January 5, 2014 - St. Peter`s Church


January 5, 2014 - St. Peter`s Church
A Catholic community
devoted to deep and
abiding friendship
with Jesus Christ
Established 1700
3320 St. Peter’s Drive
Waldorf Maryland 20601
Mission Statement
Saint Peter’s Church is a Catholic community devoted to deep and abiding
friendship with Jesus Christ. We strive to build upon the legacy of faith entrusted
to us by the Catholic pioneers who courageously established Saint Peter’s – an
ethnically and economically diverse community unified through the power of
the Holy Spirit in the truth and love of Jesus Christ. Mindful of this legacy as well
as our need for ongoing conversion amidst new challenges, today, in our fourth
century, we seek friendship with Jesus through our commitments to:
• Understand and proclaim His saving truth revealed in the
Bible in union with the official teaching authority of the
Catholic Church.
• Worship joyfully His living presence in the sacraments,
especially the Eucharist.
• Recognize His face in those we are privileged to serve and
protect, particularly the poor and vulnerable.
• Welcome Him in each other through our fellowship and
unity amidst the rich diversity of our parish community.
• Encounter Him and the beauty of His creation by preserving
our parish as a peaceful and prayerful sanctuary.
• Hear His personal call to holiness and help families embrace it
in all vocations, especially to priesthood or consecrated life.
• Imitate His generous self-giving as a way of life that expresses
our gratitude to Him and our love for God and neighbor.
Mass Schedule/Misa
Monday - Saturday: 8:00 am
Saturday Vigil:
5:00 pm
8:00 am, 10:00 am, 12:00 pm, en Español 1:30 pm
7:00 pm
3:30 pm
Parish Office
Hours: M – F, 8:30 – 4:30
301-843-8916 Fax: 301-843-3163
St. Peter’s School 301-843-1955
Office for Christian Formation
Rev. Zygmunt Kurzawinski
Parochial Vicar
Msgr. J. Wilfrid Parent
Deacon Robert Martin
Tom Abell, Parish Facilities Manager
Alice Culbreth, Director of Christian Formation
Sr. Theresa Frere, IHM, Coordinator of Ministry
to the Sick and Homebound
Marianna Hamilton, Coordinator of Christian Formation
Alicia Moore, Parish Secretary
Msgr. Oliver McGready
Msgr. Andrew Cassin
Fran O’Neill, Parish Accountant
Pastor Emeritus
Cara Tiffin-Johnson, Music Director
J.R. West, Principal, St. Peter’s School
Parish Pastoral Council • [email protected]
John Baden, Chairman
Jim Johnson, Co-Chairman
Mary DiMuro, Secretary • 301-645-4596
RoseMary Buzzeo
Kevin Kane
Bobbie Vaira
Kathy Carrigan
Mark Leslie
Ron Wade
Linda Cogburn
Stephanie Nolan
Marsha Forson, Youth Rep. Liliana Perez, Hispanic Rep. Allan Wibbenmeyer, Finance Council Rep.
Parish Finance Council • Don Palchak, Chairperson • 301-934-1281
Stacie Burch
Allan Wibbenmeyer
Richard Buschman
William Young
Beth Watson
Parish Life & Service
For information concerning registration,
baptism, marriage, funerals, and other
sacraments, please contact the parish office.
Christian Formation
To report repairs and other matters concerning
church buildings and grounds, please contact the
parish facilities manager on 301-843-8916, ext. 35.
Index of 2013 Feature Page Topics
“From time to time, we will offer feature articles on various parish topics that we hope
you will find interesting and informative. And we always – always – welcome your
feedback and suggestions.” Msgr. J. Wilfrid Parent, Sunday Bulletin December 23,2007
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Index of 2012 Feature Pages
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Schools Week (by J.R. West)
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Important (by Andy and Kim Cardwell)
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Clamoring Voices – Lobby Night
(by Sandy McGraw)
Commission Day & Archdiocesan Synod
(by Msgr. Bill Parent)
40 Hours Devotion in a Time of
Transition (by Msgr. Bill Parent)
The Resignation & Election of a Pope
God Has a Plan for Us All (by Kelly Swartz)
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The Power of Prayer (by Kathy Doughty)
Msgr. Bill Parent’s Easter Message
More About the Holy Father Thank God for Pope Francis
Thank You! Your Voice Was Heard &
You Made a Difference (by Sid Marcus)
Religious Freedom on GW Campus
Amen, Amen. I Do Believe!
