congratulations to our confirmants!



congratulations to our confirmants!
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The Sixth Sunday of Easter
Do Not Be Afraid
In today’s Gospel we can tell that Jesus’
followers are troubled. Their teacher and
friend is explaining that he will be leaving them very soon, and they are worried
and anxious because they don’t know
what the future will bring. So he comforts
them by letting them know they will not be abandoned. He gives
them a great gift: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.”
And 2,000 years later, we who are also his followers are worried
and anxious about the future, too.
If we are young, we worry about whether we will find jobs,
whether we will find love, whether our lives will have meaning
and purpose. These worries can come back throughout our lives,
but when we are older we also tend to worry about whether we will
be able to look back on our lives and feel we have lived well.
And so, Jesus’ words are meant not only for disciples standing
right before him, but also for us. Our future is unknown, and that
may be unsettling, but we have not been abandoned. Jesus tells us
not to let our hearts be troubled or afraid. If we open ourselves and
allow ourselves truly to experience God’s presence, then our hearts
can be nourished by the gift of peace that Jesus offers.
—Patrick Gallagher, Living with Christ
May 5, 2013
All are invited to our
“Catholicism” DVD
Presentation of
Episode 8:
Thursday, May 9th
at 7pm in the Parish Hall
The story of the Church is
told in the examples of
those men and women who dedicated their
lives to knowing and serving Jesus Christ.
The Catholic Faith is made visible in real
human lives. Father Barron gives consideration to some of the Church’s greatest
heroes, and demonstrates how their extraordinary examples display both the passion and creative potential of the Catholic
Church. Highlighting Katharine Drexel,
Therese of Lisieux, Edith Stein, and Mother
Teresa of Calcutta, Father Barron tells the
story of the Church as a vast company of
witnesses who are called by Christ to be a
Communion of Saints.
This Tuesday, May 7th, our Confirmation Candidates
celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Joseph Cathedral.
Pray for our students as they prepare to receive this sacrament:
We pray that the Holy Spirit will renew all their lives, strengthen their
relationship with God, and urge them onward in their faith journey.
Alexis Alarcón
Tania Barajas
Jovana García
Pedro González
Jason Gros
Isela Gutiérrez
Leslie Gutiérrez
Raquel Guzmán
Rubén Javalera
Rebecca Lindgren
Eric Lujan
Alexia Mendoza
Juan Molina
William Morales
David Morton
Yesenia Muñoz
Joseline Ponciano
Madeline Robertson
Michelle Rodríguez
Brianna Rodríguez
Marcell Rodríguez
Saharai Salas
Mary Clare Shen
Andrew Stoddard
Andrea Vélez
Page 3
The Sixth Sunday of Easter
Mass Intentions
Saturday...……………..May 4
9:00AM…………………†Fran Brister
5:00PM………………....Mother’s Day Novena
Sunday……………..…..May 5
8:30AM…………….......†Bernice Robinson
10:00AM…...….……….People of St. Didacus
11:30AM…………………...Mother’s Day Novena
Monday………………...May 6
7:30AM………………….....Mother’s Day Novena
Tuesday………..…..….May 7
6:00PM………………….....Mother’s Day Novena
Wednesday………..….May 8
8:30AM………………….....Mother’s Day Novena
Thursday………...…….May 9
7:30AM………………….....Mother’s Day Novena
Friday…………....……..May 10
7:30AM………………….....Mother’s Day Novena
Saturday………….........May 11
5:00PM………………….....Mother’s Day Novena
Readings for the Week of May 5, 2013
Next Sunday:
Acts 15:1-2, 22-29/Rv 21:10-14, 22-23/
Jn 14:23-29
Acts 16:11-15/Jn 15:26--16:4a
Acts 16:22-34/Jn 16:5-11
Acts 17:15, 22--18:1/Jn 16:12-15
Acts 18:1-8/Jn 16:16-20
Acts 18:9-18/Jn 16:20-23
Acts 18:23-28/Jn 16:23b-28
Ascension: Acts 1:1-11/Eph 1:17-23
or Heb 9:24-28; 10:19-23/Lk 24:46-53
Please pray for all our
students making their
First Holy Communion
on Saturday, May 11th.
Welcome to St. Didacus Parish!
Saturday 5:00pm
Sunday 8:30am & 10:00am English
11:30am in Spanish
Daily Mass
Mon., Thurs., Fri. 7:30am
Wednesday 8:30am & Tues. 6:00pm
Eucharistic Adoration
Wednesdays 7:30am—8:30am
First Fridays 8:00am—9:00am
Confessions—Saturdays 3:30pm or by appt.
