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Serving Palisades Medical Center and the Harborage
Board of Governors
Palisades Medical Center
John C. Meditz
Horizon Asset Management
Resident of Weehawken
Erin Borger
Resident of Weehawken
Randy J. Brosseau
K. Hovnanian Homes
Resident of West New York
Jose R. Cruz
Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
Resident of Edgewater
Fred Daibes
Daibes Enterprises
Resident of Edgewater
Ulises E. Diaz
Resident of Rutherford
Thomas M. Eastwick
Eastwick Colleges/HoHoKus Schools, Inc.
Resident of Pearl River, NY
Edward A. Fleckenstein, Esq.
Resident of Weehawken
Mohamed Lateef, MD
Resident of Ridgefield Park
Theresa de León
PNC Wealth Management
Resident of Jersey City
Suri B. Ponamgi, MD
Resident of Englewood Cliffs
Bruce J. Markowitz
President and CEO
Palisades Medical Center
Howard M. Shiffman
Cornell Surgical Co.
Resident of Old Tappan
Donna M. Uher
Resident of Weehawken
Thomas M. Venino, Esq.
Venino and Venino
Resident of Fort Lee
Palisades Medical Center
Foundation Staff
VP/Executive Director
Elisse Glennon
[email protected]
Manager of Communications
and Development
Gary Mignone
[email protected]
Kathy Aitchison
[email protected]
Miracle on the Hudson!
Palisades Medical Staff Hailed as “Heroes”
by Governor Corzine and Flight Passengers
January 15, 2009, was anything but an ordinary day along
the Hudson River waterfront.
Just minutes after takeoff
from LaGuardia Airport, US
Airways Flight 1549 was forced
to make an emergency landing in
the Hudson River near Port
Imperial in Weehawken, approximately one mile south of
Palisades Medical Center. The
crash landing was coined The
Miracle on the Hudson by New
York Governor David Paterson
because all 150 passengers and
five crew members on board surPalisades Medical Center President and CEO Bruce J. Markowitz, left, stands with New Jersey
vived and were safely rescued Gov.
Jon Corzine, center, as they talk to reporters about US Airways Flight 1549 passengers
from the partially submerged who were brought to Palisades for treatment after the plane's crash landing in the Hudson
River. (AP Photo/Mel Evans)
plane by nearby watercraft.
Several of the plane’s passengers were was treated at Palisades. “It has given me confirushed to Palisades for emergency care and were dence in mankind that in tough times people will
treated for hypothermia and other injuries. The work to do the right thing, and that they can
Medical Center staff response was a well-coordi- work together to help those in times of need.
nated effort thanks to its extensive disaster relief This experience, though terrifying, has changed
my life for the better.”
training and procedures.
New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine visited
Palisades just hours after the crash to check on
the passengers who were being treated in the
Emergency Department.
During his visit, Governor Corzine commended Medical Center personnel for their efforts during the crisis. He also acknowledged the heroic
efforts of New York Waterway’s ferry workers
and local fire and rescue personnel.
For several days following the crash, passengers who were treated at Palisades were featured
on national television news programs including
ABC’s Good Morning America and CBS’s The
Morning Show. During their interviews, they consistently praised Palisades’ staff for providing
high-quality and compassionate care throughout
their stay.
For reservations or sponsorship
“The staff at Palisades Medical Center are
please call 201-854-5008
heroes,” said Barry Leonard, a flight survivor who
MAY 11, 2009
Ridgewood Country Club
Paramus, New Jersey
or visit
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Welcome to
the Board!
Four new members have been officially named to the PMC
Foundation’s Board of Governors. The new members will bring a
variety of professional skills and expertise that will enhance the
Foundation’s leadership and strategic planning for the future.
Letter from the
Executive Director
Erin Borger
Jose R. Cruz
Associate Director,
Management Training Advisor,
New FA Development
Executive Director, Investment
Sales, Capital Markets Group
Cushman & Wakefield of NJ, Inc.
Resident of Edgewater
Resident of Weehawken
Mohamed Lateef, MD Suri B. Ponamgi, MD
Palisades Medical Center
Resident of Ridgefield Park
Palisades Medical Center
Resident of Englewood Cliffs
The Miracle on the Hudson shined a worldwide spotlight on the heroic efforts and caring
nature of the people in our local communities.
Clearly, the efforts of the emergency responders
and ferry workers served as a stellar example to
the world of what it means to lend a helping hand
to those in times of crisis.
At Palisades, the emergency response and care
following the plane’s crash landing in the Hudson
also showed exactly how our Medical Center is
prepared to effectively handle disaster situations.
The kind words of the passengers treated at
Palisades also reflect our everyday work to highquality, compassionate healthcare to every patient
who comes through our doors. Our Medical Staff
and employees truly deserve the many accolades
that they have received for their incredible work.
The Miracle on the Hudson also illustrated
what countless supporters of the PMC Foundation
have told me during the past five years. Our loyal
friends have consistently said that they choose to
make generous donations to support Palisades
because it is a reliable and trustworthy institution
that will “always be there to help people in
difficult times.”
The generous philanthropic support that we
receive from thousands of local residents and
businesses is what makes Palisades the premier
healthcare provider for our community. Pledges
to our 30th Anniversary Campaign have now surpassed $5 million. I encourage you all to continue
to support our 30th Anniversary Campaign to
ensure that the Medical Center and the Harborage
are always here to care for our neighbors.
Elisse E. Glennon
VP/Executive Director
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• Dr. Bornia receives APPLE Award
• AACVPR certifies Cardiac Center
• Federal Grant upgrades OR and SDS
• Weight-loss surgery now offered
• Breast Cancer Program educates residents
Institute of Nursing Honors
Maria E. Bornia, MD
The Institute of Nursing presented its
prestigious APPLE Award – Acknowledging
Physician Partners: A Liaison for Excellence
to Maria E. Bornia, Vice President of
Medical Affairs at Palisades. The award
honored Dr. Bornia’s work in supporting
nurses and for being a tireless patient
advocate. Dr. Bornia has been a true visionary and trailblazer throughout Palisades’
30-year history, and she is respected by her
peers for being relentless in her commitment to her patients and best practices.
Cardiac Center
The American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
(AACVPR) has certified Palisades’ Cardiac
Catheterization Center. AACVPR certification verifies that programs at Palisades
meet the essential standards of care to
effectively reduce morbidity, mortality, and
disability from cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases through education, prevention, rehabilitation, research, and
aggressive disease management.
Federal Grant Expands OR
and Same Day Surgery
The U.S. Department of Health and
Human Services’ Health Resources and
Services Administration (HRSA) recently
awarded a $260,685 grant to Palisades
for equipment and technology enhancements that will expand its Operating
Rooms and Same Day Surgery
Department. This critical expansion will
greatly improve capacity and ensure that
more than 13,000 more residents will be
served at Palisades without leaving our
local community to find needed services.
It will also help ensure that Palisades is
better prepared in the event of a homeland security issue in Manhattan.