(by Alice Culbreth)
Whatever Happened to Parish Socials in
the Home? (by Msgr. Bill Parent)
Images: Mary, Our Mother
Deacon Samuel Plummer Son of Saint Peter’s Church
The Priests From St. Peter’s Church
Welcome Alec Scott –
Our 2013 Summer Seminarian
Our Son the Priest
(by Don and Georgina Plummer)
Dear Friends at St. Peter’s
(by Father Samuel Plummer)
We Hear You!! Faith Formation in the
Year of Faith (by Alice Culbreth)
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(by Andy and Kim Cardwell)
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(by Alec Scott)
The Epiphany of the Lord
July 14 Summer Scripture Camp 2013
July 21 Return In the Footsteps of Father Narcisse
Martin (by David and Bobbie Vaira)
July 28 Growing in Faith Together (GIFT)
(by Alice Culbreth)
Aug 4 The Heart of the Matter (by Alice Culbreth)
Aug 11 Open the Door of Faith (by Alice Culbreth))
Aug 18 Ten Year Journey for The Women’s
Worship Ministry (by Kathy Moore)
Aug 25 School Starts Tomorrow & We’re Ready
to Go! (by J.R. West)
Sept 1 Gianna Jessen – Abortion Survivor
(by Kim and Andy Cardwell)
Sept 8 Preserving St. Peter’s (by Msgr. Bill Parent)
Sept 15 September is for Stewardship
(by Msgr. Bill Parent)
Sept 22 September is for Stewardship
(by Msgr. Bill Parent)
Sept 29 September is for Stewardship
(by Msgr. Bill Parent)
Oct 6
Commission Day – Fall 2013
Oct 13 2013 Stewardship Reports & Pledges
(by Msgr. Bill Parent)
Oct 20 School Security: A Top Priority!
Oct 27 Make St. Peter’s Your First Call!
(by Sister Theresa Frere, IHM)
Nov 3 St. Peter’s Parish Beloved Dead
October 29, 2013 to November 1, 2013
Nov 10 Planning a Catholic Funeral
(by Deacon Robert Martin)
Nov 17 Safe Nights at St. Peter’s
(by Ron and Kathy Dopkowski)
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Blessings
(by the Children of St. Peter’s)
Dec 1 St. Peter’s Parish Pastoral Council
(by John Baden and Jim Johnson)
Dec 8 Our Lady of Gaudalupe
(by Fr. Zygmunt Kurzawinski)
Dec 15 Winter Forecast and Advent Hope
(by Sister Theresa Frere, IHM)
Dec 22 The Sacrament of Penance During Advent
(by Fr. Zygmunt Kurzawinski)
Dec 29 The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
(by Alice Culbreth)
January 5, 2014
Sunday, January 5, The Epiphany of the Lord
5:00 p.m.
Intentions of Marie Harley
8:00 a.m.
Joseph Leng
10:00 a.m.
Parishioners of St. Peter’s
12:00 noon
Intentions of Beth and
Jon Brandkamp
1:30 p.m.
Roberto Chacon
in Ordinary Time
Monday, January 6, St. Andre Bessette
8:00 a.m.
In Thanksgiving
Tuesday, January 7, St. Raymond of Penyafort
8:00 a.m.
Jack Lawrence
Wednesday, January 8
8:00 a.m.
Intentions of Todd
and Danielle Buschman
Thursday, January 9
8:00 a.m.
Thomas, Elizabeth and
Margaret Higgins
Friday, January 10
8:00 a.m.
Intentions of Jamie Buschman
Saturday, January 11
8:00 a.m.
Intentions of Joan and Steve
Kosack and family
5:00 p.m. Vigil
Ethel Ferrall
Sunday, January 12, The Baptism of the Lord
8:00 a.m.
Intentions of Fr. Joseph F. Perkins
10:00 a.m.
Parishioners of St. Peter’s
12:00 noon
Intentions of Todd Patrick and Dana
1:30 p.m.
