In one month with Power Start I earned



In one month with Power Start I earned
-While the world economy falls,
Ardyss International keeps
growing at an amazing race.
-Diaz de Leon Family
-Mike Potillo
-Leonel Kelly MD
-Our Leaders
While the world economy falls, Ardyss
International keeps growing at an amazing pace “
Lic. Antonio Diaz de Leon
President & Founder
Sra. Armida F. de Diaz de Leon
Vice president Founder
Lic. Alejandro Diaz de Leon
Lic. Antonio Diaz de Leon
Co- Founder
Publisher´s team
Martha Avila
Elvia Alvarez
Daniel García
Monica Rojo
Tiffany Potillo
Milagros Remirez
Guadalupe Noriega
Miguel Jimenez
Design Coordinator
Roberto Carlos Lopez
Marco A. Ponce
Art & Design
Puerto Rico
Rep. Dominicana
ublisher’s Letter
In today’s world companies strive to be the best
and it is our goal to continue to improve Ardyss
International. We want to shine above the competition.
We are thrilled to present a magazine totally dedicated to the faces of success, to all those members of our Great Family that have transformed
their lives and achieved their dreams.
This magazine represents the
most valuable thing that we have
in this company, YOU, our distributors, our partners in this struggle, friends in heart and brothers
and sisters in life.
We also wanted to include a very important part
of our valuable team, those people that with their
knowledge have let us grow and move towards
the top of the mountain.
The future of Ardyss is very exciting. We aregrowing, we are moving fast, reaching long distances, and this is only the beginning.
Opportunities are few, so remember...
Carta Editorial
Nos satisface enormemente presentarles una revista totalmente dedicada a los rostros del éxito,
a todos esos integrantes de nuestra Gran Familia, que han logrado transformar sus vidas y lograr sus sueños.
Este número representa a lo más
valioso que tenemos en la compañía: Ustedes, nuestros distribuidores, nuestros compañeros de
lucha, amigos de corazón y hermanos de vida.
También quisimos incluir a parte del valioso equipo, que con sus conocimientos nos han permitido crecer y avanzar hacia la cima.
Hoy en día, la realidad se impone, y juntos debemos dar una respuesta, siempre buscando las
oportunidades para mejorar, porque “cuando un
ser humano tiene claro para qué hacer las cosas,
es capaz de soportar cualquier cómo”.
El futuro de Ardyss es muy prometedor, nuestro
mercado está creciendo y estamos reportando
cifras positivas, estamos avanzando rápido, llegando muy lejos y esto es sólo el principio.
Las oportunidades son únicas, así es que recuerda...
An appointment with Ardyss will change your life
Sincerely / Sinceramente
The Diaz de Leon Family
Ardyss International
a prueba de crisis
While the world economy
falls, Ardyss International
keeps growing at an amazing
The financial crisis in the United States has
affected many companies worldwide. Statistics
show that 20,000 people are already living on the
streets as a result of having lost their jobs and
homes. This is the reality of the global economy.
A world in recession, a world that cries for transformation, changing from the production process,
consumption habits and the way we think.
La crisis financiera en los Estados Unidos ha
afectado a muchos sectores y traspasando fronteras. Las estadísticas indican que 20.000 personas ya se encuentran viviendo en las calles
como consecuencia de haber perdido sus viviendas y empleos. Esta es la realidad de la economía global.
Un mundo en recesión… convulsionado, sumergido en la incertidumbre, que pide a gritos desesperados, una transformación profunda, cambios que vayan desde los procesos productivos
hasta los hábitos de consumo y la manera en
que pensamos.
Mientras la economía Mundial se desvanece, nosotros seguimos creciendo a un ritmo
Ardyss International is coming through this crisis
with a strong foundation. We are making history
with our company growth, keeping a promising
vision and leadership attitude in the world.
Ardyss implements a equitable
system of production, geared to
the payment of commissions and
bonuses that are unlike traditional
forms of business, where much of
the resources are in distribution
costs and promotion of products
or services.
We offer the best compensation plan in the industry with our 7 ways to earn money, in addition
to an operational platform and cutting-edge technology that streamlines the process. The main
foundation of our system lies in the personal consumption of our products and word of mouth advertising, which is reflected equally in the growth
and quality of life of our distributors.
We keep great relationships with our distributors,
because we know that they are a great part of
what keeps Ardyss running so smoothly. We are
one big family and we care about each of our
In Ardyss, we believe in the effort to achieve objectives and this is the mentality that led us to become a cutting edge, dynamic, and eager company. We will achieve our goals ... one at a time.
Ardyss International, a través de casi dos décadas de operaciones, atraviesa esta crisis con bases sólidas, en el mejor momento de su historia,
con un ritmo de crecimiento constante y sostenido, adoptando una visión prometedora, de conquista, lucha y liderazgo en el mundo.
En Ardyss, la distribución de la
riqueza es más equitativa y siempre está orientada al pago de comisiones y bonos, a diferencia
de los formatos tradicionales de
producción, donde gran parte de
los recursos se van en costos de
distribución y promoción de los
productos o servicios.
Nosotros ofrecemos el mejor plan de compensación de la Industria del mercado en red, con
nuestras 7 formas de ganar dinero, además de
una plataforma operacional y tecnológica de
vanguardia que agiliza los procesos.
Nuestro sistema radica en el auto consumo y la
multiplicación constante de la fuerza de distribución.
Todo esto se refleja visiblemente en el crecimiento y calidad de vida de nuestros distribuidores,
quienes son parte importante de nuestra filosofía
corporativa. Somos una Gran Familia, que siempre busca trabajar con el corazón y con la firme
idea de ayudar al otro.
history & team
It is known that great companies are born from
the passion and vision within. Ardyss International is no exception. The company began as
a small idea, but with determination and vision,
has turned into a great company. Let’s recognize
the dream that was given growth into what we all
know today as Ardyss International.
Let us be witnesses of this great company,
the honest work of its people, but also let’s
applaud the strong efforts of this Great Family, who at the present time have offered
many people an enormous opportunity to
reach their Dreams.
Por todos es sabido que las grandes empresas
nacen de la pasión y de emprender desde dentro.
Ardyss International no es la excepción, surgió
de una idea, y poco a poco con determinación,
inteligencia, visión y mucha valentía ha ido creciendo, hasta convertirse en una gran compañía.
Reconozcamos pues aquella acertada decisión
que alguna vez se tomó y que dio origen a lo
que todos conocemos hoy como Ardyss International.
Seamos testigos de la grandeza de sus líderes, del trabajo honesto de su gente, y aplaudamos la valentía y esfuerzo de esa Gran Familia que hoy por hoy nos ha brindado una
enorme oportunidad para alcanzar todos
nuestros sueños.
history & team
ARDYSS INTERATIONAL was started by Antonio Diaz de Leon, his wife Armida Fonseca, and
their two sons Antonio and Alejandro.
The Diaz de Leon Family was successful with
Ardyss becauseof their hard work and dedication.
Mr. Antonio Diaz de Leon went through very hard
times before starting Ardyss International. He
quit his job in the Customs Department in Reynosa Tamaulipas, Mexico, and began looking for
other opportunities.
No one wanted to give him an opportunity, making the road a struggle.
Fortunately, destiny had something else waiting
for him and his family. During a car trip to Mexico
City, Mr. Antonio gave a ride to five teachers.
He asked one of them why she was walking and
she told him to save money.
She also told him she was trying to make extra
money by selling cosmetics. That is when Mr.
Antonio decided to start his own business that
would help other people.
The road was anything but simple. The entire
family was involved in different areas of the business and it was not until 1991 that Ardyss Family
finally incorporated as a company.
For almost 20 years, the
Diaz de Leon Family, founders of this awesome company,
created a young and strong
team, achieving great goals.
Together, let’s keep fulfilling the
dreams of millions.
La historia de Ardyss International, tiene sus
orígenes en el enorme esfuerzo, dedicación y
compromiso de una emprendedora familia, integrada por los señores Antonio Díaz de León, su
esposa Armida Fonseca y sus hijos, Antonio y
El Licenciado Díaz de León, vivía momentos difíciles, recién había concluido su trabajo en la
Aduana de Reynosa Tamaulipas, México y estaba buscando puertas abiertas en otro tipo de
compañías, pero el camino no era nada sencillo
ya que nadie le brindaba alguna oportunidad.
Afortunadamente el destino tenía preparado otra
cosa para su familia, y durante un viaje en automóvil a la ciudad de México, Don Antonio les
dio aventón a cinco maestras; al preguntarle a
una de ellas sobre sus ingresos, ésta respondió
que su vecina le proporcionaba un folleto para
vender cosméticos, fue entonces como surgió el
concepto primario de Ardyss International.
iaz de Leon
A lo largo de casi 20 años Él, su esposa e hijos han sido importantes motores de esta maravillosa empresa, llevando a consolidar un equipo joven y fuerte el
cual ha ayudado a alcanzar las metas que
se han propuesto.
El camino no resultó nada sencillo, toda la familia estuvo involucrada en las diferentes áreas del
negocio y no fue sino hasta en 1991 que Ardyss
finalmente se inicia como fábrica y compañía.
ike Potillo
If you are looking for a
home with a family type
atmosphere that still enables
you to achieve your dreams,
then start today with Ardyss.
