december 2010 - Hamilton Middle School


december 2010 - Hamilton Middle School
Dear Families and Friends,
Winter weather is upon us and, with the drop in
temperature, we often experience an increase in families
driving their students to school in the morning. We have
had numerous parents express concern about the
pedestrian and vehicle safety around our school during
the mornings and at pick up time. We want to remind
you all that we do not permit families to pick up nor drop
off students in the Waukesha parking lot.
Recently a small group of concerned parents met with
me to discuss the near misses and driving habits around
the school. We are strongly encouraging you to not
make U-turns on Waukesha Street. This creates a
dangerous condition for all concerned and tends to slow
the traffic flow. We also urge you to consider dropping
off your students a block or two away at the corner of
LaCrosse and Waukesha, or Richland and Waukesha,
and allow them to walk a little bit. Try to avoid driving on
Waukesha to the best of your ability. You will avoid the
morning rush and the bus traffic while providing a bit of
exercise for your student. The end result is a safer, less
congested school zone. Please consider ways you and
your family can help mitigate this problem. Thank you for
your help in keeping everyone safer.
As we get ready to bid farewell to 2010, please keep in
mind we are close to saying goodbye to the first
semester as well. The final day of the first semester is
January 21 and an early 11:30 AM release day. Please
arrange for after school care/activities for your student
on that day. Though we just had conferences, please
contact teachers directly if you have any questions about
4801 Waukesha Street, Telephone: 204-4620
Hank Schmelz, Principal
Angie Crawford, Assistant Principal
To report school absences: 204-4702
progress, due dates or others concerns regarding your
Since our last newsletter, your PTO has begun a fundraiser campaign. We truly appreciate the support of our
families to augment what we do for students. I hope your
student came home and shared the message of our
motivational speaker, Carl Olson, who came in to
Hamilton on November 1. Such speakers are made
possible by your contributions. Soon you will also e
receiving, from the PTO, a student directory that lists
Hamilton students’ names and phone numbers so you
may contact each other as needed. This is a great
resource that your PTO provides to all Hamilton families.
From purchasing class reading materials, to buying
computers and other technological supplies, the PTO
strives to fill the holes left in our annual budget. Please
consider supporting your PTO.
We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming music
concerts in December and January. Make sure you
check the performance dates in the back of the
newsletter. As our concerts are well supported, those
who have difficulty accessing the bleachers, should plan
to arrive earlier to secure floor level seating.
This month I leave you with a quote that I relate to my
profession, my pastime, and my role as a parent.
Be patient and calm- for no one can catch a fish in anger.Herbert Hoover
Ms. Crawford’s Desk
The second quarter has come quickly and will
leave us just as fast as it came! Here at
Hamilton there will continue to be many new,
exciting and challenging events occurring that
are focused on student learning.
As a
community that supports students’ learning,
growth and development, we continue to focus
on lifelong skills that will foster success for all
students. This month I will address adolescent
development. This stage of development can
become very strenuous for parents.
Middle School and Early High School Years
Parents are often worried or confused by
changes in their teenagers. The following
information should help parents understand
this phase of development. Each teenager is
an individual with a unique personality, special
interests, likes and dislikes. However, there are
also numerous developmental issues that
everyone faces during the adolescent years.
The normal feelings and behaviors of the
middle school and early high school adolescent
are described below.
Movement Towards Independence
• Struggle with sense of identity
• Feeling awkward or strange about one's
self and one's body
• Focus on self, alternating between high
expectations and poor self-esteem
• Interests and clothing style influenced
by peer group
• Moodiness
• Improved ability to use speech to
express one's self
• Realization that parents are not perfect;
identification of their faults
• Less overt affection shown to parents,
with occasional rudeness
• Complaints that parents interfere with
• Tendency to return to childish
behavior, particularly when
Future Interests and Cognitive Changes
• Mostly interested in present, with limited
thoughts of the future
• Intellectual interests expand and gain in
• Greater ability to do work (physical,
mental, emotional)
• Display shyness, blushing, and modesty
• Girls develop physically sooner than
• Increased interest in sex
• Concerns regarding physical and sexual
attractiveness to others
• Frequently changing relationships
• Worries about being normal
Morals, Values, and Self-Direction
• Rule and limit testing
• Capacity for abstract thought
• Development of ideals and selection of
role models
• More consistent evidence of conscience
• Experimentation with sex and drugs
(cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana)
Young teenagers do vary slightly from the
above descriptions, but the feelings and
behaviors are, in general, considered normal
for each stage of adolescence. Remember to
stay connected and involved with your child.
Communication and open dialogue is the key
to having a successful relationship with your
adolescent child.
If you have any questions or are concerned
about changes that your child might be
experiencing, don’t hesitate to contact you
student’s counselor, Jim Schneider (A-K) –
204-4634, Diane Alsmo (M-Z) – 204-4635 or
Ms. Crawford – 204-4626.
Ms. Aschauer-Follmer – 6 Grade Teacher
My name is Molly Aschauer-Follmer and I am very
happy to be a part of the Hamilton Team. I began
teaching sixth and seventh grades at Cooper Elementary
in the Milwaukee Public School District in 2003. In 2005
my husband Chris, our dog Cassidy and I moved from
Milwaukee and I took a position teaching third grade in
Mount Horeb, WI. I joined the fifth grade team in Mount
Horeb the following year and remained there until I took
the sixth grade position here at Hamilton. Leaving
Mount Horeb was a difficult decision that was driven by
my desire to work in a more urban environment. My
educational background is in urban education and I
wanted to have the opportunity to fully use my skills.
My husband and I have been married for 11 years and
live in Madison. We enjoy hiking, camping, and listening
to live music when we can. I like to spend time writing
and cooking as well. I have five brothers and sisters and
love to spend time with them on the weekends.
I am thankful for being given the opportunity to teach at
Hamilton and am looking forward to a wonderful year!
Rachel Franco – Bilingual Resource Teacher
(for 6 and 7 graders)
This is Rachel Franco's first year at Hamilton in the
position of Bilingual Resource Teacher for 6th and 7th
grade students. After teaching ESL (English as a
Second Language) at Toki Middle School from 2002-06,
she took time off to volunteer at an orphanage in Baja
California, Mexico for one year, which turned into almost
three years. She returned to Madison last January and
is happy to be back in her hometown. In her free time,
she enjoys cooking, gardening, reading, and preparing
for the birth of her first child (due December).
We are so pleased to have Rachel Franco here at
Hamilton.! She has been a wonderful
addition to our Hamilton staff!
Kevin Glanville – 6 Grade Teacher
I am a new 6 grade teacher of Social Studies,
Language Arts, and Future Problem Solving at Hamilton.
I am very excited to have the privilege of teaching at
Hamilton Middle School with great colleagues. I will
bring energy and creativity each and every day to the
I began teaching EEN (Exceptional Education Needs)
students in 2003 at Bay View High School in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. I earned my Master's Degree in Special
Education and have continued to develop my skills by
teaching English, Consumer Math and by creating a
Vocational Awareness class for EEN students at my
school. This is where I began to see the tremendous
gap in services needed by all students, but especially
with the population of students with which I worked.
I came to Madison in 2006 and began working at Akira
Toki Middle School. I transferred to West High School
and worked with Autistic and Cognitively Disabled
students at various job sites and soon realized that I
wanted to prepare our students to become as
independent as possible in society. Teaching strategies
and basic life skills has become my passion as I work
with middle school students in developing as many of
In closing, I just wanted to say how happy I am to be a
Hamilton staff member and look forward to seeing the
wonderful Hamilton Community each day. It really
makes me appreciate wonderful and supportive families
that care.
Heather Jones
Specialist (BRS)
Hi I'm Heather Jones. I'm very excited to be the new
French BRS. I'll be working mornings at Hamilton and
afternoons at Shorewood. I am married, and we have
two girls who are 7 and 4. When not working or chasing
after my girls I love playing soccer. I've been playing
since I was little and still play on Monday nights for an
indoor women's league.
I've been studying French for over 18 years. I started in
middle school and continued all four years in high
school. I went to UW Madison where I received my
Bachelors degree in French. After that I worked for two
years while going back to school at night for my Masters
in Secondary Education. I finished my teaching degree
two years ago and then subbed in the district for just
over a year before being offered my current position.
