cat. With each animal adopted, space
is created for another. The East Bay SPCA
does not euthanize any animal for time or
As municipal shelters watch their small
budgets grow smaller, we are being asked
to help significant numbers of older animals,
very young animals, and animals with
treatable medical problems. Without our
help, these city shelters would be forced to
euthanize many animals each week simply for lack of space. As the safety net for
homeless animals throughout the East Bay,
we do whatever it takes to save as many
animals as we can. On page 3, you can read
how we helped Stellar, a pit bull pup with
two broken legs that we found in a pile of
garbage near our shelter.
Our community outreach programs that
support and educate pet owners are in full
swing. Our affordable quarterly vaccine fairs
draw more than 200 dogs to each fair. In
addition to providing important vaccines,
we distribute free spay/neuter vouchers
(for both cats and dogs) and spend invaluable face time with the owners of pets who
may be struggling. For every pet we can
keep happily united with its owner is one
less pet that enters a shelter or worse, ends
up on the street.
Our innovative humane Teaching Love
and Compassion (TLC) program just had
another class of graduates. The intensive
six-week long after-school program is the
only one of its kind in Northern California. It
teaches at-risk youth empathy and respect
for all living things through a combination of
dog training, valuable life skills and humane
education. By providing this educational experience, EBSPCA can play a critical role in
breaking the cycle of violence towards both
humans and animals. We empower students
with self-confidence and knowledge that
sends them back into their communities as
role models.
Our Behavior and Training Manager continues to create new on-site programs for
pet owners to utilize, and makes house-call
visits to assess behavior and help those
owners work through issues. You can learn
about our new clicker-training program at
the shelter on page 5.
In reading this, I hope you feel a sense
of pride. I do. I am so proud of the staff,
volunteers, board and donors who make this
organization one of the best. I am proud to
be associated with a team that works tirelessly to save lives and can think outside of
the box to solve the toughest of problems.
Thank you for your continued support
during these difficult times. We could not
do this vital work without you.
With gratitude,
Allison C. Lindquist, Executive Director
The East Bay SPCA is committed to the welfare of cats and dogs in the communities we serve. We strive to eliminate animal cruelty,
neglect and overpopulation by providing programs and education that support people and companion animals. Founded in 1874 and
privately funded, we receive no support from any national humane organization or any other entity.
Board of Directors
Dawn Willoughby
Karen Boyd
Vice President
Bill Meisner
Jan Stamos
Su Cox
Jay Hernandez
Caitlin Kortlang
Brinson Silver
Allison Lindquist
Executive Director
Barbara Dryg
Finance Director
Melissa Duford
Operations Director
Laura Fulda
Director of Marketing
and Development
Oakland Adoption Center
& Veterinary Clinic
8323 Baldwin Street
Oakland, CA 94621
Oakland Spay &
Neuter Surgery Center
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Oakland, CA 94621
Veterinary Clinic
Tri-Valley Adoption Center
and Spay & Neuter
Surgery Center
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Dog Behavior Hotline
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Dog Behavior Hotline
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East Bay SPCA Saves
Abandoned Pit Bull and
Finds Him a Home for the Holidays
Every day we save animals’ lives.
Some dogs and cats are surrendered by
their owners who can no longer care for
them; others are strays that are never
reclaimed. And some situations break
our hearts. In late September, we found
a sweet white and black pit bull in a pile
of trash near our shelter in Oakland.
Discarded. Thrown away like garbage.
We immediately brought him into our
medical clinic for examination.
Stellar, as we later named him, was
about six months old and had two broken
back legs that had never been repaired.
He could barely walk, but he wagged his
tail and rolled on his back for belly rubs.
“Despite what had likely been a lifetime of pain, this poor pup was eager for
attention and as sweet as could be,” said
East Bay SPCA Veterinarian Dr. Gwen Gadd.
Dr. Gadd performed life-saving surgery
on Stellar to remove one of his irreparably
damaged legs. He was also neutered and
treated for an upper respiratory infection.
Stellar with Allison Lindquist
“We do whatever it takes to help
animals that have been abused or neglected
or have a treatable medical condition,”
says East Bay SPCA Executive Director
Allison Lindquist.
