March 13, 2016 Saint Mary`s Parish 17 Pompton Avenue



March 13, 2016 Saint Mary`s Parish 17 Pompton Avenue
he following men are participating in our Men’s Cornerstone Retreat next
weekend. Please remember them in your prayers.
Brian Bossard
Jesse Rao
Jack Fritzky
Kevin Reylado
Brian Kirchmer
Joseph Usinowicz
Bruce Morgan
Elie Wehbe
Christopher Mulloy
Tom Carrol
Kevin Hickey
Robert Reylado
Bill Ruel
Sean Tucker
Pete Cirillo
Stanley Grossberg
Bill Shafer
Ken Weinheimer
Registration is still open. Please consider attending Men’s Cornerstone next Saturday, March 19.
See page 4 in the bulletin.
Lenten Schedule for Masses
and Para-Liturgical Service (PLS)
Saint Mary’s Parish
17 Pompton Avenue
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
MONDAY thru FRIDAY—7:30 AM, 12:00 Noon (Church)
Reconciliation—7:00 - 8:30 PM Mondays (Church)
SATURDAY—9 AM (PLS) (Prayer Room)
SATURDAY EVE VIGIL—5:00 PM, 7:00 PM (Church)
All are Welcome - Like the woman in today’s Gospel, we receive mercy
not condemnation from God.
March 13, 2016
7:30, 9:00, 10:30 AM, 12:00 Noon, 5:00 PM (Church)
9:00 AM—Spanish Mass (Downey Hall)
10:30 AM—Interpreted for hearing impaired (Church)
10:30 AM—Family Liturgy (Downey Hall)
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Adult Faith - Deuteronomy......................8
A Taste of St. Mary’s Cookbook.......10/11
Bread and Wine.........................................2
Calendar Raffle Winners..........................7
Contact Us..................................................2
Cornerstone - Men’s..................... Cover/4
Daily Readings for the Week....................7
Deceased Names........................................3
Easter Flower Envelopes, Novena Cards...........2
Elementary Religious Education.............7
Eucharistic Celebrations..........................3
Faith Direct................................................6
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K of C Upcoming Events..........................8
Lenten Schedule -2016..............................5
Little Black Books/Mercy in My Pocket....2
Memorial Garden Pavers.........................7
Memorial Vigil Lights...............................6
Military Personnel Names........................3
Ministerio Hispano de Santa María....12/13
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Prayer Requests...................................................3
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Stephen Ministry.....................................14
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The Parish Store........................................9
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The Scarlet Pimpernel - Food Pantry...14
Towels Collection.......................................5
Trips - Greece, Holy Land........................9
Weekly Calendar.......................................2
Youth Ministry.............................................6
St. Mary’ Parish
17 Pompton Ave.
Pompton Lakes NJ 07442
Alma Banta, Director. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.7750,x102
[email protected]
el. Ed. Administrative Asst. . . . . . . . 973.835.7750x130
[email protected]
HISPANIC MINISTRY - Milagros Anto . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.0374x703
[email protected]
Web Site:
MUSIC MINISTRY - Craig & Dorothy Limey. . . . . . . . . 973.835.0374x158
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
ACCOMPANIST - Carrie Stewart . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.0374 x192
PASTOR - FR. FRANK SEVOLA, OFM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.0374x708
[email protected]
[email protected]
ASSISTANT TO THE PASTOR - Anne Silversey.................973.835.0374x145
Jacqueline M. Rose, Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.0374x193
[email protected]
[email protected]
R.C.I.A. - Stephen Kass . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.879.3102 Fr. Richard Husted, OFM. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835-0374x710
[email protected]
[email protected]
SCHOOL - Carol La Salle, Principal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.2010
Fr. Joe Juracek, OFM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.0374x285
[email protected]
[email protected]
SOCIAL JUSTICE - Jacquelyn Schramm . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.0374x191
Fr. Gonzalo Torres, OFM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973-835-0374x702
[email protected]
[email protected]
ADULT FAITH FORMATION - Fr. Joe Juracek, OFM . . 973.835.0374x285
Beverly Joan Delleart, Certified Spiritual Dir . . . . . 973.835.0374x709
[email protected]
[email protected] CHRISTIAN CAREGIVING
YOUTH MINISTRY - Jennifer Ferraioli. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.5594x103
Beverly Joan Delleart, Certified Spiritual Dir . . . . . 973.835.0374x113
[email protected]
[email protected]
Confirmation - Patricia Newton . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.5594x160
Stephen Ministry, Journey with Cancer Ministry, Military Outreach
[email protected]
Religious Education 6,7,8 - Mary Ann Werner. . . . . . . 973.835.5594.161
DEACONS - Hal Clark, Thomas Kimak. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 973.835.0374 [email protected]
DISABILITIES MINISTRY - Marie Cioletti. . . . . . . . . . . . .973.835.7750x181
High School Youth Ministry - Michael Macalintal . . 973.835.5594x117
[email protected]
[email protected]
Weekly Calendar
MON—March 14
­ .TIME Rosary Devotion
Individual Reconviliation/
Stations of the Cross
Medical Assistance Program
ELL Classes
TUES—March 15
Women of Prayer & Spirit
WED—March 16
5:00 PMChurch
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
7:30 PM
Bible Study
ELL Classes
Lenten Reconciliation Service
Carnevale Center
Carnevale Center
Prayer Room
9:45 AM
7:30 PM
7:30 PM
Carnevale Center
Carnevale Center
Adult Education - Deuteronomy 8:00 AM
Tai Chi
8:30 AM
Lost Angels Support Group
7:00 PM
Carnevale Center
Carnevale Center
Carnevale Center
THURS—March 17
(The Weekly Calendar is continued next column)
THURS—March 17 (cont’d)
JustFaith 202 Tolle Group
7:00 PM
Adult Education - Deuteronomy 7:00 PM
Circle of Friendship
7:30 PM
Carnevale Center
Carnevale Center
VanVooren Room
available on the windowsills, at the doors of the church and at the
Parish Office during Lent.
use as part of your daily Lenten prayers. Please take a copy of each
as you leave church today! If you would like to help defray the cost,
a donation would be most appreciated.
he Bread and Wine this week have been donated
in loving memory of Margaret Becker from daughter Kathleen.
