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July 24, 2016
Sunday Mass Schedule
Saturday 4:00 pm Vigil
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4:30 pm LifeTeen
Daily Mass Schedule
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9 am
Holy Hours of Adoration
Fri: 12:45pm - Sat 9am in Sanctuary
Mon.-Thurs. & Sat. after 9am Mass
Mondays after the 6:30pm Mass
“Rosary for Life” Fridays at 11 am
in the Adoration Chapel
Divine Mercy Chaplet
Fridays at 3pm
Fridays, 5:30 pm - 6:15 pm
Saturdays, 9:45 am - 10:30 am
or by appointment with a priest.
Healing Mass Schedule
2nd week of each month
Tuesday @ 6:30pm & Friday @ 12 noon
August 9 & 12
Pastor: Father J ohn Mur phy
Parochial Vicars: Father Dair o Rico, Father Pavol Br enkus
Deacons: Ter r y Blind, Tony Cuomo, Gene Dicker son, Mar k Fr iedlein, Mar k Sholander
Deacons Emeritus: Ben Gr oss, Mike Landaiche
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
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July 23
Don Ventura 
Ellie Fenton 
Joseph Cera 
July 24
William C. Meckes 
Robert Georganakis 
Parish Family
Tony McLellan 
José Refugio Romo 
Bob Walden (SI)
July 25
James Lucas 
Andres Ricards 
July 26
Vernon Lesage 
Lori Badgero, Helen Bara,
Judith Dewey 
July 27
9:00 am
Souls in Purgatory
6:30 pm Irving F. Deaton 
July 28
9:00 am
Antonia & Eugenio Dias 
6:30 pm Carmen Jubb (SI)
July 29
12:00 pm Don Ventura 
6:30 pm Mark Sturgill 
July 30
9:00 am
Lee Singleton (SI)
4:00 pm Joseph Cera 
5:30 pm John & Sara Phillips 
July 31
7:15 am
Thomas Vincent O’Neill 
8:45 am
Jean Hohl (SI)
10:30 am Richard Senger 
12:15 pm Parish Family
1:45 pm Marta Cintrón 
4:30 pm Walking w/Purpose Leaders (SI)
 = Deceased
(SI) = Special Intentions
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Gn 18:20-32; Ps 138:1-3, 6-8;
Col 2:12-14; Lk 11:1-13
Mon Saint James, Apostle
2 Cor 4:7-15; Ps 126:1b-6; Mt 20:20-28
Tues Saints Joachim and Anne
Jer 15:10,16-21; Ps 59:2-4,10-11,17,18;
Mt 13:44-46
Thurs Jer 18:1-6; Ps 146:1b-6b; Mt 13:47-53
Saint Martha
Jer 26:1-9; Ps 69:5,8-10,14; Jn 11:19-27
or Lk 10:38-42
Saint Peter Chysologus
Peachtree City, Georgia
July 24, 2016
Yasmile Aguirre, Noha Baressi, Linda Barnes, Elsie Cline,
George Dedominicis, Dcn. Gene Dickerson, Emmi Farnham,
Remember John Feenaghty, Baby Kel Goorsky, Jerry Greenwell, Dcn. Ben Gross,
in Prayer
Jean Hohl, Jen Hua, Alan Huther, Betty Jorgensen, Diane, Richard &
Susan Juliano, Kyla Karzynow, Dcn. Don Kelsey, Theresa Kinzly, Dcn. Mike Landaiche,
Horacio Pajoy Mera, Maximus Newton, Neisa Pamfil, Louise Peters, Marjorie Pyle,
Erica Reineck, Susan Richard, Phyllis Richardson, Christine Roshak,
Maria Judith Serrano, Fr. Jim Sexstone, Natalie Smith, Rose Smith, Ruthann Threlkeld,
Bruce Tonn, Janet Valentin, Kathy Walker, Katie Tramonte Willenborg, Elias Yor k,
Helen & Tom Zaworski
Please pray for those who have died
Cindy Boats, sister-in-law of Leo Boats
and all the wonderful caregivers
If you would like to add someone to the Sick List in the Bulletin, contact the Parish office
at (770) 487-7672. The name will be published in the bulletin for 6 weeks. You may call at
anytime and have the name removed. Ongoing illnesses and special intentions may be placed
in the Prayer Intention book located in the back of the church.
With the growing concern for people's privacy it becomes increasingly
more and more difficult to know if our parishioners are sick, in the
hospital or even in Hospice care. If you know of someone or if
you would like for us to visit someone, please contact Deacon Mark
Sholander at (678) 466-1708 or [email protected]
Attention 1st through 5th grade boys!