A few weeks after surgery, Stellar had
healed from his operation and was learning
to get around on three legs. He was placed
in our adoption program but few families
wanted to take on a three-legged dog.
The day before Thanksgiving, Stellar’s luck
changed. Nichole Henriquez and Chantal
Picard met Stellar and knew he was the dog
for them. “We just fell in love with his personality,” says Henriquez. “Stellar is a great
dog and even with only three legs he has
a zest for life.”
The two women are committed to helping Stellar stay healthy and happy and plan
to enroll him in a water therapy class to help
strengthen his back leg muscles. “We’ll do
whatever it takes,” Henriquez says.
Long-time Shelter Guest and
Older Kitty Find Loving Home
At East Bay
there’s someone for every
animal in our
adoption program. Tessie and Tiki were no
exception. Tessie, a 5 1/2 year-old long haired
black and white cat was surrendered to us
after her owners became homeless. She was
a shy girl with large olive colored eyes that
gave her the appearance of being slightly
cross eyed. Staff and volunteers thought
she was adorable, but this unassuming kitty
wasn’t getting any takers. Months went
by and Tessie patiently waited while staff
actively worked to find her a quiet, loving
home in which she could thrive. Still there
were no takers. 18 months passed.
A few cat condos down, Tiki, a petite
14-year-old kitty was just waiting for a lap
to climb into. She had been surrendered
a month earlier because her family had to
move and pets were not allowed at their
new apartment.
Then fate intervened when an adopter
named Coleen came in looking for two
mellow lap cats.
East Bay SPCA Animal Care Coordinator
Samantha Morin knew just the two cats for
Coleen to meet. Tiki immediately climbed
into Coleen’s lap and snuggled up with her.
Coleen was sold. When she met Tessie,
she knew she couldn’t leave her behind.
Shortly later, she adopted both cats.
“It just goes to show there’s someone
for everyone,” Morin says. “Coleen
came in looking for two lovable, social
cats that would be good companions for
her. I’m so happy we were able to fulfill
her wish.” We think Tessie and Tiki got
their wishes too.
Growl, Meow and Wine
Event A Huge Success!
More than 250 people attended our Growl, Meow and Wine Event Oct 2, which
grossed a record $90,000 to benefit the homeless animals in our care. The event,
sponsored by Fresh Step Litter, featured hors d’oeuvres and wine donated by Canine
wines and Flora Springs Winery. There was also live music and a silent and live auction.
Three former shelter guests were highlighted at the event as examples of the lifesaving work we do: Howie, a St. Bernard who underwent life-saving knee surgery and
recovered in a foster home before we found him a permanent, loving home; Papaya, an
elderly shy Chihuahua mix; and Maribel, a pit bull who we sheltered for more than a year
until she found her forever home and calling in life to be a therapy dog. To view photos
and video from the event, please visit
1. Former shelter guest Howie gets a pet from a guest. 2. Marilin Colon holds her adopted dog Papaya. 3. Former shelter guest Maribel chills out on the grass.
4. Emcee Sherry Hu and EBSPCA Board Treasurer Bill Meisner work the crowd during the live auction. 5. Mike Murray, Pet Food Express, auctions off My Mutts
posters. 6. Wine Tasting provided by Flora Springs Winery and Canine Wines. 7. Guests bid on silent auction items.
Each month, East Bay SPCA partners
with local businesses that host offsite
adoption events so that our shelter animals
can get more exposure and we can remind
the public to adopt a pet rather than buy
one from a breeder. In October, we held
an adoption event at the Ruby Hill Winery
where Pumpkin, one of our longer term Pit
Bull shelter guests was adopted.
Inky (now renamed Inka), was also
adopted at an offsite adoption event at
Zachary’s Pizza. Inka had been with us for
six months when a woman who came to the
adoption event fell in love with her. “It just
goes to show that you never know when
or where an animal love connection will
happen,” remarks Dana Bushouse, East Bay
SPCA volunteer manager.