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Eucharistic Celebrations
Para-liturgical Services (PLS)
7:30 AM
March 14
† David Vasquez, Anna M. Dalo
† Ernest Ventrella 12:00 PM
† John Campbell TUESDAY
7:30 AM
March 15
† Susan Bevans Gwiazda
12:00 PM † Lucille Marshall, Sean Comer
† Brian Rafferty
7:30 AM
March 16
† Margaret Becker 12:00 PM
† Dolores Hamilton THURSDAY
7:30 AM
March 17
† Jessie Vieira (1st Ann.)
† Stephen Brooks 12:00 PM
† Carol Berrian
7:30 AM
March 18
† Barbara Gordon, David Vasquez
† Eileen McDermott
12:00 PM
† Simon Platz
9:00 AM (PLS)
March 19
Special Intention
March 19
† Jessie Vieira (1st Ann.)
† Mrs. Josephine Nichetta, Harry Snyder
† Joseph Andelora, Michael Del Giudice
† Joan Parker & Renee Wolfarth
† Robert Runz, Robert Walsh, Robert Rasp
† Frederick Alexander, Betty Harris
† Rita Snyder, Ludwig Sterflinger
† William Monarque Sr. (10th Ann.)
† Michael Diceglie, Sisto Vinci
L Victorio R. Tolentino Jr. 7:00 PM
C/H-Fr. Frank
† John Calabrese SUNDAY
7:30 AM
C/H-Fr. Joe
March 20 - Palm Sunday
† Thelma Weckback
† Jennie Vasquez Marine Christopher J. Leone, Afghanistan
Jonathan R. Bonney, 1st Batt., 15th Inf. Reg., Iraq
CPT Brendan O’Brien, US Army — Spec. James Lennon, Iraq
James Heller, US Army, Ft. Gordan, GA — SO Andrew Charman, USN
Staff Sergeant James Sturla, Iraq — PFC Robert Gumney, US Army, Iraq
1st Lt. Joseph Ross, US Army, Iraq — Lt. Jessica T. Atterbury, US Navy, Afghanistan
Sean Brasel, US Marine, Iraq — Patrick Brasel, US Navy
Ryan Nicol, Paris Island, SC — Major Lawrence A. (Kip) Rainey, US Marine
PFC Mark Booe, US Army Iraq — PFC Joey Del Vecchio, NYC
Seaman Laura Shehadch, US Navy — Capt. Michael DeMarco, Iraq, 2nd Tour
PFC Henry Lindstrom, US Army Intelligence — Capt. Erin McCormack, Washington, DC
Airman Jamie Lynn Clayton, US Airforce, Goodfellow AFB, TX
CPT James Hanke, Iraq — Cpl. Tim Taffin, US Marine, Iraq
PFC Nathan Hunt, US Marines, South Carolina
Kristie Atelek, Lakeland Air Force Base, Texas
CMCN Michael LeTennier, US Navy, Little Creek, VA
Joseph P. Roberts, MCS, 29 Palms, CA — PFC Sean Jennings, US Marine, Afghanistan
SPC Sean J. Carey, 10th Mountain Div., US Army, Afghanistan
Corp. Edmund Espanol, US Marine, Afghanistan
SGT Ryan Cronin, US Army, Ft. Riley, KS — SO Chris Sabatini, US Navy
SO Justin Bensinger, US Navy—LCpl. Devin Taranto, USMC
CSM Robert Hammerle, Army, Iraq — Sgt. Mark Ashley, USMC Afghanistan
LTJG Brian Schoenig, Riverine Squadron Three, Yorktown, VA
LCpl Michael Formisano III, US Marines, Afghanistan
LCpl Dylan Sylvestri, US Marines, Afghanistan
SSG Kevin Carey, 3rd Special Forces Group, Afghanistan
SPC Brian R. Sudol, 10th Mountain Div., US Army, Afghanistan
SPC Dean V. Lucas, US Army, Monterrey, CA— SO David Welsh, US Navy
SGT Ryan J. Heppel, US Marines, Camp Pendleton, CA
SGT Jeffrey L. Calzaretta, US Marines, Deployed
LCpl Anthony Pellegrini, US Marines, Okinawa
SGT Tiffany Thumann, US Army, Ft. Drum, New York
HM Jaeson Henderson, US Navy, North Carolina
LCpl Steven John Martinelli, US Marines, Arizona
Major Daniel J. Ciccarelli, USMA, Faculty, West Point
2nd LT Lindsey Melia Combs, National Guard, PA
LCpl Brandon Shaffer, US Marines, Japan
L James Petrecca
† Richard Rivardo
C/H-Fr. Joe
9:00 AM † Dorothy & Patrick Mc Hugh C/H-Fr. Joe (Interpreted for the
Hearing Impaired)
“...a time to die...”
10:30 AM
Family Litugy
Downey Hall
C/H-Fr. Frank For the People of the Parish
12:00 PM
C/H-Fr. Richard † Elio Sarno, Mary Nestor
† Dominick J. Darpino Jr.
5:00 PM
C/H-Fr. Richard
† Frank J. Sevola
“...a time to be born...”
Marco Flormann, Maya Campeas, Theo Rozgony, Devon Checchi,
Georgiana Morgano, Mason Paulhus, Mackenzie Laakmann,
Damian & Julien Spina
“...a time to serve...”
5:00 PM
C/H-Fr. Frank
10:30 AM
o everything there is a season and...
