Ladies of Carmel Garage Sale Everyone Can Help!


Ladies of Carmel Garage Sale Everyone Can Help!
Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church
The 14th Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 3, 2011
Parish Office — 595-0385
Parish Office Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday: 9:00am - 3:00pm
School 596-2754
Principal – Sr. Dominic, O.P. ext. 213
School Office Hours
M – F: 7:30am - 3:30pm
“We find Christ here. We bring Christ to the world.”
100 Harpersville Road - Newport News, Virginia 23601
Rev. Kenneth Wood
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Peter T. Tran
Rev. Mr. Bernie Taylor
Pastoral Associate
Janet Hassan
Facilities Manager
Hart Smith
Social Ministry Coordinator
Tina Wandersee
Children’s Faith Formation (Pre-K-5th grade)
Christa Blomstrom
Youth Minister (Gr. 6-12) & Young Adult Coordinator
Brian Crouch
Hispanic Ministry Coordinator
Francisco Anleu
Music Coordinator
Kelly Soprano
Liturgy Coordinator
Julie Hall
Family Life Director (Pastoral Care)
Jennifer DelCorso
Business Manager
Patty Nicholas
Food Service Manager (St. Michael Hall)
John Chesney
Administrative Assistants
Eileen Mazary (Website/Bulletin)
Carla Weimer (Manna/Parishioner Records)
Receptionists/Mass Intentions
Cathy Luth/Kitty Barnett
Maintenance Technician
Bill Johnson
CNU Catholic Campus Minister
Mary Lynn Murphy
Social Ministry/Outreach Office:
Pregnancy Helpline — 870-3131
Saturday: 5:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am ~ 10:00am ~ 4:00pm
2:00pm — (en Español)
Weekdays: Monday:
Wednesday: 8:15am
6:30pm (en Español)
Saturday: 3:00 - 4:00pm
or privately by appointment.
The 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, July 10
Reading I: Isaiah 55: 10 - 11
My word shall accomplish my will.
Reading II: Romans 8: 18 - 23
We bear our suffering in the light of Christ.
Matthew 13: 1 - 23
The parable of the sower.
Adults: Using the parable of Jesus in this reading, describe how
faith has been planted in your life. How long did it take for that
seed to land ―on good soil?‖
Youth: What strategy are you using in your life to make sure
your faith keeps growing and does not wither or die?
Children: Who helps you to grow deeper in your faith?
All information must be sent to the parish office no later than
8AM on Mondays. Please use e-mail if at all possible and send to:
[email protected]. If you would like to advertise on the back of
the bulletin, please call J. S. Paluch at 1-800-524-0263.
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July 3, 2011
Parish Feast Day Celebration
Baseball Trip!!
Thursday, July 28
Saturday, July 16th after the 5 PM Mass
Grab your glove and join Fr. Ken for a trip
to Washington, DC to see the National’s
play the Florida Marlins!
Where: Washington, DC at National’s Park
Thursday, July 28, 2011
Game starts at 12:35PM; Bus leaves OLMC
Parking Lot at 8:00AM
Transportation: Charter Bus Service
$72 (including transportation)
$46 (without transportation)
On sale NOW at the Parish Store and Office!
First come first served. We have a limited number of
tickets, so get them fast before they are gone.
6:30 PM MASS
7:00 PM Spanish RICA
7:15 PM Praise Band
Commons Meeting Space
Worship Center
8:15 AM MASS
7:00 AM MASS
8:15 AM MASS
3:00 PM Reconciliation
5:00 PM MASS
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
11:15 AM
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
4th of July Closing
Parish Offices will be closed on Monday, July 4, in observance of the 4th
of July. The 7AM Mass will still be
celebrated as scheduled.
The Gloria, cont.
Worship Center
Worship Center
Worship Center
Worship Center
MONDAY 4th of July (Offices Closed)
7:00 AM MASS
We’ll provide burgers, hot dogs, water and iced tea. You bring
the sides. You can also bring your favorite beverage, too. We
have plenty of ice for you. Don't forget your lawn chairs and blankets.
Sign up and get all the details in the
Commons. You can also sign up by
calling Carla at ext. 126 at the Parish
Office and provide us with the number
of people in your group and the type of
covered dish you are bringing.
