Final May newspaper 5-13



Final May newspaper 5-13
The Cougar Chronicle
Cowherd Middle School
Fine Arts Festival
Cowherd was well represented in
the East Aurora District 131
Fine Arts Festival. Teachers: Ms.
Holt, Mrs. Fichtel, Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Holhut
should be very proud. Performances and art displays were very
impressive. Be sure to enjoy this
Festival yearly each spring at
East High School. M. Gutierrez
Top photo
shirts are
Miguel Gutierrez
6th grade 3/13/13
I am so happy with ISAT done! How
do you feel with ISAT done? I sure
am happy. Did you think ISAT was
hard ? I say yes about the test! You
can’t talk with anyone either!
Choir and Drama
performed, and displays of student art
work was amazing.
Fine Arts Festival at East High
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Drama Club Performs Choir adds to the entertainment and
Band gives its best! (C. Taylor, P. Peterson,
D. Holhut) [Ms. Holt and Mrs. Fichtel-Art]
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Informative Cowherd News!
Congratulations Mr. Marvel!
By Daniel Cervantes
He has worked as Cowherd’s
librarian for a long time, 19
years. He will retire in June.
Mr. Marvel says there have been good and
bad days. It is wonderful when the students
come in the library and read. He will miss
coming to Cowherd day by day. He remembers the mini courses he taught , and trivia
contests that he ran for the Cowherd students. He liked to tell students jokes as
they checked out books. Mr.
Marvel will spend his
money by traveling to many
countries. It is a bittersweet
time for him.
We wish him the BEST!
This is a club which meets after school to
do science experiments. IMSA sponsors this
group, and provides grant moneys for all supplies. On Wednesday, 5-1-13, in room 604 Mrs.
Schacht and Mrs. Lewis worked with students
to do an eye blind spot test. Students got a
card with directions printed on it. There were
two dots, and they had to cover one eye at a
time, then move the card slowly toward them,
at a certain point the spot would disappear.
That is the blind spot, when you can no longer
see the dot.
Later this group dissected a cow’s eye.
YES, that is correct a cow’s eye. Earlier this
club saw a video on an eye dissection. Students
were given a tray, a rubber piece of material to
go into the tray so you could pin down the eye,
so you could cut it, a case with cutting supplies, rubber gloves, and protective eye glasses
were also worn. A guide booklet provided all
the directions. Each person was to cut apart
the eye, and label its parts. Students had 3
worksheets to do relating to this project.
It looked like wonderful and exciting fun,
A bit gory too! What a fantastic learning experience. Maybe you will consider joining
IMSA Fusion next school year.
Students in Mrs. Taylor’s class studied Greek
Theater. They made faces with EMOTIONS!
What a great job they did! Look closely at the
eyes and mouths.
By Kaleth Garcia Gr.6
Photos on next page!
By Daniel C. and Miguel G.
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
IMSA FUSION-Cow’s Eyeballs
Cow’s Eyeball article on previous page.
The Choir had a concert on Thursday,
Oct. 18 at 4:00 p.m. In the LRC.,Mrs. Peterson
directed the 6th, 7th and 8th grade singers. They
sang nursery rhymes. These choirs were entertaining parents, family members and kids. Listen to our music, have fun, learn new nursery
rhymes too. Hope you came to support the choir!
Our Final concert
will be May 7th,
Math Club, went on one of the
many field trips to a Pumpkin Farm.
We went through the Corn Maze, on
a hay ride and jumped on a web and a
pillow too. We’re doing so much
more. If I were you I would join the
Math Club. You love math? Sign up!!!
By M. Jolly
Mikayla Jolly
6th grade
I enjoy being a student of Mrs. B’s because
I learn math easily. She gives us a little bit of
homework. In math centers she makes us do
drawings of fractions, or division and it turns
into an animal or a clown
Anonymous grade 7
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Poetry Corner
Star Catcher
Find me I’m not far.
This aint no Monopoly Game,
Just escaping from what you are.
I’m trying to make a hypothesis main.
Acting so cool, being that fool, in our mama’s house.
Caught you wearing her red blouse
Nobody talking to, than you wonder why
While you’re singing that song” I Believe I Can Fly”
Time for me to bounce, if yall need me, I a be at my
yellow brick house.
