June 19 - Saint Joseph Catholic Church


June 19 - Saint Joseph Catholic Church
87 Lacy Street NW • Marietta, Georgia • 30060-111 • (770)422-5633 • www.saintjosephcc.org
Saint Joseph Catholic Church
Mission Statement
Saint We,
Saint Joseph Catholic church, the Body of Christ, seek to grow in
87 Lacy Street
and serviceGeorgia
of God and30060-1111
one another.
Monsignor John Walsh
Parochial Vicars:
Rev. Michael Sherliza
Rev. Guyma Noel
Deacon Thomas Shaver, OFS
Deacon Bruce Reed
Deacon Frank Devereux
Deacon Norman Keller
Deacon Greg Smilski
God our Father,
in your wisdom and love you made
all things. Bless these men, that they
Tina Harding…..770.422.5633
may be strengthened
Carol Donofrio…..….770.422.5633 x22
Let the example of their faith and
love shine
forth. Grant that we, their
sons and daughters,
them always with a spirit of
Lisa Fiamingo……….770.422.5633
profound respect.
Schedule of Masses
8:00 AM and 12:00 PM
8:00 AM and 12:00 PM
8:00 AM
6:00 PM
Dios nuestro Tuesday
Padre, en tu sabidurí
y amor
hiciste todas las
4:00 PMaVigilia
en Español
8:00 AM
and 12:00
Vigil fortalecidos9:00-10:00AM
a estos
PM Vigiliade
en su
3:30-4:30 PM
cristianos. Que el7:30
fe y amor brille.
8:15 AM School Mass
e hijas,
podamos honrarlos
12:00 PM
of the sus hijos
7:30 AM,
9:00 AM,
6:00 PM en Español
Sick con un espíritu
12:30 PM, respeto.
7:00 PM en Español
2:30 PM en Español
5:00 PM Life Teen
8:00 AM and 12:00 PM
June 19, 2016 •
Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Saint Joseph
Parish School of Religion
[email protected]
PSR registration is ongoing throughout the summer.
Registration forms can be found on the website, in the
PSR office, in the Parish office, and in the Narthex. There
is a drop box in the Narthex for completed forms or you
can mail them to the church with attention to PSR. Sunday classes fill quickly so complete your registration
early to be sure you get your first choice of PSR sessions.
Contact Kathy at 770.422.5633 x52 or [email protected] for more information about PSR
registration or how you can become a PSR volunteer.
Pastoral Ministry/Outreach
[email protected]
If you are aware of a home bound parishioner who
would like communion brought to them or a nursing
home, assisted living, or mental health facility in need
of someone to bring communion, please contact Tom
Reichert at [email protected]
Mother’s Circle
is a ministry for moms of the
parish with young children. We meet weekly for playdates and fellowship. For more information contact
Amy Lyons 404.966.3710 or [email protected]
or Teresa Vestal 405.740.5180 or
[email protected]
Our next activities are:
Wednesday, June 29, Seven Springs Water Park at
12:30 PM
Tuesday, July 12, Laurel Park at 10:00 AM
Wednesday, July 20, Swift-Cantrell Park at
We are in need of donations of
NEW items of clothing, blankets, booties, caps,
sleepers, etc., for our program. All items are distributed
to families in need within our community. If you have
any questions, please contact Rosemary Buckley at
All are welcome!!
As he passed by he saw a man blind from birth. His disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents,
that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither he nor
his parents sinned; it is so that the works of God might be
made visible through him.”
– John 9:1-3.
Today in the United States, the rate of disability is
estimated at 20% of the population. Chances are
that you or someone you know has a disability.
Sometimes we can see differences; a hearing aid or
ASL, someone with a guide dog, or a person using a
wheelchair. But oftentimes, a disability is not seen:
autism, depression; a learning difference. We all
struggle with life. But we can ALL love. We ALL have
gifts and can share those gifts to serve God. Our parish is alive when we ALL celebrate together!
Saint Joseph Parish is in the process of planning our
first Fun Night!