Pastor, Fr. Michael J. Sinor
Parish Office 619-284-3472
May 5, 2013
Weekly Events at St. Didacus
Sunday, May 5, 2013
Last Confirmation II
Monday, May 6, 2013
Small Faith V
Confirmation Rehearsal
Tuesday, May 7, 2013
Small Faith III
Small Faith IV
Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Eucharistic Adoration
Religious Education
Thursday, May 9, 2013
1st Comm. Rehearsal—School
1st Comm. Rehearsal—RE
Spanish Choir
RCIA/Adult Ed
Friday, May 10, 2013
Cub Scouts/Webelos I
Encuentro Matrimonial
Saturday, May 11, 2013
1st Communion—School
1st Communion—Spanish
1st Communion—English
St. Joseph’s
St. Joseph’s
THE WEEK OF April 28, 2013
Collection for April 28, 2013
Restricted Funds for April 28, 2013
Total Income:
$ 243.00
Please Pray For
Maria Luz Arrellano
Katherine Artale
Jim Barnes
Diann Bauer
Dan Bauer
Herbert Baxter
Rita Bonnell
Norm Boyer
Herminia Brignoni
Ibeth Brignoni
Lee Burnett
Ruben Campos
Marie Cavanaugh
Terry Davidson
MaryLou De Luca
Juanita Diaz
Fred Dueber
Clyde Elkins
Maria Fielding
Susan Guenzel
Rosie Kinninger
Marcella Halweg
Bernie Kober
Marilyn Kober
Maria Koter
Virginia & Frank Lantry
Juanita Lopez
Maria Lopez
Dolores Mediano
Esteban Mediano
Joe Moser
Segunda Ordona
Sylvia Paiz
Dominick Palestini
Diane Porter
Dolores Robertson
Atina Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez
Alette Rodriguez
Gladys Palestini
Jeff Salazar
Patricia Seay
Christine Segura
Michael Smith
Raymond Sparks
Angel Tapia
Pedro Tapia
Therese Tucker
Carol Verdon
Catarina Zizzo
Rose Zaragoza
Adalina Zarate
And the special
intentions in our
Book of Needs
Page 4
The Sixth Sunday of Easter
May 5, 2013
4630 34th Street, San Diego CA 92116
St. Didacus School!
Ranked #1
in California and
3rd in the Nation!
First in Math is an on-line math program used by our
school and schools across the nation. Our students
worked very hard to take 1st place in the state of
California and 3rd place in the nation. Our little
school is doing great things!
Thank you to the school’s 3rd & 8th
Grade classes and families for their
generous donations to our parish
Food Pantry. On a recent field trip to
learn about our parish’s food pantry
the students brought food donations
that will help us meet the needs of our community!
Tune in May 20th-22nd
to the Immaculate Heart
Radio Network for the
May Pledge Drive.
Three days of life changing testimonies and inspiring
interviews in between plus your favorite programs! Tune your
radio to *1000AM * or listen online at **!
We love our bulletin sponsors…
San Diego Funeral Service
An Exclusive Full Service
Call Jerry Balistreri at San Diego
Funeral Service for any information
you may have on burials, cremation
and preplanning. See their add on the back of the
bulletin and let them know you appreciate their
Confirmation students don’t
forget about the Confirmation
rehearsal, Monday, May 6th at
6:30 pm at St. Joseph Cathedral. Please
bring your sponsors. Confirmation is on
Tuesday, May 7th at 7PM at St. Joseph’s
Cathedral. Please be sure to be at the
Church by 6:35 PM for the picture.
The Altar Society is looking for
someone to repair the wooden floors
in their storage sheds. If you can help,
please contact the Parish Office.
Save the date for…
The Celebration of Deacon
Peter Nguyen’s 25th Anniversary
of Ordination. Join us for Mass on
Saturday, May 25th at 5pm
followed by dinner in the Parish Hall.
Second Collection
Today we’re taking up a second
collection for our Building
Improvement Fund. Thank you
for your generous donations!
Whispering Winds
Special Needs Family Camp
S’mores by the campfire on Friday night, Songs being sung
under stars so bright. Saturday brings respite and adventure anew, with time at the pool or on horseback, just for
you. Bring the whole family and camp as a crew. We’ll have
1:1 aides for each family and deluxe lodge rooms – it’s true!
This year, Whispering Winds Catholic Camp is offering a
tailored weekend just for families that include a Special
Needs child on July 26-28, 2013. On-line registration is
open at
page_id=4308. For more information, call Stephanie Kiesel
at (619) 260-8850.
Page 5
The Sixth Sunday of Easter
Holy Spirit
Remind us of your home in us.
Discern with us too,
as you did with the apostles.
Explain truths to us.
Be fire that never dies,
wind that lifts us, wafts us high,
and wings that set us
Kid’s Corner
Jesus, Our Companion
Jesus said: “Whoever loves me will
keep my word, and my Father will love
him, and we will come to him and make
our dwelling with him.” —John 14:23
Use the letters and pictures in the key to solve the
puzzle. The hidden message is good news for you!