Bushouse says offsite adoption events
are also a great opportunity for our staff
and volunteers to talk with people about
the East Bay SPCA’s programs and services. East Bay SPCA Operations Manager
James Pumphrey agrees. “Many people
don’t realize that East Bay SPCA is not only
a great place to adopt a pet but a great
place to go for affordable high-quality vet
care, dog training, summer camp and more,”
Pumphrey explains. “Each offsite event
allows us to reach countless community
members that may not have been aware
of the multiple resources available at each
one of our facilities.”
“None of this life-saving work would
be possible without the commitment from
of our offsite partners,” says Laura Fulda,
Kenneth Alexander
Offsite Adoption Events Help
Long-time Animal Guests Find Homes
EBSPCA Volunteer Laura Angelo with
shelter guest Pumpkin at the Ruby Hill
Winery Adoption Event
director of marketing and development
for East Bay SPCA. Key partners include:
Canine Comforts in Jack London Square,
Zachary’s Pizza in Rockridge, and Molly’s
Pup-purr-ee in Danville. “These businesses
open their doors to our dedicated volunteers and adoptable animals each month,
helping us save more lives and educate our
communities,”Fulda says.
Clicker Training Uses Positive Reinforcement to Train Dogs
Trainers and staff at our Oakland
and Tri-Valley Adoption Centers
are using clicker training to help train
shelter dogs. According to Marissa Martino,
manager of behavior and training programs
at East Bay SPCA, the clicker is used to tell
a dog exactly what behavior you like as
it is occurring. It also lets the dog know a
reward is coming. Behaviors that are positively reinforced (with a click and a treat)
are more likely to be repeated in the future.
“Often times, we get dogs in our shelter that
have not had any training. They do not know
the “sit command,” jump up or are mouthy.
Clicker training helps shape these dogs’ behaviors in a positive way,” Martino explains.
training session, a training assistant drops
an object and the trainer’s job is to click the
instant it hits the ground. The assistant then
gives the trainer feedback on whether the
click was early, on time or late.
Sometimes the trick to clicker training
can be finding a good variety of treats a
dog will want to work for. While some dogs
are happy to eat dry kibble one piece at
a time, others require special liver treats,
pieces of chicken, chunks of hot dog or
some other high reward treat. Martino says
it’s important to make the treats small so
the dog you are training doesn’t fill up on
the treats too quickly.
Martino says trainers can also treat
with toys, pets, and play sessions so they
don’t always have to rely on food to get
the dog to follow their command. However,
Martino’s rule of thumb is the tougher the
training session the better the treat/reward
should be. “Basically, we want the dog to
know that all good things come from the
trainer,” Martino says. The result is a dog
that is highly motivated to work for his
reward. For more information on clicker
training and to view a video, please visit
EBSPCA Behavior and Training Manager
Marissa Martino and her dog Sully
“We train our staff and volunteers to
click the instant the desired behavior occurs
and then to deliver the reward within a second after the click,” Martino says. Martino
is piloting the clicker training program for
the next several months to measure its effectiveness in teaching shelter dogs basic
commands. Students enrolled in our TLC
Humane Education program recently used
clickers to train shelter dogs over a six-week
period. The program was highly successful
and many of the dogs even learned a few
tricks beyond the basic commands.
As with a lot of things, timing is everything, and clicker training is no exception.
That’s why Martino has East Bay SPCA
staff and volunteers practice their timing
before they work with a shelter dog. At one
Creature Comforts
The East Bay SPCA is grateful for the many in-kind donations that individuals, organizations and businesses give to help
make shelter stays more comfortable for our adoptable cats and dogs. This month, we want to give a special thank you to:
Pet Food Express for donating muchneeded dog and cat food and supplies
The Clorox Company
for donating kitty litter
The Sports Basement in Walnut
Creek for donating Yoga Mats for
our shelter animals
Yoshika Hedberg for donating
new items to our Paws Boutique and
Kevy Vona for organizing, pricing
and selling the items
Bob Meyer and Patsy Shaughnessy
for donating funds to create our
new Oakland Cat Colony Room
Volunteer employee groups from
Wells Fargo, Chevron,
Holy Name University,
and Moody’s Analytics
for painting, cleaning and
beautifying our Oakland
Adoption Center
The East Bay SPCA is grateful
for the following Tribute gifts
received between June 16, 2011
to October 31, 2011.