You will be glad you did.”
After 11 years full time in Network Marketing,
millions of dollars in production, numerous publications written, co-authoring two books, Mike &
Tiffany Potillo had seen and done it all. That was
until they found Ardyss International.
Our entire adult lives had been dedicated
to Network Marketing. We had the lifestyle most retired executives had and we
were still in our twenties! We have traveled the world because of this industry.
Tiffany and I were enjoying our life. We just had
our first child, Sophia Bay, and life was good.
I was introduced to Alejandro Diaz de Leon, he
mentioned that the next week they were having
a conference for his company in Puerto Vallarta
and that he would like it if I could attend. Once
I touched down in Mexico, I knew I had found
a company to partner with. Then Alejandro told
me that Ardyss was experiencing some amazing
growth in all markets especially the American
market and on Feb 1, 2009, I happily accepted
the corporate position, Vice President of Network
Marketing for Ardyss International. I couldn’t be
happier with my experience with Ardyss. The
values and ideas that come from the family are
unprecedented in this industry.
Get started with us today. If you are looking for
a home with a family type atmosphere that still
enables you to achieve your dreams, then start
today with Ardyss.
Vice President of Network Marketing
Después de dedicarse durante 11 años por completo al Multinivel, millones de dólares en producción, de publicar numerosas artículos y de
ser co-autor de dos libros, Mike y Tiffany Potillo
pensaban que lo habían hecho todo…hasta que
descubrieron Ardyss internacional.
Nuestra vida entera había sido dedicada al Multinivel. Viajamos al mundo entero, acabamos de
tener nuestra primera bebe, Sophia Bay, y nuestra vida es totalmente solvente.
Me presentaron a Alejandro Díaz de León, él
mencionó que tendrían una conferencia de su
compañía en Puerto Vallarta y me invitó.
Desde el momento en que pise México, me di
cuenta que ésta era la compañía en la que quería
estar. Después Alejandro me explicó que Ardyss
estaba experimentando un crecimiento inusitado especialmente en el mercado Americano, y a
principios del 2009 acepté el puesto de Vicepresidente de Multinivel en Ardyss International, los
valores e ideas que provienen de la familia es
algo sin precedentes en esta industria.
Si lo que buscas es un trabajo en
el cual tu familia sea tu equipo de
trabajo y tu casa, tu oficina y que
además puedas vivir y cumplir tus
METAS, entonces inscríbete Hoy
en Ardyss International.
eonel Kelly MD
Department of Research and Medical Support
Developing fine corsetry
devices and reinforcements
to provide better health to
women is a passion that Mr.
Diaz de Leon and I both shared.”
My duties include:
Remodeling design garments from a medical point of view.
Develop the medical records of each garment for an indication
of their functions.
Define the actions and benefits of the products in the area of
Training leaders on remodeling and nutrition.
Lectures on the virtues of the products, both remodeling and
Participation and oversight of commercial videos, brochures,
catalogs, flyers and other marketing material.
Advise any situation, from medical point of view.
I started my career in the Faculty of Medicine at
UNAM (National University of Mexico). During
the first year of residence in 1967 I met Armando
Diaz de Leon MD, he introduced me to his brother, Mr. Antonio Diaz de León.
In October 1993, I had an interview with him and
I felt wonderful that the idea came to him two
years before we started working together. Developing fine corsetry garments, orthopedic devices and reinforcements to provide better health
to women is a passion that Mr. Diaz de Leon and
I both shared. We believe in the principle that
Health is Beauty.
Mr. Antonio Diaz de Leon has always been involved in the planning and making of the garments.
In 1994, along with me, he assembled a team of
Textile Engineers, industrial fine corsetry specialists, experts in design, and an expert in quality control to start the process of inventing each
My position in the company is: Chief of the Department of Research and Medical Support
Nací en los Mochis, Sin. La carrera la cursé en la ¨Facultad de Medicina¨ de
la UNAM, de 1956 a 1961.
Fue durante el primer año de la residencia, en 1967 que el Dr. Armando
Díaz de León, me presentó a su hermano el Lic. Antonio Díaz de León. En
octubre de 1993, tuve una entrevista con él y me pareció magnifica la idea
que desde dos años antes venía trabajando: colocar a prendas de corsetería fina, aditamentos y refuerzos ortopédicos para proporcionar una acción
o servicio para la salud de la mujer, tanto desde el punto de vista médico
como estético, basado en el principio de ¨ Salud es Belleza ¨.
Así fue como desde 1994 empezamos a trabajar un equipo formado por el
Lic. Antonio Díaz de León, ya que siempre ha participado en la planeación
y confección de las prendas, un Ing. Textil e industrial especializado en
corsetería fina, un experto en diseño, un perito en control de calidad y un
servidor, para la invención de cada prenda.
Mi puesto en la compañía es:
Jefe del Departamento de Investigación y Apoyo Médico.
Mis funciones incluyen la asesoría médica informativa en medios comerciales de la compañía y el soporte médico en la elaboración de las
principales productos de las líneas de remodelación y nutrición que
Ardyss posee.
Exclusive for our Top Leaders
Exclusivo para nuestros Máximos líderes
Benefits /Beneficios
All expenses paid trip to
Las Vegas with VIP treatment
Viaje todo pagado a Las Vegas
trato VIP
Article in VIVE magazine
Artículo en la revista VIVE Ardyss
Dinner with the Díaz de León Family
Cena con la Familia Díaz de León
All leaders who qualify for the
first time as an
Executive President
will be invited to be part of
The 6 figure income club
Todos los líderes
que califiquen por primera vez en
Equipo de Presidente
Ejecutivo serán invitados
a formar parte del exclusivo
Club de las 6 cifras
Historias de Éxito
In Ardyss International, the path to success, happiness and abundance, is much easier than
many realize. No matter your age, social class,
race or education, what interests us is to have
a heart committed, willing to work and strive for
their dreams.
En Ardyss International, el camino al éxito, la felicidad y la abundancia, es mucho más sencillo de
lo que muchos creen. No importa tu edad, clase
social, raza ó estudios, lo que nos interesa es
que tengas un corazón comprometido, dispuesto
a trabajar y a esforzarse por lograr sus sueños.
All members of our great Ardyss family have
achieved financial freedom, but have found
themselves in the value of unity and sharing
the satisfaction and appreciation by helping
Los integrantes de nuestra Gran Familia
Ardyss no sólo han alcanzado la libertad financiera, sino que han encontrado en si mismos el valor de la unión y la satisfacción de
compartir y ayudar a otros.
We would like to present our successful distributors. We are a reality, your dreams are real
and with Ardyss International we believe you can
achieve them.
Te presentamos a nuestros exitosos distribuidores, no olvides que tú, al igual que ellos, tienes
el futuro en tus manos. Somos una realidad, tus
sueños son reales, y en Ardyss International
creemos que puedes lograrlos.
Casos de éxito
Dorothy Cook
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would
have been the first American English Platinum President in Ardyss International.”
In the month of February 2009, all
happened: three platinum Presidents; three Diamond Presidents;
six Executive Presidents; and numerous directors, managers, supervisors, and coordinators, all in
one month.
I have set some spectacular goals for 2009:
1. Bridge the gap between the African American
and Hispanic market. Together we can accomplish so much more.
2. Coach and assist the team in developing over
200 English & 200 Hispanic Presidents.
3. Make Ardyss a household name.
4. Build my first orphanage in Africa. With the
help of the greatest team of business partners in
the world, then (Ardyss in Africa).
Team work is the ability to work TOGETHER
towards a common goal. See you OVER the
Success Stories
When partnered with Ardyss, I knew my destiny
had arrived and my life would never be the same.
Nor would I have thought I would have a team
of over 17,000 business partners in such a short
Cuando me uní a Ardyss, supe que mi destino
estaba frente a mis ojos y que mi vida nunca volvería a ser igual.
Nunca en mis más remotos sueños pensé que podría convertirme
en la Primera Americana en obtener el rango de Presidente Platino. Jamás imaginé que llegaría a
tener un equipo de más de 17,000
El pasado mes de Febrero logramos: 3 Presidentes Platino, 3 Presidente Diamante, 6 Presidentes Ejecutivos y varios directores, supervisoras y
coordinadores en tan sólo un mes.
María Gaeta
I am a person with punch, I have been
in this company since it started, I have
made many of my dreams come true.”
I am María Gaeta, I can really say that Ardyss
International has changed my life in all senses.
In 1994 I got my first property in the USA and a
house in Mexico, for me and my family. One of
my biggest dreams was to buy a big house with
all the facilities, and in 1999 I bought the house
where I live in, in a very nice zone in California. I
have also a nice house in Puerto Vallarta, a very
nice place in my beloved Mexico.
Casos de éxito
I am a person with punch, I have been in this
company since it started, I have made many of
my dreams come true, but I won’t stop because they are many new ones to fulfill and I know
I will see them come true in a very short time.
Thanks to Ardyss I have given my
children an excellent education
and an excellent quality of life,
that has been one of the great satisfactions I have since I have been part
of this Great Ardyss Family.
