Holy Family Catholic Church Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time



Holy Family Catholic Church Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Holy Family Catholic Church
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
July 17, 2016
“As a family of many families, Holy Family Catholic Church nurtures our universal commitment to
celebrate our faith, to love our families and to serve communities.”
“Como una familia de muchas familias, La Iglesia Católica de la Sagrada Familia nutre nuestro compromiso
universal para celebrar nuestra fe, para amar a nuestras familias y para servir a las comunidades.”
Jueves (Capilla)……….....6:00pm
Sábado (ingles)…….…….5:30pm
Spanish (Chapel)……...…8:00am
Parroquia (ingles)...……..7:00am
Capilla (español)…….…..8:00am
Parroquia (ingles)..……..10:00am
Parroquia (español)….…12:00pm
Children’s Liturgy is available
during the Sunday 10:00am Mass.
Viernes………9:00am - 5:00pm
Friday…..….9:00am - 5:00pm
Bautismo: Necesita una clase
Baptism: A pre-baptismal class
is required. Call the Parish Office
for more information.
Marriage: Couples intending to
marry should contact the Parish
Office six (6) months prior to the
marriage date to begin the process
of paperwork and pre-marriage
preparation classes.
Reconciliation (Confession):
Saturdays (Church)………4:00pm
Celebración de Quinceañeras
La joven o los familiares deberán
contactar la parroquia con un
mínimo de seis (6) meses para
acordar una fecha según el
calendario parroquial.
Rev. Fr. Juan Serna S.T.L.
Hospital Chaplain
Rev. Fr. Edwin Musico
Rev. Mr. Felipe Vallejo
Holy Family Pastoral Staff
Parish Administrator
Ed Dyrda
Administrative Assistants
Vickie V. Gibson
Ann Tognetti
Religious Education
Roselia Vargas
pre-bautismal. Favor de llamar a
la Oficina Parroquial para mas
Matrimonio: Parejas que desean
casarse deben llamar a la Oficina
Parroquial seis (6) meses antes del
día del matrimonio.
Reconciliación (Confesión):
Sábados (Parroquia)…….4:00pm
Open Monday through Friday,
from 9:00am until 5:00pm.
Phone #..................(209) 545-3553
Fax #......................(209) 545-3332
Email: [email protected]
Website: holyfamilymodesto.org
Holy Family Catholic Church - 4212 Dale Road, Modesto, California 95356
Our Lady of San Juan de Los Lagos Chapel - 4643 Flint Avenue, Salida, California 95368
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Catholic Charities ESL/CIVICS Citizenship Program
has the pleasure to offer the ESL/CIVICS classes for Legal
know of someone who is interested in becoming
Permanent Residents who are interested in becoming U.S.
a Deacon, please urge him to attend.
Citizens. The classes are free (book to follow curriculum
Wednesday, August 10
is $20). Free child care is offered for children from 5-10
(Ryan Building) from 7:00—8:15pm
years old. To register for these classes you must be a Legal
and again on
Permanent Resident for 5 years (or 3 years if you are
Wednesday, August 17
married to a U.S. Citizen). Take your Legal Permanent
Fatima Church from 7:00—8:15pm
Resident card to register the first day of class. We offer
contact Deacon Greg Yeager
this service at the following two locations:
[email protected]
STOCKTON: Mondays & Wednesdays from 6-9:00pm .
Classes begin on September 2.
at St. Lukes Catholic School (3847 N. Sutter St., Rm #5)
New cycle begins Monday, July 25 .
MODESTO: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00-9:00pm.
Programa de Ingles (ESL) / Cívico para los
at Mark Twain Jr. High School (707 S Emerald Ave in
Residentes Permanentes
Modesto Rm # 35). Classes to begin Tuesday, July 26th.
