Publication of the Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation
Number 3 . 2004
Hedwig And Robert Samuel Foundation
new delhi
san jose
The Hedwig and Robert Samuel Foundation is a private charitable foundation with its head office in Düsseldorf, Germany. It
was established in the year 1932 as stated in the last will of the businessman Robert Samuel and his wife Hedwig.
Hedwig and Robert Samuel
According to the Foundation's statutes, our purpose is to help people in need world-wide. We focus our work on the support of socially disadvantaged children and youths in the developing countries. We obtain the necessary financial means
through revenues from the foundation's assets, through co-financings and through donations.
From the large group of the underprivileged, we promote those young people who by virtue of their intelligence and their
personality are able to live a life in dignity and self-determination with the basic support provided by the Samuel Foundation.
In Germany
Deutsche Bank
Account No.: 390 80 50 05
BLZ 300 700 24
In Costa Rica
Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
Account No.: 609 838 8
(US $)
In Nicaragua
Banco de Crédito
Centroamericano Managua
Account No.: 201 201 446
(US $)
In India
Punjab National Bank, Delhi
Account No.: 18941
FCRA No.: 231 650 827
Headoffice Germany
Königsallee 14
40212 Düsseldorf
Tel: +49-211-1386666
Fax: +49-211-1386677
[email protected]
Office in Costa Rica
Calle Blancos
Frente a Durman Esquivel
Apartado Postal 5275
1000 San José
Tel: +506-258-4080
Fax: +506-222-5242
[email protected]
Office in India
MCD Community Centre
1st Floor, B Block Market
Tagore Garden
New Delhi 110 027
Tel: +91-11-25168862
Fax: +91-11-25454021
[email protected]
Office in Nicaragua
Contiguo a la terminal
de buses 105
Colonia Unidad de Propósito
Apartado Postal 5317
Tel: +505-2631243
Fax: +505-2631935
[email protected]
Office in Thailand
20 M.3 T. Sermklang
A. Sermngam
Lampang 52210
Tel: +66-54-239469
[email protected]
The main focus of our work is the support of children and youths in the areas of education and vocational training. In our
own centres, we offer training programmes for craftsman and technical trades as well as for the service industry, to young
people from the social and economically disadvantaged levels of society. By this, they get the chance to obtain a job in their
respective profession and to master their life self-responsibly. Furthermore, the Samuel Foundation supports projects of
health promotion and health precaution as well as of humanitarian aid.
In India, currently 100 young people per year, who come from the poor quarters of New Delhi, are being trained in dress
■ In Nicaragua, we offer trainings in car mechanics and construction as well as in administration and office communication
for 850 young people at the time.
■ In Costa Rica, we offer training in four different trades of refrigeration and air conditioning as well as the possibility of attaining the high school diploma through evening classes, for actually 180 students per year.
■ In Cuba, we are supporting a vocational training centre in Havanna since 1998.
■ In Thailand, since the beginning of 2002 the Samuel Foundation cares for more than 70 pupils from the region of Lampang in the north of the country, and supports them in their school education.
■ In Germany, we provide help for violence-stricken children as co-founders and associates of the KID "Kind in Duesseldorf
gGmbH" (organisation "Child in Düsseldorf").
■ The
participants of the courses in our training centres are selected in a selection process which has been developed especially for our needs.
■ The selection of trades is based on market surveys that reliably identify which practically-orientated professions provide
best opportunities on the local labour market.
■ The offered training programmes consist of fulltime courses with a maximum duration of at present 19 months, evening
classes for the already employed as well as Saturday courses for special retrainings.
■ Complementary activities to encourage the development of the students' personality are fixed components of our training.
These activities include seminars and round tables about youth-specific interests in co-operation with local institutions,
a comprehensive psychological support of students and parents, but also social work which takes place in public and private complexes in the neighbourhood as well as on the Foundation's premises.
■ The diplomas are officially recognized, whenever possible and reasonable. Depending on the requirements of the training,
the graduates receive certificates which prove their qualification as workers, skilled workers or skilled workers with specific know-how.
Developing and running of training centres for young people, with integrated workshops where it is possible and reasonable
Promoting and operational support of local self-help groups and initiatives
■ Placement of graduates of the Samuel Foundation in enterprises and companies
■ Support of the social and productive infrastructure of the rural area
Protection, care and support of children and youths from socially and economically disadvantaged families
Support for the integration and care of foreign children
Dear staff members,
students and friends
of the Samuel Foundation,
We have a German Christmas carol that says "the bells never ring sweeter". You can hear this carol everywhere in these
days before Christmas. But for millions upon millions of people on this planet this carol certainly sounds rather cynical
because the only thing that sounds for them are their empty
stomachs and their unfulfilled hopes for a better future. The
majority of these people cannot be blamed for their situation
and they need the solitary help from all of us who are living in
happier circumstances.
Please do not misunderstand what I am saying, I certainly
do not want to cause a feeling of guilt in you and I do not either
want to appeal to you for donating in this sentimental period
before Christmas, that would be like a deal of indulgence. The
people I am talking about do not have any sense for Christmas
and the feelings involved. They still have to struggle every day
to reach the next day, always hoping that things will get better. That is why I ask you to concentrate your senses on the fact
that these people need our and also your help every day of the
year. And with a little continuous contribution that will not hurt
you, given to one of the numerous organizations that do useful work, you can make a big and important contribution to the
durable welfare of those who are not allowed to live at the sunny side of this world.
The house"Hohenzollern", Königsallee
in Düsseldorf. The headquarters of the
Samuel Foundation was built between
1907 and 1911on behalf of Robert
Samuel. The name was given to the
building presumably in honour of the
King of Württemberg, who was a
member of the Hohenzollern family
and purveyor of the court for tobacco
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a hopeful year 2005.
Published By: Hedwig And Robert Samuel-Foundation
Martin Barth
Editor: Martin Barth
Translation: Susanne Köster, Claudia Moll, Stella Geiser
Layout: Martina Wallraf Druck: Druckerei von Ameln, Ratingen
Photos: Archives of the Samuel Foundation Cover: Martin Barth
PROSA is published three times a year in English, Spanish and German
PROSA No. 3/2004 has been elaborated in cooperation with the following persons:
in Germany: Susanne Köster, Claudia Moll, Ivonne Schönberger, Renate Thomassen,
in Costa Rica: Javier Berrocal Domínguez, in Nicaragua: Noel Robleto Falla,
in India: Arpana Luthra, Rama Kant, in Thailand: Gerd Mathia
Despite her 92 years,
Sister Nicole is still
enthusiastic about "her"
health station in El
Sister Nicole 1993
talking with the
chairman of the board of
the Samuel Foundation
Dr. Günther Barth.
Sister Nicole, the Good Soul
of the Health Station
of El Tepeyac in Nicaragua
Samuel Foundation has been
giving support for almost 15 years
capped persons leaned on improvised crutches are walking
Saturday after Saturday 7 or more kilometres, at 35° Celsius
or with heavy downpour, in order to get to the health station
El Tepeyac, where they hope to get a helping hand, hear some
encouraging words or receive medicaments that will ease their
ne more common Saturday at the health station of El
Tepeyac. Situated in a beautiful landscape at the foot of
the Vulcan Mombacho, by car half an hour away from Granada, the health station is the last place of refuge for a lot of ill
and handicapped people living in the near and more distant
neighbourhood. They are coming to look for help and consolation for their pains. And although the Belgian sister Nicole
L'Escaille knows very well this scenery since she founded the
health station together with the Sisters of her order in 1963,
she can not and does not want to get used to it because she
suffers too much with the people.