Now I’m hiding from what I could be
When you catch stars
you escape from who you are.
Catching stars will never be easy,
You always have to stop and see.
Everything that went away.
While only you were there to stay.
By Carmen S grade 7
Struck By Love Instead Of Lightning
This is me Kiairra.
Not the singer Ciara
I’m going to tell yall something yall
need to fix
cause yall really aint got no sense.
You need to go brush your teeth
cause to me your breath really stinks
This aint no time to be playing tricks.
So yall should go buy you a bag of Pixy
(Wonks Pixy Sticks Candy)
By Kiairra C.
7th grade
The way he looks at me gives me the giggles!
Listening to his heartbeat as he holds me tight,
and I know that everything is going to be alright.
Being right next to him having so much fun, as
I look into his eyes, and see them glistening in
the sun.
You are like a star shining so bright in the sky,
your so truthful so I know you will never lie.
You struck me by love
instead of lightning;
You’re so loving you can never be frightening.
Even when my world tilts upside down
you are a clown and always seem to make me
You struck me by love instead of lightning,
you're so loving you can never
be frightening.
By Ambria W. 7th grade
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Adamaris A. C.
grade 7
The Messed Up Things of the World
By Develle P
Fly now
Upon your sweet blue sky
No more pain, no more sorrow
Our angel, your happy tears will conquer all
They were worth all the struggles,
Now that you are there and now that you are
grade 7
Hello, today I share what is on my mind,
However there will be no rhyme.
Racism, it still exists although it is hidden
For it is something taught not born into.
Inequality, if you have not experienced it
You may have caused it.
Loneliness, some go through it, some don’t
Your sweet innocent face
Heart break some would say
It’s the worst pain of all,
This that stays with us
In remembrance of you, we find strength
To smile and to laugh,
But strangely they’re the things that make us
who we are.
Knowing it is what you will wish for.
So our angel, our life
Your smile will last forever, no less than a lifetime.
Beneath the bridge
Under all the rest
Who do you trust of all the best?
You die and die from pain inside
Drifting wind
Day by day the sun go’s down
Falling leaves
So bright and big yellow too!
In the ground and through the sky,
Then the moon comes out to end the day
Almost like a lullaby,
The hustle
Chilly days, freezing rain
As we say our lines goodnight,
Seeing water go down the drain,
Nature is an in nation,
We have our dreams in the
Today was fun,
All day long,
I gave my best,
Now time to rest.
By Ulises O . grade 7
cold black nights.
As we have our dreams
beneath all the rest
We think of tomorrow and all the best.
By: Cecie F. Gr. 7
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Poems continue… also essays
By: Andrea L.
Today is Angel Day
Grade 7
If today is angel day what will be tomorrow?
If angel day is today what was yesterday?
I’m not a Poet
Tomorrow is your birthday then what is Saturday?
I’m not as smart as a poet
If today was yesterday then what would you
I’m horrible at writing poems
I’ve never written one before
It is said to be the day of your life.
But I wish I knew how to some more
If I only took a long poetry class
The day of you life it will be the beginning.
If today is angel day what will be tomorrow?
Even though it’d be hard to pass
If angel day is today what was yesterday?
I have no idea how I came up with this
The first copy was a big mess
By Kenterrious S.
grade 7
It was just a bunch of sloppiness
I couldn’t think a bit
My brain seemed to be a room of emptiness
You couldn’t even hear a little
But after while all you could hear was scribble.
Itzel L Grade 8
Child Abuse in America
The problem with child abuse is that some kids get killed by their own parents.
Children are suffering from a hidden epidemic of child abuse and neglect . Some of
their parents should go to jail. Their own kids should speak up. The children should go and
look of help. Some kids get crazy or they get sick because of their parents hitting them. Every
3.3 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States involving nearly 6 million
children. United States has the worst record of the industrialized nations, losing five children
every day due to abused related deaths. Any kid shouldn’t be treated that way because they
suffer. Some parents hit their own child because they suffered child abuse too when they were
They should look for help because their children should not suffer like they did. I am
against child abuse because no kid should be treated badly.
