pastor`s notes - St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church



pastor`s notes - St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
Repent……………….. Fr. Bernie and I have a long
time tradition of celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.
Fr. Bernie’s anniversary of ordination is in late May and
his birthday is in late June. My anniversary of ordination
is in mid-July and my birthday is in late August. Our tradition is simple and reflects something both of us enjoy very
much….food and drink. The simple tradition is that I take
him out for his anniversary/birthday sometime between
the two dates to the restaurant of his choice, and he does
the same for me. We do not exchange cards or gifts, simply a dinner at the restaurant of choice. If we are lucky,
the other will throw in breakfast at Mimi’s or one of the fine
local restaurants in Vista. So the other night it was my
time to get a free dinner at the restaurant of my choice. I
am always the driver when we go, even when it is my anniversary/birthday that we are celebrating. It just works
out better that way. So last Saturday evening (I didn’t
have either of the evening masses) we were on our way
to the restaurant which is located in Oceanside. As we
were traveling on Vista Way (having left Highway 78) we
came up behind a large pick-up truck. The truck had a
camper shell and on the back window of the camper shell
there was a single word, in large red letters…REPENT.
Below the word repent there were flames of fire. Obviously, the message was turn to the Lord or you will burn in
Hell. Fr. Bernie and I saw the sign at the same time and
both of us turned to the other in disbelief. What a terribly
negative message for us to be sending to people who do
not believe in the Lord. Because the message was only
one word and an image of flames of fire it is impossible to
tell exactly what the individual was trying to say. Usually,
repentance is the first step towards surrendering your life
to Christ. Peter, when asked by the large crowd who
heard him speak at Pentecost, “What are we to do?” responded, “Repent and be baptized for the forgiveness of
yours sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”
Usually, the English word repent or repentance is connected with conversion or in Greek, metanoia. It refers to
a turning around and going in a completely different direction. The question I have is what will turn us around and
send us in a completely different direction? Will fear turn
us around? Will it really give us the inner strength to head
in a completely different direction! Well, yes, maybe for a
short period of time. For instance, I was walking down a
path in Durango, Colorado one day looking at the flowers
and all the beautiful plants; when I looked up there was a
bear walking straight at me, as unaware of me as I had
been of it. The bear discovered me just a millisecond after I discovered it. In FEAR I turned and head 180 degrees in the opposite direction, and so did the bear. Fear
motivated me to turn and “get out of Dodge” as the saying
goes. But within minutes, I was again walking in the
woods enjoying the flora and fauna. In my opinion, fear is
pretty much the same in the spiritual life. It may motivate
us for a brief time, but it will not sustain a lifetime of moving toward the Lord. If this is true, then what will motivate
someone to make significant change that is lasting?
LOVE! Love is the only thing that will cause us to change
ourselves and continue to move in a totally new direction.
And it is my opinion, that love is the only valid reason to
repent. In my worldview, God is not trying to frighten us
into a relationship with Him. What kind of a relationship
would that be anyway? From my point of view, God
wants us to fall in love with Him/Her, just as God has
fallen in love with us. In my scenario, flames are not the
reason to convert; unconditional, faithful love is! I can’t
wait to see the word repent in big red letters inside a huge
Heart. In my opinion, that would be the real message!!
Rev. Edward “Bud” Kaicher
Question of the Week:
How does God call you to change
and who helps you hear that call?
Cultivating Our Faith
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
First Reading — Ezekiel 33:7-9
Psalm — Psalm 95
Second Reading — Romans 13:8-10
Gospel — Matthew 18:15-20
Col 1:24 — 2:3; Lk 6:6-11
Col 2:6-15; Lk 6:12-19
Col 3:1-11; Lk 6:20-26
Mi 5:1-4a or Rom 8:28-30; Mt 1:1-16,
18-23 [18-23]
1 Tm 1:1-2, 12-14; Lk 6:39-42
1 Tm 1:15-17; Lk 6:43-49
September 11, 2011
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Sir 27: 28 - 7
Rom 14: 7-9
Ps 103: 1-2, 3-4, 9-10, 11-12
Mt 18: 21-35
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 03-04, 2011
September 30, 2011 @ 7:00 pm
St Francis Catholic Church
General admission: $20 pre sale / $30 at the door
Students/Seniors- $15 pre sale/$25 at the door
Kids- 5 to 12 are $10.00, under 4 are FREE
Pre sale ends 9/20/11
VIP Tickets $80.00
Priority Seating & dinner with the artist
For more information, call 760-945-8000
More info on our website.