Exhausted old people with sad eyes, pregnant women
without a partner, shy and undernourished children, handi-
Every Saturday approximately 200 poor ill persons take on up to 7km and
more in order to reach El Tepeyac and get medical treatment.
Sister Nicole, Sister Petrona
Albizuris and Sister
Concépción Rivera visiting
Martin Barth, Celia Suárez and
Noel Robleto
at the Nicaraguan office of the
Samuel Foundation
suffering. They are all very poor people who don't have the
ing her belly button. Luz is almost deaf, suffers from diabetes
financial means to get treatment in the public hospitals.
and high blood pressure and is looking for help for the diseases caused by her age.
Mariela, a single mother of a 2-year-old girl who is suffering from a kidney infection from birth, also came to El Tepey-
"These are all typical examples, and there get more and
ac hoping to get medicaments that would ease the pain of her
more. The health care for the poor people in Nicaragua got
little girl. With tears in her eyes she is telling us about her des-
worse in the last few years. We receive every Saturday 200
perate situation not to have enough money to pay the neces-
patients who are looking for help" says Sister Nicole. And
sary special treatment for her daughter.
proudly she points out that today she can count on five doctors from Granada and Managua, who are offering their help
The 76-year-old Luz Marina Aragón has wrapped a towel
in the health station during their spare time. And of course
around her head as a protection from the burning sunbeams.
there are much more helping hands, especially within her
She's accompanied by her 10-year-old granddaughter who is
order; but Sister Nicole is the good soul of all and the health
wearing faded shorts and a small t-shirt that is hardly cover-
station is her "child".
The health station in 1991: since the establishment of the health station
in 1963 the years have left its marks at the building.
The health station in 2004: By donations and the support of the Samuel
Foundation imperative renovations have been undertaken.
of the water supply system of three communities situated in
the surroundings is included. And finally, since 1995 the
Samuel Foundation grants regular financial support for the
purchase of medicine and food.
"Many of the children who are brought by her mothers to
the health station to get medical treatment, simply suffer from
malnutrition. The parents don't have the money for sufficient
and balanced food. We don't have any alternative than giving
them food" explains Sister Nicole almost desperately. Medicine and food are getting more and more expensive which
El Tepeyac in 1992: Dr. Helmuth Bublatzki, country director of the SamuelFoundation hands out the key of the donated minibus to Sister Nicole for
the transport of patients and employees.
causes not only problems to the people but of course also to
the health station that, for the most part, is financed by donations.
But Sister Nicole does not give up besides of her age of 92
years. She knows that the people need her and she will not
abandon them. Even if her eyes have become tired and she
seems absent sometimes during the conversation. But her
face changes quickly when the conversation is about her
"child", the health station. Immediately reappears the former
shine in her eyes and she talks joyfully about some new donator who she could win.
So we also promised her once again our support for the
The board of directors of the Samuel Foundation visits the health station
in 1993, talking with Sister Nicole.
urgently needed renovation of the health station. On several
Saturdays our students of civil construction went together
with their teacher to El Tepeyac and lent their hands to give
She was born in 1912 in Belgium and passed the First
new shine to the health station.
World War together with her parents in England. In 1918 her
family returned to Belgium where they stayed until the end of
But still a lot of things are lacking and donations are need-
the Second World War. Shortly after that she entered the "Con-
ed more and more urgently. Sister Nicole and the other Sisters
gregación Católica Oblatas del Sagrado Corazón" and went to
of her order have to continue with the struggle in favour of their
El Salvador. 1955 she changed to El Tepeyac, the place of her
protégés, the ill and handicapped people of El Tepeyac.
order in Nicaragua, where she founded the health station in
In 1991, she gets in contact with the Samuel Foundation
for the first time. As result, the Foundation donates a minibus
for the transportation of patients and staff members. Sister
Nicole knows how to win the responsible persons of the
Samuel Foundation to her work for a permanent time. In 1993
the Samuel Foundation realizes a project, which is co-financed
by the Federal Republic of Germany, for the renovation and
expansion of the health station. In this project the renovation
New German
Ambassador in
ike in Costa Rica there has also been a change in Nicaragua
at the German embassy in July this year. The new German
ambassador is Gregor Koebel. He was ambassador in Mexico
before and will now represent Germany in Nicaragua for approximately the next three years.
Mr. Koebel succeeds Dr. Hans Petersmann who retired.
During a visit to Nicaragua, the chairman of the Samuel Foundation and the country director of the Samuel Foundation
Nicaragua visited the new ambassador for the first time in
order to accentuate and strengthen the many years of inten-
The chairman of the board of the Samuel Foundation Martin Barth
(left hand) and the country director of the Foundation in Nicaragua Noel
Robleto (right hand) visiting the new German Ambassador in Nicaragua
Gregor Köbel.
sive contact between the Samuel Foundation in Nicaragua and
ambassador to visit our training centers and to participate in
the German Embassy. On this occasion, they invited the
our annual closing ceremony.
Heinz Ascherfeld,
Ex-Member of the Board
of Directors celebrates
his 85th Birthday
n 7th November, the ex-member of the board of directors,
Heinz Ascherfeld, held his 85th birthday with his family
and friends. His mental and physical constitution is really
good. 1972, he was named member of the board by his aunt,
the co-founder Hedwig Samuel. He was part of the board till
1999. Under his aegis the Foundation made most important
mine the future of the Foundation for so many years, natural-
basic decisions as the reconstruction of the top floors of the
ly still feels united with the Foundation and its activities, also
building "Hohenzollern" as the headquarters of the Foundati-
after having left the board of directors. So he still joins the
on and the orientation of the Foundation's work towards for-
annual meetings of the directors of the Foundation from abro-
eign countries with the opening of the offices in Nicaragua,
ad and keeps himself well informed about what is happening
India, Nigeria and Costa Rica. Someone who helped to deter-
in and around the Foundation.
The managing director
of Stewart Title Costa Rica,
Alejandro Antillón (right
hand) and the country
director of the Samuel
Foundation in Costa Rica
Javier Berrocal
signing the agreement
on vocational training
Samuel Foundation in Costa Rica
Propaganda for Vocational Training
Stewart Title, the renowned international company for the procurement of information and the
security of real estate signs agreement for the first two vocational
training sponsorships.
he Costa Rican Office of the Samuel Foundation contributes 50% to the annual budget for the activities of the
vocational training by revenues from their own garage, donations and donations in kind as well as by course fees from those
courses which are not completely subsidised. The head office
in Germany accounts for the other 50%.