In memory of pets
Abby Virginia Rapp
Al Daniel J. Leer
Aldo Dyann Dukelow
Allie Genny & Bobby Greene
Aloysius Janet Mangini
Annie Cathy Keating
Annie, Portia, Raven & Flora
Lorenzo Montoya
Annika Elizabeth Roche
Bagel Jessie Wong
Bailey Karen Spater
Mr. & Mrs. Alain Conway-James
Baxter Alice-Louise Keane
Beau Jest Hauen Robert Martinez
Bella Barbara Grant
Belle Bonita Carole
Benji Lillie Chew
Binky Sharon Lundstrom &
Jerald Cook
Blue Kate Dobbins
Bo, Issy & Rose Victoria M. Shannon
Bodhi Jon & Jess Stewart
Bolo Irene Thomas
Bruce Charlene Carter
Buddy Anne Sturgeon
Bully Boy Lupe Mariscal
Cagney Laurie Thompson
Cali Louise Randolph
Candie Martha Deruiter Zylker
Cappuccino Barbara Heep
Cassie Chase Judith French
Chanel Beatrix R. Oppendike
Charcoal Elizabeth Sterns
Charlie Susanne Jackson
Charlie, Peepers, Jake, & Harvey
Tom Terry
Chico Jennifer Porter
Chipper Caryll Elliott
Chloe Halle Alvarez
Chloe Kris Whitten
Cinders Lisa Duggan
Cindy Anne Mary Callesen
Clyde Francis Robert &
Nichole Dochterman
Cocky, Foxy, & Tippy
Elda Helen Marcevich
CoCo Christine Sandoval
Coco Gene Johnson
Cody Hurley Harken Joan Przybyla
Cookie Marion Ross
Cooper Raisa Shinshiro
Cozy Joyce Beal
Daniel Matt & Julia Bruce
Danny Midge Fox
D’Artagnon Sandra J. Stewart
Dexter Mangini Dorothy Finger
Dexter Penner Melanie Cary
Dingos Janet Ickes
Dog Nan, Karen, Patrick, Matt, Michael,
Whiskers, & Grey Girl
Dusty Midge Fox
Eddy David Kalmbrunn &
Alexander Senica
Ellie Debbie & Dorothy
Elsa Katherine Funseth &
Annette Funseth
Feliz Al & Candy
Fiona Janet E. Soderstrom
Fiona Mark Homrighausen
Flynn Linda Lady
Freckles & Kaycee Paul & Linda Walker
Fred Jun Diana Jun
Friday Nita Crow
Frisco Diana Kaser
Frisco Margo & Rich Sherry
Fyre Virginia Schwall
Gabby Kruger Laurie Cindric
Gibby Midge Fox
Gigi Christina Schröter
Ginger John Barrett
Ginger, Robi, Mae & Marty
Mr. & Mrs. Newell Bent
Godiva Tina & Tindra
Goldy Kanitha Awan
Gracie Paulette Langguth
Gunner Katherine Edmiston
Gus Mary Jane Thompson
Gustave & Gretchen Edith Dimmler
Henry “K.” Troy Evelyn M. Troy
Hercules The Flemings, Scott, Stacy,
Maren, Ryan & Hazie
Hollings Tom Savage
Jason Richard Leaf & Ann Keri
Jasper Frank & Barbara Manibusan
Jet Sandra Stewart
Jill & Gray Cat Frank & Sharon Abbott
Joey Donna Nishijima
Jolt Masami Rung
Jumper David Kalmbrunn &
Alexander Senica
Kasey Shirley M. Parker
Katrina Betty Ferguson
Katrina—Always in our hearts
Penny Strohl
KC Sandy Lura
Kika & Ceasar Olga Delores Mos
King Tut & Queen Tiye Bonnie Noble
Kitty Pooh Josephine House
Kubi Lucie Scears
Kulo Sally Liska
Leila Kraw Helen Holt-Smith
Libby Rick Ohlrich & Frana Price
Lilly & Ethel Cornelia M. Pessoa, M.D.