September, 2011
Sun. 4
Office Closed
Mon. 5
Labor Day - Office Closed
Soup Kitchen - 5:30 pm
Queen of Peace Mass - 7:00 pm
Religious Education Classes 4:15pm
Confessions - 6:00pm
Tue. 6
Wed. 7
Legion of Mary - 9:00 am
Our Mother of Perpetual Help Novena - After 8 am
Religious Education Classes 4:15pm
Thur. 8
Religious Education Classes 4:15pm
Contemplative Prayer Group 5:30 pm
Religious Education (Middle School) - 7:00 pm
Rel. Ed. Parent Meeting (English) - 6:00 pm
Rel. Ed. Parent Meeting (Spanish) - 7:00 pm
Sat. 10
Confessions - 3:00 pm
St. Francis Women's Ministry Guild
The Women's Ministry Guild is beginning its second year here
at St. Francis. Our kickoff meeting is Saturday, Sept. 10th after
the 8am Mass in St. Clare Hall. Come join us for food and fellowship, and find out who we are and what we do. Bring a
friend! Members of WMG will be outside church after Masses
on Sept. 3rd and 4th for more information.
WMG Kickoff Meeting Raffle
A pair of VIP tickets to Tom Booth Band's Paschal Mystery
Tour here at St. Francis on the evening of Sept. 30th. You'll get
priority seating for the show and have dinner with the artist
before. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each and can purchased at our
kickoff meeting on Saturday morning Sept. 10th.
Save the Dates
September's Mass offered for the intention of the Women's
Ministry Guild is Saturday, Sept. 24th at 5pm.
Prayer Breakfast sponsored by the Women's Retreat - Saturday,
Oct. 22nd
ALIVE - A Day for Youth
Teens, need a spark in your
life! ALIVE A Day for Youth will feature Mark Hart, (Bible Geek) and
Holly Carney, (God’s Rave) bringing
the Word of God alive! There will be
fun, delicious food, amazing music and
Mass celebrated by Fr. Pat Mulcahy! The cost is
$45.00. For details and to register contact Lola at
(760) 945-8016. Space is limited registration available at the youth office.
Woman’s Retreat at St. Thomas Moore
Mark your calendars for Friday, September 30 (6:309:00pm), Saturday, October 1 (8:30am-6:00pm) for a
women's retreat hosted by the Church of St. Thomas
More (1450 S. Melrose Dr., Oceanside). The theme is
BECOMING the Woman God Made You to Be with
national speaker Tammy Evevard. For more information, call 760-758-4100 x159 or visit
Upcoming Events:
Altar Server Training……………………………..September 21
Bible Study with Fr. Bud………………………...September 24
Tom Booth Concert…………………..…...……..September 30
Pumpkin Palooza……………………………….……..October 8
Childcare Returns at 9:30 Mass
Free Childcare at the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass will return beginning September 11th. This is for children age 2 to 6
years and will be in the Children’s Center. Children must be
out of diapers. Children may be dropped off 15 minutes before Mass and must be picked up within 30 minutes afterward. Please come and meet our new parish childcare coordinator, Yuri Juarez!
Parish Registration/Registro Parroquial
Welcome to The Church of St. Francis of Assisi!
Please take a moment to complete the following form, if applicable, and return by mail or drop it in the Sunday collection
¡Bienvenidos a la Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis!
Para inscribirse como miembro de esta iglesia llene esta forma
y devuélvala por correo o depositela en la canasta de la colecta
___I am new to the Parish/Soy nuevo a la parroquia
___Change of Address or Phone Number
Cambio de Domicilo/Numero de teléfono
___I would like to volunteer as:
Me gustaria ser voluntario de:_______________________
October 28th – 30th and Nov. 5th, 2011
“Open the Door to Your Redeemer”
$30.00 per person or $50.00 per couple
(Includes food and material)
Register now, limited seating.