Cub Scouts signup night is Sunday, July 24, at 7pm, in Loreto Hall. You'll enjoy camping, BB guns, archery, exploring caves, and building Pinewood Derby race cars, as you
learn to develop in the virtues of the Scout Law. A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful,
friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, thrifty, clean, brave, clean, and reverent! For more
information, call Chris Heekin at (770) 301-6379.
Mt 14:1-12
Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Eccl 1:2; 2:21-23; Ps 90:3-6, 12-14, 17;
Col 3:1-5, 9-11; Lk 12:13-21
In bargaining with God, Abraham
demonstrates a real persistence in prayer.
Jesus invites us to persist in prayer as well,
to “ask...seek...knock”.
May our prayer open us to God’s will,
and so build up his strength within us.
In baptism, we have died with Christ,
and have been raised to life with him.
Missionary Story Concert
The Power of Praise Prayer Group will host a special evening on
Tuesday, July 26 at 7pm in the Chapel of the Faith For mation
Building. Carrie Barham and her husband Chris lived in the Middle
East for almost 7 years and entered the Catholic Church with their
four children at Easter in 2015. Come hear the personal spiritual
journey of this former missionary in the Middle East through her
songs and stories!
Thanks for your generosity!
¡Gracias por su generosidad!
Offertory / Ofrenda
FY2015/2016 Offertory Weekly and Actual to Date
Ofertorio: Semanal y Cifra Real
Offertory / Ofertorio June 26, 2016
To Date Actual / Cifra Real
Prior Year Comparison 6/28/2015
2nd Collection: Holy Father / Peter’s Pence - $6,006
Upcoming Second Collection:
July 31 - Mission Cooperative Program
$2,586, 872
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Holy Trinity welcomes our newest parishioners!
Tammy Boyea
Nick & Mary Lehmann
Ben & Megan McMillan
Stoirm Pyle
Larry & Helen Sexton
Thoughts From this Sunday’s Readings by Fr. John
Previous reflections can be found on his blog at
The theme of today’s readings is prayer. The first reading Genesis
18:20-32 provides us with an example of intercessory prayer. Our
Responsorial Psalm, 138, is an example of a prayer of petition and
the Gospel, Luke 11:1-13, is the Lord’s Prayer – the prayer Jesus
What Do I Live for Now? God is our healer gave to us himself. Although St. Luke’s version of the Lord’s
- He mends broken hearts and is the Source Prayer is shorter than the more familiar version from St. Matthew
of all hope. What is His plan for you? (6:9-15) all the essential ingredients are there.
Please join us for the completion of the
Summer Session of GriefShare on Wednesday, July 27, 7pm-9pm in Room
#102 in the Faith Formation Building. Contact Tom McBrayer at
(404) 797-2488, or at [email protected] for more information.
What strikes me most about this passage from St. Luke’s gospel is
the example Jesus set for the disciples (and us) and their desire to
learn. They watched Jesus pray and then asked him, “Lord, teach
us to pray just as John taught his disciples.” Jesus then taught
Can you Help? The Crossroads Walkers them a prayer that is so universal we continue to pray it two thouwill be staying in our home from July 27 to sand years later.
July 29. These twelve young people ar e For many of us the Lord’s Prayer is one of the first prayers we
walking across the southern part of the US this learned. My mother taught me the Lord’s Prayer. In fact, my
summer to defend the right to life of all unborn children. Most mother taught me most of the prayers I pray regularly today. She
nights they stay in a hot crowded camper, so it is a rare treat for prayed and my brothers and sisters and I learned from her example
them to have home-cooked meals and to enjoy the comforts that a and through her insistence that we pray with her.
home affords. They will be having five meals while they stay with
us. If you would like to help us to lavishly bless them by preparing The Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches, “The Christian
food or helping in any other way, please contact Pat Forest at family is the first place of education in prayer. Based on the sacrament of marriage, the family is the ‘domestic church’ where God's
[email protected] mindspring.com or (770) 486-1537.
children learn to pray ‘as the Church’ and to persevere in prayer.
Saint Peregrine Cancer Support Group. St. Per egr ine For young children in particular, daily family prayer is the first
Cancer Support Group will not be meeting during the sum- witness of the Church's living memory as awakened patiently by
mer. The next meeting will be held on September 20. the Holy Spirit” (section 2685).
June and Norma will be available throughout the summer
months for personal visits, the opportunity to discuss our If you have young children in your family now is the time to teach
them this prayer that Jesus gave to all of us.