Lily Rita R. Hayes
Lily Chico Rocky Chula & Rokola
Alejandra Avalos
Ling Ling Jack & Grace Johannes
Lizzie Arlene Smith
Lola Margery Eriksson
Lucky & Maggie Gisela Sy
Lucy Anonymous
Lucy Barbara DeLima
Lulu Mashid Karimi
Maggie Mr. & Mrs. Geo Rammell
Maggie & Lucky Sy Gisela Sy
Magic, Jordan, R&B, Cal, & Splash
Helen Miller
Maizie Christine A. Bradbury
Mally Beatrice Hilton
Mardi & Phoebe Phyllis Wisniowski
Marissa Mary Vail
Marty Corinne V. Henning
Mary Alice Robert & Margaret Dial
Maurice Sharon Won
Mia Carol L. Blangsted
Mikie G. Wong
Minerva Rita R. Hayes
Minette Elliot Einzig Porter
Minnie Mew & Dori Paul G. Dannhauser
Moe Mary Gallen
Molly Baldocchi The Bagots
Molly Hammond Patty B. Hammond
Moona Karen Weir
Mozart Charlie Cocomo Henry T. Allen
Mrs. Tzi-Shia Lu Chi-Hwa Lu
Mugsy & Teddy Susan Ann Jung
My Girls, Ms. Whitey & Boompa
Robin Ann Madriaga
Neko & Trilby Susan D. Martin
Nikki Janet E. Soderstrom
Noshoni Andrea M. Gunderson
Old Dog Rusty David Arciniega
Onyx & Macaroon Lorraine Carlson &
Isabelle Sarfati
Oreo Gribble Diana Gribble,
Karen Wasserman
Owen Eleanor Bolin-Chew
Padre Amy Perry
Panteria & Oria Bertha A. Velez
Patch Eva Jones
Peanut Christopher & Diane Penn
Pearl Sheila Maxwell
Pepper Jeanne & Paul Barneich
Petunia “Piglet” Koll-Johnson
Kelly Johnson
Phoebe Sandra Chiodo
Pocket Blanton Johnson Anonymous
Pokey, Shadow, & Misty Mittens
Joan Barnum
Poppy Carole A. Hickson
Prince Walter J. Zucol
Rafter Justin Glueck
Ranger Bruggeman-Tucker
Gail C. Burke
Rascal Dana Bushouse
Rex Candace & Al
Riker Yildirim Family
Riley Dr. & Mrs. Gary Tamkin
Robbie Eileen Mitchell
Rocky Boy Ornellas Ida Ornellas
Rosie Lorna J. Walter
Rosie Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Widener
Ruby Susan L. Bloom
Sally Sims Stacey & Robbie
Sam Nanette Throne
Sam & Smokey Elizabeth Pittman
Sammie Susan & Samuel Barba
Sandy Gary & Judy Wagoner
Sash Jo-Anne Lyons
Scar & Sissy Joanne Santoni
Scout Harry Sloat
Sebastian Summit
David & Irene Francis
Sequoia Julie Peterson
Sheba Karen Tomhave
Simon Francis David & Irene Francis
Six Toes Laurie Landis
Snoopy Lois Knowles
Socks Geralyn Mitchell
Socks Patricia Lewis
Spark Evelyn Sawhill
Sparky Loraine McVey
Spatz Fintel Charles & Hertha Fintel
Spencer Barbara Cox
Suki Cat Mom
Sultan Carla Estrada
Susie Donovan Karin Fetherston
Taiyo Karen Kokame
Tammy & Cookie Rebekah Eppley &
Carmen Cortez
Tani Jayne Nayman
Tanner Lisamarie & Michael Rocco
Targus Sandra Chiodo
Tia Georgia Cornell
Titi Paula Hennings
Toby Roach Helen Bell
Trina John A. Moriarty
Tudors Lucy Bellamy
Twilight Kathy Krohn
Vernon Alison Heyman
Webster Judith Singer
Wee Jasper Beatrice H. Spencer
Weenie Lori Lewis & Ilya Pratt
Whitey Nancy L. Stevens
Woodie Melodie Beylik
Yogi Allison Lindquist, Lori & John
Zed Ruth B. Payne
In Memory of People
Margo Bankston Dr. Richter
Rodney W. Becker Catherine Uemura
Grace Bedell Arline Garcia
Irene Bernard
Leonard Newman & Family
Joseph S. Bettencourt Marie McClure
& Melanie Waschak
Judy Bradshaw William Bradshaw,
Mary Ann Smith
Brooke Steven Lubeski
Cecil Butler Arthur T. Sturgess
Iluminada B. Cabasal Cecile Cabasal
Barbara Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. William Wilmoth
Noah Carson Arlene Hazelkorn
Helen Carter Gregory Davis
Cammie Cayce Priscilla & Hal Thilmony
George Cerruti Michael & Debbie