Caridades Católicas tiene el gusto de ofrecer a el que
If you need more information please contact our office at: está interesado en hacerse ciudadano americano. Las
(209) 444-5910 or send an email to Norma Hernandez:
clases son completamente gratis. El libro para seguir el
[email protected]
currículo vale $20. Se ofrece cuidado de niños gratis de 5
a 10 años de edad. Para inscribirse en estas clases debe
Day of Reflection and Renewal
ser residente permanente por 5 años. (o 3 años si está
Friday, August 19 from 9:30am—3:30pm
casado/a con un ciudadano). Traiga su tarjeta de residenat St. Linus Parish in Stockton
cia para registrarse el primer día de clase. Para su
This is for all Parish Catechetical Leaders. Facilitator is
comodidad lo estamos ofreciendo en dos (2) ciudades:
Deacon Ruben Solorio, Director of the Social Justice
STOCKTON: lunes y miércoles de 6:00--9:00pm en la
Ministry in the Diocese of San Jose. Donation is $15.00
Escuela Católica San Lucas (3847 N. Sutter St., Stockton)
which includes lunch and materials. For more information
(salón #5). Comienza lunes, 25 de julio.
contact Leticia Rodriguez at (209) 546-7621. Registration
MODESTO: Los martes y jueves de 6:00-9:00pm en
deadline is Friday, August 12.
Mark Twain Jr. High School (707 S Emerald Avenue)
(Salón #35). Si desea más información por favor comuniEl próximo domingo los Cristeros tendrán una venta de
carse a nuestra oficina y al: (209)-444-5910 o envía un
deliciosas tacos de guisados. Next Sunday, the Cristeros
correo electrónico a: [email protected]
will be selling a variety of delicious tacos.
Comienza martes 26 de julio.
Fiesta Anual XVIII a Nuestra Señora de San Juan de Los Lagos
Sunday, August 14th—Salida Park
Mark your calendars because there are only 28 days
until our 18th Annual Fiesta! Everyone is invited so
bring your friends and family. Come for delicious
food, great entertainment and lots of fun activities
for the kids! Be sure to buy your raffle tickets for only
$5.00 each. 1st Prize is $1,500, 2nd Prize is $1,000, 3rd
Prize is $500 and that’s just to name a few. This year we
have Golden Tickets again. For every 10 tickets that you
sell, you will be given a Golden Ticket. There will be a
special raffle for the Golden Tickets. Raffle Tickets are
available in the Parish Office. Good Luck!
domingo, 14 de Agosto—parque de Salida
¡Marque su calendario porque hay sólo 28 días
hasta nuestra Fiesta Anual! Todos están invitados
así que traiga su familia y amigos. ¡Habrá deliciosa
comida y bocadillos, gran entretenimiento y
actividades divertidas para los niños! Asegúrese de
comprar sus boletos para la rifa por sólo $5.00 cada uno.
1er Premio es de $1,500, 2° Premio es de $1,000, Tercer
Premio es de $500 y esto es sólo para nombrar unos de
los premios porque habrá muchos más. Por cada diez que
venda, se le dará un boleto dorado. Los boletos dorados
entraran para un premio especial. ¡Buena suerte!
It takes a lot of work to set up for the Salida Fiesta. Can you help? We need people of all ages (there is
something for everyone). There are plenty of things to do that do not require lifting or carrying. We will
meet at the Salida Park at 3:00pm on Saturday, August 13th. Please see Victor Martinez or call the office if
you are able to help us set up for our Salida Fiesta. Bring your friends & family to help too! We need you!
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Daily Mass Readings - Week of July 17, 2016
Mic 6:1-4, 6-8 / Ps 50:5-6, 8-9, 16-17, 21,
23 / Mt 12:38-42
Mic 7:14-15, 18-20 / Ps 85:2-8 / Mt 12:46-50
Jer 1:1, 4-10 / Ps 71:1-6, 15, 17 / Mt 13:1-9
Thursday Jer 2:1-3, 7-8, 12-13 / Ps 36:6-11 /
Mt 13:10-17
Sgs 3:1-4 / Ps 63:2-9 / Jn 20:1-2, 11-18
Jer 7:1-11 / Ps 84:3-6, 8, 11 / Mt 13:24-30
Gn 18:20-32 / Ps 138:1-3, 6-8 / Col 2:12-14 /
Lk 11:1-13
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
Thursday, July 21 at 6:30pm
If you are longing for something or yearning to be part of
a loving community, we invite you to look deeper into the
Catholic faith. Come to our Open House (4212 Dale Rd)
to ask any questions and learn more about RCIA. In
August, our Parish will begin a set of sessions to share
with others the truths of the Catholic faith. These sessions
are also opportunities for you to ask those perplexing and
difficult questions you may have about the Catholic
Church. If you have questions or would like further
information, please contact our RCIA team, Audrey &
Chuck Banthos at (209) 204-1281.
