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holy apostles santos apóstoles
The Church of
Iglesia Catolica de
November 15, 2015
Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
Our Mission Statement: The Church of Holy Apostles is a compassionate, welcoming and
healthy family that strives to love God and serve others with respect and dignity.
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November 20: Kids Night Out at 5 PM
November 21:
Knights of Columbus Holiday Food
Packing at 7:30 AM;
HALO Holiday Bake Sale, 8 AM--6:30 PM
and 8:30—1:30 PM on November 22
Feed My Starving Children Mobile Food
Pack, 2 to 4 PM at Zion Lutheran Church
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On thechurchofholyapostles.org
or flocknote.com/thechurchof
CHURCH & PARISH OFFICE: 5211 W. Bull Valley Rd. • McHenry, IL 60050 Telephone 815-385-5673 FAX 815-385-6045
FAMILY FAITH FORMATION OFFICE: 815-385-5673, Ext. 218, 220 or 225
Email: [email protected] Web Site: www.thechurchofholyapostles.org
MASS SCHEDULE: Mon: 7:30 AM & 12:10 PM; Tue: 7:30 AM & 6:30 PM; Wed: 7:30 AM & 12:10 PM;
Thu: 7:30 AM & 7 PM (en Español); Fri: 7:30 AM & 12:10 PM; Sat: 7:30 AM & 5 PM and
Sunday: 8 AM, 10 AM, 12 PM (en Español) & 5 PM
CONFESSIONS: Tue: 5:30 to 6:15 PM; Thu: 8 to 8:45 AM & 6 to 6:45 PM (Spanish & English); Sat: 4 to 4:45 PM
Page 2
The Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL
Dear Holy Apostles Parish Family,
Every year, the diocese has the parishes
count how many people come to Mass. We do
this in over two weekends in October, so we
can look at the data over a period of time.
The numbers have stayed fairly stable. We
have 1700 to 1800 people go to Mass each
weekend, 500 of which go to the Spanish
Mass. The highest count ever was 2,300 in
2004 and 2005. It dropped to 1700 in 2006.
Since then it has been around 1800, plus or
It is good to realize that 500 attend the
Spanish Mass, so almost one-third of our
parish is Spanish-speaking. It is also helpful
to realize that only half of our people come
weekly, so it is hard to inform people who
attend on a sporadic basis. This is why electronic giving and electronic communication is
helpful. I do not get caught up with the
numbers, but it is good to be aware of what
they teach us. My real concern is the quality
of our experience when we are here. The
Family Faith Formation classes are finding
that they can do it very well 12 times a year
and get more out of it with less times. I am
hoping we learn from their experience to
use our time better.
Have a Blessed Week!
Father Paul
This school year, the Church of Holy Apostles
embarked on a new approach to passing on
our faith to our children. Family Faith Formation
is built on the principle that parents are the
first educators of their children. While the
traditional student class taught by adult volunteer catechists (Student Faith Formation)
is still available on Tuesday evenings, Family
Faith Formation takes place on Sunday mornings allowing for entire family participation.
Family Faith Formation sessions meet two
Sundays a month. It is the entire family (with
students in grades 1 through 7) that registers
for the sessions. The two hour class day begins at 9:30 AM with 10 minutes of fellowship
and a snack. This is followed by a presentation to the whole family on a particular topic,
which is then reinforced with active learning
through a craft project and/or game.
(continued on Page 6)
All the homeless, the unemployed, the military, the addicted, the
grieving, the imprisoned, and the physically and emotionally ill.
Jack Czapla
TJ Ciochon
Gerald Doyle
Tim Paul
Gene Adams
Ricky Mock
Bob & Dolly Reidy
John Rappa
Audrey Teller
Grace Wesinger
Tracy Geraty
Carol Leeper
Allen Scholnick
Jimmy Smith
Kris Gore
Nick Bishop
Eva Melesio
Toni Gignac
Bob Berg
Ray Fardoux
Mike Vanderwyst, Sr,
Brendan Wohnrade-Thompson Karen Staller
Nancy Hoffman
Marisa Diedrich Richardson Sharon Justice
Carole Dumont
Patrick Waldron
Bill Michaelis
Glenn Ehrhart
John Jelinek
Annette Feller
Clara Williams
Donald Gauwitz
Len Kubiak
Kathy McCormick
Ethel Parisi
Joan Flood
Tom Majercik
Toni Nolde
Darlene Briscoe
Diane Briscoe
Carole Ann Walberer
Michael L. Prihoda
Gene Seaver
Frank Sweeney
Anthony Scianna
Tracy Norlen
Bennie Brown
Bertha Smith
Lavonne Sallaz
Jean Bower
Victor Ortiz
Baby Maxine Branson
Reg Hawkes
Robert Holas
Liz Vavrik
Baby Lukas Zalewski
Jamie Dusthimer
Carlos Torres
Lu Andersen
Baby Kale Brenner
John Christensen
Irene Agrella
Carrie Starvel
Erick J.
Mike Moore
Jim West
Germaine Henningfield
Baby Cole Schwarz
Fernando Acevez
Mary Yeagley
Yolanda Mendoza
Josie Gluesing
Laura Smith
Nancy Guzzo
Cody Thomas
Luisa Morell
Michael McPeak
Mike Blumm
Joyce Watkins
Elaine Miller
Maureen Skinner
Denise Lucas
God hears our prayers! Please call the Parish Office at 815-385-5673
to add a name to our Prayer List. If you or loved ones need prayers but
do not want names to be published here, please contact the Holy
Apostles Prayer Line at 815-385-2404 or email to [email protected]
During this Week We Remember:
Raymond Krecioch and Bernard Wanagas
Next Sunday:
1 Mc 1:10-15, 41-43, 54-57, 62-63/Lk 18:35-43
2 Mc 6:18-31/Lk 19:1-10
2 Mc 7:1, 20-31/Lk 19:11-28
1 Mc 2:15-29/Lk 19:41-44
1 Mc 4:36-37, 52-59/Lk 19:45-48
1 Mc 6:1-13/Lk 20:27-40
Dn 7:13-14/Rv 1:5-8/Jn 18:33b-37
For complete daily Mass readings, visit the United States Conference of
Catholic Bishops website, usccb.org. Click on the date on the calendar for
that day’s readings.