Intentions of the celebrant
“Let the full number of the nations
now take their place in the family of
the patriarchs. Let the children of
the promise now receive the
blessing in the seed of Abraham, the
blessing renounced by the children
of his flesh. In the persons of the
Magi let all people adore the
Creator of the universe; let God be
known, not in Judea only, but in
the whole world, so that his name
may be great in all Israel. …As
Isaiah prophesied: The people of the
Gentiles, who sat in darkness, have
seen a great light, and for those who
dwelt in the region of the shadow of
death a light has dawned.”
Excerpts from a sermon by Saint
Leo the Great, Pope (440 – 461).
Liturgy of the Hours for Epiphany.
The sanctuary light will burn this week in loving
memory of the DiGiovannantonio family.
The Epiphany of the Lord
January 5, 2014
If someone you know is seriously ill and asks to be included in the prayers for the sick, please call
the parish office. Names will remain on the prayer list for four weeks. At that time if you wish to
have the name put back on the prayer list, please call the parish office.
Stephanie Walls
Maxine Mague
Sumi Crowfoot
Christine Thir
Janet Mickens
Belinda Windsor
Bernardo Otero
Mary Ellen Booth
Gloria Bowman
Our Parish Prayer Requests
John David Yamnicky
Diane Cuff
Brenda Dodson
Barbara Peruso
Bill Walkos
Michael Strutt
Mayra Montalvo
Joseph Burch
Eugene Sciarrata
Richard Daniels
Anthony Woodard
Alyssa J. Rivera
Jasmine Talavera
Barbara Gray
Bill Reeves
Jannette Montalvo
Mary Ellen Shelton
•For Lt. Daniel (DJ) Davis, U.S. Army, serving in Afghanistan
•For the success of the Capital Campaign
•For our parish priests
Christmas 2013 Memorials and Honoraria
In addition to the memorials and honoraria listed in last week’s bulletin, flowers
that decorate the altar of St. Peter’s Church have been donated by parishioners
in memory or honor of:
Herbert P. Hinze
Thomas E. and Mary Joseph Campbell
Catherine Marie Campbell
Mary Margaret (Campbell) Raupuk
Lawrence E. Campbell
William G. Campbell
Cletus and Mabel Kinsey
Louise Kinsey
Leo and Christine Hinze
Tim Phaul
Rose and Vic Baga
Kevin Bruffy
William and Marie Phelps
Sylvia Madonado
Joseph Pickeral, Jr.
Joseph Pickeral, Sr.
John and Elizabeth Proctor
The Archdiocese for the Military Services has established a collection for all dioceses in the
United States. This collection will occur the same weekend as the collection for Church Missions in the
United States which is next weekend, January 12. Envelopes are available at each entrance to church.
Please put your envelopes in the regular collection basket.
Designated Charity
This weekend the Designated Charity will be for the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The Designated Charity
next weekend will be for the Catherine Foundation.
The Epiphany of the Lord
January 5, 2014
Statement of Archdiocese of Washington in Response to U.S. District
Court’s Decision in Archbishop of Washington et al. v. Kathleen
In an astonishing decision that conflicts with the well-reasoned rulings of many other federal
courts around the country, on Friday, December 20, the U.S. District Court for the District of
Columbia dismissed the lawsuit filed by the Archdiocese of Washington and its related affiliates,
holding that they have no right to challenge the HHS Mandate and that they are not being forced
to act contrary to their religious beliefs. The Archdiocese plans to immediately appeal the
The District Court’s ruling is perplexing. It creates an unequal patchwork of justice in our
country, where fundamental liberties seem to depend on where one lives. The ruling is contrary
to the recent favorable decisions of federal courts in Pennsylvania and New York, upholding the
challenge to the HHS Mandate brought by dioceses and a host of Catholic schools, health care
systems and charities. These cases are virtually identical to ours, involving the same law, the same
arguments, and the same essential facts and circumstances. The action by the D.C. federal court is
also contrary to favorable rulings issued yesterday by federal courts in Oklahoma and Michigan
which ruled that the HHS Mandate imposes a substantial and impermissible burden on the free
exercise of religion by the religious objectors in those cases. In addition, the D.C. District Court’s
decision fails to follow precedent established by the recent ruling of the U.S. Court of Appeals
for the D.C. Circuit, which blocked enforcement of the HHS Mandate against for-profit
organizations with religious objections to its requirements.