Breast Cancer Program
Reaches Local Women in Need
Palisades’ Breast Cancer Community
Outreach Program is working to provide a
full circle of breast cancer education and
care to our area’s uninsured and underinsured women. Since the program began in
October 2008, more than 35 local women
have already received free educational
materials, initial breast exams, and mam-
mograms at Palisades. The program has
been made possible thanks to Palisades’
strong partnerships with the Cancer
Education and Early Detection (CEED)
Programs in Hudson County and Bergen
County and generous grant funding
from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure North Jersey.
to Palisades
Led by Stefanie Vaimakis, MD, FACS,
FASMBS, bariatric surgeries are now
offered at Palisades for individuals who
have been unable to achieve significant
weight loss through diet modifications and
exercise programs alone. Bariatric surgery,
also known as weight loss surgery, refers to
the various surgical procedures performed
to treat obesity by modification of the gastrointestinal tract to reduce nutrient
intake and/or absorption. Dr. Vaimakis specializes in advanced laparoscopic techniques and laparoscopic bariatric surgery.
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It was a festive holiday season at Palisades as the Medical Staff,
employees and volunteers took some time from their busy schedules to
celebrate their achievements in 2008. Several members of Girl Scout
Troop #2005 from Trinity Reformed Church in West New York also
delivered some holiday cheer while visiting Harborage residents.
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Community Connections
See more photos from special events at
“First” Baby Returns!
On September 11, 1978, Steven Montes was the first baby ever
born at the newly opened Palisades General Hospital. Steven,
who now resides in Pasadena, California, recently visited relatives in New Jersey to celebrate his 30th birthday. During his
vacation, he read several newspaper articles about Palisades’
30th Anniversary and decided to visit the campus. He was
extremely impressed with Palisades’ facilities and was amazed at
the growth and community development along the waterfront.
They got a head start…
Jennifer Bailey, DPT; Grace Ricigliano, RN; and John
Nagatsuki, DPT, all have something in common. Each of them
can trace their Palisades experience back to a time when they
each volunteered in the Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation
Department. Today, all three work as staff members at
Palisades. Before joining the Palisades staff, John and
Jennifer graduated from UMDNJ with doctorates in Physical
Therapy, and Grace graduated from Felician College’s School
of Nursing.
Women United
The PMC Foundation was one of only five non-profits to be featured during the
Women United in Philanthropy’s (WUIP) 4th Annual Fall Gathering. Several PMC
Foundation and Medical Center staff members were in attendance to discuss
Palisades’ community outreach activities in southern Bergen County. Erin
Brockovich delivered an inspiring keynote address that encouraged attendees to
use their collective power to effect positive change in our local communities.
Learning the Ropes
Marco Velarde, 17, of Cliffside Park, has always
wanted to be a surgeon. During the past year,
Marco has received some great first-hand experience while volunteering at Palisades in the Central
Supply Department. Marco organizes surgical
instruments and delivers them to the OR surgeons.
He has also completed a six-week “Central Service
Technician” introductory course where he learned
about bacteria and how to protect against infections. Marco is now in his senior year at Cliffside
Park High School, is taking all honors courses, and
hopes to be accepted for admission at Columbia
University. We wish Marco the best of luck!
Help Wanted!
Palisades is looking for local residents who
would like to take an active role in supporting
patients who are physically unable to feed
themselves. Volunteer patient feeders play an
important role in providing compassionate
care and they often help boost the morale of
patients. To become a patient feeder or
for more information on other volunteer
opportunities at Palisades, please call
Denise Whitley at 201-854-5011.
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2008 Star Stream Ball Celebrates
30 Years of Growth and Achievement
Sires and Shiffman Honored; More than $250,000 Raised
Lely Eastwick,
Committee Chair
Norma Almanza
Nancy Boden
Angela Florentino
Mahasti Hessami
Mohamed Lateef, MD
Beth C. Shiffman
Beth Shubert
Adrienne Sires
Donna M. Uher
2008 STAR
Lely and Thomas M. Eastwick, Beth C. and Howard M. Shiffman, Eileen and Bruce J. Markowitz, and Adrienne and
Congressman Albio Sires.
Many thanks to our 2008
On November 8, energy and excitement
filled the air at the Hyatt Regency on the Hudson
in Jersey City as Palisades Medical Center celebrated its 30th Anniversary on the waterfront.
The 2008 Star Stream Ball brought together
hundreds of business leaders, public officials,
physicians and local residents to celebrate
Palisades’ past, present and future. Attendees
enjoyed a festive night of great food, spirits and
dancing as they celebrated Palisades past, present
and future. The historic event also honored
Congressman Albio Sires and Palisades Medical
Center Chairman of the Board Howard M.
Shiffman for their longtime support of Palisades.
Lely Eastwick, Corporate Director at Eastwick
Colleges, served as Chair of the 2008 Star Stream
Ball Committee that helped make the event a
success generating more than $250,000 to support the Foundation.
Ambulatory Center for Endoscopy
Frank’s Waterside
Horizon Asset Management, Inc.
Siemens Medical Solutions USA
United Water
Jackson Lewis, LLP
McCarter & English, LLP
Meadowlands Hospital
Liberty Rehabilitation Institute
Cornell Surgical Company
Garden State Anesthesia Services, P.A.
The Harborage
North Hudson
Community Action Corporation
Palisades Emergency Services
Palisades Health Services, Inc.
Palisades Medical Staff
Congressman Albio Sires
TD Banknorth, N. A.
Venino & Venino
Garfunkel, Wild & Travis, PC
New York Presbyterian Healthcare System
Palisades Radiology Association
Sodexho Corporation
The YA Group, Inc.
The Borough of Cliffside Park
Inter-Regional Disposal & Recycling
The Radiation Medicine Center
and Ariston Radiology Associates, L.L.C.
Northern New Jersey
Cardiology Associates, P.A.
St. Jude Medical
Stephen Thomsen, MD and
Haroon Rashid, MD
United Healthcare
Eastwick Colleges
The Harborage
PNC Advisors
PMC Executive Staff
Township of Weehawken
The Auxillary at Palisades
Benzel-Busch Motor Car Corp.
Fletcher Thompson Architecture
Engineering LLCA. G. Enterprises
Friends of Howard M. Shiffman
Patricia M. Fuller
Health Pro Systems
Jaime M. Weiss Realty Company, Inc.
MBI Gluckshaw
The Shiffman Family
VIE Healthcare
Willis of New York
WJB Financial Services, LLC
A.G. Enterprises
Angelica Textile Services
The Center for Wound Healing
Hyatt Regency Jersey City
Inserra Supermarkets, Inc.
Partners Pharmacy LLC
The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, P.A.
Ricoh Americas Corporation
Rubin & Raine, Inc.
Lillian Sonnenschein
Allegro Moving Systems, LLC
Felix Barrera
Foley Proctor Yoskowitz, L.L.C.
Gallagher Benefit Services, Inc.
Jan-Pro Cleaning Systems
Lighthouse Communications
Major Medical Hospital Services, Inc.
New Solutions, Inc.
Thomas & Dorothy Riley
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Schiano
S. T. Construction
Spruce Industries, Inc.
S.W. Lock & Doorcheck Company
United Federated Systems, Inc.