Holy Family Ministry of
Prayer, Healing and Hope
Please pray for the healing of our sick:
Por favor de orar por los enfermos:
Monica Faraone Lobo & Family, Marie Faraone
Otsuka & Family, Bernie Dyrda, Diane Beattie,
Joe Martinez, Luis Espinoza, Elaine Erwin, Sister
Loretta Wiesner, Don Elder, Richard McMullen,
Chris and Catherine Misuraca, Paul Graham,
Bella Victoria Gonzalez and Rudy Silva.
Mass Intentions / Intenciones de Misa
Sunday July 17, 2016
 Gino Scutuzzi
 Jose Macarubbo
 Jose Perez Gallegos
All bulletin requests must be submitted by the Tuesday before the
weekend requested. All requests must be approved by Father. We
reserve the right to edit any requests submitted for the bulletin.
Spirituality and Human Development of Young
Adults Retreat (18-30 yrs.)—August 12-14
This retreat starts on Friday at 7:00pm and ends on
Sunday at 3:00pm.at the Madonna of Peace Renewal
Center in Copperopolis. Register by contacting Jose
Lopez at (209) 546-7632 or [email protected]
or Lili Bobadilla at [email protected]
The retreat for Adolescents (14-17 yrs.) is August 26-28.
Con el calor que ya comienza, tenemos que recordar la
importancia de vestir apropiadamente en la casa de Dios.
Por favor eviten usar vestidos muy cortos, muy escotados
y cualquier otro atuendo inmodesto que no cubre los
hombros, la espalda y escote. Pedimos que los hombres
eviten usar shorts o camisetas sin mangas. Gracias por
mostrar su respeto a nuestro Señor, nuestros Sacerdotes y
With the hot weather here, we need to remind everyone
of the importance of dressing appropriately in the house
of God. Please avoid short dresses or shorts, spaghetti
straps and any other immodest attire which does not cover
the shoulders, back and cleavage. We ask that men avoid
wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts. Thank you.
Usted es un adulto y desea celebrar todos sus sacramentos? Desea hacerse católico o conocer mas de nuestra fe?
Comuníquese con José Garza al (209) 380-9474.
Learn to Play for FREE!
The Friday Night Guitarristas are offering
FREE guitar lessons to anyone who is
interested. All you need is a guitar! Call
Sandy Gallardo (543-3740) for more information.
¡Clases de Guitara (GRATIS)!
Si le gustaría tomar clases de guitara, por favor
comuníquese con Sandy al (209) 543-3740.
Solamente necesitaran una guitara.
11 de febrero de 2017
Para mas información: (209) 545-3553
Please sign up to bring our Divine Mercy Icon into your
home. If you have signed up already, please be sure to
be here on your day. Thank you for participating.
Peticiones del boletín deben ser sometidas el martes antes de el fin
de semana solicitada. Las peticiones tienen que ser aprobadas por el
Padre. Reservamos el derecho de editar cualquier petición sometida.
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Donations Needed for the “Kids Zone”
Can you help? We need NEW or USED
donations such as; story books, toys, board
games, video games, movies, balloons,
stuffed animals, school supplies, candies, cars, etc. that
you would like to donate for prizes. Please bring them to
the Parish Office or call (209) 545-3553 and we will have
someone come and pick them up from you. Thank you!
Necesitamos donaciones para el área de los niños de la
Fiesta. Buscamos juguetes, monos de peluche, libros de
cuentos, artículos escolares, películas, dulces, etc.…
(estos pueden ser nuevos o usados). Por favor traiga todas las donaciones la Oficina Parroquial o llámenos al
545-3553 y mandaremos a alguien para recogerlos.