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Field Trips
IMSA Fusion and the Math Club visited Exelon Headquarters in Warrenville, Illinois. Engineers from Com Ed and from Exelon spoke with students. The students really enjoyed the trip
because they learned so much. Topics included: electrical safety, nuclear reactors and plutonium pellets. Demonstrations kept the students interested. Exelon picked up the entire tab.
How nice of them.
By Daniel Cervantes grade 6
Peace Jam
Mr. Harding is the sponsor of Peace Jam. It is an organization to learn about NON VIOLENCE! If there are
rough situations, they look for peaceful approaches to solve problems. Five 8th grade students from Cowherd
went to the Great Lakes Peace Jam Youth Conference. It was held at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Mich. Students got to meet Shirin Ebadi, 2003 Nobel Peace Prize winner. Student also did service
projects, and learned about the Peace Jam which is changing lives for the better.
By Kaleth Garcia grade 6
Once again the National Junior Honor Society took a spring trip to Washington D.C.
Thirty-two students and six chaperones enjoyed a very busy educational trip. They traveled by bus. You can
read about it and see photos by going to their blog at What a great
time it was.
By Miguel Gutierrez grade 6
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
6th Grade High Honor Roll
Omar Aguirre, Arleth Alba, Oscar Alcala, Jennifer Arriola, Vivian Bahena, Armando Bolivar, Antonio Bueno, Pricila Cano, Thailyn Cardona,
Yahaira Chavez, Cindy Del Cid, Maria Diaz, Nicole Diaz, Samantha
Esparza, Gissell Espinal, Jorge Favela, Fredy Favela, Orlando Franco,
Luis Gomez, Jacob Gonzalez, Trinity Greenwood, Madison Groner,
Marie Gudino, Jesus Gutierrez, Azyadeth Huerta, Phyllis Kimani,
Christian Luna, Jasmin Macias, Domeccio McCall, Jose Morales, Freddy
Munoz, Carolina Nicasio, Yenesys Obert, Kevin Olivas, Isaac Paz, Jerry
Perez Mayrely Ramirez, Julissa Ramos, Magali Renteria, Christopher
Resendiz, Yulisa Rios, Nancy Rojas, Alondra Ruiz, Linda Sauceda,
Bryan Torres, Eduardo Tovar, Damien Villa, Jayda Yancey.
7th Grade High Honor Roll
Diego Alanis, Estefania Arellanes, Valeria Barrera, Romell Betts, Maysen
Cahn, Gisselle Camacho, Rosio Cervantes, Omar Dela Torre, Diana Dimova, Jennifer Esparza, Jasmine Garcia, Melissa Garcia, Leslie Gonzalez, Isabel Hughes, Jazmin Jefferson, Angel Jimenez, Lamarria
Johnson, Juan Lopez, Andres Martinez, Eduardo Martinez, Edwin
Meraz, Javier Nevarez, Jennifer Nino, Ulises Ortiz, Victoria Paleo,
Brenda Pulido, Elsa Reyes, Brenda Rivera, Fatima Rodriguez, Ana
Ruiz, Sabrina Silva, Samuel Szweda, Efrain Valentin,
8Th Grade High Honor Roll
Lizbeth Alonso, Beverlin Arriola, Arnoldo Ayala, Kayla
Bekielewski, Mark Cruz, Maria Delgado, Krystal Escatel,
Brenda Espinal, Amber Finley, Gilberto Gallegos, Cristina Garcia, Karen Guerrero-Diaz, Cynthia Lozano, Stephanie Lozano,
Ashley Meza, Jonathan Ojeda, Brenda Perez, Brenda Perez,
Giselle Ramirez, Jennifer Rivera, Victor Rodriguez, Joanna Sanchez, Lorena Vega, Christopher Villalobos.