“I was sick and you visited Me”
Matthew 25 31:46. “Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of
the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to
me” Looking for Eucharistic Ministers for the “blessed” ministry of taking Jesus to the Catholic infirmed at Tri-City Hospital.
Wednesdays and Thursdays are assigned to St. Francis
Church from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. You will receive much
more than you give. If interested please call Marlene Steffen
at the Parish Office (760) 945-8017. Leave your name and
telephone number, she will return your call.
 A reminder … our monthly collection is this weekend,
after all the Masses. Thank you in advance for your generosity and prayers.
Non-Discrimination policy
St. Francis of Assisi Parish School admits students of any
race, color, national, or ethnic origin, regardless of religious
or socioeconomic background. Children of diverse cultures
share and appreciate both their individuality and their common humanity. Ethical and social awareness is fostered,
along with a commitment to the Christian ideals of equality,
peace, justice and respect for all life.
Try St. Francis Catholic School for FREE with our
"Try us, you'll like us!"
New students can now try St. Francis Catholic School for free!
Families with children entering grades 5 through 8 are invited to
register their child to attend St. Francis School for a full quarter!*
At the end of the quarter, (9 weeks), if you like what you see, just
pay the balance of the year's tuition in payments through the end
of the school year. If you decide St. Francis School is not a good
fit for your child, you are free to walk away without any obligation.
Why try us out?
Our school is Christ-centered
Our staff excels in teaching your child
Our parents and Parent Teacher Group are highly involved
The administration and clergy support ensure a well-rounded education for your child
According to last year’s national test scores (ITBS), St. Francis
School classrooms consistently performed at least one grade level
higher than their current level. Some classes tested as high as 3
grade levels above.
*$275 per child registration fee required. Discount available for
select grade levels, and while space is available. Offer applies to
new families who register on August 1, 2011 or later. Other restrictions may apply. For more information and application, contact the school office at 760-630-7960 or visit
Liturgy Workshop for New Ministers October 17th
If you think that you have a calling to serve
in a liturgical ministry, such as a Minister of
Hospitality, Eucharist Minister, or a Lector,
pick up a registration form in the church
hallway or at the parish office and contact a priest or deacon for your interview today. All candidates must have this
interview before attending the workshop. Registration
forms available in the hallway between the church and Fr.
Ulmann Hall and in the Parish office.
Do you come to mass and ask yourself, “Where can I be
trained to serve as an altar server?” Well your answer to that
question has arrived. Come to the next workshop that begins Wednesday, September 21 in the Church at 5:15pm.
All we ask of you is that you have already received your first
Eucharist and attend mass on a weekly basis. For more information, contact Deacon Miguel Enriquez, 945-8028.
Don’t “GUM UP” the place!
We are in the process of cleaning all the sidewalks to remove the black “GUM” spots. Please use a tissue to dispose
of your gum and put it in a trash receptacle. Thank you!!
SILENT RETREAT FOR WOMEN--there will be a silent
retreat Sept. 16-18 at the Sacred Heart Retreat House in
Alhambra in the Los Angeles area. Any one interested,
please call 760-940-1914.
Catechetical Sunday
This year, the Church will celebrate Catechetical Sunday
on September 18, 2011, and will focus on the theme “Do
This in Memory of Me.” Those whom the community has
designated to serve as catechists will be called forth to be
commissioned for their ministry.
Catechetical Sunday is a wonderful opportunity to reflect on
the role that each person plays, by virtue of Baptism, in
handing on the faith and being a witness to the Gospel.
Catechetical Sunday is an opportunity for all to rededicate
themselves to this mission as a community of faith.
Collection for week of August 21, 2011
Offertory Loose
$ 5,009.00
September 3 - 9, 2011
8:00 am
5:00 pm
6:30 pm
Iola Demiglio +
Manfred Schulz +
Fernando Santos (Sp. Int.)