In order to release this situation and achieve a more evenly budget, the management of the Samuel Foundation in Costa Rica elaborated a sponsorship for vocational training. Therefore the Samuel Foundation is now looking for sponsors for the
intended 250 vocational training sponsorships for 70 US$ at
home and abroad. The program mainly addresses companies
and enterprises which profit from our vocational training by
providing them qualified skilled employees. That includes the
whole area of Industrial Air Conditioning and Industrial
Costa Rica
Refrigeration as well as the whole area of the Automobile
Industry because one line of our training program includes
Automobile Air Conditioning.
Since many years we are in good contacts with these companies and therefore we hope to be able to win as many companies as possible for our vocational training sponsorships.
We were glad to have won the branch office of Stewart Title in
Costa Rica, the renowned international company for the pro-
World-Wide Business
Centres Düsseldorf
sponsors vocational
training of
the Samuel Foundation
curement of information and the security of real estate as first
sponsor for probably two vocational training sponsorships.
This means a great sign of confidence for the Samuel Foundation as the company deals worldwide with the security of
real estate and its transference and therefore is considered to
be especially strict when revising their actions.
Stewart Title will not restrict to these two sponsorships for
vocational training but the employees of Stewart Title in Costa
Rica will amongst other things hold seminars and workshops
for our students in the framework of our further training
ng Sponsorships
The employees from World-Wide Business Centres in Düsseldorf
(from left to right): Christina Iwohn, Centre Manager Anja Becker,
Stephanie Krause, Ina Droßmann.
is part of their program of social responsibility. Especially the
work with young people from deprived classes is of great
companies and office services located at Königsallee in
importance at Stewart Title.
Düsseldorf, sponsors again the vocational training for a
modules. For the employees of Stewart Title this engagement
nstead of buying Christmas presents for their clients, the
company specialized in office rental, representation of
needy young person in Costa Rica for one year. Also the
Our special thanks go to Mr. Alejandro Antillón, managing
employees supported this social engagement. They do
director of Stewart Title Costa Rica, who took the initiative for
without the usual birthday and Christmas presents for the
this dedication at Samuel Foundation. Those initiatives en-
benefit of the sponsorship.
courage organisations like the Samuel Foundation by believing in their work, to do a good daily philantrophic job and
For further information concerning World-Wide Business
support young people from deprived classes.
Centres see: www.wwbc.de
For further information concerning Stewart Title,
Costa Rica, see: www.stewart.com
The new German ambassador in Costa Rica, Volker Fink, and the chairman
of the board of the Samuel Foundation Martin Barth cut the ribbon at the
entrance of the new training center and set it free for use.
Inauguration of New Training
Students of the Samuel Foundation in Costa Rica are happy about the improved training possibilities of the new training center.
Costa Rica
The inauguration of the new training center is being celebrated together
with the facilitators of the project (from left to right): Efraín Chavez, Martin
Barth, German Ambassador Volker Fink, Mario Mora, Carlos Bresciani,
Orlando Ugalde.
he foundation stone for the new training centre in Costa
Rica was layed in April this year with the cooperation of
the German ambassador, who was at that time Dr. Helmut
Göckel. Now, six months later in October, the new training centre has been inaugurated.
In a solemn ceremony on 20th October the new German
ambassador Mr. Volker Fink and the chairman of the Samuel
Foundation Mr. Martin Barth cut the ribbon at the entrance and
thereby set the new training center symbolically free for use.
In this symbolic act also participated Carlos Bresciani,
engineer and managing director of the construction company
Araica, Mario Mora, engineer and managing director of the
company Thermo Tec, Mr. Efraín Chávez, managing director of
Center in Costa Rica
the construction company Santa Elena and the craftsman
Orlando Ugalde. All persons involved were pleased about the
result of the joint support of the work of the foundation. Within the framework of joint social sponsoring, they all contributed to the extension of the practical training center which
will improve the possibilities of the vocational training for our
The German Embassy gave a donation of 7.500 Euros within the framework of its support program for small projects. The
construction companies, as well as the craftsman and his
employees, worked for free and the company Thermo Tec
sponsored the majority of the building material. Students of
the Samuel Foundation also made their contribution.
Everyone can be proud of the new training center, a 170 m2
extension, which annexes seamlessly to the existing buildings
as well as to the 160 m2 courtyard which will also serve for
training purposes.
The House
and its
New Face
ithin the last years, the Foundation made every effort to
recover the historic aspect of the exterior part of the
building and the whole aspect of the house "Hohenzollern" at
the Königsallee, its headquarters. This was realized step by
step and now, these days, after the rebuilding of the shop of
the jeweller Wempe and the simultaneous renovation of the
corresponding exterior part, these efforts could be finished
Since 26th October, the exterior of the building shines
with its former splendour in the literal sense of the word. The
After the renovation of the exterior part of the company Wempe the house
‘Hohenzollern’, Königsallee in Düsseldorf, shines with its former splendour
in the literal sense of the word.
company Wempe reopened its shop this day after the renovations and as a finishing detail they lit the exterior part by
floodlights that emphasize the structure of the building.
The new claim of the Samuel Foundation
The new claim of the Samuel Foundation "Give youth a chance" expresses very clearly and in a
short form, what the Foundation's work is about, what are the contents and its target group.
This claim was created by Mr. Bernd Kreutz, owner of the management consultancy "Kreutz &
Partner Kommunikation" in Düsseldorf, who kindly did this job as a probono-order. Our thanks
also go to Rainer Barth of the advertising agency Grey in Duesseldorf, who acted like an
intermediary between the Foundation and Mr. Kreutz.
For further information concerning Kreutz & Partner Kommunikation see: www.kreutzundpartner. de
The Postbank Privat Investment in Bonn
supports the Work of the Samuel Foundation
in Thailand
Donation for a good cause instead of Christmas
From April 2003 on, the Postbank
Privat Investment has been
sponsoring the vocational training
of the 13-year old girl Netnapa
ust as last year, the Postbank Privat Investment in Bonn once
and computer classes and by this intensify and improve the
again informed its clients that instead of Christmas pre-
training in these two areas for all children we care for. And to
sents the bank would invest the money provided for the pre-
show their solidarity in the long term with the people there,
sents to support the work of the Samuel Foundation in Thai-
Mr. Pfarrer and his team decided to sponsor one of the chil-
land. Furthermore they will ask their clients in a letter to par-
dren looked after by the Samuel Foundation.
ticipate with own donations in this campaign of support in
favour of needed children and youths in Thailand.