Saturday, November 21
5 PM—Fr. Rubén
Sunday, November 22:
8 AM—Fr. Paul
10 AM—Fr. Paul
12 PM—Fr. Rubén
5 PM—Fr. Paul
*Subject to changes in priests’ schedules.
Page 3
Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 15, 2015
8:00 AM Mass
†For all members of our parish who died this month in
past years and the People of Holy Apostles
10:00 AM Taped Mass
†Katherine & Laura Lyn Blumm and †Scott Weber
12:00 PM Misa en Español
†José & Ignacio Avila Family, †Aureliano Bautista y
†Juanita Carpio
1:30 PM Estudio de Biblia in Room of Remembrance
3:30 PM F.Y.R.E. Choir Rehearsal in church
3:30 PM Confirmation Classes in classrooms
5:00 PM F.Y.R.E. Mass:
†Cecilia Buot
6:00 PM Youth Group/Bible Study in Sherry Center
6:30 PM Dance Practice for Our Lady of Guadalupe in Narthex
7:00 AM Rosary
7:30 AM Mass
Clements Lubinski and †Georgette Guerin
8:00 AM Marian Central Sophomore Girls Retreat in Church/Sherry Ctr.
9:00 AM Adult Faith Formation Study in St. Francis/St. Augustine
12:10 PM Mass
†Helen & Anton Borell
6:00 PM Community Kitchen Meal in Fr. Sherry Parish Ctr./Kitchen
6:30 PM Girl Scout Troop 1614 Meeting in St. Theresa
7:00 PM Adult Faith Formation Study in Archangels/Angels
7:00 PM Women’s Emmaus Meeting (Spanish) in Thrones
7:00 AM Rosary
7:30 AM Mass
†Doug McDougall
8:00 AM Marian Central Sophomore Boys Retreat in Church/Sherry Ctr.
9:00 AM Adult Faith Formation Study in St. Francis/St. Augustine
5:00 PM Student Faith Formation Classes (Apostles Bay/Angels Wing)
5:00 PM Family Reconciliation in Church
5:30 PM Confession/Reconciliation until 6:15 PM
6:30 PM Mass
†Michael Harry Abear
7:00 PM Charismatic Prayer Group in O’Neill Reading Room
7:00 PM Our Lady of Guadalupe Dance Practice in Narthex
7:00 PM RCIA Class in Family Center
7:15 PM RICA (en Español) Class in St. Francis/St. Augustine
7:00 AM
7:30 AM
9:30 AM
12:10 PM
1:00 PM
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
Mass: †Dr. Gerard Dominique
Dementia Support Group Mtg. in St. Ambrose/St. Catherine
Mass: †Ruth Hamernick
Adult Faith Formation Study in St. Francis/St. Augustine
No Special Sacraments Class
Private Wake in Sherry Center
Informational Mtg. on France Trip in Room of Remembrance
Teen Faith Formation Meeting in Holy Family Room
Spanish Choir Rehearsal in Choir Rehearsal Room
Liturgy Coordinators Meeting in Archangels/Angels
Welcome Ministry Meeting in St. Joan of Arc
Men’s Emmaus Meeting (Spanish) in Thrones
7:00 AM Rosary
7:30 AM Mass
†Marjorie & James Flynn and †James Lawn
8:00 AM Confession/Reconciliation until 8:45 AM
9:45 AM Magnificat Prayer Group Meeting in Apostles Bay
10:00 AM Mass at Fox Point Retirement Center
2:00 PM Mass at McHenry Villa Retirement Center
5:30 PM Children’s Choir Rehearsal in Choir Rehearsal Room
6:00 PM Girl Scout Troop 1361 Meeting in St. Francis
6:00 PM Girl Scout Troop 1810 Meeting in St. Augustine
6:00 PM Rosario in Lourdes Chapel
6:00 PM Confessions/Reconciliation (Spanish & English) until 6:45 PM
7:00 PM Misa en Español
†Por las almas del purgatorio
7:00 PM Holy Apostles Adult Choir Rehearsal in Choir Rehearsal Room
7:00 PM Women’s Emmaus Mtg. (English) in Thrones
7:30 PM Al-Anon Meeting in Family Center
7:30 PM Cursillo School of Leaders in Archangels/Angels
7:00 AM Rosary
7:30 AM Mass
Nathaniel Wine and Lauren Arnold (living—special intention)
12:10 PM Mass
†Michael Maletti and Kathy & Chris Dixon (special intention)
5:00 PM Kids Night Out in Sherry Center
7:00 PM HALO Bake Sale set-up in Sherry Center/Apostles Bay
7:00 PM Knights of Columbus Holiday Meals Set-up-in Sherry Center
7:00 PM Family Catechesis (Spanish) in Room of Remembrance
7:00 AM Rosary
7:30 AM Mass
†Hank Bourassa
7:30 AM Knights of Columbus Holiday Meal Packing in Sherry Center
8:00 AM HALO Holiday Bake Sale in Sherry Center/Apostles Bay
8:50 AM Great Lakes Catholic Men’s Conference in DeKalb IL
9:00 AM Confirmation NET Retreat in Church/Sherry Center
4:00 PM Confession/Reconciliation until 4:45 PM
5:00 PM Mass followed by Anointing of the Sick
†Julia Gradall and
55th Wedding Anniversary of Arlene & Reg Hawkes
8:00 AM Mass followed by Anointing of the Sick
†Robert Chamber
8:00 AM HALO Holiday Bake Sale in Sherry Center/Apostles Bay
10:00 AM Taped Mass with RCIA Rite of Acceptance & Welcoming
followed by Anointing of the Sick
†Peter Wintersdorf and The People of Holy Apostles
12:00 PM Misa en Español con Unción de los Enfermos
†Mary Welzen and †Souls in Purgatory
1:30 PM Estudio de Biblia in Room of Remembrance
3:30 PM F.Y.R.E. Choir Rehearsal in church
5:00 PM F.Y.R.E. Mass followed by Anointing of the Sick
†Clements Lubinski
6:00 PM Youth Group/Bible Study in Sherry Center
6:15 PM Advent Decorating in Church and narthex
6:30 PM Dance Practice for Our Lady of Guadalupe in Narthex
Page 4
Great Lakes Catholic Men’s Conference
Men, is life too hectic? Could you use a day to regain
perspective and balance? Experience a new encounter
with our Risen Lord. A line-up of dynamic speakers will
share insights into living out authentic masculinity and
heroic virtue, drawing from their own faith journeys.
