2012 Annual Report - Catholic Charities


2012 Annual Report - Catholic Charities
Building a Community
with hope
Annual Report for July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012
“This is my commandment,
that you love one another as I have loved you.”
­— John 15:12
To strengthen the lives
of those in need
by giving help that empowers
and hope that lasts
Donald Cardinal Wuerl
Archbishop of Washington
his annual report for Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington, which I am
pleased to present to you, details the work of Catholic Charities for the past year ­— work
which could not have been done without your gifts of time and talent, along with innovative
partnerships with local government agencies and businesses. It also affirms the desire of
those engaged in the efforts of Catholic Charities and those who support this “good works
arm” of the Church to fulfill the challenge of Jesus that we love our neighbors, especially
those in need, those without adequate food, shelter and health care services.
Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, teaches that the Church’s deepest nature is
expressed in her inseparable responsibilities of proclaiming the Gospel, celebrating the
sacraments and exercising the ministry of charity. Each day in our community, Catholic
Charities carries out Jesus’ call to be his disciples and to manifest his kingdom by sharing
his love and hope with others.
Through our support of Catholic Charities, more than 120,000 men, women and
children — regardless of their own belief or background — receive both help and lasting hope.
Last year, we welcomed Monsignor John Enzler as Catholic Charities’ new President
and CEO. With dedication, he has invigorated our ministry to the poor, the hungry, the
lonely and the sick. He has also engaged our parishes and enlisted community and business
leaders in manifesting in new ways their love of neighbor.
This Annual Report provides me an opportunity to reaffirm the conviction of all
engaged in Catholic Charities that each time we reach out our hand to someone in need,
we are actually reproposing for them an experience of the joy of the Gospel message. I am
personally grateful for your role in Building a Community with Hope.
Asking God’s blessings on you and all those served by Catholic Charities, I am
Faithfully in Christ,
Archbishop of Washington
Building a Community with Hope, One Person at a Time
Our services
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Housing and Support
Adults and Families
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ast year, we worked with 126,421
men, women, and children. As you can
see, some of those services came in
highly intensive, long-term care with
a smaller number of people, like our
work with adults and children with
developmental disabilities or our care
of children and teenagers living on their
own. Other programs, such as our food
bank and housing programs, see a high
volume of clients. We try our best to
get an accurate picture of how many
individual people we serve — sometimes
it can be challenging as many of our
clients participate in multiple programs
or are served many times by the same
Financial Information
SUMMARY Statement of Activities for Catholic Charities of the
Archdiocese of Washington for the Year Ended June 30, 2012.
Contributions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,448,000.
Archdiocese of Washington. . . . . . . . . . . . 1,874,000.
United Way. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 532,000.
Legacies & Bequests . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,490,000.
Government Contracts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40,388,000. 55.95%
Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,159,000.
Service Fees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7,416,000. 10.27%
Investment Income & Sale of Properties . . 2,742,000.
Special Events & Miscellaneous. . . . . . . . . 3,495,000.
In-kind Contributions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7,639,000. 10.58%
TOTAL REVENUE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $72,183,000.
Program Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $57,662,000. 83.27%
Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2,590,000.
Management & General . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8,990,000. 12.98%
TOTAL EXPENSES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $69,242,000.
Audited INcrease in Net Assets . . $2,941,000.
Audited financial statement information available.
Finding a Job, Giving Back
e overcame addiction. He got treatment for his severe depression. Yet
Tommy Spencer was still sleeping each night on a shelter bed. “I had no
place else to turn. I just couldn’t find a job.”
Tommy’s former drug and health problems kept him out of the workforce
so long, he couldn’t even land a job interview. But finally, Tommy got a yes
from Catholic Charities Food Services, which prepares healthy meals for
schools, geriatric care centers, and homebound seniors.
The program employs people with disabilities or mental health challenges
that limit their employability. “Since Catholic Charities gave us this
opportunity to work and support ourselves, we’re all grateful to pay it
forward by helping others, people like senior citizens, who can’t get around
like we can,” Tommy said.
Each day Tommy and our Food Services team make sure 2,000 people
receive a nutritious meal. “I always imagine the food is going to my own
grandmother,” Tommy said. “I take pride in the food being good and getting
it ready on time for people who really depend on it.”
“ I always imagine the food is going to
my own grandmother. I take pride in the
food being good.”
— Tommy Spencer
And with a paycheck, Tommy is able to afford his own apartment. “I was
able to get my own apartment since I have this steady job. I can’t tell you
what it means to me.”
Catholic Charities Enterprises
Southern Maryland Food Bank
Share food network
ur Social Enterprises programs fuse
together employment opportunities
for the people we serve, volunteers,
and large-scale programs to feed tens
of thousands of people each month.
Both our SHARE Food Network and our
Southern Maryland Food Bank make
groceries available for free or more
affordable than families will find in a
store. These programs are only possible
thanks to thousands of volunteers
who provide much of the legwork in
distributing the food.
Catholic Charities Food Services
employs many of our clients who might
not be able to find work otherwise
and gives them the structure and
satisfaction of a job. The meals they
prepare feed thousands of hungry
seniors and children.
Additionally, through a partnership
with the Federal Government’s Ability
One/NISH contracts, we help clients
with mental illness or disabilities build a
career working at major federal agencies.
Above all, these programs give
clients the chance to contribute back
to the community.
• The Southern Maryland Food Bank distributed more than 809,000 pounds
of food last year — an increase of more than 28 % — to area food pantries
seeing a huge demand for help.
• The SHARE Food Network distributed more than 118,000 healthy food
packages through a massive volunteer network last year — helping hungry
families purchase nutritious and affordable food.
• Catholic Charities Food Services provides more than 2,000 meals everyday
to homebound seniors, schools, geriatric care centers, and group homes.
Serving those without a Home
Low-Barrier Emergency Shelters
Transitional Housing Programs
Single Room Occupancy
Permanent Supportive Housing
e offer 27 programs that fall all
along the “housing spectrum,” ranging
from emergency overnight shelters
to long-term housing for adults with
disabilities or mental illness. In total,
we provide more than 1,600 beds
every single night to men, women
and children who otherwise might
have nowhere else to go. Our lowbarrier emergency shelters are open
to anyone who needs immediate
help, offering a warm meal and safety
from the streets and the weather. Our
transitional, single room occupancy,
and permanent supportive housing
programs provide more intense oneon-one work with case managers, who
help teach life skills, build a support
network, and move clients toward
their goals.
For many of our clients, removing
the crisis of living on the street or
in a car is crucial in addressing the
underlying causes of homelessness
such as unemployment, illness,
or addiction. Once the panic and
uncertainty are replaced with stability,
recovery can begin.