Cindy Grecco, Terry Zosche, Marcia Charnecky, Angela Saletto, Alan, Louis Mulligan, Mary L. Schramm, John J. Keating, Bill Rooney, Brian Kamer, Gus Herkett,
Christine Zahn, Julie Back, Jason Amditis, Rosemary Sevola, Gene Hiller,
Victorio R. Tolentino, Jr., Gene Provost, Daniel Shaw, Connor Darpino, Ethan
Geller, Patricia Martinelli, Mary Nicosia, Sue Fredericks, Amanda Schroder, Grace
McVay, Judy Haider, Tonya Martin, John V., Cathy & Richard, Michelle B., Amy
Schloerb, Roz, Tim Jones, Tonia Kelley, Margaret Conklin, Kathleen Fresco, Susan Orsini, Stella Fiorannelli, Sandra, Karly, Maddy, Kimmy, Mindy,
Maggie B., Anna, Ray McNamee, Gary, Sondra, Bev, Greg, Vince G., Judy
G., Chase Balay, Howard Mitchell, Roe Anne Bean, Perina Cioppa
Please note: to add a loved one [relative or friend] to the
prayer list, please call the Parish Office at 973.835.0374 - names
for healing will be listed for 30 days.
C-Celebrant — H-Homilist
For the People of the Parish
“...a time to be healed...”
9:00 AM
Spanish Mass
C/H-Fr. Gonzalo
Page 3
Theresa Tomicich, Ralph Damiano, Carol Berrian,
Ann Yerkes
Rosary Devotion—Please join us for the 5:00 PM Rosary
on Mondays in church [Rosary brochures available.]
“If you desire peace in your hearts, in your homes, in your country,
assemble every evening to recite the rosary.” - Blessed Pope Piux IX
from Rosary Gems
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
The Pastor’s Desk
Dear Friends,
May the Lord give you peace!
From 1995 to 1997 I was the director of a domestic violence shelter
in Phoenix. It was a wonderful experience. I often get a few raised
eyebrows when I tell people I loved my work in a domestic violence
shelter. After all, that is place of sorrow, hurt and even desperation.
That is all very true. But that is only one part of it. The name of
the shelter is New Life Shelter, and it is appropriately named. It was
an incredible experience for me and it marked my life in some very
significant ways.
I could tell you many stories about the numerous abused women who
came through that shelter. Some stories are more violent than others.
Some are more heart wrenching than others. They are all incredibly
painful. The common threads that run through each story are the
same: shame and anger. Shame: What did I do to deserve this? Is God
punishing me? How did I ruin my relationship? Anger: Why am I
stuck in a shelter? Why do I have to leave my home? Why hasn’t HE
been punished or arrested, or even yelled at? It is so unfair. All I could
do was listen, agree and empathize. Yes, it is so unfair.
Our woman in the gospel is an abused woman. No doubt, she made
some poor choices. No doubt, she broke the Mosaic Law. No doubt,
she sinned in the eyes of those men. And no doubt, the man with
whom she sinned was nowhere to be found. No doubt, he was not
being arrested, punished or even yelled at. They are ready to kill her
because she exercised her own free will. They are ready to kill her
because she did not succumb to the will of the men. In 2,000 years the
pattern has not changed.
Jesus’ intervention is remarkable. He does two things. First he treats
the woman fairly. He tells the angry mob of men “Let the one who is
without sin cast the first stone.” Jesus is not denying the sin of the
woman. He is simply making it clear that we all sin and that we all
must be treated fairly, just as God will treat us all fairly.
The second thing he does is treat the woman as an equal. He
treats her with respect, with dignity and with a great amount of
compassion. He tells her that no one is here to condemn her. He
sends her on her way and tells her to sin no more. He does not
judge her, he does not condemn her, and he does not abuse her. He
forgives her and loves her. He does not deny the sin. He does not
deny her poor choices. Instead he has mercy, and mercy invites
Sisters and brothers, we are called to be merciful. There are people
like this woman in all of our lives. They are the people who don’t
do what we think they should do. They are the people who live
differently than we live. They are the people who, in our human
eyes, are sinful. Our job is not to judge them; it is not to condemn
them. It is to have mercy, to be compassionate and to be welcoming.
Unfortunately we are more prone to throwing stones than we are to
being merciful. But it is mercy, not stones, that invites conversion.
(The Pastor’s Desk is continued next column)
Page 4
When we forgive one another, we open the door to conversion. When
we have compassion for one another, we open the door to conversion.
When we realize that at one point in our lives or another, we are all
the abused woman, then we open the door to conversion. The best
argument for conversion is showing people that we are all equal. We
are all in this together. We are all sinful, but we are all compassionate
and forgiving. Mercy invites conversion.
I pray every day that I never forget my time in that domestic violence
shelter. I don’t remember all their names, and I don’t remember
all their stories, but I remember their faces. I remember the hurt,
the shame and the anger. In their faces I see everyone that I have
ignored, judged and abused. Their faces remind me that I have no
right to do that. Their faces remind me that I am called to compassion
and to reconciliation. Their faces remind me that God is merciful
and compassionate, that God forgives all our sins and never, ever
condemns us.
Pace e Bene,
Fr. Frank Sevola, OFM, Pastor
Fr. Frank can be reached at [email protected]
Dear Friends,
May the Lord give you peace!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who
expressed your condolences to me on the occasion of my
father’s death. I’ve passed your sympathy on to my mother
and sisters and they, too, are very grateful. As so many of
you know, a kind word of sympathy, a card, a mass, and
so many other expressions of sympathy do a great deal to
help alleviate the pain of loss. Although there is never a
good time to lose a parent or loved one, I am grateful to
God that I am living here with all of you during this time.
You have been a great and healing balm for me and I will
be forever grateful!
Pace e Bene,
Fr. Frank Sevola, OFM, Pastor
Men’s Cornerstone
Saturday, March 19
Are you looking to renew or jump start your sense of
belonging to the community?
Have you been away from the Church & want to
reconnect, meet & interact with other men in faith?
Or, perhaps you need some personal reflection time?
Cornerstone will be a one-day event open to all men who would
like an opportunity to reflect, renew and strengthen their faith
while meeting other men in our Christian community.
There’s still time to register at:
Or call: Bill Ruel at 973.945.8280
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Page 5
7:00 - 9:00 PM
Laudato Si,
On Care for our Common Home
St. Mary’s Advocates for Justice
will highlight excerpts from Laudato Si with
discussion, reflection and humor.