FUN NIGHT! is an evening of fun and socialization for children and adults with disabilities, as well
as an opportunity for respite for their parents
and/or caregivers. We’ll meet on the fourth Friday of each month beginning in July from 6:00 PM
to 8:45 PM in Marist Hall. Adult and teenage volunteers are needed to make this ministry possible.
Food and drink are provided. We’ll enjoy games,
crafts, music, and celebrate birthdays.
All ages and levels of disability are welcome. Fun
Night! is open to everyone, regardless of religious affiliation. Participants must provide their
own transportation.
Come join us in creating our new Ministry. If you or
someone you know would be interested in attending or if you wish to volunteer for this ministry,
please contact Charlie Mullaney [email protected] or Tom Reichert [email protected]
Visit the Disabilities Ministry page at
www.saintjosephcc.org to sign up or volunteer, or
for more info.
Teen and adult volunteers are welcome.
Saint Joseph Catholic Church • Marietta, Georgia • www.saintjosephcc.org
“Who do you say that I am?” Jesus asks Peter in
today’s Gospel. Does my use of the gifts and talents
entrusted to me accurately reflect my answer to that
same question? How willing am I to deny myself,
take up my cross, and follow in his steps?
Mass Intentions
June 19—June 26
Offertory 2016
June 5……………………………………………………………………………..$41,525.08
Second Collection: June 25 and 26
Peter’s Pence
Next week, our (arch)diocese will take up the Peter’s Pence Collection, which provides Pope Francis with the funds he needs to carry
out his charitable works around the world. The proceeds benefit our
brothers and sisters on the margins of society, including victims of
war, oppression, and disasters. Join our Holy Father as a witness of
charity to those who are suffering.
With the summer in full bloom and beaches, barbeques and outdoor
activity becoming our weekend escape, we understand if you cannot
make it to your home parish every Sunday. Remember, the church is
open year round, 7 days a week, offering the sacraments, the Mass,
the same valuable spiritual service, programs and guidance in the
Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. Therefore, we need your support
year-round. Please consider on-line giving! It’s safe and secure.
Go to www.saintjosephcc.org and sign up today! Thank you!
Scripture Readings
June 19—June 26
Twelfth Sunday
in Ordinary Time
Zec 12:10-11;13:1
Gal 3:26-29
Lk 9:18-24
Psalms IV
2 Kgs 19:9b-11,14-21,31-35a,36
Mt 7:6,12-14
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, religious
2 Kgs 22:8-13;23:1-3 • Mt 7:15-20
5:30 PM (Vigil………..………… † Belle Jones
7:30 PM (Vigilia) En Español
† Maria Del Rosario Sanchez
7:30 AM.…….………..... † Genevieve Adams
9:00 AM......................... † Rita & Ed Brennan
10:45 AM….................................. Parishioners
2:30 PM En Español…..
5:00 PM Life Teen……………………...…….. † Jack Ball
Monday, June 20
12:00 PM
Father’s Day Novena
Tuesday, June 21
8:00 AM
12:00 PM………...…… Father’s Day Novena
Wednesday, June 22
8:00 AM……..………... Father’s Day Novena
12:00 PM………….... For Those Who Are Ill
7:00 PM En Español…….. † Barbara Francois
Thursday, June 23
8:00 AM…………….… Father’s Day Novena
12:00 PM...................................... Unemployed
2 Kgs 24:8-17 • Mt 7:21-29 Friday, June 24
8:00 AM…….… (intention) Diane Guzman
12:00 PM..................... Father’s Day Novena
Is 49:1-6 • Acts 13:22-26 • Lk 1:57-66,80
Saturday, June 25
8:00 AM……................ Father’s Day Novena