Mass, confession, the rosary, and private time will give
you the opportunity to reflect on what is going on in
your life and how Christ can help. The conference is on
Saturday, November 21, beginning at 8:50 AM at the
Holmes Student Center, DeKalb, IL. For tickets or details
contact your parish captain Butch Pintozzi (847-4170687 or [email protected]) or go to www.thetalk.org.
Rosaries Offered to Those Who Are Ill
Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with a
serious illness such as cancer? Michelle Anelli, a parish
member and cancer survivor likes to give patients comfort by giving them rosaries that she makes. They are
made from a variety of beads--crystal, glass, or wood-and often have a St. Agatha or St. Peregrine medallion.
She currently distributes them to patients at area cancer treatments centers.. She would like to expand to
offering a rosary to anyone else who is currently struggling with a serious illness. If you would like to receive a
rosary from Michelle (there is no cost), please contact
her at 815-355-8500 or [email protected]
Seeking Information Center Volunteers
Do you regularly attend the 5 PM Mass on either
Saturday or Sunday? Our Information Center Ministry is
currently in need of volunteers to staff the Center,
especially for these two Masses. No special skills are
required and training is provided. The time commitment
is very minimal—one evening Mass per month for about
15 to 20 minutes before and after Mass. If you are
interested in sharing your time and talent in this way,
please contact Peggy MacGregor at 815-728-0860 or
[email protected]
Join HA Christmas Traditions FB Group
The goal of our Christmas Traditions Group is to decorate the church for Advent and Christmas. We will be
adding several Fontanini figurines to the Nativity scene
that Fr. Diego created last year thanks to Terri Vrasich
and Mary Foland, who have donated additional pieces.
There is still one more figure we would like to add. If you
are interested in donating this piece to the Nativity display, call Jen at 815-385-5673, x229. Join at facebook.com/groups/holyapostleschristmastraditions/.
Come Help Decorate Our Church for Advent
Decoration of our church and narthex for the Advent
season will begin after the 5 PM Mass next Sunday,
November 22. If you are able to help, even for a short
time, please meet on the west side of the narthex (by
the Room of Remembrance) at 6 PM. Thank you!
The Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL
Take a Chance on a HALO Gift Basket
What’s better than winning one prize? Winning a whole
basket full of prizes! Members of the Holy Apostles
Ladies Organization (HALO) put
together a group of like-themed prizes
that often include gift certificates or
tickets to events, and package them in
giant, beautiful gift baskets that can be
won by purchasing raffle tickets. The
HALO ladies will be selling raffle tickets after Masses in the church vestibule today and at the HALO Holiday
Bake Sale next weekend. Tickets are
$1 each; 6 for $5 or $20 for an arms-length. Stop by and
check out the wonderful baskets and buy raffle tickets
for the ones you’d like to win!
Join Fr. Paul on Pilgrimage to France
Fr. Paul and Fr. Mike Nacius will be leading a Catholic
Pilgrimage to France from July 18 to 28, 2016. Come
visit historic churches, museums and castles in Paris,
the Loire Valley, Normandy and more! If you are interested in taking this exciting pilgrimage, please come to an
informational meeting this Wednesday, November 18,
at 6 PM, in the Room of Remembrance.
Dementia Discussion Group Meeting
NEW TIME: Wednesday, November 18, at 9:30 AM in
Ss. Ambrose/Catherine in Apostles Bay. Dementia involves some type of problem with memory or thinking.
This group is for all those who seek information on
dementia; family members, caretakers, as well as the
person with dementia. Don Gaul will facilitate the meeting and will introduce Cheryl Levinson, Director of Strategic
Advancement and a Registered Nurse, from Family Alliance who will be speaking on “What are the types, causes and myths of dementia and how do they differ from
MCI and Alzheimer’s.” Questions will be taken at the end
of the presentation. Contact Jeanne Fraser at 815-385-5673
x224 or [email protected] for details.
March for Life Group Outing Planned
The 2016 March for Life of Chicago is shaping up to be
the largest pro-life event in Illinois. It will be held on
Sunday, January 17, 2016, from 2 to 4 PM at Federal
Plaza 50 W. Adams Street, in Chicago. This is an annual
event composed of people from diverse ethnic, social,
and religious backgrounds dedicated to defending and
protecting all human life. Pro-life individuals and groups
from all across Illinois as well as Wisconsin and Indiana
will march together in hope and love. For details go to
http://illinoisrighttolife.org/march-for-life-chicago. We
will meet other area groups at the Crystal Lake Metra
station. Watch for details or contact Billie at 815-3821605 or [email protected]
Page 5
Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
We Share Our Blessings
This week, our Parish Tithe will be given to Knights of
Columbus Holiday Meals.