Denise C. Whitley & Raul Ruiz
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To s e e e v e n m o r e p h o t o s f r o m t h i s h i s t o r i c e v e n t ,
Winter Newsletter09_FINAL:Layout 1 2/12/09 4:36 PM Page 10
on the waterfront
2 0 0 8
p l e a s e v i s i t w w w. p a l i s a d e s m e d i c a l f o u n d a t i o n . o r g
Winter Newsletter09_FINAL:Layout 1 2/12/09 4:36 PM Page 11
2008 Annual Fund
Donations to the Annual Fund play a vital part in supporting the day-to-day operations of Palisades Medical
Center and the Harborage. Unrestricted gifts to the Annual Fund help Palisades address critical needs
in delivering high-quality patient care and extend the Medical Center’s community health outreach initiatives.
Annual Fund donors may also target their donations to support specific programs and services.
Please call the Foundation Office at 201-854-5008 for more information or to make an Annual Fund donation.
Supporters ($5,000 to $9,999)
Abbott Nutrition
The Provident Bank Foundation
Tree of Life
Donors ($1,000 to $4,999)
Kaufman Film & Television, Inc.
Schering-Plough Corporation
Toshiba America
Medical Systems, Inc.
West New York Leones Cubanos
Donors ($500 to $999)
Merck & Co., Inc.
Respironics, Inc.
Donors ($250 to $499)
Francis A. Agresti
Eisai, Inc.
Donors ($100 to $249)
Luisita L. Balsamo
Burton H. and Maxine Hobson
Lois Leggiero
In Memory of Michael A. Leggiero
Ernest Peterson
In Memory of Claire Peterson
Raha Rafii
Roc Harbour Group
Donors (Up to $99)
Stanley Kosakowski
In Honor of Michael Kosakowski
Edgar P. Rosales
In Memory of
Teodorico R.
In memory of Teodorico R. Rodriguez, MD,
his wife Mila Z. Rodriguez and other family
members and friends published his memoirs.
The book, entitled Across the Years, encouraged readers to support the Foundation.
Please call the Foundation Office at
201-854-5008 to obtain a copy of the book.
Dr. Philip S. and
Diana Affuso
Jacqueline Baran
Cecile Blanchet
Irvin and Lucy Bough
Catherine Campen
Lisa Clausman
Norma A. Cordero
Margaret Daniel
Helen M. Gadalla
Lucinda G. Gursky
Theresa Kuhn
Jacqueline D. La Croix
Michael Liss
Dorothy and Thomas Riley
Suzanne L. Robinson
Anne and William Semmes
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Werner
Located in the Harborage chapel,
the Tree of Life features beautiful
bronze leaves, acorns and stones
that can be engraved with special
tributes. It is truly a unique way to
support the Foundation. Please call
the Foundation Office at 201-8545008 for more information on how
to make a Tree of Life donation.
Maria T. Barcia
In Honor of Ameila Jorge
Marie Brown
Desmond Donaghey
Patricia Kelemen
In Memory of Marie Krzywicki
John S. Mace
In Memory of
Robert Clive Mace, Sr.
William M. O’Brien
James Pesola
In Memory of Joseph Lucia
and Stella Pesola
Teresa Rodriguez
Thomas Saglimbene
In Memory of Santa Saglimbene
Stanley Schwarzwald
2008 Guardian Angel Tributes
Patients and families clearly recognize that Palisades’ greatest strength is the compassionate service provided by our nurses, physicians and other caregivers. Guardian Angel tribute
donations recognize caregivers in a unique and special way. Please call the Foundation
Office at 201-854-5008 to make a Guardian Angel tribute donation.
Luz Atehortua
Eileen P. Costello for
Sadhna Rastogi, MD
Ann Danish for
George T. Weinberger, DO
George DiSomma for
PMC 5th Floor Staff
Ethel Eckardt for
PMC 5 West Staff
Anita E. Fernandez for
Daisy Gonzalez, NA, Surgical Services;
Raul Gongora, Maintenance; Dori
Lacap, RN, 4 East; Oscar Toapanta,
NA, 4 East; Maryeth Valle, RN, 4 East;
and Wendy Velves RN, Surgical Services
Julio Gutierrez
Michael Kessler
Maria Zamora
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Doctors Day Tributes
In the United States, Doctors’ Day is celebrated
annually on March 30 to recognize the commitment of physicians caring for those in times of
need. Many supporters of the Foundation make
special Doctors’ Day tribute donations to honor
their favorite physicians. Please call the Foundation
Office at 201-854-5008 to make a Doctors’ Day
tribute donation.
Narcizo M. Alvarez
Joy Arnone for
George T. Weinberger, DO
Virginia Bado for
Denise M. Daub, MD
Maria T. Barcia for
Jose B. Munin, MD
Mercedes Barrios for
Gilberto F. Gastell, MD
Hildegarde K. Beckman for
Carlos E. Alcorta, MD
Janet Benzoni for
Anca Popa, MD
Lena Boggiano for
George T. Weinberger, DO
Lillian Canson, RN, MSN, CNL for
Gilberto F. Gastell, MD
Alice Downey for
Hector L. Florentino, MD
Ethel Eckardt for
Gregory G. Magee, MD
Jeanne Garabedian for
Dennis H. Kelly, MD
Marie T. Giusto for
Mark J. Brescia, MD and
Anca Popa, MD
Nora Gotera
Dorothy Gracey for
Yaron Bareket, MD and
Robert Boyajian, MD
Rose A. Gugel for
Mehdi T. Shaari, MD
Rose Gunther for
Samir R. Amin, MD, E.T. Marcelo,
MD, and Maurizio A. Miglietta, MD
Lynda R. Hampton for
Alan Zalkowitz, MD
Paul Hanak for
Marc Goldstein, DO, and
Beatrice Laufer, MD
Margot Harris for
Gerald Grodstein, MD
Daniel and Maxine Hayes
Margot Kapusinski for
Marie E. Bornia, MD,
Anca Popa, MD,
and Donald S. Respler, MD
Helen Katalifos for
David Principe, MD
Barbara J. Kohrherr for
George T. Weinberger, DO
Frances B. Lally for
Mark S. Gabelman, MD,
Dennis H. Kelly, MD, and
Aaron A. Stein, MD
Wilbur Luhrs for
Aaron A. Stein, MD
Alfredo Marquez for
PMC Medical Staff
Josephine Mauro for
Samir R. Amin, MD
Jorge Miranda for
Fernando Segovia, MD
Adel N. Nammour, RN for
Mark S. Gabelman, MD
Jose A. Osorio
Patricia Piccione for
Alan B. Port, MD
PMC 5 West Staff (7 am—3 pm shift) for
Carlos E. Alcorta, MD; Deepak
K. Amin, MD; Samir R. Amin, MD;
Aida P. Capo, MD; Maria P. Capo,
MD; Peter Caride, MD; Armand
P. Fasano, MD; Mark S.
Gabelman, MD; Gilberto F.
Gastell, MD; Marc Goldstein, DO;
Merab Joseph, MD; Dennis H.
Kelly, MD; Chitra Kumar, MD;
Beatrice Laufer, MD; Jose B.
Munin, MD; Alan B. Port, MD;
Jeffrey M. Raskin, MD; Sadhna
Rastogi, MD; Surender M.