To volunteer to help with the event or
for other questions, call John Chesney
The New Roman Missal
This Week at OLMC
July 3 - July 10
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
Cookout and Covered Dish
Reconciliation Room
Worship Center
Worship Center
Worship Center
Commons Mtg. Space
Worship Center
Worship Center
Last week we included the new wording of the
Gloria. Some explanation of this wording is
included this weekend. In the new translation,
Jesus is addressed as the ―Only Begotten Son‖.
This more closely follows the theological language used in early Church. It highlights how
Jesus is uniquely God’s Son, sharing in the same
divine nature as the Father. It is the same dogma as the previous
translation. The revised translation changes ―His people on
earth‖ to ―people of good will‖. This is a more accurate translation of the sentiments expressed in the original Latin. The previous text emphasized to whom the people belong (―his‖ =
―God’s‖). The new one describes their quality (―of good will‖).
This is faithful to the original Latin and better connects it with
Luke2:14. The opening line of the Gloria echoes the Christmas
story as the angels announce peace at the birth of Jesus.
―We praise you/ we bless you/ we adore you/ we glorify you/
we give you thanks for your great glory/ Lord God, heavenly
King, / O God, almighty Father.‖ This replaces the shorter text
we have been singing. Now all the descriptions for God have
been restored and if it seems to be excessive it is meant to be.
We are so overcome with awe in the presence of God that we
express the experience of meeting God in prayer by searching
for words to describe it.
―You take away the SINS…‖ We have used the word ―sin‖ in
the singular, but will now use ―sins‖ in the plural. The new
translation indicates that Jesus takes away not just the general
sin of the world, but also our individual sin. He forgives people
their personal sins. In Latin, the word for sins is in the plural.
The revised translation for the Gloria roots us in the scriptures,
gives us words to praise god, and helps us reflect on the forgiving power of Christ.
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July 3, 2011
Junior & Senior Youth
Mark your calendars. All High School
youth are invited to participate in a Mission Trip to the Eastern Shore. We will
leave August 5th and return August 10th.
There is no cost for this trip. We will stay
at another Catholic Church that helps to
serve the migrant communities in the area.
This is a great opportunity to be blessed
by those in need through a variety of social outreach activities. This mission experience will be an opportunity to witness
the face of poverty while discovering how Christ calls each of
us to serve our brothers and sisters
Whether it is through sports, games, arts & crafts, distributing
donations, or simply through learning about the struggles others face, there will be plenty of opportunities to serve those that
work and live in the surrounding migrant communities. In addition there will be opportunities for prayer, reflection, and social
time for everyone involved.
Please let Brian Crouch know if you are interested at
[email protected], or 595-0385 ext: 128.
Children’s Faith Formation
JULY 11-15
Faith Formation Summer Series
Begins July 28TH
New Words, Deeper Meaning, Same Mass:
Intergenerational Preparation
for the Revised Roman Missal
For five Thursday evenings, July 28 – August 25 come to
a series to understand the Mass in a new way. This series
will include the changes to the new Roman Missal. We
will sing the songs and practice the responses while understanding the Scriptural basis for the change. There
will be sessions for Adults, and sessions for Families with
Children. We’ll meet on Thursday evenings from 7:00
pm to 8:30 pm in St. Michael Hall. Watch the bulletin for
registration information. Please call Janet, ext. 120, or
Christa, ext. 119, if you have any questions.
Initiation Programs
Open House: New Date: Tuesday, JULY 19TH. Plan to
come to our Open House on Tuesday, July 19th at 7:15 pm
in St. Michael Hall. We will explain the RCIA process and
help you discern if this is right for you. Please invite someone you know might be interested.
The PandaMania Music CDs are available
in the Parish Store for $10.00, purchase yours today!
WOW! Our bin is filling up with snack and craft supplies!
THANK YOU for your generous donations that make VBS fun
and engaging for all! Still have items? They can be returned the
weekend of July 2nd and 3rd, VBS begins July 11th.
Didn’t get a chance to take a tag? There are a few more needed
VBS. The children are decorating book bags to fill with care
items that will be delivered to the children of migrant workers
on the Eastern Shore this summer! Thank you in advance for
your support of VBS through your donations!
