February 7, 2016 - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton


February 7, 2016 - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
February 7, 2016
Volume 2
Number 11
SETON Sunday News
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church - A Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Community
The Readings Today: God calls us in many ordinary and sometimes extraordinary ways. Today we
hear of three people who were called: Isaiah, Simon Peter and Paul. Each situation was different,
but what they had in common was feeling inadequate to the call: Isaiah feels unworthy of his calling
(first reading Isa. 6:1-2a, 3-8), Paul calls himself “the least of the apostles” (second reading 1 Cor.
15:1-11) and Peter feels unworthy to follow Jesus (Luke 5:1-11). In this year focusing on mercy, we
realize that we, too, are recipients of God’s mercy. We may feel inadequate, but we are all worthy in
God’s merciful eyes.
If You’re Not Humble, You Won’t Be Holy, says Pope in his homily
VATICAN – During Mass at Casa in God.
Santa Marta, Pope Francis said that
“Humility,” the Pope stressed, “can
sometimes we need to be humiliated in
into the heart via humiliation.
order to entrust ourselves truly to God
There is no humility without humiliation,
According to Vatican Radio, Pope and if you are not able to put up with some
Francis stressed this during his daily humiliations in your life, you are not
morning Mass at Casa Santa Marta last humble.”
February 1st, as he recalled the story of
Francis suggested this is simply
King David who, aware of his own sin,
accepted being humiliated out of his trust
The holiness that God gives His
Children and the Church, the Holy Father
reminded those gathered, came through
the ‘humiliation’ of his Son, who allows
himself to be insulted, who allows himself
to, ‘unjustly,’ be placed on the Cross.
“And this Son of God who humbles
himself, this is the way of holiness. And
David, through his
February 10
Mass with Distribu on of Ashes
9am and 8pm
Service of the Word with Distribu on of Ashes
12noon, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm
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2 | The SETON Sunday News | Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16
Mercy, not magic –
Holy Doors and the
participate in the celebration of the
Holy Eucharist with a reflection on
mercy, make a profession of faith, and
pray for the Holy Father and for his
intentions for the good of the Church
and of the entire world.”
BOMBAY – The Archdiocese
of Bombay issued a clarification last
week after WhatsApp users in
Maharashtra were circulating a
'misleading' message which promoted
a superstitious understanding of the
Year of Mercy.
The archdiocese's note added,
“It must be understood that walking
through the Door of Mercy indicates
the desire for the forgiveness of sins,
and walking through it symbolises a
leaving behind of the past and entering
into a new life through Christ, who is
the door.”
The archdiocese's Jan. 19
“Please note that walking
statement noted that the text “gives the
the Holy Doors is not a
impression that merely walking
for the Sacrament of
through the Doors of Mercy will result
in the forgiveness of sins.”
A source in the Bombay
“These doors are not magical
doors and we need to understand that archdiocese recounted to EWTN News
to experience and obtain the that the misleading WhatsApp message
indulgence, the faithful are called, as was based on an article about the
pilgrims, to avail themselves of the opening of the local Holy Doors which
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Sacrament of Reconciliation, to
Roberto Saldivar, M.Sp.S., Pastor
Mario Rodriguez, M.Sp.S., Vicar
Jorge Gomez del Valle, M.Sp.S., Vicar
Santos Mendoza, M.Sp.S., Brother
Craig Lundberg, Deacon
Shannon Everist,
Pastoral Asst. for Administration
Lori Lowery, Secretary
Office Hours:
Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 4:30 pm
(Closed 12:30-1:30pm)
Mass Times:
Mon.-Sat. 9 am / Saturday vigil - 5:00 pm
Sunday: 9 am, 11 am,
1 pm (Spanish) & 5 pm
Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday - 3:30 - 4:45 pm
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:
Mon — Fri, 10 am — 9 pm
How to reach us:
Phone: (425) 481-0303
Fax: (425) 485-8510
2316 180th St S.E., Bothell, WA 98012
P.O.Box 12429, Mill Creek, WA 98082
Web Site: www.easbothell.org
Facebook web link:
Email: [email protected]
myParish app, St Elizabeth Ann Seton
From Cover
If you’re not humble ...
prophesizes this humiliation of Jesus.”
Because King David entrusted himself to
God, Pope Francis stressed he was able to pass
from sin to holiness. With his head covered and
crying, knowing the gravity of his having arranged
the death of the husband of Bathsheba to cover up
his adultery, David leaves the city as others mock
and curse him.
At this point, Francis underscored, David
puts himself in the hands of the Lord.
“This is the path of David, from the moment
of corruption to this entrusting of himself into the
hands of the Lord. And this is holiness. This is
Pope Francis invited those gathered to pray
to the Lord for the grace of humility, “but also for
the grace to understand that humility cannot be
achieved without humiliation.”
Our Mission and Vision Statements
Mission: We are St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish,
a diverse Roman Catholic community guided by
the Holy Spirit. We are transformed by grace
through sacraments, prayer, compassion, and
We are disciples of Jesus Christ.
Vision: We will be a parish unified by our
baptismal call, appreciative of our diversity and
enriched by our ethnicities and cultures. We will
be renewed by sacred liturgy, enlightened by
faith formation, and compelled to serve with the
compassion of Jesus.
