U10 – U18 Coaches Information Handout



U10 – U18 Coaches Information Handout
Outdoor Season
U10 – U18 Coaches
Information Handout
[email protected]
Phone: 780-468-5233 ext. 2
Fax: 780-461-1745
#84 4003 98 Street Edmonton AB T6K 4B5
MWSA Board Members
MWSA President’s Welcome Message
U10 – U18 Coaches Checklist
Equipment & Pick Up
Helpful Hints for a successful parents meeting
Season Start Date, Refund & Withdrawals, Pictures, Additional Costs
Security Clearance Forms, Outdoor Field Addresses, Field Closure Line
Lightning & MWSA Cancellation Policies
If Caught Outdoors, Games & Practices, Bench Requirements, Uniforms
MWSA Soccer Equipment Exchange, Jewellery, Eye Glasses
Head coverings, Casts, Splints & Athletic Braces
EMSA Coaches Schedule Pick Up
EMSA ID Carding Dates for Players & Coaches
Selects & Trialist Information, Keeper Training
Technical Training, Rules of the Game & Dispute Resolution
EMSA Discipline Information, Referees
Coaches, Players & Parent Code of Conduct
Referee Liaison
Guidelines for Fundraising/Sponsorship, City of Edmonton Dog Policy #2202
Smoking & Alcohol Policies Outdoor Provincials & Post Season Play
Kickoff Classic May Tournament
Important Dates
Keep MWSA Up to Date, Did we miss something? MWSA Website, U10 Mini Fest
Coaches Appreciation Party
Thanks to our Sponsors and Volunteers
Team Jersey Record
Your Community Rep’s job is to be your first point of contact. The Community Chair will be your second point
of contact. They can help you deal with problems or concerns that arise throughout the season. They are also
people you must contact in the event of a protest or appeal. Listed below are their emails.
MWSA Board Members
Email Addresses
[email protected]
Imy Bhatty
1 Vice President
2 Vice President
Executive Director
Office Assistant
Equipment Director
Referee Assignor
Selects Director
Technical Director
Tournament Chairperson
Volunteer Chairperson
Gaming Chairperson
Community League Chairperson
Burnewood Rep. U14 B
Burnewood Assistant U8G & Jr.
Ellerslie Rep. MM
Fulton Meadows Rep U16 –U18
Vern LeMoignan
Canute Cupid
Joanne Adams
Angie Sych
Cheryl Brodeur
Cindy Breadner
Ricardo Lodhar
Diana Clark
Alberto Anaya
Cathy Station
Linda Bhatty
Patti Little
Nav Dhaliwal
Terryl Brosda
Roger Pelletier
Imy Bhatty
Mohamed Njie
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Knottwood Rep.U12
Lakewood Rep. U6
Leefield Rep
Meadows Rep.
Millhurst Rep. U16-U18 B/G
N. Millbourne Rep.
Ridgewood Rep. U10 B
Southwood Rep. U10 G
Jordan Kruger
Lesli Battistoni
Nav Dhaliwal
Jorge Rojas
Canute Cupid
Tracy Lehmann
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Summerside Rep. U8B
[email protected]
Woodvale Rep. U14 G
Past President
Tanya Russell
Joe Herlein
[email protected]
jher[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Consider joining the MWSA Board!
On behalf of the Mill Woods Soccer Association (MWSA) Board and Staff, I would like to welcome you to
the 2014 Outdoor Soccer Season.
MWSA exists to promote, develop and govern the soccer program in the communities that make up the
Mill Woods Zone (Burnewood, Ellerslie, Knottwood, Lakewood, Leefield, Millhurst, The Meadows, North
Millbourne, Ridgewood, Southwood, Summerside, Woodvale and Beaumont). We strive to provide for all
children and youth in the Mill Woods Zone the opportunity to enjoy the “beautiful game.” We endeavour
to develop all our players, regardless of initial skill, to their full potential as soccer players, encouraging the
values of good sportsmanship and of course having fun.
Our Board members are committed to improving our programs so they are more enjoyable for our Players,
Coaches and Parents. We are also determined to better manage these programs by increasing efficiencies
and accountability to you.
MWSA is a community volunteer driven organization. This means with a few exceptions, our program is
organized and run by a group dedicated volunteers from the communities of the Mill Woods Zone. We
appreciate all our volunteers from Coaches and Managers working directly with the teams to the Board
Members working to improve the program and the countless volunteers that help with registration, preseason camps, inventory, tournaments, equipment, evaluations, and so much more. All these people
contribute well over 300,000+ volunteer hours each year to ensure our youth have the opportunity to play
soccer. Please show them respect and gratitude, for without these generous volunteers, we would not be
able to offer this program. Also, if you are not already involved, please consider volunteering some of your
time to make your and all our children’s soccer experience a great one!
We welcome your comments, concerns or suggestions at any time, and if there is a problem, please
contact us sooner rather than later, so that we might be able to help you. Feel free to relate them to
your community league representative or the MWSA office [email protected] or
780-468-5233). For more information, I invite you to visit our new website at
I hope you have a fantastic season!
Imy Bhatty
MWSA - President
U10 – U18
Coaches Checklist
Outdoor 2012
1. Pick up my Equipment on Saturday, April 13th, U10-U 8 from 1:00 pm -4:00 pm
At the storage facility (99 St&71 Ave) after the coaches meeting
2. Please read this entire handout
3. Call and/ or email my players to introduce myself by April 18th 2014.
4. Meet with parents and players to review rules and expectation and hand out jerseys.
5. Find myself an Assistant Coach and Manager if not already assigned.
6. Ensure all coaching staff has filled out a team staff application on www.millwoodssoccer.com under
7. Check with the team if they are interested in the Mill Woods Tournament and register on line
www.millwoodssoccer.com tournaments tab.
