September 4, 2016 - Sacred Heart Church



September 4, 2016 - Sacred Heart Church
September 4, 2016
The Catholic Daughters of Sacred Heart and
Knights of Columbus are co-sponsoring a
XXII Sunday in Ordinary Time
No confirmation class today
Confirmation class continues
next week September 11
Sundays at 4PM (high school building):
A Patriot Day of Prayer
September 11
The rosary begins at 6:00 PM followed by the prayer service.
Please come and pray for our country and the 2,977 innocent
people who died on that day in 2001. If you are able to
represent a state during the rosary, please contact Marcia at
(541) 884-3026.
Refreshments will follow in the Parish Hall.
Is God speaking to you? Are you, or perhaps you know
someone who is interested in knowing more about the splendor
and symphony of the Catholic Church, and by extension, the
oneness of Christ and His Church? Sacred Heart
will be hosting an informational meeting just for
you. There is no commitment necessary, but if
you have more questions you can call Andrew at
541 884-4566.
Thursday, September 15
6:00 – 7:30PM
Sacred Heart Religious Education Center
429 N. 8th Street (Behind the Sacred Heart Gymnasium)
2016 Deanery Catechetical Workshops.
September 17, 2016
The Annual Deanery Catechetical Workshop for all catechetical
staff and volunteers is September 17, 2016. This year the
workshop will be held at St. Pius X Church from 12-5PM.
All catechist in children’s religious education, children’s
dismissal, youth ministry and adult faith formation are
encouraged to attend. Registrations can be found in the
vestibule or online at
2016 Talleres Decanato catequética.
17 de septiembre del año 2016
El Decanato de Catequesis taller anual para todo el personal y los
voluntarios de catequesis es el 17 de septiembre de 2016. Este año el
taller se llevará a cabo en la Iglesia San Pío X de 12-5pm.
Todos los catequistas en la formación de la educación religiosa, el
ministerio de jóvenes y adultos en la fe de los niños se les anima a
asistir. Las inscripciones se pueden encontrar en el vestíbulo o en línea
Your Journey Toward Confirmation.
We are currently on session 9: When did my journey begin?
(Baptism, Your Initiation into God’s Family)
The imagery of Baptism is found in Creation; in Noah’s ark
(where eight souls are saved “through water”); in the escape of
the Hebrews under Moses from captivity by crossing the Red
Sea; and in the crossing of the Jordan River by God’s chosen
people in order to enter into the Promised Land. By
understanding the symbolism and significance of this rite in
their lives, students will be encouraged to think of the salvation
story more definitively as their story.
Religious Education starts NEXT SUNDAY
September 11th
Sacred Heart Religious Education Center
Students wishing to receive First Communion
or Confirmation must be enrolled in Religious
Education. Forms can be found in the vestibule or in the parish
La educación religiosa se inicia 11 de septiembre. Los estudiantes
que deseen recibir la Primera Comunión o Confirmación deben
estar inscritos en la educación religiosa. Las formas se pueden
encontrar en el vestíbulo o en la oficina parroquial.
Next week we will be honoring our catechists.
Our Catechists do a wonderful job teaching the children about
God and his love for us. Yes, it can be challenging at times.
Catechists have to know the faith and sometimes
admit when they don’t have the answer. They live out
what they believe with their actions as well as their
words. Let us pray for our Catechists this year.
“Catechesis is intimately bound up with the whole of
the Church’s life . . . her inner growth and correspondence with
God’s plan depend essentially on catechesis” (CCC no. 7).
La próxima semana honramos a nuestros catequistas.
Nuestros Catequistas hacen un trabajo maravilloso enseñar a los niños
acerca de Dios y de su amor por nosotros. Sí, puede ser difícil a veces.
Catequistas tienen que conocer la fe y, a veces admitir cuando no
tienen la respuesta. Viven lo que creen con sus acciones, así como sus
palabras. Oremos por nuestros catequistas este año.
