St. Louis Catholic Church and Covenant School


St. Louis Catholic Church and Covenant School
cese, including the annual Chrism Mass at which oils are blessed
he sacraments throughout our parishes.
Every child deserves an education and
a quality of life as God intends. The
Sisters of St. Joseph Cottolengo have
worked tirelessly to educate, train
and serve persons with developmental
disabilities, bringing them a sense of
am who is autistic
acceptance and giving their families
7270 SW 120th Street • Pinecrest, FL 33156 • Church/School: 305-238-7562 • FAX: 305-238-6844
hope through the Church’s call to love,
Web site:
• [email protected] • covenant [email protected]
and justice.
Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time / A
February 6, 2011
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All issues and questions relating to mart of law. And
riage dispensations and annulments are
processed through the Tribunal with
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parish advocates able and ready to assist;
God and neighthe assistance is just a phone call away.
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St. Louis Catholic Church and Covenant School
Starting Afresh from Christ
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mas Wenski Archbishop’s Charities
and Development Drive
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– prayer. Your ABCD contribution
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the pledge envelopes available in the pews
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the faith community.
“Knights of Columbus”
St Louis Council 14730
GK: Kevin Kelleher 305-253-4926 [email protected]
DGK: Jim Loretta 305-968-8010 [email protected] 1st Degree Exemplification
When: Wednesday, Feb 16, 2011
Time: Setup at 7:00 PM;
Candidate at 7:30 PM
Location: St Louis Family Center
Event Guru: Mike McKeever
Wine and Dine for
Now that Christmas and New Year are done, it is time
for us to focus on the
“Wine and Dine for Valentine” Dinner-Dance
Saturday, February 12th at 7:30 PM
in the Family Center
Tickets are $25 per person and will be sold after all the Masses
in the Rotunda, every weekend until Valentine’s Day; also they
will be available in the Main Office, during office hours. For
further information, please contact Larry Barfield, 305-7428072, [email protected] or Fred Rebozo, 305495-3342, [email protected]
5:30 PM (Sat. Vigil)
7:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM
12:30, 5:30 PM
8:15 AM, 7:15 PM
3:00 PM, 2nd Sunday of
the Month
Misa en Español
Los domingos - 8:15 AM, 7:15 PM
Los miércoles - 7:30 PM
Bautismos - En Español 1er y 3er
sábado de mes. Favor de llamar a la
oficina con DOS meses de anticipación.
Weekday: 6:30 and 8:30 AM
Wednesdays only 7:30 PM
Music Director
Mr. Gregory Taylor
Book & Gift Center
Please contact the Rectory at least six
months prior to the proposed date.
BAPTISMS (Infants - 5 yrs. old)
Every Sunday (English). Please call the
Office TWO months in advance.
Pray for the Sick
Conchita Acosta
Liza Acosta
Heather Alessi
Victor Benitez
Jeannette Bernard
Rose Maria Bestard
Parker Briannon
Daniella Burastero
Jorge Bustamante
Jerry Burne
Mima Camejo
Angelita Castillo
Key Chen
Dolly Chirino
Dorothy Clark
James & Rosemary Clark
Miriam Columbro
Michael Connor
Dottie Crippen
Helen DeLano
Luis DeVarona
Olga Del Valle
Alba Diaz
Rev. Tomas DiFede
John Downey, Sr.
Eileen Duquette
Patricia Englehardt
Felipe Fernandez
Deidre Dorsey Frontera
Judy Galarza
Ed Glynn
Hector Gonzalez
Daisy Guerrero
Dorothy Haiduven
Judy Hanlon
Carole Howard
Cornelio Henry Hueck
Gabriela Imbimbo
Blanca Kurlowicz
Helen Labime
Esperanza Lara
Carolyn Lawson
Rev. Francisco Lemus, SJ
Armando Llanes
Genaro Llave
Evelyn Lopez
Manolito Lopez
John Mangialetto
Sr. Isabel, Mazarredo, OP
Jane McKeon
Johnny McNally
Fernando Montilla
Michael Mulsford
Jenny Orellana
Michael Pavloff
Karen Pegues
Elsa Martinez-Perez
David Pritchard
Betty Quinn
Nydia Ramirez
Pablo “Bebo” Ramos
We are in the process of updating the prayer list for ill members of the parish.
