October/November 2015 WHAT`S NEW…


October/November 2015 WHAT`S NEW…
October/November 2015
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October Birthdays
Stephano Cantu
Marcelino Gutierrez
Elco Hernandez
Jesus Mendoza
Gabriel Molina
Dominque Valerio
Esmundo Morales Hernandez
Joe Guerrero
Emilio Lugo
Mike Slay
Ron Matsko
Charles Villegas
Andres Morales
Jorge Pezo
Alfredo Martinez
Saul Ramos
Isidoro Rodriguez
Jose F Gonzales
Manuel Ruiz
Gabriel Salinas
Jacob Mora
Ignacio Ortiz
Toby Smith
Gilberto Garcia
Brad Gawlik
Jose Lucero
Thomas Trevino
Bradley Brzozowski
Constantino Hernandez
Jason Solis
Adam Walker
James Rodriguez
Cristobal Ruiz
Arturo Serafin
Jose G Garcia
Steven Cahill
Martin Rios
Claude Culver
Enrique Garcia
Jesus Barrientos
Zachary Davenport
October Anniversaries
7 Years
Freddy Riggins
Randy Case
Jose Hernandez
3 Years
Jose Cruz Medina
Salvador Gutierrez
Christopher McLeod
Andrew Ramsay
2 Years
Brandon McNatt
Rudy M Rodriguez
1 Year
Isai Cardenas
Scott Carney
Dallas Heimlich
Elco Hernandez
Cesar Iglesias
Kevin Inman
Augustus Matthews
Arturo Serafin
Seth Templeton
Noe Vasquez
Craig Wilson
“Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality workmanship and professionalism. We are
committed to your satisfaction with each task we complete. We strive to maintain an excellent safety program,
which always comes first. We look forward to the opportunity to do business with you!”
November Birthdays
Jim Beeman
Andrew Griffith
Javier Salinas
Alfredo Carrasco
Edgar Morales
Matt Turner
Donovan Ynostrosa Jr.
Keith Craig
Esven Galindo
Esequiel Ruiz
Joshua Sanchez
Maria Sanchez
Allan Si Fuentes
Jonathan Bullard
Ysmael Padron
Rob Floroplus
Martin Hernandez Jr.
Jose Cruz Medina
Delfino Gonzalez
Santiago Carranza Fuentes
Angel Ramos
Colton Srader
Carl Forsythe
Case Taylor
Ramiro Martinez-Ortega
Terry Poole
Mateo Vera Jr.
Jesus Rocha
Neil Sears
Rudy Hernandez
Ryan Rodriguez
Jose Luis Gonzalez
David Hernandez
November Anniversaries
8 Years
Jami Barnard
Wesley Sparks
6 Years
Art Robinson
4 Years
William Copeland
Richard Wickline
3 Years
Dustin Sanders
2 Years
Zenon Rodriguez
1 Year
Ashley Anderson
Jose Duran
Shane Kindel
Jose Martinez
Jesus Ochoa-Fuentes
Shane Pledger
Daniel Rice
Charles Villegas
Juan Yanez Perez
Maci Zuniga
Happy November Team,
Safety Moment:
After seeing Neil Murdoch’s numbers last week on the tally of how many BBS (behavior based safety)
and Observation cards we have submited as a team, I am very concerned because we are headed in the wrong
direction. Neil’s reports show that we are down 50% on BBS and Observations for last month. This is
absolutely unacceptable for the CCI team and I know we are much better than this. We are pushing very hard
to keep steady work and our man hours have not slowed down, so there is no reason for a lack of reporting. It
is proven over and over that when we lose focus and do not report hazards that we see in the field that
incidents and injuries start happening. Every employee is supposed to be turning in one (1) BBS card a day
and management is to turn in one (1) observation per crew per month. This process is very important for two
reasons; First, it’s an open communication from the field up to management telling us what hazards you see
on a daily basis, and Second, it forces every employee to keep their eyes open for hazards that could hurt
themselves or their coworkers instead of walking past it or having tunnel vision and losing focus of your
surroundings. If you see it, you own it! You never want the guilt of knowing you saw a hazard and did nothing
about it and someone got injured. I have discussed this with your management and you should be seeing a
push to get back on track, please help in doing your part as this involves participation from every employee.