7:30 am
9:30 am
11:30 am
1:30 pm
3 :15 pm
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
People of the Parish
Catherine Cardillo +
Marcelo Sanchez +
Junue Hernandez (Sp. Int.)
Rodolfo Castaneda +
Animas del Purgatorio
8:00 am
7:00 pm
Conrad Tuchscherer+
Rico Iannetta +
Tuesday 7:00 am
8:00 am
Yola Demiglio +
Patricia Squires +
7:00 am
8:00 am
Rodolfo Malizia +
Adriana Cruz (Sp. Int.)
8:00 am
Loreto Hernandez +
7:00 am
8:00 am
James Humphrey +
Gabriela Sanchez +
Prayers are requested for the
recently departed:
Maria Campos, Myrna Sahagun,
Ramon Camparan, Ma. Guadalupe Zauseta,
Glenn Chramosta
Please join the Knights of Columbus, and Chris Lewis (Jerry’s son),
for a brief presentation on how you can help someone in need receive a free wheelchair. Approximately $15,000 will deliver a container of 100 brand new wheelchairs to any of over 150 countries in
the world. Your tax-deductible donation goes towards the purchase
and delivery of these life-altering chairs. Please help Fr. Bud in his
efforts to reach his goal of at least one full container of wheelchairs.
Underage Drinking Community Forum
The Facts
25% of 7th grade students in VUSD have tried
15% of 7th graders tried
alcohol in the last 30
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
English - Fr. Ullman
Spanish - St. Clare Hall
For more information, please call Carmela
Muñoz (760) 631-5000 Ext 7147.
One-2-One Ministry
The purpose of each one to one visit is twofold: to help
build community by sitting down and listening to families
in our church community; and to identify fundamental
problems in the church and community that we need to address.
Fr. Bud asked the One-2-One Ministry team to listen to parishioners. A
trained volunteer from the parish will call to set up an intentional half hour
appointment to visit and listen to your concerns for your neighborhood, city
and church. These visits can happen in your home, at church or even
Starbuck’s. Please accept the opportunity to be heard.
Youth News
High School Confirmation
Important Teen and Parent Meeting on Tuesday,
August 30th for 2nd Year Confirmation/Sacraments.
English 7:30pm and Spanish 6:30pm St. Claire’s hall
( Many Candidates have failed to register for the 2nd
Confirmation Classes Begin
2nd Year Tuesday, September 20th at 6:30
St. Clare’s Hall
1st Year Sunday, September 25th at 6:30pm
At St. Claire’s Hall
All 1st yr should attend the 5pm Teen Mass.
5pm starting September 25th
Teens bring your friends to the Great Feast!
After Mass join us for to the Youth Gathering.
Youth Ministry Volunteer Gathering
Every Wednesday at 6:30pm Youth Center
Please pray for all volunteers and the youth ministry
For any questions regarding Youth and Young Adult
Ministry, call Lola 760- 945- 8016 or Norman 760945- 8039
“May God grant them eternal rest”
211 - San Diego Resource Information
Dial –211 OR from some cell phones (858) 300-1211
Oceanside Pregnancy Resource Center……(800) 395-4357
Birth Choice……………………………….(760) 744-1313
Retrouville………………………………....(951) 259-9474
Retrouvaille Español…………………….....(951) 259-9474
Catholic Charities, Thrift Store -Vista……..(760) 631-2819
Catholic Charities, Emergency Services…...(760) 631-4792
North County Lifeline……………………..(760) 726-4900
St. Vincent de Paul………………………...(760) 407-8900
Prayer Line…………………………………(760) 419-9869
Rachel’s Hope…………………………….. (858) 581-3022
Interfaith Community Services Coastal…….(760) 721-2117
Brother Bennos’ Kitchen………………...…(760) 439-1244
Women’s Resource Center………………....(760) 757-3500
Catholic Charities Immigration…………….(760) 631-5890
San Diego Housing Federation…………….(619) 239-6693
Employment Services……………….……...(760) 929-8121
Prepare ye the Way …
Một trong những sở thích tôi có từ lâu là được nhìn những
tấm kính màu (stained glass) rực rở được ánh sáng rọi
xuyên qua, tạo thành một bức tranh đẹp tuyệt vời. Đối với
tôi bức tranh này không những đẹp trong nghệ thuật mà
nhất là đẹp trong hình tượng và nội dung.