Names will remain on the list for 2 months unless you notify us to remove a name
sooner. If a name is removed in error please notify the office to have it reinstated.
To provide the Eucharist at home for ill parish members or family,
call Pedro Valentin at 305- 251-7335 or main office at 305-238-7562.
Si estas enfermo o impedido de asistir a la Misa y deseas recibir la
Comunión en tu casa, puedes comunicarte con Adriana Morales, 305-969-0960.
Bill Reilly,
Ida Sanone
Ana Patricia Santa Cruz
Eric Schue
Beverly Scott
John Shubeck
Michael Shubick
Michael Speranza
Michael Storace
Jane Thompson
Bobbie Torres
Michael Tubolino
Sr. Ileana Valdes, OP
Aurora Van de Water
Tony Viera
Marlene Wolff
Vivien Baltodano
Alexandra Pegues
Maria Richardson
Bill Whatley
Frank Yanaros
Ministry to
the Sick
f St.Loui
s, K
ly o
Youth Minister
Mr. Mark Witkowski
Saturday:3:30 - 4:30 PM
7:30 - 8:30 PM
Anytime by appointment
of F
Religious Education
Mrs. María Teresa López
Hora Santa -Tercer jueves de cada
mes en la Capilla a las 7:30pm.
School Principal
Mrs. Christine Mathisen
Inscripción – En Español, el 2do
domingo, después de las Misas.
Saturday: 8:30 AM
Matrimonio - Favor de llamar a la
Oficina con SEIS meses de anticipación.
Seminary Intern
Daniel Martin
The Pa
Rev. Paul Vuturo
Rev. Michael Kish
Rev. Armando Tolosa
Rev. Pedro Cartaya (Sundays)
Deacon Vincent McInerney
Deacon John Peremenis
Deacon John Green
Deacon Thomas Hanlon
Deacon Alex Lam
Deacon Bob Yglesias
Deacon Jeff Reyes
rest, Flori
The 2nd Sunday at 10:30 am and the
4th Tuesday of every month, at 7:30 pm.
Our parish community welcomed…
Son of Reynaldo & Theresa Rivas
We congratulate ththis new
members and his family. We, as a parish,
pledge our support and prayers as he
grows with us in living out the Christian
Thanks for Your Pledges
We apologize that this list is incomplete. We do not yet have all the names of those who sent their pledges
to the Pastoral Center by mail or on line. Also please excuse any misspelling or improper use of Mr/Mrs.
Agraz, Jorge & Mercedes
Alberto, Juan & Josefa
Alicea, Ida
Alvarez, Jorge
Annonymus Donors
Appa, Robert
Armstrong, Estelle
Avecedo, Jorge
Badillo, Dennis & Vivian
Benitez, Ivonne
Berryman, Caryn
Black, Claire
Bryne, Gerald
Chin, Kim D.
Caraccia, Nora
Cardenal, Julio
Castan, Rod
Castaneda, Dora
Charbonneau, Robert & Patricia
Chestoks , Grace M.
Christensen, Bernice
Chrycy, Kathryn G.
Closious, Robert & Lilian
Contreras, Wilfredo
Corbett, Stephen & Monica
Coslick, Carl & Caren
Dixson, Socorro
Espinoza, Inocencia
Estoque, Rose
Fedele, Peter
Fernandez, Ismael, Jr.
Figarola, Maria
Flores, Alejandrina
Garcia, Teresa
Gay, Martha
Geronimo, Ralph
Hand, James
Gutierrez, Gustavo
Gutierrez, Mercedes
Herman, Allan
Ho-Sang, Wayne & Zona
Huertas, Madeline
Hymanson, Philip & Joan
Iriarte, Jaqueline
Johnstone, Robert T.
Keen, Paul
Kolodziejczak, Paul
Kurps, James & Betty
Lamadriz, Maria Cristina
Linch, Winnifred
Liwanag, Lillian B.