Karl Heinz Pfarrer, the director of the Postbank Privat
Investment and his team are part of those who faithfully sup-
For further information concerning Postbank Privat
Investment see: www.postbank. de
port our initiative for education in the North of Thailand. With
their help we e.g. could enlarge our equipment for the English
With donations of Ruamjai e.V.,
Wachtberg, and the SchmitzHille-Foundation, Düsseldorf,
the Samuel Foundations equips
two rural schools with a small
computer laboratory
Samuel Foundation
Classes in Thai Sc h
ven in Thailand the syllabus of the primary schools inclu-
at the limit of our capacities regarding space and equipment
de computer classes because every-day-life of Thailand,
and we had to find a solution.
as all over the world, is not possible without computers and,
therefore, it is a must to get familiar with this media at an ear-
Computer courses for 200 children
ly age. However, lacking financial and personal capacities are
In close coordination with both public schools situated in
impeding this and because of the limited household of Thai-
the surroundings of the Foundation we could finish very soon
land's government this situation will probably not get better
the planning of the installation of a computer laboratory in
in the coming years.
each one of them with four computers, one server, one printer and one modem and with an instructor provided by the
We have realized this development in time and have start-
Samuel Foundation. Furthermore, we could soon find
ed two years ago with computer courses for the children we
financiers for the investments in Germany. Raumjai e.V.,
care for. In that time we have been able to make a lot of expe-
Wachtberg, financed the investments for the Pong Nam Ron
riences and to collect know-how. So it was no surprise that
School by a school sponsorship and the Schmitz-Hille-Foun-
"our" children became "cracks" in this area in a short time. As
dation, Düsseldorf, a cooperation partner of the Samuel Foun-
a result our classes got the attention and acceptance of the
dation of many years, gave the necessary financial means for
local schools and we wanted to give also to other children the
the purchase for the Ban Giu School. So we got the solution.
possibility to participate. But with only "our" children we were
In the meantime, the computer laboratory of Pong Nam Ron is
Two students being briefed by the employee of the Samuel Foundation Pai Chamburee.
on gives Support for Computer
c hools
finished and completely equipped and the work at the Ban Giu
School will be ready in December so that in both schools we
can start with the computer classes in January. Totally, 200
children of these two schools will get the benefit of the computer classes.
Thanks to the generous support of the Schmitz-Hille-Foundation we also can build new sanitary facilities at the Ban Giu
School and completely renovate the kitchen, where the daily
school meals are prepared.
And if the cooperation works with the computer classes as
everybody is expecting it, we will start this project in the San
Pong School which is the meeting point of all advanced students coming from the rural schools and where the computer
From January 2005 on, computer courses will be provided for the children
of the Samuel Foundation in the computer laboratory of the Pong Nam Ron
classes are becoming even more important. But first we have
to find another sponsor for this project.
Help for Duangpon
Lionshilfe e.V. Bielefeld
supports handicapped
girl in Thailand
The 19-year old Duangpon
is suffering the consequences of polio. Her
physical handicaps allow movements only
with great effort.
ince three years already, the Samuel Foundation is active
bilitation. But nonetheless, the Thai girl did not give up her
in a supporting way within the area of training in the North
courage to face life. Her biggest desire is to learn and to broad-
of Thailand. Apart from that, the Foundation takes care with
en her horizon. But to do so, she needs a special training in
great commitment of some especially needed people who -
movement and technical aids.
because of their illness or physical handicap - are a big and
nearly unsupportable responsibility for their impoverished
A wonderful present
The LIONS-Hilfe e.V. Bielefeld made that the desire she had
all her life now came true. With a generous donation they have
One of the mentioned cases is the one of the girl Duang-
now created the economic requirements to give Duangpon's
pon, who as a baby suffered from polio y since then is seri-
life a real sense, step by step. First there were bought things
ously disabled. Today she is 19 years old and has passed near-
to simplify her daily life, as e.g. an adjustable, movable chair
ly all her life lying because her physical handicaps allow her
where Duangpon is able to participate in the life that is sur-
to move only with great effort and external help. Therefore,
rounding her sitting in an upright position, and also a specially
Duangpon depends on her family's care the whole day long,
padded mattress.
but her family day after day has to take up the struggle to survive. Her father died years ago, and therefore her mother,
An unforgettable excursion
grandmother and her younger brother have to see to the daily
Finally and for the first time in her life, Duangpon should
essential needs without being able to rely on a regular income.
leave her home to make an excursion to the local surrounding
The unfavourable circumstances did not leave any possibility
area and this way find the motivation and strength for the new
for Duangpon to attend school or receive a treatment of reha-
tasks in her life. Together with her mother, the Samuel team
For the first time of her life, Duangpon
leaves her home to make an excursion.
The performances of teachers and students
made the day an unforgettable experience
for her.
Duangpon has got a future
In the near future, Duangpon will
get massages and do therapeutic
exercises in order to train her kinetic system and improve the control
over her extremities decisively. As
soon as the necessary progress has
organised the visits of two village schools, which should be an
been made, she will get a visual technical training for reading,
unforgettable event for everybody involved.
with the desired aim to allow Duangpon to communicate with
the exterior world via the world wide web. The necessary tech-
The teacher and pupils of the Ban Giu school had pre-
nical aids will be put on her disposal.
pared the visit of Duangpon with great joy and had planned
some surprises. Half of the village was already there when
We and Duangpon say thank you a lot to the LIONS-Hilfe e.V.,
Duangpon reached the school. After a very warm welcome, a
children's dancing group showed a dancing performance on
an improvised platform. Karaoke singing, showed by other
groups of pupils, naturally could not be missing and was an
especially amusing entertainment. All in all it was a touching
picture and Duangpon was fascinated by so many new
Meanwhile, the Samuel Foundation had prepared refreshing drinks and snacks for everybody present, in order to say
thank you. So that teachers, pupils and visitors went to eat all
together. Duangpon showed her gratitude to everybody for
this beautiful day in a most beautiful way: with an overjoyed
smile, that would not move from her face.
A group foto reminds Duangpon of the nicest day of her life.
It's Indian Hindu Wedding
14.000 weddings only in New Delhi on
A typical Indian Hindu wedding.
The former student of the Samuel
Foundation Charitable India Trust
Kavita with her groom Pradeep.
g Season again
n the 28th of November
Every year the months from November till
February are the heaviest Hindu wedding
months in India due to auspicious days during
this period. Only in New Delhi 14.000 weddings
were hold on Sunday the 28. of November as it
was supposed to be one of these very
auspicious days. Numbers that raise the
question: what is it that makes people in India
believe so strongly in their marriages while
marriages in the western cultures are more
and more on the defence?
Therefore parents and elders of both families consider these
units and the social system before making a partner choice.
So Hindu marriage is based on exogamy in which before setting up relationship the degrees of ascendancy of father and
mother is traced. As per Hindu marriage Act of 1955 the degree
for father and mother is determined up to five and three generations respectively. In this way the degrees of parents of
bride and groom both are traced and if either of them comes
from the same ascendancy the possibility of marriages are
reduced. This system reduces the marriage with the blood
group. This principle of exogamy is practised almost in all over
ndian Weddings reflect the rich cultural heritage of this
Hindu marriages require several ceremonies and rites
country and the religious customs associated with marria-
before taking legal effect of marriage. These ceremonies vary
ge. Although there are also Muslim Indian Weddings, Christi-
from community to community in India but these ceremonies
an Indian Weddings and Sikh Indian Weddings, the most
are essential and indispensable. They take a couple of months
important one is the Hindu Indian Wedding due to the majo-
time in which number of stages related to marriage are per-
rity of Hindus in the Indian Society.
formed such as identification and matching of partners,
matching them astrologically, family status, ‘Roka’ (engage-
The traditional Hindu law says "marriage is sacrament and
ment /ring ceremony), ‘Tilak’ (praying and invitation to groom
not a civil contract". It is a 'Sanskar' or purificatory ceremony
by the brother of the bride and providing some gifts to groom's
obligatory for every Hindu. The Hindu religious books tell that
family) and then the marriage ceremony at bride's house.
marriage is a duty because an unmarried man cannot perform
some of the most important religious duties. The union due
The marriages are performed by priests who chant Sanskrit
to marriage is sacred and indissoluble in life and continues
hymns and mantras in front of the sacred fire, while special
even after the death of the partner (spouse). The parents are
Indian wedding music - ‘Shehnai’ in the North Indian wed-
morally obliged to find life partners for their children and the
dings and ‘Nadaswaram’ in the South Indian weddings - are
children, mostly, accept the parental choice. The marriage is
played. Typically it begins with the selection of an auspicious
considered as a union of two families rather than between two
day and time to perform the wedding. A day before the wed-
young people. Hindu marriage system does not allow room
ding, the bride's palm and feet are decorated with ‘henna’ or
for courtship or romantic love before marriage.