Rastogi, MD; Aaron A. Stein, MD;
and Harold G. Tepler, MD
Gail S. Port, Esq. for
Alan B. Port, MD
Mila Z. Rodriguez for
Anca Popa, MD
Pedro A. Rojas
Marc Rosen for
Jeffrey M. Raskin, MD
and Aaron A. Stein, MD
Thomas Saglimbene, Jr. for
Marc Goldstein, DO
Marijielea Sarafian for
John F. Kerns, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony M. Schiano for
Marc Goldstein, DO
Lillian Sonnenschein for
Gilberto F. Gastell, MD
Miriam Stablein, RN for
Maria E. Bornia, MD and
Jose B. Munin, MD
Susan Warner for
Frank Santos, MD
Jeanne H. Waxman for
PMC Medical Staff
Elizabeth Zweighaft for
Donald S. Respler, MD
Anonymous for
Christopher S. Ahmad, MD
and Mohamed Lateef, MD
The Arthur E.
Legacy Society
Gifts to this planned giving society allow
donors to support Palisades Medical Center well beyond their
lifetime through wills, charitable trusts and gift annuities.
In recognition of Arthur E. Imperatore’s generous bequest of
$2 million, the Legacy Society now bears his name.
Please call the Foundation Office at 201-854-5008 if you
have included Palisades in your will.
Harold Azmelian
Julius Broatman+
Arthur E. Imperatore, Sr.
Walter+ and Irma Leichter+
Edward F. Malzone+
Harriet Mapai+
John C. Meditz*
Betty Rosenthal+
Walter G. Terwedow, MD+
Bernadine Wegner+
Rose Weller+
We sincerely regret any errors or omissions.
* Palisades Medical Center and PMC Foundation Board Members
+ Deceased
Special Tributes & Honors
In Honor of John C. Meditz
receiving the Association of
Fundraising Professionals –
New Jersey Chapter’s
2008 Outstanding
Philanthropist Award
Hon. Marie L. Garibaldi
Marie T. Giusto
Mila Z. Rodriguez
In Memory of
Edward F. Malzone
Marie and Anthony Palasciano
In Memory of
Ramanlal N. Shah, MD
Dorothy and Thomas Riley
In Honor of Howard M.
Shiffman receiving
Palisades Medical Center’s
2008 Star Stream Award
Flavia Arena & Richard Silverman
Anthony & Barbara Ariano
Marcia & Ted Davis
Edith Ginsberg & David Weiner
Lyla & Howard Glener
Ruth Haas & family
Rachelle & Steven Harz
Suzie & Robert Jerome
Jackie & Stuart Kaffee
Natalie & Stanley Kaplan
Meda & Larry Keefer
Jerry LoDuca, Dukal Corporation
Cynthia & Stanley Low
Sue & Bill McLaughlin
Gerard Palopoli, Midmark Corporation
Paula & Larry Rebak
Matt Rowan, HIDA
Elaine & Bill Salomon
Robert & Pamela Sauertig
Susan Seidenberg
Arlene & Richard Sherman
The Shiffman Family
Beth, Jodi, Steve, Erika, Alec,
Adam, Kristen, Amanda, Jared,
Sydney, David, Marianne, Blair,
Alan & Simone
Dottie & Al Silverman
Ronald Steiginga,
Graham Field
Health Products
Mark Steinberg, Arkay U.S.A.
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30th Anniversary Campaign:
Growing With Our Community
As we celebrate Palisades Medical Center’s 30 years on the waterfront, we also honor a history of healthcare
excellence that started more than 100 years ago in a small building on Palisade Avenue. We sincerely
appreciate and acknowledge the generosity of those who have supported the 30th Anniversary Campaign:
Growing With Our Community. To pledge your support, please call the Foundation Office at (201) 854-5008.
John C. Meditz Founders Society
The Founders Society was created to recognize and thank donors who have
made a gift of $10,000 or more. In recognition of John C. Meditz’s generous
support and leadership, the Founders Society now bears his name.
Please call the Foundation Office at (201) 854-5008 for more information
about Founders Society giving options.
Chairman’s Circle
($1,000,000 or more)
Arthur E. Imperatore
John C. Meditz*
($50,000 to $99,999)
Fred Daibes*
Thomas M. and
Lely Eastwick*
Edward A.
Fleckenstein, Esq.*
Bruce J. Markowitz*
Donna M. Uher* and
Arthur E. Imperatore
President’s Club
($750,000 to $999,999)
Leader’s Society
($500,000 to $749,999)
($250,000 to $499,999)
($100,000 to $249,999)
K. Hovnanian Homes
Josephine Mauro
Thomas M.* and
Joan M. Venino
($25,000 to $49,999)
The Auxiliary at Palisades
David J. Berkowitz
Maria E. Bornia, MD
Donna Cahill
John Calandriello
Ed Davis
Ruben D. Fernandez
Patricia M. Fuller*
Elisse Glennon
Mohamed Lateef, MD*
Dr. Gregory G. Magee
and Robin Frank
Drs. Suri* and
Rama Ponamgi
Susan G. Komen
for the Cure
United Water
($10,000 to $24,999)
Harold and
Emily Azmelian
The Estate of
Julius Broatman+
Theresa* and
J. David de Leon
Thomas and
Emma Heagney
Merab Joseph, MD
Leonard* and
Victoria Lauricella
Joe Lazicki
The Estate of Walter+
and Irma Leichter+
Joan Mozeika
Jose B. Munin, MD
Gregory A. Pappas, MD
Bela A. Patel, MD
Mila Z. Rodriguez
Eurice Rojas
and Norma Almanza
Miriam Stablein, RN
Donors as of December 31,
2008. We sincerely regret
any errors or omissions.
* Palisades Medical Center
and PMC Foundation Board
+ Deceased
Winter Newsletter09_FINAL:Layout 1 2/12/09 4:36 PM Page 14
($5,000 to $9,999)
Frank A. and
Jacqui Atcheson
Reinaldo Cedeno
Maureen Coccaro, RN
Maria C. Garcia
Husein and Carol Jafferjee
Niurka and Manuel Mederos
Mariannette Plaza, APN
Dr. G. Jeremiah and
Gail Ryan
Gladys Sillero, APN
Bart Solazzo
Jeralyn Scibetta, RN
Mark Somerville
Denise C. Whitley
Lucy Zovko
($500 to $999)
Ann Maris F. Abregu
Argelia Aguila
Mariano Alvarez
Jorge Arango
Renato Balahadia
Lynda R. Hampton
Raydelin Hernandez
Norma Herrera
Jaime M. Weiss Realty
Company, Inc.