Soy María Gaeta, y realmente puedo decir que
Ardyss International cambió mi vida en todo el
sentido de la palabra. Uno de mis sueños más
anhelados era comprar una casa grande con todas las comodidades y en 1999 compré la propiedad en la cual vivo actualmente.
También he podido hacerme propietaria de una
vivienda en Puerto Vallarta, México. Conozco
ésta empresa desde que empezó, he realizado
muchos sueños, pero no me detengo porque hay
muchos nuevos por cumplir y se que pronto los
veré realizados.
Ardyss International,
has made the difference
in my life. In this company I
found a family, financial freedom, personal and professional development.”
Phemy Pinzón
I have had many successes with the company. I
had the chance of being one of the pioneers in
the USA. Now I am a President.
Success Stories
I have access to trips, prizes, and
I have the time and money to visit my family in my home country,
Colombia (where I have bought a
property). I take the business with
me everywhere, every time. Actually I live near the Galleria (one
of the best areas in Houston) and
I am changing my car for a brand
new model.
I am thankful for the support given by my leaders,
and the great Diaz de Leon family, as well as the
very valuable support received by my family.
Congratulations Ardyss, because as a company
with a Hispanic origin, you always share your
dreams with many people.
En Ardyss International, encontré una familia,
seguridad económica, desarrollo personal y profesional.
En la época que ingresé tuve la oportunidad de ser una de las pioneras
en Estados Unidos, ahora soy rango
Presidente, disfruto de viajes, premios, y poseo el tiempo y dinero suficiente para visitar a mi familia en mi
natal Colombia (donde compré una
Actualmente vivo en el sector de Galería (una de
las mejores áreas de Houston) y estoy cambiando mi automóvil por un modelo del año.
Rosa & Noé Herrera
My name is Noé Herrera, I work for Ardyss international and I’m excited that we have expanded
to America.
When I started Network Marketing, in the first
month we sold $4,882.00 USD, I really feel proud
of being part of this great company.
Casos de éxito
In 2008 we earned $166,814.75
USD. That was awesome. Our goal
for 2009 is to have 50 new Presidents in our organization and continue gathering together at the
beaches of the world.
My name is Rosa Herrera. I was born in Puerto
Rico, and I have MIT. Starting working in Network
Marketing brought me great satisfactions, because this allowed me to fulfill my goals, and help
others to reach their dreams.
It’s a blessing to work from my
own home. I take care of my 2
daughters and my husband. I am
the boss of my own Business.
Thanks Ardyss for giving us the opportunity of
growing, learning, and developing as business
My family and myself have a great life,
and thanks to this company we have
traveled to many parts of the World. Thanks
Ardyss for giving us the opportunity of
growing, learning, and developing as business people.”
Mi nombre es Noé Herrera, trabajé en Ardyss
International, como Director Comercial. Empecé
con el multinivel y en el primer mes vendimos
$4,882.00 USD, me siento realmente orgulloso
de ser parte de esta gran historia.
En el 2008 ganamos $166,814.75
USD, eso fue increíble, vamos por
más y nuestra meta en este 2009
es formar en nuestra organización
50 nuevos Presidentes y continuar reuniéndonos en las playas
del mundo.
Success Stories
Yo soy Rosa Herrera. Comenzar a trabajar en
el multinivel me brindó grandes satisfacciones,
pues me permitió alcanzar mis metas y poder
ayudar a otros a alcanzar sus sueños.
Ardyss me ha permitido trabajar
desde mi propio hogar, sin descuidar a mis 2 hijas y esposo. Gozamos de un muy buen nivel de
vida, y gracias a ésta empresa,
hemos viajado por muchas partes
del mundo Europa, Centro América, Asia,
Sudamérica y por las islas del Caribe, en el futuro tenemos planeado seguir conociendo más
Margarita Ortíz
I thank Ardyss for changing my life. To be better we need to always have
a spirit that pushes us every
My name is Margarita Ortíz, I thank Ardyss for
changing my life. To be better we need to always
have a spirit that pushes us every day. We need to
posses the feeling in our hearts, that will allow us
to be seen as valuable and successful people.
Casos de éxito
Let’s learn to be consistent, because this is the quality that will
allow us to finish our objectives
successfully reaching our goals,
and this way we will make the taste of success
much more attractive.
Mi nombre es Margarita Ortiz, agradezco a
Ardyss por cambiar mi vida. Para superarnos
tenemos siempre que tener un espíritu que nos
impulse a ser cada día mejores.
Debemos poseer el sentimiento en nuestros corazones, que nos permita proyectarnos como
personas valiosas y exitosas.
Aprendamos a ser constantes,
porque esto nos permitirá concluir con éxito los objetivos y metas propuestas, y de ésta manera,
haremos más atractivo el sabor
del triunfo.
Gloria Tate
Ardyss has certainly enriched my life. I am able
to meet the needs of others
financially. I am able to be a
blessing to my friends and
my family.”
My name is Gloria Tate. I have one grown
daughter, Avery, when I think of her a smile comes across my face.
I can remember many family vacations but one comes to mind when
she and I went to London, England.
By far, my greatest accomplishment is being the proud mother of
a well rounded, respectable, and
delightful young woman.
However, what humbles me most is that I can
give great tithes to my church. My greatest career goal is to become a Platinum President. I
am now Executive and know that Platinum is
right around the corner. This opportunity has
allowed me to meet many great people and
change many lives. I love all of my teams and
all distributors of Ardyss International.
Success Stories
Mi nombre es
Gloria Tate, gracias a esta empresa, he podido cambiar
muchas vidas y conocer a
gente maravillosa.
Ardyss ha enriquecido
mi vida. Puedo conocer las
necesidades financieras de
otros y estoy dispuesta a ser
una bendición para mis amigos y
mi familia.
Ahora tengo el rango de Presidente Ejecutivo,
pero deseo convertirme pronto en Presidente Platino. Agradezco infinitamente a todos los
equipos y distribuidores de Ardyss International.
Bill & Teressa Williams
Bill and I chose to create an income where we get paid no matter if we are sleeping, playing with our grandkids, or even at
the beach. We got it with Ardyss International.”
We are Bill & Teressa Williams. Bill and I chose
to create an income where we get paid no matter
if we are sleeping, playing with our grandkids, or
even at the beach. We got it with Ardyss International.
We have traveled the world because of our success in this industry. We’ve gone from Hawaii
to Europe, including most islands & countries in
We have built relationships with lots of people
and that is something you cannot place a price
tag on. We have learned that for us personal
freedom is, 7 Day Weekends, Everyday!
We were blown away by Ardyss
totally Unique Product and Marketing Plan, especially their Power
Start Program with 100% Matching
So here we are Excited, Working, Sharing, & Helping others. Bill & I are building a Team of Successful Leaders and we would like to invite you to
come aboard on this amazing journey.
juntos hemos generado un ingreso que
nos paga, no importa si estamos
durmiendo, jugando con nuestros
nietos, inclusive si estamos en la
playa, todo gracias a Ardyss International.
Somos Bill y Teresa Williams,
Hemos viajado alrededor del mundo, gracias
al éxito obtenido en esta industria. Hemos ido
de Hawaii hasta Europa, incluyendo la mayoría
de las islas y países cercanos. Hemos hecho
amistad con mucha gente y eso no tiene precio.
Aprendimos que nuestra libertad personal es de
7 días a la semana.
Estamos impresionados con los inigualables
productos Ardyss, y su plan de venta, especialmente con su Programa Power Start y
sus bonos. Así es que continuamos contentos,
trabajando, compartiendo y ayudando a otros a
construir un equipo de Exitosos Líderes. Los invitamos a que aborden este maravilloso viaje.
Aquilino & Aleyda Martínez TEAM
We wish we had
known this opportunity
when we were 18 years old.
We would have already been
Success Stories
We are Aquilino and Aleyda. We came to this
country 9 years ago and God blessed us with
Ardyss International.
Somos Aquilino y Aleyda, este país nos abrió sus
puertas hace 9 años y Dios tenía reservado algo
grande para nosotros: Ardyss International.
Durante 5 años nuestros ingresos mensuales
nunca fueron de menos de $9,000 UDS. Para el
2008 adquirimos nuestra segunda propiedad en
San Jacinto.
Nosotros fuimos unos de los primeros ganadores
de AUTO, Ardyss nos ayudó a pagar una Lincoln
Aviator y una camioneta Frontier.
!Desearíamos haber conocido
ésta oportunidad a la edad de 18
años y en este momento ya estaríamos retirados!
In 2000 we were the first place in sales internationally. For 5 years our monthly income was never
less than $9,000. After living in this country for
3 years we had saved $60,000 USD. During the
last few years we have received several sales,
recruitment and rank advancement awards.
By 2004, my second son Kennedy was born.
When I got back home from the hospital I found
a check in my mailbox for $8,000 USD for November and December commissions, and I hadn’t
even worked those months.
We bought our first house in Fontana, Ca. and by 2008 we got a second property in San Jacinto. We
were the first to get a car, a Lincoln
Frontier and a Frontier Van with
help from Ardyss. We are going to
keep growing with Ardyss.