/ (770) 823-9213 or NormaGreenAcross the centuries, heavenly Father,
[email protected] (770) 487-2752.
on countless lips and in every tongue
Lighthouse CDs. Kitty Cleveland is an awar dwinning singer, songwriter and actress who has been
delighting audiences for over 25 years. She has appeared
five times as a guest on EWTN's "Life on the Rock"
series. This CD features the Divine Mercy Chaplet set to music
written by Kitty and sung by her with a children's choir, as well as
songs from a selection of her CDs. A bonus segment from Kitty's
stirring testimony follows. CDs can be found in Loreto Hall, the
Adult Faith room and by the Faith Formation office.
Are you going through a divorce, losing a job or
experiencing a death in the family? Cr ises can be
overwhelming. A Stephen Minister is ready and willing
to care for you during these difficult times. For more
information about Stephen Ministry, please contact Sandy or Frank
Killoran at (678) 489-8502.
Pope Francis’ Prayer Intentions for July
Universal: Indigenous Peoples
That indigenous peoples, whose identity and very
existence are threatened, will be shown due respect.
Evangelization: Latin America and the Caribbean
That the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean, by means of
her mission to the continent, may announce the Gospel with
renewed vigor and enthusiasm.
the prayer of your Son resounds.
Yet we who know the words so well
need still to learn their power.
Give us your Holy Spirit
so that our prayer may be filled
with childlike trust and unwavering perseverance.
We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God for ever and ever.
Our Father
who art in Heaven
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Peachtree City, Georgia
Nuestro Ministerio Hispano
770-487-5352, 770-487-7672 Exts. 303
(Horario: 8:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m. - lunes a jueves;
11:00 am a 1:00 pm - domingos)
en español: domingos 1:45 pm
Confesiones: todos los viernes a las 5:30 pm, sábados 9:45am,
o por cita llamando al 678-466-1711.
a las 7pm. Favor de llamar o pasar por la Oficina parroquial para
anotarse para la plática o para información sobre los bautizos.
Pláticas quinceañeras: Si su hija cumple 15 años en este año o en
el 2017 y le gustaría que se celebre una Misa por este motivo, es requisito
que su hija asista a las pláticas de preparación. Las pláticas se ofrecerán el 18 y 25 de agosto, y el 1ro. de septiembre, de 5-6pm, en el salón
204 del Edificio de Formación de Fe. Más información y para inscribirse,
favor de pasar o llamar a la Oficina Parroquial.
Misas de Quinceañeras- Requisitos:
1. La familia debe estar inscrita en la Parroquia.
2. La quinceañera tiene que haber recibido la Primera Comunión.
3. La quinceañera debe estar en preparación para la
Confirmación, si es que no la ha recibido todavía.
4. Tiene que recibir las pláticas de preparación (catequesis)
que se ofrecen en la parroquia.
5. La solicitud para reservar la Iglesia para la Misa de quinceañera debe
hacerse por lo menos con seis meses de anticipación a la fecha
Anoten las fechas – próximos eventos…
- Retiro de Parejas: viernes, 26 agosto – 7-9pm
sábado, 27 agosto – 8am-3pm
Tráfico Humano: 30 de julio
Día mundial contra la trata de personas
“Todos los países deben unirse para superar esta amenaza transnacional
mediante el apoyo y la protección de las víctimas, y persiguiendo y procesando a los delincuentes. Hagamos el propósito de actuar como uno en el
nombre de la justicia y la dignidad para todos”. (Ban Kimoon, Secretario
General de la ONU.) Hermanas Católicas de los Estados Unidos en contra
del tráfico humano: sistersagainsttrafficking.org
San Vicente de Paúl:
Línea de ayuda:
678-466-1750 ó 770-487-7672 Ext.450
July 24, 2016
Reflexiones sobre las lecturas de este domingo del Padre Rico.
24 de julio del 2016
Decimoséptimo del Tiempo Ordinario
Cuánto Puede la Oración. Como suele suceder los domingos, hay un tema
común entre la primera lectura y el evangelio, mientras que la segunda
lectura abre un tema distinto. En este caso, el tema común es la oración y
cuánto puede lograrse a través de ella. Aunque, si miramos más
detenidamente, la enseñanza de hoy alude a esa forma de oración que todos conocemos y seguramente hemos practicado muchísimas veces: la
oración de petición. Además, tanto en el texto del Génesis como en la
lectura de San Lucas aparece un hecho: lo que se pide resulta difícil o
incómodo. Esto es interesante porque de seguro nosotros mismos hemos
sentido más de una vez que lo que pedimos escapa la lógica fría de los
hechos y por ello es incómodo o difícil pedirlo. Pero bueno, por eso es
una oración de súplica, porque no parece que las cosas vayan a darse como
por sí solas!
