May 31, 2015 - St. Joseph Parish



May 31, 2015 - St. Joseph Parish
oseph Parish
Mission Church of St. Vincent de Paul
9961 Elk Grove Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624 ● (916) 685-3681 ● FAX (916) 685-7254
Mission Church: 14673 Cantova Way, Rancho Murieta, CA 95683 ● (916) 354-2403 ● FAX (916)354-2404
We, the parish community of Saint Joseph Catholic Church (Elk Grove) and Mission Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
(Rancho Murieta), enriched by many traditions and cultures, come together to worship God in Sacrament, liturgy, and prayer.
We are committed to acting as One Body in Christ, and to living our One Faith with the help of the Holy Spirit. We
continually seek to reach out in loving service to others, both within our parish as well as in the greater community, in order to
spread the Good News of our faith.” (Parish Mission Statement)
Schedule of Services
Office Hours
Saint Joseph Parish
Saint Joseph Parish
Weekend Masses
4:30 PM
7:30 9:00 11:00 AM
& 1:00 PM (Español),
& 5:00 PM (Filipino Mass Every First Sunday,
English Mass - All Other Sundays)
Weekday Schedules (Monday to Friday)
Liturgy of the Hours
7:30 AM
Daily Mass
8:00 AM
8:30 AM
First Friday Mass
7:00 PM
Eucharistic Adoration
8:30 - 10:00 AM
Every First Friday
7:30 - 10:00 PM
Sacrament of Reconciliation
2:30 - 3:30 PM
Or By appointment
Mission Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
Weekend Masses
Weekday schedules
Daily Mass (Wednesday)
Service of the Word
Eucharistic Adoration
Every First Friday
Sacrament of Reconciliation
5:00 PM
9:00 AM
8:30 AM
8:30 AM
8:30 AM
4:00 - 4:30 PM
Or By appointment
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School
Trina Koontz (Principal) (916) 684-7903, ext. 12
e-mail: [email protected]
Tammy Babich (Preschool/EDP Director) (916) 691-4825
e-mail: [email protected]
9:00 AM - 12:00 Noon
Tuesday to Friday
9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Visit us on our website:
See us on Facebook: St. Joseph Catholic Church (Elk Grove, CA)
Mission Church of Saint Vincent de Paul
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Parish Staff
Fr. Brian Atienza (Pastor), ext. 122
e-mail: [email protected]
Fr. Carlo Tejano (Parochial Vicar), ext. 125
e-mail: [email protected]
Deacon Larry Hiner, 916-685-3681
e-mail: [email protected]
Deacon Ned Quigley
e-mail: [email protected]
Aurora Fragozo-Aguirre (Parish Administrator), ext. 120
e-mail: [email protected]
Sr. Ma. Imelda Grace Dañas, RVM (DRE of Faith Formation),ext. 124
e-mail: [email protected]
Jerome Baybayan (Youth Ministry Coordinator), ext. 123
e-mail: jbaybayan
Julius Roberto (Database Administrator), ext. 121
e-mail: [email protected]
Armida Gallegos-Lee (Administrative Assistant), ext. 128
e-mail: [email protected]
Veronica Padilla Perez (Administrative Assistant), ext. 127
e-mail: [email protected]
Bill DuVal (SVdP -Administrative Assistant), (916) 354-2403 ext. 129
e-mail: [email protected]
Amy Roberts (Liturgical Music Coordinator)
e-mail: [email protected]
Paul Seishas (Marriage/Family/Therapist) (916) 616-1800
e-mail: [email protected]
Saint Joseph Parish
: 06/01 08:00am - Atanasio Castrodes †
Fr. Carlos Tejano (SI)
: 06/02 08:00am - Rober t B. Ar es (SI)
: 06/0308:00am - Auguste Eugene Durocher †
RM 08:30am - Lou Miraglia †
Thu: 06/04 08:00am - All the Souls in Purgatory
Catalino Mendoza †
Fri: 06/05 08:00am - Tomas Celino †
Nazziree Pugh †
Sat: 06/06 04:30pm - Maria Catarina Rosa †
Linda Lopez & Son (SI)
RM 05:00pm – For the Parishioners of SVdP
06/07 07:30am – Sol Cecilia Martinez †
09:00am - All the Souls in Pur gator y
Frank Carson †
RM 09:00am - For the Parishioners of SVdP
11:00am - Rosalyn Vinalon †
01:00pm - Elsa Lakomy †
05:00pm - Robert Ares (SI)
Today’s Readings
First Reading
— The Lord is God in the heavens
above and on earth below (Deuteronomy 4:32-34,
Psalm —Blessed the people the Lord has chosen to
be his own (Psalm 33).