Offer Your Intentions with Candles
Four large candles surround the Blessed Sacrament in
the All Saints Perpetual Adoration Chapel, each burning
for 14 days. Request your own personal intentions for
their duration by contacting the Parish Office. The suggested donation is $15 per candle. From November 8 through
21, with these candles, your prayers have been requested by the Kaminsky Family, Sheila Noland, Eva Melesio
and the Barry Family.
Thank Him for All He Has Done for You!
Through Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross, we have the gift
of the Holy Eucharist. What a wonderful opportunity we
have to thank Him for this great Gift, especially in this
month when we focus on giving thanks. Take a little time
each week to visit Jesus in the Divine Eucharist in the
All Saints Perpetual Adoration Chapel. and thank Him
and be refreshed. Pray, listen, and feel the peace that
He gives us so lovingly. Take a break from your busy life
to acknowledge His comforting love. Jesus will bless you,
your family, and the whole world for this hour of faith you
spend with Him in the Blessed Sacrament.
Please pray about committing to one of
these open times:
Friday: 2 to 3 PM; 7 to 8 PM
Saturday: 12 to 1 AM; 7 to 8 PM
Contact Mike Thielsen at 815-385-8562 or
[email protected] to volunteer your time.
Memorial for Survivors of Suicide
McHenry County Suicide Prevention Task Force will offer
a Memorial Service for survivors of suicide on Saturday,
November 21, at 4 PM, at Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church, 8585 Church St., in Ridgefield (Crystal
Lake). Come for a day of remembrance, a day of action,
a day of strength and a day of hope.
Suicide Awareness/Prevention Seminar
A Suicide Awareness/Prevention Seminar will be held on
Saturday, December 5, at 9 AM, at Christ the King
Church, 5006 E. Wonder Lake Rd., Wonder Lake, in the
St. Benedict classroom. Please call the Parish Office at
815-653-2561 if you plan on attending.
Help free our
parish of the
debt “anchor!”
Make your pledge today!
November 15, 2015
Stewardship of Treasure
September, 2015
Sunday Envelopes
Loose Offertory
Children’s Gifts
Total Collection
$ 72,894.61
$ 8,551.99
Budgeted Income Year to Date:$
Actual Income Year-to-Date
$ 277,651.99
$ 261,590.00
$ (16,061.99)
August Tithes
P.A.D.S. of McHenry County
Wonder Lake Neighbors Food Pantry $
Great Lakes Men’s Conference
St. Vincent de Paul Society
Debt Reduction:
Anchors Aweigh
$ 12,893.85
$ 100,042.00
Thank you so for your generous giving!
Please remember Holy Apostles in your Will.
Kids—It’s a Night Just for You!
All 1st to 5th graders—are you ready
for a night of fun? Come to Holy
Apostles’ Kids’ Night Out on Friday,
November 20, from 5 to 7 PM in
Sherry Center/Apostles Bay. Don’t
miss all the fun games and more! For
more information call Joe Filpi at 815385-5673, ext. 212.
Marian Central Open House Invitation
Marian Central Catholic High School, our parish high
school, invites everyone to an Open House on Sunday,
November 22, from 1 to 3 PM, at the school at 1001
McHenry Ave., Woodstock IL. There will also be an 8th
Grade Visit Day on Friday, November 20. Come explore
what Marian Central has to offer your son or daughter!
For more information please call 815-338-4220.
Please Let Us Know Where You Are
If you are homebound, in the hospital, in a nursing home
or a rehab unit, please let us know. We try to keep track
of everyone as they move from one location to another
but sometimes we lose contact. If you have not heard
from someone at Holy Apostles in a while, it may be
because we don’t know were you are. There are people
who can come visit you, bring you Communion or bring
you meals. If you would like contact from your parish,
call Jeanne Fraser, 815-385-5673, ext. 224 or
[email protected]
Page 6
The most recent class topic was Prayer. Families
worked together on building a prayer block, writing a
family prayer and discussing the importance of prayer
in their families.
For the next hour, students are moved to age-specific
classes and taught by a catechist. Parents have their
own session—this week’s topic was about managing
anxiety and was presented by parish member and
licensed therapist, Geri Condon. These sessions are
geared toward helping parents handle various issues
and offer ways to improve or enhance the practice of
our faith. The adult sessions are offered in Spanish
and English. Childcare is available for children younger
than first grade. The final ten minutes are spent together again with a prayer and family members blessing one another.
In speaking to a few families as they left the class, all
of them expressed their excitement about spending
time together as a family.
Marianne Bojan, mother of Andrew, age 7, explained
that she loved the one-on-time she had with her son.
Being present allowed her to further explain and answer questions that he may have, especially important
this year as he will be receiving his First Reconciliation
and First Communion. Her daughter, Kelsey, age 4,
enjoyed her time in childcare. Attending the class on
Sundays was attractive to their family as it fit into their
schedules better than attending a class on a weeknight after a full day at school.
Melodie Harding and her husband, Mike, and son,
Dean, 8, are in the Family Faith Formation class. Their
daughter, Greta, 4, and Silas, 3, are in childcare. She
noted that the childcare offered is most appreciated
and affords her and her husband together, the opportunity to be involved in their oldest child’s faith formation as a family and allows for more family discussion. Because Family Faith Formation takes place on a
Sunday, they feel it is a great start to making Sundays
a special family day.