Rogando a favor de los Inocentes. En el Génesis vemos a Abraham intercediendo a favor de los que, siendo inocentes, se hallan en medio de un
pueblo corrupto y vil. Las ciudades de Sodoma y Gomorra han amontonado su propia destrucción, pero Abraham no quiere que en la catástrofe
que habrá de llegar perezcan juntos los culpables con los honrados. Por eso
ruega, apelando a la justicia de Dios, de un modo humilde pero persistente.
De su ejemplo aprendemos esas dos cualidades que son muy propias de la
oración cristiana: humildad y perseverancia. También aprendemos que la
oración es diálogo. Su esencia no es un estado de la mente o una sensación en el corazón. Es más que un sentimiento y mucho más que una
cierta actividad neurológica en el cerebro. Ello puede tener algún valor
pero nunca nos guiará al núcleo mismo del misterio maravilloso de la
oración. Orar es dialogar: implica un encuentro real con Aquel que nos
ama y por tanto una especie de actividad. No es pura pasividad, en sentido
de "mente en blanco" o de "Nirvana" budista. Sobre esto nos ilustra muy
bien el Evangelio.
Rogando porque somos Hijos. Si en el texto de la primera lectura Abraham ruega fundándose en la justicia, y desde ahí argumenta que Dios nunca destruirá al inocente con el culpable, en el evangelio encontramos otro
aspecto, otra razón para nuestro ruego: le hablamos a Dios porque somos
sus hijos. En la oración se devela y a la vez se hace efectivo el misterio de
nuestra condición de hijos, que Cristo predicó y que también hizo posible
con su sacrificio redentor, que hizo posible el don del Espíritu Santo para
nosotros. El fundamento último de nuestra oración no es entonces que
queremos un mundo mejor, porque eso lo puede querer cualquier ser
dotado de razón; no es tampoco que merecemos una vida distinta o ser
exentos de tales o cuales dolores o problemas. Ni es tampoco porque seamos buenos o libres de culpa. Oramos porque somos hijos. Oramos
porque el Espíritu del Hijo ora en nosotros. Y por eso oramos con perseverancia, sencillez, confianza y sobre todo con inmenso amor, convencidos como estamos de que Dios sabe qué es lo mejor para nosotros y puede
y quiere otorgárnoslo. Amén.
VIRTUS – Protegiendo a los Niños de Dios. La Ar quidiócesis de
Atlanta tiene la misión de garantizar la seguridad los niños, jóvenes y personas vulnerables. La prevención del abuso sexual de menores no solamente requiere estar consciente del problema, sino también de educación y
adiestramiento sobre la naturaleza y el alcance del mismo. Todos los empleados y voluntarios, principalmente los que tiene alguna relación con
menores, deben aprender y cumplir con los Procedimientos para hacer
denuncias por Abuso Infantil, tanto de la ley de Georgia como de las normas establecidas por la Arquidiócesis de Atlanta.
Por esto, invitamos a nuestros catequistas y voluntarios a asistir a la primera sesión de VIRTUS en Español que tendremos el martes 9 de agosto de
6pm a 9pm. Se deben inscribir por Internet en https://archatl.com/es/
ministerios-y-servicios/ambiente-seguro/voluntarios/ (buscar en Regstríese
Aquí Para Una Sesión Virtus, la Iglesia de Holy Tr inity en Tuesday,
August 9) Para más información se puede comunicar con Sachiko Doreste
o Rosa Contreras en la oficina de Formación de Fe al (770) 487-0175.
¡Los Esperamos!
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Pro-Life Rosary. F or more than 20 years, Holy Trinity
has been praying for the unborn, their parents and families and for our nation. You are invited to join this
Pro-life apostolate. The Pro-life rosary begins at 11am
every Friday in the Adoration Chapel. Please come when
you can to lift up those children in danger of abortion, for families
that wish desperately for a child, for pro-life legislators and judges
throughout our country, for sacramental marriage and religious
freedom. All are welcome.
The Seniors Ministry will host a movie, The Young
Messiah, on Tuesday, August 16, 12pm, in the
St. Faustina Room. Pizza and drinks will be provided. If you have any questions, contact Sandy
Marvin at (678) 860-2334.
Every Thursday morning at 11am our
fellow parishioners travel to the Old
National gyn abortion clinic in College
Park. Wherever you are at 11am on
Thursdays, please take a moment to say a prayer in support of their
Pro-Life prayer witness to end abortion.
The “Differences” Between the Baby in the Womb
and the Newborn Baby
There are four "differences" between the baby in
the mother's womb (or so-called fetus) who has no
protection under the law from a newborn baby, who
is protected:
Mary, Joseph and 7-year-old Jesus embark on a
journey from Egypt to Nazareth after the young
boy miraculously brings someone back to life.