Khi nhìn toàn diện bức tranh chúng ta nhận ra ngay là nó
được làm nên từ những miếng kính lớn nhỏ khác nhau, đủ
mọi màu sắc và hình dạng; có những miếng vẹn toàn nhưng
có những miếng sứt mẻ, có những miếng rực rở sắc màu
nhưng cũng có những miếng chỉ đơn điệu với màu trắng
hoặc đen nhàm chán. Nhưng mổi một tấm kính có vị trí
quan trọng và nhất định của nó, không thể thiếu được. Điều
đó làm tôi liên tưởng đến Giáo Hội, đến Cộng Đoàn Giáo Xứ của chúng ta. Tôi nghĩ ngay đến
mổi thành viên trong cộng đoàn, tuy đa hình đa dạng, nhưng mổi một thành viên có một vị trí
nhất định và quan trọng để làm nên một Cộng Đoàn Yêu Thương và Hiệp Nhất, một “Chi Thể
Đức Kitô” tại thế.
Khi chúng ta nhìn vào bức tranh, chúng ta còn nhận thấy có những lằn đậm rất rỏ ràng giữa
những miếng kính. Đó là thép sắt, một đàng là để nối kết những tấm kính nhỏ lại với nhau,
nhưng cũng là để bù đắp những sứt mẻ và bất toàn của mổi tấm kính và làm cho những tấm
kính nối kết lại với nhau một cách chặt chẽ và hài hòa - những lằn thép sắt đó là ân sủng và
tình thương của Thiên Chúa.
Vì thế mổi người chúng ta trước hết hãy biết nhận ra vị trí của mình, nhưng đồng thời còn biết
mở lòng đón nhận anh chị em mình để nhờ ân sủng và tình thương của Chúa, chúng ta cùng
làm nên bức tranh tuyệt mỹ này. Qua đó ánh sáng là Chúa Kitô có thể rọi xuyên qua để mang
đến sự bình an thảnh thơi hạnh phúc cho những ai đón nhận. - Lm. QN
11 Tháng 9 - Phở Tình Thương sau Thánh Lễ VN
11 Tháng 9 - Trường VN&GL khai giảng lúc 12:00 trưa
Xin quí ÔBACE ghi danh ngay cho các em để được sắp lớp cho năm học mới. Liên lạc:
VN&GL Cô Minh Nghĩa (760) 231-6571
Ca Đoàn Thiếu Nhi : Cô Liên (760) 521-8149
Muốn Ghi Danh Học Giáo Lý Tân Tòng xin LL Cha QN: (760) 945-8007
Mensaje del Párroco
Arrepiéntete… El P. Bernie y yo tenemos
una larga tradición celebrando cumpleaños y aniversarios. El aniversario de ordenación del P. Bernie es a
fines de Mayo y su cumpleaños a fines de junio. Mi
cumpleaños de ordenación es a mediados de Julio y mi
cumpleaños a fines de agosto. Nuestra tradición es
muy simple y refleja algo en ambos que gozamos mucho… comer y beber. La simple tradición es que lo llevo a cenar para su aniversario/cumpleaños entre las
dos fechas al restaurant de su elección, y él hace lo
mismo conmigo. No intercambiamos tarjetas o regalos,
simplemente una cena en el restaurant favorito. Si
tenemos suerte, podrá ser un desayuno en Mimi’s u
otro restaurant fino de Vista. Así, la otra noche fue mi
turno de tener una cena gratis en el restaurant de mi
elección. Soy siempre el chofer cuando vamos, aunque
sea mi cumpleaños o mi aniversario. Simplemente de
esa manera, ha sido mejor. El sábado pasado, (que no
tenía ninguna de las Misas) estábamos en camino a un
restaurant en Oceanside. Cuando manejábamos en
Vista Way íbamos detrás de una troca grande. Y la
troca llevaba un ‘camper’ y en su ventanilla trasera
llevaba una calcomanía que decía en letras grandes y
rojas: ARREPIENTETE. Y detrás de la palabra había
llamas de fuego. Es obvio que el mensaje venía del Señor, y si no lo hacías, irías al Infierno. El P. Bernie y
yo vimos el letrero y al mismo tiempo ambos nos miramos con incredulidad. ¡Qué mensaje tan negativo para
nosotros siendo enviado para la gente que no cree en el
Señor! Debido a que el mensaje solo era de una palabra y la imagen de las llamas de fuego, es imposible
decir exactamente lo que alguien estaba tratando de
decir. De ordinario, el arrepentimiento es el primer
paso hacia una entrega de la vida a Cristo. Pedro,