Lizzie Miles
Viveks K. Modi
Marco A. Navarro
Joseph S. Nazimek
Catherine Nest
Carmen Noel
Caterina Pasquale
Isabel Payumo
($1,000 to $4,999)
Katherine M. Aitchison
Cary Bader* and Carol Kravitz
Jacqueline Baran
Livinia Barbadillo
Rose Marie Bauer, RN
Zoraida I. Bautista, APN
Orlando Botero
Catherine Campen
Lillian Canson, RN, MSN, CNL
Juan F. Castillo, MD
John and Nancy Charlesworth
Mary Conte, RN
Carmen Criscione
Charles Crugnola
Bibiana Davidson
Irma Diaz, RN
George Egoavil
Marci Evans
Eustaquia Figueroa
Geoffrey and Ellen Gaulkin
Teresa Iparraguirre
Barbara Isenberg, RN
Alek Ivanovski, RN
Marian J. Jekonski
Mabel Judson
Lori-Ann Ligon
Edward F. Malzone +
Mariamma Mathew
Doreen McSharry
Gary W. Mignone
Joanne Misiunas, RN
Adel N. Nammour, RN
Ingrid Pais, PT
Sara Polak
Alan B. Port, MD
Caridad Rodriguez
Richard Salvia
Betty J. Saroli
Dr. Anthony M.* and
Alice Schiano
Lorna Schneider, APN
Ilisabec Balbuena
Zulay Barbour
Linda M. Barker
Miriam Bellido
Lydia Bello
Patrick J. Bove
Leonila Carmona
Jose L. Cepeda
Maryann Clark
Patricia Crinion
Annie M. Dickerson, LPN
Cecilia Dominguez
Bruce Downs
Susana Ferido-Duggan
Olimpia Escudero
Carmen Espinoza
Mercedes A. Fernandez
Francois F. Fuentes, RN
Juana Garcia
Mina Gaza, RN
Yvonne D. Geraci, RN
Dora Gravina
Sandra Percella
Luz Perez
Jorge Pineda
Karol Ramirez
Christopher Renaud
Cristobal Rivas
Sonia Rivera
Lourdes Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez
Antonio Rojas
Deborah Rossignol
Adam San Miguel
Dorothy Shaw
Anna Silber
Audra Smith
Maria Soto
Fay Spragley, NP
Thomas Stier
Luis Tabares
Nancy Terrero
Joan Tridente
Barbara Urban, RN
Jeanne H. Waxman
Joanne Worthington
Jose Zambrana
Anonymous (4)
($250 to $499)
Rafael Abreu
Rosa Acevedo
Elsa Alcoser
Antonio Arce
Gwendolyn Arce, RN
Arely Argueta
Santos Avila
Eduardo Aviles
Patricia L. Bacon
Marleni Baez
Maricela Barea
Jasmin Belmonte, LPN
Maria Benitez
Rubier Betancourt
Carlene Canosa
Felix Cardenas
Ciciliana Carmona
Helena Catena
Olga Coreas
Margarita Cruz
Bexa Curiales
Marina A. Disomma
Lloyd Dixon
Caroline Doczy
Noreen Doherty
Rita Dovale
Fredy Echeverria
Maria Esquijarosa
Carmelina Estrella
Diplow Evans
Oleida Fajardo
Martinho Fantin
Ana Fermin
Mario Fermin
Jaime Fernandez
Minerva Fernandez
Yini Fernandez
Maria Filpo
Kathleen Flanagan, RN
Wilson Freire
Jose Gallosso
Odette D. Garay
Patricia Garcia
Mileiby Hidalgo-Gato
Francisco Gavidia
Ana Giron
Digna Gomez
Faby R. Gomez
Margarita Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez
Minerva Gonzalez
Christen Gorman
Winter Newsletter09_FINAL:Layout 1 2/12/09 4:36 PM Page 15
Hernan L. Granja
Adrienne A. Groves
Deiby Grullon
Maria Guerra
Sandra Guia
Gloria Gutierrez
Maria J. Guzman
Nereyda E. Guzman
Rebecca Hajje
Earl C. Hardy
Doremmia Hernandez
Marilyn C. Hernandez
Nora Hernandez
Lorraine Higgins
Anatoliy Holobordko
Darline Iturrino
Alicia Jimenez
Amarilis Jimenez
Tania Jimenez
Lucia Jiron
Antonio Leo
Cheryl London
Delores M. Loor
Antonio S. Lopez
Beatriz Lopez
Carmen Lopez
Jesus Lopez
Jose M. Lopez
Marisol Lorenzo
Fausto Lozado
Daisy Martinez
Gabriel Martinez
Elizabeth McAlpine
Edward McMichael
Yajayda Mendez
Estela Molina
Miguel Morales
Marlene Mordan
Sylvana M. Morgado
Ramona Munoz
Maria Parets
John Park
Alice Parma
Maritza Parra
Lata Patel
Anibal Payares
Juan S. Perez Dominici
Debra Rainville, LPN
Vilma Ramirez
Sorange Ramos
Enelia Restrepo
David Rivera
Miladis Rivera
Norma Rivera
Fernando Rodas
Betania Rodriguez
Diamela Rodriguez
Juana Rodriguez
Lucio A. Rodriguez
Rosa Rodriguez
Maria Rojas
Carlos Romano
Sonia Romero
Maria N. Rymski
Alicia Sanchez
Jackshira Sanchez
Maria Sanchez
Nieves Sanchez
Emiliano Saquic
Rosario Sarmiento
Araceli Sedilla
Luis Analuisa
Edith Anaya
Martha Araujo
Patricia Arbelaez
Alba Arenas
Gisela Arteaga
Elvia Atenco
August W. Barberi
Mercedes Barrios
Martin Benitez
Maria Beyra
Martha Blandin
Daniel Soto
Jenrose St. Helaire
Spencer Stephens
Marixsa Suarez
Mirna Suarez
Hye Suk Oh
Jose Torres
Abilio Trujillo Marti
Catalina Urena
Bernardo Vargas
Luz M. Vazquez
Judith Vega
Hernan Velarde
Karol Veras
Susan Warner
Mary Willi
Anonymous (7)
Rosa Bodden
Onorinda C. Borrego
Evelyn A. Braikovich
Angela M. Brito
Santa Brown
Daisy Bustillo
Baltazar Calafell
Julio Campuzano
Marlene Candanoza
Ana Canelliz
Enia Carbonel
Gisela Cardenas
Maryann Cashin
Justina Castillo
Guadalupe Chacon
Han R. Chang, RN
Bernardo Chilindron
Carolina Chitay
Abaneth Cifuentes
Eileen P. Costello
Crown Plaza Meadowlands
Narciso L. Cruz
Luis Cruz Nin
($100 to $249)
Aura Abreu
Anecio Alvarez
Osmin Amaya
Ceida Delacampa
Elvira Delacuesta
Mary Depinto
Claribel Diaz
Diana Diaz
Elida Diaz
Isabel Diaz
Deborah Dimauro
Haydee Duan
Barbara Duckworth, RN
Elaida Duran
Tess Contreras-Englese
Adolfo Estrada
Angela Evans
Humberto Farias
Elsa Fernandez
Francisca Flores
Marylou Flores, RN
Felipe D. Garcia
Ana M. Garramuno
Anthony Giraldo
Blanca Giraldo
Rafael Gomez
Reynalda Gomez
Dahlialee Gonzalez
Dolores Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez
Ruben Gonzalez
Maresela Goya
Gisela Guillen, CNA
Nora Gutierrez
Barbara Haven, CNA
Leonor Herrara
Hernando Herrera
Maria Hidalgo
Olga Ines
Necmiye Kacaroglu
Thomas and
Barbara Kohrherr
Frances B. Lally
April R. Lee
Rose T. Lee
Roger Leiva
Aurea Lisboa
Carlos Lliguicota
Ramon Lopez
Yanexi L. Lopez
Luis Madera
Aurora Rios-Mangione
Arsenio Manresa
Carmen Martinez
Cristiana Menendez
Yudisely Minaya
Alvaro Miranda
Emiliano Montanez
Isidra Montes
Reyna Moranchel
Janeth Moreno
Maria Morin
Caron Morrow
Winter Newsletter09_FINAL:Layout 1 2/12/09 4:36 PM Page 16
Teresita Moyano
Cesar Munoz
Valerie A. Neckles, RN
John R. Newton
Cruz Norena
Olag M. Ortega
Ismael Ortiz
Alfredo Pabatao
Enerieth Patino
Dalila Perez
Maria E. Perez
Maria Perez
Angel M. Perilla
Jesus Pineda
Maria M. Pineda
Ermila Polo
Mercedes E. Ponton
Doreen Punla, RN
Digna Ramirez
Mila D. Recuelo
Felix Revelo
Donna Reyes
Evangelina Reyes
Zoila Reyes
Marina Riofrio
Karol Rivadeneira
Carmen L. Rivera
Petronila E. Rivera
Nicholas Rivero
Agustina Rodriguez
Emelina Rodriguez
Maria M. Rodriguez
Norma Rodriguez
Gudelia Rojas
Norma Rolo
Frank J. Romano
Jorge Romero
Matthew Roselli
Carol A. Rovento
Diego Ruiz
Martina Russo
Thomas Saglimbene, Jr.