• Invite Your Friends
• Light Refreshments
For more information or to RSVP:
[email protected]
Lenten Schedule - 2016
Lenten Weekday Mass Schedule: 7:30 AM and
12:00 Noon in church
Communal Reconciliation Services
Saturday, March 12 - 11:30 AM
Wednesday, March 16 - 7:30 PM
All Mondays of Lent: Stations of the Cross: 7:00 PM
Do you find yourself drawn
this Lenten season and in this “Year of Mercy”……
Individual Reconciliation: 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Tuesday, March 15, 7:00 PM - Downey Hall
Enter into the chaos of the Year of Mercy: On Care for our
Common Home
Refreshments served - register at [email protected]
The Spiritual Exercises
Created in the 16th Century By Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Catholic Retreat Experience in Ignatian (Jesuit) Spirituality
Nourishing Hearts For Over 500 Years!
Palm Sunday Masses - March 19/20
Saturday, March 19 - 5:00 and 7:00 PM
Searching for a path to find more of God in your busy and
complex everyday life?
Hungry to integrate your faith into your experiences, deepen
your prayer, discover graces and find inner peace?
Looking for a new perspective on your life and a way to
transform your “ordinary routine” into a “personal retreat”?
Again this year on Holy Thursday, we will have a collection
of new bath towels. In remembrance of the day when Jesus
washed the feet of his disciples, we will collect towels which
will be distributed to our needy brothers and sisters.
Discovering the unconditional, inviting Love & Boundless Mercy of God
• Reflecting on the Person & Life of Jesus Christ & His Mission
• Connecting your experiences with the Passion & Death of Jesus
to deepen your commitment to Him & live compassionately
• Experiencing the Joy of the Resurrection as the foundation of
our lives
Life-giving, personal retreat adventure!
Compatible with all lifestyles, even busy, time-strapped schedules.
Flexible meeting times.
For information, call Beverly Delleart, Ignatian Spiritual
Director at 973.835.0374, ext. 709 at Saint Mary’s.
Towels can be placed in the baskets by the candle racks on either
side of church on Holy Thursday. Thanks for your generosity.
“Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!” –Saint Ignatius Loyola
(All for the glory of God!)
Sunday, March 20 - 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 AM,
12:00 Noon and 5:00 PM
Spanish Liturgy - 9:00 AM, Downey Hall
Family Liturgy - 10:30 AM Downey Hall
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Page 6
Contacts: 973.835.5594
Middle School Religious Education /Middle School:
Mary Ann Werner, ext. 161 [email protected]
Confirmation: Pat Newton, ext. 160 [email protected]
High School Youth Minister: Michael Macalintal, ext. 117!/stmarysym
INSTAGRAM: stmarysym
Director: Jennifer Ferraioli, ext. 103
[email protected]
[email protected]
To register for any youth ministry event or program, visit:
Youth Band has rehearsal this Thursday in the Carnevale Center
at 6 PM!
If you need to register for HOPE, you can find the registration on
our website!
The next scheduled run weekend for BRIDGES will be on
March 26-27!
HOPE-in-a-Box is April 15 - mark your calendar!
St. Mary’s Youth Ministry is forming a team with the St. Baldrick’s
Foundation for one of their head-shaving events on March 19!
If you are interested in attending and/or volunteering for the event,
please contact Mike Macalintal for details! You must be at least 13 to
volunteer and 18 to shave your head unless you have a signed waiver!
For more information visit the YM HOPE webpage.
8th grade Registration opened Monday, March 7, for those
the following important dates.
Final Interview Questionnaires are due Thursday, March 31
Formation Journal reports are due Wednesday, April 6
Service reports are due Wednesday, April 6
All Candidates - Please Remember your FORMATION
JOURNAL Options:
March 24—Holy Thursday Solemn Liturgy
March 25—Women of Jerusalem
Stations of the Cross
Good Friday Solemn Liturgy
March 26—Blessing of the Food - Noon in Church
March 26—Easter Vigil
March 27—Sunrise Easter Service at Lakeside
April 2-3—Divine Mercy Sunday - any mass
YOUTH MASSES—the 1st Sunday of each month at 5:00 PM
children who will be entering the 8th grade in September of 2016.
Liturgy Formation Opportunities—
March 24—7:30 PM, Holy Thursday Solemnity Liturgy.
March 25—12:00 Noon, Women of Jerusalem
2:00 PM, Stations of the Cross presented by Youth Ministry
3:00 PM or 7:30 PM, Good Friday Solemn Liturgy
March 26—12:00 Noon, Blessing of the Food in church;
7:30 PM, Easter Vigil
March 27—6:30 AM Sunrise Easter Services at Lakeside.
Look for the email sent on March 1 with information about the
Remember your report due dates:
• Service reports are due Wednesday, April 6
• Formation Journal reports are due Monday, June 6
• Family Gathers reports are due the end of each month.
(Confirmation continued in next column)
Movie Night is this Wednesday, March 16, 7:00 PM in the Youth
Stations of the Cross rehearsals for March 25 begin on Wednesday,
March 16, 6:00 PM in church. If you are interested in helping out, please
contact Mike.
Memorial Vigil Light
here are two Memorial Vigil Lights available. The cost for a
vigil light is $100; it will stay lit for one year. If you are interested in a vigil light in memory of a loved one, please stop at the
Parish Center and fill out a request form.
o enroll in FaithDirect , either go to,
call 866.507.8757 [St. Mary’s Code is NJ 23] or mail an enrollment form [available in the Parish Office]. Thank you for your support!
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Elementary Religious Education
St. Mary’s School News
Grades 1-5
Hours: Monday through Thursday: 10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Our students recently spent an evening of fun at Skyzone.
All were invited to spend time with friends and family
outside of school. A good time was had by all!
Closed Friday
For detailed information about Grades 1 through 5,
please go to
Attention! 4th Grade CCD Parents!
St. Mary’s only Grade 5 Religious Education program consists of:
One week of Peace Camp this summer
for students entering Grade 5 in September, 2016.