‘mehendi’. The ceremony itself is conducted in a mandap, a
special dias decorated with flowers for the occasion.
The Hindu marriage system has defined various forms of
marriages and for different forms of marriages there are dif-
The wedding procession of the groom, the ‘baraat’, is the
ferent sets of rules and regulations. The Hindu social system
main event on the groom's side. The Bridegroom sits on ‘mare’
is structured in various units such as caste, class, village, trib-
(female horse). The ‘baraat’ headed by a display of fireworks,
al, etc. The marriages are prohibited in the same social unit.
accompanied by the rhythm of the ‘dholak’ or ‘melam’
(drums), reaches the meeting point, where the elders of both
the families meet and welcome the groom with garlands and
‘aarati’(Hindu divine service) . After this the bride, decked
with the finest of jewellery, and the groom sit in the mandap
in front of the sacred fire, where the ‘kanyadaan’ is performed,
the ritual where the bride is given to the groom by her father,
symbolizing giving of the bride to God Vishnu. Then the groom
ties the knot. The ritual of ‘pradakshina’ follows, where the
bride and the groom walk seven times around the sacrificial
fire, called ‘Saptapadi’. The last stage of the Indian marriage
ceremony is the ‘saptapadi’, where the bride and the groom
take seven steps together facing the north, after which the bride
shifts to the groom's left. The couple is now declared married.
It is the tradition which is still the stronghold of the Indian
society and which makes marriages still so popular. But as can
be seen in other fields the influences of foreign cultures grow
and will definitely not bypass the relationships between man
and woman.
After the couple has taken seven steps together facing the north, the couple is then declared married.
Students’ Journal
Students of the Samuel Foundation
launched their own Journal
The Students’ Journal in the
different countries: same design
of the header but individual
layout and content.
During the last few months the students
of our training centres in Costa Rica, Nicaragua
and India have launched their own students’
multiplication of the students’ journal are given. Additionally, this concept has the advantage to teach the students in a
playful way special knowledge and skills. Computer knowledge, handle of digital media like photo cameras and dictating machines are taught and the students are stimulated to
fter the "Students’ journal" of the Samuel Foundation in
bear responsibility.
India and the "Boletín Estudiantil" of the Samuel Foun-
dation in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, in the next year the Samuel
Furthermore, in India you can point out one more aspect
Foundation in Thailand will also follow with its own Students’
which is the linguistic aspect. The journal is published in Eng-
lish which helps the students to practice this language which
is becoming more and more important in India. In Thailand the
This initiative gives the opportunity to the students to com-
journal will be published in Thai as 95% of the people who are
municate and comment local events. The German Prosa edi-
living in the area of the foundation's office don't speak Eng-
tion with its character of an international journal of the Samuel
lish and can not read the PROSA journal which is published in
Foundation, is addressed to another group of people and
German, Spanish and English.
therefore has to fulfil a different demand for information. So
it was likely to create a mouthpiece about subjects of local
Everybody who is interested and of course the students
interest for the students and employees of each training cen-
and employees of the other training centres will be able to
tre. And as all our training centres have computer laboratories,
download the students’ journals from our homepage
the necessary technical conditions for the production and
Carlos González Mejia
Cristian Guerra Bellorín
Erick Fonseca Aburto
Franklin Marenco Romero
Huber Ramírez López
Howard Madrigal
Julio Amador Sequeira
Jessica Palma Rodríguez
Julio Ruíz Largaespada
Juan Soza
José Torres Sovalbarro
Tommy O'meani Gutiérrez
Alvaro Aguirre Palacios
Alvaro Martínez Jarquín
Alfa Narvaéz Flores
Carlos Espino Rivas
Erick Blanco López
Erick Coca Zelaya
Erick Díaz Guerrero
Eleazar Madríz López
Franklin Sánchez Jarquín
Freddy Miranda Mendoza
Javier Acevedo Espinoza
José Cantillano Reyes
Julio Moraga Rojas
Lenin Moraga Murillo
Marvin Pérez Bone
Melvin Ramos Maltez
Melvin Solís Granado
Omar Olivares Calero
Pablo Dávila Rodríguez
Yuris Martínez Parrales
Amilcar Alemán Espinoza
Augusto García Romero
Aisbel Obando Solís
Duilio Baltodano Valle
Ervin García García
Johnatan Martínez García
Jairo Rojas
Michel García García
Marcos Velásquez Aguirre
Norlan Ruiz Flores
Norlan Murillo García
Rigoberto Ortiz Vellorín
Uriel Reyes
Andrea Álvarez Martínez
Armin Rodríguez Ramos
Arlan Serrano Sánchez
Carlos Aguilar Vega
Carlos Santos Toruño
Cristhopher Serrano Castillo
Denis Payán Rivera
Eugenio Flores Báez
Ervin Maldonado Narváez
Fernando Flores Gutiérrez
Franklin Sánchez Espinoza
Juan Saballos Toruño
Luis Arguello Hernández
Leonardo Cano Espinales
Marvin López Alemán
Manuel Velásquez Rodríguez
Octavio Jaenz Sandoval
Roberto Reyes Rodríguez
Vidal López Cárdenas
Yasser Castillo Cano
Bladimir Molina Suárez
Bayardo Raudez Rodríguez
Carlos Gutiérrez Castro
Carlos Ruíz Hernández
Francisco Tinoco Ruíz
José Hernández Mendez
Junior Gutiérrez Romero
Luis Tórrez
Mardoni Alemán Reyes
Manuel Guevara Gutiérrez
Reynaldo Martínez Maradiaga
Yerlis Gutiérrez Castro
Carlos Benavides Suárez
Carlos Martínez García
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Jorge Cano Escobar
Jonathan Chávez Maliaños
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Jorge Roa Chávez
Jonathan Rosales
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Novi González
Omar Mairena
Pedro Fernández Samuria
Roberto Bravo Bermúdez
Armando García Jarquín
Adán Matamoro Obando
Aldo Velásquez Velásquez
Carlos Mendoza López
Flavio Villalobos Cruz
Francisco Alfaro Mendoza
Giovanny Cortez García
German López Pineda
Gabriel Sánchez
Jorge Calderón Picado
José Sandoval Sanabria
Milton García Saavedra~~
Nestil Mondragon Santamaria
Roberto Payán
Silvio Malespin
Walter Bonilla Solano
Willian Vasquez Moraga
Ariel López Pineda
Carlos Molina García
Darvin Córdova Williams
Jhony García Calero
Juan García León
Juan Mendoza Quintanilla
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Miguel Gaitan Martínez
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Wuilber Pérez Balladares