Operations Update:
I wish I had a crystal ball that could tell me what oil prices were going to do next year but I can’t seem
to find one, so all I have is an opinion that is probably more of an uneducated guess than it is educated. Oil
prices have held steady and above $45 bbl for several months now. We would all love to see it higher but at
least it has been steady which is somewhat positive. We are nearing the end of the year so all of our customers
are working on their 2016 budgets and hopefully the steady pricing will convince them to add more money
into their budget for next year. From what we are hearing so far this seems to be the case.
CCI has been blessed this year and we continue to see good opportunity into the future. They say it’s
always easier to grow with the customers you have than it is to go find new customers and build new
relationships. I absolutely agree but you guys are doing a fantastic job at both. Your safe execution of projects
has allowed us to keep a strong base with our long term customers and our Business Development team has
impressed us by opening many doors and opportunities in a market that has the deck stacked against them.
It’s a team effort to find the work and keep the customer satisfied once we are working for them. We have an
Awesome Team and the success is owed to the entire CCI Team.
Every Division and yard has done a great job changing with the demands of the market and finding
new ways to be successful. I can honestly say that we operate completely different today than we did a year
ago and the aggressiveness and hustle from every employee at CCI has made this possible. Again, Thank You
Guys and Gals for everything you do on a daily basis. We have a team that chose to Strive instead of Survive.
I’m as guilty of a man as any when I say we put most of our focus around safety and operations in the
field and the team members it takes to execute projects. Truth be told, we would not survive one day without
the back office team that puts their heart and soul into this company every single day. Doing the manual labor
is only half of what it takes to be a successful company. The Office Team controls; field tickets, payroll,
invoicing, Purchase Orders, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Medical Insurance, Company
Insurance, Cost Tracking, Accounting, Forecast, Budgets, DOT, Safety, Audits, Utilities, Cell Phones, GPS,
Asset Tracking, Fleet Management, handle issues from continuous phone calls, Holiday schedule, HR, new
hire processing, safety training, and on, and on, and on. Our Office Team is a limited number of staff in each
field office and in Granbury and I want to recognize them for everything they do. They put up with us
(including me) operations people that truly have no idea the magnitude of how much they support us. Thank
You Office Team for your Patience, Undeniable Hard Work, and Dedication!!!!!!!
If I don’t get a chance to tell you in person, Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels!
Brad Culberson
Boss’s Day
The Granbury office celebrated National Boss’s Day, October 16, 2015, with a Pot Luck lunch.
Although not all of them were able to attend, we appreciate all of them just the same!
Pictured L-R Rusty Terrell, Justin Culberson, Lisa Johnson
South Texas
Survey kick off
with BHP,
GM Scott Cochran at the sight glass
First aid, blood borne, h2s, and fire training
Encana Chili Cookoff and Auction
benefiting Wounded Warriors
Patton Trust
Monahans new yard
almost complete, air
photography courtesy of
Scott Carney
CPR Training Monahan's
BBQ in Monahans for 2 weeks incident free.
San Angelo
Fire Safety Certification
Energen Luncheon
ATA Boys/Girls
Rick Escalante (Well Testing/Flowback) - Rick was auditied by Brad Gawlik and had the best
audit overall. In addition, he continues to be extremely efficient. He constantly takes it upon himself
to go above and beyon with little or no guidance at times. He is and always has been a major blessing
to the Flowback Division and CCI as a whole.
Submitted by Bull Doherty
Juan Villanueva (San Angelo) - Mr . Villanueva w as stopped by a DOT officer w h o
performed a Level 2 DOT Inspection. The officer did not find any violations during the inspection.
Juan Villanueva doesn’t leave the yard till his vehicle and trailer are 100% ready for the trip. Keep up
the great job!
Submitted by Adrian Rodriguez-Sias
Daniel Garza (Eagleford/Three Rivers) - Daniel has been helping me by proofreading and
assisting me with translating some of our in-house safety training materials to Spanish, and in dialect
that will be understood by our Spanish speaking employees. With classes getting smailler and need
for translators in more of a demand, this cuts down on ensuring a translator is not needed, but yet
information/expectations are clearly being communicated to allparties attending the class. This
makes all of CCI’s team members more efficient in the field and ensuring that safety is the priority.
