AUGUST 31, 2014
by Fr. Jeremy Myers
Matthew 16:21-27
We might experience some whiplash today if we put last
Sunday’s gospel side by side with today’s gospel. As we
recall from last Sunday, we hear the Lord Jesus praise
Simon Peter for his brilliant insight in knowing who Jesus is.
“You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God,” Simon tells
him. But today, we hear the Lord Jesus chastise Peter
almost a breath later. “Get behind me, Satan! You are an
obstacle to me. You are thinking not as God does, but as
human beings do.” Why the sudden turn-around? The
answer is because Peter does not yet understand that
Jesus is called to suffer and die in Jerusalem. Peter wants
no part of it for Jesus or for himself. “God forbid, Lord! No
such thing shall ever happen to you!” We can sympathize
with Peter. None of us wants someone we know and admire
and love to have to go through suffering. And yet, Jesus
makes it plain that he cannot achieve his purpose in life
without the pain and humiliation of the cross. He must face
it, endure it, and fulfill his mission. Peter struggles to
understand, as we all do in the face of tough decisions in
life. We much prefer the easier path, where there is no pain,
just smooth sailing. Stephen Bauman in his book talks
about a teenager in his congregation who came to him with
a problem. Bauman writes: “Elliot was on the horns of a
dilemma. A sophomore in high school, Elliot had knowledge
that a certain classmate everyone detested had been
accused falsely of stealing $150 from a teacher’s purse. But
he was not the thief. Elliot had seen his friend take the
money. The question Elliott was dealing with was, “Was
loyalty or truth more important?” He didn’t know what to do.
As he talked with Bauman, Elliott said that it would be much
easier just to do nothing. After all, there was nothing that
associated him with knowledge of the incident. He could
stay free and clear of the problem. Bauman writes, “M.
Scott Peck has written, ‘Problems are the cutting edge
between success and failure. Problems call forth our
courage and our wisdom. Indeed, they create our courage
and our wisdom.’” Then Bauman tells us, “I suggested to
Elliot that the easy way out was often the worst way out and
that maybe he needed to live with his problem for a while. It
would be uncomfortable, but I would help him hold it.” We
understand Elliot’s situation because we have said it
ourselves, “It’s easier to do nothing.” We prefer to stay out
of the mix, away from the mess, and safe behind our doors.
It is the same tactic that Peter urges Jesus to take. But
we’ve heard Jesus’ response to Peter’s suggestion. Jesus
will not take the easy way out. He chooses to do something
instead of nothing. For those who follow in the footsteps of
the Lord Jesus, the same decision is ours to make. Do we
choose the easy way or do we tackle the tough problems?
Do we stay on the sidelines or do we get onto the field?
Jesus shows us by his own example that we should not
skirt the cross just because it is difficult. Instead, we have to
walk the more difficult path, choosing good over evil, and
working for justice in the face of injustice. That decision will
bring hardships and heartaches to us, but it is the decision
that Jesus made and it is the decision he asks us to make.
we are loyal to Christ, we shall suffer. Even in our
modern world, some of our fellow Catholics are
suffering persecution and torture for their faith. In our
own country, if we are truly loyal to Christ, we shall be
ridiculed. The Lord has not duped us; he promises us
a cross in this life. The crown of joy must await
ORDINARIO (A) Si somos leales con Cristo,
sufriremos. Incluso en nuestro mundo moderno,
algunos de nuestros católicos del mismo tipo sufren la
persecución y la tortura para su fe. En nuestro propio
país, si somos realmente leales con Cristo, nos
ridiculizaremos. El Señor no nos ha engañado; nos
promete una cruz en esta vida. La corona de alegría
debe esperar la eternidad.
Please join us for coffee and fellowship after Mass
today in the Parish Hall.
Por favor únase a nosotros para el café y compañerismo
después de Misa hoy en el Salón Parroquial.
Thank you for your gifts.
“There are many in this world who have less than we do.
There are many in this world who have more than we do.
This makes no difference to our commitment to share our
own gifts and resources. It is not about who has less than I
do. It is not about who has more than I do. It is about ‘What
will I do?’”