Aída Samuria Arguello
Edwin Balmaceda Martínez
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Eduardo Mendoza Rocha
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Heran Padilla
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Julio Ayala Solís
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Jairo Fox Rayo
Jimmy Roque Dolmos
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Sergio Masis Izquierdo
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Dennis Villega
Fernando Villega Alvarez
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Horacio Ochoa
José Zavala
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Ereno Gerán
Harling Velásquez Aguirre
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Leonardo Alvarado Hernández
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Eveling Mora Rivera
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Marlon Leiva Balladares
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Walford Montoya Villareyna
Algherys Cisne Chévez
Abraham Estrada Dávila
Denis Reyes Arróliga
Jacqueline Reyes Páramo
Linda Escobar Gutiérrez
Luis Rosales Balladares
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Yony López Chevez
Aarón Olivas Zeledón
Arlen Padilla Altamirano
Brayan Vanegas Solís
Deglis Cruz Cruz
Franklin Varela Flores
Hernaldo Lindo Herrera
José Medrano Chávez
Jorge Salazar Cruz
José Salgado Osorio
Leslie Barrios Rivera
Lisseth Chavarria Muñoz
Miguel Araica Saborio
Marlon Salguera Ocampo
Marlon Silva Murillo
Maycol Tijerino Sánchez
Obet Corea Centeno
Ronaldo Reyes Sánchez
Wilbert Valdivia Olivas
Yader Domínguez López
Yolanda Ortega Cajina
Zeneida Ortiz Mendoza
Alicia Lanuza Pérez
Ana Tinoco Mena
Claudia López Inestroza
Dimar Soto Aragón
Denis González Blandón
Emérita Espinoza Estrada
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Ingrid Reyes Acuña
Jacinto Lagos Carrión
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Jefferson Molina Chevez
Juan Solórzano
Karen Saravia Flores
Luisa Martínez Gutiérrez
Milton Aráuz Guido
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Mildred Flores Espinoza
Maria Jiménez Aguirre
Marlen López Flores
Nehemías Chévez
Nelson Martínez Morales
Patricia Carballo
Pedro Uriarte Aburto
Richard Sarria Gómez
Victor Martínez Lacayo
Yeril Saravia López
Claudia Velásquez Cuadra
David Dávila Doña
Eliezer Castilblanco Calero
Emerson López Sandoval
Eleazar Madriz López
Eda Medina
Erick Silva López
Emelina Siles Rivas
Erick Zambrana Cardoza
Fernando Quintana Silva
Gonzalo González Ruiz
Heriberto Beteta Henríquez
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Hazel Ordóñez Blanco
Ivania Domínguez Solís
Javier Amador Silva
Jessy Duarte
Julissa Gadea Villanueva
José García Espinoza
Juan Ruiz Chávez
Karla Duran
Luis García Poveda
Lizet Manzanares Guevara
Mauricio Carballo Arce
Mizun Castillo Suárez
Mauricio Cano Zamora
Marlon Chavarria Buitrago
Marlon Morales Navarrete
Marta Olivares Loaisiga
Maria Olivas Valdivia
Maria Rosales
Norma Espinoza Reyes
Ofsman Vargas Castillo
Pedro Orozco Alfaro
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Salvador Gomez Padilla
Sorayda Silva Castro
Sheyling Urroz Martínez
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Walter Palacios Reyes
Yelina Hunter Peña
Yadira Manzanares Valle
Alexander Velásquez Aguirre
Darvin Pravia Zamora
Eder Gutiérrez Dubón
Edgard Sánchez
Marlon Hernández
Axel Aguilar Lara
Allan Bravo Sequeira
Alina Hunter Peña
Alexander Herrera Santamaría
Alejandro Montealegre Corea
Ashley Shas Díaz
Ariel Silva López
Claudia González Garay
Cherna Orozco Carbonell
Carlos Valle Briceño
Olman García Ortíz
Luis Diego Rojas Abarca
Francisco Caballero Huete
Wagner Vargas Murillo
Diego Porras Guevara
Kathya Sánchez Ramírez
Gabriel Carballo Montero
Yader Pérez Moreno
Ivan Sánchez Araya
Wiltón Acevedo Estrada
Eleazar López Naranjo
Noé Flores Hernández
Andrés Méndez Mora
Carlos Barrientos Chinchilla
Cristian Pizarro Delgado
Daniel Ruiz Guadamuz
Diego Calderón Coto
Edgar Bonilla Briones
Esteban Jiménez Espinoza
Federico Fallas Montero
Froilán López Varela
Glenn Makré Varela
Gustavo Angulo Sánchez
Gustavo Moreno Campos
Helberth Guillén Rojas
Jason Román Fernández
Josue Solorzano Campos
Juan Pablo Rojas Marín
Marcos Avendaño González
Michael Valverde Valverde
Willian Madrigal Chavarría
González Elías Leonardo
Gordon Cruickshank Richard
Mora Mora Bolivar
Rivera Murillo Carlos
Román Solera Carolina
Sandoval Meléndez Jose Manuel
Vargas Calderón Miguel
Ulate Avila Ronald
Mauricio Rojas Calvo
Jorge Vargas Leitón
Alejandro Barrantes Chinchilla
Gustavo Gallardo Jiménez
Jose David Leiva Ruiz
Carlos Quesada Quirós
Mauricio Barquero Madrigal
Guillermo Andrés Parada Rodríguez
Jeffrey Redondo Sierra
Esteban Abarca Leiva
Jorge Arturo Navarrete Navarrete
Jimmy Ortiz Castillo
Michael Morales Piedra
Hasiel Arguedas Calvo
Michael Badilla Quesada
Jorge Badilla Valverde
Alfonso Gómez Zúniga
Verny Moraga Calvo
Andrés Brenes Sánchez
Arti Panchal
Anjana Chauhan
Ekta Chhabra
Jyoti Chauhan
Jasmeen Bhambra
Madhu Rawat
Neeta Sharma
Niti Kapoor
Pooja Soni
Parminder Kaur
Ravi Kanta Bharal
Rachna Sharma
Rajesh Verma
Ritu Mandal
Seema Basoya
Savita Gupta
Salma Ansari
Sapna Ashrani
Seema Sharma
Seema Chorasiya
Sarika Gusai
Uma Haldhar
Joseph Rodríguez González
Jorge Arturo Navarrete Navarrete
Marcelo Barquero Fernández
Kevin Espinoza Marín
Randall Hernández Murillo
Juan Antonio López Montoya
David Rodríguez Valenciano
Josué Arce Guerrero
Rodrigo Victor Barboza
Rodney Noguera Avendaño
Luis Diego Quesada Quirós
Oliver López Montoya
Jorge Donzon Ortíz
Alka Agnihotri
Antima Gupta
Anu Gupta
Archna Agnihotri
Ashok Kumar
Divya Sharma
Ganga Prajapat
Gayatri Sharma
Jyoti Rani
Jyoti Gola
Jyoti Wason
Kavita Anand
Kavita Grover
Komal Verma
Meenakshi Raiya
Monika Gautam
Neha Gulati
Pratibha Thakur
Reena Rajoria
Renu Kashyap
Sapna Prajapat
Seema Kumari
Shabana Ansari
Shashi Tanwar
Sonia Sharma
Suman Verma
Tovalibun Nisha
Usha Sharma
Ziaul Hasan
Aguinaga González Douglas
Avila Aguilar Oscar
Castaño Pareja Luis
Cerdas Sanabria Juan Carlos
Cordero Zuñiga Jonathan
Ferris Macaya Norman
Hernández Guevara Jimmy
Marín Garita Rafael
Mesén Quesada Emanuel
Mesén Quesada Orlando
Pérez Hernández Filamir
Varela Solís Michael
Aarika Gupta
Asha Rani
Harjeet Kaur
Jasmeet Kaur
Jasbir Kaur
Kamna Gandhi
Kamalpreet Kaur
Kulvinder Kaur
Lalit Kumar
Manoj Kumar
Mariam Soreng
Manpreet Kaur
Namita Gandhi
Paramjeet Kaur
Pooja Yadav
Poonam Srivastava
Ritu Sharma
Roop kamal Rava Rajpoot
Ritika kakkar
Shahin Jhan
Sandhya Arora
Sanpreet Kaur