Nadia Mendoza and her husband, Abraham, attend
Family Faith Formation with their daughter, Athziri
Gonzalez, 10, and son, Kenneth Gonzalez, 13. Nadia
spoke about her being a cancer survivor. Ten years
ago, she was treated for a cancerous tumor. She credits her family’s love and closeness and God’s blessings
for her successful treatment and cure. They chose to
register for Family Faith Formation because they could
take the class as a family. Nadia stressed how much
she loves the class time together as it is completely
devoted to just their family being together and learning
together. They have busy work schedules and the Sunday morning hours work out well for them. They, like
many parents, have a difficult time being able to bring
a student to a 5 PM weekday class.
The Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL
Proof of the success of Family Faith Formation can be
seen in the numbers. “We thought we would have about
20 families sign up. We are now up to 80 families in the
program,” said John Jelinek, Director of Family Faith
Formation. Father Paul posted a video of families working
on their projects on Holy Apostles’ Facebook page last
Sunday, which shows lots of noisy activity, talking and
laughter between family members. He observed, “I never
saw so many fathers present and taking part.”
The parental involvement speaks loudly and clearly to
the children that learning about and practicing their faith is
important and something that the whole family does.
Family Faith Formation seeks to create in a child a foundation of Catholic values and beliefs through both instruction
and seeing his or her parents embrace and practice their
faith. John quipped, “We didn’t budget enough for snacks
for 80 families.” But that’s good problem to have.
McHenry FMSC Mobile Pack Needs You!
Holy Apostles will take part in an extraordinary McHenry
County Mobile Pack event to benefit Feed My Starving
Children, which hopefully fill two shipping containers. This
is a combined effort of many churches and teams at Zion
Lutheran Church, McHenry, on November 20 and 21. Holy
Apostles committed to 96 volunteer spots on Saturday,
November 21, from 2 to 4 PM AND THOSE SPOTS HAVE
BEEN FILLED!! Thank you all who have signed up so far…
you can still sign up to pack at other time slots. This pack
event needs a total of 2400 volunteers over two days…so
please consider committing your time. Just go to our website thechurchofholyapostles.org and click on the “Join our
Team” photo and it will link you to the Feed My Starving
Children volunteer site where
you can sign up or donate.
Another way to help is to purchase a Feed My Starving
Children t-shirt after Mass in the
narthex. They cost $10.00 each
and will help Holy Apostles
reach is committed donation
amount to take part in the
Mobile Pack. Thank you!
Children—Join Our Christmas Pageant
Each year our children put on a short retelling of the
Christmas story at the 4 PM Christmas Mass called the
'Christmas Pageant.' We invite kids K - 5 to register now to
participate in our 2015 Pageant. There will be three rehearsals on Saturday, December 5, 12 and 19, 1 to 3 PM
in the Church. Please register online at holyapostlesworship.
org/pageant or pick up a registration form in the Parish Office. Questions? Contact Feargal at [email protected]
Page 7
Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 15, 2015
Knights Ask for Support of “Holiday Meals”
Looking Forward to the HALO Sale?
Knights of Columbus Council 1288 of McHenry will again
be raising funds to provide holiday meals to those in need
in our community. This will be the 9th year the Knights
will undertake this rewarding and appreciated project.
Their mission is simple: they raise money
to purchase food and, through a partnership with Meijer, they are able to stretch
the money that is donated a long way.
The food is packed in such a way that
each family receives everything they
need to prepare a proper holiday meal.
One hundred percent of the funds donated is used purchase food that benefits
needy families in our own McHenry area. Any amount you
can give, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated.
The distribution of Thanksgiving meals will be on Saturday, November 21. The Knights welcome everyone to
help sort and pack the meals. Please mail your donations to
Knights of Columbus Council 1288, P. O. Box 148,
McHenry IL 60051. Your support is truly appreciated!!
You won’t have to wait too much longer...the HALO
Holiday Bake Sale is NEXT WEEKEND! Holy Apostles
Ladies Organization will offer their Holiday Bake Sale
on Saturday, November 21, 8 AM to 6:30 PM and
Sunday, November 22, 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM. While the
ladies are getting busy making all
kinds of sweet goodies, they also rely
on your donations of various baked
goods, including breads, cakes, pies,
cookies, cupcakes, muffins, fudge,
and many more. So please consider
making a baked good donation and
dropping them off this coming Friday
or Saturday. Also offered will be a
variety of hand-crafted holiday gift items. All funds
raised from HALO’s sale will be benefit our Anchor’s
Away Debt Reduction Campaign and the purchase of new
projectors in church. Thank you in advance for your
continued support!
Bilingual Thanksgiving Mass
The spirit of gratitude has a long history in our country from the explorers and pilgrims who came to America
500 years ago, to the presidents (Washington, Lincoln)
who designated a special holiday just for the purpose of
giving thanks to God! This Thanksgiving Day, Thursday,
November 26, we invite you to attend a bilingual Mass at
9 AM, when our community will come together for an
hour to give thanks for all the gifts that God has given us,
by celebrating the Eucharist as one Catholic community.
We also invite you to bring the bread and wine for your
Thanksgiving meal to be blessed during Mass, as well as
non-perishable food items to donate to the St. Vincent
de Paul Society to distribute to our less fortunate neighbors.
Christmas Festival Choir 2015
Do you like to sing in choir but cannot commit to singing
year round? At Christmas and Easter we offer Festival
Choir to anyone willing to put in the work to participate in
excellent music making! We invite you to sing with the
Choir of Holy Apostles for Midnight Mass on December
24 and Christmas Mass on December 25 at 10 AM. The
rehearsal schedule is below; please attend as many as
you can. Ability to read music is not required—practice CD
and materials provided! Register for Festival Choir at
holyapostlesworship.org/festival. (On Monday, Dec. 21,
Festival Choir will sing carols for the Community Kitchen
Christmas Dinner before our final rehearsal)
Rehearsals on: Thursday, Dec. 10, 7 to 9 PM
Sunday, Dec. 13, 1:30 to 3:30 PM
Tuesday, Dec. 15, 7 to 9 PM
Thursday, Dec. 17, 7 to 9 PM
Sunday, Dec. 20, 1:30 to 3:30 PM
Monday, Dec. 21, 7 to 9 PM
We’re open after all weekend Masses
and other special events AND now
through Christmas, on Saturdays
from 9 AM to 2 PM.
