Week of Prayer for Christian Unity January 18-25



Week of Prayer for Christian Unity January 18-25
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The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 20, 2013
Lord Jesus,
Day of Prayer for the
Legal Protection of
Unborn Children
Tuesday, January 22nd
St. Didacus will observe this day
with Eucharistic Adoration
from 7am-6pm
The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops has designated
January 22nd as a day of prayer focused on the unborn.
As a community we will make this our focus with a day of
Eucharistic Adoration beginning at 7:00am and ending at 6:00pm.
At 6:00pm we’ll conclude our Day of Prayer with Mass. Plan to
spend some time with us that day to pray for the protection of the
unborn of our society.
Reawaken in us respect for
every unborn life,
make us capable of seeing
in the fruit of the maternal
womb the miraculous
work of the Creator,
open our hearts to generously
welcome every child
that comes into life.
Jesus’ love is boundless!
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
January 18-25
Today’s readings speak of God’s
love and compassion. A
marriage theme runs through
them, illustrating the essence of
God’s caring—the persistence
with which God woos us and the
richness of God’s gifts to us.
Christians worldwide dedicate an entire week each
January to pray for unity among the followers of
Jesus Christ, and to pray for the grace of the Holy
Spirit to overcome the divisions that exist between
Christian communities. The theme for 2013 is
inspired by the well-known biblical text of Micah 6.8:
What does the Lord require of you but to do justice,
and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your
The first reading affirms God’s
steadfast commitment. We are
not destined to be forsaken or desolate, but to be a source of
delight to God, who calls us to intimate union. God will not rest
until our hearts are won over. Isaiah tells us that “as a bridegroom rejoices in his bride, so shall your God rejoice in you.”
Jesus’ first miracle in John’s Gospel occurs at a wedding in
Cana. Jesus, his disciples, and his mother are enjoying the
festivities when Mary quietly tells Jesus, “They have no wine.”
Jesus’ response seems curt: “Woman, how does your concern
affect me? My hour has not yet come.” Unperturbed, Mary tells
the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.” Jesus cannot ignore his
mother’s request! Unknown to all but the servants who fill huge
stone jars at his bidding, Jesus transforms water into the finest
wine, saving face for the bridegroom.
Today, the power of Mary’s intercession is ours for the asking.
Jesus’ love and generosity are boundless. He gives his entire
being to us in the Eucharistic bread and wine, nourishing us
abundantly. How blessed we are!
—Barbara D’Artois, Living With Christ
Pray for Christian unity this week!
The Parish Office will be closed on
Monday, January 21st
in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr.
Birthday holiday.
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The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass Intentions
Saturday...……………..January 19
5:00PM………...……....†Peter Adamski
Sunday……………..…..January 20
8:30AM……………......†Charles Tucker
10:00AM…...…………..†Audrey Deforge
11:30AM…………….....People of St. Didacus
Monday………………...January 21
7:30AM…………………†Berta Long
Tuesday………..…..….January 22
6:00PM…………..….....†John Matranga
Wednesday………..….January 23
8:30AM………..……….†Carolyn Curiel Hastings
Thursday………...…….January 24
7:30AM…………..……..†Terrie Small
Friday…………....……..January 25
7:30AM ………………...†Geri Cali
Saturday...……………..January 26
5:00PM………...……....†Elenora Attolico
Readings for the Week of January 20, 2013
Next Sunday:
Is 62:1-5/1 Cor 12:4-11/Jn 2:1-11
Heb 5:1-10/Mk 2:18-22
Heb 6:10-20/Mk 2:23-28
Heb 7:1-3, 15-17/Mk 3:1-6
Heb 7:25--8:6/Mk 3:7-12
Acts 22:3-16 or 9:1-22/Mk 16:15-18
2 Tm 1:1-8 or Ti 1:1-5/Mk 3:20-21
Neh 8:2-4a, 5-6, 8-10/1 Cor 12:12-30 or
12:12-14, 27/Lk 1:1-4; 4:14-21
January 20, 2013
Weekly Events at St. Didacus
Sunday, January 20, 2013
Confirmation II Parent Meeting
Monday, January 21, 2013
Parish Office Closed
Card Social
Cub Scout Pack Meeting
Small Faith V
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Eucharistic Adoration
Small Faith III
Youth Group
Small Faith IV
Wednesday, January 23, 2013
Eucharistic Adoration
Religious Education
Men’s Prayer Group
Thursday, January 24, 2013
Small Faith I&II
Spanish Choir
Pastoral Council
English Baptism Seminar
Friday, January 25, 2013
Cub Scouts/Webelos I
Spanish RCIA
Saturday, January 26, 2013
1st Reconciliation
Spanish Baptism Seminar
THE WEEK OF January 13, 2013
“Do not be afraid to give your time Collection for January 13, 2013
to Christ! Time given to Christ is
Restricted Funds for January 13, 2013
Total Income:
never lost time, but rather time
gained, so that our relationships
Please Pray For
and indeed our whole life may
become more profoundly human.”