"La catequesis está unida íntimamente a toda la vida de la Iglesia...
su crecimiento interior, su correspondencia con el designio de Dios
dependen esencialmente de ella" (no. 7).
Mission Statement of Sacred Heart Church:
“We are a people of God, guided by Sacred Scripture, Traditions and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church to
live and share the Gospel message of Christ.”
24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 10-11, 2016
Minister of Holy
Around The Parish
Sun. Sept 4:
Tues. Sept 6:
Jerry Sweetman
Cathy Hahn
Ron Hahn
9:30 AM
Don Metzler
Gigi Zaborac
Luz Maria
Marie Stanaway
Tim Stanaway
12:30 PM
Laura Barajas
Noemi Perez
Juan Manuel
Shendy McAtee
Ted Yarosh
Corina Moore
Andrew Vickery
Damon Boshuizen
Sevilla Avila
James Moore
Connor Wyne
Spanish Mass
NO Confirmation Class
Wed. Sept 7:
Baptism Class
Knights of Columbus Meeting
Thurs Sept 8:
Mass at Crystal Terrace
Rosa Mendez
Emy Hernandez
Diego Alonzo
First Reading /Primera Lectura
Second Reading/Segunda:
Gospel Reading /Evangelio:
Fri Sept 9:
Friday Mass
Sat. Sept 10:
Men of St. Joseph
Sun Sept 11:
Ex 32:7-11, 13-14
1 Tim 1:12-17
Lk 15:1-32
Monthly Budget: $33,000.00 (includes Parish Assessment)
Last week’s offering: $4,158.59
August offering Total: $ 20,332.16
Amount still needed to fulfill this Month’s obligations:
In the future we will be combining the offering and the parish
assessment as one item. This also is reflected in the increase in
the monthly budget.
Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions for September 2016
Universal: Centrality of the Human Person
That each may contribute to the common good
and to the building of a society that places the
human person at the center.
Evangelization: Mission to Evangelize
That by participating in the Sacraments and
meditating on Scripture, Christians may
become more aware of their mission to evangelize.
Vigil Massw/ Fr. Karl Schray
Mass w/ Fr Karl Schray
1st Day of Religious Education =)
Spanish Mass w/ Fr Karl Schray
Confirmation Class SESSION 8
9/11 Prayer Service & Patriotic
2016 Monthly Offertory Giving
Sept 12:
Sept 17:
Sept 18:
Sept 27:
Oct 1:
Oct 8:
Oct 13:
Oct 23:
Catholic Daughter Potluck Meeting 11:30AM
Deanery Catechetical Workshop at St. Pius X
Coffee and Conversation with Blue Zones
Parish Council Meeting
10th Annual Rosary Bowl NW
Catholic Daughter’s Craft Fair
Blue Zones Purpose Workshop
Knights of Columbus Octoberfest
Universal: centralidad de la persona humana
que cada uno pueda contribuir al bien común ya la
construcción de una sociedad que coloca a la persona
humana en el centro.
Evangelización: misión de evangelizar
que al participar en los Sacramentos y la meditación de la
Escritura, los cristianos pueden llegar a ser más
conscientes de su misión de evangelizar.
The following have asked for our prayers/Los siguientes han pedido nuestras oraciones:
Collin Wynne, Marie Shaima, Tom Newcomb, Barbara Andersch, Ken Curtis, Edmond Barry O’Connor, Bob Bourget, Maria Magdalena
Chavez, Darlene Haight, Art Alaniz, Cathy Seus, Ida Lamb, Amy Spannaus, Charl0tte McCarthy, Kyle Lamson, Nick and Maria Valdez,
Gloria Mulvihill, Richard Rosco, Joe Cox, Maryetta Shere, Frank Foster, Rose Maupin, Bennie and Julia Rodriguez, Ed Andersch, John Rosco.
Please remember our homebound parishioners.
For the repose of the soul /Para el descanso del alma: Mary Hurley
To add a name to the Prayer Corner, call Shendy at 882-8065.
