Spring 2013 - Holyoke Public Schools


Spring 2013 - Holyoke Public Schools
Holy oke P ublic Sc ho ols
Holyoke Public Schools
Volume 11, Issue 3
A Community Working Together
Spring 2013
An Open Letter to the Holyoke School Community
The Specials Are Very Special
By David Dupont, Superintendent of Schools
Artist: Jasymne Ramos, Peck School
With English Language Arts (ELA),
Math and Science pushed to the forefront
over the past several years due to state curricular expectations and MCAS, there has
been a tendency to look at—a perception—
that the special subjects (Art, Music, Physical
Education, etc.) are in a somewhat secondary
status, because of the relentless drive to be
Proficient (or even better—Advanced) in
these major content areas. (As a former
teacher of Social Studies, I am also very concerned where this humanity stands in the
eyes of the state and its resultant sometimes
inequitable servicing at varying degrees in the
K-8’s due to the extended time allotted for
ELA and Math, along with the valid necessity
to provide interventions for our educationally needy students. Of course, there is not
enough time in the school day, but that is for
another discussion.) The Specials are also
convenient for scheduling prep and planning
time. Again, their worth here seems to be
based more on organization and scheduling,
rather than for their intrinsic and extrinsic
values. The much more appropriate view
that should be taken of the Specials is with
regards to their educational and socialemotional worth to students.
One does not have to be a health
related professional to understand the importance of daily physical fitness and movement, no matter what age the individual
might be. Physical Education (PE) classes
offer a variety of athletic and fitness opportunities. The importance of PE will most likely
result in the mandated expansion of the time
allotted for classes in the very near future.
Art and Music are inherently important as
subjects that expose students to the aesthetic world, along with hopefully providing an
appreciation for what artists can do with
space and what musicians and composers can
do with air waves. In addition, any of the
Specials can motivate in students an interest
to pursue the knowledge and skills involved
in the Specials to a greater level, including a
career pathway. Just look at what our students produce in gymnasiums, on playing
fields, in art shows, or on stages. Even those
great personal pieces of student artwork
displayed in their homes might someday
move from refrigerator doors to museum
walls. None of the above should be taken as
any type of argument against the importance
of ELA, Math, and Science (and eventually
Social Studies).
The value of these content areas to
human intellectual growth, to real-life applications, and to potential future careers goes
without saying. This is just a simple, but very
important attempt, to have the Specials
Inside this issue:
School News
After School
Edition Highlights:
● Pioneer Valley Excellence
in Teaching Awards
● Free Adult English
● Lego Robotics Day
Specials—Continued on page 3
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The mission of the
Holyoke Public
Schools is to provide
opportunities for all
students to reach
their full potential in a
safe, secure, healthy
learning environment
while valuing diversity
and promoting
The Pioneer Valley Excellence in Teaching Awards (formerly known as the Harold Grinspoon Award) were
presented on Friday, March 8, 2013 to seven Holyoke Public Schools teachers. Teachers honored include: William
Greaney (Holyoke High School), Janet Morales (Donahue School), Joan Daly (Metcalf School), Yvonne Hilyard (Morgan
School), Joan Cameron (E.N. White School), Debbie O'Brien (Kelly School), Karen Chouinard-Sheedy (Dean Technical
High School). Teachers were awarded based upon their demonstrated professionalism through excellence in teaching
practices, professional development, good attendance, and enthusiasm. Awardees receive a cash award of $500, an
engraved plaque, a 3-month membership to the YMCA, an invitation to a celebration event at the Log Cabin, an invitation from WGBY to take an online course, and $100 scholarships given by Western New England University, Springfield College, and Westfield State University to take a graduate course. Congratulations teachers! Visit the district
website http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us/grinspoon.html for more information about the awardees, and a video documenting the distribution of awards.
Holyoke School
Mayor Alex Morse
Dennis Birks
Superintendent Dupont congratulates Karen
Chouinard-Sheedy, Dean Technical High
School Cosmetology teacher.
Holyoke High School teacher William Greaney
(fourth from the left), poses with his students.
Margaret Boulais
William Collamore
Joshua Garcia
Joan Daly,
Metcalf School teacher
Yvonne Garcia
Howard Greaney
Cesar Lopez
Michael Moriarty
Janet Morales,
Donahue School
Devin Sheehan
Deadline for
for inclusion
in the
edition of the
May 10, 2013
Kelly School teacher
Debbie O’Brien is
greeted by her
E.N. White School teacher smiles as Carmen
Sikand, Assistant Director of Human Resources
provides information about the award.
Connections Newsletter
Edited by Judy Taylor [email protected]
Editors Emeritus: Kelly Doktor and Laura DuPont
Translated by: Luz Aguillar
“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” ~ Japanese Proverb
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Yvonne Hilyard,
Morgan School
Page 3
*FREE * Come One, Come All!! English classes for adults! FREE*
There is no time like NOW! Study in your child’s school and learn how to support their reading and homework! Classes are open to all – from
beginning level on up…. Come and join the English classes for parents, guardians and family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.). If you have
a student attending the Holyoke Public Schools – and you want to learn and improve your English – there are slots open in the Kelly, E. N. White,
Sullivan and Morgan Schools.
Speaking and understanding English will help
at doctor’s visits or in the hospital
prepare for the GED
apply for and attend college
apply for a job
Meet other parents and make new friends!
Enjoy fun family field trips during Spring
Vacation! Please call to register…
E. N. White School
Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00-11:30
Call Daisy at 534-2058 or Katy at 552-2938
Kelly School
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00-11:30
Call Jeanette at 534-2078 or Katy at 552-2938
Morgan School
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:00-12:00
Call Glenda Morales at 534-2083
Sullivan School
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-3:00
Call Aida at 534-2321 or Maria at 552-2937
“H” Counsel Meeting
May 1st—Held in the Holyoke High School
Cafeteria at 6:00 PM
Register Now!
Children must be 5 years old
on or before September 1, 2013.
Registration by
Appointment Only
Applications available at the:
57 Suffolk Street 413 534-2007
Special Education Advisory
Council (SEPAC) Meeting
Please join other parents at our upcoming meeting—Topic: Bullying. Our
combined efforts can influence the success of our children, as well as shape
their futures.