• Our five emergency shelters welcomed in 7,924 men and women last year.
• We run hypothermia shelters open only on the coldest nights of the year,
which provided lifesaving shelter to another 1,461 people.
• We helped 881 individuals with long-term solutions through our transitional
and permanent supportive housing programs — a 26% increase!
Learning for the Job
o one said having a job is easy. But on top of performing well, treating
the customer right, and learning new skills to improve, what if you had to
learn to speak English as well?
As an immigrant from El Salvador, Gabriela Risveno faced this challenge.
She used to speak only Spanish at her job with a cleaning service. A family
member told her about the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
classes at our Spanish Catholic Center.
She jumped into the classes with full dedication. Four years later, Gabriela
has made the most of her hard work. She earned a promotion and now
answers customer phone calls and coordinates the office, putting her
English to use daily. It is a job, she admits, that was not open to her before
she mastered a new language.
Additionally, Gabriela also took part in career development workshops. Her
long-term career goal is to become a nurse.
“ It has been great working with Gabriela.
Her enthusiasm makes our job easy.”
— Lily Echeverria,
Family Support Worker
“It has been great working with Gabriela. Her enthusiasm makes our
job easy and her determination has contributed to her success,” said
Lily Echeverria, Family Support Worker. “We are very proud of her
accomplishments and can’t wait to see her go even further. Our programs
have given her a jump start and the foundation she needs.”
Immigrants &
Spanish Catholic Center
Refugee Center
Archdiocesan Health
Care Network
he reasons men and women
immigrate to our region are many—
freedom, safety, opportunity and
family. And the challenges they face in
learning a new language and culture,
finding a home, and starting a new
career are daunting.
Anchored by our Spanish Catholic
Center, our programs reach out to
the immigrant community, who face
a unique set of challenges in meeting
basic needs. We provide medical and
dental care, language and job training,
and emergency supplies like food and
clothing. We bring special focus to
health, providing direct care as well
as building a network of pro bono
specialists who can treat more severe
ailments and provide a level of medical
care many of our clients could not
afford otherwise.
Our job training programs are
matched with language classes, a
food pantry, on-the-job support, and
more. And we do all of it in a culturally
sensitive and warm environment.
To see one of our successes, meet
Gabriella on page 12.
• Our medical and dental clinics and the Archdiocesan Health Care Network
provided more than 46,000 services to more than 7,300 patients.
• We helped more than 4,600 people with over 32,000 services such as job
search help, job training, ESOL classes, food and clothing giveaways and
immigration assistance.
• The Immigration Legal Services program opened more than 4,000 new
cases last year — helping immigrants escape violence, get a legal work
permit and reunite families after years apart.
Serving Adults &
Families in Crisis
Family Centers
Job Coaching and
Adult Education
Legal Aid
Mental Health Services
any of our programs help adults
and families who are facing immediate
crisis and long-term hardship — the
most challenging cases of poverty in
our community. Our Archdiocesan
Legal Network provides pro bono legal
representation and guidance. Our Family
Centers are hubs in the community
providing emergency funds to prevent
an eviction or utility cut-off, clothes and
food for families, and case management
that connects people with training
programs and available resources. Our
Anchor Mental Health provides ongoing
care to adults with severe mental
illness — ranging from counseling to
supported employment to housing.
All of our programs start with the
basic ministry of presence — our doors
are open and someone is ready to listen
and take action.
A key part of our work is being
available in the community to take on
needs as people come to us. Crises can
happen to anyone, anytime — but we
make sure that none of our clients have
to overcome them alone.
• Our mental health programs worked with 2,018 adults and children
facing mental illnesses, psychiatric crises, and more.
• Our Family Centers guided 40,059 families and individuals to critical
community resources: case management, emergency funds for rent
and utilities, food pantries, and employment services.
• Pro bono legal contributions to low-income families totaled over
$3 million.
Finding Confidence near the Bright
Lights of the Stage
he first thing you notice about Stacey Campbell is her dazzling smile.
Standing in the grand foyer of the John F. Kennedy Center for the
Performing Arts, the 25-year-old beams as she talks about her four-month
paid internship at the world-famous arts venue.
That’s a noticeable difference. As a young woman with a cognitive disability,
Stacey was more familiar with staying out of the way, thinking she could not
do most jobs. But with her job coach Ms. White of our Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy
Institute Supported Employment Program and the Kennedy Center staff, she
quickly learned otherwise. The staff went above and beyond to help Stacey
challenge herself and to realize she has much to offer.
Stacey answered the phone, distributed mail throughout the building, and
did all of the little things to help the Kennedy Center’s Document Office run.
She also was able to attend any show for free — her favorite was Songs of
Migration. She leaves her internship with new skills and new confidence, able
to see new paths opening up.
Now that’s a performance worthy of an encore.
T he staff went above and beyond to
help Stacey challenge herself – and
realize she has much to offer.
The Lt. Joseph P. Kennedy Institute
The Kennedy School
Day Programs for Adults and Children with Developmental Disabilities
Early Head Start and Child Development Center
Supported Employment
Community Living
Community Options
rom a very young age, people with
developmental disabilities face extra
challenges and social stigmas that can
discourage them or hold them back.
Our programs uplift, encourage, and
inspire individuals with disabilities
throughout their lifetime.
Our work starts very young with
specialized therapy for infants and
toddlers through our Early Head
Start and Child Development Center
programs and our Kennedy School
for kids and teens with developmental
disabilities. Students thrive at our
afterschool program that continues
learning for kids while their parents
work a full day.
For adults, we offer supported
employment programs, day programs
and group homes. Our staff provide
ongoing assistance to clients at their
place of employment, round the clock
support in group homes, and highly
specialized care in our day programs.
All of our staff emphasize equality and
opportunity, knowing our clients are
eager to give back to the community
and put their talents to work.
• Project SEARCH, a new initiative of our Kennedy School, places youth with
disabilities into internships at the Department of Interior and Department
of Commerce, where they learn skills for entry level employment.
• Last year our supported employment programs helped 228 adults with
developmental disabilities find a job complementing their strengths and
• Our Early Head Start program helped 81 impoverished families last
year, ensuring that pregnant women received prenatal and post-partum
support, and that children with or without disabilities reached their
developmental milestones.
Children & Adolescents
Independent Living and
Teen Parent Programs
Pregnancy and Adoptions
Family Preservation
Sanctuaries for Life
hildren represent all we hope for
in the future. We want to watch them
grow happily into adulthood and
achieve their full potential. Sadly too
many children and adolescents in the
region have had their childhood taken
away by abuse, violence, or poverty.