Children’s Liturgy of the Word is celebrated on the second
and the fourth Sundays of the month at the 10:00am and
the 4:00pm liturgies. Children ages 4yrs to 8 yrs.
are invited to gather in the Daily Mass Chapel
during the liturgy to listen to and participate in
the Liturgy of the Word in a way that is
relevant to their young lives. They return to
their family before the celebration of the
Eucharist. No registration is necessary.
BAPTISM: Baptisms at OLMC are celebrated
throughout the year at the regularly scheduled
liturgies. We are now scheduling baptisms for
September. Parents are asked to attend two Baptism Preparation sessions. Please call Christa
Blomstrom at 595-0385 ext. 119 to register.
Inclusive Ministries
A SHOUT OUT to the many BREATHE volunteers who
have opened their hearts and shared their time with our
BREATHE families this past year! Your support of this
ministry has been a gift to all!
Sincere thanks to Leah & Rebecca Askin, Jessica Achorn,
Mary Best, Maureen, David, Michael & James Bittner, Danelle
Blake, Mary Beth, James, Hannah and Alex Bochel, Kate &
Mike Brazzale, Katie Cheney, Frank, Christine, Anna, Andrew
& Daniel Dos Santos, Sharon Driscoll, Diane & Christina
Gray, Joe, Lila & Terisa Harris, Joye Lee, Maddie Lisenbee,
Linda, James & Brenna McCafferty, Teresa, Cassidy & Meg
McGee, Carl Miller, Lucy Oliver, Todd Petersen, Lisa, Jim &
Rachel Sawyer, Victoria Triska, Robert, Carla & Allison Weimer, Amber Wixtrom, Murph & all of the CNU Volunteers and
Laurie Sepanski & all of the YVC Volunteers!
Page 4
July 3, 2011
OLMC Parish Store
Baseball tickets and Vacation Bible School music CDs are
available now at the store.
We are in need of additional volunteers, especially at the 4pm
Sunday Mass. If you can smile, add, and spare a few minutes
after Mass once a month, please contact Sharon at
[email protected] or call Tina at595-0385 ext 118.
Healing Ministry
NURSING HOME: Do you enjoy
spreading sunshine? Please consider going to a nursing Home
once a week to bring Eucharist with
a smile. Please contact Jenn at ext. 129
or [email protected]
Ladies of Carmel
ST. NORBERT'S GUILD: Please remember that we will luncheon at Benzi's in Peninsula Town Center on July 13, 11:30AM
to celebrate Stephany Winemiller's birthday which is July 15.
Family Life Ministry
MARRIAGE MOMENT: Don’t assume. It is so easy to make
assumptions about your spouses behavior, but studies find that
when a situation is ambiguous you actually interpret it in light
of your worst fear or in the least positive manner. Sometimes
when people withdrawal from a situation it is because they are
not sure how to handle it, what to say, or they are embarrassed
themselves. However, if you assume they are withdrawing because they don’t care or love you, then you will respond with
anger/hurt rather than with compassion.
Our nursery is a Co-Op Nursery, currently at the 10:00 a.m.
Mass, staffed by parents who utilize the nursery and volunteer
about one Sunday per month. It is a place for children ages 1
year to 4 years old to come together to worship, learn about
God and grow in their faith development through bible stories,
songs and activities. As per Diocesan requirements, we are required to have at least 2 caregivers present in the nursery at all
times. In addition the volunteers must complete the 3 hour VIRTUS training (go to to register). Please call
Jessica @ 236-0064 or Christa @ 595-0385 x119 for more information or to register.
VIRTUS TRAINING The Diocese mandates that all those that
minister with children or youth must take this training prior to
volunteering. All parents using the Cooperative Nursery at
OLMC must also be trained.
Upcoming VIRTUS TRAINING will be offered at:
Prince of Peace (Chesapeake): Wed, July 6 - 6:30 PM
St. Joan of Arc (Yorktown): Wed, July 13 - 6:00 PM
St. Bede (Williamsburg): Wed, August 24 - 5:30 PM
Register for the 3 hour session online at
Click on Registration to the left of the page.
Social Ministry
Reflecting Christ
Transformed by The Eucharist…
Reaching Out into community.
A note of gratitude on the Pet Pantry Collection
We thank everyone who donated to the Peninsula Pet Pantry.
Your generous support is appreciated. Mrs. Nelson, cofounder of the organization, gave me a hug and a huge
THANK YOU, which I pass on to you all!