May 6th, 6:00 PM at Donahue School:
School Committee Meetings
Visit the Holyoke Public Schools
website to view meeting schedule:
Specials—Continued from page 1
viewed as what their categorization implies-something very special. Working
together to provide a fully balanced educational program that provides a variety
of both knowledge and skill-based curricular offerings, while at the same time
meeting state achievement expectations,
is a very worthy pursuit, but also is a
Visit the district website for more information:
Contact: Kelly- [email protected] or Dawn- [email protected]
great challenge for many school districts,
especially when finances might be threatened due to unpredictable state and
federal funding. Although there might
be a natural tendency to look first to the
Specials when considering budget cuts, I
believe that our school district, with
ongoing school committee support, has
recognized and demonstrated a great
concern for maintaining the aforemen-
tioned balanced educational program.
Our students, at all grade levels, deserve
exposure to as many curricular offerings
that we can and should provide, and
none of these offerings should be pitted
against each other based on perceived
importance or their monetary value.
They are all very important for the futures of our children.
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Page 4
Working with Elephants and Piggies
By Kelly Doktor
Kelly Doktor's second grade class at Sullivan Elementary School received
an Elephant and Piggie book for each child as a gift from author Mo Willems.
Students performed several activities with the books including completing
text-dependent and higher-level thinking questions for each book, filling in a
Mad Lib activity featuring Elephant and Piggie, and each student created his or
her own Elephant and Piggie story board. One of the highlights using the
books were choral readings where the girls were Piggie and the boys were
Gerald, the Elephant. The choral readings showed great fluency and intonation skills!
Geneva Bessette and Erica Rivera read a Piggie part while each is
holding Piggie.
Anthony Morera and Jose Cruz read an Elephant part while each is
holding Elephant.
By Ms. Carol Mardeusz
Kayla Velazquez, Irelisa Gonzalez, Yuliana Ortiz,
and Hayley O’Brien were presented The Anita Borg
Judges’ Award on March 9th as a result of their
participation in the Girls Connect FIRST LEGO
League Robotics Day at the Massachusetts Green
High Performance Computing Center.
The Award was given to these young engineering
students in recognition of being a well-rounded team
that celebrated the spirit of Girls Connect and the
FIRST LEGO League. It was granted as a result of
their team work in building a LEGO robot and then
programming it to complete various tasks associated
with a Food Safety Theme.
Students at Sullivan School enthusiastically answered the
city’s call to participate in the second Annual Holyoke Winter
Carnival. Sullivan artists created over 200 paper lanterns that
were proudly displayed as part of the "Luminaria" at Community Field on Friday, March 1, 2013. Each class experimented
with a different technique for their lanterns – everything from
stencils and printmaking to silhouettes. Lots of hard work
went into this large undertaking, but students were excited to
show their work to the whole community! The hard work
paid off when students and families arrived at the event to
find all their lanterns lighting up the night.
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Students Present at Mount Holyoke College
By Rebecca Masters
At Kelly Full Service Community School, our Extracurricular
Activities Workgroup has been working hard to bring sports and student clubs to our school. Four 7th graders from Kelly’s Student Leadership Group have been working diligently as members of the Extracurricular Workgroup: attending meetings, offering suggestions, and assisting
in surveying. Christian Rivera, Luis Rivera, Luis Melendez, and Gabriel
Irizarry have shown amazing leadership skills in paving the way for more
Kelly sports!
During the February break, Gabriel and Christian went way
beyond their comfort zones in order to promote a collaboration between a Mt. Holyoke College sports class and Kelly Full Service Community School. The two student leaders presented to a group of Sports
Pedagogy students at Mount Holyoke College to tell them about Kelly’s
need for sports and our amazing, and too often unused, baseball field.
Our fabulous intern, Nikita Mitchell, set up the meeting and we believe
it was a homerun—pun intended! A big thank you to Mt. Holyoke College Professor Dave Allen for allowing us to visit his class!
By Linda Amaral
The first teacher cohort of the Content and Language Integration as a
Means of Bridging Success / Word-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (CLIMBS/WIDA) Training celebrated their last class on
March 9th. This group of ESL and content teachers has spent the last
three months becoming more familiar with the WIDA Standards and
how to use them to lesson plan through the CLIMBS training. They
analyzed text and language tasks to learn how to better plan for all
levels of ESL students. They co-facilitated grade level meetings to
present what they learned in class to the rest of the staff. One of the
members of the class, Denise White, even co-presented an outline of
our program at a statewide conference of teachers, principals and
The ELE Department goal is to build capacity within the
district by having several of these cohorts, at least a team from each
school, whose purpose is to be the “go to” people in regards to creating lessons that plan for the different levels of ELLs in each classroom.
Kelly School will be the model school for this program.
A new cohort of CLIMBS will start at the end of April. We
are looking for a team from each school. Flyers and notices have been
sent out to the schools. If you are interested, please notify Linda Amaral or Olga Escalera by phone or email. Aside from the collegiality
and knowledge gained through this training, you will be paid at the
contractual rate, have the option to obtain two graduate credits, apply
this to your re-certification, and add evidence of leadership and ability
to plan for diverse learners to your educator plan. *This course does
NOT lead to SEI endorsement.
Mt. Holyoke student, and Kelly School Intern, Nikita Mitchell
listens as Christian Rivera and Gabriel Irizarry, 7th graders, speak to
Mt. Holyoke students about a sports collaboration with Kelly Full
Service Community School.
Girls Connect at Robotics Day
By John Cavanaugh
On March 9th the Massachusetts Green High Performance
Computing Center hosted the Girls Connect FIRST LEGO League
Robotics Day. Teams of girls from ages 9-14 were invited to attend the
day-long event.
Kelly School was represented by a team of Grade 4 students—Eagle Girls—and a team of Grade 3 students—Mrs. O’Brien’s
Fantastic Four. The girls participated in the event which started with a
team building exercise and then moved on to the actual construction
of their “robots”. This was followed by an introduction of how to
program your robots to perform certain tasks. After lunch the girls
were presented with a challenge to have their robots perform a series
of tasks which were laid out on a grid that the robots needed to navigate around.