Lam 2:2,10-14,18-19 • Mt 8:5-17
Thirteenth Sunday
in Ordinary Time
1 Kgs 19:16b,19-21
Gal 5:1,13-18
Lk 9:51-62
Psalms I
5:30 PM (Vigil…….…… † Robert Beckman
7:30 AM.…….…………...…..... † June Graham
9:00 AM........................ Father’s Day Novena
10:45 AM….................................. Parishioners
12:30 PM……………. Persecuted Christians
2:30 PM En Español……………... † Omar Fraire
5:00 PM Life Teen………………...….. † Eleanor Cetti
June 19, 2016 •
Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time
We pray for our loved ones
For the sick and suffering
Joanna Adkins
Rose Adkins
Egan Allen
Robert Arevalo
Jerry Booker
Maura Boyle
Daniel Brown
Tricia Camp
Joanne Cirelli
Rhonda Cotton
Ronnie Crews
Oliver Crowson
Andrew DuBois
Lena Ferree
Jake Fitzpatrick
Willie Flanagan
Ed Flynn
Katie Grant
Phyllis Gravitt
Angie Mullaney
Mary Guertin
Kathy Nixon
Ron Helton
Daniel Pazak
Randy Hinton
Wyatt Pope
Hagan Hussey
Elizabeth Lancia Ryan
Anita Ives
Deanna Seay
Felicia Johnson
Rebecca Sivilla
Georgina Silvilla-Martinez
John Johnson
Fr. Michael Sherliza
Monica Johnson
Michelle Shepherd
Kerrigan Jones
Kitty Boothe Smith
Mackenzie Jones
Linda Stadel
Tyler King
Debra Stetler
Jennifer Landry
Shauna Sutton
Mary Tankersley
Kurt Lindquist
Samantha Livingston Florencia Thomas
Charlene F. Tillis
Mario Martinez
Alan Travillian
Noah Mayeux
Heather Wiblin
Marilyn Merchant
Nicole Molinary
For all of those in nursing homes and hospice, especially those
who are suffering or dying.
Names appear on the prayer list for two weeks unless otherwise requested. To add someone to our prayer list, please
email [email protected]
For our loved ones serving in the military
Brandt Ange
Joseph Bailey
Ramon Bargallo
Andrew Barron
Alex Bartlett
Chris Brinkmann
David Brinkmann
Adam Cole
Andrew Cole
Dan Cowen
Mason Danner
Matthew Danner
Alexander Echols
Anthony J Falvo IV
Wesley Farren
Gabriel Fennelly
Andrew Gebert
Michael Haley
Drew Hanshaw
Ryan Harris
Connor Hughes
Michael Ivey
Logan Jackson
Brandon Jennings
Chad Jennings
Timothy Johnson
Ryan Jones
Hunter Jordan
Patrick Kane
John Kruszuwsky
Chris Lineback
Ryan Lineback
Alixandra Mackey
Luis J. Martinez
Tyler McCaslin
Patrick O’Reilly
Ryan Parker
Adam Pastor
Preston Pass
Sean Pitts
Kevin Regan
Ryne Regan
Jeremy Sanusi
Todd Sartian
Joseph Sellman
Brian Sexton
Glenda Smith
Logan Steele
William J. Strapp
Anna Sweat
Brian & Poa Sweat
John Sweat
John Ryan Walsh
Patrick J. Walsh
Mike Williams
Brett Zehnder
On The Deck—College Ministry Join other College-age
students from around Atlanta for some good, Christian
fellowship and spiritual growth. Includes dinner, talk,
and social time. Ages 18-22. Chancery at Archdiocese of
Atlanta 2401 Lake Park Dr SE, Smyrna, GA 30080
Sing-along and S’mores
When: Friday, July 15, 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.
Where: meet in the Life Teen Room and we will walk to
Atherton Place at 6:45 PM.
Who: All rising 6th–8th graders
We will return to Saint Joseph for a bonfire and s’mores.
Permission slip is required. There is no cost!
Tubing on The Toccoa River
When: Thursday, July 21, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Where: Meet in the Life Teen Room, board bus travel to
North GA for tubing
Who: All rising 6th–8th graders and their families
(participants must be at least 5 years old)
Bring: towels, shoes that can get wet (no flipflops, all
shoes must have a back strap), change of clothes, and
picnic lunch
Permission slip required—deadline is Friday, July 15.