8. U16 –U18 Make sure all players needing player cards do so on the selected EMSA dates (see attached)
9. U10-U12 Community schedules will be emailed April 28th
10. U14-U18 City Wide Teams pick up schedules April28 th 11:00 am – 7:00 pm at the South Soccer
Centre. You must bring your completed coach information form to be filled in online and printed off.
11. Arrange for pictures to be taken if your team wishes
12. Fill out Coaches Appreciation Night RSVP form and return it to the office by June 06th, 2014.
If you have any questions, please contact your Community League Representative.
Have a Great Season!!!
Equipment – U10 to U18
Each coach is required to submit a $200.00 equipment deposit cheque to the equipment director
when he/she receives the equipment. Equipment will not be handed out to any coach unless a
deposit cheque has been received. Please date your equipment deposit cheque for July 01, 2014.
Equipment deposit cheques will not be cashed; they will be returned to the coaches or shred once
the equipment director receives the equipment. If you or someone from the team is unable to
pick up your equipment during the dates and times chosen, please contact the equipment director
to make the necessary arrangements via email [email protected] or cell 780-297-2800.
As a coach, you are responsible to collect a $200.00 jersey deposit cheque from each player who
did not submit it to the office.
Please have these cheques dated May 1st 2014. DO NOT accept cash or credit card numbers as a
deposit on the jersey. As well, inform all parents on your team that these cheques will not be
cashed unless the jerseys are not returned.
Equipment Pick Up -After Coaches Meeting
U10- 1:00-2:00
U12 - 2:00-3:00
U14-U18 - 3:00-4:00
Our equipment storage facility is located on the west side of 99 St (between 71st and 72nd Avenue), next to
Russell Metals. The warehouse has a mural of Joey Moss on it and it faces 99 St. All equipment handouts
and returns will take place here.
Here are some suggestions to help Mill Woods Soccer reestablish their excellent return rate!
 Please retain the Keeper jerseys with the equipment as a designated goalkeeper will
occasionally show up at a game without the jersey or will be unable to attend.
 Older soccer balls sometimes leak air. To re-inflate soccer balls, use a moist valve needle and
re-inflate to the appropriate pressure, as listed below.
#3 balls – 4-6lbs
#4 balls – 6-8lbs
#5 balls – 8-10lbs
 Valve needles are not provided with your equipment.
 Return all of your equipment, including flat balls, on the scheduled equipment return dates. If
you are unable to attend our equipment return dates, please have a trusted member of your
team return the equipment on time. Jerseys MUST be washed before they are returned at the
end of the season!!
 A good turn out on scheduled date means less work for everyone involved.
Our equipment storage facility is located by the Joey Moss Mural (70th Avenue & 99 Street), next to Russel
Metals. All equipment handouts and returns will take place here.
Here are some suggestions to help MWSA re-establish its excellent return rate!
 Older soccer balls sometimes leak air. To re-inflate soccer balls, use a moist valve needle
and re-inflate to the appropriate pressure, as listed below.
#3 balls – 4-6lbs
#4 balls – 6-8lbs
#5 balls – 8-10lbs
 Valve needles are not provided with your equipment.
 Return all of your equipment, including flat balls, on the scheduled equipment return dates.
If you are unable to attend our equipment return dates, please have a trusted member of your
team return the equipment on time. Pinnies MUST be washed before they are returned at the
end of the season!!
 A good turn out on scheduled date means less work for everyone involved.
Helpful Hints for a Successful Parents Meeting
When you first attend the MWSA Coaches meeting and receive your team list you should CALL each
parent within the next few days and introduce yourself. You can also let them know that the
Outdoor Season begins on the week of May 1st, 2014. Please remember to give them YOUR
telephone number. The next important step (after picking up your equipment) is to hold a parents’
meeting, and that is when you can hand out the players jerseys, that they get to keep after the
season is over!
Every MWSA Soccer Coach should hold a meeting with all the parents on the team as soon as
possible after receiving his/her team. You may also book time at your local community league or
the food court at your local mall. However, one of the easiest ways to do this is to hold the parents
meeting during the very first ‘get-together’ at a field/park. Introduce yourself to your new players
and then throw them a soccer ball and let them play while you meet with the parents.
Here are some suggested to points to be covered:
Introduce yourself. Tell them about your coaching experience and a little about your life –
job, family, etc. Talk to them about the MWSA philosophy of playing each child equally
regardless of their skill level. Let them know that the MWSA has made every effort to form
these teams of players of relatively equal skill and ability.
Confirm phone numbers and email addresses from your registration forms. Email is the
easiest way to contact the team members, so you’ll want to make sure your contact
information is correct.
Advise the parents that it is the belief of Mill Woods Soccer and your own that school and
homework come before soccer! If a child gets home from school at 3:30 PM, they should
make every effort to get their homework done BEFORE a 6:00 p.m. Game. If they wait until
after the game (7:00 PM or later), they will simply be too tired. Seek the parents support on
this issue! And tell the parents that you WILL send this message to the children often.
Let them know that you need at least 1-2 Assistant Coaches and one Team Manager. Explain
to them that you simply cannot do the job alone. It is a “team” that includes the parents!
Assure them that the assistant coaches need not know a lot about the game of soccer,
although that would certainly be a bonus. The assistant coaches help to make sure that each
child plays equally. Assistant coaches would also assist with the warm-up prior to games.
They may also help supervise the players when they prepare to play. Split fields require 2
The Team Manager would be in charge of arranging photos, organizing snack rotations,
optional yearend gifts for coaches/players etc. The Team Manager would also be the ‘gobetween’ in the event that someone had trouble speaking with a coach. The team manager
could prepare a phone list for the team, and be the phoning/email contact person, to take
that responsibility off of the coaches shoulders.