ALL girls enjoyed themselves and were successful. The
Grade 4 Eagle Girls team, coached by Grade 4 Teacher Marissa Ventrice, was awarded the ADA Lovelace Attention to Detail Award. The
team members were Tatyana Velazquez,Desurelis Rodriguez, Nekysha
Rosario, Patricia Mattei and Daishiana Pedrosa. The Grade 3 Fantastic
Four team, coached by Assistant Principal John Cavanaugh, was awarded The Grace Murray Hopper Troubleshooting Award. The team
members included Anavelis Calderon, Jamilis Gonzalez, Verenyse Vargas and Tianaliz Pabon. The event was sponsored by The First Lego
League, CAITE, Girls Inc. and Girls Connect.
Right: Grade 4 students Desurelis Rodriguez.and Tatyana
Velazquez enjoy working together during Robotics Day.
Kelly School — Continued on page 10
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Page 6
Pelletier, an English teacher here at Dean.
Everyone helped out or made donations for the cause, but the most enthusiastic
Dean Community Works Together contributor was Culinary Arts student Victor
Pirela. Once he heard about the benefit luncheon, he made it known that he would assist Ms.
By Magaly Santana
Pacheco in any way possible, and he did not
disappoint. Victor not only put his excellent
Family is all about helping each other,
culinary skills into use, he also supervised the
especially in a time of need. The Dean Tech
orders. Victor made the "behind-the-scenes"
family is no different. On February 15 , students
component of the event run smoothly and funcand teachers contributed their efforts for a
tioned no less than a restaurant manager would.
fundraising event to help an esteemed colleague
Only teachers purchased meals; howon medical leave, and what better way than
ever, students still participated in the fundraiser.
through food. Through the extensive efforts of
Students bought colorful heart-shaped passes
Special Education teacher Ms. Sarah Pacheco and
with a Dean Tech stamp on them. These heartthe paraprofessionals Mr. Francisco Negrón and
shaped passes served as "free uniform" passes.
Mrs. Diana Pagán, a Puerto Rican luncheon was
On February 15th, students with "free uniform"
prepared to help raise money for Mrs. Pamela
passes had permission to dress in regular
The CONNECTIONS After School Program
started at Dean on Monday, March 4th.
The program runs Monday – Thursday from 3:10-6:00. Students can
choose how many days a week they attend. Students receive homework/
academic support and then choose a fun enrichment club to take part in.
At the end of each day, all students receive a free dinner. Registrations
are still being accepted! Contact Ms. Funston at Dean with questions
or to get an application: [email protected], (413) 534 2017
Clubs offered in CONNECTIONS:
Culinary (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)
Robotics (Monday, Wednesday) MORE
Intro to the Music Biz. (Monday, Wednesday)
Next Level Adventure (Monday, Tuesday)
Urban Latin Dance (Monday, Thursday)
Fuerte y Unidas: Woman-to-Woman (Tuesday,Thursday)
S.W.A.G.- Rap and Hip Hop and Percussion (Tuesday, Thursday)
clothes as opposed to their uniforms.
Although everyone looked forward to
homemade Spanish rice and pork shoulders, the
highlight of the luncheon was Mrs. Pelletier’s
presence. She visited Dean Tech the day of the
benefit luncheon. She felt blessed and encouraged by the event altogether. The benefit luncheon raised over $1,000 for Mrs. Pelletier to help
defray the cost of her insurance for several
Mrs. Pelletier shared how words
could not express her thanks. "Dean is not just a
school or a workplace; it is a home where we all
take care of each other." She will focus on a
complete recovery, but cannot wait to return to
her Dean Tech family to teach.
Classical Guitar (Wednesday)
Hip Hop Dance (Tuesday)
Mixed Martial Arts (Tuesday, Thursday)
Teen Parenting (Tuesday)
Cosmetology (Wednesday)
Anime Club (Wednesday)
Diesel Tech (Wednesday, Thursday)
More About the Robotics After School Club
This is a great introduction to Robotics. Students learn to assemble and
program Lego Mindstorm robots. Students follow the Lego building instructions to create vehicles, animals, humanoids etc. Students will explore how
light, touch, sound, and ultrasonic sensors can enhance their robots. Students will apply their building and programming skills at a higher level. They
make their own robot designs and write their own programs. Robotics is a
great way to apply math and science in real world situations. This is funded
by a grant from Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.
Dean Tech is Now accepting applications for students entering in Fall 2013
For more information or to download a copy of the Dean “Building Our Futures” Guide, please visit http://deantechpride.org
Dean ROTC Highlights
Putnam High School Drill Competition
held March 8th
 Color Guard – 3rd Place (first time in four
 Regulation Drill Marching - 2nd Place
 Five other area schools participated in this
ROTC/Culinary worked together to provide
food and refreshment to runners & fans at the
Amherst Road Race in February.
ROTC Cadets, once again marched in the 2013
St. Patrick’s Day Parade
ROTC Cadets helped out at the St. Patrick’s Day
Road Race by providing a water stop to the
Dean Technical —Continued on page 10
Dean Culinary Feeds Over 1,000
Dean’s Culinary Department participated in Our Lady of the Cross and
Mater Dolorosa Parochial School’s Winter Bazaar this year by feeding
over 1,000 people at this two day event. Proceeds from this event go to
help support their school and the religious education programs for their
parish youth. ROTC Cadets also helped out with this worthwhile event
and a good time was had by everyone.
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
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E.N. White Contributes to the Time Capsule
Jo Sallins Visits E.N. White
By Taylor Wood
By Tammy Lawrence
The Holyoke Public Library invited community members to contribute
to a time capsule which will be opened on the 200th anniversary of
On March 12th, Jo Sallins and his wonderful partner Julissa Rodriguez,
two great performers, visited E. N. White School. They, along with all of the newly renovated and expanded library in 2070.
our eighth grade and most of our seventh grade, put on an amazing reg- E.N. White Art Teacher, Mrs. Sheila Lamour welcomed the idea and
instructed some of her art students to create a memory board; a drawgaeton performance for the school and parents.