Thank you again—
Joan and Mary
Eastern Shore Migrant Mission Trips
We will be heading out to the Migrant Mission Camps
this summer. The dates for travel are: July 19 & 26 and
Aug 2 & 9. Please plan on joining us. For more information please contact Carmen Lane 869-8389
Items being collected for Mission Trips:
plain white rice, dry beans, small face towels,
canned tomatoes, bug repellent, sun screen,
band aides, Neosporin, personal care items,
toilet paper, small toys for children, books,
crayons, games
Please place items for trips in the white bin labeled:
Migrant Mission Trips
Pregnancy Outreach Statistics
Thank you all so very much for your contributions!
Formula/Baby Food
Maternity Clothes (outfits)
Outfits (baby clothes)
# Fam Assist/Total Est $$$
45 / $7893.00
Pantry Needs:
Food Pantry: Jello/Pudding, Pancake Syrup,
Canned Beans, Dry Beans, Tuna Helper, Rice, Spam,
Juice Boxes, Kool-Aid, Mac n’ Cheese, frosting,
Personal Care Items
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July 3, 2011
Liturgical Ministries
Manna Parish Fundraiser
USHER TRAINING for all new and interested ushers will be
held on Wednesday, July 13th at 6:30 PM in the Worship
Center. Commitment is two weeks per month at a Mass time of
your choice. All are invited to share their gifts of hospitality with our parish family. Call Gary/Sharon at 851-7404.
Celebrate the 4th of July with Manna. Whether you're going
on a road trip or picnicking at home, get all you need with
Manna - grocery stores, (Kroger, Food Lion or Farm
Fresh) gasoline (WaWa, Shell, Exxon or BP) or supplies
for any long weekend project ( Anderson's, K-Mart, WalMart, Ace Hardware, Lowe's or Home Depot). Thank you
for supporting our parish fundraiser.
OLMC Community News
On Saturday, July 9, following the 5 PM Liturgy the Knights of
Columbus will conduct the Installation ceremony of the State
Officers . These Catholic and Fraternal men will guide the
25,250 members through the new Fraternal Year. They ask for
your prayers and support as they perform the ministry of Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism in our community and
throughput the State of Virginia.
Ladies of Carmel
Garage Sale
Everyone Can Help!
Save your saleable discards.
We are not able to sell the following:
Computer Components
Large Exercise Equipment
Text Books
Appliances that do not work
Bring items to the school gym Friday, July 22.
Shop with us on July 23, 9 AM to 1 PM
for the best bargains in town!
Questions about the Garage Sale?
Please Call: Paula Krewinghaus @ 766-8145
or Marlene Orr @ 874-3580
RENTAL NEEDED Catholic Campus Ministry will be blessed
next year to have a Young Adult Campus Minister who will
minister with Murph at CNU from August 1 until May
31. Because she will be living on a diocesan stipend in this
difficult economy, we are hoping to find her a garage/attic/
basement apartment or mother-in-law suite for a reasonable
rent. If you know of such a residence, please contact Mary
Lynn Murphy at [email protected] or 595-0385 x123.
Watch for future gatherings of Soul
Sisters----just a group of ladies from the
parish who want to get together and
have some fun. No membership or
commitment required! Save the date for
our next gathering: FRIDAY, AUGUST 5TH. We’ll enjoy a
comedy night with a new DVD by our favorite Anita Renfroe
entitled: Big Ol’ Sweet Iced Tea. We’ll serve several varieties of
Iced Tea and for now we will leave that to your imagination!!
PRAY THE ROSARY Everyone is invited to join us in the Blessed
Sacrament Chapel for the recitation of the Holy Rosary every
Wednesday and Friday following the 8:15AM Mass.
Our next parish Registration/
Welcoming will be held next Sunday, July 10, after the 10AM Mass
in the Commons Meeting Space.
You will be given Parish information & a brief tour of the property,
and will complete a registration form which
will ask which sacraments your family members have received. We look forward to meeting you.
Community News
at the Knights of Columbus Hall
12742 Nettles Drive
Wednesday, July 6
from 2:00 to 7:00 pm.
Blood supplies remain critical and all types
are needed. Consider donating if you are able.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School is now accepting applications for the 2011-2012 school
year. Applications available on website:
OLMC School is a 2009 Blue Ribbon recipient, is fully accredited and maintains the traditions of the Roman Catholic faith while
stressing academic excellence. Need-based scholarships are
available - contact 596-2754.