Cost: $25/person covers tubing and transportation
Permission Slips for all events may be found at
Schedule of
All of our High School Summer Events are open to all rising
9th-12th graders. Come on your own or bring your friends for
some good, summer fun! Some events require registration
Ball-Up Wednesdays All Ballers—Let’s GO! 6 hours
of real ball time, score board, refs, 10 minute games, as
two winning teams compete for final prize. Spectators
Summer Surprise Last year’s Summer Surprises
were the best!! We had a Swing dance competition in
June and Open Mic Night with the Mobile Mission
Band in July. Wonder what we will do this year? Only
Lisa and a few Core Members know. Come find out,
you won’t want to miss it!
Movie Night—God’s Not Dead Join us in Marist Hall
for a movie, pizza, ice cream and coffee bar.
LTA—Life Teen Association If you have a heart for
service, join our LTA. We usually meet the 1st and 3rd
Sunday of every month at 2:00 PM in the Life Teen
Room and other times when needed.
Saint Joseph Catholic Church • Marietta, Georgia • www.saintjosephcc.org
Knowing Our Faith
Adult Formation
Tina Harding [email protected]
MUST Summer Lunch Program
Join us on June 28 at 10:00 AM in the Adult Education
Room to put together lunches for MUST Ministry.
Contact Tina Harding at [email protected] if
you are able to join us! We will be making AND bagging lunches. Please bring any big boxes you have to
assist us in packing.
Prayer and Praise, a charismatic prayer meeting,
meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 7:00 PM in the
Sugar Hill House. There is singing, glory and praise,
scripture passages for sharing, personal witnesses,
and healing prayers. For more information contact
Claudette Morrison at [email protected]
Book Club Summer Read
This summer we are reading Pulitzer Prize winner All
The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. You can
find it on Amazon. It's over 500 pages, but you have until
September 11 to enjoy it!
Pianist Needed
Excellence that challenges students in grades K-8 by
educating the mind and expanding the heart. We are
accepting applications on a rolling admissions for
the 2016-2017 school year. Please visit
www.stjosephschool.org and click on Apply Now to
learn more about our terrific school! To arrange a
tour and have your questions answered you may call
the school office at 770.428.3328 or email Judy
Brodell at [email protected]
Around the Archdiocese
God is Merciful! Come away to Ignatius House Jesuit
Retreat Center for a weekend retreat. Contemplate
Mercy in the Jubilee Year of Mercy…encounter our
Merciful God, who will speak to you in the quiet and
draw you to drink from the well-spring of life. Summer
2016 Weekend Retreats include:
July 8-10; July 22-24; July 29-31; Aug 5-7; Aug 11-14.
Register at www.ignatiushouse.org or 404.255.0503.
Position Opening at Saint Joseph
Our 12:30 PM contemporary group is in need of a pianist who is comfortable reading both chord charts and
notated music. The group rehearses on Sunday mornings before the 12:30 PM Mass. If interested in sharing
your talents in this way, please contact John Brandt,
Director of Music at 770.422.5633 x62 or
[email protected] as soon as possible.
Knights of Columbus
Super Raffle Winners
Week 16
$30 Mary Lamb, Penny Pruitt., Frank Tomascak
$75 Katy Crowson
$100 Laura Vogt
Interested in becoming a Knights of Columbus member?
If so, please visit kofc4599.org/become-a-knight for
more information
Adult Ministry and RCIA Coordinator Position
Saint Joseph is seeking a full-time Adult Ministry and
RCIA Coordinator for our active parish. This position
reports to the pastor and collaborates with other ministry coordinators in outreach to and in the formation
of all adults. The development and implementation of
parish-wide evangelization and discipleship programming is needed. Qualified candidates should have
adult ministry leadership and RCIA experience, excellent written and verbal communication skills, exceptional interpersonal and customer service skills, organizational skills, a Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred) in Pastoral Ministry, Theology, or Religious
Studies (or equivalent) and proficiency in Microsoft
Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, and PowerPoint. Applicant must be a practicing Catholic in communion
with the Roman Catholic Church. The position requires some evening and weekend hours depending
upon ministry needs. Salary commensurate with experience. Interested candidates should submit cover letter and resume to Bruce Reed
[email protected]
19 de Junio de 2016 ~ XII Domingo Ordinario
Lecturas de Hoy
¡Bienvenidos a nuestra Iglesia!