The mission of the campaign is to bring together the body of
Christ in a spirit of unity during a focused 40-day campaign of
prayer, fasting, and peaceful activism, with the purpose of
repentance, to seek God’s favor to turn hearts and minds from
a culture of death to a culture of life, thus bringing an end to
La misión de la campaña es reunir el cuerpo de Cristo en un
espíritu de unidad durante una enfocada campaña de 40 días de la
oración, el ayuno y activismo pacífico, con el propósito de
arrepentimiento, para buscar el favor de Dios para convertir los
corazones y las mentes de una cultura de la muerte a una cultura
de la vida, poniendo así fin al aborto.
You are invited to join other Christians from throughout
Klamath County as we take part in the national 40 Day for Life
effort this fall. We will start with a Kick Off Event.
Usted está invitado a unirse a otros cristianos de todo el condado
de Klamath mientras tomamos parte en el Día nacional 40, fuente
de vida de este otoño. Vamos a empezar con un Evento de Inicio.
Kick Off Event
Saturday, September 24
3-4:30PM at the Government Center
305 Main Street, Klamath Falls
In addition to peaceful prayer and fasting to end abortion, please
consider volunteering to pray outside the Government Center
(on the corner of 3rd and Main Streets) for one or more hours a
week during the 40 days, and help to spread the word to others
about this important lifesaving, heart healing effort. To sign up
for vigil hours visit
Bring Awareness - Pray
September 24 – November 6, 2017
at the Klamath County Government Center
Corner of 3rd and Main Streets
Evento de Inicio
Sábado 24 de septiembre
3-4:30PM en el Centro de Gobierno
305 Main Street, Klamath Falls
Además de la oración pacífica y ayuno para terminar el aborto, por
favor considere ser voluntario para orar frente al Centro de
Gobierno (en la esquina de 3rd y Main calles) para una o más horas
de la semana durante los 40 días, y ayudar a pasar la palabra a los
demás acerca de este importante evento de salvar la vida, esfuerzo
curativo del corazón. Para inscribirse en las horas de vigilia visite
Orar; Información de conciencia
24 septiembre-6 noviembre 2017
en el Centro de Gobierno del Condado de Klamath
Esquina de calles 3ª y la Main
La USCCB anima a las parroquias a orar "9 Días por la Vida" en
octubre (el mes de Respetar la vida) y de nuevo en enero (el mes
en el que se produce la Jornada de oración por la protección jurídica
de los Niños no Nacidos). La parroquia Sagrado Corazón le
gustaría fortalecer su MINISTERIO RESPETO A LA VIDA.
¿Usted estaría dispuesto a ayudar a organizar estas novenas y tal
vez ayudar con la conciencia? Por favor, póngase en contacto con
Sharla en la oficina parroquial si usted se siente llamado a este
The USCCB encourages parishes to pray “9 Days for Life” in
October (Respect Life Month) and again in January (the month
in which the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn
Children occurs). Sacred Heart Parish would like to strengthen
its RESPECT LIFE MINISTRY. Would you be willing to help
organize these novenas and perhaps help with public
awareness? Please call contact Sharla in the parish office if you
feel called to this ministry.
Our Lady of Guadalupe is the Patroness of the Pro-life Movement.
The image of Our Lady, given to St. Juan
Diego, shows Mary as pregnant with Jesus.
This image proclaimed the Gospel that "God is
with us" (Emmanuel) and that therefore we can
have the hope that gives us the courage to say
"Yes" to life, just like Mary did.
¿Usted estaría dispuesto a ayudar a organizar
estas novenas a la Virgen de Guadalupe y tal
vez ayudar con el conocimiento público? Por
favor llame a ponerse en contacto con el padre Roga o Sharla en la
oficina parroquial si usted se siente llamado a este ministerio.
Join us for
Coffee and Conversation
With Blue Zones Project Lead Erin Cox
Sunday, September 18, 10:45 a.m.