Shop our online store at holy apostlesreligiousgoods.com. New items are being added to our
website every week.
Small Business Saturday Sale November 28/29
 Ornaments: Buy one get one 50% off
(discounted ornaments must be of equal or
lesser value)
 Advent Candles and Wreaths are 10% off!
 Spend $50 and you’ll receive get a $5 off
coupon good on your next purchase of $25
or more during the month of December (instore only)!
Cyber Monday—November 30
 Make ANY purchase on our online store
and you will automatically be emailed a $5
off coupon good on your next purchase of
$25 or more during the month of December
(coupon is good in store only)!
Pagina 8
Oración de Consagración Matrimonial
Todo por el Corazón de Jesús a través del
Corazón de María!
"Oh, Corazón Inmaculado de María, refugio seguro de
nosotros pecadores y ancla firme de salvación, a Ti queremos hoy consagrar nuestro matrimonio. En estos tiempos
de gran batalla espiritual entre los valores familiares auténticos y la mentalidad permisiva del mundo, te pedimos
que Tú, Madre y Maestra, nos muestres el camino verdadero del amor, del compromiso, de la fidelidad, del sacrificio y del servicio. Te pedimos que hoy, al consagrarnos a
Ti, nos recibas en tu Corazón, nos refugies en tu manto
virginal, nos protejas con tus brazos maternales y nos lleves por camino seguro hacia el Corazón de tu Hijo, Jesús.
Tu que eres la Madre de Cristo, te pedimos nos formes y
moldees, para que ambos seamos imágenes vivientes de
Jesús en nuestra familia, en la Iglesia y en el mundo.
Tú que eres Virgen y Madre, derrama sobre nosotros el
espíritu de pureza de corazón, de mente y de cuerpo.
Tú que eres nuestra Madre espiritual, ayúdanos a crecer
en la vida de la gracia y de la santidad, y no permitas que
caigamos en pecado mortal o que desperdiciemos las gracias ganadas por tu Hijo en la Cruz.
Tú que eres Maestra de las almas, enséñanos a ser dóciles como Tú, para acoger con obediencia y agradecimiento toda la Verdad revelada por Cristo en su Palabra y
en la Iglesia.
Tu que eres Mediadora de las gracias, se el canal seguro
por el cual nosotros recibamos las gracias de conversión,
de amor, de paz, de comunicación, de unidad y comprensión.
Tú que eres Intercesora ante tu Hijo, mantén tu mirada
misericordiosa sobre nosotros, y acércate siempre a tu
Hijo, implorando como en Caná, por el milagro del vino
que nos hace falta. Tu que eres Corredentora, enséñanos
a ser fieles, el uno al otro, en los momentos de sufrimiento y de cruz. Que no busquemos cada uno nuestro propio
bienestar, sino el bien del otro. Que nos mantengamos
fieles al compromiso adquirido ante Dios, y que los sacrificios y luchas sepamos vivirlos en unión a tu Hijo Crucificado.
En virtud de la unión del Inmaculado Corazón de María
con el Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, pedimos que nuestro
matrimonio sea fortalecido en la unidad, en el amor, en la
responsabilidad a nuestros deberes, en la entrega generosa del uno al otro y a los hijos que el Señor nos envíe. Que
nuestro hogar sea un santuario doméstico donde oremos
juntos y nos comuniquemos con alegría y entusiasmo. Que
siempre nuestra relación sea, ante todos, un signo visible
del amor y la fidelidad. Te pedimos, Oh Madre, que en virtud de esta consagración, nuestro matrimonio sea protegido de todo mal espiritual, físico o material. Que tu Corazón
Inmaculado reine en nuestro hogar para que así Jesucristo
sea amado y obedecido en nuestra familia. Qué sostenidos por Su amor y Su gracia nos dispongamos a construir,
día a día, la civilización del amor: el Reinado de los Dos
Corazones. Amén.
La Iglesia de Santos Apóstoles , McHenry, IL
Servicios en Español
Rev. P. Rubén Herrera
MISAS: Domingo a las 12 PM en la Iglesia
Jueves a las 7 PM en la Capilla
Para solicitar una misa pasar a la oficina por lo
menos dos semanas antes de la fecha.
El horario es de lunes a viernes de 8:30 a 5 PM.
CONFESIONES: Jueves de 6:00 a 6:45 PM.
ROSARIO: Jueves a las 6 PM.
Domingos a las 11:30 AM
Adoración al Santísimo Sacramento
Jesús lo esta esperando!! Aprovechemos la oportunidad de venir a agradecerle a Jesús por todas las bendiciones recibidas. Separe un espacio de su tiempo
para visitarlo .Le invitamos a que se una al grupo de
Adoradores permanentes, solo tiene que llamar a la
oficina o llenar una de las formas que se encuentran
en La Capilla de Adoración Perpetua de todos los
Santos con sus datos y escoger uno de los horarios
que están disponibles. Por ahora son:
2—3 PM y 7—8 PM
12 AM (media noche)—1 AM y 7—8 PM
La capilla de Adoración esta abierta las 24 horas.