Sixty students participated in a workshop with Jo learning how to play ing of their favorite memory at a public library.
a variety of drums and percussion instruments. Twenty students joined
Seventeen students, mostly ages eight and nine years old, participatJulissa in a workshop to learn a reggaeton dance to be performed with ed. Their drawings showed bean bag chairs, computers, teachers, librarithe drummers. Then everyone came together for the performance.
ans and a lot of smiley-faced children. Some drew a family visiting the
Jo started the performance with a lovely speech and a funny story library together and others showed children working on homework or
which encouraged the students not to worry about taking the MCAS, artwork while at the library. One drawing showed a classroom engaged
but to do the best they can. After a stupendous performance from Jo in a story read by the librarian. All were sweet, beautiful and truly capand Julissa (and Mr. Rose), they brought up the student percussionists tured a positive, fond memory of the child. Some of the items will be
and dancers. The music was great and the dance was artful. Jo invited a displayed to the public after the time capsule is opened in 2070 during
student to accompany him and showed him how to drum like a pro. At the Holyoke Public Library Corporation’s 200th Anniversary Celebrathe end of the performance, Jo thanked everyone and the school ap- tions.
plauded; they thanked him as well. Jo Sallins and Julissa Rodriguez gave
the teachers and students of E. N. White a fun day, as well as, a fun performance.
Annual Bag2School Recycling Drive
By Tammy Lawrence
During the month of January, students, families and staff focused on
collecting previously enjoyed clothing and textiles in order to create
environmental awareness thus assist in reducing landfill waste.
The Bag2School Company claims that 89% of discarded textiles still
have 75% of wear left!
The Bag2School Company also exclaims
“DON’T TRASH IT, CASH IT!” and that is exactly what E.N.White
School did! Students, families and staff collected 1200-pounds of clothing
earning $180 for the school. Their collection also assisted in creating
affordable clothing markets in less fortunate countries.
First, the Middle School Student Council introduced the Bag2School
Clothing Drive to the staff and entire student body by hanging informational posters throughout the school. Next, the donations of gently used
clothing, soft toys, shoes, drapes, belts and purses were collected
throughout most of January.
Finally, on January 25th the Bag2School collection truck arrived and
with the help of middle school students, workers loaded the truck with
almost 200-collection bags! The Bag2School Clothing drive truly was a
environmental initiative, a great way
to help those in
need as well as a
positive way to
students to help
others and E.N.
White School.
To see a video
of this annual
project, please
Left to right: Student Council Members, Jack
visit the HoMaspo, Helena Middleton, Kassidy Lawrence, Zak
Tardy, Ruben Ortiz, Kiara Rivera, Feroze Sibdhanny,
Schools website.
Yevilliam Colon, Perryne Vega, Kiana Clemente, T.J.
Anderson, load up the Bag2School Collection Truck.
Second and Third Graders show off their Time Capsule
School Spirit Day!
Every Friday is School Spirit Day at E.N.White School. Students
and staff are invited to show their “Tiger Pride” by wearing an
E.N.White School t-shirt or vest. They may also to choose to wear
BLUE and/or ORANGE, (school colors) or a positive smile as those
are also great ways to show “Tiger Pride”.
The TPCO (the E.N. White PTO) voted
to enhance the positive feelings that occur
on School Spirit Friday by funding a raffle
each week. Every student who is proud to
be a part of E.N.White School is eligible to
win a small prize which can include, an XL,
long-sleeve E.N.White t-shirt, a motivational ‘READ’ bracelet, a bookmark and a CDROM computer game.
Two of our newest student raffle winners are pictured light— Zenaya Joseph
Carrol-Grade 8 and Nathaniel OliverasGrade 5.
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
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Celebrating the Love of Reading!
By Iwona Langlois
Dr. Seuss once said, “ The more you
read, the more things you will know. The more
you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Well, the
place to go on February 14th was Maurice A.
Donahue School.
The Mayor, the Commander of the
State Police, a retired judge, the Chief of Police,
the Fire Chief, a meteorologist, the news media,
a doctor, a veterinarian, authors, Air National
Guardsmen and women, lawyers, business owners, a magician, the ‘Velveteen Rabbit’, firemen,
police, athletes, coaches and Ronald McDonald
were just some of the readers who came to
Maurice A. Donahue School to celebrate our
“Love of Reading” 25 Book Campaign. Not only
did these individuals spend time reading, but they
also discussed their lives, careers and the im-
portance of an education.
This year marked our eighth annual
reading celebration, and it just keeps getting
better and better. The school hallways were
appropriately decorated in the ‘Love of Reading’
theme with hearts adorning favorite books, book
reflections, and posters. Student escorts intro-
Skating and Learning
By Katy Moonan
During the February school vacation
week, the HPS family literacy programs took
families on a special field trip to the Fitzpatrick
Ice Skating Arena in Holyoke. Families appreciated this opportunity to get out of the house and
do something different! The bus picked up 17
families from our programs at Kelly, EN White
and Sullivan schools. By the time we were all
gathered there were 41 of us, ranging in age
duced themselves to our guests and hustled them
down the hallways to their reading destinations.
McGruff, the Dog from the Holyoke Police Department and Neon Leon, the dinosaur from
InterSkate 91 in Wilbraham, visited every classroom handing out high fives, handshakes, bookmarks and skating passes.
In the main entrance, Sy Becker, from
22 News interviewed Ashley Baylor, Channel 22
meteorologist, and a few of our students. Al the
Magician dazzled children and adults with his
magic tricks, and in the background one could
not help notice the hundreds of names signed on
our 10, 15, 20 and 25 Book Reading Wall.
The laughter and applause echoed
from the cafetorium as Ronald McDonald used
magic, music, puppets and student participation in
his “It’s Book Time with Ronald McDonald” show
for all students in grades K-3. Kevin Markey, local
author and third year veteran of our 25 Book
Campaign, took time between his reading to
speak with sixth grade students, Jeramy and Nathan, personally about the poster that they created for his book, The Super Slumpbuster. He was honored that this
was their favorite book and also
said that he would take the boys’
recommendation seriously about who should star
in the movie if the book
is ever made into a
It takes a lot of work on
the part of staff and students to make this day
such a huge success, but
it is all worth the effort.