cuando se le preguntó por la multitud que lo había escuchado el día de Pentecostés: ¿Qué es lo que vamos a
hacer? Respondió: “Arrepiéntanse y sean bautizados
para el perdón de sus pecados; y ustedes recibirán el
don del Espíritu Santo”. Usualmente, la palabra, en
inglés, arrepentir o arrepentimiento está unida con
conversión o en griego con metanoia. Se refiere dar
vuelta en U y avanzar en una dirección completamente
diferente. La pregunta que yo tengo es: ¿qué es aquello
que nos hará dar vuelta en U y que nos llevará a una
dirección completamente distinta? ¡Que nos hará regresar con temor, que nos dará la fuerza para cambiar
totalmente de dirección! Quizás, sí, por un breve período de tiempo. Por ejemplo, un día, yo estaba caminando , en Durango Colorado, por una brecha mirando las
flores y todas las otras plantas hermosas, cuando de
repente, vi a un oso caminando en dirección mía, sin
darse cuenta de mi presencia. El oso me descubrió en
una milésima de segundo después de que yo lo había
visto. Lleno de MIEDO regresé en la dirección opuesta,
y el oso también. El miedo me motivó a darme vuelta y
volar. Pero, en cosa de minutos ya estaba caminando
de nuevo en medio del bosque gozando de la flora y de
la fauna. En mi opinión, el miedo es lo mismo en la
vida espiritual, nos puede motivar por solo unos momentos, pero, no nos motivará para tener una vida
entera en el camino al Señor. Si esto es verdad, ¿Qué
será aquello que pueda motivar a alguien a un cambio
definitivo? ¡EL AMOR! El amor es lo único que nos
hará cambiar y continuar en un movimiento hacia una
dirección nueva. Y, es mi opinión, que el amor es la
una valida razón para arrepentirse. En general, Dios
nos está tratando de atemorizar pero hacia una relación con El. ¿Qué clase de relación sería esa? Desde mi
punto de vista, Dios quiere que nos enamoremos de Él,
de la misma manera que Él se ha enamorado de nosotros. En mi visión, no es el fuego la razón de convertirme sino ¡el amor incondicional y fiel! Estoy desesperado por ver la palabra arrepiéntete con letras grandes
en rojo dentro de un enorme Corazón. En mi opinión,
¡ese sería el verdadero mensaje!!!!
Rev. Edward “Bud” Kaicher
Pregunta de la Semana:
¿Cómo te llama Dios a cambiar
y quien te ayuda a escuchar esta llamada ?
Cultivando nuestra Fe
Septiembre 04, 2011
Vigésimo Tercero Ordinario LECTURAS DE HOY Primera lectura — Somos responsables unos de otros y de‐
bemos guiarnos mutuamente por el buen camino (Ezequiel 33:7‐9). Salmo — Si hoy escuchas su voz, no endurezcas tu corazón (Salmo 95 [94]). Segunda lectura — La ley del amor nos obliga (Romanos 13:8‐10). Evangelio — Jesús está presente entre nosotros siempre que haya dos o tres reunidos en su nombre (Mateo 18:15‐20). Domingo Vigésimo Tercero del Tiempo Ordinario
Nuestra Misa Dominical de las 6:30pm tendrá NUEVO HORARIO desde el domingo 28 de agosto del 2011. La Misa será a las 7 pm para ajustarnos a quienes trabajan los domingos y con tranquilidad vengan al encuentro de Dios. Además, se les daría mas tiempo a los jóvenes de nuestra Parroquia para su Misa (5PM). SE NECESITAN VOLUNTARIOS (as)
El equipo que orienta a los feligreses a estacionarse cada do‐
mingo en el estacionamiento del Patio de nuestra escuela NE‐
CESITA DE VOLUNTARIOS para el horario (cada domingo) de las 4:30pm a las 6:30pm. Este ministerio es muy bueno para cum‐
plir con horas de servicio social. Si se encuentra interesado (a) llame a Tobías al al 760 630‐5079. GRACIAS.