May 5, 2013
May—the Month of Mary
A Protestant Christian sitting by Mother Teresa
on a plane said to her, "Mother, I admire your
work so much and all the things you do for the
poor. But I have a problem. It's your love for
Mary. It's your attention to Mary." Mother
Teresa replied, "It's very simple…No Mary, no
How true this is. And we can also say, "No
Mary, no Church." The Church has always
distinguished between adoration of God and
venation of Mary. We adore God, we honor Mary. On November 21, 1964,
at the Second Vatican Council, Pope Paul VI declared our Lady "Mother of
the Church, that is, of the entire Christian people, both the faithful and their
pastors, who call her their most loving mother." He decreed that "from now
onward the whole Christian people should give even greater honor to the
Mother of God under this most loving title."
In his first speech as Bishop of Rome on October 17, 1978, Pope John
Paul II insisted that the primary duty of his pontificate would be to implement the norms and directives of the Vatican II. "Motherhood" formed the
underlying theme of all that Blessed John Paul II wrote about Mary.
As at the wedding of Cana, seeing that "they have no wine" (John 2:3), the
Mother of Jesus stands between her Son and us. The same intercession
and maternal care continues in heaven.
Mother Mary sees that we receive every grace we need.
--Philip Dabney, CSsR, Liguorian
The Paschal Candle
Throughout the Easter season the paschal candle burns at
every liturgical celebration. It proclaims the resurrection
of Christ among us. The candle has the year, a cross and
the Greek letters alpha and omega on it. The year proclaims that Christ is risen right now for this community,
this year. The alpha and omega demonstrates that this is
not a temporary visit, like the arrival of relatives in search
of a meal and a bed.
The candle reappears throughout the year at every celebration of baptism and every funeral. Baptism set us on the threshold of eternal life,
and our death opens its door. Seeing the candle for fifty days spanning
seven Sundays, we are reminded again and again of its imperious
message: Christ rules as King of Kings because of his resurrection.
The cross, the instrument of his passion is inscribed in the wax, has
been transformed into a sign of resurrection. Even as the wax melts,
diminishing the height of the candle, its message never fades: No matter our own diminishment--in health, companionship, or insight--the
resurrection shines bright in our hearts as a beacon for future glory.
Seeing the candle week after week can embolden our faith.
Pagina 6
Sexto Domingo de Pascua
La resolución del Espíritu
Jesús prometió a sus discípulos que el Espíritu Santo
vendría para instruirlos en
toda la verdad revelada. Y
no cabe duda que el Espíritu los acompaña
cuando adoptan las decisiones que hoy describe el libro de los Hechos, un punto crucial para el Cristianismo.
Los reunidos en la asamblea de Jerusalén
determinaron que no era necesaria la circuncisión para ser cristiano. Los gentiles convertidos a la fe en Cristo podían ser bautizados en
su nombre sin tener que hacerse circuncidar.
Fue así como la comunidad cristiana abrió sus
puertas a los no judíos. Todas las gentes
tendrían acceso a la comunidad de salvación
“sin más cargas que las necesarias”. Importa
ver cómo se alcanzó esa decisión. No fue impuesta por Pedro o Pablo o Santiago. Al contrario, cuando surgió el asunto sobre cómo incorporar a los no judíos, las comunidades
cristiana escogieron a sus representantes y
los enviaron a exponer sus experiencias y sus
puntos de vista ante los otros líderes eclesiales. En Jerusalén se reunió toda la iglesia y
tomó acuerdos. No hubo imposición unilateral;
se debatió abiertamente y con transparencia.
5 de mayo 2013
La celebración del 25° Aniversario de Ordenación Diaconal del
Peter Nguyen. Acompáñenos a
su celebración el sábado 25 de
mayo en la misa de las 5:00 PM seguido de
una cena compartida en el salón parroquial.
Ensayo de Confirmación,
lunes 6 de mayo a las
6:30 PM, en la catedral
de San José.
Confirmación martes 7 de mayo a las
7:00 PM en la Catedral de San José.
Favor de llegar a las 6:35 PM para las
El jueves 9 de mayo tenderemos la practica de
primera comunión a las
6:30 PM en la iglesia.
El próximo sábado 11 de mayo celebraremos las Primeras Comuniones, a la
1:30 PM en español y 5 PM en ingles,
pro favor lleguen temprano para la foto
de grupo.
Por Javier Leoz
Empezaremos por las dos primeras y al terminar el mes de mayo tendrás las 10 .
1. Pronuncia un "sí" cuando tengas que responder afirmativamente en aras a la justicia y al bien
común. Por el contrario, recuerda que a veces un "no" a tiempo, es -a la larga- un "sí".
2. No huyas de tus responsabilidades. Hay cosas que, si tú no las haces, nadie las realizará por ti. Nadie
somos imprescindibles, pero todos necesarios. En Nazaret, Dios, me hizo ver, en mi pequeñez, mi papel a desempeñar.

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