In the words of Colonel
Timothy Alben, Commander of the Massachusetts State Police, “ The real measure of
success is in being a difference maker to
someone, anyone, every day.”
Our readers inspired many of
our students. “I apparently have some
potential, future recruits among your
children. Tell me, that it is not time well
from five to 63 years old!
There was a lot of excitement in the
air as this was the first time skating for almost
everyone! Since all of the families in the family
literacy programs are from sunny Puerto Rico,
the cold New England winters can be hard to get
used to. It was great to have a chance to experience some of the fun side of winter! There was
plenty of clinging to the edges at first but we had
lots of courageous learners sliding one foot in
front of the other until they got the hang of it!
Some of the children proudly took on the task of
teaching their parents who were still shaky.
After skating we gathered inside to
spent…” said Colonel Alben. Colonel Alben was
not the only one who has possible recruits.
Yamilex, an eighth grader, so impressed the
visitors from InterSkate 91, that she has a job
waiting for her when she is older.
We are grateful to all of our readers
for sharing their day with us here at Donahue
School, and making a difference.
LEGO Robotics Day
By Imari Colon, Rosa Rivera, Yeisha Rodriguez, and Christina Simpson
On March 9th, the Donahue’s Angels
(Imari Colon, Rosa Rivera, Yeisha Rodriguez, and
Christina Simpson) went with Ms. Duffy to the
Massachusetts Green High-Performance Computing Center for a robotics competition. We built
a robot using a LEGO kit. Then we programmed
it with a laptop and a USB cord. After that, we
competed and we won! We received an award
for teamwork and an award for performance,
which is based on how many points your team
earns on the playing field.
warm up, have some snacks, and enjoy some
reading and crafts. Parents read with groups of
children and we also had a group read aloud of
the book Angelina Goes Ice Skating. It is great to
learn English vocabulary and gain background
knowledge by participating in a new activity.
Besides being a fun day full of family
bonding, the field trip also gave families the opportunity to step out of their comfort zones and
learn to succeed at doing something new and
different. This affirmation of everyone’s ability to
achieve-whether in the classroom, on the job, or
gliding across ice, is the culture of empowerment
that we cultivate in our class. By the end of the
day we were one group of happy skaters!
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
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Peck FSCS Eighth Grade Career Day
Friendiversary at Peck School
By Cathy Foley
By Fiona Creed Chevalier
Second graders at Peck celebrated Friendiversary with Mo
Willems, beloved children’s author and illustrator on February 26 th. Two
of Mo Willems’ costumed characters, Elephant and Piggie welcomed students into the library. Students gave them high fives, hugs and giggled at
their presence. Inside the library Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse and Peck
Principal Paul Hyry-Dermith kicked off the event by talking to the students about friendship. Mo Willems read two of his books, There Is A Bird
on Your Head! and I Am Invited To a Party!. He went on to answer student
questions. The second graders had studied Mo Willems and were prepared to ask tough questions such as “Why did you work for Cartoon
Network?” and “Do you have a pet pigeon?” Then came the big surprise.
Screams of excitement erupted when Mo announced that each student
would leave with a brand new signed copy of an Elephant and Piggie book.
As soon as the books were distributed students joyfully read and shared
their books with their friends. It was a wonderful event that the students
throughout the school have been talking about for weeks. The library
can’t seem to keep Mo Willems books on the shelf.
On February 15th Peck eighth graders participated in Career
Day. Kate Martel, Middle School Guidance Counselor, was the event
organizer. Mrs. Martel stated, “It was great to have so many former Peck
students return to share their stories. They were relatable and meaningful to the students, both in their histories and in their professional lives.”
Notable former Peck students on hand were Mayor Alex Morse, Lieutenant Manny Febo and Firefighter Jessica Castro. They stressed dedication
and becoming an important part of your community.
A new addition to Career Day this year was Harry Melendez
who is currently employed by Suffield Academy in their Development
Department. Mr. Melendez went to Peck School and graduated from
Holyoke High School. He attended Trinity College and graduated in 2012
with a B.A. in Educational Studies, concentrating on Urban Education.
During his time at Trinity, Harry played football where he was named an
AFCA and AP All-American. Mr. Melendez has also been active in Holyoke; founding the "I'm Running for Holyoke" running/walking group in
2011. Mr. Melendez stressed the importance of academics to the students as well as never giving up! Students also had the opportunity to
hear from psychotherapist Jessica Olvares, Assistant Aquatic Director
YMCA Noel Vasquez and Dean Chef and entrepreneur Marty Fullwood.
Maria Luisa Arroyo, Family Access and Engagement Coordinator at Peck
FSCS and Mount Holyoke Assistant Girls Basketball Coach Quanita Hailey
spoke to the students about taking advantage of opportunities and not
letting life’s challenges stand in the way of making your dreams come true.
Peck Talking Points
by María Luisa Arroyo
On March 2nd several Peck families enjoyed the Asianthemed activities and exhibits on the Smith College Museum of Art
(SCMoA) Family Fun Day. From writing Chinese on cloth scrolls to
sculpting lotus flowers, 52 Peck family members, including 33 who rode
the SCMoA-funded bus with Maria Luisa, Peck Family Access & Engagement Coordinator, participated in this family-friendly event.
On March 6th the third graders in Ms. Hourihan’s, Mrs.
McDermott’s, Mrs. Carriere’s, and Mrs. Crooks’ classes, in collaboration with Melissa Redwin, an Enchanted Circle Theater teaching artist,
wowed their appreciative family members in the audience with their
performances in “Land Ho!: The Pilgrims, Wampanoag, & Our American
History”. New to this Page-to-Stage event, which was co-sponsored by
Holyoke Public Schools and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, was a
bilingual parent workshop right before the student performance in order to offer family members context, examples of how their students’
involvement linked to frameworks, and some Zip! Zap! Zop! fun or
engagements in theater games to enhance teamwork, vocabulary, and
imagination skills.