—Bl. Pope John Paul II
Welcome to St. Didacus Parish!
Saturday 5:00pm
Sunday 8:30am & 10:00am English
11:30am in Spanish
Daily Mass
Mon., Thurs., Fri. 7:30am
Wednesday 8:30am & Tues. 6:00pm
Eucharistic Adoration
Wednesdays 7:30am—8:30am
First Fridays 8:00am—9:00am
Confessions—Saturdays 3:30pm or by appt.
Pastor, Fr. Michael J. Sinor
Parish Office 619-284-3472
Maria Luz Arrellano
Jim Barnes
Diann Bauer
Dan Bauer
Herbert Baxter
Rita Bonnell
Herminia Brignoni
Ibeth Brignoni
Lee Burnett
Loretta Calfee
Ruben Campos
Marie Cavanaugh
Terry Davidson
Bart Diaz
Juanita Diaz
Fred Dueber
Clyde Elkins
Maria Fielding
Susan Guenzel
Rosie Kinninger
Marcella Halweg
Bernie Kober
Marilyn Kober
Maria Koter
Juanita Lopez
Maria Lopez
Dolores Mediano
Esteban Mediano
Joe Moser
Segunda Ordona
Sylvia Paiz
Dominick Palestini
Diane Porter
Dolores Robertson
$ 369.00
Atina Rodriguez
Aaron Rodriguez
Alette Rodriguez
Gladys Palestini
Jeff Salazar
Patricia Seay
Christine Segura
Michael Smith
Raymond Sparks
Helen Treat
Therese Tucker
Carol Verdon
Pat Weaver
Catarina Zizzo
Adalina Zarate
And the special intentions in our Book of Needs
Page 4
The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 20, 2013
2012 Tax Statements
4630 34th Street, San Diego CA 92116
Tax statements for 2012 are available by request
only. To request your tax statement, please call the
Parish Office. Thank you for your generosity
throughout the year!
Confirmation II —
Parent & Student Meeting:
Sunday, January 20 @ 10:00 AM
School Auditorium
Next Sunday we kick off Catholic Schools
Week…We’ll have a celebratory Mass on
Sunday, January 27th at 10am. The PTG will
host a reception following the Mass. Join us to
thank all the people of our community who help
bring our children closer to Christ.
The Academy of Our Lady of Peace is now
accepting 9th grade applications for the 20132014 school year. The HSPT entrance exam will
take place on January 26, 2013 from 8:0011:30am. You may download the application on
their website: www.aolp.org. For additional information please call the Academy at 619-725-0149.
The Cold and Flu Season is
upon us! Please avoid shaking
hands with others before, during,
and after Mass if you are sick or
have been sneezing or coughing.
Let’s keep the Body of Christ well!
REPRESENTATIVES here after Masses this weekend!