Again, I am so excited to be at Hamilton and can't wait to
meet you all. If you see me in the hallways feel free to
come and say "Hi."
I was born in Fennimore, WI, about 70 miles west of
Madison. I was graduated from high school from
Highland, WI (about 50 miles west of Madison). In 2009,
I received my bachelor’s degree from the University of
Wisconsin-Madison in both elementary education and
history. I have lived in Madison for the last seven years,
and I just recently moved to Oregon, WI.
I am so happy to say that I finally have my own
classroom! This is my first year of teaching, and I know
it will be one of my most memorable.
Marilyn Goelzer – EEN
My name is Marilyn Goelzer and, yes, I am married to
Mr. Eric Goelzer, the 8th grade History teacher. I am
also a stepmother to John and Mathew Goelzer. At
Hamilton I teach special education students. I feel it is a
great honor to be trusted with the education of these
Christy Kilzer – 8 Grade Spanish
My name is Christy Kilzer and I am the newest Spanish
teacher here at Hamilton. I am originally from the
Madison area, having attended Toki Middle School and
Edgewood High School. I graduated from the University
of Wisconsin - Madison in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts
in Spanish Language and a certificate in Global
Cultures. My certificate allowed me to study everything
from Buddhism, Central Asian history, Swahili, Native
American, Russian, and African literature/story telling,
and linguistics. During my time at the UW, I was
privileged to be able to study abroad in both Italy and
Mexico. Last year, I attended Viterbo University in La
Crosse, where I obtained my K-12 Spanish teaching
I am currently teaching two sections of Spanish to 8
grade students and very happy
to be a part of the Hamilton community!
Nathan Olsen – 6 grade teacher
Nate Olsen has spent the majority of his life in Pacific
Standard Time residing in he Bay Area of California. He
transferred to the University of Wisconsin and now plans
to stay in the wonderful city of Madison. At the UW,
Nate was placed in a cohort with another new Hamilton
teacher, Kevin Glanville. They now both teach at
Hamilton, just sixty yards down the hallway from each
Nate’s interests lay firmly within the sporting realms of
NBA and NCAA basketball, NFL and NCAA football,
European soccer, and major league baseball. is
childhood dream was to enter the NBA draft but, at age
11, he realized that a decent jump shot and mediocre
athleticism only get you so far! When not watching
sports, Nate also enjoys the outdoors and the loves to
hike, bike, camp, play Frisbee, golf, and go rafting in
Northern Wisconsin.
This August Nate became engaged to Alicia May, a K-1
teacher at Frank Allis Elementary. The two are excitedly
preparing for their wedding in August of 2012.
Homework Club (except the 1st Monday of the month)
Community Service Club (2nd and 4th Monday of the
Yearbook Club (2nd and 4th Monday of the month)
Open Volleyball Club ( except 1st Monday of the
National History Club (except 1st Monday of the
Welcome to Hamilton, Nate!
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Jazz Band
Future Problem Solving (FPS)
Homework Club
7th/8th grade Dr. Dodge Club
National History Club
Yearbook Club (1st and 3rd Tuesday of Month)
Chess Club
Climbing Club (pre-registration required)
Attend Honk Jr.
The eighth grade drama class at Hamilton is putting
on a production or “Honk Jr.” Performances are
January 12 and 13 at 7 PM in the Hamilton
cafeteria. All members of the Hamilton community
are invited to attend.
Honk Jr. is the Broadway remake of the classic
Ugly Duckling tale. The main character, Ugly, is
not accepted by his peers and loses his way as a
cat tries to “help” him into her home. Come to our
performance and see if Ugly finds his way!
MMSD Belay Training at Jefferson Middle
School on December 1st and 8th from 2:004:30 P.M.(during PCT)
This is a full training and participants should
plan to attend both days. Participants should
dress in comfortable clothes and shoes
appropriate for the activity. Anyone with
questions or interested in registering should
[email protected]
Early Release Days: Pre-Registration required
Ultimate Frisbee Club
Earth Club
Student Council (8th grade) every other Thursday
Babysitting Certification Class (through December 9)
6th grade Dr. Dodge Club
Science Olympiad
Sci-Fi Club
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
Science Olympiad
Break Dance
Open Basketball Club
-Peg Guse
Hamilton PE teacher/ MSCR Coordinator
Once again, Hamilton 8th
graders will get the chance to
go on the optional Washington
D.C. trip the week after school
is out in June. We visit
Gettysburg PA, Jamestown
VA, Williamsburg VA, Mount
Vernon, and all the sites in
Washington DC. The trip is designed to support the 8 grade
History curriculum, help them understand our government,
connect students with our national heritage, and allow them to
be successful on their own during a fantastically fun trip. As one
parent from the last trip stated, “Thanks for making the DC trip
not only possible,but a fantastic experience for my daughter
[name omitted]. She had a great time and walked away with
lots of good memories and connections to history. Seeing
things first hand really makes history come alive!”
Your student had the trip presented to them in September. If
you have any questions about the trip, look for the literature
given at the meeting (a dark and light blue envelope), ask your
child about the presentation, or contact Eric Goelzer
([email protected] or 204-4686).
There is still time to sign up, although we have passed the
official deposit due date (availability is subject to change). For
the last two years we have taken
over 110 Hamilton students
and staff (roughly half of the 8 grade class)! I am hoping that
even more students can experience “hands on” history, civics,
government, and a whole lot of fun this coming year. It is a trip
they will never forget.
If you missed the parents’ meeting I will be happy to speak
to you.
8th Grade Washington D.C. Trip and
the Holidays
We have all gotten that great holiday or birthday gift of
socks. Then again, we all love that winner gift of the
None of these are to be outdone by
everyone’s favorite gift...underwear! These all fit under
the category of, “Things I was going to get anyway and
now they count as a special gift.”
My mother was the champion of giving this type of gift.
My brother and I had to get these items, so why not save
them for a time when they could be counted as a gift
(and I still to this day believe that meant one fewer gift
that I really wanted)? You, too, might want to get in on
this idea if you have a student going on the Washington
D.C. trip.
Most students on the trip would like a little spending
money. Unless you have a super spender, I suggest
$25-$50 for most students. This lets them get a t-shirt or
two and a few snacks. It works really well to put this
money on a prepaid debit card. Most of the larger banks
and credit unions (including UW) have these free of
charge. Why not give one as a gift? I am sure that most
of you were going to give your child a little spending
money anyway so why not have it count as a gift? My
mother would be so proud of this somewhat sneaky little
plan. Whether you treat it as one less gift you want to
give is up to you.
We will be starting monthly meetings, for the students, in
January. They will be right after school in the cafeteria.
Please feel free to call me, Eric Goelzer, at 513-4486 or
204-4686. Go D.C.!
Every MMSD School has a Student Services Team that
supports the social, emotional, health and learning
needs of students. Teams include social workers,
psychologists, nurses, school counselors, learning
coordinators and administration. This month will focus on
the services of School Nurses:
What do school nurses do?
• Assist with access to medical, mental health, dental,
or eye care for students who need it, including
sports physicals and well-child check-ups
• Help children with chronic illnesses (asthma,
diabetes, seizure disorder) manage their conditions
at school
• Communicate with the student’s physician as
needed regarding medications, procedures and
health concerns that affect learning
• Screen for hearing, vision, or other health problems,
including alcohol or drug concerns
• Teach students about healthy lifestyles and disease
• Provide counseling to individuals and groups
• Train staff regarding student health needs and
emergency health procedures
• Care for ill or injured students
• Administer medications or procedures during the
school day
• Review student health and immunization records
and make recommendations as needed
Why might I need to call the school nurse?
• Concerns about an acute or chronic illness
• Need to find a health care provider, dentist or eye
care specialist
• Need for a student to take medication during the
school day
• For immediate care of an illness or injury
• To inform the health office of the diagnosis of a
communicable illness
• To arrange for any needed treatments or procedures
to be done at school
• To report any immunizations received or for help
locating records
• For help obtaining a sports physical or well-child
• For help with health-related barriers to learning and
school attendance
Who are the school nurse and nurse’s assistant at
my child’s school and how do I reach them?