Thanks to all of the folks at Peck that helped organize this
event. Friendiversary was an event sponsored by the non-profit First
Book; whose mission is to provide access to new books for children in
need. Any and all teachers in Title 1 schools are eligible to sign up to
receive free books for students through www.firstbook.org.
In response to what happened in Newtown, Peck Parents
United in Action leaders and parent volunteers have activated a monitoring protocol for door #1. They volunteer their time to monitor
warmly all visitors to the school Monday through Friday, from 9:00AM3:00PM while the front office leaders do so before and after these
hours. After an orientation and training with Maria Luisa Arroyo, these
door # 1 monitors have been receiving positive feedback from several
community partners, visiting parents, and Peck teachers and staff. The
same protocol also occurs at door #16, the door through which K-8
students arrive, and will continue until the last day of school.
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
Page 10
Parents and Students Learning English At Morgan!
By Kate Blair
Students and parents at Morgan School are learning English
together! Joanne Gold, Family Literacy/ESOL Teacher, and Kate Blair, 7 th
and 8th Grade ELL Teacher have joined forces in organizing a weekly
“Wednesday Something,” in which both classes come together to learn
English and create community. On a recent Wednesday morning, the
middle school ELD group welcomed parents to their classroom as they
demonstrated a dynamic vocabulary activity called “Four Corners.” The
ELD students were especially proud to showcase their brand-new classroom iPad, acquired by Mrs. Blair’s recent grant from DonorsChoose.
Students showed the parents a book trailer project based on the book
Bunnicula using the exciting and engaging iMovie app. Ms. Gold’s parent
class demonstrated a kinesthetic speaking activity focusing on –ing verbs
and positive and negative present-simple phrases. Both groups look forward each week to participating in new and engaging exercises designed
to make learning English fun!
Dean Technical —Continued from page 6
Dean Technical Auto Body Shop Shines
By Whitney Anderson
A big thank you to the Dean Technical Auto Body Shop for their hard work on recent renovations. The white craftsmen van (below) was
restored and repainted by the Dean Auto Body Shop students under the direction of Bob Celi, Dept. Head and Rick Foy, Instructor. The red
vehicle (below) was no longer suitable for Fire Deptartment emergency service and was obtained by the School Department Emergency decals
were removed and the vehicle was cleaned and polished. Posing below with the newly renovated vehicles are (left to right) Jonathan Carter,
Jonathan Vilella-Rios, Rick Foy, Victor Davilla, Anthony King, Jacob Colon, and Pedro Rivera.
their senses to determine the deeper meanings of the films. Students
explored the concept of character and inner dialogue through analyzing
these films. They were engaged and excited to share the many thoughts
about what they had just seen. There were many volunteers from the
Third Grade Field Trip to the Amherst Cinemas
Amherst colleges and community that worked in small groups with the
By Erin Hanley
students. They facilitated collaboration amongst the students as they
created their very own original sequels to the films they had just seen.
When it was time to share their original screen plays, even the most shy
On March 4 and 5 the third graders at Kelly School had of students came alive when they yelled the words “Lights, Camera,
their second visit to the Amherst Cinemas for the See, Hear, Feel, Film Action!” The teachers and students can’t wait to implement what they
program. The students were very excited because they had such a great
have learned from this program in their classrooms at Kelly.
learning experience on the first trip. They were greeted by the always
friendly and energetic program director, Jake. The students watched
two short foreign films and learned how to utilize subtitles as well as
Kelly School —Continued from page 5
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
Page 11
Page 11
DTHS Wrestling Team takes First in the Knighthawk Classic Tournament.
Winter Sports Highlights
By Melanie Martin
All teams at Dean Technical (DTHS)
and Holyoke High Schools (HHS) finished the
winter season with athletic success, sportsmanship, team building and success in the classroom.
The DTHS Boys Basketball Team, HHS Boys
Basketball Team and HHS Girls Basketball Team
made it to the MIAA Tournaments. Athletes
from Swimming competed in WMASS and
States. Indoor Track post season was cut short
due to the weather. DTHS Girls Basketball and
Cheerleading Teams had rebuilding seasons with
individual successes, on and off the court.
The DTHS Wrestling Team were the
Division III Western Mass Champions for the
first time in school history. WMass Champs
include Victor Davila and Brian Wodecki. They
were the Tri-County League Champions for the
second year in a row. David Brazeau achieved
100 wins and Coach Joe Griffin was named
Coach of the Year for the second year in a row.
HHS Cheerleaders win the Large Co-Ed Regional Championships.
The Ski team had a great season with
young talent. James Mier finished his season by
competing in the State Ski Race.
HHS Cheerleading finished second in
their League Championships and were the Large
Co-Ed Regional Champions. They competed in
the State Championships for the first time since
From Page to Stage with Enchanted Circle Theater
By Amy Sturmer
Students were engaged as they prepared for their classroom performance of The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. Working with Enchanted Circle Theater teaching artist Tony Jones, it was amazing to see students thrive and shine in
the five short sessions before performing in front of their families. The students
enjoyed acting out the parts of the story in sequence as a team. Every student was
able to show excellent comprehension of the story throughout their performance.
Some students who never raise their hand to participate or answer a question
asked to have multiple roles. It is so true that we all learn differently. It was wonderful to see all of the students engaging with the arts while they were learning! I
would love and welcome working with Enchanted Circle again.
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
Page 12
Fun for the Whole Family
Title 1 Family Nights
All events start at 6:30 (except
Donahue School events begin at 6:00).
April 24 McMahon School Bingo for Books
April 25 Sullivan School Bingo for Books
May 1
Morgan School Bingo for Books
May 6
Donahue School Bingo for Books
May 15
McMahon School Family Game Night
June 3
Donahue School ALOHA Bingo for Books
June 4
White School ALOHA Bingo for Books
June 5
Kelly School ALOHA Bingo for Books
June 6
Morgan School ALOHA Bingo for Books
June 12
McMahon School ALOHA Bingo for Books
New Counselor Will Lead CARE Program
By Jessica Daly
The CONNECTIONS After-School
Program is continuing its commitment to improving students’ academic excellence and supporting their social/emotional development.