Explain the MWSA policy of playing each child equally. This does not mean that you will have
a stop watch and time this to the second. But every effort should be made to play the
children equally, and that while winning is important, it is not the primary goal. Advise the
parents that your goal as a coach is to have the players improve their soccer skills while
having fun. The ONLY exceptions to this are injury/sickness and discipline issues.
Discipline issues may include being disrespectful to team mates, other players, coaches,
parents or referees. When a child is disciplined, his/her parents should be informed of this.
All discipline should be progressive and should be in proportion to the “wrong” that was
done. (I.e. if a child was disrespectful to a referee, the coach may decide to bench him for a
shift. If the player does it a second time, the benching may be for a couple of shifts. And so
on.) Each time this occurs the coach MUST explain to the child the reason for the punishment
and that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.
Tell the parents that they will need to bring their children to the games at least 15 minutes
BEFORE game time. This is necessary so that the players warm up properly and receive
instructionsParents should attend ALL of their children’s games and practices! The coach is
NOT a baby-sitter. Your child will know if mom brings them to the game 5 minutes before it
starts and then races back 5 minutes after it is over. These young people have a relatively
short playing career. Be there for THEM! Of course there are some occasions where a parent
has no choice but to leave (other children in soccer, etc.). If a parent MUST leave for a while,
they MUST inform the coach and manager that they have to leave and they MUST inform the
coach and manager when they will return.
Provide the parents with a list of parents/players names, addresses and phone numbers.
Make sure that no one has any objections to this. If they need someone to give their child a
ride, they should phone someone that lives close to them. They should NOT always call you!
They should also not always rely on the same person for a “ride”. Encourage them to ask
other people that live close to them.
Due to infectious diseases like spinal meningitis, and even colds and flu’s, advise the parents
that players should have their OWN water bottle (an empty “Power Aid” bottle will suffice).
Each water bottle should be clearly marked with the player’s name!
Explain to the parents that Mill Woods Soccer conducts security checks on its entire coaching
staff. Mill Woods Soccer is doing everything it can to screen out any sex offenders or child
Ask the parents to ensure that their child does not bring or wear jewelry of any kind to the
games. Earrings, necklaces, etc. should be left at home or with the parent.
Ask the parents to be positive role models. They should cheer, not jeer. They should NEVER
yell at Coaches or other players. Tell them that YOU are responsible for not only the players
on the team, but also the parents. Tell them that if they cannot behave themselves on the
sidelines, you may have to ask them to leave – in order to cool down. . . Tell them that Mill
Woods Soccer WILL support you on this issue!
Advise the parents that if a player gets hurt during a game, they should NOT immediately
scream at a Referee if he/she does NOT immediately blow the whistle. The Referee is not
supposed to do this! Often such incidents involve a minor injury (two players jostle for the
ball and one player goes down). The Referee is supposed to allow the play to continue –
especially if the ball is played to a team mate of the injured player. The Referee may call,
“Advantage – Play on!” If the Referee were to blow the whistle immediately, the advantage
would be lost. Having said this, if there was a foul, the referee should blow the whistle
immediately - not because of the injury, but because of the foul. Remember, it is the
Referee’s discretion as to whether a foul occurred, NOT the parents or coaches. If the injury
is clearly and obviously serious in nature (and the vast majority are NOT) the Referee can and
should blow the whistle and stop play.
In the case where the injury is NOT serious, but the player is down and “hurting”,
proper soccer etiquette is for the opposing team to kick the ball out of play at the next
earliest opportunity. A “restart” then occurs by the team with the injured player. In
keeping with the etiquette, the player making the throw-in then throws the ball to the
opposing team. It is important for all coaches and player to know this so they DON’T
scream at a Referee who is only doing what he/she is supposed to do!
Advise the parents that you will need one of them to act as a “Bench Parent” for each game. It
doesn’t have to be the same parent for each game. Make sure that both parents know what
their responsibilities are before EACH game! ALL teams must have at least one adult who is
the same gender as the players. For example, if the coach, Assistant Coach and Manager of a
GIRLS team are all male, then they must include a fourth person – one of the parents, to have
as a “Bench mom” who would be present on the bench at all games. The same, in reverse,
applies to the BOYS team that requires a “Bench Dad”.
2014 Outdoor Season Start Date
The approximate start date for all age categories is the first week of May (TENTATIVELY
May 01 2013). We plan for each team to play 12-14 regular season games, however we can
NOT guarantee this.
Refunds and Withdrawals
There will be NO refunds after April 1st, 2014. A $35 administration fee will be deducted from all refunds.
NSF fees are nonrefundable.
Refunds may no longer be available due to the timing of
the withdrawal.
Players may withdraw at any time. A form can be found on the website. To request a refund,
parents/guardians must notify MWSA in writing, either by regular mail, office delivery or via email
to [email protected] Messages cannot be relayed through coaches. It is also the
parents’ responsibility to ensure that all jerseys are returned to MWSA or your $200.00 jersey deposit
will be cashed.
Teams that wish team pictures must arrange this on their own. It’s a very short season so you’ll want
to schedule your team pictures as early as possible. The MWSA office has a list of the photographers
we used in the past.
Additional Costs
Please be advised that, in addition to registration fees, coaches may request additional fees to pay for
tournament entry costs, practice space (i.e. Centre Time), or other various team expenses (e.g. pictures, team
party, etc.).
Security Clearance Forms
Each year MWSA requires an Edmonton Police Service Criminal Record Check from all volunteers who
are in regular contact with our players. This means all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers.
MWSA conducts these record checks at no cost to our volunteers. You just need to fill them in and
drop them off at the MWSA office and they will be sent to the Police Head Quarters on your behalf,
free of charge.