New for 2011-2012: Full day preschool (4 year) with a noon
dismissal option.
HOST FAMILIES NEEDED - Host families are needed for students attending Peninsula Catholic High School and Hampton
Roads Academy for the 2011- 2012 school year! These F-1
visa students speak English, are fully insured and have their
own pocket money for all personal expenses. Host families
provide room, board, transportation and receive a generous
$600 monthly hosting stipend. There is 24 hour local support.
For more information please contact: Karen Mercer w/Nacel
Open Door International Private School Program
(H) 757-721-7345 (C) 757-418-3977 [email protected]
VOCATIONS AWARENESS ―You are in the spirit, since the Spirit of God dwells in you.‖ Is the Holy Spirit leading you or
someone you know to serve Christ and His Church as a priest
or in the consecrated life? If you are discerning your vocation,
call Father Michael Boehling (804) 359-5661, or write :
[email protected].
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July 3, 2011
Sunday, July 3, 2011
8:00 – Faith Schultz
Myra & Colleen Tierney
10:00 – Anthony LaMantia
The Alleva Family
2:00 – Orlando Rodriguez Callissiani Emilia & Ana Maria Rodriguez
4:00 – For the People of the Parish
Mon – (7am) James Adams
Bonnie Tingle
Tue – (6:30pm) Grace Consalvo
Bob & Loretta Obradovic
Wed – (8:15am) Walt Mt. Castle
Tony & Terri Merendino
Thur – (7am) Gloria Leurck
Paul & Maureen Coon
(6:30pm) John Smitter
Fri – (8:15am) John & Carol Lockwood
50th Anniversary
John & Teri Sweeney
Saturday, July 9, 2011
5:00 – Steven Rutherford
Sunday, July 10, 2011
8:00 – Mary ―Sis‖ Vincke
10:00 – Joseph Zongolowicz
2:00 – For the People of the Parish
4:00 – Lucy Sullivan
Charles & Helen Tiedeken
Mary Dunn
Florence Fiscella
Last Year
E-Giving for June 17 - June 23: $2,194
Peter’s Pence Collection: $1,929
Thank you for your generosity
Flowers for the Worship Center may be
given as memorials for a loved one or special occasion. To schedule a memorial floral
gift, please call Eileen, ext. 116 at least two
weeks in advance of the date you wish. The
suggested donation to cover the cost is $85.
Offertory Processions:
Parishioners are invited to carry the gifts during the
Offertory Procession at all of our liturgies. If you
are celebrating a memorial, birthday, or anniversary, please sign up on the Gift Bearers poster in the Commons.
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish would like to thank
all of our advertisers
for advertising in our parish bulletin.
Please patronize our advertisers and thank them for supporting our parish.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School News
NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School is now accepting applications for the 2011-2012 school year. Applications available on website:
OLMC School is a 2009 Blue Ribbon recipient, is fully accredited and maintains the traditions
of the Roman Catholic faith while stressing academic excellence. Need-based scholarships
available - contact 596-2754.
New for 2011-2012: Full day preschool (4 year) with a noon dismissal option.
SUMMER OFFICE HOURS: Monday through Thursday from 10:00am to 2:00pm
THANK YOU to the OLMC Parish Community for saving your Campbell's Soup labels, Farm Fresh receipts and General Mills Boxtops. We have been able to acquire items for the school ranging from paper clips to gym equipment
with the points collected from the give-back programs. Please continue to save your labels and receipts over the
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3 de julio del 2011
Ministerio Hispano
Coordinador: Francisco Anleu
TEL. Oficina: (757) 595-0385 Ext. 136
TEL. Celular: (757) 846-0628
Misas en Español
Domingos: 2:00 PM y Jueves: 6:30 PM
Estudio de Biblia para Niños en Vacaciones: Panda Mania
En donde Dios siempre esta interesado y pendiente de nosotros, a través de su grande y eterno amor.
Guarda las fechas en tu calendario.
En la semana del 11 al 15 de Julio
Desde 4 años hasta 5to grado
Dentro de unos pocos meses, nuestra parroquia estará reunida
con los niños, buscando una aventura divertida
PandaMania, Programa de Verano totalmente católico
!Estarán aprendiendo sobre Dios, a través de canciones y oraciones, haciendo manualidades con la Biblia, y trayendo nuestra fe católica a vivir en diferentes actividades.