Our seventh grade students will be attending the Spring
Retreat at Morris Catholic on March 15. The title of the Retreat
is: Step Out In Faith. It will be a wonderful opportunity for our
students to get to know other seventh graders from other schools
in the Diocese and to look at their faith and what it means to them.
TerraNova standardized testing week for our students in grades
3-8 is finally behind us. Our students worked very hard during
testing week!
Carol La Salle, Principal
Each Peace Camp is Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
(except July 4) - Peace Camp dates for Grade 4 are:
Monday, June 27 - Friday, July 1
Tuesday, July 5 - Friday, July 8 (till 4:00 PM)
Monday, July 18 - Friday, July 22
Monday, July 25 - Friday, July 29
Camps are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.
Registration opened Monday, March 7, at 6:00 AM
Parent Meeting with the Director, Mr. McMahon, on Wednesday, May 18, 7:30 PM at the Carnevale Center to explain the program and hand out necessary materials.
Calendar Raffle Winners
Ticket # Date
Schub Kegel
3575 3-6-16
Arthur Soules
1185 3-7-16
Mrs. Marianne Scerbak 3519 3-8-16
Colm Ralph
Louis Montoya
2621 3-10-16
Myah O’Neill
2869 3-11-16
Michele DeBlieck
0926 3-12-16
We are in need of adults to act as individual group facilitators;
for questions, or to volunteer, please call 973.835.7750.
Special Needs Ministry News
Special Needs Parents - Mary Boughton, the music teacher for
our summer bible camp, will be offering piano lessons for students
with special needs. If interested, please call Mary at 973.809.6760.
Page 7
Daily Readings for the Week
Sunday: Is 43:16-21; Phil 3:8-14; Jn 8:1-11
Monday: Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62 or 13:41c-62; Jn 8:12-20
Tuesday: Nm 21:4-9; Jn 8:21-30
Wednesday: Dn 3:14-20, 91-92, 95; Jn 8:31-42
Thursday: Gn 17:3-9; Jn 8:51-59
Friday: Jer 20:10-13; Jn 10:31-42
Saturday: 2 Sm 7:4-5a, 12-14a, 16; Rom 4:13, 16-18, 22;
Mt 1:16, 18-21, 24a or Lk 2:41-51a
Needed! Special Needs Volunteer!
St. Mary’s Special Needs Ministry is in search of a
Fundraiser Coordinator for its annual Giants/Jets Raffle.
This is the ONLY fundraiser for this ministry which serves our
most vulnerable ones. Please call Marie Cioletti, Special Needs
Director, 973.628.8473 or email: [email protected]
Together we can change peoples lives!
Memorial Garden
Paver Stones
orms are available at the Parish Office if you wish to donate
a paver stone in memory of a loved one or in honor of a
special occasion. All orders must be received by Friday, April 29.
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Page 8
Ministry News
Food Pantry News
Thank you for your continued generosity and support of
our Food Pantry Ministry! We are currently preparing
for the Easter Holiday. God bless you for your generous
Franciscan Spirit!
Easter Ham Collection—Before and after all masses on March
12 and 13 at the Freezer Truck in the parking lot.
What’s Needed Now—Juices - (64 ozs. - all varieties), Tuna,
Canned Chicken, Pancake Mix, Syrup, Healthy Snacks, Cookies,
Crackers, Laundry Detergent, Toilet Paper and Paper Towels.
Targeted Drive—March 12/13—Pudding Snack Packs,
Canned Fruit, Coffee (regular and decaf), Tea, Jelly, Peanut
Butter, Tuna and Granola Bars
Calling All Individuals & Families!—Please join us on the
third Saturday of each month to serve a meal to those in need at
Sacred Heart Church in Jersey City. Our next trip to the Soup Kitchen
will be April 16.
Interested in volunteering for one Saturday out of the year? Contact
the Parish Office at 973.835.0374.
The Food Pantry needs your help! Six strong
men to assist us with loading and unloading the box
truck for approximately 2-4 hours a week are needed.
Please contact Jerry at 973.809.6526.
Project LINC—A program of the Aging Services Department
of Catholic Family and Community Services which serves seniors
who live in upper Passaic County, taking them to medical and
other appointments as needed. Shopping is also available. Call
973.831.6588 for further details. New volunteers are always welcome!
Bible Study - Wednesdays, 10:00 AM - Carnevale Center!
You’re invited to join us; we are a welcoming group open to lively
discussions to enrich our scripture knowledge - everyone welcome!
Tickets can be obtained at the Parish Office or on St. Mary’s
St. Mary’s Seniors of Pompton Lakes—Join
us for a
trip to The Brownstone, Wednesday, March 16, 11:00 AM 3:00 PM for the show “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” Music by GB’s,
Irish Tenor. Cost: $45 (members $42). Dinner includes 2 drinks,
salad, pea soup, Corned Beef & Cabbage, Lemon Chicken, potatoes/
vegetables, special dessert. Drive or sign up for bus (leaves
Pompton Lakes 10:00 AM) Contact: Madeline, 973.835.3344 or
Jo Usinowicz 973.616.0980.
Lost Angels Bereavement Support Group—Our
gathering will be Thursday, March 17, at 7:00 PM in the Carnevale Center. For more information, please contact Donna Andelora
at [email protected] or 973.713.9962.
St. Mary’s Singles’ Dance—Our big Spring Social will be on
Saturday, April 16 at 8:00 PM in Downey Hall. DJ, 50/50, door
prizes, coffee, tea, desserts, munchies, nonalcoholic beverages,
etc. Admission is only $15 and tickets are sold at the door only.
See you on April 16!
Circle of Friendship Ministry— A support group for sepa-
rated or divorced persons. Informal, friendly, confidential meetings let us share emotions, problems and joys as we journey
together - non-denominational - all faiths welcome.
Please join us - we meet the first, third and fifth Thursdays of each
month in St. Mary’s VanVooren Room, from 7:30 - 9:30 PM. Questions or concerns? Call Jeff Rusnak at 973.831.9847.