Toma mucho trabajo para configurar todo para
nuestra fiesta. ¿Puede ayudar? El sábado, 13 de
agosto nos reuniremos en el parque de Salida a
las 3:00 de la tarde. Necesitamos personas de todas
edades. Por favor llame a Víctor Martínez (409-6455) si
usted puede ayudarnos con las instalación de todo lo
relacionado con nuestra Fiesta.
Boletos para la Rifa de Nuestra Fiesta de Salida
Gracias por ayudarnos en la venta de boletos para
nuestra Fiesta que se celebrara el 14 de agosto. Favor
de entregarlos a la oficina parroquial. Gracias y que la
Virgen los bendiga.
Raffle Tickets for our 18th Annual Salida Fiesta
Thank you for helping with our August Fiesta Raffle
tickets. This is our primary fundraiser. We encourage
every family to take at least one envelope. Please return
them to the Parish Office or place them in our offertory
basket during Mass. God bless you.
Greetings CURSILLISTAS! Is there someone close to
your heart that is ready to live a weekend? If so, the
Diocese of Stockton English Cursillo Movement will be
hosting this years retreats on the following dates:
Men’s Cursillo Retreat 3-day Weekend
October 6-9th, 2016
Women’s Cursillo Retreat 3-day Weekend
October 20-23rd, 2016
Cursillistas should be familiar with the group method to
teach candidates and candidates must be able to receive
the body and blood of Christ. For more information on
being a sponsor and applications contact Gilbert Somera
at (209) 401-7143.
JULY 19-22nd FROM 9:00AM-1:00PM
IT'S NOT TOO LATE to sign up for our first YOUTH
VBS!!! The cost is only $5 per youth! This includes an
iron-on T-Shirt decal and snacks. Anyone can come so
bring your friends too! If you have any questions, please
contact Nicole at: [email protected]
Inscriba a sus jóvenes y niños para
la Escuela Bíblica de Vacaciones.
(19-22 de julio). Registraciones en la
oficina parroquial. $5.00 por niño.
¡Traigan a sus amigos también!
Para mas información, comuniqese con
Roselia al (545-3553) ext 7. Gracias. AGES 12-18
Puertas Santas—Una Invitación
La Sagrada Familia y el Grupo Guadalupano los invitamos el martes, 26 de julio
a la peregrinación para cruzar la Puerta
Santa en la Iglesia de San Stanislaus
(1200 Maze Blvd) a las 6:30pm. Nos
reuniremos afuera de la Iglesia. Favor de vestir de blanco.
Holy Doors—An Invitation
Holy Family and the Guadalupanos invite you to a
Pilgrimage to cross the threshold of the Holy Door
in the Church of St. Stanislaus (1200 Maze Blvd) at
6:30pm on Tuesday, July 26th. We will meet
outside the Church. Please wear white.
2016-2017 Religious Education Registration Deadline
We remind you that the last day to register your children
for 2016-2017 Religious Education will be on Friday,
July 29. There will be no exceptions. All of the
Sacraments are available. Do not delay. Registrations
will no longer be accepted after this date.
¡Ultimo dia de Inscripciones!
Inscriba su familia para el catecismo. El último día será
el 29 de julio. No aceptaremos más inscripciones después
de esta fecha. ¡No habrá excepciones! Gracias.
Marion Consecration and the
Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy
During this Jubilee Year of Mercy, there is great opportunity to draw closer to Jesus through Consecration to
Mary. The means is a book entitled, “33 Days to Morning
Glory” (a do-it-yourself retreat). As a Parish, the retreat
will begin on Sunday, September 4, 2016 and conclude
on Friday, October 7th, 2016 (the feast day of Our Lady
of the Rosary). The consecration will take place on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 at the 5:30pm Mass. Please contact
Toni Burkdall at (209) 545-0644 to sign up for the retreat
and get the book. A free will donation will be greatly
appreciated to offset the expenses for purchase, shipping
and distribution of the books.

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