Submitted by Brad Gawlik
Megan Belz (Monahans) - Megan has only been employed with CCI for 5 months as an
Administrative Assistant. During her short tenure with the company, she has demonstrated a
commendable level of technical job knowledge and continually displays a commitment to the growth
and success of CCI. She asks pertinent questions and strives to inprove her job functions on a daily
basis. Megan’s ability to accurately invoice, her meticulousness with PO tracking and excellence in a
multitude of various other clerical tasks makes her a valuable asset to the team.
Submitted by Scott Carney
Safety Corner
Over the last 4 years we have built a safety department based on our clients demands and what is
proven to work in the field to protect our employees, we’ve built our programs to match the best
of the best. Each of these programs, field audits, BBS program, DVIR for drivers as an example
have proven in the past to trend hazards and allow us to discuss and be preventative.
We go with what we know, that experience doesn’t lie, when you track the field performance in
safety. If the safety reporting from the field as workers, supervisors and managers is not
recognized and practiced, then we set ourselves up for failure. Our companies health, safety and
future depends on your participation 100%.
Now more than any time in the past at CCI we must stick to what we know works. Leaders
leading and participating in our safety programs. Please take the time daily and weekly to make
sure everyone has bought into our culture. Our culture is work safe and protecting each other,
track hazards, reporting it and discussing what we experience. Most of all, owning it to your very
Neil Murdoch
EHS Director
Brad Culberson Safety Moment translation...
Momento de seguridad:
Después de ver los números de Neil Murdoch la semana pasada, en el recuento
BBS (seguridad basada en el comportamiento) y tarjetas de observación que hemos
sometido como un equipo. Estoy muy preocupado porque vamos en la dirección
equivocada. Informes de Neil muestran que estamos abajo del 50% en BBS y Observación
para el mes pasado. Esto es absolutamente inaceptable para el equipo de CCI y sé que
somos mejor que esto. Estamos luchando muy duro para mantener un trabajo estable,
nuestras horas de trabajo no han desminuido , así que no hay razón para la falta de
presentación de informes. Se ha demostrado una y otra vez que cuando perdemos el
enfoque y no informamos peligros que vemos en el campo que los incidentes y las lesiones
comienzan a suceder. Cada empleado se supone que están sometiendo una (1) tarjeta de
BBS al dia,y que adminstracion /supervisores/deben someter una observación al mes por
cuadrilla. Este proceso es muy importante por dos razones; En primer lugar, se trata de una
comunicación abierta desde el campo hasta la gerencia para decirnos los peligros que se
ven a diario, la segunda, que obliga a todos los empleados para mantener los ojos abiertos
para los peligros que podrían perjudicar a sí mismos o a sus compañeros de trabajo en vez
de ignorar el riesgo, y perder el enfoque de nuestro alrededores. Si lo ves, es tuyo! Uno
nunca quiere la culpa de saber que vio un peligro y no hizo nada al respecto y que alguien
se ha lesionado. He discutido esto con su administración y debe de estar viendo un impulso
para volver a la pista, por favor ayuda a hacer su parte, ya que implica la participación de
todos los empleados.
Safety Corner translation...
En los últimos 4 años hemos construido un departamento de seguridad basado en demanda
de nuestros clientes y lo que se a demostrado que funciona en el campo para proteger a
nuestros empleados, hemos construido nuestros programas para que coineidan con el
mejor de los mejores. Cada uno de estos programas, auditorías de campo, programa BBS,
DVIR para los conductores como ejemplo han demostrado en el pasado su tendencia de
peligros y nos permiten discutir y ser preventivo.
Vamos con lo que sabemos, que es la experiencia no miente, al realizar el seguimiento del
rendimiento en el campo de la seguridad. Si la seguridad de informes desde el campo como
trabajadores, supervisores y gerentes no es reconocido y practicado, nos estamos
preparando para el fracaso. Nuestra empresa de salud, seguridad y el futuro depende de su
participación del 100%.
Ahora más que nunca en el pasado en CCI debemos atenernos a lo que sabemos que
funciona. Líderes guiando y participando en nuestros programas de seguridad. Por favor
tómese el tiempo diario y semanal para asegurarse que todos promevany vivan nuestra
cultura. Nuestra cultura es trabajar seguros y proteger unos a los otros. Anotar riesgos,
reportarlos y discutir las experiencias. Mas que todo, poseendo a base esa cultura.