After 9:30 Mass in the Parish Hall
Would you like to live a longer, happier, more
meaningful life? Do you know that participating weekly in a
faith community adds 14 years to the average life span? Is it
coincidence that three of the five original Blue Zones
communities of the world’s longest-lived people were
predominantly Catholic?
Join us for conversation, coffee and light refreshments after
the 9:30 Mass, at 10:45 a.m. on Sunday, Sept. 18 in the Parish
Hall. Erin Cox, of the Blue Zones Project staff, and Lynne
Butterworth, Parish Councilor, will lead a discussion of how
small, voluntary choices can benefit us as individuals and as a
parish community. It’s not just about eating healthier or more
mindfully. Praying, having a purpose, a sense of belonging,
putting family first, unwinding from stress, and moving
naturally are also important to living longer, happier healthier
A new study beginning Wednesdays
The “One Thing is Three”
By Father Michael Gaitley
September 14 – November 23
10AM session or 6PM session
Sacred Heart Religious Education Center
Please call the office to reserve your spot
Week 1: Introduction & Orientation
Well, because we’re living in such an extraordinary time, I
believe that God not only gives us a key to great sanctity but
also a key to great wisdom. We find this key to wisdom in the
theological term “communio,” meaning “communion.” This
Latin word may be unfamiliar, but don’t be afraid. The concept
is simple and yet amazingly powerful for the way it helps us
grasp some of the deepest mysteries of our faith.
Did you miss the last study? Well here is what Fr.
Gaitley has to say about that.
“Some movie sequels just don’t make sense unless you first see the
original films. For instance, if you watch one of the movies from The
Lord of the Rings trilogy out of order, you’ll be lost. On the other
hand, there are other kinds of sequels that you can easily understand
without having to see their precursors. For example, I’ve heard you
can watch any of the 23 James Bond movies in whatever order you
please and each one will completely make sense on its own. Well, I
dare say that the Hearts Afire programs are like Bond Movies. I mean
that you can fully enjoy and understand each one without having to
“see” them in order.
So, whether this is your first Hearts Afire program or your second or
third, I’m confident you’re going to fully understand and enjoy it.
Fr. Michael Gaitley
for teenagers from 7 grade through 12th grade begins
Tuesday September 13th, 2016
with a bar b que potluck.
LIFE TEEN is a movement within the Roman Catholic Church,
that leads teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship
with Jesus Christ and His Church.
LIFE TEEN Mass: The most important part of every Life Teen
program night is the Mass. Each week we will meet in the
Church at 6:00PM for Mass and then head over to the youth
room for a Life Night.
Life Nights come in three varieties: catechetical, issue, and
social. Catechetical nights are designed to teach teens about
some aspect of the Catholic faith. Issue nights deal with real life
issues that teens deal with on a daily basis such as gossip,
chastity, or drinking. Social nights are designed to help teens
build friendships and develop stronger social bonds.
LIFE TEEN is guided by seven core values.
Eucharistic spirituality – Life teen teaches that the Eucharist is the
"source and summit" of the Catholic faith,
Love - Life Teen strives to show every teen that they are loved.
Joy - Life Teen professes that "Jesus is a reason to be joyful and
excited about life".
Affirmation - As a community, all who take part in Life Teen are
expected to support and encourage one another.
Authenticity - Life Teen encourages teens to live an authentic life, one
where they do not wear a "mask" or pretend to be someone they are
Evangelization - As Jesus commissioned his disciples to "make
disciples of all nations," Life Teen believes "that every teenager
deserves a chance to have a relationship with Jesus" and invites all to
Primary vocation - The adult leaders of Life Teen are also called to
take care of their primary responsibilities ahead of their commitments
to Life Teen or any other purpose.
Don’t miss out on this exciting program. Hamburgers and Hot
Dogs will be provided by the Knights of Columbus. All you
need to bring is your family a side dish and an open heart.
Please call the office to let us know you will be attending.