Shifali Verma
Sonia Lamba
Swati Bajaj
Vineeta Rani
Amphan Thasao
Arinun Kamwangjan
Athit Djanjon
Bdin Thepgaeo
Bhinatda Gantawong
Boonphitak Inpeea
Buncha Pinnuan
Buntida Tantatna
Chaiyan Pinnuan
Chajondate Thonggaew
Chalatan Jinaka
Chantana Lapotha
Ganda Munmuang
Gieatipum Muangtan
Golakot Wongtan
Intiporn Si-on
Jamjuree Chuangaeo
Jankae Jinawan
Janliya Srijan
Jantra Nuankaew
Jinda Machae
Jotaka Djaija
Jotsai Nuanlaka
Kanchana Unmuang
Lachan Inthong
Maneewan Inpandjai
Manlika Djaiwandee
Nakhon Jinawan
Namfon Wongla
Namthip Jankham
Napa Permkruer
Nattikan Duangchu
Neeranuch Tawong
Netnapa Djaiwandee
Netnapa Djackwan
Nikun Teapsaen
Nick Ratchaneerom
Nipa Normai
Nipa Duenchai
Nuangruethai Suwanpokha
Orathai Djaikamfu
Pakinai Jinawan
Pakpoom Chumtee
Patcharin Wongtan
Patpong Somwong
Paveena Jankham
Phairat Jumpoofoo
Pimphaka Pangnucha
Pongsak Unmuang
Pongsakhon Damuen
Praipikul Kamlue
Samran Yawpeng
Siripon Sanin
Somchay Nuankaew
Somquan Bhalaai
Somying Kongpeea
Somboon Djaiyamee
Somprasong Munmueng
Sopa Tantatha
Sumindra Udthakham
Supagran Munmueng
Supaporn Teapsao
Sutathip Teapsaen
Thanakorn Muangma
Tippawan Wanjan
Tipprapha Pakamma
Ungkana Normai
Vanvisa Wongtha
Vichanee Wandu
Viwat Wandu
Walaluck Machae
Watcharin Djaiya
Wongtawan Petpanya
Yaowaluk Thanoi
ello dear students and readers of
affection, attention and showing per-
job and we see again and again that it is
PROSA! I want to express my most
sonal interest. They have become real
worth finishing the training.
sincerely thanks to the Samuel Founda-
examples for us to look at.
That is the reason why today I would like
tion. I want you to know how important
To all classmates of the Samuel Foun-
to remind all students of the Samuel
it was for me to get admission to the
dation: take advantage of this great
Foundation: do not give up the struggle,
Foundation. With its help I will be able to
opportunity offered to you and do not
because after the efforts the feelings of
support my family who is living with litt-
permit that anything or anyone will stop
success you will obtain will be innumer-
le financial means in the countryside
you from learning and acquiring profes-
able! With best regards,
and I will be able to contribute to the
sional knowledge! From what we do
country's development.
TODAY depends our TOMORROW.
Valeria Corrales, secretary
I have never thought to meet somebody
Pavel Mora Gaitán, Car Mechanics,
Samuel Foundation Costa Rica
who would give me so much support
Samuel Foundation Nicaragua
y best wishes to all readers of
like the Foundation does. They teach me
ello friends, my name is Esteban
my dreams and reach my objective to be
PROSA! My name is Valeria
of the introduction course. Ever since I
a useful part of the society.
Corrales and I am the secretary of the
wished to learn industrial refrigeration;
I have been attending the car mechanics
Training Centre Costa Rica. I am very
therefore I take the opportunity that is
course for five months now and I feel
pleased to write you some lines and to
now offered to me. I really feel fortuna-
that with the help of my teachers and
tell you something about the work we
te that I am able to do a training at the
classmates I have learned a lot of things
are doing here.
Samuel Foundation. Here, we are pre-
that will be useful for my future.
I am now with the Samuel Foundation for
pared for a hard labour market, where
At the end I would like to give you an
already one year and three months and
only those who are well trained and do
advice: "do al-ways your best to fulfil
I enjoy it very much. I thank God and the
have a graduation are able to survive.
your dreams and never forget that there
people of the Foundation who believe in me
And this is exactly what the training cen-
is always somebody who will lend you a
and the work that I am doing every day.
tre of the Samuel Foundation offers. The
helping hand!"
For me, the Samuel Foundation is like a
values we get to know here and the high
José Luis Triguero, Car Mechanics,
big family and the work we are doing
quality of the training are the most
Samuel Foundation Nicaragua
here means a lot to us. We take a big
important instruments for a job in a com-
responsibility for the young people here.
ello to all readers and classmates!
We do not only prepare them for their
I would like to express my thanks to the
Hereby I would like to express my
jobs, we also help them to develop
Foundation and the entire personnel
thanks to the Samuel Foundation for
themselves personally.
that make possible this training. Every
making an effort to educate us, not only
For that reason it is our main goal that
day they do their best to improve their
in the technical field but also in moral
these young people take the biggest
work and they are always there to help us.
values that are important for everybody.
advantage possible from the two years
I also thank all people who made possi-
Maybe we are not yet aware of the im-
of training the Foundation offers. We
ble the construction of the new building.
portance of the education that is given
want them to learn to show the neces-
It will help to optimise our training.
to us but sooner or later we will get to
sary sense of responsibility, both inside
Once again thanks for being admitted to
know that the Samuel Foundation and its
and outside the Foundation. They do not
the Samuel Foundation and for the pos-
education is a real treasure that we have
know anything about the great joy we
sibilities that are offered to me hereby
to keep.
feel when they come and tell us about
Esteban Fernández Leiva,
This is why I want to thank the adminis-
their success in a company. We are so
Introduction Course,
tration staff and teachers for giving us
happy to get to know that they do a good
Samuel Foundation Costa Rica
the value of studying and how to fulfil
Fernández Leiva and I am a student
Reader’s Letters
nity to learn and build my career. I dream
hary. "A normal life is not so diffi-
that if I would not have availed this
cult but to make a life normal with efforts
opportunity my fate would have been
is not so simple". I always wanted to
the same like many others who wish to
move the life according to my wish but
do for their career but who have failed
it is not easy at all. It is very difficult. I
due to an absence of support and guid-
believe that God is always kind to me.
ance. I feel that my longing desire to do
With his mercy my desire is fulfilled, I got
this course and choose my career in the
admission to Samuel Foundation Chari-
same profession is likely to be ascer-
table India Trust.