When King Herod orders the death of the child, Roman centurion 1. Size. The baby in the womb is usually smaller than newborns.
The question, then, is what does size have to do with rights of
Severus starts to pursue the family across the desert. As Mary and
personhood? The answer: nothing.
Joseph worry about his safety, Jesus' natural curiosity allows him to
understand more about the world and his remarkable powers.
2. Level of development. Babies in the womb are less developed
than a newborn (unless the newborn is born prematurely).
Holy Trinity Preschool has openings for three year olds for the 2016Again this has no moral significance. Children are generally
2017 school year. Stop by anytime for a tour and information regardless developed than adults and all human beings continue to
ing our outstanding preschool program, or contact
develop and change throughout our entire lives. It is humanity,
Beth Cunningham at (770) 631-4380, or at
not brain capacity or strength that determines personhood.
[email protected] PTC.com.
Mother’s Morning Out. We still have openings for 3. Location. The baby in the womb has a different place of residence. Again this is irrelevant because personhood stems from
children ages 2 & up as of September 1. Contact Tina Terrell at
being a human being, not from your location.
[email protected] or call the MMO office at (678) 4661723.
4. Dependency. Abortion protagonists love to argue that, "since a
fetus cannot survive on its own, it has no inherent right to life".
The problem with this argument is that to varying degrees, we
are all dependent on others. Moreover, newborn babies and
small children are absolutely dependent upon their parents for
survival. What is absurd about this line of thinking is the fact
that dependency should merit more protection under the law,
not less! We are all far more outraged, for example, at violence
towards children than at violence towards other adults. The reaHearing Devices are available for your convenience
son is obvious. Children are more helpless and innocent and less
located in the back of the Church
capable of defending themselves than adults. The child in the
mother's womb is the most helpless and innocent and the least
DEO GRATIAS! (Thanks be to God!) We ar e gr ateful
capable of defending themselves.
to all of our parishioners who have remembered Holy Trinity in their wills or estate plans. Did you know that those That is precisely why we must fight to protect them!
who have made a planned gift for our parish automatically
receive membership in the Deo Gratias Society of the Catholic Every person is part of God's plan.
Foundation of North Georgia? Among other benefits, this memThe Holy Trinity Gift Shop will be closing its
bership includes an invitation to the annual Deo Gratias Mass and
doors forever in a few weeks. All items are 75%
luncheon with Archbishop Gregory in August. If you have includ- Final
off. Stop in soon and get super deals on gifts for
ed our parish in your will or estate plans, but have not informed the
Clearance upcoming events before it’s too late!
parish, please contact Carolyn Hohenberger at (678) 466-1702 so
Hours are: Sundays, 8:15am-1:45pm; Mondays,
we can coordinate your invitation to the August event, or call the 75% off!
12pm-3pm; Wednesdays, 9:45am - 11am.
Catholic Foundation directly at (404) 497-9440.
Magnificat Subscriptions. If you would like to
receive the Magnificat, orders will be taken through
August 1. The subscr iption pr ice this year r emains
at $25 and runs October 2016 through September
2017. Copies can be picked up at the church each
month. Checks may be dropped off at the Parish
Office. Contact: Carolyn at (678) 466-1702.
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Peachtree City, Georgia
July 24, 2016
Cristo Renueva Su Parroquia
Una Jornada Espiritual
Christ Renews His Parish
A Spiritual Journey
Retiro Mujeres – 30 & 31 julio
Retiro Hombres – 6 & 7 agosto
Women’s Weekend – July 30 & 31
Men’s Weekend – August 6 & 7
El Retiro Cristo Renueva Su Parroquia es un proceso designado
para ocasionar la unidad de los miembros de la parroquia en Cristo.
El enfoque es el crecimiento continuo de su vida Cristiana y en el
contacto diario con otros. Este fin de semana es una oportunidad
excelente para enriquecimiento espiritual y personal en un ambiente amistoso, relajante y aún emocionante fuera de las actividades y
compromisos diarios.
Estad quietos, y sabed que yo soy Dios. Salmo 46:11
El Retiro Cristo Renueva su Parroquia provee un ambiente para
crecimiento individual por medio de la oración, presentaciones
conmovedoras y reflexión personal. También es una oportunidad
para compartir con otros en la parroquia sus alegrías y desafíos de
vivir una vida Cristiana en su vida familiar, en el trabajo, con amigos, y en la sociedad.
No abandonen sus asambleas como algunos acostumbran hacerlo,
sino que más bien anímense unos a otros,
tantos más cuanto ven que se acerca el día. ~Hebreos 10:25
Desarrollo Espiritual
A raíz de cada fin de semana de renovación es el amor interminable
de Dios. A pesar de que si está arraigado profundamente en su fe, o
solamente empezando su caminata con el Señor, Cristo Renueva Su
Parroquia es una jornada de desarrollo espiritual.