Casos de éxito
Gelly & Alejandro Cantú
The Network Marketing
business is the best opportunity to be the owner of
your life, having the time and
Money to enjoy a different life
Ardyss International has been a blessing in our
lives. In less than a year of having signed into the
company we bought our first house in the USA.
Sometime after, we moved to a bigger house
with a swimming pool. Only 9 months ago we
bought a 4,000 square ft house in one of the
most exclusive residential neighborhoods in San
Antonio, TX.
We have also had the chance to traveling different places around the world, but the most important thing is that we have the satisfaction of
helping our kids to have a better life.
In Ardyss we are living the life we have always
dreamed of.
Ardyss International, ha sido una gran bendición
en nuestras vidas. Hace tan sólo 9 meses adquirimos una casa de 4,000 m2 en una de las zonas
más exclusivas de San Antonio Texas.
También hemos viajado por distintos lugares del
mundo, pero lo más importante es que tenemos
la satisfacción de ayudar a que nuestros hijos
tengan un mejor nivel de vida.
El negocio de mercadeo en red es
la mejor oportunidad de ser dueño de tu vida, teniendo el tiempo y
dinero para disfrutar un exclusivo
estilo de vida.
Actualmente conducimos coches de lujo y los
fines de semana, disfrutamos con nuestros amigos en la comodidad de nuestro bote. En Ardyss
vivimos como siempre lo habíamos soñado.
Success Stories
We drive a Range-Rover and a
BMW SUV. In our free time we
ride motorcycles and during the
weekends, we enjoy incredible
moments with our friends in our
Ana Abarca
There is no better option
than Ardyss, where you
can earn a check every month, have great health, and you
are surrounded by love.”
I feel blessed for having Ardyss in my life.
Casos de éxito
I work every day in a business I
love, because this company pays
my accountant, my call center,
and I have my earnings according
to the amount of work I do.
Thanks to Ardyss I paid off my car,
my house, and all my bills.
To do this I need to always maintain a positive
Mindset. We all need to share and teach all that
Ardyss means to us. This company has 7 ways
of making money.
“There is no better option than Ardyss, where
you can earn a check every month, have great
health, and you are surrounded by love.” I feel
really proud of being a part of the best company
in the world.
Me siento bendecida por tener a Ardyss International en mi vida, tengo trabajo todos los días,
en un negocio donde no invierto, y obtengo ganancias de acuerdo a mi trabajo, con el cuál he
podido pagar mi automóvil, mi casa y gastos en
Esta empresa tiene 7 formas de ganar dinero.No
existe mejor opción que Ardyss,
en donde usted cada mes obtiene
un cheque, goza de plena salud y
se encuentra rodeado de amor. Me
siento realmente orgullosa de pertenecer a la
mejor empresa del mundo.
Arga Bourgeois
The money that I make
from Ardyss part time
allows me and my family to actually save for our future.”
Success Stories
My name is Arga Bourgeois Smith. Prior to
Ardyss I wore a size 18 clothes. Dorothy Cook
signed me up in the business and sold me my
first garment. But on one particular day one of my
customers said what ever you are doing to drop
I want to do it. I raised my shirt up and showed
her my garment. It was Gail Mathis. She got in
the business and took off like firecrackers.
I began working my business in
June 2008. My girlfriend Gail Mathis called me to tell me to get on
auto ship. I did, and I received a
$2500 check. They have been
doubling every since.
Mi nombre es Arga Bourgeois Smith. He estado
en este negocio desde Junio del año pasado.
Recibí un cheque por $2,500 UDS y desde entonces, éstos se han duplicado.
El dinero que obtengo en Ardyss
por parte de mi tiempo nos permite a mi familia y a mi asegurar
nuestro futuro.
Empecé trabajando en este negocio en Junio de
2008 cuando mi amiga Gail Mathis me enseñó
cómo entrar en el Pedido automático. En el camino en esta empresa he conocido gente increíble de todo el mundo, gracias por permitirme ser
parte de la Gran Familia Ardyss.
With Ardyss I have little inventory, I focus on my
individual customers and I work on building my
down line team. And along the way I am very
thankful to have met some awesome people all
over the world.
Casos de éxito
Sara Madrigal & José Urias
I took this boat of change
called Ardyss without thinking twice. I hope my story can
convince others that what you
want you can fulfill.”
I want to share my testimony with you. More than
24 years ago I arrived in this country, seeking the
American Dream. I had the goal of having a better life for my family.
I cleaned houses for more than 10 years, I was
doing well, and making good money. But in 1994,
I had the great opportunity of coming in contact
with this great company: Ardyss International.
Since then my life has changed in many aspects.
I have had great privileges, as being a pioneer
in the change to Network Marketing in 1997.
I took this boat of change, called Ardyss, without
thinking twice, I hope my story can convince
others that: what you want you can fulfill.
Success Stories
Actually my husband Jose Urias
and myself had reached many
goals as having gotten a second
house, going on vacation more
often, and having enough time to
share with our family.
We would like to thank God, our Readers, and
our company Ardyss International, for helping us
to reach all our dreams.
En 1994, tuve la grandiosa oportunidad de conocer esta excelente empresa: Ardyss International.
Desde entonces mi vida ha cambiado en muchos
aspectos y he tenido grandes privilegios, como
ser de las pioneras en el cambio de franquicias
al sistema de multinivel en el año 1997.
Tomé este barco de cambio llamado Ardyss sin pensarlo dos veces, espero que mi historia pueda
convencer a otros de que pueden
hacer lo que se propongan.
Hoy, hemos logrado muchos objetivos, como el
haber adquirido una segunda casa, salir de vacaciones más seguido y sobre todo tener el tiempo suficiente para disfrutar a nuestra familia.
Aracely Holliday
I have had the opportunity to travel around
America. It is great.”
I am really thankful to have known this company
that has shown me that through our work, we can
contribute to making many families have a better
way of life.
Agradezco infinitamente el haber conocido a esta
compañía mexicana, ya que con nuestro trabajo
podemos contribuir a que muchas familias mejoren su economía y calidad de vida.
I have had the opportunity to travel around America. It is great.
I can be close to my family, I don’t
have a fixed Schedule, I get earnings according to my effort, and
the most important thing, I have
learned that when you have a goal
and a vision in life everything is
He tenido la oportunidad de viajar
por toda la Unión Americana y hoy
puedo decir que este es el mejor
negocio que existe.
While we have our captains in this boat, the Diaz
de Leon family, no storm can sink us.
An appointment with Ardyss changed my life.
Mientras tengamos a nuestros capitanes, la Familia Díaz de León, en este barco, no importa las
tormentas, nada nos podrá hundir.
Ahora puedo estar cerca de de mi familia, y obtengo ganancias en base a mi esfuerzo y lo más
importante, he aprendido que todo es posible
cuando se tiene una visión y meta en la vida.
Brandy Langford
I am so excited to be a part
of the Ardyss family. I am
on the right path to achieving financial freedom...”
I was blown away when I was introduced to the
“Body Magic” and I could not sleep dreaming
about the earning potential I could make with the
Power Start program.
I am extremely grateful for my
Ardyss mentors believing in me
and encouraging me to achieve
goals with this company.
I did not believe it was possible,
but after these leaders showed me
their Power Start bonus earnings,
I became an instant believer in the products, the
company and building a successful business with
Ardyss International.
My personal motivation when I joined this business was “Empowering Women.” Thus, empowerment has enabled me the opportunity to
meet so many awesome people, develop beautiful friendships and most importantly start the
foundation of my future financial freedom.
Me siento muy contenta de pertenecer a la Familia Ardyss International, estoy en el lugar correcto
para alcanzar la libertad financiera.
Una vez que conocí ésta compañía, todo cambió, pues me di cuenta de su magnífico plan de
compensación, la calidad de los productos, y la
oportunidad de construir un exitoso negocio.
Me entusiasma poder motivar a otras mujeres, y
la oportunidad de hacer valiosas amistades.
Casos de éxito
Gail Mathis
In less than a year I have
been able to change my
zip code, shop like I like and
do what I like when I like.
Ardyss International has allowed me the opportunity to live my dreams. In less than a year I have
been able to change my zip code, shop like I like
and do what I like when I like.
My dream has always been to encourage and empower others while helping myself. It is truly liberating to
be able to help myself and others have the lifestyle and financial freedom we had before only
dreamed of. My goal is now to become a multimillionaire in this business and help countless
others do the same.
Success Stories
I searched for both financial & time freedom for
28 years. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would come like it did. Por más de 28 años busqué la libertad financiera. nunca en mis más remotos sueños pensé que
la llegaría a obtener.
Ardyss International me ha dado la oportunidad
de vivir mis sueños.
En menos de un año he logrado
cambiar mi código postal, comprar lo que me gusta y hacer lo
que quiero cuando yo quiera.
Jamás imaginé que llegaría a tener un equipo
de más de 12,500 personas. El pasado mes de
Febrero logramos: 3 Presidentes Platino, 3 Presidente Diamante, 6 Presidentes Ejecutivos y varios directores, supervisoras y coordinadores en
tan sólo un mes.
Thanks Ardyss for making dreams come true!