The Archdiocese and its related affiliates are extremely disappointed and troubled by the court’s
failure to uphold the Church’s freedom to maintain a health care plan consistent with its religious
beliefs. Since the regulations would force the Archdiocese’s affiliated ministries to violate their
deeply held Catholic beliefs or face crippling fines and penalties for noncompliance, we will
appeal this decision and seek immediate relief from the appellate court. We believe the Court
erred in its reasoning and application of the law and look forward to advancing a successful
For more information about the lawsuit brought by the Archdiocese and its co-plaintiffs, Roman
Catholic Archbishop of Washington, et al. v. Kathleen Sebelius, et al., case no. 13-1441, please visit
The Epiphany of the Lord
January 5, 2014
Preserving St. Peter’s
Capital Campaign
Thank you to the following parishioners who have already made a gift to the capital campaign.
Please make your gift today and join this growing list!!
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar D Abarca
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Acosta
Mrs Karen M Acton
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Richard J Almaraz
Mr Edward V Alston
Mr. & Mrs. David J Amadei
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J Antonioni
Mrs Margaret Arnold
Mr. & Mrs. Noel L Arquero
Mr. & Mrs. Leland E Ashburn
Mr. & Mrs. John T Baden
Mrs Teresa Baker-Chase
Grace Balacuit
Mark Baldacci
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F Baldesari
Mr. Arthur L. Baldia
Mr. & Mrs. Virgil E Ball
Ms Lourdes M Ballesteros
Mr Richard E Bamberger
Mr. & Mrs. Apolinar V Barbaza
Mr. & Mrs. David L Beall
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C Bean
Mr. & Mrs. P Anthony Bean
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J Bedell
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B Bell
Mr. & Mrs. Roger L Benfield
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Benjack
Mrs Adriana E Benjamin
Mr. & Mrs. David J Benthin
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Benzing
Mr Donald F Berens
Mr. & Mrs. William J Bond
Mrs Vera-Ann Booth
Mr & Mrs. Bartholomew D Booth
Mr. & Mrs. Bartholomew Booth
Ms Suzanne Bowman
Mr. & Mrs. William W Bradd
Mrs Anna Branan
Paula Braun
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J Breagy
Ms Pamela Breckenridge
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brett
Mrs Wanda M Bridgett
Mrs Betti Bridgett
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F Bromber
Mrs Karen Bryant
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bucci
Mrs Erika M Buitrago-Curtin
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L Burch
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A Burch
Mrs Rose Burroughs
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Buschman
Mr Francisco Bustillo
Mr. James H. Butler
Ms Wendy I Butler
Anthony & Meredity Buzzeo
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J Buzzeo
Mrs Gloria Cable
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony V Cangiano
Karen Caravantes
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew T Cardwell
Mr. & Mrs. Willard H Carney Jr
Mrs Suzanne M Carr
Mrs Alta K Carrigan
Ms Melanie M Centina
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory J Cepluch
Ms Twyla Chase
Mr. & Mrs. William A Chase
Mr. & Mrs. Theodore O Chick Jr
Ms Roseann Ciccarello
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A Cizler
Mr. & Mrs. Warren C Clare
Mr. & Mrs. Don E Clarkson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles S Clymer Jr
Mr. & Mrs. David Cobos-Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Cogburn
Mr. & Mrs. Felix A Colaciello
Mrs Jacqueline H Conti
Mr William W Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Cope
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent B Costanzo
Mr. & Mrs. Michael C Coughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J Cox
Ms Nelia M Cruz
Mr. & Mrs. Glaudenio F Cruz
Ms Alice Culbreth
Mr. & Mrs. Walter J Cunningham
Mr. & Mrs. Francis J Curry
Mary Cusimano
Mr. & Mrs. Le H Dang
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Daniel
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Daniels Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E Daniels
Mrs Rose C Daskievige
Ms Hasinta Davis
Mrs Carol A Dawn
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Decker
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher C DeLeon
Mr. & Mrs. Billie DeLosSantos
Mr John S Dempsey
Ms Mary T Di Muro
Ms Elizabeth Dillard
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent DiMauro
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred M Dintino Jr
Mr. & Mrs. John M Dodson
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M Dopkowski
Ms Brenda A Douglas
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dove Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Collin C Drennen