Llanes, Armando & Maria
Loffredo, Barbara
Londono, Ricardo & Gloria
Lopez, Juan & Allison
Lynch, Martin & Freda
Maldonado, Adelaida
Mamert, Jean & Toni
Martinez, Al & Maria
Martinez, Jorge
Martinez, Rosa
Martinez, William & Michelle
Mattox, George & Teresa
Maya, Alba Luisa
McDonald, James & Susan
McKeon, Ellen
Nellen, Gloria G.
Nunez, Emilio
Oramas, Carlos & Graysy
Pagliarulo, Judith
Pantin, Sara
Pazos, Mary
Peloquin, Andre
Perez, Alex
Petersen, Earle
Ready, Sheila
Reilly, Bill & Lois
Reynolds, Brian & Renee
Roche, Phil & Ketty
Rodriguez, Edgardo & Anna
Rodriguez, Felipe & Ana
Rodriguez, Maria
Rodriquez, Uven
Rosa, Wilfredo
Rotulo, Ruben & Nancy
Sagrott, Mara
Salazar, Jose
Sanchez, Pablo A.
Santella, Joseph, & Peggy
Schneider, Dave & Janet
Schwarte, Gisa
Sinclair, James
Sitko, Ann
Sitko, Robert
Smith, Anne
Solis, Genara
Sotham, Carolyn
Strasius, Anthony & Lori
Tucker, Todd & Debora
Valdes, Estrella
Vilchez-Canepa, Angela
Villaronga, Enrique
Waddell, John
White, Peter J.
Walker, Gary
Wilson, Agnes
Mion, Enrique
Del Castillo, R.
W hatever you do to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do to me. Matt.25
Next Week’s Schedule
5:30 am
7:00 am
8:15 am
9:30 am
11:00 am
12:30 pm
5:30 pm
7:15 pm
Stephen Porter (786-837-4117)
Ann Schoen (305-446-8124)
Zoraida Torres (305-270-7936)
Pat Desbiens (305-251-8988)
Lauren Chue-Sang (305-233-9494)
Milagros Marrou (305-234-2729)
Miriam Columbro (786-430-0302)
Jessica Hurtado (305-992-0625)
The Nursery is
OPEN every
Sunday for the
9:30 & 11:00 am
*These are the persons in charge of the scheduling of the Vocation Cup for the respective Mass. Please call them.
R.O.C.K. is a youth ministry program for all 7th and 8th
graders. We meet every Tuesday from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.
Events include Masses, social activities, retreats, service
projects, trips, etc. For further details, please contact Mark
Witkowski at the Youth Office, 305-238-7562 ext. 303.
Parish Events
Eventos Parroquiales
Monday – 7:00 AM – Men’s Bible – HR “B”.
Monday – 7:30 PM – Journey of Faith – HR “B”
Monday – 7:30 PM – Catholic Scripture – AFB.
Wednesday – 7:00 AM – Cursillo Fourth Day – HR “B”.
Wednesday – 7:30 PM – Catholic Bible – AFB.
Thursday – 7:00 AM – Women’s Prayer Muffin – FCW.
Thursday – 9:30 AM – Catholic Bible – AFB.
Friday – 7:00 AM – Men’s Prayer Muffin – FCW.
CENTERING PRAYER Would you like to know more about
contemplative prayer? Join the group that is meeting every
Friday in R.C.I.A. office at 7:30 PM. For further information
please call Joan Mullery, 305-252-3200.
GOLDEN AGERS Are you 55 or older? Do you want a little
extra activity in your life? Join the Golden Agers in the Family
Center every other Thursday at 10:30 am.; snacks, songs, bingo,
good fellowship. Questions? Call Marge at 305-385-0571.
Para Español puede comunicarse con Olga, 305-273-7340.
Nueva Vida Mtg. Friday 8:00 PM Lecture Hall
NEW LIFE CONFIRMATION is a high school ministry for
students who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.
This ministry meets weekly on Sundays at 4pm for catechesis;
after the meeting all candidates attend Mass at 5:30 pm in the
Main Sanctuary. Contact the Office of Youth and Young Adult
Ministries, 305-238-7562 ext. 303.