We will be the body of Christ.
Officers and Councils
The Pastoral Council
Gerry Apin, Jenifer Arulnathan,
Eduardo Cardona, Jean Dellino,
Paul Gallagher, Bob Kennedy,
Alice Paine
The Leadership Team
Jonald Alejandro, Ana May Apin, Rolfson
Augustine, Shannon Everist, Marcia Gimenez,
Heidi Gogal, Dc. Craig Lundberg,
Steve Robinson
The Finance Council
Richard Carlson,
Bill Dunnigan, Shannon Everist
The Seton Sunday News Bulletin
Fr. Roberto Saldivar, MSpS, publisher
Marcia Gimenez, associate publisher
Deacon Craig Lundberg, executive vice president
Phone: 425-481-9358
Monday & Friday: 10am - 5pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 10am – 6pm
Wednesday: 11:30am-8:30pm
Stephanie Matheny,
Administrative Assistant
Rosamaría García, Bilingual Assistant
Stephanie Moran, Early Childhood/
Stephen Kramp, Life Teen
Susie King, The Edge
Calendar of Events
Church Report
Faith Formation
From Fr. Mario
Missionaries of the Holy Spirit
Pastor’s Corner
Spanish / Sección en Español
St Elizabeth Ann Seton
Vocational Awareness
Year of Mercy
Youth, Typology
P A S T O R ’ S Corner
“Whom shall I send?
Who will go for us?”
Last Sunday at the 5 p.m. Mass I
asked if there was any youth interested
in becoming a priest. As it is common
nowadays… no hands were raised, I
asked a second and a third time and still
no hands. Earlier that morning I invited
a couple to consecrate one of their
children to God to be a priest… to that
the father said, “maybe” and I said,
“why not YES.” I even offered to do a
private baptism if they consecrated him
to be a priest… they just smiled.
In my short time being a priest I
have learned that if we don’t put
obstacles in the way of God’s
inspirations he will definitely do
wondrous things in us.
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 3
directly in the eyes during Mass and
afterwards he began a process of
conversion. How often I’ve been moved
to say a word to someone only to learn
that they’ve been waiting to hear those
“Whom shall I send?
Who will go for us?”
The problem today is that we are
too concerned for our own wellbeing; in
every realm, whether it be our homes,
communities, etc... we want things to
revolve around our wants. We need to
not be afraid to go out into deep waters
and there to lower our nets.
Why are young people so afraid
to plunge into these waters? In all my
years of priesthood I have never felt
Sacramentally it is very
obvious… my hands forgiving
transforming bread into the
body of Christ. It is Jesus in
me making these miracles
happen. And then other
miracles happen… like the
day I prayed over a couple that
wanted to conceive a child and
months later they came to me
to share the good news that
they have conceived. Or the
time I looked someone
Last weekend many of our
parishioners were happily surprised to
see the image of our Risen Lord (which
was inside the sanctuary up to now)
moved to the entrance of the church. I
was pleased to hear many positive
comments and how much this change
excited them and how the image with the
colorful mural invited them to reflection. It
is also important to acknowledge that
some parishioners (three) approached
me feeling upset because of the change.
Perhaps there are more, but I would like
to thank them for being open about their
feelings and for sharing with me their
viewpoints. Nonetheless this is a great
opportunity to deepen in St. Elizabeth
Ann Seton’s spirituality regarding the
importance of being Children of the
Church. So many of you have
contributed to the renovation and
changes that have been occurring in the
church. Since my arrival here, our parish
has received close to $84,000.00 in
restricted donations by parishioners
towards the changes you’ve seen
(marble altar tops, tabernacle, St.
Joseph’s statute, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
statue, crucifix etc...). Thank you.
depressed, the excitement of listening to
Jesus taking me to new places and
inviting me to make the gospel new is
always an adventure unparalleled by
any other vocation. People often say:
priests should be allowed to get married
and then we would have more
vocations. No, thanks! I am happy
listening to one voice, God’s. I could
just imagine having my wife telling me
what to do or what not to do. I feel
comfort sharing my joys and
disappointments with Him who called
“Whom shall I send?
Who will go for us?”
So many Catholics are ignoring
this invitation. “We need to stop and let
God work himself into us to fulfill his
purpose through us.” Try putting aside
the multitude of tasks that
currently worry you. Seek an
opportunity to get informed
about what this calling entails.
You will soon learn that all
who responded with: “Here I
am, send me!” are those that
have made this world a more
fraternal one because they have
brought faith, hope and love to
those most in need. That is one
of the greatest feelings and
incomparable to any other.
have received $3,894.00 that will go
towards my tuition. Thank you.
Lent starts this week… we are
having several celebrations during the
Year of Mercy. Take time to reconcile
with the Lord during this special time.
Confessions are every Saturday from
3:30 to 5:00 p.m. and by appointment.
During this Lenten Season I have also
set aside Thursdays to hear your
confessions… please drop by the office
and reconcile with the Lord. More
information is in the trifold that will be
distributed. Please continue to keep the
outcome of the General Chapter of the
Missionaries of the Holy Spirit in your
prayers (Prayer on page 6).