Horarios de Oficina
Lunes a Viernes,
9:30 AM—4:30 PM
Oficina del Ministerio Hispano
770.422.5633 exts. 34, 32, 37
Fax 770.422.1148
Horario de la Santa Misa
Sábado: 7:30 PM
Domingo: 2:30 PM
Miércoles 7:00 PM
6:00 PM a 7:00 PM
Grupos del Ministerio Hispano
Grupo de Oración
Rigoberto Gramajo 678.485.0815
Grupo Nueva Vida
Luis Carlos 678.755.5011
Grupo de Biblia
D. Jose T. Merlo 404.644.0691
Grupo Apóstoles de la
Divina Misericordia
Aura Trivino 770.426.6236
Visita a enfermos
Rosa Juarez 678.668.6045
Unidos en Cristo
Amalia Cervantes 678.887.8150
Ministerio Stephen
Karina Garcia 770.422.5633 x81
Alberto Garcia 404.312.8655
Ministros de Eucaristia
Brenda Berberena 770.420.8910
Grupo Juvenil de Adultos
Jesus Ramirez 678.848.8375
Feliz Día del Padre
“Todos los días son el día idoneo para decirles a
nuestros papás que los queremos, pero teníamos que hacer un día dedicado a el. Ese hombre
que cuando eramos pequenos nos hacía sentir la
seguridad de que a su lado nada podría pasarnos, nuestro súper héroe. Espero que aún despues de los anos siga siendolo para todos”.
Formación de Catequistas—OBLIGATORIO
“La catequesis es una columna para la educación de la fe, y ser catequista significa dar testimonio de esta fe.”
Este mes de Junio tendremos la formacion de catequistas aquí en nuestra Iglesia.
—Junio 25, Sabado de 9:00 AM a 12:00 PM en Marist Hall.
—Junio 27 y 28, Lunes y Martes de 6:00 PM a 9:00 PM en Marist Hall.
—Agosto 20, Sabado de 8:00 AM a 5:00 PM en la Iglesia de San Judas
Reflexión: sobre el Sagrado Corazón de Jesús
En cada página del evangelio, el Corazón de Jesús habla de la fe. Por la fe Jesús
cura las almas, sana los cuerpos y resucita a los muertos. Cada uno de los milagros es el fruto de la fe; cada palabra suya es una incitación a la fe.
La fe es necesaria como el pan que comes, como el aire que respiras. Con la fe
eres todo; sin la fe no eres nada. Con frecuencia nuestra fe es lánguida como una
llama a punto de extinguirse. Cuando en los campos, en las casas, en las oficinas,
en las tiendas, se mofan de tu fe ¿sientes el coraje de defenderla sin sonrojarte,
sin respeto humano? Cuando las pasiones te asaltan ferozmente, ¿Te acuerdas
que con un acto de fe resultas invencible porque Dios combate por ti y contigo?
Diezmo Semanal
Ofrece lo que ganas en una hora de trabajo, Dios te
lo duplicara. Se va de vacaciones!!! No olvide que la
Iglesia necesita de su apoyo puede hacer su donación por internet o bien mandarlo a la oficina.
Por favor mantengan en sus oraciones a EDUARDO NAVARRO y MAYRA BETANCOURT ESTRADA que serán unidos en matrimonio en la Parroquia El Señor de la Misericordia, Ciudad Juárez, México el
Bautizos se celebran el cuarto sábado del mes. Llama a la oficina para confirmar fechas y horarios
Matrimonios llamar a la oficina y pedir cita. Ver folletos de informacion localizados en el Kiosco.
Misas de XV años se celebran Sábados a la 1:00 PM. Llama a la oficina para reservar la fecha deseada.
Quinceañeras que tengan su celebración registrada deberán asistir obligatoriamente a una charla de
preparación, asi como chambelanes, padres y padrinos.
Presentaciones para bebes de 40 días y 3 años de edad, es necesario pasar a la oficina para anotarlo y recibir recomendaciones.

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