The program has recently hired Shannon Doran,
a licensed school counselor, to lead its new
program, CARE (Counseling for an Atmosphere
of Respect in Education). Doran will act as an
academic coach for all students in the program
at Peck Middle School.
CARE seeks to advance students’
leadership skills through group workshops and
activities. Students will participate in one-on-one
strategy meetings that focus on improving students’ homework habits and time-management
skills. She will provide guidance for developing
students’ social-emotional needs.
Doran will also be mentoring two of
the program’s newest staff members, Erin Wetherell and Kristen Torres. Wetherell and Torres
are completing an externship with CONNECTIONS, piloting STAR (Students Together Accepting Responsibility), the student council
group. The STAR Club and CARE Program will
collaborate with the school-day counselor in
order to ensure that students are making academic progress.
This collaboration with the school-day
program is the first of its kind. Traditionally,
guidance counselors are only available to students in the school-day setting. For example, at
Peck Middle School, two guidance counselors
are responsible for over 650 students. Doran
believes that her role within the program will
provide students with comprehensive support to
supplement day school efforts. If the program
succeeds, she anticipates that other after-school
programs will follow this model. Jorge Castellano, Director of CONNECTIONS foresees the
program as a success: “this program serves as a
link between day counseling and the after-school
program; we aim to supplement the support
system the students have and extend it.”
Asthma and Awareness
By Cynthia Carbone
Health and Biology Students at Dean Technical High School are learning about the respiratory system, asthma and breathing problems,
and preparing for the observance of National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month. Health teacher Cynthia Carbone and Biology Teachers Gary
Baldwin and Ashley Ocana have teamed up for this initiative. Students have learned that in the US, about 25 million people have asthma, of which
almost seven million are children, making asthma the most common chronic disease among children. There is a higher incidence of asthma emergencies, hospitalizations and death in African Americans and Puerto Ricans. Asthma is a chronic disease of the airways that lead to and from the lungs
that makes breathing difficult. Usually there is inflammation and narrowing of the passages that carry oxygen to the lungs. Symptoms vary, but may
include coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure. Students and their families are learning that knowledge is power, and that
by understanding how their lungs work, triggers, symptoms, and prevention, they are able to be in better control of their wellness! Join us by obtaining more information at www.lung.org or www.asthmaandallergies.org and talking with your child about their lung health!
For more information about the program, contact: Jorge L. Castellano, (413) 313-7710 and Jennifer Scott, (413) 478-6132
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
Estos son los puntos mas
sobresalientes del Boletin
Holyoke Public Schools
Volume 11 Issue 3
Primavera 2013
Una Carta Abierta a la Comunidad de la Escuela Holyoke
Los Especiales Son Muy Especiales
Por David Dupont, Superintendente de Escuelas
Con Artes del Lenguaje Inglés, Matemáticas y Ciencias empujado al primer plano en los últimos años debido a las expectativas curriculares y MCAS del estado, ha habido una tendencia a mirar-a-una percepción
que las materias
especiales (arte,
música, educación
física, etc.) se
encuentran en un
estado secundario, debido a la
causa de la implacable
para ser competente (o incluso
en estas áreas de contenido principales. (Como maestro antiguo de estudios sociales, también estoy muy interesado, si éste humanidad se encuentra en los ojos del Estado y su resultante a veces de servicio no equitativa
en mayor o menor grado en el grado K-8 es debido al tiempo prolongado
asignado para Artes de Lenguaje Inglés y Matemáticas, junto con la necesidad de ofrecer intervenciones válidas para nuestros estudiantes educativamente necesitados. Desde luego, no hay suficiente tiempo en el día escolar, pero eso es para otra discusión.) Los Especiales también son convenientes para la programación de preparación y tiempo de planificación.
Una vez más, su valor aquí parece estar basada más en la organización y
programación, en lugar de por sus valores intrínsecos y extrínsecos. El
punto de vista más adecuado que debería tomar en consideración los
Especiales es con respecto a su valor educativo, social y emocional de los
Uno no tiene que ser un profesional relacionado a la salud para
entender la importancia de la aptitud física diaria y el movimiento, sin
importar la edad de
la persona que sea.
Clases de Educación
Física ofrecen una
variedad de oportunidades de atletismo
y gimnasio. La importancia de Educación
Física dará lugar muy
probablemente en la
expansión del tiempo
asignado para las
Artist: Jasymne Ramos, Peck School
clases en un futuro muy próximo. Arte y Música son intrínsecamente importantes como materias que exponen a los estudiantes al mundo estético, así como esperamos proporcionar una apreciación de lo que los artistas pueden hacer con el espacio y lo que los músicos y compositores pueden hacer con ondas de aire. Además, cualquiera de los Especiales puede
motivar en los estudiantes un interés por perseguir el conocimiento y las
técnicas aplicadas en los especiales a un mayor nivel, incluyendo un camino
profesional. Basta con mirar lo que los niños producen en los gimnasios,
en los campos de juego, en exposiciones de arte, o en el escenario. Incluso
las grandes obras personales de los trabajos artísticos que son expuestos
en sus hogares algún día podría pasar de las puertas del refrigerador a las
paredes del museo. Nada de lo anterior se debe tomar como cualquier
tipo de argumento en contra de la importancia de ELA - Artes de Lenguaje
Inglés, Matemáticas y Ciencias (y eventualmente Estudios Sociales).