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
12 12
Grade 6
Honor Roll Q3
Veronica Alanis, Alondra Ambriz, Isela Anaya, Iveth Arellanes,
Leslie Bahena , Nallely Barraza, Angela Barrientos, Jose Becerra, Brandon Camacho, Angel Cano, Andrea Cardenas, Shelly
Castillo , Azul Castillo, Estefani Cazarez, Julissa Chavez, Francisco Chavez, Tiffany Clash-Shaw, Daniel Del Toro, Noel Diaz,
Julianna Diaz, Adrian Diaz, Keonna Dillard, Angeleeza
Esparza, Nayeli Espinoza,
Estefania Espinoza, Eduardo Flores, Phontanett Foster, Moises Franco, Erica Garcia, Elena
Garcia, Guadalupe Garcia, Raul Gaytan, Dalila Godinez, Miguel
Gutierrez, Jose Gutierrez, MarcosHernandez, Maritza Hernandez, William Hernandez-Villa, William Herrera-Martinez,
Malik Holloway, Quinesha Johnson, Anthony Lacy Ashea
Lake, Risely Loera, Julian Lopez, Samantha Lopez, Arturo
Luna-Garcia, Bryan Manzo, Francisco Marungo, Dominick
Mendez, Brian Montano, Daisy Montiel, Refugio Ocon, Cristian Ojeda, Juan Palacios, Giovanni Patle, Roxana Perez, Eduardo Perez, Daniel Perez, Fernando Pinon, Daniela Prado, Johana Prieto, Joshua Pryor, Fabian Puentes, Bianca
Quintanilla, Fredricka Reid, Kyla Rhodes, Azucena Rivera,
Luis Rivera, Alysia Rodriguez, Rosa Rosales, Imanol Ruiz,
Mario Sanchez, Michael Santillan, Yadira Santillanes, KaylaSantos, Icelynn Scott, Julian Serenil, Monserrat Silva, Nicole
Slazak, Jereye Stevenson, Morghan Stroud, Deshawn Tharpe,
Thalia Urquizo, Blanca
Valencia, Mykal VanBuren, JaquelineVarela, Israel Velazquez, Citlali Velazquez, Eric Villa, Elian
Villagran, Alexis Wesley, Jacob Zeiger.
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Q3 Honor Roll
7th Grade
Christian Aguilar, Jisela
Aguirre, Graciela
Aguirre, Bryan Akers,
Gabriella Alvarado, Gianella Ambriz-Diaz, Stephanie Arciga, Gabriel Boyd, Jacklyn
Cabrera, Beatriz Campos, Kiairra Cannon, Luis Cardenas, Jorge Cardona, Giselle
Cardoso Gutierre, Manuel Cardoza, Noah Cepeda, Daniela Cepeda, Cristal Chavez,
Sebastian Chiu, Joel Cisneros, Kameron Clayborn, Ebony Davis, Isaac De La Cerda,
BrianDelacruz, Diego Deloera, Jacqueline Escalera, Enrique Escobedo, Emely
Gallegos, Jasmine Gallegos, Griselda Garcia-Ramirez, Jaime Gomez, JonathanHernandez, Luis Hernandez, Brittany Hines, Brenda Holguin, Timia Holmes, Odalys
Ibarra, Alicia Jimenez, Robert Johnson, Abril Juarez, Malashia Juarez, Leslie Lara,
Clarissa Lopez, Andrea Lopez, Wendy Lopez, Alejandro Magana, Fabian Maldonado,
Daniel Martinez, Estela Miranda, Nataly Morales, Lisbeth Nocelotl, Ulises Ortiz,
Lizette Padilla, Reina Perez, Diana Puentes, Jose Pulido, Eric Rachmadiyanto, Eduardo Ramirez, Marlen Ramos, Ja Lilyah Rayford-Durham, Ivan Reyes, Maribel
Rico, Melissa Rico, Albert Rios, Adrian Rodriguez, Nathaniel Rodriguez, Fabian
Ruiz, Jose Ruiz, Crystal Salas, Susana Salgado, Jacqueline Sanchez, Natasha Santiago, Mariah Sturdivant, Gilberto Tapia, Angelina Tartaglia, Leeann Tran, Leonardo
Vazquez, Alejandro Vega,
8th Grade Honor Roll
Ciela Marie Acala, Jovanna Acosta, Marcos Aguirre, Mirna Aguirre,
Aguirre, Julian Alatorre, Frankie Amaro, Gabriela Barrera , Alexis Bee, Ariana Bracamontes, Esmeralda Briones, Jose Cardenas, Leslie Carranza, Angel Chavez,
Jonathan Cruz, Juana Cuevas, Kazandra Del Toro, Ricardo Del Toro, Jeremiah
Fyneface, Guy Gaffney, Saul Galvan, Elizabeth
Gama, Rebecca Garcia, Lidia
Gonzalez, Zakeya Hadnott, Makayla Henry, Alize Hernandez, Paloma Hernandez,
Wendy Herrera, Vanessa Herrera, Presiliana Huitorn, Markell Johnson, Aylene
Lazcano, Carlos Lechuga, Patricia Madrigal, Hernan Magana, Theresa Mallie,