NEW LIFE SERVANT LEADERSHIP is a high school peer
ministry program that fosters the faith growth of young Catholics
committed to Gospel values. Students in this ministry are
involved in evangelizing other youth through retreats and other
activities. Servant leaders meet on Wed. at 7:30 pm. For more
details, please contact Office of Youth and Young Adult
Ministries, 305-238-7562 ext 303.
NEW LIFE YOUTH NIGHT a youth Ministry program taking
place Sundays, after the 5:30 pm Mass (7:15 – 9pm). We
welcome all High School students 9th to 12 grade. Come enjoy
a simple dinner, good music and relaxing with friends while
exploring our faith and getting to know the one who created
us. For more details contact Mark Witkowski, 305-238-7562
ext.303 or Email: [email protected]
meetings every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM in Hospitality
Room “B”. Please join us, be ministered to and meet friends,
new and old. For more information, please contact Brian
Rotolante, 305-665-1711.
“Amanecer”-Grupo de Codependencia (CODA)
Grupo de terapia y apoyo para personas obsesionadas
en controlar y/o agradar a otras personas relacionadas con el
uso o sin el uso, de substancias químicas. Nos reunimos los
lunes a las 8:00 PM, en el Hospitality Room “B”. Para más
información puede comunicarte con Maria 305-975-8832
o Fernando 305-924-8017 (entre 10:00 am y 8:00 pm).
meeting the First Saturday of every month, after the 8:30
AM Mass, from 9:00 to 10:00 am in Rooms #102-103 in
AFB, to pray for our children. Please join us at the 8:30 AM
Mass. For more information, contact Donna Albert, 305595-3713 or Carolyn Kaldahl, 305-251-1286.
and Mary” for Children 8 years old and up.
Every Friday in Lecture Hall from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
For information and registration please call Adela Siman at
or Adriana Molano at 786.486.5771
GRUPO DE ORACION PARA NIÑOS “Amigos de Jesús y María”
desde 8 años en adelante.
Nos reunimos todos los viernes en el “Lectura Hall “ de las
5:00 p.m. hasta las 7:00 p.m.
Para más información y registración llamar a Adela Siman
al teléfono 305.815.6117 o a
Adriana Molano al 786.486.5771
Aprender a Orar,
Aprender a Vivir
Book & Gift Center
Tienda de Libros
y Regalos
Talleres de Oracion y Vida
Padre Ignacio Larrañaga
En busqueda de una relacion mas íntima con el
Señor? Inscríbete en los Talleres de Oración y Vida.
Este taller de Oración te llevará a traves de las Escrituras
y con diversas formas de oración desarrollarás una íntima
relación con el Señor, convirtiendose Jesús en tu mejor
amigo. Los participantes alcanzarán la Paz del Señor, y
experimentarán verdadera alegría de vivir!!! Para mayor
información puedes llamar a Adela Freile al: 786-348-0629
Los Talleres se llevarán a cabo en Español por 15
semanas consecutivas. Las sesiones son una vez por
semana y duran 2 horas. El Taller se iniciará el Martes 8
de Febrero de las 8:00pm a 10:00pm en esta Parroquia.
Trae tu Biblia y un cuaderno de notas.
Are you looking for someone to talk with
about your prayer life and relationship
with the Lord? If so, please call Karen
Avila, LMHC and Spiritual Director (786)
Our music director, Dr. Gregory Taylor is offering
Piano lessons for all ages!
Call 786-208-8829 for more information.
Music News
New Choir members:
Are you interested in singing for the Lord?
We know you’re out there! With all of the beautiful
voices in our parish, we welcome you to come and
sing in our choir!
We really need male voices but all are welcome! We
rehearse Thursdays from 7;30 to 9:00.