Lourdes Salazar
Elaine Salomon
Aydee Sandoval
Jose G. Sandoval
Isidore Santos
Luz Santos
Ana Sarmiento
Paula Shurn
Glenn Siegel
Annalore Singletary
Sandra A. Sorto
Santos Sosa
Blanca Cabrera-Suquillo
Rafaela Tapia
Felix Taveras
Ramona Tejada
Teresa Tierra
Rosa Toro
Julia Turchenkova
Maria Turcios
Ghislaina Vallejo
Luis E. Vanegas
Kathy L. Vargas, RN
Luz Vasquez
Elsa Vila
Rosa Villa
Kadya Washington, CNA
Carmen Williams
Angela Xajil
Isidro Xelhua
Reyna Amador
Ana Amaya
Alicia Amortegui
Alexandra Andrade
Yecenia Angeles
Maria Apena
Blanca Arango
Luz Arango
Campo Araque
Sandra Arboleda
Maria Arevalo
Maria Arguello
Alex Zelaya
Anonymous (6)
Freddy Argueta
Neli Argueta
Enny Arias
Jose A. Arias
Manuel B. Arias
Rosa Arita
Jose Arroyo
Maria Arteaga
Nicolas Asan
Nestor Avanz
Maria Avila
Dolly Aviles
Vanessa Aviles
Nicolas Ayala
Virginia F. De Baez
Ruben Balbuena
Catherine Barchie
Dolores Bartlett
Herman Batista
Maria Batista
Antonia Battle
Petra Beckert
Maria Bedoya
($25 to $99)
Lourdes Abascal—
In Memory of Julieta Jimenez
Beth Achenbach
America Acosta
Hilda A. Acosta
Daniel Adams
Rosa Aguilar
Luis Alfonso
Norberto Alicia
Ernestina Almonte
Angela A. Altamirano
Aura Alvarado
Marcia Alvarado
Sandra Alvarado
Clara R. Alvarez
Elvia Alvarez
Siomara Alvarez
Fernando Alves
Norma Benito
Lidia Bermudez
Annalia Bernadine
Yelitza Betin
Oswaldo Bezama
Margarita Blanco
Robert Bloch
Patricia Bocchino, MBA
Maruja Bolano
Rafael Bonhomme
Ysabel Bourdier
Elsy Briones
Alba Brito
Minerva Brito
Lourdes Bueno
Danny Burbano
Carmen Burgos
Barbara Burns
Karool Bustillo
Lucia Caba
Yormys Cabral
Catalina Cabrera
Janet Cabrera
Josefina Cabrera
Mirta Cabrera
Sonia Cabrera
Yamil Cabrera
Alicia Lozano-Cagiao
Petra Calero
Jorge Calix
Juan Calle
Milton Calle
Marco Calvopina
Celestina Camaja
Salvatore Campisi
Julia Campos
Elsa Carbonell
Ceida Cardenas
Hortensia A. Cardenas
Maria L. Carnelli
Altagracia Carrasco
Tomas Carrera
Lilian Castaneda
Noemi Castaneda
Norma Castellanos
Nancy A. Castex
Alberto Castillo
Pedro Castillo
Serafina Castillo
Ramon Castro
Rosalba Castro
Lorraine Cecala
Maria Cedeno
Jesus and Sussy Centeno
Segundo E. Chalco
Osman Carvajal-Chave
Oscar A. Chavez
Richard A. Chevasco
Alfonso Coba
Lois Colacurcio
Winter Newsletter09_FINAL:Layout 1 2/12/09 4:36 PM Page 17
Vincent Collazo, Jr.
Juana Colon
Aura Concepcion
Gioconda Conde
Amelia G. Condo
Ana T. Conesa
Laquetta Connell
Kara V. Cooper
Nicolas Cordero
Linne Core
Maximo and Maria Corrales
Maria Correa
Michelle Corrubia
Josefina M. Crespo
Martha Crespo
Belkis Cruz
Carmen Cruz
Delmis A. Cruz
Nelly Cruz
Ninfa Cruz
Maria Cubillos
Mario A. Cuenca
Christin Cupo
Jenny J. Dach
Luis Davila
Manuela Decordova
Aurelia De-Felix
Zoila De La Cruz
Manuel Delacruz
Yolanda Delacruz
Carlos Delgado
Dinorah A. Delgado
Maricela Delgado
Yolanda Delgado
Denise Delrosario
Joseph Demorcy
Margaret Dempsey
David Diamond
Fabiola Diamond
Graciela Diaz
Juana Diaz
Vivian Diaz
Francisco Diego
Norma Diego
Lisa Diguiseppe
Maria Diossa
Jose Dmeza
Jenny V. Domingue
Altagracia R. Dorado
Patricia A. Doty
Everth Duarte
Maria Ebeid
Julio C. Echeverria
Tanyalie Elias
Ismael Encarnacion
Daniel E. Escobar
Margarita Escobar
Sylvia Escobar
Yolanda Escobar
Dinora L. Espinal
Orlando Espinoza
Esther Evertz
Geiser Fajardo
Joseph Farrell
Irma Fernandez
Mario Fernandez
Olga Fernandez
Daisy Ferrer
Karen Figueroa
Lillian L. Flores
Karin Foster
Antonio Geada
Anastasia K. Georgiou
Jalene Gibbons
Generoso Gil
Maria I. Bustos-Giraldo
Juventino Giron
Luis Gomez
Nancy Gomez
Yolanda Gomez
Fernando Gomez Garcia
Pablo D. Gonz
Maria Chavez-Gonzale
Anamaria Fraga
Susana Fragoso
Martin L. Frimet
Nancy A. Frugoso
Florinda Fuentes
Salvador Fuentes
Yesenia Fuentes
Evelyn Galeano
Augustina M. Galezo
Aniellis Garcia
Crucita Garcia
Dalila Garcia
Ephrain Garcia
Esther Garcia
Eugenio Garcia
Graciela Garcia
Herme Garcia
Johana Garcia
Jose I. Garcia
Marino Garcia
Yolanda Garcia
Odilio Garciga
Victor Garnica
Ana Gonzalez
Arelia Gonzalez
Avelino Gonzalez
Belkis Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez
Carmen Gonzalez
Doris Gonzalez
Elia Gonzalez
Hortensia Gonzalez
Liduvina Gonzalez
Luciano Gonzalez
Margot Gonzalez
Noelia Gonzalez
Olimpia Gonzalez
Raymond Gonzalez
Rosa Gonzalez
Jose Grana
Henry Green, Jr.