Andres Marin, Alexis Marrufo, Ana Martinez, Alejandra Martinez, Leslie Martinez,
Alexis Montoya, Diana Mora, Giovany Morales, Melissa Newton, Edwin Ontiveros,
Vanessa Ortiz, Yahaira Padilla, Serina Peinado, Rocio Perea, Maritza Perez, Erick
Perez, Serenity Quintero, Erika
Ramirez, Samara Ramirez, Julio Rios, Justice
Robinson, Elise Robinson, Jessica Rocha, Ailene Roldan-Delarosa, Celeste Romero,
Roth, Gustavo Salgado, Paulina Salinas, Da Ja Sams, Adan Sanchez,
Samantha Sanchez, Armando Sanchez, Janiqua Shelley, Jeffrey Silvey, Antonio Soto,
Alana Stewart, Jesus Suarez, Roger Tepox, Elizabeth Tlahuetl, Jose Velazquez, Cristian Vera, Arie White.
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
8th Grade Remembers 2012-2013
Things I’ll miss in my 8th grade year at Cowherd are my friends. I will miss them so much because I’ve known them for a long time. We had
many memories together, in the classes or in the
gym or everywhere else. Another thing I’ll miss is
how my friends and my favorite teachers were together. In high school we will all be separated. Another thing I‘ll miss about Cowherd is all of our
memories from the cafeteria. I have been with the
All of the times I spent with my friends
same students since 7th grade. I have so many
were fun. One day in the fitness room, Karen,
memories with them, some fun memories and
my friend, could not lift the weights. She was
other sad ones, and a lot of funny ones. One of my
all pumped up and doing good, but after 5 lifts
she could not do any more. She still kept trying, favorite memories is when we finished our work
and Miss. Kwansy would tell us funny or interesther face was priceless while trying to lift
ing stories. Then we all would share some of our
weights. This funny memory will last forever.
stories. I had so many great memories at Cowherd.
I will miss my favorite teacher and miss being
around my friends. Julissa D
I will miss my teachers from Cowherd,
about five of them who I met in my three years
here. I will miss my group of friends and the
time we all spend together. The first time I was
on a running team, cross country will also be
missed. Painting the ceiling for Art club, I will
miss seeing the 3 paintings I did. I will not see
them often. I will miss NJHS and hosting
events and being part of something good.
Andy F. wrote
“ What I will miss about Cowherd is
my teachers and friends, especially Carlos and
Gustavo. My favorite memory is when we left
our chocolate wrappers in the desk. Our teacher
made a paper with the wrappers that said we
cannot eat chocolate any more in class. My
best class was Social Studies because I actually
learned something.
Carlos A.
I will miss the cafeteria, and buying chocolates from the office. I will miss
helping clean up after lunch.
My best class was history. My history teacher was
Miss Kwasny. It’s crazy because I was never really good at
history and now I am good at it. I love it. It is going to be
so hard to say goodbye. We just have to keep all the good
memories we had together. I am going to miss all the fun
time we had and all the stories she would tell us.
Darlheya D.
In the few months I have been here I had an
amazing experience. I met new friends and teachers. My favorite teacher has to be Ms. Kwasny. She
is an amazing teacher. She explains everything
clearly. She is funny and pretty and nice. Every
day I look forward to her class. I have her for three
periods and they are entertaining.
Alejandra C.
Claudia G writes:
I will miss 8th grade. I met a lot of nice people at Cowherd Middle School. I attended Cowherd
for my three years of middle school.