Casos de éxito
Beatriz & Antonio Guzmán
Ardyss has enabled us to have a much
better life through hard work and personal development.”
Ardyss is a company that incentivizes me, that recognizes our
achievements, through it we have
made our dreams come true, with
the car bonus we were able to pay
for our car.
We are happy to be part of this great company, of
being able to develop ourselves and change our
lives, but also help others change theirs.
Success Stories
Ardyss has enabled us to have a much better life
through hard work and personal development.
Being owners of our own business has given
us time freedom. We also enjoy the presidential
vacations and sharing great moments with the
company owners.
Ardyss ha contribuido en nuestras vidas ayudándonos a tener
mejores logros económicos y personales a través de compartir con
los demás esta fabulosa carrera
de negocios. Ahora podemos tener una mejor calidad de vida.
Ardyss nos ha brindado a la libertad para manejar nuestro tiempo siendo los jefes de nuestro
propio negocio. Pudimos disfrutar de vacaciones
presidenciales y compartir grandes momentos
con la Familia Díaz de León.
Ésta es una compañía que nos incentiva, que reconoce nuestros logros, gracias a ella, hemos logrado nuestros sueños, con el programa de bono
de auto, pudimos pagar nuestro automóvil.
“Thanks Ardyss International for allowing us to
be part of this company.”
Vickie & Wayne Bryant
Because they have been
in business for over 18
years and yet are relatively
new to the United States, we
chose Ardyss International
and are excited about building a profitable future with
the company.”
We are Vickie and Wayne Bryant from The Villages, Fl. I retired in 2004 at the age of 53 and
moved to central Florida looking forward to lots of
golf, boating and traveling.
The demise of the stock market over the last
few months has caused us great concern about
our future life style, we began looking for ways
to supplement our retirement income. Network
marketing would allow us to have both time and
money. We wanted a company with a proven track record, a company that would be here for the
long term and a company where there was
still a great opportunity.
Because they have been in business for over 18
years and yet are relatively new to the United
States, we chose Ardyss International and are
excited about building a profitable future with the
Somos Vickie y Wayne Bryant de The Villages,
Florida. Me retiré en el 2004 a la edad de 53
años y nos mudamos a Florida, buscando jugar
golf, pasear en bote y viajar.
El deceso de la economía en los últimos meses,
causó una gran preocupación acerca de nuestro futuro estilo de vida, empezamos a buscar la
forma de suplementar nuestros ingresos para el
El Mercadeo en Red nos ha permitido obtener tiempo y dinero.
Queríamos una compañía seria,
respaldada por la experiencia de
varios años en el negocio y encontramos a Ardyss International.
Realmente estamos muy contentos de construir
un negocio prometedor con esta empresa.
Luz Elena & Jairo Alarcón
Fortunately, my husband
and I could develop this
business together, travelling
a lot and seeing how our
greatest dreams are coming
true: Sending our children to
Success Stories
We live in Port St. Lucie, Florida and we feel
deeply proud of being part of this great company
Ardyss International for 8 years. It’s amazing how
our lives have changed.
Soy Luz Elena Alarcón, mi familia y yo nos sentimos profundamente orgullosos de pertenecer a
esta gran empresa, Ardyss International.
Afortunadamente al ingresar, mi
esposo y yo pudimos desarrollar
juntos el negocio y ahora somos
muy felices porque uno de nuestros mayores sueños se está haciendo realidad: “Que nuestros
hijos asistan a la universidad.”
Before we didn’t have time or money, we spent
our time on working to live, we didn’t enjoy our
kids, and we were always very busy. Regarding
our health, this business has been excellent.
We have been more than 5 years without visiting a doctor. Thanks to the Ardyss nutritionals.
I thank God because through the Diaz de Leon’s
family dream, we were able to get ours.
Casos de éxito
Lolis & Manuel Benitez
Today we have an excellent quality of life in this
country. We have bought properties, and drive cars of the
most important brands...”
Our great adventure started when my husband,
Manuel, gave a training for Ardyss and met Mr.
& Mrs. Diaz de Leon. We started our Business in
San Jose California, and today we have an excellent life level in this country. We have bought
properties, and drive cars of the most important
We thank God for putting us on
this road, to our son, Emmanuel
for always being with us in this
great Project, and our Group because Ardyss gives the opportunity to everyone having a great
dream. Thanks for believing in
mos de un excelente nivel de vida
en éste país. Hemos adquirido
propiedades y conducimos automóviles de las mejores marcas,
Success Stories
We have the opportunity to travel and have an
excellent quality of life.
Mi esposo Manuel y yo iniciamos el negocio en
San José, California y hoy en día goza-
tenemos la oportunidad de viajar y de tener un
nivel de vida excelente.
Estamos convencidos de que ellos lograrán el
éxito, ya que Ardyss le da la oportunidad a todo
aquel que tiene un sueño grande, gracias por
creer en nosotros.
Casos de éxito
Vicelia Tinde
If you are looking at this
opportunity for the first
time, I say go for it! Don’t
stop until you reach all your
goals and dreams.”
Success Stories
What can I say but “Absolutely
Amazing.” I can’t think of a better
business than building self esteem and healthy lifestyles. How
awesome is that? II’ve been with Ardyss
International since September 2008 and it’s been
one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.
I’m blessed that my friend and now business
partner Gina Berry thought enough of me to introduce me to this life changing opportunity.
I was able to achieve the level of President in just
5 short months and the money just gets better
and better...
My entire family uses the nutritional products and
we are healthier, happier and blessed.
If you are looking at this opportunity for the first
time, I say go for it! Don’t stop until you reach all
your goals and dreams.
No puedo pensar en un mejor negocio que reanime la autoestima, brinde estabilidad económica
y un estilo de vida saludable. Ingresé a Ardyss
International desde Septiembre del 2008, y ésta
ha sido una de las mejores decisiones que he
Si estás conociendo está oportunidad por vez primera, ve por ella.
No te detengas en alcanzar tus
sueños y metas.
Logré el rango de Presidente en tan sólo 5 meses y las ganancias sólo han ido aumentando y
Casos de éxito
Verónica & Sergio Mercado
I have a great life style.
I really enjoy my work
where I can share more time
with my family, and helping
others gives me great satisfaction.”
I joined this company in 1998, and I can say is,
Ardyss International has changed my life. In this
company I met a beautiful woman, Veronica, now
my wife with whom I have had 2 children: Máximos & Emiliano. I started in this company in the
Accounting Department, and then had different
positions inside the company. This gave me great
experience and more knowledge in network marketing.
Thanks to the Ardyss Compensation Plan, I have
a great lifestyle. I really enjoy my work where I
can share more time with my family, and helping
others gives me great satisfaction.
Success Stories
Last year was an economic recession year, but,
my income increased 100% vs. 2007.
Ardyss offers you a better path to
financial freedom, and an opportunity for everyone. Expectations
are big, and working as a team,
conquering the top will be easier.
Let’s go for more, let’s go for everything.
Conocí esta empresa en 1998, y puedo decir que
ha cambiado mi vida en todos los sentidos.
Comencé en esta compañía en el departamento
de contabilidad y he tenido diferentes puestos en
la empresa, esto me ha dado mucha experiencia
y conocimiento en el negocio de mercadeo en
Gracias al sistema de ganancias
de Ardyss, he alcanzado un estilo
de vida diferente, disfruto mi trabajo, comparto bastante tiempo
con mi familia, y el ayudar a los
demás a lograr sus sueños, me
brinda mucha satisfacción.
El año pasado fue de recesión económica, pero
a diferencia de millones de personas, mis ingresos crecieron un 100% comparado con el 2007.
Recuerda Ardyss te ofrece mejorar tu salud y libertad financiera.
Casos de éxito
Dr. Kenneth & Priscilla Robinson
This is a phenomenal company with limitless opportunities for rewards and
advancement. I will retire from medicine at
some point but not from Ardyss.”
The day that I was introduced to the Ardyss business was a typical day for me, in the mist of all of
this in walks Helen De’lahoussaye and Dorothy
Cook arriving for their scheduled appointment to
show me a “business opportunity. I did not believe that there was a company out there offering
the type of money supposedly being offered by
The light finally turned on for us after we were
persuaded to attend the Atlanta Super Saturday
event in October, 2008. In November, we jumped
in with both feet and now wish we had come on
board months ago.
El día que me enteré del negocio de Ardyss, fue
un día típico para mí, nunca pensé que hubiera
una compañía que ofreciera una magnifica oportunidad de negocios.
Desde Octubre de 2008, nos embarcamos en
este viaje y seguimos a bordo para conquistar
todos nuestros sueños. Me siento muy orgulloso de ser el Primer Médico en alcanzar el rango
Presidente en la compañía.
He recomendado los productos Ardyss a mis pacientes y colegas,teniendo una aceptacón muy
Esta es una compañía fenomenal,
con oportunidades ilimitadas con
recompensas y ascensos. Llegará
el momento en que me retire de la
medicina pero nunca de Ardyss.
Thanks Ardyss, for changing my life!
Gracias Ardyss por cambiar mi vida.
Los invito a subir abordo.