Now that I mention donations, two
weeks ago I commented in the bulletin
about the “Good Leader, Good
Shepherds” formation program that I am
currently taking in the Archdiocese of
Your Brother In Christ,
Seattle, and invited you to help support
me with the tuition . Once again I feel Fr. Roberto Saldivar, M.Sp.S.
blessed for your generosity, up to today I
4 | The SETON Sunday News | Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16
The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit must be formed in
such a way that each one of them, at a later time, in their holy
ministry, be ANOTHER ME.
This is the necessary condition for the salvation of souls, uniting
themselves to me, transforming themselves into the ONLY
I see a multitude of holy priests approaching. They will
be a powerful arm in the Church. I will bless all the places
where they establish themselves.
Priestly works are their works; not as a secondary
purpose, but the main one. It is a special characteristic of this
I want them to be pure, simple, obedient, very much like
me. They are mine in a special way…I love them very much!
The wonderful mission we share as Missionaries of the
Holy Spirit is to be a Priestly People. We want to help others
realize the priestly vocation we all have by virtue of being
Christians. We are priests due to our Baptism. We are called to
be and build the people of God, a priestly people. We want to
I invite you to take this text as your own in your
live united to Christ Priest and Victim, who invites us to make of personal prayer. We are called to be another Jesus, we are called
our life a never ending offering.
to take part in the salvific mission of the Church and reach every
In the following text Fr. Felix invites all the corner of the world with Jesus’ message of love. What a
Missionaries of the Holy Spirit to be another Jesus, in the words beautiful thing to have a merciful heart like that of Jesus!
of the Lord Himself. I am convinced this invitation is for every Fr. Mario Rodriguez, MSpS
Christian faithful.
F A I T H Formation
February 8th Join other
middle school youth for our
session Desert Wanderer as
we look at Lent.
Open youth
6:45pm Sessions at 7pm
On Monday’s Edge your youth
learned about the liturgical season of Lent. We
learned that the 40 days of Lent is a time of penance
and conversion in our Church. Through acts of
penance, we unite ourselves in small ways to the
mystery of Christ’s fasting and prayer in the desert.
We learned that we can perform acts of penance
through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Through
these acts of penance, we grow in love for the Lord.
Penance helps us to properly align our passions for
the things of this world so that they do not rule us but
rather that we have control over them. Here are some
Why did Jesus decide to go into the desert for 40
▪ No LifeTeen mee ng this
Sunday night (2/7). We’ll
all be sleeping a er
spending our weekend at
Camp Brotherhood with
the #lighto heworld. We’ll be back in ac on on 2/14—that’s right,
on Valen ne’s Day night! See you then!
▪ Keep our retreat and post-retreat teens in your prayers this week.
Ask our Lord to give them the grace and support they need so the
seeds he plants this weekend can grow, and so this short-butamazing weekend can propel them into a long-and-amazing life of
holiness and love.
Adult Faith Formation
▪ How can we as a family pray more?
Bible Study— Acts of the Apostles – In the day of St. Paul,
being a Roman citizen carried a lot of clout. Paul used his
citizenship to save him from a beating and get a free ride to
Rome. Read Acts 22:1-25:12 (Session 18), discuss, and view a
DVD lecture on Tuesday, Feb. 9, 7:00 PM in the Fellowship
Hall. All Adults are invited.
▪ Are there things as a family we should fast from
For more information call 425-481-9358.
▪ What can we do as a family to give alms? (e.g. put
Women’s Fellowship: On Tuesday Feb. 9th we will be studying
during Lent? (e.g. TV, eating out, time on the
aside money for a charity, volunteer at a soup
It’s coming! The Junior High Rally!!
Saturday March 12th. This is open to
all Middle school Youth. Permission slips available
and due by February 25th.
the “Catechism Paragraphs 2196-2557 Commandments 4-10!” All
women welcome. At noon, all parishioners are invited to pray the
“Rosary for Life” with us.
Contact Mary Christie: 425-776-3967
Or Rachel Castro: 425-486-9232 if you have questions.
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 5
Vocation Awareness
To have a “priest’s
A priest’s heart is modeled after
the Sacred Heart of Jesus, full of
kindness and compassion for others,
like the Good Shepherd.
When I say “heart” in this
context, I am describing what is also
called the soul. I can remember when
I was a vocations director giving a
talk on vocations, often some young
man would come up to me afterwards
and say something like “Father, that
was a great talk! When you were
talking, my heart was really burning.”
I would always reply, “If your heart
was burning, it was not because of
my talk. The Holy Spirit is the only
one who makes a man’s heart burn,
and he does it especially when he is
calling that man to something great.
You could be called to be a priest.”
You can tell a lot about a
person’s heart by simply watching
him, listening to him and observing
what he says and does. I believe that
a “priest’s heart” is one of the best
indications for a vocatiosn director
that a man is pursuing priesthood for
the right reasons.”
Do you know someone who has a
priest’s heart? How can you help him
hear and respond to this call?
From the Book
“To Save a Thousand Souls”
Fr. Brett Brannen
A Prayer for every VOCATION
Whatever trade, profession or other endeavor
you follow, remember the words of the
psalmist, who prays to God to lead him on his
search for his vocation.
Lord God, you know me.
You know when I sit
And when I stand.
You have me always in your heart.
I thank you for this, Lord.
You know the path for my life
And what will make me happy.
Show it to me, Lord.