Puede visitarla en cualquier momento.
se realizan en
los bautismos
en son en domingo en la
misa de la
12 PM.
a la oficina para registrarse dos
de 12 PM.
fecha que
El dia que
(Español) Pasar a lalaoficina
dos se
certifisemanas antes de la fecha que elija. Para regiscado de
niño(a) documentos.
traer los del
del acta de nacimiento del niño (a). debe traer el
de lacopia
matrimonio de la iglesia donde se casaron.
y los Padrinos
tienen aque
y padrinos
deben asistir
Bautismal. Puede ser padrino, madrina, personas
fecha donde
venir juntos.
que hayan
los 18 años y haber
solteros, tienen que
recibido el sacramento de son
la confirmación
ser mayores de 18 años y estar confirmados.
Esta es la ultima fecha para este año:
Esta es la ultima fecha para este año: DICIEMBRE 6.
Fechas de bautismo para el 2016
de Bautismos
Enero 3; Febrero
7; Abril 3; Mayo
5; Julio 3.
Enero 3; Febrero 7; Abril 3; Mayo 1; Junio 5; Julio 3
Fechas de la clase Pre-bautismal
la clase Pre-bautismal.
Lunes 6:45
6:45 PM
30; Noviembre
y Diciembre30
28y Diciembre 28
NO traer
traer niños)
Las fechas de la clase pre-bautismal para los Bautismos
del siguiente
año 2016
del siguiente
año son:
2016 son:
28;Junio 27
Enero 25; Marzo 28; Abril 25; Mayo
Abril 25;
Mayo 23;
Junio 27
Pagina 9
Trigésimo Tercer Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
15 noviembre, 2015
Retiro de Matrimonios
Diciembre 18, 19 y 20, 2015. Se realizara en Villa Desiderata Retreat House 3015 N. Bayview Ln McHenry, IL
60051. Por eso deja el hombre a su padre y a su madre
y se une a su mujer, (Gen 2,24) UNA OPORTUNIDAD DE
COMUNICARSE CON: Gabby & Rafael 847-322-6587 y
*El martes 17 de noviembre tendremos otro Retiro de
Reconciliación para las familias que no pudieron asistir
el sabado 14. Sera en el mismo horario de clases 5-6:15.
*No habrá clases de Sacramentos Especiales el miércoles 18 de noviembre
*Todavia estamos necesitando ayuda de personas que
puedan ser voluntarias donando su tiempo y su talento
con nuestros niños en el programa de Formacion de la
Fe en las Familias. Hay muchas oportunidades para
catequistas o ayudantes de catequistas, se les dará el
entrenamiento adecuado. Comuníquese con nosotros en
la oficina si usted puede ayudarnos.
*El Retiro de Reconciliación para los del novena grado
es el 21 de noviembre de 10 am—4 PM. Sólo para los del
novena grado.
Veladoras en la Capilla de Adoración
Las familias que deseen que una de las veladoras que
están en la Capilla de Adoración al Santísimo sea encendida por sus intenciones, sus necesidades, o alguna petición en especial.( solo se anuncia el nombre de quien la
solicita). Puede pasar a la oficina de la Iglesia para solicitarla. Dura 14 días encendidas y el costo son $15 dólares por veladoras son encendidas del 8 de noviembre al
21 de noviembre a petición de Familia Kamisnki, Sheila
Noland, Eva Melesio y Familia Barry.
Novena a la Virgen de Guadalupe
Estaremos rezando la novena a la virgen de Guadalupedel 3 al 11 de diciembre a las 6 pm en la Capilla de
Lourdes. Si a usted le gustaría que se ofreciera el rosario
por su familia alguno de los días del novenario comunicarse la oficina para designarle un día. Les invitamos a
que el día que se les designe sean ustedes los que
recen el rosario, pero si se le dificulta rezarlo, habrá personas que lo rezarán por ustedes, lo importante es que
se ofrezca por su familia o intenciones personales.
12 De Diciembre
Celebración de los 484 Años de la Aparición de la Virgen
de Guadalupe a San Juan Diego.
Horario de las mañanitas y de las misas
5:00 AM: Mañanitas y Danzas Folkloricas
6:00 AM: Misa
2:30 PM: Misa
Al terminar las misas tendremos un convivo en el Sherry
Center. Si le gustaría ayudarnos con alguna donación
como pan, chocolate, atole, tamales o donación monetaria, comuníquese a la oficina para saber con qué nos podría ayudar. 815-385-5673. Le agradecemos mucho su
Misa de Acción de Gracias (Thanksgiving Mass)
Le invitamos venir a la misa Bilingue el jueves 26 de
noviembre a las 9 AM. Puede traer los alimentos que
utilizara para su cena, seran bendecidos durante la misa.
HALO (Holy Apostles Ladies Organization)
Las señoras del grupo de HALO tendran su venta de galletas y todo tipo de postres el sabado 21 y domingo 22
de noviembre de 8:30 AM a 1:30 PM. Le invitamos que
venga y pueda participar comprando de la gran variedad
de postres que tendran. Todo lo recaudado de esta
venta, sera donado para la deuda de la iglesia y para la
compra de nuevos proyectores.
Holy Apostles Religious Goods
La Tiendita de artículos religiosos se encuentra abierta
sabados de 9am a 2pm y los domingos de 8am–2 pm.
Ya tenemos decoraciones navideñas “VISITENOS”
Si Desea Solicitar una Misa
Pasar a la oficina de la Iglesia. Las Misas en español son
domingo 12 pm o jueves 7pm. Donativo $10 dólares .
Limpieza de la Iglesia
Si usted quiere ser parte del grupo de limpieza no tiene
que registrarse solo preséntese ese día. Si usted ya es
parte del grupo le agradecemos mucho por su apoyo. La
próxima fecha es el MARTES 24 a las 6 pm.
Pastorela Navideña
¿Le gustaría que sus niños participen en la pastorela
navideña? Están invitados los niños que están en kínder
hasta 5to grado. Tendremos tres ensayos el sábado, 5,
12 y 19 de diciembre de 1 a 3 PM en la Iglesia. Para registrar a su niño( a) puede pasar a la oficina de la iglesia.