Success Stories
I was adding Ardyss products to
my recommendation with very
favorable acceptance. I am very
proud to be the companie’s first
physician President and I encourage other doctors to come on
Casos de éxito
Leticia Velázquez
This company has truly changed my life.
Over the years, I have become a better
person in many ways and on this journey I
have learned to deal with the obstacles that
life sometimes throws our way.”
Afortunadamente tuve la oportunidad de conocer
a esta gran empresa Ardyss Internacional, años
atrás, pero fue el pasado mes de Agosto cuando
inicié el gran reto de empezar mi propio negocio
como distribuidor independiente.
Esta compañía ha cambiado verdaderamente mi vida, al pasar los
años me he convertido en una
mejor persona de muchas maneras. En este trabajo he aprendido
a librar los obstáculos que la vida
me pone en el camino.
I came to America on July 3, 2001 and was introduced to Ardyss International 7 days later. Over
the next 7 years I worked in different departments
for the company and learned everything I could
to better my life financially. This past month, I
decided to retire my corporate position with the
company and go full time as the owner of my very
own Ardyss distributorship.
Through the personal development the company
teaches, I have realized that obstacles are always
going to come, but it’s how we handle them that
shows us what kind of person we truly are.
Ardyss has challenged me to become a better person in both my
personal and business life and I
can attest that in both areas I have
increased my wealth over and
over again.
I invite you to change your life, and start on this
amazing journey with Ardyss.
Success Stories
Además de mejorar personalmente y en mi carrera de negocios, he podido conservar e incrementar mi salud.
Ardyss ha cambiado mi vida, profesionalmente,
espiritualmente, y lo económico viene por consecuencia. Te invito a tomar el reto de esta gran
carrera de negocio, cambia tu vida.
Veronica Jolivette
Casos de éxito
Ardyss International has put a huge
smile on our faces, because in Ardyss
all dreams will come true. This company has
changed our lives.”
Success Stories
Ardyss International has put a huge smile on our
faces, because in Ardyss all dreams will come
true. This company has changed our lives. Now
we have financial freedom and more time to
spend with our family.
The Body Magic reshaped my
body and the Ardyss nutritional
products saved my life. My husband, my mother and even our 15
year old son is living a more fulfilling and exhilarating life.
We are truly thankful to this company; as we
set sail, we will change lives one household at
a time.
Ardyss International puso una
enorme sonrisa en nuestros rostros, porque en ésta empresa los
sueños se hacen realidad. Esta
compañía ha cambiado nuestras
vidas, ahora tenemos una libertad financiera y más tiempo para
compartir en familia.
El Body Magic, remodeló mi cuerpo y los productos nutricionales de Ardyss salvaron mi vida. Mi
marido, mi madre y mi hijo de 15 años tienen un
bienestar asegurado.
Estamos verdaderamente agradecidos con la
compañía, porque ahora nosotros podemos
cambiar la vida de muchas amas de casa en el
Casos de éxito
María Trujillo
What I like most of this business is that
you can do it easily, I invite all those
people that have great dreams, you should
take this opportunity and join the goal of
changing their lives forever.”
My name is Maria Trujillo, I’m from El Salvador.
As a Hispanic I feel proud of being part of this
company, Ardyss International.
Success Stories
Today, I can say that many of my
dreams have already come true:
Great education for my children,
helping my family, remodeling my
house, new cars and travel.
What I like most about this business is that you
can do it easily. I invite all those people that have
great dreams, you should take this opportunity
and join this life changing company.
Thank you Díaz de León Family for your constant support. I also want to thank my team of successful leaders.
Soy María Trujillo, originaria del Salvador, como
hispana me siento muy orgullosa de ser parte de
esta empresa: Ardyss International..
Hoy puedo decir que muchos de mis sueños ya
son una realidad: Brindarle educación a mis hijos, ayudar a mi familia, remodelar mi hogar, tener automóviles nuevos y viajar.
Lo que más me gusta de este negocio es la facilidad con que uno
puede hacerlo. Aprovechen esta
valiosa oportunidad y los invito a
unirse al reto de cambiar sus vidas para siempre.
Elisa García
Casos de éxito
I’m committed to help all
of those that want to
succeed, and my goal is that
thousands of families can
have a better way of life and
financial stability.”
I feel excited for having the opportunity of sharing my Ardyss story. I am Elisa Garcia and I love
this company, not only for the great checks but
for the human quality of its founders.
I have been with the company
more than 11 years and I can actually say I am successful and I
have done it. One of my dreams
was to drive a Black BMW, and
thanks to Ardyss now I do!
I am a person of dreams and I
won’t stop till I get them all.
I’m committed to help all of those that want to
succeed, and my goal is that thousands of families can have a better way of life and financial
Success is in our hands and dreams can come
true with this great company, Ardyss International.
Soy Elisa García y me identifico con esta gran
empresa no sólo por lo económico, sino por la
calidad humana de sus fundadores.
Tengo más de 11 años en Ardyss y realmente
puedo decir que soy exitosa y me siento realizada.
Uno de mis mayores sueños era poder adquirir
un automóvil BMW color negro y gracias a ésta
empresa, ahora lo tengo en casa. Me considero
una persona de sueños e ilusiones y no pararé
hasta lograrlos.
Estoy comprometida a ayudar
a otros que deseen el éxito y mi
objetivo es que miles de familias
puedan tener una mejor calidad
de vida y estabilidad financiera.
El éxito está en tus manos, los sueños se vuelven realidad en Ardyss International.
Izzi Martínez
Today, the American market is
the fastest growing
market for Ardyss
All things are possible for those who
Success Stories
Izzy Martinez, founder of Ardyss America, has
worked tirelessly along with her husband Steve
and her children Tony and Ginger since August of
2002 to develop the American market for Ardyss
Desde Agosto del 2002, Izzy Martínez, fundadora de Ardyss América ha trabajado incansablemente junto a su esposo Steve y sus hijos Tony
y Ginger en el desarrollo del Mercado Americano
en Ardyss International.
Contrary to everyone who told her it was impossible, she stayed focused on her vision of telling
the American women about these fabulous products and business.
Contrario a lo que todos le decían: que era imposible, ella se enfocó en su visión de hacerles
saber a las mujeres americanas, lo fabuloso del
negocio y los productos.
As a Fashion Designer she knew
these products were ideal and
found it more satisfying to reshape a woman by restoring her figure, self-esteem and her health.
Como diseñadora de Modas, Ella
sabía que los productos eran ideales para satisfacer y reconstruir la
figura de las mujeres, brindándoles mayor autoestima y salud.
Ways to earn
Formas de ganar
Formas de ganar dinero
The Great Ardyss Family, is committed
to help you succeed, to assist you as you
grow your business. We are committed
to providing you with the best products,
services and tools.
La Gran Familia Ardyss International
se compromete a ayudarte a lograr el
éxito y crecer con tu negocio. Estamos
dispuestos a proveerte de los mejores
productos, servicios y herramientas.
We present to you 7 simple ways to obtain money
with Ardyss.
A continuación te presentamos 7 sencillas maneras
de obtener dinero con ARDYSS.
Ways to earn
Formas de ganar dinero
Direct Sales
Venta Directa
Ganancia diaria
You can buy the product at wholesale
price and sell it at retail price. Every
new distributor receives 40 % discount.
Al ingresar, todos los asociados, obtienen el beneficio de recibir el 40%
de descuento lo cual les permite ganar dinero por comprar los productos
a precio de mayoreo y venderlos al
precio público sugerido.
Besides, when you accumulate points in one invoice
those points count for special promotions.
Ways to earn
Immediate earnings
Además, por acumulación de puntos en una sola
factura cuentan con promociones especiales.
The Fast Start Express
Bono Express
It is paid on monthly basis upon the first purchase of
the new associates.
Se paga mensualmente sobre la primera compra de
los nuevos asociados.
If you are enrolled in the Autoship
program you are entitled to collect 30
% of the VP of the first purchase of all
of your new associates.
Si estás inscrito en el Pedido
Automático, tienes el derecho
a cobrar el 30% de los VP de las
primeras órdenes de todos tus nuevos
If you are not enrolled in the Autoship program you
only get 20 %. The maximum amount of the first
purchase is 300 VP.
In addition, you will be paid regardless of where you
placed the new associates in your downline.
En caso de lo contrario, sólo recibirías el 20%. El
máximo de la primera compra es de 300 VP.
Además, recibirás los pagos sin importar en donde
hayas “colocado” a los nuevos asociados en tu línea
The new associates start earning money in the
unilevel side of the plan, the moment they make
their second purchase.
A partir de la segunda compra que realicen los
nuevos asociados comenzaran a ganar en la sección
del Uninivel.
Benefits of the placement of new associates.
This eliminates the need to grow too widely and
helps you structure your organization in work teams
while maximizing your profits.
Beneficios en la “colocación” de nuevos
Esto elimina la necesidad de crecer con demasiada
anchura y ayuda a que estructures tu organización
en equipos de trabajo y maximices las ganancias.