Second Reading — You received a Spirit of
adoption, through whom we cry, “Abba,
Father!” (Romans 8:14-17)
Gospel — Baptize them in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit (Matthew
Readings For The Week
Mon: Tb 1:3; 2:1b-8; Ps 112:1b-2, 3b-6; Mk 12:1-12
Tues: Tb 2:9-14; Ps 112:1-2, 7-9; Mk 12:13-17
Wed: Tb 3:1-11a, 16-17a; Ps 25:2-5ab, 6-7bc, 8-9;
Mk 12:18-27
Thur: Tb 6:10-11; 7:1bcde, 9-17; 8:4-9a;
Ps 128:1-5; Mk 12:28-34
Fri: Tb 12:1, 5-15, 20; Tb 13:2, 6efgh-8; Mk 12:38-44
Sat: Sir 51:12cd-20; Ps 19:8-11; Mk 11:27-33
Sun: Ex 24:3-8; Ps 116:12-13, 15-18;
Heb 9:11-15; Mk 14:12-16, 22-26
Pray For Our Military Families
Steven Alsop
Josh Alonzo
Don R. Baker II
Robert Bohon
Solomon Bolt
Carl Ian Bravo
Jaclyn Buno
Mark Dollar
Benjamin Erwin
Matthew Farrell
Joey Feathers
Roman Fernandez
Serena Grandov
Graham Hebert
Valery Keaveny Jr.
Freddie Koeller
Glenn Lewis
Kyle Linebaugh
James Lovello
Amber McGovern
Russell Miller
Mike Montini
Jared Ortner
Cherry Pangilinan
Dominic Peterson
Ian Rubstello
Michael Riehl
Jousha Shaffer
Zachary Schiele
Jason Stiles
Shawn Tostado
Jason Lee Tudor
Brien Warfield
Jaime Wong-Lopez
Jordan Wood
Jason Woodford
Diosdado Pangilinan Shai-Lin Ynacay
Military Prayer List Additions
To add new names of active military to our
military list, please send an e-mail to
[email protected] or call Pat at 916-686-5977.
Parish Weekly Collection
Weekly Goal:
St. Joseph
$ 11,200.00
$ 2,600.00
Offertory this Week:
St. Joseph
$ 10,457.40
$ 1,842.00
FOR EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)
If you wish to contribute via EFT (electronic fund transfer)
please visit our parish website for more information.
“Thank you for your generosity and may God continue to bless
you with His providence.”
KOC Scholarship Winners
The St. Joseph's Knights of Columbus Council
7241 would like to congratulate the following 3
students on their achievements and on each winning
a $800 academic scholarship:
Ashley Cruz- Elk Grove High School
Drew Gender- Cosunmes Oaks High School
Jasmine Aduna- Monterey Trail High School
Submit bulletin Articles by Friday 12
(one week prior ) to:
e-mail: [email protected]
To Celebrate the Sacraments of Marriage
and Baptism, please visit or call the parish office.