Please call Greg at 786-208-8829
Mandarin Chinese Bible Fellowship
From 10 am to 12 pm,
2nd Saturday of February, Feb. 12, 2011
Location: Hospitality C, St. Louis Catholic Church
Contact: Judy Wen @305-588-3518, or
Jeanie [email protected]
Bookstore Hours:
Monday: 9:00 – 11:00 am & 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Tuesday: 9:00 – 11:00 am
Wednesday: 9:00 – 11:00 am & 5:00 –8:30 pm
Thursday: 9:00 – 11:00 am
Friday: 9:00 - 11:00 am
Saturday: open after 5:30 pm Mass
Sunday: 10:30 am-2:00 pm
Estudios Bíblicos en Español
“Relatos de la Creación
en la Biblia
y en Diversas Culturas Latino Americanas”
El Ministerio de Estudios Bíblicos le invita
cordialmente a la semana de estudios que inaugura el
Ciclo 2011 a cargo del Sacerdote Jesuita, el Padre Luis
Guillermo Sarasa. La misma se desarrollará a partir del
lunes 14 de febrero, hasta el viernes 18,
de 7:30 – 9:30 PM.
Este año las diferentes clases se enfocarán en el
Antiguo testamento y el Padre Sarasa nos conducirá
a través de los relatos de los orígenes no solo en la
Biblia sino aquellos enraizados en la rica cultura Latino
Americana. Los esperamos.
Gran Peregrinacion
a “Tierra Santa”
Del 12 al 22 de Junio
Con la Guía Espiritual del Padre José Alfaro.
Visitaremos todos los lugares santos en las siguientes
ciudades: Tel Aviv, Jerusalén, Galilea, Nazaret, Tiberiades,
Belén, Cesarea, Marítima, Haifa, Emaus, Ein Karem, etc.…
también tendremos la oportunidad de conocer y disfrutar el
Mar Muerto, Masada, Qumran, El Mar de Galilea y muchos
otros lugares.
Para mayor información o hacer su reservación,
comuníquese con Antonio o Lilliam Morales, 305-274-0453.
We, the 5t Louis Community, ARE blessed and have many gifts to share. A prime example is the ABeD drive.
Bishop Wenski and Father Paul asked and our parish family responded. The Humanity Ministry asked to feed and provide
gifts for 750 familles and without hesitation our parish family responded. Bishop Rivas from St Lucia asked our help to
recover from a devastating hurricane and our parish family responded. Through our parish families works, we do $0 much
only to be asked again and again. It is the Lord’s will that we, the parish family of St Louis, have the ability to do good
deeds and help others. The Festival for the Poor is no different. It needs YOU. The Festival was taken up 28 + years ago
with the idea to raise money to help feed, clothes and house the neediest among us in Miami Dade COunty. The Festival
has succeeded for 28 + years. We all need to step up again and participate by buying T-Shirts, raffle tickets, Friday Night
Dinner tickets, Saturday Night Dinner
tickets, ride bracelets, volunteering, and attending the Festival.
Friday events: Barbecue Chicken and Rib Dinner under the Big Top
Bingo~ Magician and Laser Tag (4th grade and up)
Saturday events: Gourmet Dinner in the Family Center
5K Run/Walk, Arts and Crafts, International Food Booths, Kids Rides, Kids Games,
Adult Games, Dunk Tank (Father Paul and Armando? Oh Yea, I see a money maker),
Musical Entertainment, Silent Auction, Bake sale, refreshing beverages .......
Sunday events: Continental breakfast under the Big Top, Arts & Crafts, International Food, Kids rides,
Kids games, Adult Games, Musical Entertainment, 1 at Annual Porky Pig Caja Cook-off,
Raffle drawing - Grand Prize $2000.00, 2ndplace $1000.00 and 3n1p1ace $500.00 ......
Raffle Tickets: 6 for $5.00 or $1.00 each
Friday Dinner Tickets: Adults $10.00; Children 10 and under $7.00
Friday 7:00 – 10:00 PM
Saturday Gourmet Dinner Tickets: Adults $25.00
Sunday: 1st Annual Porky Pig Caja Cookoff $10.00
Saturday 8:00 AM (5K Run/Walk, Arts and Crafts) Ride Bracelets: Presale 2-day $25.00, 1 day $15.00 either day
10:00 AM Festival opens – 10:00 PM Festival closes
At Event 2-day $30.00, 1 day $20.00 either day
T-Shirts: Youth $10.00, Adult Small – Large $12.00,
Sunday 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
Adult 2X-3X $15.00
Continental Breakfast (under the big top),
12:00 Noon Festival opens – 9:00 PM Festival closes God Bless You,
Ken and Betty Quinn, 2011 Festival Chairs
Festival Dates & Times: March 4-5-6, 2011
Call for Space Availability
Deadline: February 25th
Call Rosie (305) 331-3974
WE NEED!!!.....donations for silent auction
RE-GIFTING….. Items given or bought
that are new and you don’t use.