Ydeisy Grimon
Ruth Guachichullca
Oscar Guerra
Luz M. Guerrero
Maria Guevara
Arisleyda Guichardo
Belkis Guidos
Jose Gutierrez
Julio Gutierrez
Paula Gutierrez
Basilisa Guzman
Clara I. Guzman
Maria Guzman
Sandra Guzman
Sara Guzman
Mary Hamilton
Patricia E. Hannon
Irene Harris
William Hennessey
Dalay Hernandez
Dalia Hernandez
Dinora Hernandez
Jorge Hernandez
Martha Hernandez
Yolanda Hernandez
Yolanda Hernandez
Juana Herrera
Maria Herrera
Crucita Hobal
Carmen Horta
Carol Hughes
Nino Iglesias
Luzdary Illesca
Theresa Inoa
Miriam O. Janssen
Monica Jara
Marta Jaramillo
George-ann Jaslow
Nina Jin
Letisia Juarez
Cristobal Jurado
Nick Kamenos
Geraldine Kersey
Aida Kessell
Mostafa Khatkhat
Anastasia Kolawa
Mary A. Kot
Sophia Krchnar
Santiago Lage
Michael A. Lampadarios
Merguilda Lantigua
Maria Lara
Sagrado R. Lasval
Andres M. Ledesma
Antonia M. Leon
Mirna M. Rodriguez-Leon
Orlando and Grisel Lima
Roquildy N. Gomez-Liquet
Alex Livak
Susana Logrono
Emma Lopez
Luis E. Lopez
Martha Lopez
Pedro Lopez
Ramona Lora
Winter Newsletter09_FINAL:Layout 1 2/12/09 4:36 PM Page 18
Jessica Lucken
Angel Lugo
Gertrudis Luna
Nancy Luna
Amada Luzuriaga
Carmen Maduro
Marylin Maestre
Maria Majano
Mirna Majano
Flora Maltez
Wilson Mancheno
Istepan Mangioglu
Sandra Manzano
Raul Marban
Cynthia Maresca
Maria Marin
Marisol Marin
Alfred Marquez
Maria Marquez
Carlos Marriaga
Jaliska Marte
Alberto Martinez
Azucena Martinez
Gloria Martinez
Jaime Martinez
Myriam Martinez
Rosemary Martinez
Ruben Martinez
Emma R. Mateo
Marisela Mateo
Victoria Mateo
Carole Mcpherson
Betty Media
Mercedes Medina
Marta Mejia
Jose O. Melendez
Yanci Melgar
Luis V. Mena
Xiomara Mendez
Ana M. Mendivil
Daniel Mendoza
Emily Menendez
Robert J. Menos
Virtudes Mercedes
Ruth Merchan
Joanna Mestanza
Carina Mezon
Evora Z. Milian
Margarita Mimbela
Anabel Mina
Jenny Mina
Elsa Mino
Lourdes Mirabel
Ondina Miranda
Ana Molina
Magda Molina
Viviana Monsalve
Luz M. Montes
Erlinda Montoro
Adair Mora
Manuel Mora
Alba Morales
Guadalupe Morales
Israel Morales
Alba Moreira
Roberto Moreiro
Jose Mujica
Miledi Munoz
Rafael Munoz
Lidia Murillo
Elda Mursuli
Mario Mustelier
Pravin Patel
Yesenia Paulino
Efrain Paz
Francia Y. Paz
Carmen Pemberton
Emma Pena
John Pepler
Escarly Peralta
Yanira A. Perdomo
Cleunice Pereira
Gisela Pereira
Adela Perez
Leo V. Natalicchio
Babacar Ndoye
Arturo Novoa
Carmen Nunez
Glenda Nunez
Marianela Nunez
Olinda Nunez
Tulio B. Ona
Hermelinda Orbegozo
Zoila Orellana
Olga Orozco
Carlos Ortiz
Lisandra Ortiz
Monica Ospina
Pilar Oujo
Rosa Ovalle
Jorgelina Pacheco
Yveth M. Padilla
Paola Palacios
Rubenia Paradis
Norma Parga
Donald Parler
Fernandina Pastrana
Aleida Perez
Angelina M. Perez
Bernardino Perez
Edith Perez
Elena Perez
Emily M. Perez
Francisco Perez
Gladys Perez
Guadalupe Perez
Iris Perez
Julia Perez
Luisa Perez
Luz Perez
Maria Chicas-Perez
Pablo Perez
Yolanda Perez
Zenaida Perez
Pauline Petrich
Dorothy M. Piccione
Silvia Pichin
Marcelino Pilco
Edwin Pimentel
Antonia Pimienta
Daisy Polanco
Tomas Polanco
Damarik Ponce De Leon
Benjamin Ponton
Ana Posada
Rolando Pozo
Liza Prudencio
Milady Puente
Hilda E. Puertas Mir
Alida Pugliese
Magda Pujada
Yeilyn Pujole
Marcelino B. Puma
Silvia Queris
Lilia Quintana
Mercedes Quintana
Luisa Ramirez
Lydia Ramirez
Omaira Ramirez
Margarita Ramos
Priscilla Ramos
Aida Raymundo
Maria Reinoso
Adriana Reslen
Jhoanna Revilla
Wanda Reyes
Ramfis Reynoso
Orlando Ricardo
Sharon Ridilla
Rosa Riepma
Nelvis Rio
Frank Rivas
Ramon Rivas
Felipe Rivera
Graciela Rivera
Hector Rivera
Marilyn Rivera
Miguel Rivera
Yvonne E. Rivera
Reinaldo A. Rivero
Juan Robledo
Susana Robledo
Gladys Robles
Juana B. Robles
Armando Rodas
Argelia J. Rodriguez
Caridad Rodriguez
Felix A. Rodriguez
Guillermina Rodriguez
Higinio Rodriguez
Judy Rodriguez
Lisleidys Rodriguez
Maria A. Rodriguez
Maria L. Rodriguez
Martha Rodriguez
Ramon Rodriguez
Telmo Rodriguez
Antigua Rojas
Hector Rojas
Jeannette D. Rojas
Winter Newsletter09_FINAL:Layout 1 2/12/09 4:36 PM Page 19
Maria E. Rojas
Nadia Rojas
Pedro A. Rojas
Diane L. Rollman
Felix Roman
Odalys Romano
Alejandro Romero
Cristina Romero
Emily Romero
Mirella Romero
Obdulio Romero
Rocio Romero
Willy G. Rosales
Ana D. Rosario
Candida Rosario
Esther Rosario
Jacinta Rosario
Herminia Rosas
Paul Roth
Michael Rubine
Gloria Ruiz
Jessica Ruiz
Leticia Sageth
Maria M. Salamanca
Cruz Salameh
Carmelo Salazar
Yocasta Saldana
Milagros Samora
Felipe Estrella-Sanch
Anna Sanchez
Carmen Sanchez
Catalina Sanchez
Christopher Sanchez
Dulce Sanchez
Emilia Sanchez
Esther Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez
Luz Sanchez
Maria Sanchez
Zuleika Sanchez
Delsa A. Santana
Zucel Santana
Marlen Santiago
Susana Santiago
Rosa Santizo
Teresita Saquipulla
Rosario Saravia
Seda Sayanlar
Patricia Scannavino
Agnes Schlein
Jolene A. Schulte
David Segovia
Teresa Segovia
Raul Seino
Sandra Serpas
Vijaya M. Shenoy
Fatima Shihadeh
Anthony J. Sidoti
Dora Siguenza
Joseph Silecchia
Ramita Singh
Sandra Smith
Joaquin Soares
Haydee Sori
Leticia Soriano
Saira Soto
Ana J. Sprau
Amparo Spraw
Raul Suarez
Silvia Suarez
Santa A. Tamayo
Magdalena Valdes
Juan Valdes Castill
Pablo Valdivia
Ofelia Valencia
Rolando Valentine
Hermelinda Valido