Bless me, guide and be my Lord,
So whatever road I choose,
I may choose it for your glory. Amen.
For information on becoming a Religious Priest
Missionary of the Holy Spirit or a Diocesan
Priest contact one of the following people:
Serra Club: Arthur Adams
Youth Minister: Stephen Kramp
Priests: Fr. Roberto Saldivar, M.Sp.S.
Fr. Mario Rodriguez, M.Sp.S.
Monday February 8
Pastoral Council
Curso Biblia Español
St. 4
Tuesday February 9
Women’s Fellowship
Rosary for Life
Faith Formation Elementary
All Rooms
Adult Faith Formation
Praise and Bible Study
Chapel/St. 3
Wednesday February 10 Ash Wednesday (cover for schedule)
Passion Play Rehearsal
Seton House
Thursday February 11
Faith Formation Elementary
All Rooms
St. 1
St. Vincent de Paul
St. 7
Catholic Daughters
St. 2
Vine Moms’ Group
St. 3
Passion Play Rehearsal
“Luz y Vida” Gpo. Oración
Seton House
Friday February 12
Stations of the Cross and Soup Supper
Comité Guadalupano
St. 4
Grupo de Jóvenes
Youth Room
Healing Mass
Saturday February 13
Ambiente Seguro Training
St. 4
Passion Play Rehearsal
Kerygma Youth Group
Seton House
Daily Spiritual Nourishment
Mon., Feb. 8: 1 Kings 8:1-7, 19-13; Mark 6:53-56
They began to bring in the sick on mats to wherever they heard Jesus
was. Have we been living out our primary mission to become the
body of Christ to a wider world?
Tues., Feb. 9: 1 Kings 8:22-23, 27-30; Mark 7:1-13
“This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from
me.” How are you preparing for lent?
Season of Lent
Wed., Feb. 10: Joel 2:12-18; Psalm 51; 2 Cor. 5:20–6:2; Matt. 6:1-6,
Ash Wednesday
Give me back the joy of your salvation, and sustain in me a willing
spirit. In this Year of Mercy, how are you to bring the Gospel
message of joy and mercy to others?
Thurs., Feb. 11: Deut. 30:15-20; Luke 9:22-25
Whoever wishes to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their
life for my sake will save it. Do you choose life by choosing
forgiveness over revenge, affirmation over criticism, dignity over
gossip, holiness over busyness?
Fri., Feb. 12: Isa. 58:1-9a; Matt 9:14-15
This, rather, is the fasting that I wish: releasing those bound unjustly.
How do you fast?
Sat., Feb. 13: Isa. 58:9b-14; Luke 5:27-32
The Lord will renew your strength and you shall be like a watered
garden. The routines and busy schedules can make life strained. Do
you take time for God to renew you?
6 | The SETON Sunday News | Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16
E L I Z A B E T H Ann Seton
From her own writings…
Discerning your Vocation
Elizabeth’s correspondences and
writings reveal her function as a codiscerner for one's vocation in life. To
Elizabeth, the fundamental vocation of
life was the glorification of God and the
salvation of the soul in the hope of union
with God. Elizabeth guided her directees
to discern their thoughts, words and
actions in their everyday life in the light
of this ultimate goal. In her spiritual
direction, she continually urged her
directees to discern this absolute vocation
of human life in the hope of eternal union
with God.
Elizabeth also assisted individuals to
discern their life decisions in the light of
their vocation as a Christian lay person,
religious, or priest. For instance, when
she noticed one seminarian left the blessed that can adorn a Human Being.”
seminary in doubt of his priestly
Elizabeth directed individuals to
vocation, she sent her advice to him in
discern everything in the light of the Holy
the following letter:
Spirit who would lead them to eternal
“After all, the choice of a clergyman’s union with God.
life is but placing yourself in a situation
Elizabeth presented the will of God as
to fulfill the solemn duties you engaged the norm of discernment in their journey
in at your Baptism, have since renewed to God. To herself the will of God was the
in confirmation, and must at all times be roadmap in her journey toward eternal
convinced are the only pledges of eternal union with God and the first standard of
Peace to your Soul and which you are discernment for her life's decision in
not the less strictly bound to fulfill grace. She often shared her life
because you see the greater number of experiences of following the will of God
your fellow creatures live in neglect and with individuals, especially with someone
disregard to them -A man may be a very who needed spiritual guidance.
good man in the pursuit of any other
Profession—but certainly that of a
From the book
“Spiritual Direction in the Writings of
Clergyman is the easiest, surest road to
Elizabeth Ann Seton”, Lee
God, and the first, the highest, and most
of The Holy Spirit
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish is staffed by the Religious
Congregation of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit
In this Section you will find interesting articles about the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, the Spirituality
of the Cross and the life of their founding parents: Concepcion Cabrera de Armida (Conchita)
and Fr. Felix de Jesus Rougier.
Listening to God’s Voice
What we must always do is not the highest act, or the
most humble act, we must simply do what God’s will is for
His will is one, unchangeable, most holy, at each stage of
our life it asks of us something particular, and it varies
according to the times and circumstancs in our life. But this
particular something is just a link in a mysterious chain, this
chain is the design of God’s will on our souls. It will bring
amazing union, because God’s ideal for us is Union, for each
one of us: union with Him.