Author Unknown
†Winnie Lazaroo by Tina Hubbell
Eucharistic Ministers
Gift Bearers
Minister to the Homebound
First-time altar server Jacob Castillo (left) is pictured above
with Tony Morrell, Isaac Castillo, and Monsignor Duesman
following Mass last Sunday. Thank you to all altar servers for
giving of your time and talent to our community of faith.
Monaguillo por primera vez Jacob Castillo en la foto más
arriba con Tony Morrell, Isaac Castillo y Monsignor Duesman
después de misa el domingo. Gracias todos los monaguillos
por dar su tiempo y talento a nuestra comunidad de fe.
Deb Teuscher
Anita Morales
Toby Fuhrmann
Sparky Gustafson
Jayce Jaresh
Stephen Fuhrmann
Sutton Fuhrmann
Patti Bell Family
Gary Dale Lewis
Larry Sandmann
Toby Fuhrmann
Safe Environment training for all volunteers has been
scheduled. A training session for all NEW volunteers will be
this Thursday, September 4th at 7:30 p.m. at St. Mary’s
School Library in Sherman. A training session for all
RETURNING volunteers who have previously completed
Safe Environment and only need to update their training will
be next Sunday, September 7th at 11:30 a.m. in the Parish
Hall here at St. Francis of Assisi. Or can be completed online
at Choose
one of the five training modules. Complete both the self-test
and training certificate and turn them in at the Parish Office in
Sherman. Remember, all parish volunteers are required to
update their training every twelve months.
We want to wish a happy birthday to all parishioners
celebrating a birthday this week, especially Tracy Linden on
August 31st, Greg Golden on September 1st, Laura Aguirre and
Neighbor’s House” will be
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This Monday, September 1st, is Labor Day. The Parish Office entrance of the church.
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in Sherman will be closed in observance of this holiday.
Este Lunes 1 de Septiembre, día del trabajo. La oficina de la vecino" será el próximo domingo, 7 de septiembre. Favor de
Parroquia en Sherman se cerrará para la celebración de este traer algunos alimentos no perecederos y colocarlos en el
día de fiesta.
contenedor a la entrada de la iglesia.
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults will be held at
St. Mary’s Parish in Sherman on Tuesday evenings
beginning September 2nd. Anyone interested in joining
the Catholic Church or wanting to learn more about the
Catholic Church is encouraged to attend. Each Tuesday
a light meal will be served at 6:30 p.m. and the
presentation will follow from 7 - 8 p.m. Please call the
Parish Office at 903-893-5148 if you have any questions
or would like to register.
El rito de la iniciación cristiana de adultos se celebrará
el lunes a las 7 p.m. inicio 8 septiembre. Cualquier
persona interesada en unirse a la Iglesia Católica o que
quieran aprender más acerca de la Iglesia Católica es
alentar a que asistan. Por favor llame a la oficina
parroquial al 903-893-5148 si tiene alguna pregunta o
desea registrar.
Legion of Mary members will be handing out
rosaries, along with information about
saying the rosary, next Sunday, September
7th following Mass.
Miembros de la Legión de María serán Los
encargados del el manejo de nuestros rosarios, junto
con información sobre como rezar el rosario, el
Domingo, 7 de septiembre después de la Misa.
Peanut Festival is fast approaching! Please support the
Men’s Club efforts towards the Building Fund. There will be
two upcoming raffles. One lucky parishioner will win the
glider in the Parish Hall. Tickets are $5 each. The winner of
the $10 raffle tickets has a choice of 500 Texas Lottery
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¡El Festival del cacahuete se acerca rápido! Por favor apoye
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This Friday is First Friday. Adoration will be from 8:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. construcción. Hay dos sorteos. En el salon parroquial esta el
banco parapente los boletos son a $5.00 y será
and from 7-10 p.m. at St. Mary’s Church in Sherman.
Este Viernes, 5 de septiembre es el Primer Viernes. exclusivamente para los feligreses San Francisco de Asis.
Adoración será de 8:30 am a 3 pm y de 7 a 10 pm en la Por solo $10 el boleto usted escoje entre 500 boletos de
lotería de Texas o un tablet.
iglesia de Santa María en Sherman.