Outdoor Fields
Outdoor field maps can be found on millwoodssoccer.com under Parents Corner –Field Locations
Field closure phone lines
Edmonton (updated at 4 pm daily):
Sherwood Park:
Spruce Grove:
780-496-4999 ext. 1
780-467-5800 ext. 3314
Lightening and MWSA Cancellation Policy
As you may know, the City of Edmonton occasionally closes access to some or all its fields. When that
happens you must not go on these fields. If caught on them by City representatives, YOU will likely be
fined $250 and will have to cover the cost yourself. Otherwise, as long as the fields are open you have
to go to the field and play your game. You could find out whether City fields are “open” by calling 311
after 4 p.m. (i.e., after field closure details are updated).
When at the field, you MUST suspend (or possibly terminate) your game for lightning as it is required
you stop playing for a time, not that you must end the game. In case of actual or the threat of
lightning, Canada Soccer Association (CSA) directs that:
Before the game - If lightning is sighted within 6 miles (i.e., 30 seconds between lightning and
thunder) delay game start until 30 minutes after last lightning strike.
After game start – If the time between the lightening and its thunder is LESS than 30 seconds
suspend the game for 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.
If the “30-30 Rule” (see bullets below) applies, cancel and reschedule the game as per rain out
procedure, listed at the bottom of your game schedule.
 Take shelter when you count 30 seconds or less between lightning and thunder.
 Remain sheltered for 30 minutes after the last thunder.
Notes: Games are considered finished and results are final if 75% of game is completed.
Minimum official time required for game to be considered complete:
U10 - 45min
U12 - 52.5min
U14 - 60min
U16/U18 - 67.5min
If caught outdoors:
Keep a safe distance from tall objects, such as trees, hilltops, and telephone poles.
Avoid projecting above the surrounding landscape. Seek shelter in low-lying areas such as
valleys, ditches and depressions but be aware of flooding.
Stay away from water. Don't go boating or swimming if a storm threatens and land as quickly
as possible if you are on the water. Lightning can strike the water and travel some distance
from its point of contact. Don't stand in puddles even if wearing rubber boots.
Stay away from objects that conduct electricity (e.g., metal stands or fences, bicycles)
Avoid being the highest point in an open area. Swinging a golf club or holding an umbrella
could make you a lightning target. Remove shoes with metal cleats.
You are safe inside a car, but don't park near or under trees or other tall objects which may
topple over during a storm. Be aware of downed power lines which may be touching your car.
You are safe inside the car, but may receive a shock if you step outside.
In a forest, seek shelter in a low-lying area under a thick growth of small trees or bushes.
Keep alert for flash floods, sometimes caused by heavy rainfall, if seeking shelter in a ditch or
low-lying area.
If caught in a level field far from shelter and you feel your hair stand on end, lightning may
be about to hit you. Kneel on the ground immediately, with feet together, place your hands on
your knees and bend forward. Don't lie flat.
If you are in a group in the open, spread out, keeping people several yards apart.
Note: Persons struck by lightning receive an electrical shock. They do not carry an electrical charge
and can be safely handled. They may be suffering from burns or shock and should receive medical
attention immediately. If their breathing stopped, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation should be
administered. If breathing and pulse are absent, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is required.
Games and Practices
Players should arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of all games and practices. This allows the
coaches time to give instructions to the players prior to the game or practice.
Parents should stay for all practices and games so that they could enjoy observing their child’s
activities and be present if they are needed by the child or coach.
The Coach is NOT a babysitter and will not automatically assume the task of transporting your
child to/from fields, or caring for your child beyond practice or game time. If you need help work
something out with another parent.
Bench Requirement
ALL teams must have at least one adult that is of the same gender as the players. For example, if the
Coach, Assistant Coach and Manager of a GIRLS team are all male, then they must include a fourth
person - one of the parents, to be a “Bench Mom” and present on the bench. This is required for all
games. The same, in reverse, applies to the BOYS team that requires a “Bench Dad”.
Under 10, 12, 14, 16, & 18
In these age groups, children are issued a jersey to use throughout the season. A deposit cheque of
$200 postdated for May 01, 2014 must be given to your coach if not received in the office.
They do not get a jersey without a deposit. Because of the rule regarding matching shorts and
socks, all players are required to wear black shorts and socks. Shin pads are mandatory for all
players. Players without shin pads will not be permitted to play. All players should have their own
labeled water bottle. Cleats are recommended in these age groups. Players are not permitted to
wear pants during a soccer game unless the referee of that game allows it.
Home Team = White Jerseys
Away Team = Blue Jerseys
MWSA “Soccer Equipment Exchange Program”
MWSA is proud to announce its ongoing and innovative “Soccer Equipment Exchange
Program”, aimed at providing those in need with necessary soccer playing equipment.
MWSA realizes that young players quickly grow out of their soccer gear – cleats, shin pads, and shorts
– and that this equipment is often discarded or left unused. We have started a collection of these
items and is managing an ‘exchange program’ at our office. The program is designed to facilitate the
exchange of unused equipment for needed items, and to assist those in financial need with necessary
equipment so that their child could play in the program.
If you have unused, outgrown, and still-useful soccer equipment please bring it to the MWSA
office (by Town Centre Mall food court) where it would be organized and stored. Those who donate
items to the collection may ‘exchange’ them (at no cost) for other items. Individuals deemed to be ‘in
need’ may keep items free of charge, without necessarily bringing an item as exchange.
We thank you for your support!
Jewellery (earrings, necklaces, etc.) is NOT allowed when playing soccer.
FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association – the world governing body for soccer) and
the CSA are clear in this regard. A player cannot wear something that can hurt themselves or anyone
else on the field, i.e. jewellery.