Mr. & Mrs. Walter J Dressick
Beth A. Dudek
Jim Dunleavy
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald P Dyson
Mr. & Mrs. Emeka Ebirim
Mrs Joan Edelen
Mrs Barbara A Edelen
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson D. Enriquez
Mrs Elizabeth Estevez
Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Etienne
Mr. & Mrs. Dossouvi K Ezi
Mr. & Mrs. John H Faasen II
Mr. & Mrs. Bradford Farmer
Anthony Fashanu
Mr. & Mrs. John Fenwick
The Fergusons
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Ferrante
Mr. & Mrs. John L Finamore
Mr. & Mrs. Pietro O Flaim
Ms Melissa Fleming
Mrs Susan Flesher
Mrs Jocelyn P Foreman
Mrs Juliana Forson
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Gary B Foster
Mr. & Mrs. Harry J Frauenfelder IV
John Fruge
Karl Gabrielsen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Galvez
Ms Elizabeth E Garner
Mr Brian M Garza
Mrs Margaret E Gee
Mrs Virginia S Gibson
Mrs Suzette M Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard J Gilbers
Mr Joseph Gioffre
Mr Dominic Gioffre
Mrs Juliana Glass
Mr. & Mrs. Peter F Glass
Mr Kenneth A Goldsmith
Miss Peggy Goldsmith
Mike Gonzales
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Gonzalez
Mr. & Mrs. David W Gouge
Ms Bonnie J Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R Gray Jr
Ms Martina L Green
Mr Robert C Greenwell
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J Gregory
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E Gretton
Mrs Teresa Grimes
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Groves
Mr. & Mrs. Walter A Grudzinskas
Mrs Martha E Gruss
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A Gryn
Mr. & Mrs. Jaime A Guerrero
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gummere
Mrs. Thomas H Gunning
Arlene Hagens
Mrs Mary Haggenmaker
Mr. & Mrs. David L Hakey
Nicholas & Laverne Hall
Mrs Sandi L Hankinson
Mr. & Mrs. Quillian J Haralson
Mrs. Harley
Mary Harley
Miss Swynice M Hawkins
Mr. & Mrs. Mark L Hayes
Ms Myra P Haynes
Mr Ludwig O Heilmeier
Mr. & Mrs. Keith M Hennek
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P Higgins
Mrs Gertrude Hinze
Russell Howard
Ms Katherine Hunter
Mr F. Ridgely Huntt
Dung Huynh
Mr. & Mrs. Philip P Ibe
Mr. & Mrs. Joselito S Ignacio
Mr. & Mrs. James B Inaldo
Mrs Mary M Jameson
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis W Jenkins
Mrs Jatrice L Johnson
Ms Deanna J Johnson
Ms Patricia A Johnson
Mr Alan B Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Howard A Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. James K Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn R Jones
Mr. & Mrs. William Jupiter
Christopher & Amy Kamm
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth C Kan
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin P Kane
Mr. & Mrs. Sean P Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. John J Kelly
Col John J Kennedy Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth H Kent Jr
Ms Joann M Kiggins
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M Kimm
Mr. & Mrs. Edward S Kline
Mr. & Mrs. Athanasios Kolazas
Mrs Margaret A Kolberg
Mr. & Mrs. John M Koper Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin J Kovaleski
Mr. & Mrs. Paul R Kretzing
Mr. & Mrs. David Langrell
Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. Lee, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Leginze
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew J Leginze
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M Leslie
Mrs Mary P Liberati
Miguel Lopez
Alphanso Gaston C. Lopez
Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel L Lopez
Mr. & Mrs. Pablo M Lopez
Oscar Lorenzo
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lucchesi
Ben & Nanette Lumban
Mrs Doris Lyles
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Macquade
Ted Madatic
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Magno
Miss Mary C Maher
Sheila Makle
Mr. & Mrs. Buhay Malabanan
Donald Manning
MM Ernesto R Maramag
Deacon and Mrs Robert L Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D Martin
Mr James A Martinez
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A Mattingly
Mr. & Mrs. William J Matts
Kathryn and Gary May
Mr Vincent E Mc Gowan
Mr. & Mrs. John G McCall
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn J McDowell
Ms Sandra C McGraw
Erica McIvor
Mrs Dolores McLean
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J McLean
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E McManus
Mr. & Mrs. Richard McMillen
Mrs Dina M McNamara
Mr. & Mrs. Ramon J Medina
Ms Marion C Metzger
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Meyers
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mierzwa
Mr George Miksztal
Ms Cynthia Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Michael N Miller
Ms Katherine M Miller
Mrs Margherita Minopoli
Mr. & Mrs. Ciro Minopoli
Mrs Gloria Minor
Mr Ronald E Moffatt
Joanne Moffett