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
12 12
8th Grade Remembers 2012-2013
My favorite memory was from 7th grade. At the end of the
year dance, I spent time with my friends and really enjoyed it. My
favorite class was art. I learned how to draw a lot of cool stuff. My
favorite teacher was in 8th grade, Ms. Kwansy. She helped me whenever I needed help. My favorite event was when J Line came to our
school to perform. I enjoyed how they danced. I think it was really
Juan G
My favorite class was Miss. Kwasny’s, most of the time she
was the best teacher. My favorite memory was meeting new teachers and new friends.
I will miss Cowherd from the time I started the courses and
when all my friends started failing. I will miss all the funniest moments with my friends. I will also miss my teachers from 6th grade,
7th grade and 8th grade. I will miss Cowherd because they have the
best ceilings in the world. I will miss the snack bar because their
food was so good. But most of all I will miss my friends and our moments together.
Lorena V
What will I miss from Cowherd? I will miss all the friends I
have made, and the way my classes would make me laugh. I’ll also
miss some of the teachers. Some people I will NOT miss, but I wish
them the best of luck in life for the fact that I plan on never seeing
them again. I know my favorite teacher Miss Kwasny. I will miss
her class. Then choir room, with Mrs. Peterson, where I spend
three year of practicing one of the arts. I will NOT miss the dress
code, but I will miss how it made picking out clothes so easy. I’ll
miss my 8th grade year, here dearly, but I know it is time to leave a
place I’ve come to know and to go and start a new chapter of my life.
I will come and visit one day but until then I just want everyone to
know I thank you for giving me some of the best years of my life . So
now I will say good bye Cowherd, Hello East High School. I know I
will always miss Cowherd Middle School.
Zakeya H.
CORRECTION from last edition:
The Cougar Chronicle regrets that we failed to mention that
Anna Martinez, 8th grader, was a top winner in the cell project. Mrs. Evans ‘ science classes and other science classes
made the cell out of edible foods found in their kitchens. See
last edition for photos.
Excerpt from
Ana J
My class would make
things funny every day.
We were just always
laughing. We were like a
family. Everyone gets
along with everyone.
They make things enjoyable. The Fun Way field
trip was really fun. Yea,
I’m sure going to miss
Cowherd and those nice
teachers too. Most of all
I’m really going to miss
my friends/classmates.
A couple of my favorite teachers would be
Mr. Husk, Mr. Harding
and Miss Kwasny. They
were all great. My favorite memories would be
meeting new people. My
best class this year would
be Miss Kwasny’s class. I
will really miss everybody
I met at this school.
Ayeene L.
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Writing with emotion!
By Lisbeth N
grade 7
My Sister
So Sick
Some who always looks out for me….
You tear me up
She will be near when I ‘m sore
I’ll cut you down
I’m so sick of you
So sick of a all your little lies
What you don’t know
When I’ m down she will frown
When I ‘m around she’s always a clown
One day she will depend on me
Is how great it feels to let you go
And grow up just like me
I get your game
We may not always have our time
It’s so see through
But I’ll always have her in my mind
You know I’m way too good for you
I will always love her
Moving onto the next time
Far and Beyond
Drop the baggage and I’ll be fine
When it’s time to reminisce
You’re going to realize you miss this
You’re on my mind for the last time
By : Ja’lilyah R.
grade 7
“Living the Divorce”
My parents are split up
And at the most you were a pastime
I can’t believe they gave up
I’m happier alone
My life isn’t the same it’s different
Take down your pictures
And plain,
I’ll throw those memories out the door
this is so different than the fun we had
I am sick o f you
So sick of you!
I thought it would last forever,
Bridges Class
Raul G grade 6
After reading the book Fredrick Douglas Fights
for Freedom, by M. L King, Raul wrote:
This book was about Fredrick Douglas and how
his life was. It tells about how he was born a
baby slave. He escaped when he was 21 and left
to the north. He settled there but he could not
forget all the women and children left behind .
That is when he started fighting for civil rights.
That is also what inspired Martin Luther King
Jr. as well. I hope this book will inspire you!
days turned into weeks and weeks turned into
I never saw my mom and she never saw my
By Malashia J. grade 7
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
What’s Cooking?
Poetry to enjoy!