We offer a range of programs
that focus on children, young parents,
and families. Our Sanctuaries for Life
program works with women who
are pregnant and vulnerable to a
high-risk pregnancy or abortion. Our
Independent Living and Teen Parent
programs help older youth who are
living on their own develop life skills
as they transition into adulthood. And
our Family Preservation program
works one-on-one with families
where the child is at-risk of removal.
By reaching children before
poverty eliminates too many of the
opportunities before them, we give
kids the chance to learn and grow
into a healthy and independent
• Roselyn Williams, who has run our Pregnancy and Adoptions program
for seven years, was honored with the Foster and Adoptive Parent
Advocacy Center’s Caring Heart Award for a lifetime of dedication to
children and families.
• Sanctuaries for Life worked with 97 women to help them deliver a
healthy baby, and provided the wraparound support needed to become
a great parent.
• Our Family Preservation Program kept 100% of children in their homes
when they were at risk for removal by working directly with the family to
address their needs.
Community We Can
Count On
Parish Partners
Parish Pilot Program
Volunteer Network
hether it is a parish running a coat
or food drive, area business leaders
collaborating to address major issues in
our community, or doctors and lawyers
offering their specialized services at no
charge, volunteers greatly extend the
work of Catholic Charities. The Outreach
Division, newly created this year, is
charged with engaging the community
in accomplishing the work of Catholic
Charities — and the results have been
incredible! The Outreach Division
has three parts — Parish Partners, the
Volunteer Network, and our Parish Pilot
Our Parish Pilot Program has
worked with 10 parishes to establish
a simple service ministry, including
working with veterans, substance
abuse counseling, and health
services. Our Volunteer Network is
connecting helping hands with our
programs — matching goodwill and skills
with the needs we have. And our Parish
Partners Program continues to work
with parishes to serve people who turn
to their church community in times of
• The Parish Partners Program assisted 1,503 people in need and
participated in or led 93 community trainings and advocacy meetings.
• Our first annual High School Day of Service united more than 100
students from local schools to work hands-on at several Catholic Charities
• Working in conjunction with local parishes, Parish Partners helped
832 individuals and families with funds to prevent utility cut-offs and
evictions and assistance with homelessness, substance abuse, health care,
employment and more.
Celebrating Good Work!
Catholic Charities Events throughout the Year Support
Our Service to Those in Need
At our annual Caritas Awards, celebrating volunteers, we recognized
several people who went above and beyond in generosity of their time,
treasures, talents. Left to right: Msgr. John Enzler, honorees and 2011
Catholic Charities Gala Chairs Anna and Robert Trone, Catholic Charities
Board of Directors Vice Chair Dr. Janis Orlowski, Deacon Robert White
of St. Martin’s of Tours Catholic Church (accepting the award on behalf
of Rev. Michael Kelley), honoree Christopher Dorment, and honoree and
former Catholic Charities Board of Directors Member Joseph Tanis.
he 2012 Catholic Charities Gala raised more
than $2 million for the first time ever during an
incredible evening. Here, His Eminence Cardinal
Wuerl stands with Gala Chairs Stacey and Lou
Christopher and Msgr. John Enzler, President
and CEO of Catholic Charities. Entertainment
was provided by Southside Johnny and The
Asbury Dukes.
he 2012 Spanish Catholic Center
Gala was a wonderfully successful
night, raising more than $1 million
for the first time ever. Above,
Dr. Juan José and Mrs. Glorybell
Silhy de Daboub stand with
Msgr. John Enzler and Rev.
Mario Dorsonville, Director of
the Spanish Catholic Center.
The event was held in the
beautiful Hall of Americas at the
Organization of American States
in the center of Washington, DC.
e hold several charity golf
tournaments each year as a fun
way to come together for a good
cause. The largest is the Catholic
Charities Golf Tournament, held
at TPC Avenal in Potomac. The
day raised more than $145,000.
Our Archdiocesan Legal Network
also held a benefit tournament, as
did the In the Name of the Mother
Tournament, a special fund which
helps mothers battling cancer.
Great causes and great golf
ore than 100 students from archdiocesan
schools worked hands-on at our shelters and
programs as part of our first-ever Youth Service
Day event, organized by our Outreach Division.
The day included several hours of volunteering
followed by a dinner, Mass, and social hour.
Our Leadership
Catholic Charities 2012 Board of Directors
A distinguished group of Catholic leaders serve on the Board of Directors.
Each member is recommended by the Board of Directors for election by
the Archbishop of Washington for a three-year term of office.
Mr. Douglas DonatelliDr. Janis M. Orlowski
Chairman Vice Chair
Mrs. Michele Burke BoweAmb. Jerry Bremer, IIIMr. George P. Clancy, Jr.
Mr. John DuFourMrs. Maria Elena FisherMr. Jorge LopezMr. Kevin McConvilleMr. Jeffery Norris
Mr. Scott PastrickMr. Gregory L. RohdeMr. James SullivanMs. Donna Fitzgerald Shuler
Mr. William Gorman
Leadership and Executive Staff
Msgr. John J. Enzler,
President & CEO
Rev. Mario Dorsonville
Patrick Dunne
Vice President for Mission
Chief Operating Officer
Joan Fowler Brown
Chief of staff
Mary Jane Morrow
Carol Shannon
Tony Burke
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Development officer
July 1, 2011—June 30, 2012
Catholic Charities gratefully acknowledges the following donors who made gifts between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012.
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence O. Demaree
Karen & Chris Donatelli
Mr. & Mrs. Harry P. Headley
Mrs. Sandra A. McMurtrie
Comm. Franco Nuschese
Dr. Enrique Segura &
Mrs. Alejandra Segura
Mr. Robert Trone &
Mrs. Anna Marie Parisi-Trone
Mrs. D.F. Antonelli, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas J. Donatelli
Bill & Mary Noel Page
Joseph & Frances Reyes
Jean-Marie & Raul Fernandez
Elizabeth & Robert Flanagan
Mr. & Mrs. James D. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. R. Scott Pastrick
Kathie & Mike Williams
Anonymous (5)
Mr. & Mrs. Arif Ahmed
Mr. John P. Andelin
Mr. Wolfram Anders &
Mrs. Michele Manatt
Mr. Richard Barber
Mr. & Mrs. Eric F. Billings
Mr. Edward E. Bintz
Michele & Jim Bowe
Stephen G. Canton
Stacie & Lou Christopher
Mary Anne & Pat Clancy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Comstock
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Conley
Mr. George D. Crowley, Jr.