Our world is very beautiful but beauty
I wish this Foundation should forever
wants smartness. Like flowers: they are
help and guide young people like me.
so beautiful but when they are put in a
Annu Malhotra, 19 years,
bouquet they look even more attractive.
Dress Designing, Center Pahar Ganj,
In the same way a person also needs
Samuel Foundation India
some smart touch to improve his personality.
vive happily and meet all those routine
needs easily. This is especially very dif-
gning course at Samuel Foundation in
ficult for people coming from lower and
India. I am also pursuing my final year
middle class society. I therefore wish to
exam for BA through correspondence
become a good garment designer so
course. My graduation will be completed
that I could make good and high quality
soon. But still I do not know if I will find
designs for those who are not able to
an employment.
afford the costly designed garments. I
Through some sources I got to know
feel that in a few months of training at
about the training at the Foundation
the Foundation I can become a profes-
which offers totally free training and
sional designer and will meet my de-
once the training is completed the Foun-
sires. Besides training the Trust makes
dation also helps and guides to get
us a good human being. I am thankful to
placed its student. For me it was a boon
the Foundation.
as I come from a lower class family and
Priyanka Chaudhary, 20 years
unable to acquire training from any oth-
Dress Designing, Centre Tagore Garden,
er private training institution. Today I
Samuel Foundation India
see a bright future before me and I feel
In present days it is very difficult to sur-
ello dear readers of PROSA, I am
Rachna, a student of Dress Desi-
that I would be able to help my family
and my parents.
t was that moment when I learnt that
The training at the Samuel Foundation
one of my friends who currently works
has boosted my confidence. I quietly
in a boutique and saw that her status
thank God and Samuel Foundation for
has improved now; I decided to make
providing me such a nice chance.
my future like her.
Rachna Kumari, 25 years
I express my sincere thanks to Samuel
Dress Designing, Center Pahar Ganj,
Foundation for offering me the opportu-
Samuel Foundation India
Like always, we present here the best s
ello Friends, I am Priyanka Chaud-
Eduardo Hernández Pérez, 18 years
Civil Construction,
Samuel Foundation Nicaragua
My name is Eduardo Hernández Pérez and l want
to say hello to all the students of the Samuel
Foundation and readers of PROSA.
l am a student of the civil construction course and
thanks to the Samuel Foundation l could acquire
a lot of knowledge about this field. First l was following studies at the University, but when l was in
the second year l had to give up because of financial problems in my family.
In the radio l heard one month later that the
Samuel Foundation offered scholarships for different technical professions and l decided to go
there because of my wish to continue studying
and reach my objective which is to finish my training in the construction course and then to work
as a professional.
The Samuel Foundation gave us the possibility to
study, therefore l would like to give you the following advice: "do everything to reach your aims,
be a good person and a responsible worker showing a social attitude towards the others!"
Costa Rica
st students (of the third trimestre of 2004), wishing them luck and success also in the future.
Horacio Quesada Loría, 19 years
Student of the Introduction Course
Samuel Foundation Costa Rica
Arika Gupta, 19 years
Student of Dress Designing
Centre Garhi, Samuel Foundation India
Intiporn Si-on, 13 years
7. grade
Samuel Foundation Thailand
Hello, my name is Horacio, l am 19 years old and
l come from Florida de Tibás.
When l heard about the Samuel Foundation and
how it is supporting young people who don't have
many possibilities to go to a high-school, l decided to participate in the admission exam. Thank
God l passed the exam and was accepted. Here l
learned about the value of the work and the teachers and employees taught me the necessary
discipline which one needs in order to reach one’s
Dear readers of PROSA,
My name is Ms. Arika Gupta, I am 19 years old and
a student of Dress Designing and Quality Supervision Course at Samuel Foundation Charitable
India Trust for the batch 2003/2004.
My name is Intiporn Si-on, but everybody calls me
Oy. I live in a settlement called Hong-Hee in the
province of Lampang in the north of Thailand. My
two elder brothers and my elder sister still go to
school, too, and this is a big financial burden for
my family, which my parents only can bear by raising a credit.
l am happy to be part of the introduction course
which gives me the possibility to prepare myself
within a short period and so to continue studying
and to help my family.
I want to thank God and all the staff for giving me
the possibility to be able to study something that
helps me to grow as a person.
l will do my best to take advantage of this part of
my life. The most important thing is to have a
positive attitude towards your own future so that
everything will have a good ending.
It is a great surprise for me to be known as one of
the best students of the Samuel Foundation Charitable India Trust. I am a quiet, shy and hesitant
young girl who is not extroverted. It was a real
great relief for me when I got selected for this
course. In my family my mother is the sole bread
winner as my father does not live with us. She
earns her livelihood by garment stitching at home
and cares for us siblings. I really feel sorry about
her condition. I always wanted to take off the responsibilities of her hands and lighten her burden.
But I did not know how to realise it.
But God has already helped me in this. A poster
advertisement of the Samuel Foundation attracted me and finally I got selected for this course.
Today I have already finished my first year of training. But I am no longer the same girl, I have
changed a lot. Due to the training, the good
atmosphere at Samuel Foundation and the knowledge on personality- and career development,
today I am confident and feel capable of taking
At present I am helping my mother in her work
along with my apprenticeship. Soon I will join
some industry for better exposure and in future I
will run my own boutique. I thank the Samuel
Foundation for helping me to see my biggest
dream realised.
We are very poor; my parents don't have any regular income and they work as day-workers whenever possible. They also have to care for my grand
This year I finished elementary school with the
best possible mark 4,0. During my school-days I
participated in many students' competitions and
I often made the first place. I always had the dream
to keep on learning at the middle school to achieve
the best possible degree, but we had not enough
money to realize that dream.
The school is located about 15 km away from my
home and my family couldn't even pay for the
travel costs. Fortunately the Samuel Foundation
Thailand has approved my request for support
and with this help I am now able to visit the fist
class of the middle school. My family and I, we are
very pleased about that and I will do my best to
get good school marks in the future.
To my surprise and delight this time I have been
elected best student of all 'Samuel children', a
fact which will give me even more motivation to
exert myself in school. I would like to make the
best of this unique chance, which was given to me
by the Samuel Foundation.
At the end, I would like to give a message to our
readers: "If you do a work good then do it better,
if your work is better then do it the best; and till
you achieve the best do not take rest."
foundation for education
Training Center of the Samuel Foundation in Managua, Nicaragua
Training Center of the Samuel Foundation in San José, Costa Rica
Children's home of the Samuel Foundation in San Isidro, Costa Rica
Training Center of the Samuel Foundation in New Delhi, India
Office and Training Center of the Samuel Foundation near Lampang, Thailand

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