Or visit our parish website:
Saint Joseph Parish
Welcome to our newly Confirmed 2015
Congratulations to all of our youth that have received Confirmation this
past weekend Friday, May 22nd. We honor and welcome you all into this
continued journey of faith as we all continue the work of spreading the
gospel to all nations
“Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves
fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”
1 Corinthians 15:58
Tyler Afana
JuanRené Aguirre
Davy Alvarez
Edgar Alvizo
Austin Anderson
Isabel Anderson
Lauren Anderson
Darren Kim Animo
Teagan Annear
Luke Barragan
Brendan Beckstaiger
Nichola Bermudez
Hanna Bui-tu
Angelica Cano
Alejandro Cante
Maria Cante
Destini Carmo-Sandoval
Kaleb Cerezo
Rosa Cervantez
Isabel Chavez
Ryan Collins
Jack Colville
Araceli Comer
Jacob Corder
Jordan Corder
Joshua Corder
Nolan Covey
Christian Dabandan
Joshua Dolin
Raul Fernandez
Jose Figueroa
Gilberto Fuerte
Montserrat Garcia
Sophia Garcia
Ruben Garcia
Isabella Gepilano
Claire Gillaspie
Alison Gonzalez
Daniel Guerrero
Aaron Gutierrez
Lorena Gutierrez
Catalina Gutierrez
Carson Hanson
Jackeline Herrera
Alexandra Hock
Tanner Hutcheson
Noni Ifyefobi
Ebi Ifyefobi
Abraham Lee
Blaine Leicht
Carinne Malana
Noemi Martin
Ivan Martinez
Fernanda Martinez
Abigail Maurno
Melissa McAvoy-Jensen
Emily McKay
Carolina Mendez
Camila Moreno
Emmanuel Moyo
Jayven Nanca
Hope Natale
Hedy Navarro
Erik Nelson
Henry Nguyen
Michelle Ornelas
Jonathan Orozco
Isabella Palmer
Ivan Pena-Olmos
Rene Pena-Olmos
Brendan Perkins
Owen Peters
Alexis Pland
Michael Potter
Gregory Pueyo
Bryan Rettele
Antonio Rocha
Rafael Rodriguez
Monica Romero
Brendan Sample
Jack Shea
Macy Smith
Christian Sotelo
Annalycia Valencia
Antonio Villalvazo
Israel Villalvazo
Megan Young
Perla Zamora
Ivan Zombrano
Saint Joseph Parish
Knights of Columbus Recruitment
The Knights of Columbus is an organization of
Catholic men and their families that derive a great
sense of satisfaction from being able to develop
lasting friendships with each other while helping the
less fortunate. Every day the Knights of Columbus
provides its members with the opportunity to
discover the importance of charity, unity, fraternity,
and patriotism to our country and world. I urge all
men in this parish not involved with the Knights to
join the Knights of Columbus. Those parishioners
who belong to the Knights, I encourage you to help a
friend and his family discover the opportunities
available in the Knights of Columbus to serve your
parish and community.
Representatives from the MSGR Raymond
Renwald Council, #7241, at St. Joseph Parish are
available after mass June 6th-7th to answer questions
and accept applications for membership. We
welcome your interest and invite your participation.
For more information contact: Jackson Campbell at
916 685-6662.
Christian Brothers Youth Football
Christian Brothers Jr. Falcons Youth Football and
Cheer. Take advantage of our early bird registration
discount and sign up for the 2015 season today! The
CB Jr Falcons program promotes integrity, honor
and excellence. We provide experienced coaching,
skill development, superior equipment and an
emphasis on safety. Come join the fun and
experience the amazing camaraderie and
brotherhood of CBJF.
Fr. Tom Bible Class
Announcing the return of Fr. Tom, for another
enlightening class starting Friday, June 12th,
10:30am-12:30pm. Please note change of location,
being as Granny’s Attic will be going on at the same
time will we will meet in St. Anthony’s r oom, used
to be classroom #5. Subject is A Great Prophet Has
Appeared Among Us. For questions or information
please call Pat Evans at 686-5977.