The Cullen Family
Michael & Kathleen Curtin
Dr. Juan José Daboub &
Mrs. Glorybell Silhy de Daboub
Dr. Irma Frank & Mr. Richard Frank
Martha & Paul Gaffney
Ms. Virginia C. Geoffrey
Mary & Pat Grant
Mr. & Mrs. Brent A. Hanson
Joseph & Lynne Horning
Margaret & Jim Johnston
The Kappaz Family
Michael & Chafica Kappaz
Michael J. & Kathleen Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. Mark D. Lee
Gail & Jeff MacKinnon
Patrick & Vicki Malone
Mrs. Yardley Manfuso
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McCullough
Mr. & Mrs. George McKenzie
Bob & Judy McLaughlin
Brian & Betty Lou McQuade
Elizabeth & Dale Meers
Tom & Karen Natelli
Betty & John O’Brien
Ms. Maureen Orth
Carol & Victor Palmer
Mr. & Mrs. Kaushik Patel
In Memory of Indiana Pereira
Robert & Rita Reaves
Philip & Ann Ruppe
Mr. Joseph E. Samora, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. B. Francis Saul II
Mr. & Mrs. John Shooshan
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Smith
Ron & Mary Jane Steele
Jim & Joan Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Toohey
Marisel & Tom Wilbur
Agnes N. Williams
Anonymous (2)
Amanda & Jordan Abshire
Laura & Chip Bay
Andrew & Gladis Bellamah
Mr. Arturo E. Brillembourg &
Mrs. Hilda Ocha Brillembourg
Mark & Linda Brown
Jim & Marte Coleman
Tammy Darvish
Ms. Eleanor T. Depenbrock
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Donatelli
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Donohoe III
Robert W. Emery, DDS
The Enzler Family
Mr. Henry J. Ferrero, Jr. &
Mrs. Aurora Ferrero
Mr. Jack J. Fitzgerald
Mrs. Pilar O’Leary, Mr. Richard
Frank Jr., and Mr. Michael Frank
Mr. Jonathan Fulton
Eduardo Gerlein &
Cristina Vaughan
Norman & Joan Glasgow
Deacon James J. Gorman
Mary & Frederick Graefe
Mrs. Kirstin Grantham
Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Hathway
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Higgins
Mr. & Mrs. John Hisle
Thomas J. & Cheryl A. Holly
Charles & Grace Huebscher
Mr. & Mrs. Peter C. Hughes
Mrs. Georgina Nunez de Insulza
Mr. Thomas T. Keane &
Dr. Susan E. Boylan
Mr. & Mrs. Willard C. Kress
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Lawler III
Kathleen & Chris Matthews
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin McConville
Ms. Maureen C. McHugh
Mr. Alan L. Meltzer
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard E. Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Roberto Murray
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Norris
Joyce & Bill O’Brien
John & Cindy Oliver
Leland & Sheila Phillips
Mr. Geoffrey Pohanka &
Ms. Anne R. Kline
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Potter
Meghan & Eddie Quinn
Mr. Thomas J. Raffa
Ernest & Catherine Raskauskas
Henry & Bernadette Rivera
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Roth
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Ruhlmann
John Mosby Russell
Roberta & Steve Saxon
Dr. Salvatore S. Selvaggio &
Mrs. Andrea W. Selvaggio
Pradeep Simlote, MD
Annie Totah
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Trapani
Melissa Turner & Eric De Jonge
Mr. Jon Utley &
Mrs. Ana Maria Utley
Mrs. Richard Viner
Mr. John S. Willian
Ms. Mary Karen Wills
Ms. Carol C. Yates
Mr. & Mrs. Benito Zapata
Anonymous (6)
Julia & Tony Albrecht
Mr. Paul P. Andrews &
Ms. Nancy Sachitano
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Apolenis
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Arness
Mr. George A. Avery
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher
J. Bachmann
Mr. Christian Barnette
Mr. Gregory Basiliko
Rosemary S. Briggs
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Bruce
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Campbell
Dr. Alcides H. Carrillo D.C., LLC
Nancy & Gene Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Casey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Corcoran
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Corcoran
Karen L. Davis & Clark T. Madigan
Rear Admiral & Mrs. Patrick Dunne
Susan E. Duvall
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Easby-Smith
Ms. MaryAnne Fiorita &
Mr. Guido Adelfio
Lawrence & Maria Elena Fisher
Peggy & Ed Garlich
Ed & Elizabeth Glabus
Reverend Avelino A. Gonzalez
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Goodwin
Maureen & Michael Gretschel
Sharon & Ed Gund
Mrs. Ardis A. Hart
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Joyce
Dick & Jane Kettler
Mary Ann Kilbane
The Kiyonaga Family
Beth & Brian Lemek
W. David McGarry &
Martha B. McGarry
Mr. Willie McRae
Drs. Delany & Moiseiwitsch, P.C.
Rosemarie Truman &
Clifton Mount
Mr. Fernando Mulet &
Mrs. Catalina Salas
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Nalls
† Marks a donor who is deceased
Dr. Janis M. Orlowski &
Mr. William McNulty
Mrs. & Mr. Joan E. Pane
Dr. Ricardo A. Perez &
Mrs. Christi Perez
Mr. & Mrs. Anderson W. Phillips
Mr. Hector R. Rascon
Gregory L. Rohde &
Maureen O’Leary
Mr. & Mrs. Charles O. Rossotti
Joe & Kathy Ryan
In Honor of Jim & Joan Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Brendan V. Sullivan, Jr.
Joseph M. & Carolyn A. Tanis
Ms. D. Ellen Terry
Donna & John Tydings
Mr. Joseph P. Vaghi III
Rev. Msgr. Peter J. Vaghi
Thomas Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Wells
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Williams
Ms. Deborah L. Winters
Dorothy Zolandz, Ph.D.