Las registraciones para los participantes y para los voluntarios
están ya disponibles, pregunta al coordinador de educación religiosa, o llama a la oficina del ministerio Hispano.
595-0385, Francisco Anleu.
Quieres ser parte de algún ministerio en nuestra parroquia,
algún ministerio de tu interés, en el cual quieras servir, favor de
contactar al coordinador indicado en la lista siguiente.
Directorio de Ministerios en la Parroquia
Coordinador de Misa: Carmen Lane
Visita a los Enfermos: Francisco Anleu
ext. 136
Eucaristía/Interprete: Rafael Benet
Proclamadores/de Madre a Madre:
Shorty Meléndez
Monaguillos: Francisco Anleu
Ujieres: Ricardo Miranda
Música: Ive González
RICA: Guillo González
Bautismo: José y Alejandra Sánchez
Hospitalidad, Convivíos: Maritza Reyes
Clases de Ingles: Nora Mendivil
Jóvenes 9no a 12vo: Christina Chapman
Educación Religiosa para Niños, Sacramentos:
María Angélica Tuquer
Ayúdanos a celebrar la Eucaristía y ser parte de nuestra gran
familia Cristiana. NECESITAMOS TU AYUDA.
Para las familias que asistieron a Personas de Fe, y solicitaron
información acerca de la Escuela de la Parroquia. Se les informa que La Dirección de la escuela, en coordinación con la Oficina del Ministerio Hispano, han organizado una Reunión informativa que se llevara a cabo el día Sábado, 23 de Julio, a las
10:00 de la mañana, en la escuela. Esta es para familias que
estén interesados en que sus hijos estudien en la escuela católica de la parroquia, habrá información y oportunidades de becas
después de llenar las aplicaciones. Si esta interesado y necesita
mas información, favor de contactar a Francisco Anleu. Llame
a la oficina, deje su numero de teléfono y su nombre, para quedar registrado y participar en esta reunión. Tel. 595-0385,
extensión 136.
La Misión al Eastern Shore
Jóvenes que deseen participar
en la misión al Eastern Shore en
el mes de agosto, favor de ver a
Brian para obtener información.
El viaje esta programado del 5
al 10 de Agosto. No habrá ningún costo, el grupo es estará
hospedando en una iglesia católica que ayuda con el servicio
en las comunidades migrantes.
Es una gran oportunidad para
ser bendecidos a través del servicio hacia los demás.
La Iglesia también ha programado los viajes hacia el Eastern
Shore para la temporada 2011: son 19 y 26 de julio y 02 y 9 de
Agosto. Para los interesados en viajar con el equipo y/o para
los que deseen hacer una donación de artículos de higiene personal, calcetines y / o pequeños juguetes para niños, pueden dirigirse a: Carmen Lane, al 869-8389 o con Francisco
Anleu al 595-0385, ext. 136.
Los siguientes artículos son necesarios y pueden ser entregadas a partir 02 de julio: arroz, frijoles, salsa de tomate / tomates en lata, protector solar, repelente de insectos, curitas, papel
higiénico, artículos de higiene persona. (ver el boletín para
más información como las el horario los viajes). Por favor, si
esta interesado en colaborar favor de colocar su donación en
Canasta blanca con la etiqueta ―Migrant Mission Trips, 2011.‖
Únete a nosotros, es una experiencia bien bonita. Cada viaje
incluye la celebración de la Santa Misa, en el campo con los
trabajadores que no pueden visitar una Iglesia, durante el tiempo que esta trabajando. Junto Construyendo el Reino de Dios.
Visitando a los enfermos: Si conoces o tienes alguien que esta
enfermo, en casa o esta en el hospital favor de avisarnos para
que el ministerio de Sanación de la Parroquia, pueda visitarlo,
bien sea para oración con el o llevarle la Sagrada Comunión.
Comunícate con Francisco Anleu 595-0385 extensión 136 ó al
846-0628. Favor de dejar el mensaje con la información.
Nombre del paciente, y lugar en donde esta localizado. Numero de teléfono para llamarles y coordinar la visita. Gracias y
que Dios los bendiga.

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