School Nurse: Sara Parrell, RN, MS 204-4632
Nurse’s Assistant: Diane Romary, NA 204-4631
(this is the Main Health Office number)
National Spanish
Exam News
nationally for Scholarship
Congratulations to Fiona Rambo! Her
scores on last year’s National Spanish Exam
have earned her the spot as the Hamilton Middle
School Nominee to compete nationally for a paid
two-week trip to Concordia Language Camp in
Minnesota. Bravo! ¡ Felicitaciones y buena suerte!
8th Grade
This spring, 8th grade students of Spanish have the
opportunity to participate in the National Spanish
Exam offered by the American Association of
Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP).
The Hamilton test will take place before Spring
Break. It is scheduled for Thursday, March 31, and
Friday, April 1. Eighth graders will test during their
Spanish class. We encourage parents and
guardians to avoid making appointments during
class time on those days. The test is administered
online and assesses knowledge of First Year
Spanish (7th and 8th grade years combined),
vocabulary and grammar.
New paragraph
The test includes authentic reading assessments
and listening comprehension as well. Review and
preparation tips are provided in class as well as in
optional after school sessions. All students receive
access to online practice exams, activities and
information for vocabulary and grammar review.
Registration forms were sent home earlier this year
in 8th grade Spanish, but will be available again in
class in December. The fee is $5.00 per student
with scholarships available as needed. Hamilton’s
registration deadline is January 14, 2011. Late
fees may apply after that date. Contact Mrs. Brown
at [email protected] or Ms. Kilzer at
[email protected] with questions.
7th Grade
For the third year now, we will be offering the
opportunity to take the National Spanish Exam to
7th grade students of Spanish. Our goal this year is
to offer the test during 7th grade Spanish class time
on two consecutive days. Once we have the
registration forms, we can look at the number of
students participating and verify computer
availability. If a student cannot be accommodated
during their Spanish class period, we will look at
availability during their Unified Arts time or after
school. The Hamilton test dates are scheduled for
Thursday, March 31, and Friday, April 1,before
Spring Break. Parents and guardians of students
participating should avoid scheduling appointments
on those days if possible. Students with a strong
interest in Spanish, previous experience with
Spanish such as elementary classes, language
camp, Spanish-speaking relatives and those who
have spent time in Spanish speaking countries or
speak a similar language (Italian, French,
Portuguese, or Romanian) are encouraged to sign
up. The fee is $5.00 per student with scholarships
available as needed. Registration forms will be
available in Spanish classes in December.
Hamilton’s registration deadline is January 14,
2011. Late fees may apply after that date. Please
see the 8th grade information in this article for more
details about the test itself.
New paragraph
Students who participate in 7th grade and place in
the 75 percentile or higher can be nominated to
compete nationally for a free two-week stay at
Concordia Language Camp in Minnesota the
summer after their 8th grade year. A travel stipend
is included. Students must continue in Spanish in
8th grade and agree to take the test again in 8th
grade to be eligible. Last year 11 students
participated with many receiving honorable mention
and one scoring at or above the 75 percentile. Mrs.
Brown will offer optional after school review
sessions specifically for 7th graders signed up for
the test. Those dates will be determined after
students have signed up. All participating students
will have access to online practice exams, activities
and information for vocabulary and grammar
Please contact Mrs. Brown at
[email protected] with questions.
PBS- Positive Behavior Support
Greetings from the LMC!
Please mark your calendar for our Spring Book Fair on
May 18 and 19 from 7:30 AM–4:00 PM. It’s a great
chance for your children to get books for summer
All students, in their Language Arts classes, have heard
from me about the Battle of the Books reading lists and
how to sign up. This is a voluntary reading activity that
takes place from now until the end of February. Talk to
your child to see if they’re participating.
Important dates to post on your refrigerator:
6 grade school competition is February 28 from 11:25
AM-12:45 PM for the first round.
6 grade playoff will be March 1 at the same time in the
7 grade school competition is March 1, 2:40-3:30 PM in
the LMC
8 grade school competition is February 28, from
2:40-3:30 PM in the LMC
These dates will arrive faster than you and the students
Soaring HAWKS…
Help to teach others by their actions
Accept responsibility
Work to resolve conflicts peacefully
Keep showing
respect for everyone,
and the environment
Set high standards
Congratulations to the following students who were
nominated by staff members for a Soaring HAWK
6 Grade: Kendra Borcherding, Dineth Gunawardena,
Kanter and Geneva Saupe
7 Grade: Leah Godchaux, Jacob May, Kate Scholz and
8 Grade: Ellie Bohm, Jack O’Keefe, Haley Walker and
Caleb Wilson
Monday Morning Live
Students now start each week in their homeroom
watching Hamilton’s first ever live news show called
Monday Morning Live. Students from Mr. Ersig’s Video
Technology class are taking turns being the news
anchors, delivering the daily announcements live that
morning and reciting the pledge. A PBS announcement
also occurs, usually focusing on a target behavior from
Hamilton’s behavior matrix that needs to be reviewed
and reinforced. The Video Technology class
occasionally shows Hamilton TV video clips that they
have produced as well.
If you are interested in helping our PBS efforts or
donating prizes of any size (new or gently used), please
contact Janet Pliner at [email protected] or
Parents and Guardians, I want you to know that there
are three ways that your students can come to the
LMC in addition to the times their teachers schedule
their classes. They can come in before school, they can
get a pass from the LMC staff to come in after they eat
lunch instead of going outside (provided we have
space), and they can come in after school. If they plan to
stay after school and haven’t made plans with you in the
morning, they can use the phone in the LMC to ask if
staying would be alright.
Keep Warm,
Julie Weis
High Flyin’ Hawks
Congratulations to the following 6 grade students who had no behavior referrals or 0-1 tardies during the first quarter:
Jason Allen
Payden Allen
William Altaweel
Grace Anders
Nona Anderson
Victoria Angenent-Mari