Knights of Columbus Upcoming Events
Comedy Night for Wounded Warriers
When - Saturday, May 14, 6:30 PM (showtime 8:30 PM)
Where - St. Mary’s Carnevale Center
Cost - $35 (includes Food, Soda, Coffee, Tea, Dessert, Wine
and Beer)
For tickets/information, contact Ray Grimes at 973.835.4487
or purchase ticket at
“Like us” on Facebook!
The Book of Deuteronomy
Presenter: Fr. Joe
Thursdays, March 17, 31, April 7, 14, 21, 28
8:00 - 9:30 AM in Carnevale Center Room 203/204
7:00 - 8:30 PM in Carnevale Center Room 101/102
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Trip to Greece with Fr. Kevin Downey, OFM
October 12 - 22, 2016
Page 9
Pathways Counseling Center, Inc.
Dr. Pamela Hall, Clinical Director
Office Phone: 732.826.1231
Carol Kemmerer
Email: [email protected]
Gary V. Cupo, Board of Trustees Vice President
Pathways Counseling Center: 16 Pompton Avenue
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
Fax: 973.616.4688
“Like us” on Facebook!
oin Fr. Kevin on a pilgrimage to Greece following in
the “Footsteps of St. Paul the Apostle” - an 11-day
trip featuring a 3-night Greek Island and Turkey Cruise.
Collette Vacations has organized the trip so you will be
guaranteed an awesome experience.
Cost of $3,989 includes round-trip air fare from Newark
Airport, the cruise, 20 meals, hotels, bus transportation
and a tour guide. Questions? Please contact Fr. Kevin at
[email protected]
Licensed Professional Counselors and
Licensed Clinical Social Workers Wanted
Pathway’s Counseling Center is hiring Licensed Professional
Counselors and Licensed Clinical Social Workers. If you or
someone you know is looking for a rewarding opportunity to
work with children, individuals and families, please contact
Dr. Pam Hall, Psy.D, our Clinical Director, to discuss these
opportunities. Dr. Hall can be reached at 732.826.1231. Please
email all resumés to: [email protected]
The Lighted Path—Are you coping with loss of a loved one,
PILGRIMAGE to the Holy Land
May 23 -- June 2, 2016
Join St. Mary’s Church and Cardinal Tours
Led by Fr. Joe
“Land* and Air package” $4080 per person
[double room] *Pricing based on check payment.
The tour visits Bethlehem, Nazareth and Jerusalem; explore the
rich culture that molded the life of Jesus Christ, while reflecting
on the spiritual and religious significance of the land.
[Breakfast, dinner, transfers and entrance fees to all.]
View itinerary and download Application
at joe
For additional information contact:
Betty Houston at Cardinal Tours 973.835.0177
or email Betty at [email protected]
family member, friend, co-worker? Join our 6-week bereavement
group beginning Wednesday, March 16, 7:30 - 9:00 PM at
Pathways Counseling Center; facilitated by Sr. Janice Jollin,
LPC. Registration required - please call 973.835.6337 to register
or for more information. There is no fee.
Recently Widowed Workshop—Are
you coping with the
loss of a spouse? Join our 6-week bereavement group beginning
Thursday, March 17, 7:30 - 9 PM at Pathways Counseling Center.
Registration required - please call 973.835.6337 to register or for
more information; participants should plan to attend all six sessions.
The Parish Store
Religious Articles & Gifts
326 Wanaque Ave., Pompton Lakes
[email protected]
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday:
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.
Thursday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Page 10
“A Taste of Saint Mary’s Cookbook!”
See instructions on next page.
CATEGORY: ______________________________________________
RECIPE TITLE: ____________________________________________
SUBMITTED BY: ___________________________________________
PHONE:_____________________________________________ EMAIL:________________________________________________
Use abbreviations: pt. qt. pkg. env. c. ctn. tsp. T. oz. lb. gal. doz. sm. med. lg.
DIRECTIONS: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Page 11
“A Taste of Saint Mary’s Cookbook!”
Dear Friend,
Saint Mary’s Parish is preparing a wonderful custom cookbook featuring our favorite recipes. It will be professionally
published and certainly will become a treasured keepsake for all!
Be a part of our parish cookbook and submit your favorite recipes!
Below are very important instructions for submitting recipes. Submit your recipes no later than April 15 to ensure an opportunity to
be included in the cookbook. We thank you in advance for your recipes as this will help ensure a successful cookbook.
Pre-orders encouraged! We want to be sure to order sufficient copies in the first printing.
Reserve books for yourself, family, and friends! Watch the bulletin and website for pre-order information.
Mail the completed recipe form to:
Saint Mary’s Church, Attention “Cookbook”
17 Pompton Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
Drop off the completed recipe form at:
“ Cookbook” Box in Rectory Office Reception Area
Email the completed recipe form to:
can document & send to [email protected]
Go to, click on the cookbook icon. Complete the recipe form online.
Print Legibly in ink. One recipe per form. Submit each Recipe Form on 8 ½ x 11 size paper ONLY.
List all ingredients in order of use in ingredients list and directions.
Include amounts, container sizes, e.g., 2 (8-oz. cans), temps, and baking/cooking times.
c.-cup, pt.-pint, tsp.-teaspoon, T.-tablespoon, lb.-pound, doz.-dozen, env.-envelope, pkg.-package, oz.-ounce, gal.-gallon,
opt.-optional, reg.-regular, qt.-quart, lg.-large, med.-medium, sm.-small, ctn.-carton/container
Abbreviate measurements in the ingredients list (see above), but spell them out in the recipe directions.
Keep ingredients separate & directions in one paragraph. Do not submit recipes in steps, columns, or charts.
Use names of ingredients in the directions, e.g. “Combine flour and sugar.” Not “Combine first three ingredients.”
Include temperatures and cooking, chilling, baking, and/or freezing times.
Submit recipes exactly as you want them to appear.
Any special notes like “favorite recipe of my daughter” will not be included.
Duplicate recipes will appear once with multiple contributor names. The first contributor name will appear in the contributor index.
Ingredients may use trademarked names, e.g., “Miracle Whip.®” Do not use trademarked words for recipe titles.