Has venido a Misa y te has preguntado, “¿Dónde puede ir para ser entrenado para ser un Servidor de Altar?” Pues la respuesta a esa pregunta ha llegado. Te invitamos a que vengas al próximo taller para este ministerio el miércoles, 21 de Septiembre en la Iglesia a las 5:15pm. Lo único que pedimos de ti es que hayas recibido tu Primera Comunión y que asistes a Misa semanalmente. Para más información, hable con el Diacono Miguel Enriquez, 945‐8028. ESQUINA JUVENIL PARROQUIAL
FORO: ALCOHOL EN MENORES. Se realizará el jueves 8 de septiembre a las 6pm: Salón P. Ullman en inglés y Salón Sta. Clara en español. El problema va en aumento aun dentro de nuestras familias. Mas información Car‐
mela al 760 631‐5000 ext 7147 MISA JUVENIL—EN INGLES. Se iniciará el domingo 25 de septiembre a las 5 de la tarde. TODOS LOS JOVENES DE VISTA, TRAIGAN A SUS AMIGOS Y AMIGAS. Después de Misa tendremos Reunión en el Centro de Juvenil.  LAS CLASES DEL SACRAMENTO DE LA CONFIRMACION se inician: Para estudiantes del 1er. Año, el 25 de sep‐
tiembre a las 6:30pm en el Salón Santa Clara. Para 2do. Año de Confirmación, el martes 20 de septiembre a las 6:30pm en el Salón Santa Clara.  REUNION VOLUNTARIOS DEL MINISTERIO JUVENIL. Los voluntarios para nuestro ministerio juvenil se reúnen losmiércoles a las 6:30pm en el Centro Juvenil.  REUNION JOVENES ADULTOS: Cada sábado a las 4:30pm en el Salón Santa Clara. Septiembre 3-4, 2011
NUESTRO FESTIVAL PARROQUIAL Octubre 7,8,9 del 2011: Viernes: Convivio Familiar BBQ Sábado: “Grandiosa Calabaza” Sábado: Noche de Casino Domingo: Gran Festival Parroquial
Se ofrecerá en nuestra parroquia: Eclesio‐
logía. G140S (30 horas) a partir del lunes 12 de septiembre del 2011 en el Salón # 8 de las 6pm a las 9pm. Catequistas y Mi‐
nistros Eclesiales NO desaprovechen la oportunidad para renovar su acreditación diocesana. Llame a Diana para inscribirse al 1+818+490‐
Maria Campos, Myrna Sahagun,
Ramon Camparan, Ma. Guadalupe Zauseta,
Glenn Chramosta
¡Concédeles Señor el descanso eterno! Colecta de la semana: Agosto 21, 2011
Ofertorio (efectivo)
$ 5, 009.00
Septiembre 30, 2011. 7:00 pm
St Francis Catholic Church
Admisión: $20 pre venta / $30 a
la puerta. Estudiantes/ 3ra. Edad $15 pre venta/$25 a la puerta. Niños (5-12) a
$10.00, debajo de 4 GRATIS. Pre venta termina
Boletos VIP incluye cena, autógrafos y asientos
primeros $80.00. Para más información al 760945-8000 o vaya a la pagina electrónica:
Ganancias: Fondo de Construcción Parroquial
Es tiempo urgente de hacerlo, aprenda Inglés cerca
de la parroquia: Olive School. INFO: José Moreno al
760 458-6553.