The night before His passion, Jesus in his amazing High
Priestly prayer says “Consecrate them in the truth. Your word
is truth.” Your word is truth. Lord, consecrate us in the
Daily bread… from the writings of Concepcion Cabrera de Armida
MIssionaries of the Holy Spirit
Triune God, community of life and love, bless the General
Chapter of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit so that it may
be an experience of outpouring of the Holy Spirit, fraternal
communion and missionary outreach.
Father, may this Chapter enkindle in them the desire to
extend the reign of the Holy Spirit, building the Priestly
People, creating opportunities for growing in holiness and
boosting a commitment to solidarity.
Jesus, give them your ears and your heart, so that they may
be able to discern your will by listening to the needs of the
world and the wishes of the Father.
Holy Spirit, fill them with wisdom, fortitude and love. Amen.
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 7
With my
eyes on the
Everything, O my
Lord, shall be dull
and dim to me, after
looking at you.
There is nothing on earth, not even what is
most naturally dear to me, that I can love in
comparison of you. And I would lose
everything whatever rather than lose you. For
you, O my Lord, are my supreme and only
Lord and love.
My God, you know infinitely better that I
how little I love you. I should not love you at
all, except for your grace. It is your grace
which has opened the eyes of my mind, and
enabled them to see your glory. It is your
grace which has touched my heart, and
brought upon it the influence of what is so
wonderfully beautiful and fair.
How can I help loving you, O my Lord,
except by some dreadful perversion which
hinders me from looking at you?
O my God, whatever is nearer to me than
you, things of this earth, and things more
naturally pleasing to me, will be sure to
interrupt the sight of you, unless your grace
Keep you my eyes, my ears, my heart,
from any such miserable tyranny. Break my
bonds—raise my heart.
Keep my whole being fixed on you. Let me
never lose sight of you; and, while I gaze on
you, let my love of you grow more and more
every day.
Blessed John Henry Newman
Y o u t h Section Typology
“Typology might throw a lot of type at you, but we’re no dummies. We know
images are incredibly powerful. So this week we’re sending some inspiring
images and video clips your way just in case you’ve been studying a ton for
finals recently and you feel like your brain is about to melt and leak out your left
ear canal. Or something like that. So in no particular order:
Typology always respects teens who
sing their hearts out for Jesus. When
their bus was stranded in the blizzard
on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, a group
of teens from St. John Cantius High
School in Chicago escaped into a
nearby motel for a #MotelBarMass.
Check out these clips of the teens
singing some beautiful Mass parts, and
get inspired to join our LifeTeen choir!
Check out some great
scenes from the
#turnpikemass of 2016,
where teens who were
stuck in the Washington,
D.C. blizzard after the
#MarchForLife built an
altar out of snow. “Why
we march—to tell the
truth about what it means
to be human.” Love it!
Finally, in case you’re a numbers-counter and you’re not
impressed by the March For Life this year, which was
indeed down from its usual hundreds and hundreds of
thousands because of, you know, the MASSIVE
BLIZZARD that smashed the East Coast—we thought
we’d throw some serious numbers at you. As in,
2,000,000 participating in a candlelit Eucharistic
procession in Cebu in the Philippines. https://goo.gl/
QUyV5y (And yes, there are some other amazing images
from this event on that website—check them out
Congrats!! Brett Bean has been awarded Mill Creek Rotary Student of the Month. Brett is very involved in
the Archbishop Murphy Community. He is on the school’s executive council, has major roles in fall plays, spring
musicals and the DECA program. He is a National Honor Society member, participates in football, track, tennis, as
well as Canoe and Kayac Club, and the French Club. Brett hopes to attend Santa Clara University or Pepperdine
majoring in business or marketing. He is also an active participant in our LifeTeen program at SEAS. Congrats!
8 | The SETON Sunday News | Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16
Sección en Español
Mensaje del Párroco
¿Por qué tienen miedo los jóvenes
proceso de conversión. Muchas veces
siento la inspiración de decirle a alguien de adentrarse en estas aguas? En todos
una palabra y luego me entero que mis años de sacerdocio nunca me he
El domingo pasado en Misa de 5 esperaban oír aquello.
sentido deprimido; el entusiasmo de oír a
pregunté si había algún joven interesado
Jesús que me lleva a nuevos lugares y me
“A quién enviaré?
en ser sacerdote. Como ya es común en
invita a compartir el evangelio de manera
¿Quién irá de parte mía?
estos días… no vi ninguna mano alzarse.
novedosa es siempre una aventura
Volví a preguntar dos veces, y todavía
incomparable con ninguna otra vocación.
nadie levantó la mano. Esa misma mañana
La gente suele decir: deberían permitir que
invité a una pareja a consagrar a uno de
se casen los sacerdotes, entonces habría
sus hijos a Dios para ser sacerdote… el
más vocaciones. ¡No, gracias! Yo soy feliz
papá dijo “quizás” y yo le contesté “¿por
oyendo una sola voz, la de Dios. Ya me
qué no contestar SÍ! ? Incluso ofrecí
imagino a mi esposa diciendo qué hacer y
celebrar un Bautismo privado si lo
qué no. Siento consuelo de compartir mis
consagraban para ser sacerdote… sólo
alegrías y desencantos con Aquel que me
nuestras redes allí.