Acérquense a Dios, y él se acercará a ustedes. ~Santiago 4:8
Formularios de inscripción están en el vestíbulo ó on línea
www.HolyTrinityPTC.org bajo News&Events
Para más información:
Contacto Mujeres
(678) 322-7775 o [email protected]
Contacto Hombres
(678) 322-7773 o Htcspanishmenscr [email protected]
All women are invited to the Magnificat Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, August 13, 9:30am-12pm at Holy
Cross Church, 3773 Chamblee Tucker Road, Atlanta.
The guest speaker will be Linda Gillespie Delgross.
Breakfast reservations are $15 and must be made in advance.
Please mail check, payable to Magnificat Joyful Visitation,
by August 8 to: Jo Ann Rademacher, 1260 Mountain Ivey Court,
Sugar Hill, GA 30518. Check-in is at the door for those
with reservations only. For information call Jo Ann Rademacher at
(770) 831-0693.
The Christ Renews His Parish weekend is an opportunity to refocus, setting aside yard work, housekeeping, and the other tasks
and pressures of everyday life. Enter a quiet and prayerful atmosphere focused on reconnecting with the Lord.
Be still and know that I am God ~Psalm 46:11
Have you ever felt lost or alone in the congregation? Our parish is
intended to be a supportive community that helps fuel spiritual
growth. During the Christ Renews His Parish process, deep and
lasting relationships are formed providing an uplifting Christian
community and a brotherhood and sisterhood in Christ. After the
renewal weekend, every church event will feel like coming home.
For where two or three are gathered together in my name,
there am I in the midst of them ~Matthew 18:20
Spiritual Growth
At the heart of every renewal weekend is God’s faithful and unending love. Regardless of whether you are deeply rooted in your
faith or merely beginning your walk with the Lord, Christ Renews
His Parish is a journey of spiritual growth.
Draw near to God and He will draw near to you ~James 4:8
Registration forms can be found in the Vestibule or online at
www.HolyTrinityPTC.org under News&Events
For more information:
Women’s contact
(678) 390-2627 or [email protected]
Men’s contact
(678) 390-4677 [email protected]
The World Day Against Trafficking in Persons,
being held on Saturday, July 30, was designated
by the United Nations General Assembly in
December 2013. UN Secretary General Ban
Ki-Moon said, “Every country must join together
to overcome this transnational threat by supporting
and protecting victims while pursuing and prosecuting the criminals. Let us resolve to act as one in
the name of justice and dignity for all.” For more
information, please visit the U.S. Catholic Sisters
Against Human Trafficking at SistersAgainstTrafficking .org
Finding Peace Amid Stress Retreat, August
26-28. Unchecked, daily stress leads to anxiNext weekend is our Saint Vincent de Paul Society
ety that blocks the peace and love God longs
monthly door collection. Your donations are dedicated to
to infuse into our hearts, leaving us feeling
directly helping those in need in our Holy Trinity parish
empty and burned out. Anxiety-ridden life
can seem like an endless stream of demands community, and as needed, assist to our neighboring St. Vincent
with no real meaning or purpose. This retreat provides tools for de Paul conferences. Please consider giving generously.
finding our lives in God and discovering the love, peace, meaning,
and purpose that only God can provide. Contact Patti at the Promise to protect, pledge to heal. To r eport abuse by chur ch
Monastery in Conyers for a reservation at (770) 760-0959 or personnel, call the Archdiocese of Atlanta 24-Hour Reporting
Hotline at (888) 437-0764. We are here to listen and take action!
[email protected]
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Beginning in September. Choose from:
Monday 7:00-9:00 PM or
Thursday 9:45-11:45 AM
Everyone should have
the chance to explore
the Christian faith, ask
questions and share
their point of view.
Will meet
Thursdays 6:00-8:30 PM
A Woman’s Call to Holiness Prayer Breakfast Registration Form
$15/lady or $120/table of 8 (financial aid is always available)
Fill out information below and place in a sealed envelope with your payment. Drop in locked white box designated “A Woman’s Call to
Holiness Prayer Breakfast Registration Forms.” Locked boxes can be found in the vestibule or outside the faith formation office. You
can also register in the Faith Formation Office during regular business hours (Payment due upon registration). If registering more than
one person include the following information below for each person. Payment due upon registration:
Phone # __________________________________________________
Check one: ____ cash or _____ check (payable to Holy Trinity)
$ amount enclosed ________
Email: ___________________________________________________
Childcare is available for this event but there are a limited number of spaces available. Preregistration is necessary. To register for
childcare contact Tina Terrell at 678-466-1724 or [email protected]
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Peachtree City, Georgia
July 24, 2016
Un llamado de una mujer a la Santidad Desayuno de Oración
formulario de inscripción
Costo: $15 por Persona o $120 por Mesa de 8
Llene la información de abajo y colocar en un sobre cerrado con su
pago. colocar en el cuadro blanco situado en el vestíbulo o fuera de
la oficina de formación en la fe. También puede traer este formulerio a la oficina de formación en la fe durante las horas de oficina.