El valor de estas áreas de contenido para el crecimiento intelectual de la Humanidad, a aplicaciones reales y carreras potenciales futuras
es evidente. Esto es sólo un intento simple, pero muy importante, para
que los Especiales visto en como implica su categorización, algo muy especial. Trabajando juntos para proporcionar un programa educativo totalmente equilibrado que proporciona una gran variedad de conocimientos y
habilidades basadas en ofrecimiento curricular, mientras que al mismo
tiempo, encontrando las expectativas de logro del estado, es una búsqueda
muy digna, pero también es un gran reto para muchos distritos escolares,
especialmente cuando las finanzas se
verían amenazadas
debido al estado
impredecible y fondos federales. Aunque puede
una tendencia natural
a mirar primero a los
especiales al considerar recortes en el
presupuesto, creo que nuestro distrito escolar, con el apoyo permanente
del comité escolar, ha reconocido y ha demostrado una gran preocupación
por mantener el programa educativo equilibrado como se ha señalado
anteriormente. Nuestros hijos, en todos los niveles de grado, merecen la
exposición a tantos ofrecimientos curriculares que podemos y debemos
ofrecer, y ninguna de estos ofrecimientos se enfrenta entre sí basado en la
importancia percibida o de su valor monetario. Todos ellos son muy importantes para el futuro de nuestros hijos.
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
Page 14
*GRATIS * Venga uno, vengan todos! Clases de ingles para adultos *GRATIS*
No hay mejor hora que AHORA! Estudie ingles en la escuela de su hijo y aprenda como apoyarlo en su lectura y asignaciones! Las clases están abiertas a todo el mundo desde principiante para arriba.
Únase a las clases de ingles para papas, guardianes, y miembros de familia (abuelos, tíos, etc). Si usted tiene un familiar que sea estudiante en las escuelas Kelly, EN White, Sullivan y Morgan—y quiere aprender o mejorar su ingles—hay lugares abiertos!
Hablar y entender el ingles la ayuda diariamente, incluyendo en situaciones como:
citas medicas o visitas al hospital
preparación para examen GED
aplicar y atender clases a nivel universitario
aplicar para un trabajo
Conozca a otros padres de familia en las escuelas! Disfrute de giras durante las vacaciones escolares para toda su familia! Por favor llame para registrarse:
E. N. White School
Lunes y miercoles
Favor de llamar a Daisy al 534-2058 or Katy at 588-2013
Morgan School
Martes, miércoles, jueves
Favor de llamar a Glenda Morales al
Kelly School
Martes y jueves
Favor de llamar a Jeanette al 534-2078
o Katy al 588-2013
Sullivan School
Martes y jueves
Favor de llamar a Aida al 534-2321 o Maria al 552-2937
Los niños tienen que cumplir los 5 años en o antes del 1o de septiembre, 2013.
Solicitudes disponibles en LA OFICINA DE ASIGNACIÓN
57 Suffolk Street Primer Piso
Matricula por cita solamente
Llame o visite: 534-2007
Patinando aprendemos! Patinando
y aprendiendo!
Por Katy Moonan
Durante la semana de vacaciones en
Febrero, los programas de ingles y aprendizaje
familiar de las Escuelas Publicas de Holyoke
salieron de gira a la pista de hielo Fitzpatrick en
Holyoke. Todas las familias se divirtieron con
esta oportunidad para salir de la casa y conocer
algo nuevo!
La guagua recogió a 17 familias de
las escuelas Kelly, EN White y Sullivan quienes
participan en el programa de ingles y aprendizaje familiar. En total fuimos 41 personas, con
una ancha gama de edades; desde los 5 años
hasta los 63 años!
Estábamos muy emocionados ya que
para la mayoría del grupo, esta fue su primera
vez patinando en hielo. Dado a que todas las
familias participantes son originarias de Puerto
Rico, sabemos que puede ser difícil acostumbrarse a los inviernos fríos de New England.
Fue excelente poder experimentar este lado
mas divertido del invierno!
Comenzamos a patinar con muchos
que no se soltaban de la orilla, pero muchos
niños y adultos valientes siguieron deslizando
un pie en frente del otro hasta poder patinar
mejor. Algunos de los niños que aprendieron
mas rápido que sus padres, pudieron ayudar
orgullosamente a sus padres a patinar.
Después de patinar nos reunimos
adentro para calentarnos, comer unos refrigerios, y disfrutar libros y manualidades. Padres
leyeron con sus hijos y también leímos en voz
alta del libro Angelina va a patinar en hielo. Fue
excelente poder aprender ingles y obtener
conocimientos a través de esta nueva actividad!
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
Page 15
¡Reserve estas fechas!
Titulo 1 Noches de Familia
Todos los eventos comienzan a las 6:30
excepto los eventos escolares de la escuela Donahue que comienzan a las 6:00
Miércoles., Abril 24 Bingo para Libros Escuela McMahon
Jueves., April 25 Bingo para Libros Escuela Sullivan
Miércoles., Mayo 1 Bingo para Libros Escuela Morgan
Lunes., Mayo 6 Bingo para Libros Escuela Donahue
Miércoles., Mayo 15 Noche de Juegos en Familia Escuela McMahon
Lunes., Junio 3 ALOHA Bingo para Libros Escuela Donahue
Martes., Junio 4 ALOHA Bingo para Libros Escuela E.N. White
Miércoles., Junio 5 ALOHA Bingo para Libros Escuela Kelly
Jueves., Junio 6 ALOHA Bingo para Libros Escuela Morgan
Miércoles., Junio 12 ALOHA Bingo para Libros Escuela McMahon
Reunione del Consejo Asesor de
Educación Especial (SEPAC)
Por favor únase a otros padres interesados en nuestras próximas
reunione durante el año escolar 2012-2013. Hay una fuerza en
números y el apoyo de otras personas que comparten
experiencias similares. Nuestros esfuerzos combinados pueden
influir en el éxito de nuestros hijos, así como dar forma a su
Próxima fecha de reunione y
Temas de discusión:
6 de mayo de 2013: Intimidación
La reunione se llevan a cabo en la Escuela Donahue
a las 6:00 PM
Visite el sitio web del distrito para más información:
Reuniones del Comité Escolar
Visite el sitio web de las Escuelas Públicas
de Holyoke para ver calendario de
Preguntas: contacto Kelly- [email protected] o
Dawn - dmcadig[email protected]
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us
Holyoke Public Schools
A community working together/
Una Communidad trabanjando juntos
Holyoke, MA 01040
500 Beech Street
c/o Judy Taylor
Media Center
Holyoke Public Schools
Page 16
Holyoke Public Schools—Visit us on the web at: http://www.hps.holyoke.ma.us

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