En el corto tiempo que llevo de ser
“A quién enviaré?
sacerdote he aprendido que si
¿Quién irá de parte mía?
no ponemos obstáculos a las
Demasiados católicos ignoran
detenernos y dejar que Dios
maravillosas en nosotros.
actúe en nosotros para cumplir
Su propósito a través de
nosotros”. Intenta dejar de lado la
multitud de tareas que te
perdonan pecados y mis
preocupan en este momento.
palabras que transforman el pan
y el vino en el cuerpo de Cristo.
averiguar qué implica este
Es Jesús quien realiza esos
llamado. Pronto te darás cuenta
milagros a través mío. Y luego
que quienes respondieron “¡Aquí
ocurren otros milagros… como
la vez que oré sobre una pareja
personas que han hecho de este
que quería tener un hijo y luego
mundo un lugar más fraterno
me llaman para compartirme la
porque han llevado la fe, la
esperanza y la caridad a los más
Debemos detenernos y dejar que Dios actúe en nosotros
¡finalmente estaban esperando un
necesitados. Es éste uno de los
bebé! O la vez que miré a alguien
sentimientos más maravillosos, y
directamente a los ojos durante la
no se puede comparar con nada.
Misa y luego comenzó para él un
“A quién enviaré?
¿Quién irá de parte mía?
El fin de semana pasado
muchos feligreses recibieron la
agradable sorpresa de ver la
imagen del Cristo Resucitado
(que antes estaba en el
Santuario) reubicado a la
entrada de la iglesia. Me dio
gusto oír muchos comentarios
positivos y emocionados con el
cambio, y algunos me dijeron
que la imagen en el mural tan
colorido los invitaba a la
algunos feligreses (tres) se me
acercaron a decirme que no
estaban contentos con el
cambio. Quizás haya más,
pero quiero agradecerles a
quienes me expresaron sus
sentimientos abiertamente y
compartieron conmigo sus
puntos de vista. De todas
maneras es una perfecta
oportunidad para adentrarnos
en la espiritualidad de Sta.
Elizabeth Ann Seton en lo que
concierne a ser Hijos de la
Iglesia. Muchos de ustedes
han contribuido para los
cambios y renovaciones que
han ocurrido en la iglesia.
Desde que llegué, la parroquia
ha recibido cerca de $84,000
en donaciones restringidas de
nuestros feligreses para los
cambios que se han efectuado
(mármol de los altares, el
sagrario, la estatua de San
José, la estatua de Sta
Elizabeth, el Crucifijo, etc).
Hablando de donaciones,
hace dos semanas usé el
boletín para comentarles del
programa de formación al que
líderes, buenos pastores”, y les
pedí su colaboración para
pagar mi colegiatura. Una vez
más me siento bendecido por
su generosidad, hasta hoy he
recibido $3,894 para ayudarme
a pagar la colegiatura. Gracias.
Cuaresma… tendremos varias
celebraciones durante este
Año de la Misericordia. Date
tiempo de reconciliarte con el
Señor durante este tiempo tan
especial. Las confesiones son
todos los sábados de 3:30 a
5pm y por cita. Durante este
tiempo de Cuaresma voy a
apartar los días jueves para
escuchar confesiones… ven a
la oficina y reconcíliate con el
Señor. Más información en el
tríptico que será distribuido.
Por favor continúa orando por
el resultado del Capítulo
General de los Misioneros del
Espíritu Santo (oración: pg. 9).
Tu hermano en Cristo,
Esta semana comienza la P. Roberto Saldívar, M.Sp.S.
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 9
Ser Pueblo Sacerdotal es la gran misión que tenemos
como Misioneros del Espíritu Santo. Queremos ayudar a tomar
conciencia de la vocación sacerdotal que como cristiano cada
uno tenemos. Somos sacerdotes por nuestro bautismo.
Estamos llamados a formar y construir el pueblo de Dios,
pueblo sacerdotal. Queremos vivir unidos en Cristo Sacerdote
y Víctima que nos invita a hacer de nuestra vida una ofrenda
En este texto el P. Félix invita a todos los Misioneros
del Espíritu Santo a ser otros Jesús, con palabras del Señor,
yo creo que esta invitación es para todo fiel cristiano.
Los Misioneros del Espíritu Santo deben ser formados
dinámicas matrimoniales
de tal manera que cada uno, más tarde, en el santo ministerio,
sea OTRO YO.
Esa es la condición indispensable para que salven a
las almas, uniéndose, transformándose en el UNICO
SALVADOR que soy Yo.
Veo venir una legión de sacerdotes santos. Serán un
brazo poderoso en la Iglesia. Yo bendeciré todos los lugares
donde hagan fundaciones.
Las obras sacerdotales son sus obras; no de una
manera secundaria, sino principal. Es carácter especial de esta
Los quiero puros, sencillos, obedientes, muy parecidos
a Mí.
Son míos de una manera especial… ¡Cuánto los amo!
Te invito a hacer tuyo este texto en tu oración
personal. Estamos llamados a ser otro Jesús, estamos
llamados a participar en la misión salvadora de la Iglesia y a
llegar a todos los rincones con el mensaje de amor de Jesús.
Que hermoso tener el corazón misericordioso como Jesús.