Cerruti, Steve & Corinne Kwon,
Alma Tudal
Walter Chapman Philip & Terry Henry
Alice L. Chew Kelly & Sylvia Wee
David & Tessie Patty Stamps
Rosamund Donaldson
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Ro Donaldson Valerie Kieser
Duncan Amy, Andy & Lucy Flint
Hervi Ebel Jan Stamos
Jessica Irene Fernandes
Susan Denault
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Craig Fox East Bay Pediatrics,
Mary Fitzpatrick, Andrew Gold,
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Gary Giuliani Ellen M. Collins
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Lorraine Larsen-Hallock, Christie
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Jeff Raines, Gail Riley, Ann Seltz,
Alison Simcox, Sky Research,
Willis Yu
Ro Graham Christy Feigenbutz
Eve Groton John McGuinn
Tommy Hayashi O.D. Stacie, Michael,
Don, The Ushiharas, & The Moritas;
Steve, Chris, Aileen, Byron, Andrea,
& Naomi; Yama, Chris, Jim, Rich,
AJ, Candy, & Al
Teiko Inouye Nancy & Bill Jones,
Susan & Frank Russo
Katrina & Rebecca Penny Strohl
Karl Kaufman Vicky & Valentina
Leona Rose Kinavey
Paulette Besse; Susan Boggiano;
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Chin; Jack,
Olivia, Jessica, Scott, young Jack,
Brooklyn & Jacki; Gregory Lee;
Aki & Marge Morimoto; Randy &
Sue; Ray & Agnes
Riena L. W. Kondo
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Sunny Kuwitzky Shari & Rick Novotny
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Kathrynn Lause
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Annie Levy John & Laura Iacopi
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Barnitz, Mr. & Mrs. Cisco Gonzalez,
Frances Hayashi, Penni Lundquist,
Phyllis Wilmoth
Martin Market Suzanne Pierce
Michael Leslie McPherson
Kimberly Bardakian, Patricia Collins,
East Bay SCORE Chapter, OBDC,
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Edna Murray Pro-West Machine Inc
Jean Neuhauser Family of Bernard
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Addie & Sammy Kathleen Corcoran
All Critters Ronald McAfee
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Chester Boo To The Rescue! Henry
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Willoughby meet a shelter puppy held by EBSPCA’s Ellen Fisher
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Emcee TV Personality Sherry Hu
December 2011
Holiday Adoption Specials for
long-term shelter guests
March 31, 2012 / 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Small Animal Adoption Event and activities for kids
Oakland Adoption Center
Going on vacation? Board your dog with EBSPCA!
We offer indoor kennels with rotating outdoor
access and yard time.
Tri-Valley Adoption Center, Dublin
Oakland and Tri-Valley Adoption Centers
January 5–6, 2012
Children in grades K–5
Summer Camp registration opens in March 2012
Tri-Valley Adoption Center, Dublin
For more info, visit:
If you’re looking to train your new puppy, teenage
canine or older dog, we offer a variety of ongoing
classes to serve your needs.
Oakland and Tri-Valley Adoption Centers
For more info, visit:
Ongoing Monday, Tuesday and Friday
11:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Oakland City Center, Downtown Oakland
For a complete list of all of our upcoming events, please visit our events calendar at