Anonymous (12)
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher S. Abell
Kathryn & Shep Abell
Ms. Jean L. Abeyta
Catherine & John Adams
Marguerite Adams
Edward John & Anne Allera
Neil & Maura Alt
Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Andary
Mr. & Mrs. Louis T. Armelin
Mr. Anthony C. Asher
Anne Asbill Attridge &
Daniel F. Attridge
Joan Bader
Mr. Jorge Elias Bahaia
Mr. Steve Barczy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Barry
Mr. Barry Bass
Margie & Bob Bedingfield
Richard Belanger
Kevin & Jane Belford
Arletta M. Beloian
Mr. Christopher Benich
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Besozzi
Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Bess
James D. Bishop, Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. James K. Bishop
Jacke & Bill Blandford
Mr. Thomas H. Boggs, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Bonuccelli
Ambassador & Mrs. L. P. Bremer
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Brodnik
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Brooks
Mr. Thomas P. Brown III †
Mr. & Mrs. Travis B. Brown
Mr. Michael A. Bucher
Mr. Pedro Burelli &
Mrs. Cristina Burelli
Dr. & Mrs. Michael W. Burgett
Ms. Barbara Butler
John & Linda Byington
Ms. Dawn T. Calabia
Mr. & Mrs. Dan J. Callahan III
Mr. Francisco Calleja
Dr. Joseph Capizzi &
Mrs. Mary Devlin Capizzi
Mr. Terrence Carlson
Giuseppe & Mercedes Cecchi
Mr. Vincent Checchi
Mr. Benjamin Chew
Mr. & Mrs. Francis Chiaramonte
Mary Bee & Joe Ciminelli
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Cirbee
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Clancy
Ms. Sara K. Clark
Mr. James K. Clifton
Mark David Cole &
Maria L. Canoras
Mr. & Mrs. Todd R. Coles
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Collins
Dr. Jeffrey Coleman &
Dr. Lilliam Olivia Collman
Tom Conaghan
Mrs. Dwyn L. Conway
Mr. Douglass F. Coppi †
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Corwin
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Coughlin, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William Craig
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Curley
Mr. & Mrs. Denis J. Curtin
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Daboub Hasbun
Terry & Jerry Dabrowski
Ms. Rita A. De Lima
Drs. Lawrence &
Antoinette Delaney
Mr. Laurance E. Den
Ms. Carrie Desmond
Ms. Joan C. Devlin
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory A. Deye
Mr. John F. DiRenzo
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Dolan, Jr.
Mary Ellen & Matt Dolan
Ms. Celia Dollarhide
Cam Donohue
Ms. Angeline R. Duane
Ms. Margaret S. Duane
Ms. Therese M. Duane &
Mr. Jeffrey M. Tessier
Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Dueffert
Mr. & Mrs. G. Maurice Dufour
Ms. Julianne Duncan
Mr. John F. Durbin
Mr. & Mrs. William Easby-Smith
Mr. William J. Edison
Dorothy S. Egan
Patricia Gannon Egan
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Ellis
Mr. Charles J. Engel III
Anthony & Anna Maria Falcone
Dr. Connie R. Faltynek &
Dr. Robert Faltynek
Mr. & Mrs. Felix Fernandez Pizzi
Ms. Teresa Ferreira
Alicia & Luiz Felipe Figueiredo
Mr. & Mrs. Jarlath Finn
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. Finney
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas T. Firth III
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin C. Fitzgerald
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Fuge
Mrs. Beatrice C. Fuller
Mr. J. A. Galbraith
Reverend Daniel Gallaugher
Ms. Livia N. Gatti
Mr. Stephen Diaz Gavin
Ms. Susan Gibbs
Christine & Dan Gill
Mr. John Goodwin
Sean & Norah Gourlay
Mr. Leonard Gradowski
Ms. Antoinette Grady
Ms. Wendy A. Grossman &
Mr. John M. Greathouse
Mr. John P. Greeley
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew T. Greene
Joseph & Patricia Greeves
Dr. Salman Hamidi
Mr. Brendan Hanehan
N. W. Harding
Mr. Richardus Harmsen
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Hastings
Mr. Vernon Hawkins, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Healy
Ms. Patricia Healy
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Heard
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Hebert
Thornton M. Henry, Esq.
Dr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Hillig
Mr. & Mrs. Wiliam M. Hitte
Ms. Mary Hoare
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hodgson
Ms. Joan Holtz &
Mr. Michael Fletcher
Mrs. Julia B. Hopping
Mr. & Mrs. Dale H. Hoscheit
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hotka
Deacon & Mrs. Stephen M. Huete
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Huke
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Hutter
Deacon & Mrs. Perry F. Iannaconi
Rev. Mgsr. William R. Jameson
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Jarboe
Mr. Alejandro Pardo &
Mrs. Martha Olga Jensen
Fernando Jimenez
Maryanne & David Kane
Laurie & Brendan Keegan
Mr. Thomas Keet
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Keller
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew W. Kentz
Mr. Edward J. Kielty
Mr. Paul F. King
Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose Klotz
Dr. Michael Knoeckel
Mr. Joseph H. Koonz, Jr.
Ms. Joan Kowalski
Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Kratz, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Lane
Jo Ann & Roger Lang
Mr. & Mrs. R. D. Leedy
Ms. Lee Nelles Leonhardy
Rita Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Loftus
Ms. Tracey L. Logan
Ruthanne & Jorge Lopez
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Lyman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Marino
Ms. Katherine Marshall &
Mr. Kirk Ruthenberg
James P. Martinko
Mr. Lawrence Marx
Mrs. Timothy J. May
Mr. & Mrs. Scott M. McCaleb
Mr. & Mrs. Michael M. McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. McCormick
Mr. & Mrs. J. Michael McGary
Honorable & Mrs. Dennis
M. McHugh
Kevin J. McIntyre, Esq.
Mr. William J. McKenna
Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. McKinless
Christopher McMackin, MD
Ms. Catherine Meadows
Mr. Louis N. Medgyesi-Mitschang
Mr. Paolo Miotti &
Ms. Gina A. Dallabetta
Ms. Martha E. Miranda
Mr. John B. Molloy &
Ms. Catherine Molloy
W. Patrick & Mary Burke Morris
Sheila & Michael Muldowney
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald V. Murad
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Nardotti, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Nassetta
Ms. Rosemarie Neuner
Mrs. Marthe M. Norbury
Melanie & Larry Nussdorf
Mr. & Mrs. Liam J. O’Callaghan
Mr. James B. O’Connor
Mr. & Mrs. Michael O’Donnell
Ms. Bonnie C. Oettinger
Mr. Eric J. Oleson
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald B. Olszewski
Mr. Kevin P. O’Malley
Alicia R. Ong & Long D.Y. Ong
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Orzechowski
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Packard
Mr. Glen E. Parker, Jr.