You not enrolled in the
Autoship Program
You enrolled in the
Autoship Program
No inscrito en el pedido automático
Formas de ganar
3 Enrollment Relationship
& Unilevel Bonus
Inscrito en el Pedido Automático
Bono por enrolamiento y Uninivel
Monthly payment
Ganancia mensual
10% of the “Enrollment Bonus” is
earned of each person you personally
enroll, regardless of where you place
El bono por enrolamiento es del 10%
de cada persona que ingreses. Adicionalmente al 10%, recibirás un porcentaje según el nivel donde los coloques.
Unilevel and enrollment relationship bonuses are
earned as of the date of the second purchase of the
new associates. There are no limitations on width,
and all personal purchases are included regardless
of where the volumes are placed.
Siendo lo más común que ganes el 15% de cada
persona que ingreses de manera personal y un 5%
de las personas que a su vez ellos te ingresen.
Las ganancias por Uninivel y los bonos por
enrolamiento se comienzan a ganar a partir de la
segunda compra que hagan los nuevos asociados.
Sin restricciones de anchura, se incluyen todas
las compras personales sin importar donde estén
colocados los volúmenes.
Enrollment Relationship Bonus
Bono Uninivel
Personal Purchase and Requirements per month / Compras Personales y Requisitos al mes
40% Rule
Regla 40%
Generational Bonus
Se paga el porcentaje que dice la tabla del uninivel
sobre los distribuidores que tienen el volumen.
Bono Generacional
Monthly payment
Ganancia mensual
Generational Bonuses are additional percentages
earned when a distributor chooses to get involved
in the Ardyss Business Career.
Los bonos generacionales son pagos adicionales
cuando un distribuidor decidió hacer la carrera de
negocios en Ardyss.
This starts when the distributor creates at least 10 thousand GQP. From
there on, the distributor could qualify
to receive a 4% additional bonus of all
the purchases of her/his group. Additional Generations can be earned as
more volume and ranks are achieved.
Esta comienza cuando el distribuidor
llega como mínimo a los 10 mil puntos
de calificación grupales (GQP). A partir
de ahí, podrá calificar para recibir un
4% adicional sin límite de todas las
compras que tenga su grupo.
Also, as the group grows more generations are uncovered and therefore you also collect additional
percentages from them, as shown in the following
Además, conforme vayan avanzando los grupos
de sus líneas descendentes se destaparán más
generaciones y podrá seguir cobrando de éstas
según la siguiente tabla.
Ways to earn
The percentages shown in the chart are paid based on the distributors with purchase volume.
Generational Bonus
Bono Generacional
40% rule applies
Formas de ganar
Car Bonus
Aplica la regla del40%
Bono de Auto
Monthly payment
Ganancia Mensual
While moving forward in the Ardyss
Business Career, you are entitled to
an additional monthly car bonus.
Al avanzar en la carrera de negocios
Ardyss, te haces acreedor a bonos
adicionales para el pago mensual de
un automóvil.
In order to earn this benefit, you must qualify 2
consecutive months with the required qualification
shown in the chart and comply with the 40 % rule.
Para calificar a este bono deberás tener 2 meses
consecutivos con el volumen de la tabla y cumplir
con la regla del 40% .
Manager A
Manager B
Gerente A
Gerente B
If you do not qualify in your rank; you can only earn 50% of the previous rank bonus if you qualify for it.
En caso de no calificar en tu rango, únicamente podrás recibir el 50% del bono del rango anterior si calificas en el.
Rank Bonus
Bono de Rango
Monthly payment
Ganancia Mensual
This monthly bonus can be earned if
the distributor maintains the requirements for its rank.
Este bono se gana mensualmente
sólo por mantener el volumen según
tu rango en la compañía.
In case of not maintaining the requirements in a
particular month, the distributor won’t be able to
earn the bonus on that particular month, but can
earn it again at the moment of achieving the requirements.
En caso de no mantener el volumen en algún mes
en particular, simplemente no te harías acreedor a
este bono en dicho mes y podrás volver a recibirlo al
momento de alcanzar tu volumen.
Gerente A
40% rule applies
Presidential Bonus
Ways to earn
Manager A
Aplica regla de 40%
Bono Presidencial
Quarterly payment
Ganancia Trimestral
When you qualify in one of the Presidential ranks,
you earn the right to participate in our “Presidential
Pool” and have a potential of earning an additional
percentage of your organization.
Al calificar en algunos de los rangos Presidenciales,
obtienes el derecho a participar en el Pool
Presidencial y hacerte acreedor hasta un porcentaje
adicional de tu organización.
The most powerful tool
Formas de ganar
La herramienta más poderosa
Ardyss has an amazing way to create
extra money in addition to the rest of the
compensation plan. We went the extra
mile and created something that’s not
only a system to build your business but
also an amazing bonus to get into profit
Power Start is the distributors guide
to success in the Ardyss compensation
Ardyss realmente cuenta con una
octava manera de ganar dinero, ésta
no es solo una forma más, sino que en
Ardyss decidimos ir más allá y además
desarrollar un programa que ayude al
distribuidor como mapa o guía y logre
incentivos lucrativos en el camino.
Who can participate in this program?
¿Quién puede
Only those distributors who enroll to Ardyss with
a Power Pack are eligible to participate. This is the
best way to get your business started. You have a full
90 days to purchase your Power Pack.
Solo aquellos distribuidores que se ingresen a
Ardyss con el paquete Power Pack son elegibles
para participar como “participantes” del Programa.
What is Power Start about?
¿De qué trata el programa Power
The objective of Power Start is not only to encourage
distributors to achieve their own goals, but to also
help their team members achieve their goals. Power
Start encourages this activity because it pays the
participate both a personal power start bonus and
a 100% Matching commission on the power start
bonuses their personal enrollee’s earn. Power Start
pays you off their efforts as well as your own.
Es un programa que tiene como objetivo en que todos
nos ayudemos, ya que premia económicamente
tanto al inscrito al programa como al patrocinador
de esa persona. Esto a través de bonos únicos de
avance por metas.
Power Start bonuses pay the participate a personal
bonus of $60,000 and an additional $60,000 for
EACH person you enroll. If you enroll 4 people your
100% matching bonus potential is $240,000! Power
Start bonuses are in addition to the other 7 ways
outlined to earn in this magazine.
Estos bonos suman 60 mil dólares adicionales a
las otras 7 formas de ganar dinero descritas en
este manual y los puedes ir obteniendo durante
tu carrera de negocios Ardyss, pero eso no es todo,
ya que puedes igualar la misma cantidad por cada
persona que inscribas y ayudes a que también ellos
The 100% matching bonus commissions are driving
individual checks higher than $50,000 in a single
Image if you earn your complete potential of
personal power start bonuses AND help 4 others do
the same. Your earnings would be $300,000!
Thats powerful
Imagina, por terminar tu carrera y ayudar a otras 3
personas más a terminar su carrera en Ardyss son
otros 240 mil dólares adicionales! Eso es poderoso!
What are the goals of the Power Start
¿Cuáles son las metas del Programa
Power Start?
The program is based on the “Earning Chart”on the
next page where you can see the details of all set
goals; such as the number of months you have from
the moment you enroll to Ardyss to meet the group
volume required and the number of personal active
distributors you need to achieve the Power Start
El programa cuenta con una tabla donde se detallan
los meses que tiene el distribuidor para cumplir
las metas, los puntos que debe hacer con todo su
grupo y el número de distribuidores que debe tener
de manera personal activos.
For more details about the Power Start program ask
the person who shared this information with you or
if you have already joined, check your Back Office for
all the details.
on time
on time
off time
off time
Ways to earn
GQP Volume
Para más detalles del programa puedes consultarlo
con la persona que te ingresó o en el Back Office
(oficina virtual)
In one month with Power Start
I earned...
$ 71,150
Power Start
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
Power Start, te da el poder de creer en ti mismo
y en todos los productos Ardyss. Agradezco a mi
equipo porque juntos con esfuerzo y dedicación,
todos hemos alcanzado el rango Platino. He
ganado más de $100,000 UDS en
dos meses, estoy libre de deudas
y emocionada porque ahora no
tengo que preocuparme por el futuro. Al paso que vamos creo que tendremos
2000 presidentes para este año.
Power Start Testimonials
Stormy Wellington
Power start gives you the power to believe in
yourself and all of Arydss’ products. I thank everyone on my team cause together with our hard
work and dedication we all will be Platinums.
In addition to earning over $100,000 in 2 short
months, I am debt free and excited about life and
no longer worried about what’s gonna happen
Understand that through hard
work we together can achieve our
goals, but at the rate we’re going
I see 2000 presidents in 2009. Get
up and make it happen today, right
now! The time is today!
Power Start
Phyllis Hayden
I have been with this business five months. Within this time I have been blessed with more and
more money through the power start program.
Power Start has given me a new start with my
lifestyle, finances, and future..
Within two months I am honored to announce I
am debt free and teaching my team how to duplicate.
My 16 year old son is extremly excited how ardyss
has impacted his life as well. He is inheriting a
paid off lexus to drive this summer. Power start is
an opportunity you have to offer to everyone.
Power Start
When your mouth is closed your
business is closed. Tell your story
and show your glory(your checks).
In this business you have to give
your best and you will receive the
best from ardyss.