Dottie Schloemann
Memorial Service Notice
St. Joseph Parish
Memorial Services will be held for Dottie
Schloemann at East Lawn Memorial Park, 9189 E.
Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove, CA on Friday, June 5,
2015. Visitation and private prayer will begin at
5pm, Memor ial Ser vices will begin at 6pm
followed by Fellowship and Refreshments. It is
requested that donations be made to St. Vincent de
Paul Society (SVDP) at St. Joseph Catholic Parish,
in lieu of flowers. Donations are to be submitted to
the Parish office.
Associate Director for Lay Ministry
Formation, Sacramento
The Diocese of Sacramento is looking for a
driven, energetic, passionate bilingual (English/
Spanish) bridge builder to supervise a staff and
coordinate programs to recruit and train the next
generation of lay ministry leaders for the Diocese of
Sacramento. Responsibilities include coordinating
formation and training program for lay ministry
leaders and Master Catechists in English and
Spanish, supervising a staff of three, creating a
campaign to promote formation opportunities to
young adults, providing on-going training, and
training, orienting and supporting Catechetical
leaders. The ideal candidate will be bilingual
(English/Spanish), have at least five years'
experience coordinating formation programs for a
diverse group of ministers, experience supervising a
staff, an understanding of and ability to work well
with Catholics from different cultures and
ideologies, and a Master's Degree in Theology,
Catechesis, Pastoral Ministry or related field.
Opening is immediate, starting date is negotiable.
Full time, exempt, salaried position with full
benefits. Email cover letter and resume to Kevin
Staszkow, Director of Evangelization and Catechesis,
Diocese of Sacramento at [email protected] Please
check out
job_announcements.html for more information.
Book Club
Do you like to read and
discuss books? If so, please
consider joining our book clubLibra Vermi (latin for book
worms). We meet every 3rd
Tuesday fr om 1-3pm at the
church. For infor mation, questions or opinions,
please call me, Pat Evans at 686-5977.
Les informamos que es un requisito que padres y
padrinos participen en las pláticas Pre-Bautismales.
Por favor, para registrarse pase a recoger un
paquete en la oficina de la parroquia.
Las platicas para el mes de Junio serán el primer
sábado, el 6 de juno de 9 - 11am en el salón social.
Saint Joseph Parish
St. Vincent de Paul Society News
Noticias de la Sociedad de S.V. de Paúl
Things change quickly in a
busy parish; and, it has for
Granny's Attic. This year, our
main fundraiser goes from June
4th to June 6th. Make sure you
stop by and do your shopping.
Thank you to everyone who has donated to the
Sacramento Life Center program. We are grateful
for all donations we have received and today will be
our last day to give.
Our monthly meeting is on Tuesday, June 2,
2015 at 7pm in the Renwald Room. All visitors
are welcomed.
Mark your calendars. Our next visit to Loaves &
Fishes is on Friday, June 19, 2015, at 9:30am. We
meet at the church parking lot and carpool with our
other volunteers. If you have any questions, please
contact Camile at [email protected] or call
916-531-3762. You don't have to be a member to
join us.
If you or someone you know is in need of help
with food, clothing, utilities, please call our
confidential hot line at 916-667-2779. One of our
volunteers will return your call to schedule a home
visit to discuss your needs. God Bless you.
Las cosas cambian rápido en la Parroquia y éste
año La Venta de la Abuelita (Granny's Attic), será
más temprano, del 4 al 6 de Junio. Los esperamos
con mucho gusto cuando vengan a hacer sus compras.
Muchas gracias a todos los que han donado al
programa del Sacramento Life Center. Hoy es el último día para donar.
Nuestra junta mensual es el martes 2 de Junio,
en el Salón Renwald, a las 7pm. Todos son bienvenidos.