Emily Astfalk
Henry Barford
Frances Bartolutti
Emma Boller
Kendra Borcherding
Ana Ahedo Bremer
Roman Boswell
Emily Botts
Simone Caples
Emma Brophy
Sarah Brophy
Jane Ellsworth
Beatrice Browne
Oliver Gerber
Nicholas Halpin
Katherine Buhman
Ashraf Khan
Stella Bush
Joshua McLennan
Thomas Butler
Leyla Moy
Connie Cai
Jonathan Caples
Kathryn Carda
Oliver Carnal
Sophia Caruccio
Dennis Chan
Sungjun Cho
Rowan Conklin
Emma Cortright
Dane Crews-Hill
Jeff Cui
Evan Deacetis
Kerry Dennis
Aralee Derflinger
Theo DeVries
Emma DeWeese
Kim-Dan Doan
Tenzin Dolma
Allison Douglas
Seamus Doyle
Eva Dunaway
Eliana Durnbaugh
Hannah Ehrlich
Ronja-Marie Eriksson
August Faye
Henry Flogel
Camille Ford
James Ford
Maxwell Frey
Andrew Frohna
Cole Fuhrmann
Atticus Gamble
Isabel Gehrig
Lauren Godfrey
Henry Goldenberg
Spencer Guse
Tenzin Gyaltsen
Suleman Haneef
Dylan Hanson
Schuyler Hedican
Chloe' Heiligenstein
Gabriel Heinemann
Thomas Hill
Sean Horvath
Camila Hueth
Megan Huxtable
Benedikt Ivarsson
Talia Ivry
Kathleen Jankovich
William Jarrard
Anna Jaye
Daehee Jeong
Samuel Jeschke
Tobias Butcher
Ezra Carre
David Ji
Edwin Jiang
Pasan Gunawardena
Alessandra Hayes
Michael Kanter
Gabriel Hill
Celeste Kaspar
Tameka Jones
Unique Khuy
Katherin MartinelliSpoolman
Kevin Kiefer
Soohyun Kim
Megumi Kita
Hannah Krupp
Anne Kull
Bo Lan
Elizabeth Lavine
Alicia Lawson
Soo Jeong Lee
Katell Ane
Loten Lhatsang
Qinrou Li
Margaret Little
Henry Downey
Michael Liu
Pax Habimana
Tou Lor
Peter Luellen
Charlie Mahr
Jackson Mc Andrew
Noah Melnick
John Miller
Victor Lien
Nathan Millmann
Emmerson Mirus
Lucas Modahl
Samuel Mohoney
Giselle Monette
Katrina Mork-Barrett
Lydia Morrison
Owen Stanley
Charles Mullen
Helen Murphy
Kendra Nealey
Giabao Nguyen
Noah Nicol
Maximilian Ohnesorge
Liam Olds
Evan Oriel
Danealle Parchment
Elan Pelegri
Greta Pohlman
Noah Pollack
Camden Powell
Carmen Prater-Bellver
Sofia Pricer
Benjamin Pruski
Spencer Beach
Emma Ranheim
Harper Crowe
Caroline Rasmusen
Nina Raymo
Justin Reames
Raphael Reiss
Olivia Guzman
Darien RodriguezBeuerman
Benjamin Ryan
Arwen Sadler
Jorge Saiz
Avery Salerno
Stephen Sarff
Shaina Nijhawan
Tyler Sato
Kyrah Scheidemann
Geneva Saupe
Georgia Watts
Pheng Yang
Eliza Scholl
Joseph Schreiber-Poznik
Tamaya Schreiber-Poznik
Jens Shager
Saroj Sharma
Filipp Shelobolin
Brielle Shnowske
Mekha Shrestha
Jack Smith
Shino Someya
Kalista Stanger
Andrew Statz
Claire Sun
Maryam Thomas
Alexander Thomson
Sean Topel
Isabel Amos-Landgraf
Haley Anderson
Ilana Vargas
Keyla Vasquez
Sommer Vorpahl
Wilhelmina Hoyt
Kangyu Hua
Cecelia Walsh
Ellyn Webb
Natalie Whitehead
Leonie Wieben
Bryan Jin
Sophie Marie Jung
Eileen Wilke
Norma Williamson Shaffer
Phoebe Woolson
Hancheng Wu
Lea Wuethrich
Ethan Root
Ethan Seidenberg
Dan Spiegelman
Abigail Steinberger
Grace Wyngaard
Beining Xie
Tub Ger Xiong
Yim Laj Yang
Ethan Yeck
Brian Yin
Emily Jean Zerger
Jane Zheng
Reina Achan
Josef Awadalla
Hazel Brown
Bennett Gabriel
Serena Holland
Michele Rodriguez
Ray Walker
Sebastian Wells
Charles Baker
Gannon Hooper Lofton
Mohammad Khan
Chaya Miller
Jacklyn Varney
Sandra Alba Jimenez
Ahmet Aykut
Isaac Beltran Bolivar
Margarita Granada
Jenny Juarez Reyes
Jack O'Donnell-Mache
Carolina Simental
Maiyer Xiong
Hezhong Zhang
Mason Georgeson
Samuel Johnson
Khirul Imran Khirularziman
Jordan Mondry
Ramyasree Pentakota
Eleanor Wesenberg
Bobbie Egeston
Adam Hafizi Hamidon
Jakob Wiest
High Flyin’ Hawks
Congratulations to the following 7 grade students who had no behavior referrals or 0-1 tardies during the first quarter:
Avery Anson
Lukas Bieneman
Chloe Malmgren
Zoe Munson
Quincy Walker
Pascal Chiang
Samuel Hoffman
Abigail Holgerson
Sarah Ahrens-Balwit
Noe Alba Jimenez
Ximena Linares-Rodriguez
Lillian MacAlister
Corey Alban
Mark Alesia
Aislin Miranda
Magnus Arney
Jacob Astfalk
Maeve Ryan
Rogelio Avina
Dongfang Bai
Kalen Balas
Maile Varian
Simona Bambi
Peyton Yang
Manuel Barham
Oliver Batzli
Vincent Bensch
Keziah Bester
Ethan Bielby
Tanner Bilstad
Olivia Bodway
Ilhan Bok
Bennett Brazelton
Nana Kwesi Brewoo
Kristen Brown
Sofia Budinich
Claudia Bustillo
Nanceny Fanny
Brianna Carlson
Cameron Carlson
Kassandra Carlson-Dakes
Ruth Cesar-Heymann
Jordan Jerry
Davis Chan
Tenzin Choenyi
Veda Lee
Matthew Chotlos
Anya Christensen
Isabel Coff
Ethan Coon
Perry Cooper
Owen Craven
Sadie Crews-Nelson
Erik Dahl
Matthew Daley
Kim Delisle
Helen Deng
Mirina Thompson
Javier Vang
Helen Dillman
Madeleine Douglas
Ronan Driscoll
Taiga Drucker-Boisvert
Samara Eltahir
Max Ermakoff
Abigail Felstehausen
Lena Figlear
Benjamin Fordyce
Louisa Forrest
Noah Friedlander
Harper Friedrichs
Ellie Froelich
Christopher Gaus
Leah Godchaux
Max Golden
Henry Gore
Cameron Gorman
Alexander Greenberg
Isabella Rivera
Jamie Gruder Frankel
Thea Valmadrid
Kaelan Guetschow
Harun Gurel
Emma Hanson
Boyuan He
Laurel Heingartner
Violet Hendrickson
Clara Henkes
Vimala Hile
Oliver Hitchcock
Patricia Ho
Weijin Huang
Chae Lynn Hwang
Irem Ibrisim
Samuel Imboden
Grace Ingham
Narkgyun Jeoung
David Jin
Gabriella Johansson
Dystinie Jones
Margo Keevil
Muhammad Khan
Laura Kiernan
Min Kim
Adaeze Ekezie
Vincent Knauss
Abby Kuehni
Molly Kuhn
Katherine Lambert
Benett Holgerson
Essence Johnson
Lubov Laska
Alan Lau-Brown
Samara Lauffer
Natasha Ninete
Nathaniel Lavine
Quin Peterson
Reed Lawrence
Nicholas Lawson
Emma Lederer
Corinne Statz
Alison Lee
Min-Woo Lee
Mun Ho Lee
Lydia Youssef
Peter Leung
Manlu Liu
Praser Lor
Melissa Losby
Maxwell Lytle
Anne Maguire
Alexander Manville
Nicole Martinez
Jonah Matthew
Quentin Mattsson
Jacob May
Sarah McClain
Thu Mckenzie
Aidan Meara
Madeline Moon
Tony Nagin
Russell O'Brien
Patrick O'Connell
Robleh Omar
Suzanne O'Meara
Melody Pathak
Nicholas Paulson
Jarrett Peeler
Antonio Perez-Wilson
Lily Perkel
Canyon Perry
Isabelle Peterson
Clark Piper
Katherine Plasterer
Sydney Popovich
Cameron Porter
Luc Primozic
Connor Psyck
Heidi Putnam
Grace Quinlan
Arianna Ranabhat
Jack Reddan
Micah Robinson
Nora Cahill
Norjudith Rodriguez
Graham Roethe
Tyler Romain
Audrey Rudolph
Mathilda Harris
Samuel Rumbelow
Gabriel Saiz
Taisei Sano
Mikaela Schmit
Kathryn Scholz
Grace Sella
Marie-Louise Sidelle
Lucia Nieto
Aaron Siordia
Megan Stellmach
Malakai Stern
Swasti Singh
Kathleen Storck
Anna Stuiber
Zaynab Abdullah
Jimin Sung
Elias Barrett-Wilt
Tabito Suzuki
Rachel Syring
Linnea Taglia
Daniel Brown
Aesasbi Chhetri
Annelise Tucker
Isabel Turner
Symonia Donaldson
Allison Umhoefer
Silke Van Der Weide
Georgia Vila Cruz
Tabea Vohmann
Delyla Vue
Seth Weaver
Elliott Weld
Roy Weng
Daniel Whipple
William Whiting
Jayson Wielgus
Eli Wilson
Johannes Wolter
Michael Wolter
Cha Kai Yang
Tenzin Yeshi
Stanford Zhou
Jonathan Zhu
Michael Zimmerman
John Zukowski
Alonso Del Rio
Daniel Feder-Johnson
Jeremias Parana
Siyi Zhang
Isabel Garcia
Dianey Gastelum
Aaron LaMaskin
Andrea Olson-Avina
Claire Read
Thomas Vassallo