If used, it will be replaced with an acceptable alternative, e.g., “Kentucky Derby® Pie” will become Chocolate Nut Pie.
Appetizers & Beverages
Main Dishes
Breads & Rolls
Soups & Salads
Cookies & Candy
Vegetables & Side Dishes
This & That
Questions? Call Blake Pra Sisto 973-835-0937 or Julie Tatti 973-640-0910
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Page 12
Ministerio Hispano de Santa María
Nuestros Líderes
Pastor: Padre Frank Sevola, ofm [email protected]
Directora del Ministerio Hispano: Milagros Anto 973.835.
0374, ext 703 o 201.841.0269 (lunes a viernes de 4 pm a 9 pm)
[email protected] Facebook:
Vicario para la pastoral hispana: Padre Gonzalo de Jesús
Torres-Acosta, ofm 973.835.0374, ext 702, [email protected]
Comité Hispano: Elkin & Gloria Vargas, Antonio & Guadalupe
Xochipa, Raul & Nubia Tamayo, Valentín León, Luz A.
Quiñones, Lourdes Huertas, Angelina Nuci, Josefina Soperanes,
Cipriano Oropeza, Elizabeth Ramírez, Judith Navarro, Isabel
Soperanes, Mauricio Soperanes, Carmen Lagunes, Aurora &
Ramos Díaz, Elvira Guerrero, Andrés & Digna Mesa, Belinda
Orellano –Rojas, Marissa Díaz, Daisy Moreno and Samuel
Búsquenos en Facebook:
Padre Gonzalo: Fray Gonzalo Torres OFM
Milagros Anto: Milagros Anto
Parroquia-Ministerio Hispano: Parroquia de Santa María_Pompton Lakes
Gonzalo Torres OFM
Misa en Español
Los domingos a las 9:00AM en el Centro Carnevale (10 Lenox
Ave, Pompton Lakes, NJ). Durante el año celebramos varias
eucaristías en la iglesia principal. Algunas celebraciones son
bilingües como la Fiesta de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, la
Vigilia Pascual, y el Día de Acción de Gracias (Thanksgiving)
JUEVES 17 DE MARZO 2016- Solemnidad de San
Hoy celebramos el gran “Apóstol de Irlanda” del siglo quinto,
san Patricio. Un santo que es reverenciado no sólo en el país al
cual llevó la fe católica, sino también en bastantes otros países del
mundo que, a su vez, en los siglos XIX y XX, fueron evangelizados
en buena parte por emigrantes y misioneros irlandeses. En el
Evangelio de su fiesta se nos narra como Jesús «designó otros
setenta y dos y los mandó por delante de dos en dos, a todos los
pueblos y lugares adonde pensaba ir Él» (Lc 10,1). De alguna
manera, resulta irónico que éste sea el pasaje seleccionado para
la fiesta de un santo que, como un caso singular entre todos los
grandes misioneros, él solo, sin ayuda de nadie, convirtió a toda
una nación del paganismo a la fe católica. Siendo adolescente,
llegó por primera vez a Irlanda como esclavo, procedente de la
Gran Bretaña romana, y llegó muy solo. Algunos años más tarde,
después de recibir la ordenación sacerdotal y episcopal, volvió a la
gente que lo había esclavizado, deseando profundamente ganarlos
para Cristo, y una vez más estuvo totalmente solo. Cristo necesita
santos. Incluso un solo santo puede convertir una nación entera, tal
como hoy contemplamos en san Patricio. El Papa Francisco nos
recordó que son esos hombres y mujeres cuyos corazones están
llenos —tal como era en san Patricio— del fuego del Espíritu Santo,
quienes iniciarán “¡una nueva etapa evangelizadora más fervorosa,
alegre, generosa, audaz, llena de amor hasta el fin y contagiosa!”.
Acompañamiento Espiritual
Por favor solicitar una cita con el Padre Gonzalo para poder
servirle. Este será un dialogo confidencial y en la presencia del
Espíritu Santo. Si usted es bilingüe puede solicitar una cita con
cualquiera de los cuatro frailes en la parroquia (Padres Frank,
Richard o Joe). También puede hablar con Milagros Anto.
“…Aquel de ustedes que no tenga pecado, que le tire la primera
piedra… Entonces Jesús se enderezó y le preguntó: “Mujer,
¿dónde están los que te acusaban? ¿Nadie te ha condenado?”
Ella le contestó: “Nadie, Señor.” Y Jesús le dijo: “Tampoco yo te
condeno. Vete y ya no vuelvas a pecar.”” (Jn 8, 1-11)
Jesús no dejara nunca de sorprendernos con su bendita forma
de pensar y sobre todo con su más bendita forma de actuar. Lo
primero es salvar a la persona humana…a cada ser humano
en particular. Y este es el criterio fundamental para discernir
su voluntad hoy. Ese debe ser el criterio que nos guie hoy en
nuestros propios discernimientos.
St. Patrick
St. Joseph
SÁBADO 19 DE MARZO 2016- Solemnidad de San José,
esposo de la Virgen María
“Las principales fuentes de información sobre la vida de San José
son los primeros capítulos del evangelio de Mateo y de Lucas. En
los relatos no conocemos palabras expresadas por él, tan sólo
conocemos sus obras, sus actos de fe, amor y de protección como
padre responsable del bienestar de su amadísima esposa y de su
excepcional Hijo. Es un caso excepcional en la Biblia: un santo
al que no se le escucha ni una sola palabra. Es, pues, el “Santo
del silencio.””
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Page 13
Ministerio Hispano de Santa María
Domingo de Ramos (marzo 20)
8:00 AM – Bendición de Palmas y Procesión en el estacionamiento,
y Eucaristía a las 9:00 AM en el Centro Carnevale
Jueves Santo (marzo 24)
7:30 PM Solemne Liturgia en español en el Centro Carnevale
Viernes Santo (marzo 25)
Viacrucis en español 7:00 PM, (estacionamiento)
Seguido de Liturgia en la Iglesia de San Antonio, Butler
Bautismos en español
Requisitos: Certificado de Nacimiento del(a) niño(a), padrinos
y asistir a una clase antes de la celebración del Sacramento (padres y
padrinos). Las clases se dictan en el Centro Carnevale (10 Lenox Avenue,
Pompton Lakes, NJ, 07442). Información: Milagros Anto, o Padre Gonzalo.