Medical-Alert jewellery or clothing required by player’s religion may be worn only if the referee deems
it safe and does not give the player an unfair advantage. Medical-Alert jewellery can normally be
made safe by wrapping it with tape, with the necessary information showing.
A Player refusing to remove any type of jewelry at the request of the referee (including
all external body piercing(s)) will not be permitted to play.
Eye Glasses
Eye glasses are allowed ONLY if they are prescription and ONLY if they are made of plastic
and are non-shattering lenses. Sunglasses are NOT permitted unless they are prescription
lenses. Sport glasses and sport glass covers are permitted.
Head Covering "Hijab"
The wearing of sports type hijab will be permitted upon a satisfactory pre-game inspection by the
referee, as mandated by FIFA rule four, which states all items of clothing or equipment other than the
basic equipment must be inspected by the referee and determined to be safe.
The wearing of other forms of the hijab will also be permitted at the discretion of the referee,
but only after a pre-game determination that the hijab does not pose a danger to the wearer
or any other player.
The objective in developing clear guidelines and communicating same is to ensure continuity
of implementation across the province.
Casts/Splints/Athletic Braces
Hard casts (plaster) are NOT permitted – even if padded.
Soft Casts – if adequately padded will be allowed if the Referee approves it.
Braces are permitted – but if it is a hard brace or has edges – it must be padded.
If a player has a cast or brace to intimidate or with intent to injure – they will be
cautioned and sent off the field.
Coaches Schedule Pick Up
ALL Tier 1, 2 & 3, U10/U12 City Wide
& ALL U16 & U18 Community TEAMS
As well as U14 Community teams from
South West, South East, Mill Woods and North
MONDAY, APRIL 28th –11:00am – 7:00pm
A Coach or Team Representative may attend the schedule pick up session.
This is not a meeting; you just simply drop by and pick up your schedule.
EMSA staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.
Your schedules will not be ready any earlier than this so please don’t
come early or call to request an early pick up.
You will also receive your game book and referee liaison information and
armband/neck lanyard at this time.
(Forms are found in your coach kit on line at www.emsamain.com)
The following Player Carding Sessions will be held in the EMSA office located in the SOUTH
Edmonton Soccer Centre at 6520 Roper Road.
They are open to all Edmonton and Out of Town players, as well as their coaches, assistant coaches and
The following groups require EMSA I.D. Cards:
Players, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers of
U16 and U18 Community
All Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Teams
U10/U12 City Wide (NOT - U10/U12/U14 Community)
April 17th
3:00 pm – 8:00 pm Open to all – INCLUDING OUT OF TOWN. ID Required.
April 22th
3:00 pm – 8:00 pm Open to all – INCLUDING OUT OF TOWN. ID Required.
April 24rd
3:00 pm – 8:00 pm Open to all – INCLUDING OUT OF TOWN. ID Required.
April 29th
3:00 pm – 8:00pm Open to all – INCLUDING OUT OF TOWN. ID Required.
May 1st
3:00 pm – 8:00 pm Open to all – INCLUDING OUT OF TOWN. ID Required.
May 6th
3:00pm – 8:00pm Open to all – INCLUDING OUT OF TOWN. ID Required.
Outdoor 2014 Black-Out Period for pictures submitted via E-mail
E-mail pictures cannot be processed between April 17th – April 29th, 2014.
If you wish to have a card printed via e-mail, please ensure picture and info is received in our office
either before or after this black-out period.
The Selects FC teams are MWSA Zone Representative teams at the U10-U18 age groups, playing in
Tier 1, 2, and 3 City Wide. They play against other zone representative teams in a citywide program
that is guided by EMSA rules and regulations.
The Selects Program is a developmental program, which requires higher commitment levels (by
players, their parents, and coaches), and some additional costs:
Selects shorts & socks ($28.00)
Tournament expenses, in and/or out of town
Expenses to attend Provincials that alternate between Calgary and Edmonton
A track suit (optional) for approximately $110
Team Picture (optional)
Socks, shorts, jackets, pants and bags are NO LONGER available in the MWSA office however
all of our stock is now on sale at the KICKS store located at 2027-111 St.
Selects Trialists (U10+)
“Trialists” are players that are invited to play on an older-age or higher-tier team. Often, teams
invite trialists when the team is shorthanded or would like to explore different players. MWSA
supports the use of trialists for a variety of reasons: It gives the trialists experience at a more
demanding level, it motivates trialists and their teammates, it showcases our talent, it ensures that
our teams have a way to overcome being shorthanded, and it fosters a stronger (MWSA) program.
Recognize that being asked to send a trialist is a compliment to the player asked, and to you – the
player’s Coach. Note that trialists may only play a maximum of FIVE league games for any one
MWSA Keeper Training
We will be continuing our Keeper Trainer for the Outdoor Season. If you are interested in trying the
position for the first time or you’re an experienced keeper our dedicated, trained volunteer coaching
Staff would love to see you out. For more information please contact Alberto Anaya at
[email protected]
Technical Training
Beginning in early 2010, MWSA developed and now implements a Coaching Skills Development
Program. It will be made available for all who wish to coach in Mill Woods. The program (and its
clinics) will be mandatory but there will be several dates available to suit your schedules. It will guide
the appointment of coaches and assistant coaches. It aims to make your coaching role easier, more
enjoyable and successful, and will focus on:
The nature of “Stage Development” (providing age appropriate coaching)
Developing balance and coordination (through exercises or drills)
The Coach’s role
Tips on the conduct of practice sessions
Contact Technical
Via email at [email protected]
***Please keep checking your email boxes and the MWSA website for
Upcoming dates for your age categories Technical Camps and Clinics
Rules of the Game
Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their spectators.