Simon Vila Cruz
High Flyin’ Hawks
Congratulations to the following 8 grade students who had no behavior referrals or 0-1 tardies during the first quarter:
Jack Becker
Kendra Benedict
Peter Bradley
Maame Brewoo
Madelaine Graham
Synovia Knox
Naiya Morris
Unmesha Pentakota
Michael Reynolds
Margo Tucker
Benjamin Weinfurter
Caroline Wortham
Anna Ahrens
Jenna Sandy
Charles Butler
Maxwell Graue-Landis
Jariah James
Qing yang Liu
Morgan Sparks
Remington Vorpahl
Alexander Young
Elliott Anderson
Ryan Blythe
William Brown
Clara De Pablo
Rose Heneghan
Alexander Kaiser
Antonia Rohlfing
Pearl Terbobri
Jared Wilson
Christopher Gitcho
Yael Katz
Anastasia Knight
Elisheva Pront
Mackenzie Richard
Maureen Butler
Dina Carpenter-Graffy
Grant Mc Andrew
Katherine Oen
Peter Scott
Mariya Vodyanyk
Katerina Fanara
Mason Flanagan
Matthew Klug
Bonny Manne
Dontay Pom
Benjamin Allen
Ryan Altaweel
Kristjana Andrason-Hrovat
Reid Annin
Gracie Armstrong
Erin Appleton
Nithya Atapattu
Spencer Bauer
Chelsea Clark Edmiston
Alexander Cooper
Robin Bazan
Ellie Bohm
Edgar Garcia-Rivas
Ethan Boynton
Andrew Brettin
Andree' Caamano Mendoza
Zach Callies
Declan Callisto
Alexander Campbell
Oliver Cardona
Anthony Catino
Jackson Wellenstein
Itzel Arvizu
Elizabeth Chen
Bogeun Choi
Jazmin Diaz Anguiano
Malcolm Clark
Kuann Fawkes
Moziah Clark
Lorraine Collins
Isabel Conner
Alta Connors
Carl Cortright
Sofia Cranley
Claire Curley
Henry Cutting
Isabella Dally-Steele
Natasya Binti Muhammad
Asyrhf Sadasivan
Eleanor Degen
Rachel Dembski-Sullivan
Christina Dennis
Audrey Dunaway
Eleanor Duren
Nathan Ehrlich
Tevan Einstein
Samuel Wambold
Hana El-Omari
Kalia Yang
Chloe Ericson
Nora Faye
Grace Ferencek
Oliver Fisher
Emily Flogel
Henry Freyberg
Andrew Gaard
Montserrat Gamble
Jacob Garvey
Antonia Gascoyne
Maria Queralt Ginebra
Sophie Giroux
Selin Gok
Elena Gratton
Jacob Gretzlock
Ashan Gunawardena
Tristan Gunther
Maya Gurung
Kaelly Guse
Olin Hacker
Amirhossein Haghi
Katrina Hetico
Yuki Hirai
Samantha Hofer
Wilson Hoppe
Cora Imes
Julia Jacobs
Maxwell Jankovich
Peter Ji
Eli Judge
Sritejasvini Karimikonda
John Keating
William Kenneally
Emma Kinscherf
Hallie Kircher-Henning
Maxine Knetter
Michael Krupp
Eileen Kull
Nickolas Lackney
Anne Laube
Julia Laube
Nicole Lawson
Alex Lee
Sukyung Lee
Maxwell Lentz
Shreya Dahal
Derek Li
Kyle Gasiorowicz
Matthew Goelzer
Eric Li
Tad Ishikawa
Kevin Li
See Lor
Yulang Luo
Vinoth Manoharan
Melia Markham
Sven Marnauzs
Eleanor Mayerfeld
Alina Mc Intyre
Andrew Mc Neel
Edward McClain
Mira McCoy
Jackson Middleton
Salome Miller
Natalie Miskelly
Mika Miyamoto
Kelly Mork
Vandhana Murali
Amelia Murray
Magdalena Murray
Livianna Myklebust
Jack Niewold
Aman Nihal
Jack O'Keefe
Trina Olsen
Izak Oltman
Emilee Oyamada
Annalise Parker-Aldin
Cole Paskus
Kiley Penn
Elena Perez
Josephine Person
Erin Plummer
Nathaniel Poland
James Pretto
Fiona Rambo
Benjamin Richardson
Samantha Rickner
Jesse Claire Robinson
Ian Rollo
Isaac Rudin
Maxwell Rumble
Sarah Schlough
Joseph Shaffer
Patrick Sheehan-Klenk
William Simonson
Alexandra Slater
David Spiegelman
Owen Starck
Jennifer Strugnell
John Tan
Isabelle Tigges-Green
Hung Tran
Margaret Treiber
Lun Hung Tung
Lillian Turner
Eleanor Vander Ark
Gao Lee Vang
Brooke Varian
Petra Wakker
Haley Walker
Alyssa Washington
Daniel Webb
Arabela Wiley
David Wilke
Jordan Willauer
Caleb Wilson
Parker Wisdom
Lucy Woolson
Mae Wyler
Xiangfei Xie
Sophia Yackel
Samantha Yaeger
Evan Yao
Melit Gjinolli
Anisa Yudawanti
Kira Zimmerman
Alexis Solache
PTO President Message
Thank you to the 286 parents who have completed
volunteer forms. We plan to get you all involved this year. If
you have not yet completed a form, extras are available in
the school office.
There are a few big projects we are currently working on:
1. Traffic Safety - Karin Clark is heading up this committee
and will be sharing more in the next issue
2. Parent Informational Programs - we have
brainstormed issues we believe are most important to get
information on and will be presenting speakers in the
coming months. Jule Stroick is in charge of this.
3. School Directory - Ann Shaffer is putting this together
and we hope to have out in the next month. Alison Rice is
communicating with parents to see if they would like to
advertise in the Directory to help offset the cost.
4. Communication - Alison Rice has set up a list serve for
parents who would like to get information this way and be
able to share information with other parents. The e-mail list
the school uses is for school approved communication and
goes one way only. The list serve allows us as the PTO to
get information out to you and to get your feedback. If you
are currently not on this, please contact Alison at
[email protected]
Hamilton Fundraising Campaign
This year the Fall Fundraising Campaign is off to a great
start. Over 50 families have contributed. Please
consider making a donation large or small to help fund
PTO sponsored events, classroom equipment
purchases, educational speakers, class trips, books,
dance tickets, the directory and more!
Five dollars or $50 – any amount helps make our great
school even better! Send checks made out to Hamilton
PTO, 4801 Waukesha St, Madison, WI 53705
Dr. Jean Peterson
Social and Emotional Challenges of Being Gifted
This workshop will explore:
• The social and emotional challenges of being
a gifted student
• The challenges of parenting a gifted student
• Underachievement in gifted students
• Bullying and gifted students
Who Should Attend:
Parents, guardians or anyone interested in learning more
about supporting the unique social and emotional needs of
gifted and talented students
Thursday, December 16 6:30 - 8:30 PM
McDaniels Auditorium, Doyle Administration Building
545 West Dayton Street. Madison, WI 53703
This is a FREE workshop that is co-sponsored by The Greater
Dane County Talented and Gifted Network (GDCTGN) and
Madison Metropolitan School District TAG (MMSD)
Dr. Jean Peterson is professor and director of school-counselor
preparation at Purdue University. A former classroom and gifted
education teacher and now a licensed mental-health counselor,
she has done considerable clinical work with gifted youth and
their families. The author of over 80 publications,
Dr. Peterson has focused her research focused largely on
the social and emotional development of high-ability
adolescents and the asset-burden paradox of giftedness.
The most recent of her seven books are Gifted at Risk:
Poetic Portraits and The Essential Guide to Talking with
Gifted Teens.
Thanks to all those who have donated! The campaign
ends in the middle of December!
January 24, 2011: This is an 8th Grade Parent Meeting.
This is the meeting wherein counselors give presentations regarding course selection, course
offerings and graduation requirements.