Ms. Susan Peruzzi
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Phelan
Ms. Joy M. Plemmons
Mr. Ricardo Poma
Ms. Lisa A. Potetz
Mr. William Primosch
Mr. Martin V. Proctor
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Quinn
Dr. Patricio & Ms. Teresa Ray
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory H. Reaman
Mr. & Mrs. T. Gorman Reilly
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Reitz
Ms. Lucille J. Rendina
Cliff Riccio
Anne M. Roan
Mr. David E. Rogers &
Ms. Rebekah M. Zanditon
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Rutherford
Virginia & John Ryan
Tom & Annmarie Ryan
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew B. Sachs
Dr. Ruth Sanchez-Way &
David Way
Mr. & Mrs. Jose A. Sanchis
Pankajam & Ponniah
Janet & Jerry Scanlan
Mr. Daniel Schmelzer
Mr. John Sekel
Kevin J. Sexton &
Mary Dubois Sexton
Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Sheridan, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Shields
Dr. & Mrs. Victor Silhy
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Smith
Ms. Mary L. Soller
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Soltesz
Ms. Teresa Soto
Ms. Mary Sprague
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Steenland
Mrs. Marianne D. Stohlman
Diane & Charles Stuart
Mr. Mike Stumpf
John & Polly Sturm
Mr. Michael Svec
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Swarr
Mr. Brian T. Taaffe
Mr. & Mrs. William L. Talbert
Ms. Cleonice Tavani
Mr. John Thomas
Dr. James J. Tier
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Tintle
Patricia & John Tyrrell
Dr. Vincent J. Vaghi &
Dr. Jeanne M. Barbera
Mr. & Mrs. Francis L. Valcour
Beth & John Veihmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. John Viner
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Vito
Mr. Frank Vlossak IV
Mr. & Mrs. George F. Voris III
Ms. Rita L. Waller
Mr. & Mrs. Bailey B. Walsh
Cindy & Dan Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Ward
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Welch
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph N. Wentworth
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Whalen
Mr. Tim Wietzbicki
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Williams
Mr. & Mrs. Robb Wong
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Woodruff
John & Mary Yerrick
Mr. Yongjin Yun
Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Zablah
J.C. Zenklusen & Ana I. Robles
Anonymous (13)
Ms. Francesca M. Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Addison
Worthy Grand Knight
Douglas Allston
Mr. & Mrs. Fred A, Altimont
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Amato
Ms. Donnie Arenth
Mr. William Arsnow
Ms. Mary R. Babbitt
Dr. & Mrs. Guillermo Balfour
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Baptiste
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Baran
Mr. & Mrs. John Bass, Jr.
Glauco P. Bastos
Dr. William Battle
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence M. Beeman
Judge & Mrs. James A. Belson
Mr. Carl K. Bergmann
Eleanor & Mark Bierbower
Ms. Mary E. Blaufuss
Mrs. Diane Boettcher
Drs. Marianne & John Borelli
Ms. Elizabeth B. Boudreaux
Mrs. Katherine L. Brahm
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Brennan
Mrs. Marie H. Breyere
Mr. James Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Brunschuyler
Mrs. Dolores J. Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bush
Ms. Laura Bustard
Mr. Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Carroccio
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Carroll
Ms. Lourdes A. Ceide
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Chiariello
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Choquette
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Clark
Charles P. Colby, Jr.
John T. Collins
Mr. Peter M. Collins
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Collopy
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Conlan
Ms. Elaine P. Considine
Ms. Dawn L. Cooke
Mr. Kent C. Cooper &
Mrs. Patricia Ann O’Connor
Ms. Helen R. Cordero
Mr. & Mrs. John B. Corgan
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Cormier
Dr. Ann H. Costello
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Coughlin
Ms. Patricia G. Cousins
Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Cowie
Mr. & Mrs. John Creaturo
Mr. & Mrs. Edmund B. Cronin
Ms. Margaret A. Crowley
Mr. & Mrs. David L. Crum
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cupo
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Curto
Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Curvey
Ms. Patricia A. Daley
Mr. John Dalkiewicz
Mr. & Mrs. Enrico Dallavecchia
Ms. Rita Darling
Mr. Charles N. Darnell
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Davey
Mr. Timothy J. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. DeMarco
Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Despotidis
Mr. Richard C. Dipippo
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Dluhy
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Dollive, Jr.
Dr. Jill Dombrowski &
Dr. John Dombrowski
Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Donohoe
Mr. Denis P. Doyle
Mr. Marc Duffy
Captain Laura Duncan
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Durante
Mrs. Mary D. Durkin
Ms. Elizabeth B. Earnest
Ms. Mary M. Ebel
Mr. & Mrs. Bradley N. Edwards, Sr.
Ms. Christin L. Engelhardt
Mr. Colin England
Mr. James Esselman
Ms. Maria T. Esteban
Nuni & Ralph Fairbanks
Joyce & Harry Farr
Howard J. Faulkner
Mr. Justin Federici
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Feldman
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Fennell
Mrs. Barbara N. Ferrara
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Fitzgerald
Ms. Sharon Fitzsimmons
Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Flynn
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Fois
Ms. Dorothy C. Ford
Mr. Frederick F. Ford, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. James Forest
Mrs. Betty C. Fort Greig
Mr. Ryan Foster
Ms. Margaret Frame
Dr. Graham J. Frank
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Fuller
Ms. Claudia B. Galiher
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Gallagher
Mr. Sean Gallagher
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey R. Gans
Mr. George Gayno
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Geddes
Terry M. Geldermann &
Edward S. Geldermann
Ms. Jean German
Father Peter Giovanoni
Robert L. Glass
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Glynn, Jr.
Cecilia Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez, Sr.
Ms. Mary A. Gormley
Mrs. Rosemarie J. Gramlich
Joyce T. Gwadz, Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Zachary Hahn
Mr. Gary Hall
Mr. Richard Halpin
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hamel
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Haney
Mr. Norman V. Harrison
Ms. Kathleen M. Hatfield
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Heimann
Mr. William J. Hermann
Dr. Eduardo Hernandez &
Ms. Linda R. Cabral
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Hibey
Mr. Perry Higgs
Mr. Hugh Hilliard
Mr. Robert Hinz
Ms. Susan M. Hoffman
Ms. Erin C. Hogan
Mr. William Holland
Mr. Scott S. Holmer
Katheryn A. Hovde
Mr. & Mrs. Hilbert Hubble
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Huesmann
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Jeffries
Ms. Margaret A. Jewett
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Joaquin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Jones
Mr. Henry J. Kahwaty &
Ms. Mary Dooher
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kannapell
Ms. Jennifer A. Karmonick
Mr. Joseph Keeley
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Kelly
Mr. Denis King
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kingsley
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Kirvan
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kiyonago
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kloster
Ms. Jana Knowles
Mrs. Mary J. Konrad
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Krieger
Dr. Phillip Kronstein
Ms. Anne Kutrzyba
Ms. Pilar Laugel
Mr. Robert F. Leheny
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Leland
Mr. Marc LeSage
Ms. Deborah Lodge
Mr. Brenden C. Lohmeier
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Lombardi
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Loome III
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Luecke
Dr. & Mrs. John J. Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne G. Magoon
Mr. & Mrs. Peter E. Mahoney
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Maiatico
Ms. Sherry M. Makle
Ms. Kathleen Malloy
Chris Malone
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard P. Manderville
Ms. Elizabeth Mariani
Ms. Candyce M. Martin
Mr. Geary L. Fisher &
Mrs. Judith G. Massicot-Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McAuliffe
John E. McCarthy Esq.