Complete Rules for outdoor soccer can be found on the following websites:
Edmonton Minor Soccer Association – www.edmontonsoccer.com
Alberta Soccer Association -- www.albertasoccer.com
Dispute Resolution
In case of disputes between you and your child's coach or other team officials please handle them
with dignity and serve as a good role model to your child and others. If your effort to correct the
situation directly with the coach or team officials fails, please relay your concern to your Community
Soccer Representative. If still not satisfied, contact the MWSA President, 1st VP, or 2nd VP.
* Please note * Leagues run through the EMSA Zone's, must have discipline information and inquiries go
to the zone they play in, before contacting EMSA
General Discipline Information
* Please note, no matter what the offence is, a RED CARD issued means that the player must leave the field
without dispute. A report is sent to the Discipline Director, it will be reviewed and a suspension within EMSA’s
Rules and Regulations will be administered. Under FIFA rulings, the minimum suspension for a red card is 1
USB - Unsporting Behavior
DISSENT – dissent towards the referee
PIL - Persistent Infringement of the
EFP - Entering field of play without
referee's permission
LFP - Leaving field of play with referee's
3rd BC - 3rd Blue Card (Indoor Only)
2 yellow cards in same match - ejection
Boarding (Indoor Only) (1-3 or more games)
SFP - Serious Foul Play (1-4 or more games)
VC - Violent Conduct (2-10 or more games)
Spits - spitting at an opponent/other person (Automatic
DOGSO – Denying and obvious goal scoring opportunity
(1 or more games)
OIAL - Offensive, Insulting or abusive language NOT at
referee (1-2or more games)
OIAL - at a game official (4 or more games)
2nd CO - Second Cautionable offence
Suspensions are AUTOMATIC and Team Officials shall be responsible to heading the suspension regardless
of whether or not they have been officially informed by the League Director or Discipline Director.
Standard Notification Procedure
Team officials should receive an automated notification from our MSO Discipline System indicating who
received the discipline and the duration of the suspension.
Please reply to [email protected] with questions, DO NOT reply to the email address
you received the email from, as it does not go to anyone.
If you disagree with the discipline you must go through the appeal procedure (found in our EMSA Rules &
Regulations). Please note that BOARDING and one game suspensions CANNOT be appealed. The appeal
must be received in writing by the office within 48 hours (business days) of you receiving email notification.
The appeal must be accompanied by $100 cash, money order or certified cheque only.
ESAF (Edmonton Soccer Association Facilities) deals with ALL incidents that
occur OFF the field (hallways, lobby, stands etc.) – there are attendants/security
at the field that can help a situation and can write an incident report or administer
facility bans –to be redirected to their RULES/REGULATIONS
Please Contact them directly if you have any complaints off of the field
Playoffs/Post Season
Suspensions that affect playoff or post season will be dealt with by a case to case manner based on EMSA’s
Discipline Policy. Discipline can be carried over to the upcoming season rather than the following games
depending on the severity of the offense.
If you are a coach of a player that has received a suspension near the end of the year please contact the
Discipline Director at [email protected] to have the situation assessed by our
Discipline Committee - if you do not contact EMSA, suspension must be served during the post (next
immediate game)
Contacting the EMSA Discipline Director/Committee
Must be through a Correspondence Liaison. All coaches, assistant coaches, managers and referee liaisons
will represent their team as correspondence liaisons. They will be responsible for all communications between
the team and the EMSA office. All other persons involved with the team (players, parents, etc.) with questions,
comments, complaints or concerns are to submit their info to one of the team officials and in turn that team
official will contact the EMSA office for a response.
Referee abuse and harassment by spectators, players or coaches will NOT be tolerated!
Game officials (i.e., Referees) are critical to the sport of soccer and without them there would be no
game. Please treat them with respect and recognize that they too are learning and improving with
experience. Anyone found guilty of harassing game officials will be disciplined and may be barred
from games.
Coaches Code of Conduct
Head Coaches in MWSA are fully responsible for all activities of their team. They shall demonstrate leadership, commitment, compassion, and
fairness when interacting with their team’s players and their parents/guardians.
All MWSA coaches (Coaches, Assistant Coaches, and Team Managers) are representatives and agents of MWSA. They shall demonstrate respect to
its values and expectations, despite
 Their interests/involvement in a specific MWSA team;
 Any personal interest as an individual consumer of MWSA services;
 Like or dislike they may have for Board members, coaches or volunteers
MWSA coaches are trustees of public confidence. They need to serve as role models for the youth under their care, to develop soccer skills, good
sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and fair play.
MWSA coaches should avoid actual or the perception of conflict of interest. They shall not use their position or role to gain advantage for their child
(or another player on the team), or gain financially from the team’s resources.
Coaches may speak for their team, but not for MWSA.
Coaches must demonstrate respect for and adherence to the rules of soccer, assigned referees, and related MWSA Policies and Procedures.
Coaches must strive to extend each of their players to his/her full potential, and play hard towards the highest possible reach of their team.
However, coaches should never forget that in the end Soccer is only a game.
Players’ Code of Conduct
Do your best! Your behavior reflects on you, your team, your coach, MWSA, and the sport of Soccer. Your behavior impacts all of these.
Be a good sport
 Play hard, but play fair
 Play strong but have compassion for those who lose the game
 Play to win but remember that “winning” is doing your best against all odds
Be respectful
 Of people (i.e., of coaches, your teammates, other players, and referees)
 Of rules (i.e., the rules of soccer and their application by referees)
 Of existing policies and procedures (i.e., MWSA, EMSA, ASA)
Support your team
 Participate in practices and drills. They are important for skill and team development
 Work with the coaches to improve your and the team’s skills
 Be a team player, not a lone hero
Play safe! Ensure that your equipment and how you play the game are safe for you and all other players in the game.