In one month with Power Start I earned
$ 37,950
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
Power Start
He estado en el negocio cinco meses, en el cuál
he sido bendecida con dinero y más dinero a través del Programa Power Start, el cual le ha dado
un nuevo comienzo a mi estilo de vida, finanzas
y a mi futuro. En dos meses puedo decir que
estoy libre de deudas y enseñando a mi equipo
cómo duplicar.
Marion Napoleón
In one month with Power Start I earned...
$ 35,250
Power Start
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
When the Ardyss opportunity was introduced to
me five months ago, I was absolutely down on
my luck. The “Power Start Bonus” put fire back
into my bones. It has allowed me the incredible opportunity to
pay ALL of my debtors, and given me the opportunity to watch my close friends reach new levels
each month with pure excitement. Now we are
each building a business and getting PAID together!
As life continues to get better, I travel around the world transforming
both men and women. Thanks to
Ardyss I am dreaming again and
my kids and I are back to a normal
life style.
Power Start Testimonials
Power Start
Cuando se me presentó la oportunidad de Ardyss,
hace cinco meses, estaba completamente decaída y la suerte no me sonreía.
El Bono de Power Start inyectó
emoción a mis huesos. Este me
ha permitido tener la increíble
oportunidad de pagar todas mis
deudas y ver como mis amigos
cercanos alcanzan nuevos niveles
cada mes, a base de mucho entusiasmo, construyendo un negocio
y recibiendo ganancias juntos.
La vida continua para mejorar, he viajado alrededor del mundo trasformando a hombres y mujeres. Gracias a Ardyss, estoy soñando de nuevo
y mis hijos y yo hemos regresado a un estilo de
vida normal.
Helen Dela Houssaye
In one month
with Power Start
I earned...
$ 33,700
Power Start
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
Power Start Testimonials
Power Start
I met Dorothy Cook. I decided to take massive
action for 90 days, after 60 days my team and I
achieved the rank of President.
In 10 short months in Ardyss I would achieve the
rank of Platinum President. I would like to thank
my team; The Dream Team Of Ardyss, we had
the largest month in Feb. Closing out with 1.2 million dollars! We made Triple Platinum.
Now I have unlimited time to
spend with my family while creating a legacy for my children. And
to top it off I’m making an abundant amount of money while having fun. In Feb I made over 63K.
Agradezco a mi equipo, The Dream Team of
Ardyss, ya que en Febrero, tuvimos un excelente mes, cerrando con 1.2 millones de dólares, y
triple Platino.
Quien se hubiera imaginado que en sólo 10 cortos meses en la compañía, lograría el rango de
Presidente Platino.
Ahora tengo el tiempo ilimitado
para gozar a mi familia, mientras
creo un legado para mis hijos y
sus descendientes, y lo mejor todavía es que estoy haciendo muchísimo dinero, en Febrero logré
más de 63,000 UDS.
Never give up! Renew your mind everyday that
quiting is not an option.
Lester & Gina Berry
In one month with
Power Start I earned...
$ 35,586
Power Start
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
Power Start Testimonials
Power Start
This opportunity with Ardyss International has
changed my quality of life in several ways.
This business has enabled me to be more of a
role model for my sons. They play a key part in
the building of the business. I have been blessed
to be surrounded by a great team of business
Our success is because we’re driven by our goals and dreams helping others achieve theirs. I believe if you’re going to dream, then it
should be a big dream.
Once you come into this business it is no longer about you, it then becomes about how many
others you can help get a check.
We are making the world a more beautiful place
one person at a time.
La oportunidad que nos ha brindado Ardyss International ha cambiado nuestra calidad de vida
en todos los sentidos.
Una vez que ingresas en éste negocio obtienes
enorme ganancias rápidamente.
Nuestro éxito radica en conducirnos a través de nuestras metas y
sueños, ayudando a otros a lograr
los suyos, yo creo que si vas a
soñar entonces conviertelo en un
gran sueño.
Una vez que tú estás en este negocio, no te toma
mucho tiempo darte cuenta de cuantas personas
pueden ayudarte a conseguir un cheque.
Nicola Jackson
In one month with
Power Start I earned...
$ 30,350
Power Start
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
Power Start Program is the best thing to happen
to my family in the last months. It has allowed us
to pay off many large bills in short period during
a time that many people call a recession. Recession does not exist in Ardyss!
The Power Start Program gives
us hope to dream big and know
we can make them come true! We
only want to be the example that
hard work truly pays off.
We encourage all of the Ardyss Family to take
advantage of this opportunity to the fullest!
El programa de Power Start es lo mejor que le ha
sucedido a mi familia en los últimos meses.
Nos ha permitido pagar muchas deudas rápidamente y mientras todos viven en recesión, en la
crisis no existe en Ardyss.
Este programa nos dio la esperanza de poder soñar en grande pero
sobre todo de hacerlo realidad.
Power Start Testimonials
Toni Morgan
In one month with Power Start
I earned...
$ 7,200
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
El Programa de Power Start me ha permitido generar significativos ingresos en los primeros meses.
Con Ardyss tengo plena seguridad financiera y un
brillante futuro para mi familia.
The Power Start has allowed me
to earn a significant income in
the first few months of my Ardyss
business. With Ardyss, I have so
much more financial security and
a brighter outlook for my families
I have 100 percent freedom to make my own
schedule, which means I have more time to focus on the things that are most important to me
including helping other people.
My business allows more time for family, too.
“Before I discovered Ardyss, I never had time to
enjoy my kids and their activities.” Now, I have
the time to take a fun vacation at least four times
a year. It’s so obvious to see now what I was missing before Ardyss.
Gozo del 100% de libertad para enfocarme en las cosas que realmente
me importan, incluyendo el ayudar a otras personas, salir de vacaciones y
pasar tiempo con mi familia.
Power Start
In one month with Power Start I earned...
$ 18,350
Power Start
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
We began our journey 8 months ago with
Ardyss International. We were just loo-
king to earn an extra $2000 to pay
our sons school tuition. Earned
$13,820 our 1st month working
with Ardyss. The compensation structure is
lucrative, but the Power Start Bonus is the cherry
on top. The Power Start Bonus has allowed us
to pay off debt, take vacations and build a retirement. The pay-plan have superceded our expectations, earning nearly six-figures. “We say Work
The Power Start”
Power Start Testimonials
Erwin & Twiler Portis
Power Start
Empezamos con Ardyss International, hace 8
meses. Estábamos buscando un in-
greso extra de $2000 USD para pagar la escuela de nuestros hijos, y
en nuestro primer mes de trabajo con Ardyss obtuvimos $13,820
El programa de Power Start nos ha permitido pagar deudas, irnos de vacaciones y ahorrar para
el retiro.
Los planes de pago han superado nuestras expectativas, ganando cantidades de más de 6 cifras.
Power Start
Erika McQueen
Con el Power Start eliminé mis deudas y ahora tengo un negocio que amo y me provee con
muchas ganancias. Estoy muy orgullosa y agradecida de ser la segunda Americana en alcanzar el rango Platino, además mi equipo terminó
el mes con casi 1 millón de dólares, y cerca de
4000 distribuidores. Tengo la confianza de que
terminaremos el año con 10 mil distribuidores y
muchos Presidentes Platino.
Power Start
In one month with Power
Start I earned...
$ 17,000
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
Since starting with Ardyss, I have seen my entire life change for the better. I have elimi-
nated my debts and now I have a
business I love, that provides me
with massive income potential,
and gives me more time to do the
things I want to do.
The future is very bright for Ardyss Elite! I am so
grateful to have been the second American to
make it to the Platinum position. My team ended
the month with almost 1 million dollars in production and over 4 thousand distributors. I am confident we will end the year with 10k distributors
and many Platinum Presidents.
Barbara Brown
In one month with Power Start I earned...
$ 10,400
Power Start
Plus Bonuses and Commissions
I began my Career with Ardyss International last
year in July 2008. I was looking for financial freedom and truly Ardyss International was it. When,
I saw all the different ways the company pays, I
was real excited.
The Power start is helping me to
achieve my goals and dreams,
such as paying all my bills. I have
worked other network marketing
companies and never have I seen
a compensation plan that pays like
the Ardyss Power Start Program.
I have trained my team to do the same thing that
I do and it¢s duplicating into the hundreds. The
Power Pack has truly changed my life and is the
best way to start your business with Ardyss International.
El Programa Power Start me está ayudando a lograr mis metas y sueños, como ahora que estoy
pagado mis deudas.
He trabajado en otras compañías
de Mercadeo en Red y nunca había visto un Plan de Compensación como el de este programa.
He entrenado a mi equipo para
que hagan lo mismo que yo y dupliquen en cientos.
El Paquete Power Pack realmente ha cambiado
mi vida y es la mejor manera de comenzar tu negocio en Ardyss International.
Participate and live this great experience
to the
4 nights and 5 days on a
fabulous Cruise
to the Bahamas
All the Presidential ranks participate
(also all new Presidents)
with the requirements of the contest
From January 5th to July 31th 2009
4 noches y 5 días en un fantástico crucero
por las Bahamas
Participan todos los equipos Presidentes
(también los Nuevos Equipos Presidente)
Del 5 de enero al 31 de julio de 2009

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