P. Mario Rodríguez, MSpS
27 y 28 de Febrero
St. Bernardette, Burien
Cuota por pareja $120
Interesados, comunicarse con
Laura Esparza: 425-350-0853
Polo Esparza: 425-268-1954
Ambiente Seguro en Español
Entrenamiento de la Arquidiócesis de Seattle
Si tu trabajo o voluntariado te pone en contacto con niños o adultos
vulnerables, debes tomar esta clase “Protegiendo a los niños de Dios”.
Ofreceremos una clase en Español, aquí en Sta. Elizabeth, el próximo
sábado 13 de Febrero a las 10am en el Salón 4. No habrá cuidado de
niños. El cupo es limitado.
Regístrate en línea,
o comunícate con la Oficina de Formación Religiosa para hacerlo:
425-481-9358, Stepahanie Matheny y Rosamaria Garcia
From page 2
Mercy, not magic...
appeared in a local daily newspaper. The
source added that the article had not entered
deeply into the theological, sacramental, or
liturgical significance of the Year of Mercy.
Misioneros del Espíritu Santo
Dios -Trinidad, comunidad de vida y amor, bendice el Capítulo
General de los M.Sp.S., para que sea una experiencia de efusión
del Espíritu Santo, de comunión fraterna y envío misionero.
Padre, que este Capítulo reavive en ellos el anhelo de extender el
reinado del Espíritu Santo, construyendo el Pueblo Sacerdotal,
generando procesos de santidad e impulsando el compromiso de
Jesús, dales tus oídos y tu corazón, para que, atentos a las
necesidades del mundo y a los sueños de tu Padre, puedan
discernir tu voluntad.
Espíritu Santo, Llénalos de sabiduría, fortaleza y amor. Amén.
Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Bombay
opened the Doors of Mercy at Mumbai's
Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount on Dec.
20, 2015. He reminded the faithful: “This is
the Lord's Gate: let us enter through it and
obtain mercy and forgiveness.” The doors
were then opened, using the Bible as the key,
with the following invocation, "Open the
Gates of Justice; we shall enter and give
Mumbai-area parishes are hosting
catechetical seminars to help explain to the
The cardinal in his homily at the
faithful the importance and meaning of the
Mass explained the characteristics and
Year of Mercy.
significance of the Holy Year and urged the
The jubilee year includes Holy Doors faithful to “fix your eyes on Jesus” and to
in every diocese. When they pass through the be “agents of God’s mercy.”
doors pilgrims can receive a plenary
“No one should say that it is difficult
indulgence – under the usual conditions.
to reach God and difficult to obtain mercy,
for the Church is indeed the vehicle of
mercy,” Cardinal Gracias said. “We are the
Church and it becomes our Christian duty to
spread the message of God’s mercy and
“With the corporal and spiritual acts
of mercy, we have direction; with the
example of our religious leaders, we have
motivation; and with God’s mercy through
Jesus himself, we have a straight path.”
In the Archdiocese of Seattle the
following have designated Holy Doors:
St James Cathedral, Seattle,
And the Protocathedral of St. James
the Greater in Vancouver.
10 | The SETON Sunday News | Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16
HAPPENING Here and elsewhere
SEAS Pro-Life Ministry Spiritual
Adoption Program
Everyone loves the beauty and innocence of a baby.
As an expression of that love, St. Elizabeth Ann
Seton Pro-Life Ministry announces an adoption
program for young and old alike. You will have the
opportunity on February 13-14 to “spiritually”
adopt a child who is newly conceived this month.
Not all newly conceived babies are allowed to be born. In fact, more than 4,000
babies lose their lives to abortion each day. It is these babies you are being asked
to “adopt”. There are millions of unborn babies desperately in need of your
prayers. Won’t you please “spiritually adopt” one and share the love for life that
God has given you? Any questions, contact Karen Salvati at (425) 327-8700.
The Catholic Daughters will be selling raffle ckets for their
annual Valen nes Day baskets this weekend. Drawing will be
held a er Sunday 2/7 5pm Mass. Winners will be able to pick
up their basket during the week, just in me for Valen ne’s
Day. Support their chari es and win a great gi basket for
someone special.
“The Passion of the Christ”, after a very successful
performance last year, this play will be back for 2
showings at our EAS Parish!
Join us, as our talented parishioners reenact the last days of
Jesus! This will be more than a performance, but also a
reverent way to participate in the Paschal Mystery and the
Stations of the Cross.
An event of a Lifetime!
FREE ADMISSION – Donations accepted
Friday March 18, and Saturday 19, 8pm, in the sanctuary
For information [email protected]
or Roxanne 206.354.2383
Concert with Donna Cori Gibson
on the Stations of the Cross
Second Friday of Lent
February 19th 7pm
Home Visitation / Peer Counseling Ministry
A reminder that we have a Home Visitation/Peer
Counseling Ministry available to you and your family. The
goal of this ministry is to bring God's mercy and hope to
those going through difficult transitions and losses. We
strive to bring joy and support to those who may be alone a
lot or grieving some loss. It is important that they
know Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish cares about them
and prays for them.
Please help us reach those who might benefit from this
ministry by calling me. There are cards in the vestibule
with my phone number and e-mail. It is important, too, that
we all pray for each other and especially for those who are
ill and house bound.