ATENCIÓN! Cuidado de niños está disponible para este evento,
pero hay un número limitado de espacios disponibles. Pre-registro
es necesario. Para registrarse para la Guardería con la puericultura
Tina Terrell al 678-466-1724 o [email protected]
Si se registra más de una persona incluye la siguiente información
a continuación para cada persona. El pago debe realizarse tras el
registro (ayuda financiera disponible):
Nombre: ____________________________________________
Correo electrónico: ___________________________________
Teléfono: _____________________________________________
Marque uno:
____efectivo o _____ cheque bancario
(pagadero a Holy Trinity)
$ cantidad total __________
Si se trata de un registro de grupo , por favor escriba los nombres de
las otras personas en su mesa.
A Journey of Conversion
For those wanting to be Catholic .
Those needing to complete their Sacraments.
Anyone wanting to learn more about the Catholic Faith.
RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults): Helping you to live a Gospel inspired life in an increasingly secular world
Have you been coming to Mass for awhile and think, “what does it mean to be Catholic?”
Are you interested in finding out what Catholics really believe? Join us for Inquiry.
Now might be the perfect time to join us. Wednesdays, 6:30-8pm.
All sessions are informal and completely commitment free.
The RCIA will be on break this week and will
not meet this Wednesday, July 27. Our
upcoming summer sessions include:
RCIA Inquiry: informal sessions to answers any and
all questions abut the Catholic Faith.
RCIA: For those already started on the journey to
the Catholic Church, we will be offering more
structured sessions utilizing the Faith Clips series,
featuring Bishop Robert Barron.
Our Gospel Reading today centers around the
Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father.
This prayer was taught to us by
Jesus Himself, and can be broken
down into seven petitions,
“the object of the first 3 petitions
is the glory of the Father…
the 4 others present our wants to him:
they ask that our lives be nourished, healed of sin,
and made victorious in the struggle of good over evil.”
Need information on Annulments or Convalidations? Contact Joanne @ 678-466-1738 or
[email protected] for confidential counseling.
Thinking about becoming Catholic or learning more about the Catholic Faith?
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Holy Trinity Elementary News
Formación de Fe Hispana
Sharon Brown at: [email protected]
Sachiko Doreste at: [email protected]
10 Razones para ser Catequista
Faith Formation’s Top 10 Reasons to be a Catechist
10. Be Surprised...See how your faith can touch the lives
of children.
9. Do Something You Enjoy...Teach children with
creative ideas that we have provided for you.
8. Have A Say...Be a part of the process of getting
children to begin a relationship with God at an early
7. Be Involved...A Church cannot survive without it’s
parishioners working together.
6. Be Good At Something...Teaching children
encourages you to learn more about your faith.
5. Help Improve Your Catholic Parenting...Teaching the
youth provides the experience of learning how young
folks perceive the world.
4. It Is A Rewarding Experience...What better place
to give your time and talent to but to your church?
3. Grow In Faith & Learn...There are so many
opportunities to continue your adult faith education
while volunteering to teach.
2. Meet Wonderful People...You’ll
meet many like- minded fellow
teachers, parents and members of
your church community.
1. Help Nourish the Faith of
Children…”Train the young in the way
they should go; even when old, they
will not swerve from it.” Proverbs
We are still in need of drivers
for the Myanmar (formerly
Burma) Refugee Family to
and from work at Hoshizaki in Griffin. We are assisting
them until they can get their license and are able to drive
to work themselves. We currently have only a handful of
families that are volunteering to assist in carpooling.
Please consider donating your time to help this family.
Morning carpool is 5a.m. departure from Balmoral Village
and afternoon is between 2:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m. from
Griffin. For more information, please go to
10. Sorpréndase… Vea cómo su fe toca la vida de los niños.
9. Haga algo que disfrute… nosotros le diremos cómo enseñar a
los niños.
8. Participe… en la formación de la relación de los niños con Dios.
7. Involúcrese... nuestra Iglesia no puede sobrevivir sin la ayuda
de sus feligreses.
6. Crezca... enseñando a los niños aprenderá más sobre su fe.
5. Ayude a mejorar la educación católica... y aprenda cómo los
jóvenes perciben el mundo.