Si desea bautizar su hijo(a) en inglés debe asistir a una clase y llamar a la
secretaria parroquial Claire Fagan 973.835.5841, ext 120.
Catequesis/Preparación para la Primera Comunión en español
Este programa consiste de 2 años de preparación de septiembre
a junio. Las clases son los martes a las 6:30 PM en el Centro
Carnevale (10 Lenox Avenue, Pompton Lakes, NJ, 07442).
Requisitos: Partida de Bautismo y tener entre 8 a 13 años de edad.
Nuestra directora es Angelina Nuci. Colabora como catequista
en este programa Esmeralda Vargas. Información: Milagros Anto, o
Angelina Nuci (973.866.8431) [email protected] Si desea
que su hijo(a) se prepare en inglés debe comunicarse con la señora
Alma Banta, la Directora Parroquial de Educación Religiosa, al
tel 973.835.7750, ext 102 ([email protected]).
Preparación para la Confirmación en español
Este programa consiste de 2 años de preparación de septiembre
a junio. Es un camino juvenil muy interesante y una oportunidad
para crecer en la Fe Católica. Requisitos: Partida de Bautismo,
certeza de que ha hecho la Primera Comunión, padrinos y estar
cursando la escuela secundaria. Las clases son los miércoles a las
6:30 PM en el Centro Carnevale (10 Lenox Avenue, Pompton Lakes,
NJ, 07442). Nuestra directora es Milagros Anto. Colabora como
catequista Samuel Sánchez; ayudado por Kimberly Díaz, Belinda
Orellano–Rojas, Marissa Diaz, Luis y Erick Herrera, Oscar
García y Cariño. Información: Milagros Anto. Si desea que su
hijo(a) se prepare para la Confirmación en inglés debe comunicarse
con la señora Pat Newton, la Coordinadora Parroquial de Confirmación, at 973.835.5594, ext 160 ([email protected])
Clases de Inglés
Clases Gratis de inglés en la Iglesia de Santa María - Las clases
de inglés para adultos y jóvenes todos los lunes y miércoles 7:30
– 9:00 PM en el sótano del Centro Carnevale. Hablar inglés nos abre
muchas puertas. Nuestros voluntarios son maestros profesionales. No
habrá clases durante los meses de enero y febrero.
English Language Learning Classes for adults new to the United States. Mondays
and Wednesdays: 7:30 - 9:00 PM, downstairs in the Carnevale Center.
Programa de Asistencia Médica de la Iglesia de Santa
María. Todos los lunes de 7:30 a 9 PM un grupo de doctores y enfermeras
voluntarios atienden las necesidades básicas de las personas que no cuentan
con seguro medico. Ellos vienen del Hospital de San José en Paterson.
No se necesita cita previa. La clínica se encuentra localizada en el sótano
del Centro Carnevale (10 Lenox Ave. Pompton Lakes, NJ) en el salón
003. Se cuenta con un intérprete al español.
Despensa de Comida de Santa María. Esta despensa gratuita
de comida o Food Pantry es un ministerio de nuestra parroquia
que ayuda a aproximadamente 175 familias a la semana (o sea
aproximadamente 480 personas entre niños y adultos). Si usted
o algún conocido necesita un mercado de emergencia, por favor
visite nuestra despensa en 22 Lakeside Avenue, Pompton Lakes,
NJ 07442 (en la parte baja del estacionamiento municipal)
[email protected] Puede llamar a Elkin
Vargas: 973.557.5459
Grupo de Jóvenes Hispanos de Santa María
Este es un nuevo grupo (en español/bilingüe) para jóvenes entre
las edades de 13 y 18 años de edad que quieran crecer en su fe,
sirviendo a su comunidad y trabajando en equipo con otros jóvenes,
de acuerdo al modelo católico y franciscano de nuestra parroquia. Te
invitamos a participar todos los miércoles de 6:00 a 8:00 PM en el
Centro Carnevale, salón 003 (sótano). Informes: Belinda OrellanoRojas (973.800.2604 - [email protected]) o Marissa Díaz
(862.668.5515 - [email protected]).
Se necesitan voluntarios para servir en el COMEDOR
COMUNITARIO de la Iglesia del Sagrado Corazón en Jersey
City, una vez al mes. La próxima visita será el sábado 19 de marzo. Es
una gran oportunidad para brindar nuestra compañía y un plato de
comida a personas, incluidos muchos niños, que están pasando por un
momento difícil. Informes (en inglés) con nuestra directora de Servicio
Comunitario (Outreach Director) Jacqueline Rose, 973.835.0374, ext
193 ([email protected]). En español: Elkin Vargas
973.557.5459 ([email protected])- o con el Padre Gonzalo.
Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 13, 2016
Page 14
Bring one Food Pantry item when you attend
March 18 -29, 2016
For women & men
The Scarlet Pimpernel
This will greatly benefit St. Mary’s Outreach Program
which serves our Food Pantry
Family worries? Loneliness? Job changes and difficulties? New
to the area? Experiencing losses? Cancer diagnosis for yourself
or a loved one? Chronic illness? Returned home after military
service? No matter your life experience…we are here to provide
emotional & spiritual support. Same gender, confidential care
by a trained Stephen Minister. Bilingual care available.
Call Beverly Delleart, Ministry Director, 973.835.0374, ext. 113
Christian Caregving
Stephen Ministry, Journey with Cancer Ministry, Military Care
All calls confidential. No-fee care provided.
Interested in volunteering in our ministry? Call above too!
A Swashbuckling
Musical Comedy Adventure
Friday & Saturday 8 PM - Sunday 3 PM
Adults $27; Youth/Senior $25 plus tax
973.248.9491 - 247 Wanaque Ave., Pompton Lakes

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