financial business conversation c.


financial business conversation c.
Target Audience
Those executives who work in management level often have to deal
with branches or the head office in the USA. Most people have to deal
with financial terms and need to know financial jargon. This course is for
Participants will acquire the financial terms and vocabulary used in the
day to day business world. Furthermore the course will improve the
pronunciation, fluency, and accuracy of structures of its participants.
B.B.A. in Actuarial Science Martha Leticia Morales López
For five years she worked at the Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings in
the area of Operational Risk Management. She also gave support to the
development of the methodology for the Operational Risk management.
For ten years she served as an Analyst of Statistics at the Mexican Stock
Exchange, and took part in the development of some algorithms for the
calculation of several Stock Market Indicators and statistics.
As a speaker, she took part in the XIII and XIV Mathematical Economics and
Econometrics Colloquium with topics related to the index number
methodology construction.
As a teacher, she has given lessons in the area of Financial Mathematics at the
Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM.
Currently, she is attending a seminar on "Shaping the Way We Teach English",
offered by The Benjamin Franklin Library and the Office of English.
Prof. Alfredo Emanuel Hernandez Esquivel
Successful English Teacher recognized by SEP and by the University of
Michigan with a level of Proficiency in English with Honors. He has a Teacher´s
Certificate and has taken Best Teaching Practices courses in renowned
institutions. Got 623 points in the TOEFL and has participated in academic
conventions and seminars given by the highest experts in the field such as Jack
He has worked with Harmon Hall, Fuel Services, CCL, Kuehne + Nagel,
Intervias Global Services, Tyco, Medina y Merino and with the Mayor of the
City Hall of Venustiano Carranza and his committee.
He lived in Thailand from 1995 to 2002 and in Japan from 2002 to 2005. He
handles four languages: English, Spanish, Thai and Japanese. He can also
handle technical vocabulary in the fields of administration, finance,
engineering, medicine, biology, law, and accounting.
Given his experience he has partaken in the creation of academic programs
and has given workshops in Children´s language development, oral
production, written production, listening enhancement, reading
comprehension, class planning, TKT, among others
Workshop Development
The topics that will be covered in the course are those that are relevant
in today´s world. Therefore each class will include dynamics such as:
debates, analysis, role-plays, competitions, tenders as well as
encouragement in discussion based on real companies extracted from
the financial system today.
The course will be divided in three modules. We will start by looking at
the the STOCK MARKET. We will follow that topic by INSURANCE and
RISK. And finally, we will discuss some topics in the field of ECONOMY.
…Module 1
Stock Market
• Session1
• Introduction to the Stock Market
• What are Stocks?
• Different Types of Stocks
• What Causes Stock Prices to Change?
• Session 2
• Why You Should Understand The Stock Market?
• Economic Indicators That Do-It-Yourself Investors Should Know
• Session 3
• How Stock Market Indexes Changed Investing
• Mexican Stock Market Indexes
• Session 4
• Human Nature and a Volatile Stock Market
…Module 2
• Session 1
• The nature of risk
• Classifying the risks
• Session 2
• Introduction to Risk Management.
• Enterprise Risk Management
• Session 3
• Operational Risk Management
• Session 4
• Advanced Topics in Risk Management.
…Module 3
• Session1
• Economic Model
• Influence on the Economy
• Role in the Stock Market
• Session 2
• General Motors
• Economic Model
• Influence on the Economy
• Role in the Stock Market
…Module 3
• Session 3
• Berkshire Hathaway
• Economic Model
• Influence on the Economy
• Role in the Stock Market
• Session 4
• Apple
• Economic Model
• Influence on the Economy
• Role in the Stock Market
Workshop General information
 Duration:
36 hours (three modules) four weeks per module
 Place:
Tlaxcala No. 67 1er. Piso, Col. Roma Sur, Del. Cuauhtémoc
C.P. 06760 México, D.F. (just on the corner of Tlaxcala and
 Capacity:
15 participants
 Days and Schedule:
Fridays from 18:00 to 21:00
Saturdays from 08:00 to 11:00
…Workshop General information
 Recognition
 Diploma with curricular value at the end of the three
 Start
 August 16, 2013 (Fridays)
 August 17, 2013 (Saturday)
 Investment
$2,499 + TAXES general public
 Investment for colleagues and students
$1,799 + TAXES
 Enroll to the three modules before the 10th of August
 Per module $1,499
Space is limited
Come to the first session
and if you are not satisfied,
we will refund your
 If you decide to take the course, you can pay a lumsum or fix a plan of
payments that fits your needs.
 Limited to availability.
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The refund will be made 15 days before the course starts and we will only
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