Marque sus calendarios, nuestra siguiente visita a
Loaves & Fishes es el viernes 19 de Junio. Nos reunimos a las 9:30am en el estacionamiento de la Iglesia y vamos todos juntos. No tiene que ser miembro para acompañarnos. Si necesita más información, por favor llame a Gloria, al 916-682-8599.
Si usted o alguien que usted conoce necesita
ayuda de comida, ropa, muebles u otros gastos de la
casa, por favor llame a nuestra línea confidencial, al
916-667-2779 y deje mensaje. Cuando le regresemos
su llamada, platicaremos sus necesidades en su casa.
Que Dios los bendiga.
Granny’s Attic
GRANNY’S ATTIC Rummage Sale Parishioner’s
Night tickets ar e in the bulletin. To make
shopping more enjoyable for our parishioners, each
ticket will admit 4 adults. If you don’t have a ticket,
you may use your donation envelope. The public is
invited Friday, June 5 from 8 am – 12 noon and 4-7
pm and Saturday, June 6 from 8 am -12 noon. No
ticket necessary. Proceeds will be used by the St.
Vincent de Paul Society to benefit the poor.
Del Ático de la Abuelita
La Venta de GRANNY'S ATTIC empieza el
Jueves, 4 de Junio, de 4-7pm, solamente par a
Feligreses.Los boletos de entrada están en el boletín
ésta semana. Cada boleto admite 4 adultos. Si no
tiene boleto, puede usar el sobre dominical con su
nombre. El público está invitado el Viernes, 5 de
Junio de 8am-12pm y de 4-7pm y el Sábado, 6 de
Junio, de 8am a 12 del mediodía. El Viernes y el
Sábado, no necesita boleto. Las ganancias
recaudadas serán a beneficio de la Sociedad de San
Vicente de Paúl para ayudar a los pobres.
Granny’s Attic Rummage Sale
Parishioner’s Night, Thursday, June4,
4-7pm 1 Ticket ~ Admits 4 Adults
La Venta De Granny’s Attic
Tarde de Feligreses, jueves, 4 de junio,
1 BOLETO ~ Admite 4 Adultos
Saint Joseph Parish
Youth Ministry News
¡Noticias Del Ministerio Juvenil!
Youth Ministry Fundraisers
Please join us for Pancakes for Poland on June 14
from 8-11am in St. Juan Diego and St. Catherine's
room. All you can eat Pancakes for only $7.
4th of July Fireworks PreSeason Scrip
Sales will be on sale on the weekends of June 7th
and June 14th. Please come and pr e-order your
fireworks to have an exciting Independence Day!
Recaudación de Fondos para el Ministerio
Acompáñenos por favor a disfrutar de unos Ricos
Pancakes para Polonia el domingo 14 de Junio de 8 a
11 de la mañana en los salones de San Juan Diego y
San Catherine. Todo lo que gustes comer por
solamente $7 dolares.
La Preventa de Fuegos Artificiales para el 4
de Julio llegará durante los fines de semana del 7 y 14
de junio. Visitenos y pr e-ordenen sus fuegos
artificiales para tener un super divertido Día de la
Vacation Bible School 2015
Come into the secret laboratories at St. Joseph’s for a week
of science projects, and crazy experiments as we all become
scientists at Sonspark Labs. VBS will start Monday June
23rd through Friday June 26th from 5:30-8:30pm.
$30 per child or $70 per family
Registration will open June 1st to June 10th at the parish
office. Please go online, fill out the form, and bring the
form and the payment to the parish office. Kids of all ages
from pre-school to sixth grade are invited for a special
concoction of faith and fun at Vacation Bible School!
ADULT Volunteers Needed
Volunteers please come and join us for a planning meeting on Tuesday June 2nd in the Youth Room to
prepare for the fun that is going to happen at Vacation Bible School 2015!
Escuela Biblica en Vacaciones 2015
El Laboratorio de Sonsparks empezara:
el lunes 23 de junio al viernes 26 de junio
de 5:30 a 8:30 de la noche.
