Spanish textile manufacturer offers subcontracting


Spanish textile manufacturer offers subcontracting
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BOES20160921001 - Spanish textile manufacturer offers subcontracting, consulting
service agreements to companies developing new fabrics or innovative textile products
and production in industry 4.0.
Business partnering opportunity
Spanish company specialized in designing, manufacturing and exporting all type of bags, accessories and covers offers a range of consulting services.
The company is offering its knowledge and experience to international partners in need of innovate fabrics consulting services, subcontracting or service
agreement, product development and smart manufacturing industry 4.0.
Spanish company with more than 4 generations’ experience in fabrics manufacturing offers consulting services to international companies in the
process of developing new textiles and fabrics products in any field. The company is open and offers to any international partner for a subcontracting or
service agreement. As manufacture, designer and having expertise in manufacturing, the company has the capacity to design, manufacture innovative
textile articles in different fields.
The company offers smart thinking, customized products, close cooperation, creativity, design, know-how and high-tech standards, and 100% “Made in
Spain” products. All of their products and production systems are environment-friendly (100% made in Green) and respecting social responsibility
The company offers their services to companies needing innovation in textiles and fabric manufacturing solutions in any field and article. In particular,
these solutions can be categorized into three stages of the development:
1.-Analysis and specifications of the innovative textile solution.
2.-Industrial experimentation with raw materials to identify the best solution.
3.-Fabric development and texting to ensure specifications are fulfilled (processes by experimental variation).
Target partner expertise sought:
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Companies or commercial agents having relationship with textile and/or technical textile sectors.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: textile, fashion, special and technical covers for special purposes (aerospace industry, automotive industry,
naval industry, robotic, technological centers, universities, etc.).
- The company is offering subcontracting or service agreement. The ideal partner will be a company in the process of developing new fabric or textile
product needing innovative fabrics consulting services,technological, creative textile solutions and manufacturing industry 4.0.
Key information:
Country of origin: SPAIN
Listed under: Manufactura Industrial \ Paper, Pulp, Textiles, Leather and Footwear \ Industria
Profile created on: 21/09/2016
Last updated: 29/09/2016
Closing date: 29/09/2017
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