Mr Michael J Monaco
Ms Cynthia M Moore
Mr. & Mrs. David M Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W Moore
Mrs Elizabeth A Moreland
Mr Stephen T Morgan
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A Mudd
Mr. & Mrs. William W Naumann
Mrs Nicole L Neal
Mr. & Mrs. Edward G Neely
Mr Brian Neiheisel
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A Neuner
Mr. & Mrs. William Newton
Mrs Patricia G Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. James C Nieberding
Mrs Stephanie Nolan
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Norman
Mr. & Mrs. Johnny A Norman
Heidi Normile
Miss Judith V Norvell
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Nowak
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Nungesser
Mr. & Mrs. Michael O'Connell
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Olowiany
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O'Neill
Mike Onianwah
Mr. & Mrs. Cosmas Onyekuru
Molly O'Rourke
Joe & Cecelia Pancotti
Ms Cora E Patch
Mr. & Mrs. Victor E Perez
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J Peruso
Mr. & Mrs. Michael O Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Petrocci
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J Pheulpin
Mr. & Mrs. Danny R Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. William C Pickeral
Mrs Mary E Pickeral
Mr. & Mrs. Febrey Pinggoy
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J Plummer
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan P Pogranicy
Steve Policastro
Mrs Peggy Poole
Mr. & Mrs. James Post
Mrs Mary Helen Potter
Mr Robert T Powers
Mr Joseph R Proctor
Margaret Proctor
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah C Proctor
Mrs Bernadette T Prout
Mrs Amelia C Reid
Miss Margaret Mary Renner
Ms Holly M Rexrode
Rey & Carmen Reyes
Frank Ricco
Mr. & Mrs. Edward E Rizzo
Mr. & Mrs. James P Roddy
Mr. & Mrs. Mark A Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Rouse
Mr Frank S Rozell
Mrs Nancy-Ann Rudy
Mrs Deborah A Ruley
Mr. & Mrs. Randall E Russell
Mr Jeffrey Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Lonnie B Rutledge
Carlos Sanicl
Mr James M Sardo
Mrs Virginia Schadt
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene J Sciarratta
Mr. & Mrs. Myron F Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S Semego
Mr Henry P Sermons Jr
B. A. Shank
Mr. & Mrs. Mark P Sheehan
Miss Freida G Shlagel
Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon Shoemaker
Mr. & Mrs. John J Simko
Mrs Joyce Simpson
Mr. & Mrs. David P Sisk
Mr. & Mrs. Terry L Sloan Sr
Mr. & Mrs. Blanchard P Smalley
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald R Smith
Mr. & Mrs. David A Snellings
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sobnosky
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D Spruill
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stadler
Ms Tanjeka Staggs
Leonard Stanton
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Steffensmeier
Ms. Katherine E Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory D Strutt
Mr. & Mrs. William E Strutt
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick G Surfus
Cassandra & Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Harry L Swaney
Mr. & Mrs. George T Swanson
Mr. & Mrs. Elner C Tacastacas
Mr. & Mrs. James Talbert
Ms Mary A Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. J David Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Jason C Theriault
Mrs Bernice Y Thomas
Mrs Ida Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. John C Thomas
Robert Thomas / LaTasha Barnett
Ms Linda M Thomas-Garnett
Mr. & Mrs. David D Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A Tomasko Sr
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A Tompa
Mr. & Mrs. Jose A Torres
Mrs Kristin A Tripplett
Mrs Kellie Troese
Ms Chaney D Trunnell
MaryAna Trunnell
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Turner
Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Uzowihe
Mr. & Mrs. David D Vaira
Ms Lisa Y Vanasse
Mrs Barbara Vest
Mrs Ann Vetkoskey
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Wackerle
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C Wade
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver J Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Damien Wanner
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph T Ward
Ms Patricia A Warring
Mr. & Mrs. William C Washington
Ms Bonnie M Watson
Mr Michael A Watts
Mr. J.R. West
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P Wheeler
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Wibbenmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. John P Williams
Mrs Michelle M Willis
Mrs Virginia V Winkelhake
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence J Wojcik Jr
Mr. & Mrs. Randy O Yalung
Mrs Janet W Yamnicky
Mrs Adele Youngborg
Ms Linda C Young-Brown
Mrs Andrea Zimmerman
Please call the Parish Office for any corrections or omissions.