Enjoy Soccer fully, but remember that in the end Soccer is only a game.
Parents’ Code of Conduct
Your child’s coach is a volunteer giving up valuable personal time to guide your child’s recreational activity. The Coach is NOT a babysitter and will not
automatically assume the task of transporting your child to/from fields, or caring for your child beyond practice/game time.
Please help the Coach to better meet your child’s needs:
Avoid being a sideline coach. It confuses the players and frustrates coaches.
Respect the coach's position as the team leader by not undermining his/her instructions to players.
Support your child. Give praise not only for scoring, but also for doing his/her best and contributing to the team
Treat the coach with respect.
Help your child's team and MWSA whenever and wherever you can. Your support and much needed assistance make the difference between a
rewarding, productive season and a mediocre, frustrating one.
Alert, as early as possible, your child’s coach or team official of your concerns
Accept responsibility for your child's behavior at all team activities.
In case of disputes between you and your child's coach or other team officials, handle them with dignity. (You are a role model to your child and others.)
If your effort to correct the situation directly with the coach or team officials fails, please contact one of the following: The appropriate Community
League soccer representative (as listed above) or the Community Chair Person.
As a last resort, feel free to contact the MWSA President, 1st VP, or 2nd VP. I agree to abide by the principles of this code as approved and supported by
the MWSA to the best of my abilities.
Player_______________________ Date ____________
Referee Liaison
Referee abuse and harassment by spectators and coaches is the main reason why referees, particularly
those in their early teens, drop out of the development program resulting in severe shortages of
officials at all levels. This unacceptable behavior towards our youth must be addressed as a priority
particularly if soccer is to have an adequate supply of referees.
In addressing this problem it is now a requirement of every team to designate an individual to act as a
referee liaison. The referee liaison of each team shall be a person who is not an official of that team
and their main role will be to act as a deterrent to possible acts of misbehavior by spectators or team
officials. The referee liaison will also be available to the referee should a request to do so be made
or if a potential problem exists.
Description of duties:
Each team shall provide a referee liaison that shall:
 Be identified with a referee liaison armband provided by the team
 Introduce themselves to the referee prior to the start of the game
 Locate themselves on the spectator side of the field
 Monitor the behavior and deal with inappropriate comments, gestures and/or general
unsporting behavior directed at the referee, players or any other individual by their teams’
 Quickly diffuse potential problems before they arise by being visible or calmly speaking with
the individual(s) involved
 Be visible and available to assist the referee particularly at half time and full time
 Submit a brief report in writing of any incident that they deem the MWSA should be aware of
involving inappropriate behavior by ANY individual
If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the Referee Program,
please call Ricardo Lodhar @ 780-721-5710.
Guidelines for Fundraising/Sponsorship
No Teams may use “Mill Woods Soccer” on any bank accounts.
All raffles require an ALGC License. The office must receive a copy of this license for our
Donations, contributions, etc. will not be accepted from companies that may deter
From youth organization (i.e. Tobacco, liquor, energy drinks, etc.).
Mill Woods Soccer requests to see a sample of any tracksuit, hats, etc. to maintain the Associations
Teams may not change standard uniforms. The addition of matching shorts and socks is
acceptable. All teams in Mill Woods Soccer are equal and are equipped in such a manner.
No teams in Mill Woods community soccer are to become “elite” teams.
Due to exclusive sponsorships for certain age groups, Mill Woods Soccer and EMSA must approve any
Private sponsorship crests. Please
contact Tracy in the office for further details.
DOG Policy - City of Edmonton Bylaw 2202
Dogs are not permitted to accompany their owners when their owners are viewing their child’s soccer game on
a city field, even if leashed.
The Parkland Bylaw governs the regulations regarding animals on school grounds, because school grounds are
classified as parkland.
There is a fine of $100 if this occurs.
For more information, contact the City of Edmonton Bylaw Coordinator
Here is the section that applies:
1) Unless otherwise permitted by this bylaw no person shall allow any animal under their control, or for
Which they are responsible, to be on Parkland. b) A person may have a Dog on Parkland so long as the
Dog is:
(a) leashed and on an Improved Trail or an Unimproved Trail;
(b) leashed and on a Boulevard;
(c) leashed and in an area governed by signage permitting Dogs; or
(d) in an Off Leash Area; but only if the Dog is, at all times, kept at least 10 metres from any developed
playground or picnic site.
(2) Notwithstanding this section, a person having a Dog on Parkland remains subject, at all times, to
every provision contained in the Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw.
(3) While on Parkland no person shall:
(a) kill, injure, trap, tease or disturb any animal, bird or other wildlife; or
(b) touch, damage, disturb or remove any nest or egg therein.
Smoking and Alcohol
MWSA is concerned about the health of our youth and young players. We ask that smoking be restricted
around the soccer field. Those wishing to smoke are asked to be considerate and smoke in areas downwind
from the field and at least 20 yards from where the players are, or the edge of the field.
As of April 4, 2012 The Edmonton City Council has passed a bylaw banning smoking within 10
metres of a playground, outdoor rink, skate park, sports field or spray park. Anyone caught
violating the bylaw will face a $250 fine.
According to City of Edmonton Bylaw, alcohol is NOT permitted at the soccer fields. MWSA asks all coaches to
be careful or sensitive about the ‘image’ of drinking around their players. This could become an issue
particularly during tournaments and team parties, and MWSA asks all its coaches to be particularly careful not
to place their players or team in a compromising position.
MWSA’s Kickoff Classic Tournament May 23-25th, 2014
Teams in U10 – U18 Community and Tier 1-3 play in this tournament,
So please keep this weekend available.