Personas interesada en presentar a su hijo (a), las fechas son el 1er, y 4to. Domingo de cada mes durante la
misa de 12 pm. La próxima fecha es el 22 de
noviembre. Llamar a la oficina para dejar su información
Unción de Enfermos
Si quiere venir a ayudar a decorar la iglesia para el
Adviento nos vamos a reunir el 22 de noviembre a las
6 de la tarde en el Nártex de la iglesia. Gracias por su
Si desea que el padre visite a una persona para ser
ungido, comunicarse con el a la oficina ext. 215.
Decoración de la Iglesia para Adviento
Page 10
New Sessions of Retreats Offered
Consoling the Heart of Jesus, a do-it-yourself retreat
that presents the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
Register for one of these two sessions:
At St. Mary’s, McHenry, on Wednesdays, from December 2 through February 17 (except Dec. 23 &
30), 9 to 10:30 AM, in Mary Hall, OR
At St. Patrick’s, McHenry, on Tuesdays, December
1 through February 16 (except Dec. 22 & 29),
7 to 8:30 PM, in Lane Room.
The cost is $30 for the book and workbook; $25 for
workbook only. Payment is due at the first session.
The One Thing is Three—Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, unlocks the ‘one thing,’ the key to the Church’s wisdom
and the greatest mystery of the Catholic faith: the
Most Holy Trinity. This study is offered on Saturdays,
December 5 through February 20 (except Dec. 26 &
Jan. 2), 9 to 10:30 AM, at Holy Apostles. The cost is
$45 which includes the “One Thing” and “You Did It
to Me” books, workbook and more. Payment is due at
the first session. Register for either of these studies
by November 22 by contacting Barb at 815-382-2099
or [email protected]
Knights of Columbus Appreciate…
...all those who generously donated
blood at their October 31st Blood Drive
held at St. Patrick’s Church. There were
36 blood donors which equals 108
lives saved! Thank you! The Knights will
sponsor their next Blood Drive on
Saturday, January 9, Sherry Center.
COF Annual Turkey Raffle
The Catholic Order of Foresters will have their annual
Turkey Raffle meeting for COF members on Tuesday,
November 17, at 8 PM in St. Mary’s Hall in the basement of the St. Mary’s Church.
Thanksgiving Taizé Service
You are invited to attend a Taize (ta-zay) worship service Thanksgiving week to pray for peace and reconciliation in our world. Originating in France, Taizé has
become a distinctive form of worship worldwide. It
incorporates song, chant, scripture, candles and silence-all meant to foster reconciliation and peace
among people. McHenry County‘s Catholic and
Protestants will come together on Tuesday, November 24, at 7 PM, at First Congregational Church, 461
Pierson St., Crystal Lake. Taizé services are organized
by members of McHenry County church congregations and are offered on the fourth Tuesday of the
month. For further information call 815-459-3321
The Church of Holy Apostles, McHenry, IL
Monthly Mass for Deceased
On the third Sunday of each month, the 8 AM Mass will be
celebrated for all the deceased listed in our parish funeral
records who died during that month. Please remember the
November deceased shown below in your prayers. May they
rest in peace.
Mary K. Ahrens
Evelyn Anderson
Herbert N. Anderson
Genaro A. Bahena
Geraldine Baldacci
Baranowski, Charles
John Walter Barry
William Thomas
“Tom” Barthel
Bernard Belpedio
Linda Blau
Ronald Blaul
Marie Bougher
William Brennan
Kenneth Bryant
Donald J. Burr
Irene Bykowski
Yair J. Cabrera
Antonio Caffejas
Richard Camara, Jr.
Frank Camasta
George C. Cannell
Catarino Castillo
Dorothy Cusak
John Dalton
Marie DeBat
John DeLuca
Eugene J. Dowe
Mary Fardella
George Farrell
José S. Gomez, Jr.
Erin Green
Eunice Gripentrog
William Hagstrom
Donald Hammer
Joan Herron
Caroline Heuel
Michael Howk
Donald Jankowski
Louis Anthony Jimmie
Marguerite Joyce
Ted W. Juske
Jean R. Klaybor
Marie M. Koch
William R. Kovarik
Viola “Dolly”
Jeffrey LeMarie
MaryClare Leo
Michael J. Leonard
Helen Grace Ligeza
Julianna Mass
Jerry Matos
Harold J. McClain, Sr.
Marian J. Mendel
Lillian Irene Michels
Erick Mota-Benetez
Therese K. Mueller
Francis Patrick “Pat”
June Naponelli
Frances C. Nappi
Barbara Nelson
Paul Overton
Bonnie Parisi
Betty Paulin
Marie Pavlovic
Madeline Persino
Florian Pijanowski
Harriet Pociask
Gerald Podraza
Rose Polidori
Walter Francis
Rita M. Rich
Robert R. Ritthaler
George Rodenkirch
Andrew Saunders
Flora Schumacher
Patricia Seaver
Edna M. Staszak
Marlene Stejskal
Allen G. Stott, Sr.
Edward Stream
Maria “Mary”
Theresa Tyska
Susan WeigertPhilips
Wayne P. Wheeler
Elly Wozniak
John Zaccagnini, Jr.
Advertiser of the Week
We wish to thank the business people who use our bulletin for
advertising their products and services. Our advertisers make
it possible for Holy Apostles to provide our weekly bulletin to
you AT NO COST TO THE PARISH. Please patronize our advertisers. This week we especially thank:
Cowlin & Cowlin
Thomas L. Cowlin, Attorney at Law
5447 W. Bull Valley Rd., McHenry IL
Contact Jeff Tkachuk of LPI Publications at 1-800-950-9952, Ext.
2513 or [email protected] to place an ad.

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