Call Rosario Gonzalez at 305-968-0121 or
drop off at Church office.
Lecturas del Día
PRIMERA LECTURA (Isaías 58:7-10)
A la vuelta del exilio, el pueblo de Israel escucha por medio del
profeta cual es la fe y la fidelidad que Dios quiere de ellos. No se puede separar
la relación con Dios del respeto y el amor al prójimo. El culto, el ayuno y demás
prácticas rituales y religiosas son auténticos si conducen a la solidaridad fraterna
con los necesitados y al respeto a los derechos de las personas.
SEGUNDA LECTURA (1 Corintios 2: 10-15)
San Pablo nos recuerda que tanto su predicación como su testimonio no se
apoyan en la sabiduría humana. El centro de su mensaje es Cristo, curcificado.
De esta forma el apóstol quiere dejar claro que la fuerza de su Palabra radica en
el poder de Dios. El cristiano esta llamado a fundamentar su fe sólo en Cristo y
no en otros apoyos humanos.
EVANGELIO (Mateo 5: 13-16)
La comparación de los discípulos con la luz y la sal subrayan la vocación
misionera de la comunidad cristiana en medio del mundo. El testimonio cristiano
de fraternidad con el prójimo, y de relación de hijos con Dios Padre se convierte
en luz para los demás que los conduce hasta la alabanza y la fe en el Señor.
Feb. 7th
Gn 1:1-19;Mk6: 53-56
6:30 am
+ Ruth Timm/Jana Nesbit
+ Alfonso Leto/Carol Johnson
8:30 am
Gonzalo Perez/Celia Perez
+Mabel & David Arth/Cesarano Family
St. Jerome Emiliani, priest/
St. Josephine Bakhita, virgin
Feb. 8th Gn 1: 20 2:4; Mk 7: 1-13
6:30 am
+ Abraham Corses/Eva Caluza
8:30 am
Special Intention-Aurora Rodriguez
Special Intention-Feito-Feria Family
Feb. 9th
Gn 2: 4-9, 15-17; Mk 7: 14-23
6:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
8:30 am
Shiela Pena & Family/Dugard Family
+ Christian Williamson/Tomonto Family
7:30 pm
+ Susana V. Martinez/Carlos Mendez
In Thanksgiving/Mabel Cano & Family
Thursday/jueves St. Scholastica, virgin
Feb. 10th Gn 2:18-25; Mk 7: 24-30
6:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
8:30 am
Mary Blanco & Family/Dugard Family
Chris Mathisen & Family/Dugard Fam.
Friday/viernes Our Lady of Lourdes
Feb. 11th Gn 3: 1-8; Mk 7: 31-37
6:30 am
+ Souls in Purgatory
8:30 am
+ Iain Carson/Loving Family
Beena Vells-Happy Birthday
Remember the Departed
Our prayers and sympathy are the families of those who passed away:
Emma Dangler
Cameron Anthony Kingston
Betty Purchon
Esther DeVarona
We pray that eternal peace shall be Thiers
as we pray the comfort be given their
families and friends.
Mass Intentions,
Saints & Readings for the Week
Intenciones de la Misa,
Santos y Lecturas para la Semana
Feb. 12th Gn 3: 9-24; Mk 8: 1-10
8:30 am
Joseph Puhlick/Santella Family
+ Zulmari Lima/Loving Fmaily
5:30 pm
+ Anthony Deaso/McDonald Fam.