February 7, 2011: 8th Grade Orientation.
Principals give an overview of the Smaller Learning Community structure and teachers
discuss electives.
May 2, 2011: Movin' West.
Answers to questions about the West High Experience, extracurricular activities and the social scene.
When is school closed due to weather?
November, 2010
Dear Families of MMSD Students,
When the weather is bad, the Madison Metropolitan School
District follows a set of guidelines for deciding if school will be
open or closed. With winter weather here, I’d like to review
these guidelines with you.
The district must make a decision that is the best for all
students. We realize, at times, our decisions may not fit with
your individual circumstances. Therefore, we encourage and
strongly support you in making the decision that is best for your
child(ren). You are always the best judge of your child’s health
and safety.
The process for deciding when schools are open or closed
due to snow and/or ice
District staff members review the weather conditions beginning
early in the morning. They talk with weather forecasters, the
City Streets Department, Madison Police and Dane County
Sheriff’s Departments, and school district staff to see if all
buildings are accessible for students and staff.
We also consult with bus companies to see if buses will be
able to travel safely to and from school. We make the decision
whether to close schools by 6:30 a.m. or earlier, and then
communicate this decision to all local news outlets.
How you can find out if schools are closed
On days when the weather is bad, listen to any local radio or
television station for information about school closing. You can
also check our Web site ( or MMSD-TV (Cable
Channel 96 or 993).
When schools are closed because of extreme cold
When the National Weather Service has a wind chill
WARNING for Dane County in effect for the time just before
the school day begins, we will make a decision if our schools
should close. It is quite likely we will make this type of closing
decision on the morning of the day in question. If there is a
wind chill ADVISORY (and not a WARNING) for the county,
schools will likely be open.
When schools are closed, all activities are canceled
When Madison schools are closed for the day, it also means
that all activities scheduled in school buildings for that day are
canceled. This includes all MSCR programs and all after
school programs.
Why schools are generally not dismissed early on days
when the weather is bad
In many of our families, adults work outside the home and they
have no child care arrangements available before the end of
the school day. However, if your schedule allows and if you
feel your child(ren) will be safer at home, you can pick your
child(ren) up before the end of the school day. If you do, go to
the school office and request that your child(ren) be dismissed
to you.
Noviembre del 2010
Estimadas familias de los estudiantes del Distrito Escolar Metropolitano
de Madison:
Cuando el estado del tiempo es inclemente, el Distrito Escolar Metropolitano
de Madison (MMSD por su sigla en inglés) sigue una serie de normas para
decidir si se abren o no sus escuelas. Ante la llegada del clima invernal,
quisiera repasar estas normas con ustedes.
El distrito debe tomar una decisión que sea la mejor para todos los
estudiantes. Entendemos que, en ocasiones, puede ser que nuestras
decisiones no sean las más convenientes para sus circunstancias
individuales. Por lo tanto, les animamos y respaldamos para que tomen la
decisión más apropiada para sus hijos; ustedes son siempre los mejores
jueces en cuanto a la salud y seguridad de sus hijos.
El proceso para decidir cuando se abren o no las escuelas debido a la
nieve y/o el hielo:
Los miembros del personal del distrito evalúan las condiciones
meteorológicas muy temprano en la mañana. Ellos consultan con los
meteorólogos, el departamento vial del municipio, el departamento de policía
de Madison, el departamento del Sheriff del Condado Dane, así como con el
personal de las escuelas del distrito para determinar si todas las
instalaciones son accesibles para los estudiantes y los empleados.
También consultamos con las compañías de autobuses para determinar si
podrán viajar con seguridad hacia la escuela y de regreso a las casas. La
decisión de si se cierran las escuelas se toma a más tardar para las 6:30
a.m. y entonces se les comunica a todos los medios de comunicación y
noticieros locales.
¿Cómo pueden averiguar si hay cierre de escuelas?
En los días cuando hay mal tiempo, sintonicen cualquier estación local de
radio o televisión para recibir información sobre el cierre de las escuelas.
Pueden también informarse en nuestra página de la red:, o
en MMSD-TV (canal de cable 96 o 993.)
¿Cuándo se cierran las escuelas por frío extremo?
Cuando el Servicio Nacional del Estado del Tiempo ha emitido una
ADVERTENCIA INMINENTE de viento extremadamente frío para el
Condado Dane, en efecto antes del comienzo del día escolar,
consideraremos si las escuelas de Madison deberán cerrarse. Es muy
posible que tomemos la decisión de cierre en la mañana del día en cuestión.
Si se ha emitido un AVISO (no una ADVERTENCIA) de viento muy frío para
el condado, es muy posible que las escuelas se abran.
Cuando están cerradas las escuelas, todas las actividades quedan
Cuando las escuelas de Madison cierran por el día, quiere decir que todas
las actividades programadas para llevarse a cabo ese día en los edificios
escolares también quedan canceladas. Esto incluye todos los programas de
recreación (MSCR) y todos los programas después del día escolar.
¿Por qué generalmente no se les da salida temprano a los alumnos
cuando hay mal tiempo?
En la mayoría de nuestras familias los adultos trabajan fuera del hogar y no
tienen cuidado infantil disponible antes del final del día escolar. Sin embargo,
si el horario de trabajo se los permite y creen que sus hijos se encontrarán
más seguros en su hogar, pueden pasar a recogerlos antes que termine el
día escolar. En tal caso, les pedimos que acudan a la oficina de la escuela y
soliciten que les entreguen a sus hijos.
Tratamos de mantener las escuelas abiertas
Cuando se cierran las escuelas, muchas familias tienen problemas con el
cuidado de sus hijos. Por lo tanto, hacemos todo lo posible para mantener
las escuelas abiertas siempre y cuando se pueda hacer en una forma
segura. Sin embargo, tal como lo mencionamos al principio de esta carta,
cuando hay mal tiempo los padres siempre pueden tomar la decisión de
mantener a sus hijos en la casa.
¿Por qué no se retrasa el comienzo del día escolar cuando hay mal
tiempo pero se pronostica que mejorará durante el día?
En muchas de nuestras familias, los adultos que trabajan fuera del hogar no
pueden ajustar sus horarios de trabajo o encontrar cuidado de niños para
acomodar la entrada más tarde. Si ustedes transportan a sus hijos a la
escuela, les agradecemos el esfuerzo extra que hacen en los días de mal
tiempo y entendemos que podría haber retrasos en la llegada.
Cierre de las escuelas por otras razones
Si se preguntan si las escuelas del distrito o una en particular estarán
cerradas por una razón no relacionada al mal tiempo, nos comunicaremos
vía correo electrónico con aquellos padres o tutores legales que nos dieron
su dirección del correo electrónico a través del Infinite Campus, el sistema
de información estudiantil en línea. También pueden escuchar la radio o
mirar un canal de televisión local, ir a la página de la escuela en la red o
mirar el canal MMSD-TV.
Les agradecemos su comprensión y cooperación
Por cada familia que está contenta porque las escuelas están en sesión
durante los días en que hay mal tiempo, hay otra familia que opina que
deberían haberse cerrado. La decisión de abrir o cerrar las escuelas cuando
hay tiempo inclemente produce algunas de las reacciones más fuertes en la
comunidad, no importa que dirección tomemos en cuanto a nuestras
decisiones relacionadas con el estado del tiempo.
Les agradecemos su comprensión con respecto a las dificultades que se
presentan para tomar esta decisión y su apoyo en ayudar a que sus hijos
lleguen seguros a la escuela durante los días de invierno. Por favor sepan
que consideraremos el factor de la seguridad cuando tomemos cualquier
decisión relacionada con el estado del tiempo.
MMSD Board of Education Quarterly Progress Report
The 2010-11 school year is in full swing. A surprise visit
by President Barack Obama to La Follette High School
was one of the notable events of the first quarter. The
Board has been active on a variety of issues. The
following highlights some of the key recent actions by
the Board.
MMSD 2010-11 budget gets final approval – The
Board gave final approval to the 2010-11 budget in lateOctober. The $378.9 million budget has a total tax levy
of $245.1 million, increasing the property taxes on a
$250,000 home by $220. The Board under-levied (taxing
less than allowed by the state) by $10.1 million, saving
local property tax payers $112.50 on a $250,000 home.