4. Es una experiencia gratificante... ¡qué mejor lugar para dar su
tiempo y compartir su talento!
3. Aprenda y aumente su fe... hay tantas oportunidades para
continuar creciendo en nuestra fe cuando uno enseña a los
2. Conozca gente maravillosa... conocerá grandes compañeros,
padres de familia y miembros de nuestra iglesia.
1. Ayude a nutrir la fe de los niños... “Inicia al niño en el camino
que debe seguir, y ni siquiera en su vejez se apartará de él.”
Prov 22.6
The first day of Faith Formation classes begin
Sunday, August 14 and Wednesday, August 17.
Registration is ongoing and several classes are
already full. Forms can be downloaded from
www.htptc.org, or you can register in the Faith
Formation office.
El primer día de las clases de Formación de Fe
será el domingo, 14 de agosto y el miércoles 17 de
agosto. Continuamos aceptando las inscripciones y varias clases
ya están llenas. Pueden descargar los formularios desde
www.holytrinityptc.org o puede registrarse en la oficina de la
Formación de Fe.
Elementary Faith Formation gives support to
and collaborates with parents in their efforts
to foster within their children a living
conversion to Christ through lifelong faith
formation. This program takes place during
the school year. Sessions are held on
Sundays, 8:45am - 10:15am and Wednesdays,
4:30pm - 6pm. Spanish Faith Formation classes take place on
Sundays, 12pm -1:30pm. Sharon Brown, 678-466-1726,
Email: [email protected]
programa damos apoyo y colaboramos con los padres de familia en
su esfuerzo para fomentar en sus hijos una vida Cristiana. Las
clases en español son los domingos, 12pm - 1:30pm y las clases en
inglés son los domingos 8:45am - 10:15am o los miércoles,
4:30pm- 6pm. Para más información puede comunicarse con
Sachiko Doreste al 678-466-1704 o mediante su e-mail
[email protected] o en la Oficina de Formación de Fe.
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Holy Trinity YOUTH MINISTRY News
Formación de Fe Hispana: Ministerio de Los Jóvenes
High School
Middle School
ATTENTION! For more details about Youth Ministry news, go to htptc.com.
Youth Ministers: Heather Garger: [email protected]
Parents—Save the Date
Parent and Teen Meeting
Join us as we
If your child is enrolled in these
kickoff the year
classes or planning on enrolling,
of XLT with this is the time for your meeting.
Matt Maher on
August 20.
Tickets are $20.
High School Students
Sunday, August 7
Food is $5.
Look for more
2nd Year: 2:30p-3:30p
details to come
1st Year: 6p-7p
Youth Ministry team will be out of the office
until July 30 for the Bosco conference and Life
Teen Camp. El Ministerio de Jóvenes estará
fuera de la oficina (estaremos en la conferencia
Bosco y el LifeTeen Camp) hasta 30 de julio.
Middle School Students
Sunday, August 7
Hispanic Edge: 12p-12:30p
Wednesday, August 10
4:30 Edge class: 4:30p-5:30p
6:30 Edge class: 6:30p-7:30p
the first meeting, the next training
class is coming up.
Sunday, July 31, 1-4 p.m.
Domingo, el 31 de julio,
Miércoles 10 de Agosto
Estudiantes de High School
Domingo 7 de agosto
1er Año de Confirmación
6pm a 7pm
2do Año de Confirmación
2:30pm a 3:30pm
LifeTeen para Hispanos
12:45pm a 1:30pm
¿Amas a Dios? ¿Amas a la juventud de hoy? Si es
así, considera unirte a nuestro gran equipo de
Ministros de Jóvenes. Te entrenaremos y apoyaremos todo el tiempo.
Estamos buscando líderes para grupos pequeños, supervisores generales,
ayuda en la cocina y hospitalidad. Por favor comunícate con Heather
Garger para más información.
Holy Trinity Youth Adult Group
Alpha is a series of sessions
exploring the basics of the
Christian faith. Each session
looks at a different question
that people can have about
faith and is designed to
create conversation.
Domingo 7 de agosto
Edge para Hispanos
12pm a 12:30pm
Do you love God? Do you love the youth of
today? If so, please consider joining our Youth Ministry
Core Team. We will train and support you every step
of the way. We are seeking small group leaders, hall
monitors, hospitality and kitchen help and more.
Please contact Heather Garger for more information.
Calling All Core Members Adult
and Teen leaders! If you missed
¡Atención, todos los miembros
principales- líderes adultos y
adolescentes! Ya pronto vamos a
tener las clases de entrenamientos.
Estudiantes de Middle School

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