One of the greatest gifts you can give your family is to pre-arrange
your funeral and cemetery arrangements. Pre-planning saves your
family money and protects them from unnecessary stress, burden,
and conflict when a death occurs. Representatives from Holy Cross
Catholic Cemetery are here today with an information table outside
after today’s Masses so they can answer your questions about
pre-planning your funeral, cremation, or cemetery arrangements in
the Catholic tradition. We encourage you to stop by and learn about
the benefits and options that are available to you through our own
diocesan cemetery.
Confirmation II Classes Begin:
Sunday, January 27th @ 10:00 AM
School Auditorium
1st Reconciliation
Saturday, January 26th
10:00am at the Church
Fr. Mike and the parish
staff would like to extend
a special thank you to all
who helped “un-decorate”
the Church last Sunday.
We are blessed to have such a wonderful parish community!
Mark your calendar for the
St. Didacus Altar Society’s
St. Valentine’s
Boutique Sale
Saturday, February 9th
Sunday, February 10th
After all the Masses
Shop this sale of new and like-new items.
We’re putting out the “good stuff!”
You’ll find just the right gift for your sweetheart or treat yourself to something special!
Did you get some Christmas gifts you can’t find
a place for? Or maybe something you bought,
but never opened? If you have some “good
stuff” — new or “like new items” you’d like to
donate for the sale, please bring them to the
Parish Office by Friday, February 8th.
Page 5
The Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Keeping our Focus on Christ
Christmas may be behind us but as we enter
Ordinary Time, God calls us to continue to
follow the indicators of his Son’s presence.
Just as the Wise Men followed the star blazing
brightly, pointing out Christ’s presence, we
must keep our sights on the places that the
star continues to burn:
a) The first is in the red flame of the tabernacle lamp. The star of
Bethlehem burned pointing and attracting to the presence of the
Son of God. The tabernacle lamp burns pointing to the presence
of that same Jesus. The question we need to ask ourselves is
how zealously we follow that star. The Wise Men traveled for
months at great sacrifice to come and adore the Lord. How
much are we willing to do to come to Mass or to come to adore
him in the Blessed Sacrament?
b) The second place the star continues to burn is in the light of
the confessional, which heralds the presence of Christ acting
through the ministry of one of his chosen priests in the sacrament of God’s mercy. Christ is truly present there, doing what he
came from heaven to be born as a child in order to die to bring
about: the forgiveness of sins. We have to ask ourselves how
well we’re following that star.
c) A third place the star burns — or at least is supposed to burn
— is in each of us. On the day of our baptism, our Godfathers lit
our baptismal candles from the Easter Candle, which is the symbol of Christ the Light of the World. We were instructed by the
priest who baptized us in Christ’s name to “keep that light burning brightly.” We’re called to reflect Christ’s light so that others in
seeing this light might come to Christ, its source. We are supposed to be stars — drawing others toward the presence of
Christ within us through grace, drawing others to follow our footsteps to the Eucharist, to the confessional, to the faith. But the
question is: are we still burning with the light and the warmth of
that rising star?
—Fr. Roger Landry, pastor of Saint Bernadette Parish, Fall River, MA
Kid’s Corner
On January 20, 1961, John
Kennedy became president of the
United States and made a special
speech. In it he said, “My fellow
Americans, ask not what your
country can do for you; ask what
you can do for your country.” What
could YOU do for your country? Maybe the best
thing you could do would be to live a good Christian
life—and pray that all Americans will help their
country by reaching out to help each other!
January 20, 2013
Along with commending the Year of Faith
to the hearts of all Catholics, the Pope also
returned to another theme of his Papacy:
the necessity of the traditional family.
Speaking at his final Angelus, on the last
Sunday of 2012, he marked the Feast of
the Holy Family with a special prayer for
‘all the families of the world.’
“We should say a special prayer to the
Lord for all the families of the world,”
the Pope said. “Imitating the Holy
Family of Nazareth, may parents
seriously concern themselves about the
growth and education of their children,
so that they may mature as responsible
and honest citizens, without ever forgetting that faith is a precious gift to be nourished in their
children through personal example.