Joan M. Kluck (Coordinator)
Finding support after the Death
of a Loved One
Have you experienced the loss of a loved one? St. Brendan Parish is
offering a bereavement support group, which will provide you with
an opportunity to share with other grieving people who can
understand and support you.
The program consists of seven weekly sessions that help people to
know what to expect and not to expect during the grieving process. It
will begin Wednesday, February 10th at 10:30 am in the Church
Library. The group wil be facilitated by Arlene Sullivan, Chris
Gaines and Margie Inghram.
For more information, contact Margie Inghram at 425-486-8953 or
[email protected] Registration will take place at the
beginning of the first sesión. There is no charge for this class.
Rachel’s Corner
Hope and Healing After Abortion
“The Church has a duty to be close to these [postabortive] people with love and delicacy. Catholics
have an obligation to reach out to women hurting
after an abortion. The Gospel of Love and Life is
also always the Gospel of Mercy .”
Pope Benedict XVI, April 2008 Catholic Conference
We can help you on a Rachel’s Vineyard™ retreat
March 4-6, 2016 Seabeck and
April 15-17, 2016 Stanwood
Call Valerie: 1-800-822-HOPE (4673)
Project Rachel is a program of Catholic Community Services.
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, 02/07/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 11
Counseling 425-257-2111 or 888-240-8572
Altar Servers, Jane Baer and Veronica Cardona
Apostleship of the Cross, Vicki Leone
Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, Elisabeth Kramp
Coffee & Donuts, Kelly Cooley
EMEs Ana May Apin and Amelia Carver
Environment Team, Claudia Galindo
Funeral Committee, Pat Maurer
Guadalupe Committee, Claudia Galindo
Homebound Ministers, Marianne Iwamoto
Home Visitation/Peer Counseling, Joan Kluck
Lectors, Nicolette Gagner and Elvira Hernandez
Linens, Linda Brownfield
Min. of Hospitality, Doug Portello and Graciela Chagoya
Music Coordinator, Kathy Egashira
Pastoral Council, Paul Gallagher/Gerry Apin
Pro-Life Ministry, Karen Salvati
Sacramentors, Scott Occhiuto
Simbang Gabi, Gerry Apin
Vine Moms group, Erin Robinson
Women’s Fellowship, Mary Christie
Young Adult Group, Roberto Martinez
Cascade Serra Club, Pat Sweeney
Catholic Daughters, Kathy Taylor
Knights of Columbus, Chris Harvill
St. Vincent de Paul
Connect to St Elizabeth Ann
Seton Church through
myParish App
(for I-Phone and Android)
A Call to Share…
(Vigil) 5 pm
9 am
11 am
1 pm
5 pm
Children’s Envelopes $113.00
EFT Contributions
Mid Week
Total Offering
Thank you...
Delgado Towing
También hablamos español
Our bulletin is published at no cost to the
parish as it is supported by the ads on the back.
Please consider using our advertisers’ services and tell them
you saw their ad in our bulletin.
Staff and Clergy
Everist, Shannon
Garcia, Rosamaria
Gomez, Fr. Jorge
King, Susie
Kramp, Stephen
Lowery, Lori
Lundberg, Dn. Craig
Matheny, Stephanie
Mendoza, Br. Santos
Moran, Stephanie
Rodriguez, Fr. Mario
Saldivar, Fr. Roberto
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425-481-0303 ext.24
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425-481-0303 ext.36
425-481-9358 ext.28
425-481-0303 ext.23
425-481-0303 ext.39
Adams, Arthur
Apin, Ana May
Apin, Gerry
Arulnathan, Jenifer
Auroux, Jacqueline
Baer, Jane
Brownfield, Linda
Cardona, Eduardo
Cardona, Veronica
Carver, Amelia
Chagoya, Graciela
Christie, Mary
Cooley, Kelly
Dellino, Jean
Egashira, Kathy
Galindo, Claudia
Gagner, Nicolette
Gallagher, Paul
Gimenez, Marcia
Harvill, Chris
Hernandez, Elvira
Iwamoto, Marianne
Kennedy, Robert
Kramp, Elisabeth
Kluck, Joan
Leone, Vicki
Martinez, Roberto
Maurer, Pat
Occhiuto, Scott
Paine, Alice
Portello, Doug
Robinson, Erin
Salvati, Karen
Sweeney, Pat
Taylor, Kathy
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
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[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Ministries and groups
Please keep the sick among us in your prayers, especially:
Mina Amlag
Roberta Autron
Jane Bentley
Tom Bender
Shawna Boger
Eulalia Castillo
Ruth Carpizo
Billie Dougherty
Anna Epps
Marjorie Frye
Vanessa Griffith
Fred Hundertmark
Helen Johnston
Karen Jolokai
Patricia Kramer
Doris Lundgren
Patti Means
Shirley Muntz
Yolanda Noblezada
Teresa Paris
Ritzy Rafer
Floyd Roderick
Lily Ann Roderick
Joyce Rosas
Florentine Ruhland
Benita Schumacher
Jim Schumacher
Leticia Solorzano
Fran Sphung
Francis Sullivan
Remy Tolentino
Richard Totorica
Barb West
Tami Wyatt
May God the Father bless you, God the Son heal you and
God the Holy Spirit enlighten you. Amen.

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