Mr. Wesley McClain &
Ms. Christine Webber
Mr. & Mrs. Paul D. McConville
Mr. Sean McEvoy &
Ms. Therese McNerney
Mr. Patrick A. McGeehin
Mr. William McGinley
Ms. Mary McGlinn
Mr. Craig McGray
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph McKenzie
Jill & Paul McNamara
Dr. & Mrs. William A. McNamara
Ms. & Mr. Therese McNerney
Mr. & Mrs. George McPhee
Mr. Gerald X. Mealy
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Meehan
The Honorable Thomas P. Melady &
Dr. Margaret B. Melady
Mr. Adrian L. Merton
Mr. & Mrs. H. D. Messer
Mr. Thomas J. Michaely
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Miller
Mr. Michael G. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Mario Mirabelli
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Montgomery
Mrs. Elena R. Morris
Mr. Matthew Morris
Ms. M. J. Morrow
Mr. & Mrs. Albert C. Myers
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Jamisen Myers
Mr. & Mrs. James P. Nash
Mr. Kenneth Nickell
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Nolan
Ms. Adrienne D. Norwood
Mr. Jaime Ocampo
Ms. Patricia A. O’Connor
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Olsen
Mr. John S. O’Neil
Ms. Lauren O’Reilly
Mr. Brad Orme
Ms. Patricia A. O’Shea
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Pasatiempo
Mr. Craig Matthew Pentz
Mr. David L. Pettit
Mr. Daniel T. Piekarski
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Pierson
Mrs. Joyce M. Piliero
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Pistolessi
Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Poe
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Popera
Mr. & Mrs. Deanne B. Prieto
Mr. & Mrs. James J. Prosser
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Radigan
Ms. Linda A. Rahal
Ms. Julia M. Raley
Ms. Margaret A. Rand
Mr. Joseph P. Rardin
Ms. Donna Ratti
Mr. Michael T. Recce
Colleen & Kevin Reed
Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Ribas
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Riley
Cokie & Steve Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Romano
Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Rowan
Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Rubino, Jr.
Mr. Robert E. Ryan
Mrs. Juliet Sablosky
Mr. Mohammad Sami
Mr. Brian Sapp
Mr. Bryan Scanlon
Mr. Jonathan D. Scanlon
Mr. Charles H. Schaub
Ms. Margaret W. Schlagter
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Schmertz, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Schmidt
Mr. Thomas J. Schneider &
Ms. Julie A. Bader
Ms. Mitzi J. Schroeder
Ms. Jo-Ann Scott
Mr. & Mrs. William W. Scott
Mr. Philip A. Seils
Mr. Joseph M. Sendry
Ms. Carol Shannon
Mr. John P. Sheahan &
Mrs. Mary Lee Giblon Sheahan
Mr. Robert R. Sheldon
Ms. Donna F. Shuler
Mr. Justin Silvers
Mr. Robin J. Skinner
Mr. & Mrs. David P. Smouse
Mr. & Mrs. Ivo Spalatin
Mr. Matthew Speh
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Roberts
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Stecklein
Mr. & Mr. Charles Steinbraker
Mr. Thomas E. Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Storz
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Straight
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Sullivan
Ms. Mary Ellen Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sullivan
Kathryn M. Sutton
Ms. Jennifer L. Swize
Mrs. Eva B. Szalay
Mr. & Mr. Stephen R. Tarrant
Mr. Michael Marshall &
Ms. Michele Thiec
Ms. Rose M. Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Till
Mr. Thomas T. Tomasky
Mr. John Tourtelot
Rev. Gerard A. Trancone
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Treacy, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Treacy III
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Troiano
Mr. & Mrs. David Turch
Mr. Richard G. Vartain
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Voith
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Wallerstedt
Mr. Daniel Walsh
Mr. & Mrs. Roger E. Warin
Col. & Mrs. Andrew E. Weeks
Mr. William E. Werking
Mr. Glenn D. White, Jr.
Mr. Gordon Whiteside
Ms. Carma J. Wilson
Mr. Paul M. Wolff &
Ms. Rhea S. Schwartz
Mr. Joseph D. Wong
His Eminence Donald
Cardinal Wuerl
Ms. Sarah Zarowny
Mr. Robert C. Ziepolt
Anonymous (12)
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Abel
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Abell, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Acker
Jean & Dan Allman
Ms. Elena A. Alvarez
Zenaida Alvero
Mr. Robert G. Anders
Mr. Paul R. Andrews, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Anfang
Ms. Barbara Appleby
Ms. Bertha L. Arango
Mr. & Mrs. Eric S. Arroyo
Mrs. Kathleen Asdorian
Ms. Mahri Aste
Mr. & Mrs. Terrence J. Bader
Mr. Jeff Ballstone
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Barry
Ms. Marilyn M. Baumann
Mrs. Opal L. Bell
Mr. John R. Bender
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Berta
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Biagini
Mr. & Mrs. George H. Bidinger
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Bird
Ms. Carole J. Bittman
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Bonin
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Bonner
Mr. & Mrs. George Borababy
Mr. Allen Bradley
Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. Brant
Mr. Todd J. Brinkman
Ms. Karen Britto
Mrs. Marika L. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Brumfield
Mr. Thomas P. Brunetto
Mr. Sean T. Buckley
Ms. Y. D. Buffet-Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Burkhardt
Mrs. Marion D. Carlson
Mrs. Carol K. Carnahan
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Carr
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Carr
Mr. Joseph E. Cella
Dr. Jessalyne L. Charles
Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Checa
Dr. & Mrs. David Chen
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cherny
Mr. Vaughan E. Choate
Mr. Norman Cigar
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Cimino
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cioffari
Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Claunts
Mrs. Mary A. Cobb
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Coffey
Mr. John Collins
Mr. Gregory T. Colton
Mr. Frank D. Combs
Ms. Beall R. Comstock
Ms. Mary Conlon
Mr. Luis Cordoba
Mr. Jeffrey D. Corsetti
Ms. Ellen K. Coughlin
Mr. Robert W. Crandall
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Creamer
Mr. Richard H. Crouch
Ms. Julia F. Cullen
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cullen
Mr. Steven A. Curl
Ms. Nancy T. Cushman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dame
Mr. DeLancey Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Dowell A. Davis, Sr.