$30 por niño o $70 por familia
Las inscripciones estan abiertas a partir del 1 de junio al 10
de junio en la oficina de la par r oquia. Par a mas
informacion por favor comuniquese con Jerome en la oficina.
Niños en edades desde preescolar hasta sexto grado estan
invitados para realizar una mezcla de fe y diversion en la
Escuela Bíblica en Vacaciones!
Necesitamos ADULTOS Voluntarios
Necesitamos voluntarios vengan y únanse con nosotros el jueves 2 de junio para una junta de planeación
y retroalimentación para prepararnos para la diversion que sucederá en la Escuela Bíblica en Vacaciones
Vocations Cross
Thank you to Lynn King for taking the Cross in May and blessings for Mary Anne Corsaut for taking
the Cross in June. Thank you! There is a 2015 sign-up sheet in Anderson Hall - please sign up to take the
cross into your home for one month. Call Bob or Margie Coffman 354-1744 if you have any questions.
Potluck News
Please join us for a Potluck dinner on Saturday, June 6th in the Anderson Hall to wish Father Resti good
luck in his new assignment. Bring a dish to share and your own beverage. A sign up sheet will be posted for
you to indicate whether you are bringing a main dish, side dish, a salad or desert, and the number attending.
Cold dishes will be refrigerated and hot dishes will be placed in the warming oven for those attending Mass
to Life
that evening. Please join us for
an evening
of friendship,
fun &
good food.
A Black and White Gala celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, November 8 at the Hyatt Regency
Ballroom. Guest speaker for the event is Abby J ohnson a for mer dir ector of the lar gest Planned
Parenthood in the US and now a nationallyGranny’s
recognized Pro-life
Atticauthor, Leader and Advocate. Come and
hear her story. Cost is $135 or $1300 for a tablet of 10. If you are interested in going, please contact Lynn
ATTIC Rummage
Sale Parishioners Only Night is Thursday, June 4 from 4-7pm.
at [email protected]
or 687-6442.
Tickets are in the bulletin this week and next. To make shopping more enjoyable for our parishioners, each
ticket will admit 4 adults. If you don’t have a ticket, you may use your donation envelope. The public is
V o and
c a t4-7
i opm,
n sand
C rSaturday,
o s s June 6 fr om 8 am -12 noon. No
invited Friday, June 5 from 8 am – 12 noon
A necessary.
thank you Proceeds
to Rosie will
in September
prayers for Ceres
be usedfor
the St. the
de PaulCross
to benefit the
Holsapple for taking it in October. Thank you!
Eucharistic Adoration
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is the first Friday of the month here at St. Vincent de Paul Mission
Church on June 5, 2015 from 9:00am to 12:00pm. Please take this opportunity to spend some quiet time
with our Lord in this private devotion. Deacon Ned will conclude this devotional period with Benediction at
12:00pm. Please r emember we must have someone pr esent at all times when the Blessed Sacr amento
is exposed. If you can only stay a short while try to come after the initial hour and before the time of repose.
Painting of the Church
The entire facility will be repainted starting Monday June 1, 2015. Scheduling should not impact the
regular Wednesday morning Mass. Until we complete the interior of the Sanctuary, the walls may look a
little stark but please bare with this situation. All will be restored as soon as possible.
Attention: St. Vincent de Paul CFF FAMILIES
Open Registration for CFF 2015-2016 is on Sunday, May 31, 2015 after mass. You may fill out the
form online and bring to the office with your payment or come and fill out your registration with your
tuition payment for the year 2015-2016. This date is the ONLY registration date for the next school year.
Tell your families and friends! If you have any question’s, please feel free to call 916-685-3681 or contact
Sr. Grace, RVM or Jerome Baybayan by email: [email protected] or
[email protected] Editing
SVDP Youth Ministry
EDGE will resume again in September.

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