Outdoor Soccer Provincials
Each year some U12 to U18 MWSA teams will qualify to participate in Inter-Cities or win a Provincial
berth for their age level. Provincial games are held in late July to mid-August.
Regularly check www.edmontonsoccer.com or www.albertasoccer.com for information regarding
Post Season play dates are as follows:
City Finals (U12-U18 Tiers 4-9): July 2-7th 2014 *
Inter Cities (U12-U18 Tier 5-9): July 19-20 2014 *
Tier 4 Provincials (U12-U18) July 25-27, 2014 *
Tier 3 Provincials (U12-U18) August 15-17, 2014 *
Tier 2 Provincials (U12-U18) August 15-17, 2014 *
Tier 1 Provincials (U12) August 15-17, 2014 *
Tier 1 Provincials (U14-U18) August 21-24, 2014 *
*Tentative dates only
Mill Woods Soccer Association
Kickoff Classic Tournament
May 23-25, 2014
For more information visit
Entry deadline May 13th @ 5pm
The MWSA tournament is open to all
Youth teams U10, U12 (8 aside), and U14 to U18
Girls and Boys: Tier 1 to 8
“Kickoff Your Shoes and Have Some FUN!”
Important dates
April 13
Coaches Meetings
U10 -12:00-1:00
U12 – 1:00-2:00
U14 – U18 2:00-3:00
April 13
Equipment Pick Up after Meeting
April 13
Fundamentals Coaches Course
April 13
Equipment Pick Up after Meeting
April 17
April 18
Player Cards
Russel Metals 1-4 p.m.
(99th St & 71st Ave) 1
Beaumont 9:30-4:30
Russel Metals 1-4 p.m.
(99th St & 71st Ave)
South Soccer Centre
ALL Players should have been contacted
April 22 &24
April 26 & 27
April 29
May 01
May 01
Player Cards
Learn to Train ASA Course
Player Cards
Player Cards
Season Start Date
South Soccer Centre
Beaumont High School
South Soccer Centre
South Soccer Centre
Weather permitting
May 3 & 4
MWSA Preseason Camps
Website will be updated
May 6
Player Cards
South Soccer Centre
May 10 & 11
Soccer For Life ASA Course
8610-81 St
May 23-25
Kickoff Classic Tournament
U10 –U18
June 14th
Tim Horton’s U6 Jamboree
South Soccer Centre
June 21st
Coaches Appreciation Night
Leefield Community Hall
June 26
Equipment Return
Russel Metals 6-9 p.m.
July 2-7
City Finals (U12-U18 Tiers 4-9)
July 09
Equipment Return
Russel Metals 6-9 p.m
July 19-20
Inter Cities (U12-U18 Tier 5-9
July 25-27
Tier 4 Provincials
July 31
Equipment Return- Final Date
Russel Metals 6-9 p.m
August 15-17
Tier 2 &3 Provincials (U14-U18)
U12 Tier 1
Keep MWSA Up-To-Date
If your phone number, cell numbers, mailing or e-mail addresses change please keep us up to date by
emailing the changes to [email protected]
We use our website and email as one of the primary methods of communications to parents and
Did we miss something?
We want to hear from you if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improving the
MWSA soccer program, this information manual, or our website, if you like what we are doing,
Please let us know that too. Please email your questions, comments and suggestions to
[email protected]
The MWSA website is designed to be a major source of information to our parents and coaches.
Please visit our website at least weekly because we update it frequently.
The website is your source for MWSA forms, rules and regulations, policies and other important
information about soccer in Mill Woods. If you have suggestions or needs for additional information
to be put on our website, please let us know at [email protected]
Mill Woods Soccer Association
Coaches Appreciation Night Mixer RSVP
Once again it's time to kick up your feet and get off of the soccer field to relax and enjoy our Coaches’
Appreciation Night. As a thank you for your time and dedication this season, we host a night of great
food, great fun, door prizes and friends.
We would love to appreciate everyone that helps out, but unfortunately due to limited space at the
hall, each team is allowed to have a maximum of three volunteers attend this appreciation night.
Please keep the top half of this sheet for your information and return the bottom information
to the Mill Woods Soccer office no later than June 6, 2014.
** If anyone attending has an allergy, is a vegetarian, requires a gluten free diet or cannot eat a certain
type of meat, please indicate this below beside their name. **
So, here's the information:
Saturday, June 21st, 2014
Cocktails 5:30 p.m. and Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.
Leefield Community Hall
7910-36 Avenue
Who: Coaches, Assistants, and Managers for all the Community and Select teams
Why: Because you're dedicated and you deserve our appreciation and recognition.
Thank You
Mill Woods Soccer Association would like to acknowledge and thank all of
our generous Sponsors including;
Russel Metals for the donation of our Equipment Storage Facility.
Tim Horton’s for sponsoring our U6 program.
Hertz Equipment Rental for sponsoring Tournament Generators and Gator
Special thanks go out to all of our dedicated
Volunteers, Coaches, Managers, and MWSA Board
We couldn’t run our programs without your support!
Would You Like to Become a Sponsor?
MWSA is a volunteer driven non-profit organization dedicated to providing youth with a quality
outdoor soccer program. Sponsorship and donations help us to keep our fees low while we put forth
a fun and educational soccer program. If you, or someone you know, can sponsor one of our soccer
programs please talk to Tracy in the office or email her at [email protected]
MWSA Team Jersey Record
Please fill in the information below. *All jerseys must be collected by team personnel (coaches/managers) and
returned clean to the MWSA Equipment Return dates. Coaches Equipment cheques will be returned or
shredded at the end of the season.
Team: _______________
Jersey color: ____________________
Age Group: ___________
Gender: ________________________
Coach: ______________
Coach contact info: _____________ Manager contact info: ________________
1.Goalie Jersey

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