Have you ever tasted Pizzelles? It’s an
Italian waffle or cookie. You can buy them at the
ALDI some times. We tasted vanilla and anise. All
of them were great! Now you should eat one. They
would be great for dessert with chocolate and
strawberries. And if you are wondering what anise
is, its black licorice. Buy them at ALDI on Farnsworth and New York Streets.
Miguel Gutierrez
Daniel Cervantes
Kaleth Garcia
Natally F.
grade 7
Edward C
grade 7
My Life Poem
I am from a very loud room
From entertaining technology
From just a simple TV on
I am from home-happy and chilled.
I am from Bon Fires and Mom’s cooking
From singing of music
From Happiness and Freedom
I am from Home-Free and Friendly.
The Maze?
I am from Cowherd Middle School
I lose myself in you
From Navy Pier and the Sears Tower
Wander forever in the maze you create
Take all the wrong turns
Head to the heart as the light fades
I could not go home
You misdirect me
Keep me within these lonely walls
I return the heart
Along these unknown paths
Where I go into this maze
Where I choose to live
From a break at McDonalds and Phillips Park
I am from Home-Challenging and Proposing
I am from my Mother and Father
From a very beautiful family
From a small place out of state
I am from Home –Family and boarding
I am from the Mexican Heritage
From the greatest tacos ever made
From hard work and getting paid
I am from Home –Original and beautiful.
With my only heard
We Shine”-
Teachers celebrate, 5, 10, 15, and 20 years of teaching in District 131. Congrats to those
who celebrated on May 2, 2013, at Gaslite Manor! We also want to congratulate Mrs. Boyd, assistant principal who was nominated administrator of the year!
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Here is a list of just a few things the
iPad can do. And remember there
are always new apps coming out
1 QR scanner to link quickly to web sites
2 you can use pic collage an app
3 piano app
4 setting to set up passwords and emails
5 iTunes for music
6 app store books music and videos for purchase
7 instant messaging if you friend has a Apple
What’s Cooking with Technology?
Did you know what we did? We played
with an iPad2. We played Word with
Friends and Candy Crush. And we used the
camera to make funny pictures of ourselves.
We made weird figures of ourselves in photo
both. It was a lot of fun and NOT hard.
Then we: Daniel, Kaleth and I, (Miguel)
past the hardest mission in a game called
Free Flow. What I think is the iPad is fun,
especially because they are bigger than any
8 Google earth
By Kaleth Garcia
9 Skype
10 Calculators
11 Calendars
Alarm clock
Note book
Google map app
Face Time
Photo booth etc. etc..
By Miguel Gutierrez
My favorite 8th grade memories are of
my classmates and teachers. I am really going
to miss them. Edgar
This was my very first year in this
school. And it could not have been better. I
have lots of great memories in the classroom I
simply loved each and every day in there.
Luis C
What will I miss
about Cowherd?
I will miss 8th
grade and all
the sports. I already miss the
Cowherd Soccer
Team. The basketball team
was fun too! I’
m going to miss
track. These
sports were fun
this year. I am
going to miss
some teachers,
some friends
and my coaches.
I am going to
miss walking to
school since I
live really close.
The school
smell, I am going to miss that
Jonathan O.
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
Eric R Social Studies Essay 7th grade
My Life Poem
If I was going to settle in America I would have chosen Pennsylvania. For me freedom of religion is the
most important! Why? Because I am a Muslim.
Think about it. People back then were persecuted for
just going to a church with no decorations and no
stained glass windows. Me, I have to pray five times a
day. Not even that is hard to practice in front of them.
I have to go a mosque every Friday. The Puritans and
the Quakers were punished just because their religion
was not normal. If I was back then in the day, my religion is twice as weird as theirs, how will I be punished? In Pennsylvania I could get a job for making
bread, get enough money to buy house, or start my
own business., join the local militia. Have a trade boat
and go to other places. Ways to make money there
were endless. Not only would I be rich I could do
whatever I wanted with the land a maybe build their
first mosque in the colony. If I could leave any country it would be England. England’s country had many
laws and was ruled by a king. Many people were persecuted for their beliefs. Life there was pretty hard
too. Disease was everywhere with no cure. So there
was a very high chance you would die there.