“At the same time, we pray that every child is welcomed as a
gift from God, is sustained by the love of the father and
mother in order to advance as the Lord Jesus ‘in wisdom and
age and favor before God and man.’”
Make Room for the Good Stuff
Getting rid of bad habits and
thought patterns will leave
you with some mental space
for better family interaction.
Try these tips:
Celebrate the Sacrament of
Reconciliation: This
sacrament is underused by
many families. While apologies are important
within the family, casting off sins through
reconciliation gives everyone a fresh start.
Compliment the little things: Be generous with kind
words. Compliment young children on anything
from sitting without squirming to tying their shoes.
Tell older kids that you appreciate their sense of
humor, their style, their effort.
Keep your cool: Forgot about a meeting? Laundry
in mounds around the house? Remind yourself that
you’re doing the best you can; keep striding.
Beating yourself up just slows you down.
—At Home with Our Faith
Pagina 6
Segundo Domingo del Tiempo Ordinario
20 de enero 2013
En Caná de Galilea Jesús comenzó sus signos
La vida de Jesús se desarrolló dentro de la normalidad propia del ambiente cultural
y la religiosidad de un judío del primer siglo de nuestra era. Los discípulos descubren a Jesús como un hombre normal, en un ambiente normal y sin ningún tipo de
manifestaciones espectaculares o extraordinarias. Esta realidad de una vida normal
en Jesús, hace que entre los discípulos y él no haya ningún tipo de distanciamiento, antes por el contrario, una vida verdaderamente humana como la de Jesús, hace que su experiencia del Dios sea más creíble y mucho más accesible a la conciencia y a la vida de los que le escuchan y le siguen. La actitud de
Jesús, sin ningún tipo de pretensión, va revelando una nueva imagen y un nuevo concepto de Dios. Dios
ha dejado de ser ese ser extraño y lejano, que atemoriza al ser humano, y toma la característica del
Dios original de Israel, el Dios que camina con su pueblo.
El Banquete es un tema fundamental en la teología del evangelio de Juan. La teología del banquete se
abre con la misión de Jesús en Caná de Galilea, y se cierra con la última Cena, fundamento de la Eucaristía. El Banquete es por tanto un signo mesiánico, donde se anuncia la llegada del Reino. Es un símbolo
fundamental que explica en la cotidianidad la presencia del Reino en medio de la historia.
El P. Mike y todo el personal que trabaja en la parroquia quiere extender su agradecimiento especial a todos los que nos ayudaron a "des-decorar" la Iglesia el domingo pasado. Tenemos la suerte de tener una comunidad parroquial maravillosa.
La oficina parroquial estará cerrada el lunes 21 de enero en
conmemoración de la fiesta del
cumpleaños de Martin Luther
King, Jr..
Día de Oración por la
Protección Legal de
los Niños No Nacidos,
22 de enero
En nuestra parroquia se
observara este día de
oración con Adoración Eucarística de 7 AM--6
!Los esperamos!
Marque su calendario
Venta de la Sociedad del Altar de
San Didacus
Venta de Boutique
Sábado 9 de febrero de 4pm-6:30pm
Domingo 10 de febrero después de todas
las Misas.
Declaraciones de
Impuestos del 2012
La declaraciones de impuestos
del año 2012 estará disponibles
para quienes lo pida. Para solicitarla, por favor llame a la oficina parroquial.
Muchas Gracias por su generosidad durante
todo el año, que Dios los bendiga.
Caridades Católicas tendrá una
presentación de
información relacionada con
“Acción Diferida”
Donde: Iglesia Católica del
Santísimo Sacramento
4540 El Cerrito Drive
San Diego, CA 92115
Cuando: Miércoles 20, de Febrero
Hora: 7:00 P.M.
Para mas información visítenos www.ccdsd.org

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