Dr. & Mrs. William A. Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Dellapenna
Mr. Carl Desmarais
Mr. & Mrs. John Devine
Ms. Jennifer Dickey
Mr. & Mrs. John Dillon
Miss Sarah D. Dinan
Job L. Dittberner
Ms. Louan M. Dolan
Ms. Sheila A. Dombo
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Donato, Jr.
Ajesh D’Souza
Dr. Cristobal G. Duarte
Dr. & Mrs. Antonio L. Elias
Mr. Gerald Elsken
Ms. Carol Engle
Ms. Sonia G. Faletti
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Fazio
Mr. Jerome J. Feik
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ferriday
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fidler
Mr. Robert E. Finch
Ms. Catherine O. Fiora
Ms. Margaret M. Flanagan
Mr. Jeffrey Foley
Mr. Brandon B. Fortune
Mr. Thomas B. Fowler
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Fritz
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gaebl
Mr. Michael Gaffney
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Gallemore
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Garofalo
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Garvey
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Gaughan
Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Gehres
Mr. Michael S. Giannotto
Mr. James R. Giardino
Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Gilbride
Mrs. Marie Gilkenson
Ms. Karen C. Gillis
Mr. Paul J. Gillis
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin W. Giuliani
Ms. Dedie P. Giuliani
Mr. Christian A. Gonzalez
Ms. Elizabeth Grady
Mrs. Emily Green
Mr. Gregory G. Greer
Mr. William V. Griffith
Colette & Ed Gwozdz
Mr. & Mrs. William P. Haggerty
Ms. Catherine Hale
Mr. Gary A. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Hamm
Mr. John Hammond
Mr. Richardus Hamsen
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest B. Hancock
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hanley
Mrs. Mary Sue W. Hannan
Mr. Corwin Hansen
Mr. Neil K. Hansen
Mrs. Dorothy D. Harkins
Ms. Sheila M. Harron
Ms. Monica E. Hartmann
Mr. Thomas P. Hartnett
Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Healy
Mr. James V. Heffernan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Henry
Mr. Michael D. Herman
Mr. J. J. Higbee
Mr. Donald R. Hilleary
Ms. Linda Holleran
Ms. Judith A. Horman
Mr. Michael P. Howard &
Ms. Suzanne Young
Ms. Cindy Hubbard
Ms. Kathleen E. Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Zachary L. Huke
Ms. Mary J. Hunt
Rev. John J. Hurley, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Benito Iarocci
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ichniowski
Mr. & Mrs. John Imperial
Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Johns
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin P. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Johnson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Vernon W. Johnson
Dr. Richard A. Jonas &
Mrs. Katherine Vernot-Jonas
Mr. & Mrs. Scott J. Jordan
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin S. Kahoe
Mr. John Kaiser
Mr. Dorean Kass
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kasten
Pat Kavanaugh
Mrs. Kathryn K. Keating
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Keefe
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Kelley
Dr. H. Vincent Kelly
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kelly, Jr.
Ms. Catherine C. Kemp
Mr. Peter J. Kenny
Donald M. & Mary Dillon Kerwin
Mr. Michael L. Kidney &
Ms. Lena Hernandez
Hwan Kim
Mr. Harold E. Kneeland
Mr. & Mrs. Emil J. Knoll, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Kohls
Lt. Col. Antony Kolenc
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Koles
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kolyer, Jr.
Ms. Kim Koopersmith
Mr. Mark A. Kram
Mr. David Krasinski
Ms. Greta Kreuz
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Krisko III
Mr. & Mrs. Ricky M. Kromer
Mr. Ted Kukoski
Mr. & Mrs. Michael La Vigne
Ms. Aurora E. Lacayo
Ms. Barbara Lankster
Ms. Stephanie M. Leahey
Mr. Michael Leahy
Mr. Joseph P. Leary
Mr. & Mrs. John D. LeMaster
Ms. Rose T. Lennon
Dr. & Mrs. Clarence C. Lindquist
Ms. Nancy E. Lindsay
Mr. John J. Linek
Mr. Jonathan D. Loo
Mr. Daniel M. Lopez
Mr. John Brian Lordan
Mr. Christopher H. Lynch
Ms. Cynthia R. Mabry
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin I. MacKenzie
Mr. & Mrs. Darren L. MacLennan
Ms. Mary F. Maguire
Mr. Peter D. Maioriello
Mr. John Makens
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher P. Makuc
Mr. & Mrs. Tom R. Malarkey
Miss Adriana Malheiro
Mr. Richard F. Malloy
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Maloney
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan W. Mangen
Mr. Donald Mannebach
Ms. Tethiana M. Marcelin
Ms. Katherine Marcotte
Dr. & Mrs. William J. Marek
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Markey
Mr. Louis P. Maroulis
Mr. Anthony F. Marra
Ms. Mary Catherine Martin
Mr. William E. Martin
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n behalf of the Board of Directors, staff, and most
importantly, the people served by Catholic Charities, thank you for
your compassion, your prayers, and your support.
As you have seen on these pages, we’ve had an incredible
year. While serving more than 120,000 men, women, and children,
we’ve seen an overwhelming response from the community. Some
of the most successful local business leaders now meet regularly
with us to think through our biggest challenges: giving our clients
employment opportunities, examining how we use our facilities,
and more. We also continue to be in awe of the thousands of
generous volunteers who have dedicated their time in serving in
countless roles to help us. To see that spirit expanding so rapidly
and transforming the lives of so many is truly inspiring.
And while we’ve tried to share a few stories of the lives
changed within this annual report, there are many more
happening every day. A returning citizen, after spending 20 years
in prison and then living homeless, has rebuilt his life and now
gives back to the community by working at one of our shelters.
This year he marked five years of employment at our shelter. A
young mother and her child avoided eviction with emergency
assistance — on the last day before they would lose their home.
A family who fled their home country received immigration
legal help from us, and now their oldest son is being offered
scholarships to play football in college.
We’re so grateful that you are part of our work at Catholic
Charities. This is what happens when we use our faith, our
treasure, and our talent to build a community with hope, brick
by brick.
Msgr. John Enzler
Douglas Donatelli
CEO and President
Chair, Board of Directors
Graphic Design Oltjen Design Associates Photography Nick Crettier, Laura Sikes
Writing & Production Management Team Tony Burke, Erik Salmi, Lauren Tyrrell
For Help (202) 772-4300 To Help (202) 772-4394
Combined Federal Campaign # 83997
United Way # 8054
twitter.com/ccadw, twitter.com/frjohnenzler
924 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001