Queridos hermanos y hermanas,
Para la Iglesia creyente y orante, los Magos de Oriente que, bajo la guía de la estrella, encontraron el
camino hacia el pesebre de Belén, son el comienzo
de una gran procesión que recorre la historia. Por
eso, la liturgia lee el evangelio que habla del camino
de los Magos junto con las espléndidas visiones pro-
féticas de Isaías 60 y del Salmo 72, que ilustran con
imágenes audaces la peregrinación de los pueblos
hacia Jerusalén. Al igual que los pastores que, como
primeros huéspedes del Niño recién nacido que yace
en el pesebre, son la personificación de los pobres
de Israel y, en general, de las almas humildes que
viven interiormente muy cerca de Jesús, así también
los hombres que vienen de Oriente personifican al
mundo de los pueblos, la Iglesia de los gentiles - los
hombres que a través de los siglos se dirigen al Niño
de Belén, honran en él al Hijo de Dios y se postran
ante él. La Iglesia llama a esta fiesta "Epifanía", la
aparición del Divino. Si nos fijamos en el hecho de
que, desde aquel comienzo, hombres de toda proveniencia, de todos los continentes, de todas las culturas y modos de pensar y de vivir, se han puesto y
se ponen en camino hacia Cristo, podemos decir
verdaderamente que esta peregrinación y este
encuentro con Dios en la figura del Niño es una
Epifanía de la bondad de Dios y de su amor por los
hombres (cf. Tt 3,4). ...
Los hombres que entonces partieron hacia lo desconocido eran, en cualquier caso, hombres de corazón inquieto. Hombres movidos por la búsqueda
inquieta de Dios y de la salvación del mundo. Hombres que esperaban, que no se conformaban con sus
La Epifanía del Señor
rentas seguras y quizás una alta posición social. Buscaban la realidad más grande. Tal vez eran hombres
doctos que tenían un gran conocimiento de los astros y probablemente disponían también de una formación filosófica. Pero no solo querían saber muchas cosas. Querían saber sobre todo lo que es esencial. Querían saber cómo se puede llegar a ser persona humana. Y por esto querían saber si Dios existía, dónde está y cómo es. Si él se preocupa de nosotros y cómo podemos encontrarlo. No querían solamente saber. Querían reconocer la verdad sobre
nosotros, y sobre Dios y el mundo. Su peregrinación
exterior era expresión de su estar interiormente en
camino, de la peregrinación interior de sus corazones. Eran hombres que buscaban a Dios y, en definitiva, estaban en camino hacia él. Eran buscadores de
Dios. ...
Ellos eran también y sobre todo hombres que tenían
valor, el valor y la humildad de la fe. Se necesitaba
tener valentía para recibir el signo de la estrella
como una orden de partir, para salir – hacia lo desconocido, lo incierto, por los caminos llenos de multitud de peligros al acecho. Podemos imaginarnos las
burlas que suscitó la decisión de estos hombres: la
irrisión de los realistas que no podían sino burlarse
de las fantasías de estos hombres. El que partía apoyándose en promesas tan inciertas, arriesgándolo
todo, solo podía aparecer como alguien ridículo.
Pero, para estos hombres tocados interiormente por
Dios, el camino acorde con las indicaciones divinas
era más importante que la opinión de la gente. La
búsqueda de la verdad era para ellos más importante
que las burlas del mundo, aparentemente inteligente.
Los Magos siguieron la estrella, y así llegaron hasta
Jesús, a la gran luz que ilumina a todo hombre que
viene a este mundo (cf. Jn 1,9). Como peregrinos de
la fe, los Magos mismos se han convertido en estrellas que brillan en el cielo de la historia y nos muestran el camino. Los santos son las verdaderas constelaciones de Dios, que iluminan las noches de este
mundo y nos guían. San Pablo, en la carta a los Filipenses, dijo a sus fieles que deben brillar como lumbreras del mundo (cf. 2,15). ... (Santa Misa en la Solemnidad de la Epifanía del Señor, Basílica Vaticana, Domingo 6 de enero de 2013)
05 de enero 2014

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