4-year-old kindergarten –A final decision as to 4K
implementation is scheduled for the November 29 Board
meeting, when the early childhood care center sites – 28
have preliminarily approved - will also be finalized. The
4K program will be offered in both MMSD elementary
schools and child care centers. Administration is working
to determine which MMSD schools will have 4K
programs; key determining factors are the projected 4K
enrollment and school space.
Professional Collaboration Time (PCT) – Professional
Collaboration Time was instituted in Madison’s middle
and high schools beginning this year. Twenty-nine
professional collaboration sessions will be held this
school year. Each middle and high school has had a
different approach. For example, Memorial High has
formed twenty-six collaborative groups focusing on
topics such as technology in the classroom, department
action planning, and analysis of student work.
In order to allocate this important learning time for
educators, the school day is shortened for students on
most Wednesdays during the year. MSCR - Madison
School and Community Recreation - as well as MMSD’s
after-school partners, have stepped up to provide
enriching opportunities for middle school students.
Federal jobs bill – Congress’ passage of the federal
jobs bill this summer authorized $8.4 million for Madison
Schools. On November 29 the Board will consider an
administrative recommendation to use $4.2 million Of
Federal Jobs Fund monies to pay for 4K in the first year
of the program (the state does not fully reimburse school
districts until the third year of a newly created 4K
program). The Board was careful to not authorize
recurring expenditures using the federal funds. Other
uses of the remaining $4.2 million include: hiring an
individual for two years to help in the
recruitment/retention of bilingual staff, adding six
positions in the trades area to catch up on work orders,
and two micro techs to assist in the implementation of
new technology in our schools.
New ad hoc committees – Earlier this year, the Board
approved the creation of three, focused ad hoc
committees which have been meeting since the summer.
The three ad hoc committees are: Equity and Decision
Making, identify how to use the MMSD Equity Report to
make decisions as a district and how to prioritize within
the Equity Report; Five-year budget plan, improve the
overall budget process and develop a five-year budget
plan with annual timelines that identify specific
parameters for decision-making; and, Hiring &
Diversity, develop a plan to enhance the recruitment,
selection, and retention of a diverse workforce. The goal
is to wrap-up these committees’ work by early next year.
K-12 literacy evaluation – In December of 2009, the
Board directed the administration to “evaluate reading
programs, which could include the development of
additional interventions for students below proficiency in
elementary schools.” The evaluation is intended to
clearly define the objectives and questions the Board will
need to consider if improvements are needed. As part of
the process, a literacy advisory committee was created
comprised of educators and administrators representing
all instructional levels, along with family, student and
higher education representation, meeting twice a month.
A final report will come to the Board in February.
Another look at open enrollment law – The Board has
joined with other school districts across the state to ask
the Wisconsin Association of School Boards (WASB) to
discuss the state’s open enrollment law at its convention
in January. In the fall, school districts can offer
resolutions to a WASB committee comprised of board
members from across the state, which in turn proposes
resolutions for consideration by the delegate assembly
representing all 424 school districts.
One resolution from Madison proposes to “limit the
number of students leaving the school district under the
open enrollment program, if the school board believes
the fiscal stability of the school district is threatened.”
Another recommends, “The WASB supports a fiscally
neutral exchange of state dollars in open enrollment
transfers.” The WASB committee will decide which
resolutions will be offered at the convention before the
end of the year.
Welcome! – There are a number of new hires this
school year.
Dylan Pauly, the district’s general legal counsel,
practiced school law for a private firm in Buffalo, NY.
Brad Kose is the district’s new director of professional
development. New principals are: Steve Guziewski,
Crestwood El.; Christina Harris, Gompers El; Kathy
Costello, Thoreau El. Principals in new places are: Liz
Fritz, Lindbergh El.; Pam Wilson, Marquette El.; Carlettra
Standford, Mendota El.; Andrea Kreft, Muir El.; Sean
Storch, Black Hawk MS.
Informe trimestral de las actividades de la Junta
de Educación del Distrito Escolar Metropolitano
de Madison (MMSD sigla en inglés)
El año escolar 2010-11 está en todo su apogeo. Uno de
los acontecimientos más notables del primer trimestre
fue la sorpresiva visita del Presidente Barack Obama a
la Escuela Preparatoria La Follette [surprise visit by
President Barack Obama to La Follette High School *.]
La Junta de Educación ha estado activa en relación a
varios asuntos. A continuación vamos a resaltar algunas
de las acciones más importantes recientemente
tomadas por la Junta de Educación.
El presupuesto del MMSD para el año 2010-11
obtiene la aprobación final: la Junta dio su aprobación
final al presupuesto 2010-11 a finales de octubre [201011 budget.] El presupuesto de $378.9 millones tiene una
exacción fiscal total de $245.1 millones, lo cual
incrementó por $220 la tasa de impuesto a la propiedad
en una casa avaluada en $250.000. La Junta ejerció su
autoridad por $10.1 millones menos de lo permitido por
el estado, ahorrándole a los propietarios $112,50 en
impuestos por una casa avaluada en $250.000.
Kindergarten para niños de 4 años: la decisión final
sobre si se implementa el Kindergarten para niños de 4
años esta programada para la reunión de la Junta de
Educación el 29 de noviembre, fecha en la cual también
se terminarán de elegir los centros de cuidado infantil,
28 de los cuales han sido preliminarmente aprobados. El
programa de Kindergarten para niños de 4 años se
ofrecerá tanto en las escuelas primarias del MMSD
como en guarderías. La administración está
esforzándose para determinar qué escuelas del MMSD
ofrecerán programas de Kindergarten para niños de 4
años; la proyección de matrícula para 4K y el espacio
disponible en las escuelas son los factores
La hora de colaboración profesional [Professional
Collaboration Time] se instituyó en las escuelas
intermedias y preparatorias de Madison a comienzos de
este año escolar y se han planificado veintinueve
sesiones de colaboración profesional durante este año.
Cada escuela intermedia y preparatoria ha optado por
un enfoque diferente; por ejemplo, la Escuela
Preparatoria Memorial ha formado veintiséis grupos de
colaboración enfocándose en temas tales como la
tecnología en los salones de clases, la planificación de
acción en los departamentos y el análisis del trabajo de
los estudiantes.
El horario escolar para los estudiantes se ha acortado
en la mayoría de los miércoles de este año para poder
adjudicar esta hora tan importante para los educadores.
Recreación para las escuelas y la comunidad de
Madison (MSCR por su sigla en inglés) lo mismo que los
colaboradores del distrito en los programas después de
la escuela han aumentado sus esfuerzos para ofrecer
oportunidades enriquecedoras para los estudiantes de
las escuelas intermedias.
Ley federal de empleos: el paso de la ley federal de
empleos por el congreso este verano autorizó $8.4
millones de dólares para las escuelas de Madison. El 29
de noviembre, la Junta de Educación considerará una
recomendación por parte de la administración para
utilizar $4.2 millones del fondo federal de empleos para
pagar por el primer año del programa 4K (el estado no
reembolsa por completo a los distritos escolares hasta el
tercer año de programa de 4K creado recientemente.)
* Si está leyendo el informe en línea, haga clic en el
enlace para leer, en inglés, información relacionada con
el tema.
La Junta de Educación tuvo cuidado de no autorizar
gastos recurrentes utilizando fondos federales. Otros
usos de los $4.2 millones restantes incluyen: contratar a
una persona por dos años para que ayude en el
reclutamiento y la retención de personal bilingüe,
agregar seis posiciones en el área de oficios
especializados para ponerse al día en las órdenes de
trabajo y dos micro-técnicos para ayudar en la
implementación de la nueva tecnología en nuestras
Nuevos comités con enfoques específicos: a
comienzos de este año, la Junta de Educación aprobó la
creación de tres comités con un enfoque específico, los
cuales se han estado reuniendo desde el verano. Los
tres comités específicos son: Equidad y toma de
decisiones identifica como se va a utilizar el informe de
equidad del MMSD y cómo priorizarlo; Planificación del
presupuesto por cinco años mejora el proceso
general del presupuesto y desarrolla un plan de
presupuesto para cinco años con fechas de vencimiento
que identifican los parámetros específicos para la toma
de decisiones; y Contratación y diversidad que
desarrolla un plan para mejorar el reclutamiento, la
selección y la retención de un grupo de trabajo diverso;
la meta es finalizar el trabajo de estos comités a
comienzos del año entrante.