Mario Valverde
Gloria Vargas
Jacqueline Vazquez
Maria Vazquez
Noelia Vazquez
Hernan Vega
Silvia Tambornini
Blanca Tecun
Elena Tejada
Juan Teran
Jose Tio
Fay Titus
Elsie Toledo
Noemi Toro
Anthony L. Torres
Carlos Torres
Teresa Torres
Vicente Torres
Josefina Travez
Ada Trejo
Sara M. Trujillo
Maria Turci
Maria T. Tutiven
Rosaria Udina
Hilda Ugalde
Sonia Ulloa
Yajaira Urena
Raisa Uribe
Ana M. Valbuena
Louis Vegas
Adriana Velasco
Yolanda Veloz
Minerva Ventura
Maria Verdugo
Luis Vergara
Catherine Vezzola
Julio Vidal
Hermel Villagran
Victoriano Villatta
Victoria Villavicencio
Gustavo Villegas
William Weitzel
Junine Williams
Dawn Wise’dotts
Bertha Wolf
Sue-Ellen Wright
Jorge L. Yero
Evelyn Youssef
Gladis E. Zambrano
Maria Zamora
Margarita Zapata
Juana Zuniga
Donors (Up to $25)
Ana M. Abreu
Luis Abreu
Luis E. Abril
Julio C. Alaminos
Pamela Allande
Ana Almanza
Carie M. Alvarez
Hipolito P. Alvarez
Margarita Alvarez
Gladis Amaya
Rosanne Ammerman
Manchester Aquino
Domenico Arabia
Consuelo Arboleda
Jenny Argueta
Patricio Argueta
Viviana Arteaga
Rocio Avila
Shakeh Baltaian
Irma Baquedano
Manuel Barcon
Angel L. Barriantos
Armando Barroso
Judith E. Barzola
Yvonne Bautista
Maribel Bellocq
Gonzalo Benitez
Pablo Berdote
Benito Bernal
Maria Berrios
Esther M. Brinkers
Josefina Brosseau
Ignacio I. Cantero
Sonia E. Carbonell
Candida E. Cardenas
Isabel Carrasco
Monica Carrasco
Esperanza Casanova
Agranilda Castro
Ana Castro, CNA
Yobanka Catedral
Sonia Cintron
Caridad Contreras
Marta Corea
Francisco D. Corral
Esther Correa
Zulica Corzo
Epifania Crespo
Edson M. Delacruz
Blanca Delgado
Manuel Delgado
Dilupa Desilva
Amelio Diaz
Esther Diaz
Olga L. Diaz
Sonia Diaz
Victoria Diaz
Vianey Duarte
Pablo E. Escalante
Winter Newsletter09_FINAL:Layout 1 2/12/09 4:36 PM Page 20
Juan C. Escotto
Edith Espinosa
Consuelo Esquivel
Mercedes Estevez
Ada O. Estupinan
Martha Falero
America Fernandez
Lilia Fernandez
Maria E. Fernandez
Mirtha Fernandez
Kim Figaro
Edith A. Flores
Fabian Flores
Faustina Formoso
Ana Friedman
Martha Gallardo
Sandra Gamez
Bartolo Garcia
Bertha Garcia
Chayann Garcia
Evilia S. Garcia
Juan Garcia
Orlando Garcia
Zoila Garcia
Julia Golui
Miguel Gomez
Maria C. Gonzalez
Mileydis Gonzalez
Lourdes B. Gordillo
Leo J. Gosselin, Jr.
Rolando Granda
Blancy Groning
Nancy Guaman
Yisela Guardia
Deyse B. Guerra
Rosa Guina
Eduardo Henriquez
Agustina Hernandez
Ana Hernandez
Antonio Hernandez
Eloina Hernandez
Luis Hernandez
Maria R. Hernandez
Maritza L. Hernandez
Roberto A. Hernandez
Barbara Herrera
Onelda Herrera
Teresa Hobson
Susan Horta
Norma Iglesias
Shannon Lazare
Rosa Lluveres
Ana Lopez
Daiana Lopez
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Verizon Grant
Patient Safety
A generous $10,000 grant from Verizon is helping Palisades
Medical Center continue to be one of the safest hospitals in the
region for patients and Medical Staff.
Verizon’s philanthropic support has helped Palisades become
the only hospital in Hudson County to install the new Medication
Administration Check (MAK), a new state-of-the-art computerized
system that features barcode technology, like the kind you would
find in the checkout lines of grocery stories, to disperse prescription
“Verizon is committed to supporting technologies that
improve the safety and health of our neighbors,” said Donnett A.
Barnett, Director of External Affairs at Verizon. “We are proud to
support Palisades’ efforts to implement the MAK system and
improve patient safety.”
The MAK system correctly matches patients against their medi-
Pictured (from left to right): Elisse E. Glennon, VP/Executive Director of the PMC
Foundation; Bruce J. Markowitz, President & CEO of Palisades Medical Center; Donnett A.
Barnett, Director of External Affairs at Verizon; and Fay Spragley, NP, Clinical Coordinator
at Palisades Medical Center, proudly display Verizon's generous grant of $10,000.
cation orders, creates a record of when medications are given and
raises “red flags” when there are potential problems. The system
has many double checks in place to ensure that medications are
being given appropriately and on time. It features bar-coded
patient wristbands, bar-coded medications, new medicine carts and
laptop computers in nursing, pharmacy and respiratory therapy.
19th Annual
Palisades Classic
3rd Annual
Casino Night
2009 Star
Stream Ball
MAY 11
Ridgewood Country Club
Paramus, NJ
Frank’s Waterside Restaurant
North Bergen, NJ
Pleasantdale Chateau
West Orange, NJ
US Postage
7600 River Road
North Bergen, NJ 07047
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Miracle on the Hudson . . . . . . . . . . 1
19th Annual Palisades Classic . . . . . 1
Letter from the
Executive Director . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
New Board Members . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
News to Know . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
Holiday Celebrations . . . . . . . . . . . . 4-5
Community Connections . . . . . . . . . 6
2008 Star Stream Ball . . . . . . . . . . . . 7-9
Our Supporters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10-17
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