Si ya puede hacerlo, NO pierda la oportunidad de iniciar su proceso de hacerse ciudadano. Hay clases
aquí detrás de la parroquia: Raymond Murray High
School. INFO: María al 760 500-1837 o Margarita
760 727-7441.
Puedes pedir la solicitud (hay en español) en la
Oficina Parroquial, llenarla allí mismo y nosotros
la podemos enviar a la Oficina correspondiente
En nuestra parroquia tenemos Tutoría para Midlle &
High Schoolers en Matemáticas, Inglés, Español y
Química que se da en Español, Inglés y Vietnamés. Cada jueves enfrente de la Biblioteca de la
Escuela a las 6:00 pm (vengan puntuales).
"¡Pruebe con nosotros, le gustará!"
Los estudiantes nuevos en nuestra Escuela pueden ir gratis.
Familias con hijos del 5-8 grados están invitados a inscribir a sus
hijos en la escuela San Francisco por un cuatrimestre* (9 semanas). Si al final le gusta, usted pagará la colegiatura de todo el
año en pagos a través del año. Si al final de cuatrimestre no le
gusta, usted puede irse sin ninguna obligación.
¿Por qué probar con nosotros?
Nuestra escuela está centrada en Cristo
Nuestra docencia es la major para su hijo
Nuestros Padres de Familia participan fuertemente
El apoyo de los clérigos y la administración aseguran una educación integral de sus hijos.
De acuerdo a los resultados de ITBS, los alumnos de la Escuela
San Francisco van un grado más que su nivel estandarizado. Y
en areas hasta 3 grados más.
*$275 de inscripción se pedirá. Hay descuentos en algunos grados mientras haya lugares. La oferta se ofrece para familias nuevas a partir del 1ro. de agosto. Otras restricciones pueden existir. Para una mayor información, solicitud de inscripción o preguntas llame a la Oficina parroquial al 760-630-7960 or visit
La Escuela Parroquial de San Francisco de Asis admite a estudiantes de cualquier raza, color, nacionalidad u origen etnico, sin importer religion o nivel socio económico. Los ni‐
ños de distintas culturas comparten y valoran tanto su indi‐
vidualidad como su común humanidad. El conocimiento et‐
nico y social es fomentado, en union con el compormiso de los ideales cristianos de igualdad, paz,justicia y respeto a la vida. ¡NO QUEREMOS PARAR LA OBRA.
CION PARROQUIAL: 1. Haga oración y decida usted y su familia lo que
podrá hacer para colaborar en la Campaña
“Preparen el Camino del Señor”.
2. Llene su Carta de Intención para COMPROMETERSE junto con su familia a colaborar por lo
menos tres años. Decidiendo cómo entregar una
cantidad de trabajo, oración y dinero. Esta es la
forma de asegurar el pago del Préstamo que ya
hemos recibido.
3. Para ayudarse a juntar ese dinero, preparen una
caja en casa y depositen uno, dos, tres dólares diarios… y cada mes (domingo segundo) entréguenla
en la segunda colecta, anotando su nombre o su
número de registro
4. Nunca deje de colaborar en la segunda colecta de
los domingos segundos depositando su sobre o su
cajita mensual o cambiando ese billete de $1 por
uno de a $ 5 o $10. Como siempre, sean generosos.
5. Hable con otros miembros de nuestra Comunidad
para apoyarnos mutuamente y buscar juntos CAMINOS para asegurar nuestra colaboración mensual.
Domingo 04 de septiembre del 2011
Misas español 11:30am/1:30pm
Lunes 05 de septiembre del 2001
Cena de Indigentes 5:00 PM
Martes 06 de septiembre del 2011
Confesiones 6:00 pm
Grupo de Oración 7:00 pm
Miércoles 07 de septiembre del 2011
Reflexión Dominical 7:00 PM
Jueves 08 de septiembre del 2011
Tutoría Escolar 6:00 PM
Rosario por las Vocaciones 7:00 pm
Viernes 09 de septiembre del 2011
Sábado 10 de septiembre del 2011
Confesiones 3:00pm
Jóvenes Adultos - JUFRA 4:00 pm
Misa en Español 6:30pm

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