+ Josephine Moots/Ron Rembisz
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Feb. 13th Sir 15:15-20;1 Cor 2:6-10; Mt 5:17-37
7:00 am Recently Deceased/Bereavement Ministry
8:15 am + Mercedes Villalaz/Patricia Brid
+ Tito Pomenta Garcia/Pomenta Family
9:30 am + George Whelpley/Vicky Whelpley
11:00 am St. Louis Parish Family/Parish Priests
+ Maria Busch/Susana Mercade
12:30 pm + George Caks/Loving Family
+ Venancio Mercade/Susan Mercade
5:30 pm + John Lugo/Winter & Ramos Families
7:15 pm + Maria Valentini/Giordani Family
+ Heriberto & Eloina Osorio/Loving Family
Midnight Musings
Pensamientos de Media Noche
We celebrated this week on February 2 the Feast
of the Presentation of the Lord. It recalls the story of how
Mary and Joseph took the child Jesus to the temple on the
fortieth day after his birth for the Jewish ritual of presenting
him to God. On that occasion the elderly Simeon praised
God that he had lived to see the Messiah, whom he
proclaimed “a light for revelation to the Gentiles” (Luke
As we try to continue to walk in Christ’s light, he
challenges us disciples to be a light for others, so “that
they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly
Father” (Matthew 5:16). The goodness and generosity we
show to others reflect the goodness and generosity that
God has shown to us.
Thanks for the many ways in which the light has
shown through our parishioners’ pledges to the ABCD,
the annual Archbishop’s Charities and Development
campaign. Because of charitable contributions, light
will be spread to counter the darkness of loneliness,
ignorance, fear, and human suffering in many forms.
These are all ministries of light that ABCD supports:
Morningstar Renewal Center, our seminaries in Miami and
Boynton Beach, Catholic Charities, hospital chaplaincies,
detention ministry, Respect Life, religious education,
communications, Lay Ministry, Family Enrichment, Marian
Center for persons with developmental disabilities, Schott
Center for the deaf and disabled, to name a few.
If you have not yet done so, join the more than 630
donors from our parish who have pledged over $400,000
to help the work of the Archdiocese. They have answered
the challenge of Archbishop Wenski to “start afresh from
In Christ,
Esta semana el día 2 de febrero celebramos la
Fiesta de la Presentación del Señor. Relata la historia de
cómo María y José llevaron a su hijo Jesús al templo a los
cuarenta días después de su nacimiento, siguiendo el ritual
Judío de presentarlo ante Dios. En esa ocasión el anciano
Simeón dio gracias a Dios por permitirle vivir para ver al
Mesías, a quien proclamo “luz para iluminar a los paganos
(Lucas 2:32).
Al tiempo que continuamos nuestro caminar en la
luz de Cristo, él nos reta, a sus discípulos a ser luz para los
demás, “de modo que cuando ellos vean sus buenas obras,
glorifiquen al Padre de ustedes que está en el cielo.” (Mateo
5:16) La bondad y la generosidad que mostramos a los
demás refleja la bondad y la generosidad que Dios nos ha
mostrado a nosotros.
Gracias por las diferentes formas en que la luz ha
brillado a través de las ofertas de donación para el ABCD
(Campaña anual de las Obras de Caridad y Desarrollo del
Arzobispo) de nuestros feligreses. Debido a la contribución
generosa, esa luz brillará para contrarrestar la oscuridad
de la soledad, la ignorancia, el temor y el sufrimiento
humano en muchas formas. Todos estos son ministerios
de luz, los cuales ABCD apoya: Centro de Renovación de
MorningStar, nuestros Seminarios en Miami y Boynton
Beach, Caridades Católicas, Capellanes en los hospitales,
Ministerio de las Cárceles, Respeto a la Vida, Educación
Religiosa, Comunicaciones, Ministerio de Laicos, Centro de
Enriquecimiento Familiar, Centro Mariano para personas
discapacitadas, Centro Schott para sordos, sólo para
nombrar algunos.
Si usted todavía no ha hecho su oferta de donación,
únase a los más de 630 donantes de nuestra parroquia que
han ofrecido donar más de $400,000 para ayudar a las obras
de la Arquidiócesis. Han respondido al reto del Arzobispo
Wenski “comenzar de nuevo desde Cristo.
Suyo en Cristo,

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