By Alexis J
Remember Hurricane Sandy?
WE are so VERY PROUD of our
Math Club!
Well, Cowherd
Teachers along with
the teachers’ social
committee collected
for these people hurt
by the hurricane.
They were able to
send $215.00 to the
American Red Cross.
We congratulate the
members of the Cowherd Staff!
On March 20th the Cowherd
Math Club attended the Illinois Math
and Science Academy’s Math Contest.
Seventh and eighth grade individual
high scores were earned by Jonathan
Moncada, Eduardo Martinez, Elena
Garcia, Mikayla Jolly, Krystal Escatel
and Alexis Marrufo. Team competition and Creative Thinking were also
judged. Math club sponsor is Mrs.
Mikayla Jolly
I am from a large room
From a comfort of my bed
From the darkness of my room
And playing violent video games
I am from home watching TV
I am from stem stuff., being happy.
From feeling freedom in my house
From playing basketball
And jumping on the trampoline.
I am from seeing grass and flowers in the
I am from Chicago
From watching the Bulls play in the
United Center.
From swimming in lake Michigan and
eating at Subways.
I am from home going to the Sears Tower
I am from Mexico, from eating tacos
From getting tan by the sun
And having a big family from speaking
I am from home with sand on the floor
I am from Aurora
From were I go to the Mall
From watching movies from Hollywood.
And seeing the great sights of the
bulls team.
V O LU ME 1 , ISSUE 1,
My Life Poem
By Jose M.
My Life Poem
By Bree G.
I am from a room with chief keep positive
From a big bed.
From a TV that I can play games on.
I am from a bookshelf filled with fantasy and
And a clean wooden floor.
I am from free spirited people
I am from a home-safe and warm.
I am from incense burning.
I am from a home filled with fragrance
I am from a big house.
And sugary sweet smiles.
From a house filled with happiness.
From a house that smells good.
I am from a welcoming house
And home that I came to everyday after school. And a cheery neighborhood.
I am from frosty grass and icy patches of ice in
I am from home-happy.
thick sheets.
I am from a huge city.
I am from a home cold outside but warm inside.
From a city that has a lot of attractions, lights.
From a city that has a lot of people in it.
And a beautiful city that appears at night
I am from home-beautiful and awesome.
I a m from a big family.
From another country called Mexico.
From a loving family that love to be together.
I am from home-big and loving.
I am from the United States.
From a country so amazing.
From a place where everyone loves their own
I am from a group of opinionated people and
independent souls.
But I am also in a group filled with unfairness,
broken hearts and depression.
I am from a home of darkness and from slavery pain, illiterate people,
Vocal people, blood shed and emotional scarring.
I am from sadness hopeful people that were
finally credited with what they deserve.
I am from a group filled with diversity and
freedom I am from creativity and out spoken
I am from a group with many problems
And a place I can call home.
I am home in my diverse nation.
I am from home-safe.
I am from best selling groups of people I am
from stars.
Cowherd Newspaper Staff
Many thanks to Miguel
Gutierrez, Daniel Cervantes,
and Kaleth Garcia! These three
young men have consistently
attended newspaper club all
year. They have worked hard,
and covered many news stories.
My Life Poem
By Jaida C
I am from walls surrounded with wallpaper,
From the smell of chicken, loud and full of people
From a wonderful happy family
And a small areas for the kids for fun.
Addition student staff
I am from home-ringing off the phone, laughs.
Jazmine Garcia
Mikayla Jolly
Mikayla Henry
Alexia Briano
Ajani Livous
Amber Finley
Mrs. Adams
I am from a nice welcoming, cold brown house,
From a neighborhood full of kids and adults,
from the smell of moms loving cooking.
I am from home-full of lovely fragrances.
I am from people walking, Going house to house
From girls and boys laughing,
From grass being cut and leaves being raked
I am from home-welcoming and spiritual place
From my ancestors having slaves owners,
I am from segregation being told and
From slaves working and working until they are exhausted.
I am from home-respectful and full of memories, destination.
I am from a wonderful country that families can cherish,
I am from sometimes pain,
I am from an emotional country
I am from home-sad, happy and emotional..

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