Evaluación de la lectura y la escritura de K a 12.
grados: en diciembre del 2009, la Junta de Educación
instruyó a la administración acerca de “evaluar los
programas de lectura, lo cual podría incluir el desarrollo
de nuevas intervenciones para los estudiantes que se
estén desempeñando a por debajo de un nivel
competente en las escuelas primarias.” La intención de
la evaluación es definir claramente los objetivos y las
preguntas que la Junta tendría que considerar si es que
es necesario hacer mejoras. Como parte del proceso, se
creó un comité asesor conformado por educadores y
administradores representantes de todos los niveles
educativos, junto con representación de la familia, los
estudiantes y unos miembros de la educación superior;
este comité se reúne dos veces por mes y le presentará
a la Junta de Educación un informe final en febrero.
Otra perspectiva a la ley de matrícula abierta: La
Junta se ha unido a otros distritos escolares a lo largo y
ancho del estado para pedirle a la Asociación de Juntas
de Educación de Wisconsin (WASB por su sigla en
inglés) discutir la ley de matrícula abierta del estado
durante su convención en enero. En el otoño, los
distritos escolares pueden ofrecer resoluciones al comité
WASB conformado por miembros de las mesas
directivas de todo el estado, el cual en su lugar propone
resoluciones para ser consideradas por los delegados
de la asamblea con representantes de todos los 424
distritos escolares.
Una resolución de Madison propone “limitar el número
de estudiantes que pueden salir del distrito escolar bajo
el programa de matrícula abierta, si la mesa directiva
escolar cree que la estabilidad fiscal del distrito escolar
está en riesgo.” Otra recomienda que: “WASB apoye un
intercambio de dinero del estado fiscalmente neutral en
las transferencias de matrícula abierta.” El comité de
WASB decidirá antes del fin de año cuáles de esas
resoluciones se presentarán en la convención.
¡Bienvenidos! Hay nuevas contrataciones en este
año escolar:
Dylan Pauly, el consejero legal general del distrito quien
practicó ley escolar en una firma privada en Buffalo, NY.
Brad Kose es el nuevo director de capacitación
profesional del distrito. Los nuevos directores son: Steve
Guziewski, Primaria Crestwood.; Christina Harris,
Primaria Gompers; Kathy Costello, Primaria Thoreau.
Directores que se transfirieron a estas escuelas: Liz
Fritz, Primaria Lindbergh; Pam Wilson, Primaria
Marquette; Carlettra Standford, Primaria Mendota;
Andrea Kreft, Primaria Muir; Sean Storch, Escuela
Intermedia Black Hawk.
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April 13, 2010
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
@ Hamilton Mtg. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. LMC
6 – 8 Grade Strings Concert 7 p.m.Van Hise Gym
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
7 & 8 Grade Band Concert 7:00 p.m. VHE Gym
Bee 7:45 a.m. ~ LMC
6 Grade Band Concert 7:00 p.m. VHE Gym
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
Bee 7:45 a.m. ~ LMC
6 Grade Choral Concert 7:00 p.m. VHE Gym
PTO Meeting 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. LMC
Winter Break – Schools Closed
Wed. & Thurs.
Schools Reopen
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
PAAS @ Hamilton Mtg. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. LMC
Washington D.C. Meeting 2:37 – 3:30 p.m. ~ Cafeteria
Musical Dress Rehearsal 11:30 a.m.
Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
8 Grade Musical 7:00 p.m. Cafeteria
Martin Luther King Day ~ No School
PTO Board Meeting 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. ~ LMC
7:00 – 9:00 p.m. LMC
7 & 8 Grade Choral Concert 7:00 p.m. Van Hise Gym.
Early Releaserd11:30 a.m. End
of 2 Quarter & 1 Semester
Beginning of 3 Quarter & 2 Semester
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
Winter Dance, 2:37 - 4:37 PM
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
PAAS @ Hamilton Mtg. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. LMC
Washington, D.C. Meeting 2:37 – 3:30 p.m. ~ Cafeteria
Parent/Teacher Conferences ~ No School (Middle Schools Only)
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
PTO Board Meeting 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. LMC
PTO Gen. Meeting 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. LMC
Solo & Ensemble Festival @ East High School (All Day)
PTO Chili Cook-Off 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
SWEIO Convention ~ No School
6th Grade “Battle of the Books” (during 6 grade lunch) ~ LMC
8th Grade “Battle of the Books” ~ LMC
6 Grade “Battle of the Books” Final Round (during 6 grade lunch )~ LMC
7 Grade “Battle of the Books” ~ LMC
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
PAAS @ Hamilton Mtg. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. LMC
7th Grade “Battle of the Books”2:40 – 3:30 p.m. ~ LMC
8th Grade Band, Strings & Choral Concert -7:00 p.m.Van Hise Gym
8 Grade “Battle of the Books”2:40 – 3:30 p.m. ~ LMC
Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
6 & 7 Grade Band Concert 7:00 p.m.Van Hise Gym
Hamilton Gymnastics Rotation ~ Gym B
Van Hise Gym. Rotation ~ Gym A (including weekends)
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
PTO Meeting 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. LMC
Follies Rehearsal 2:37 – 5:30 p.m. ~ Cafeteria
Follies Rehearsal 2:37 – 5:30 p.m. ~ Cafeteria
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
Follies 7:00 p.m. Cafeteria
8 Grade Kalahari Band Festival (All Day)
End or 3 Quarter
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
International Night Rehearsal 2:37 – 5:30 p.m. Caféteria
International Night Rehearsal 2:37 – 5:30 p.m. Caféteria
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
PAAS @ Hamilton Mtg. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. LMC
International Night, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Cafeteria
Washington, D.C. Meeting 2:37 – 3:30 p.m.~ Cafeteria
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
PTO Meeting 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. LMC
April 18 – 22, 2011
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June 20, 2011
Revised 11/12/2010
Spring Break
School Reopens
Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after
school clubs)
5 Grade Parent/Guardian Orientation 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. (for parens & 5 gradersonly)
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
@ Hamilton
Mtg. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. LMC
th th
6 , 7 & 8 Grade Strings Concert 7:00 p.m. Van Hise Gym
Washington, D.C. Parent Meeting 6:00 p.m. ~ Cafeteria
Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
7 Grade Choral & Band Concert 7:00 p.m.Van Hise Gym
PTO Board Meeting 6:00 p.m. (location T.B.D.)
Spring Book Fair 7:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. LMC
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
Spring Book Fair 7:15 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. LMC
6 & 8 Grade Choir Concert 7:00 p.m.- Van Hise Gym
inthLMC 5:00 p.m.
6 & 8 Grade Band Concert 7:00 p.m Van Hise Gym
8th Grade Musical Rehearsal 2:37 – 3:30 p.m. Caféteria.
8 Grade Musical dress rehearsal 6:00 – 8:30p.m.Cafeteria
Professional Collaboration Time ~ Early Release 1:37 p.m. (no after school clubs)
Weds. & Thurs. 8 Grade Musical 7:00 p.m.- Cafeteria
Castle Museum 7:30 – 9:30 a.m. ~ Cafeteria
Monday Memorial Day ~ Schools Closed
PAAS @ Hamilton Mtg. 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. LMC
Student Picnic 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Vilas
8 . Grade Awards Assembly 8:00 – 9:30 a.m. ~ Cafeteria
6 . Grade Medieval Faire 8:45 – 11:30 a.m
Eighth Grade Movin’-On Ceremony 7:00 p.m.West H.S. Auditorium
End of the Year Field Trips ~ Grades 6 - 8
Last Day of School ~ Early Morning Release 9:15 a.m.
First Day of Summer School
Madison Metropolitan School District
4801 Waukesha Street
Madison, WI 53705
NON-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage PAID
Madison, WI
Permit No. 1172

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