Seniors Deliberate Options



Seniors Deliberate Options
words of a feather
April 30, 2010
Debate Emerges Over
New Immigration Law
Dulce Castañeda and Jake White
Staff Reporters
The Official Student Newspaper of
the Crete High School Cardinals
Crete, Nebraska
Volume 4 Issue 8
Seniors Deliberate Options
Haley Sowders
Staff Reporter
Staying in state or going out of state for
For many, living in a state with over
is the question being asked of the se500,000 undocumented immigrants who
could potentially be deported could cause
There was a poll taken of 65 seniors asking
detrimental effects ranging from economic what their plans were, and if they are staying
fluctuation to social adjustments.
in state or going out of state.
About 85 percent of CHS seniors plan on
Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed
in-state. Making the decision of goSB1070 into law Saturday, permitting poing out of state or staying in state for college
lice officers to arrest residents if unable
can be hard.
to provide proper documentation proving
Contrary to popular thought of this year’s
their legal status.
class, only 12.3 percent of the class is going
“I think that the law is kind of hope- out of state, 3.1 percent said they may be gssslessly misguided.” Spanish Teacher Janet soing out of state, and 84.6 percent are staying
in state.
Eckerson said.
Not very many people were shocked about
This law also makes it unlawful for doc- these results.
umented citizens to transport an illegal im“I don’t think it’s shocking, because when
you’re from a smaller town people tend to
“I think it’s necessary to start cracking stick around. Unless you have family out of
down on illegal immigrants, but I don’t state, then it’s kind of hard to get out on your
own that way,” Career Center Registrar Merri
think this is a fair and constitutional way
to do it,” Sophomore Meghan Shrewsbury
In the future, if this law were to be implemented into other state legisatures such Amanda Reetz
as Nebraska, many fear that police officers Photography Editor
may become more focused on reducing the
School t-shirt designs and colors continue
number of illegal immigrants than on evto be an issue, with the administration giving
eryday-duty patrols.
no choice but to get designs and slogans ap“Ultimately, all it’s going to do is to en- proved before purchase as a school sponsored
courage people who are not in the country group.
“I expect students to have the shirt design
legally to not cooperate with police,” Eckapproved in advance,” Athletic Director Jim
erson said.
Moore said, noting the policy will not change
The bill has brought much debate and next year.
despite the fact that many Americans belive immigration is an issue, protesters believe there are better ways to deal with it.
Kaye Bradley said.
Going out of state for college can be a great
opportunity for some, but it can also be hard to
adjust on being on your own.
“No, I’m not shocked at all because going
out of state can be expensive,” Senior Haley
Jensby said. Although some weren’t shocked,
others were.
“Yes I’m shocked a little bit, because there
are so many talking about wanting to travel,
and now they’re staying here,” Senior Daniel
Young said.
Making the decision can be difficult enough,
but actually going out of state is a whole other
story. Going out on one’s own but staying in
the same state as family isn’t as bad.
Going out on one’s own, but out of state can
show how independent a person is.Being independent probably helps a lot if one is making
the tough decision on whether to stay in state
for college or go out of state.
If one relies more on friends and family,
than on oneself, then going out of state and
leaving all of them can be a little bit more difficult.
Graduation Information
When: May 15
Time: 3 pm
Where: Doane Fieldhouse on
Doane Campus
Class Flower: Red Rose
Class Colors: Cardinal Red and
Class Motto: “Be yourself and no
one else because those who care
don’t matter, and those who matter
don’t care.” -Dr. Seuss
T-Shirt Designs Spark Controversy
5-Day Forecast
Friday, April 30
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100% Chance of Rain
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30% Chance of Rain
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Tuesday, May 4
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In This Issue...
Page 2:
Gun Proposal
Opposed by Most
Not only is it the saying but also the colors
that are a concern. The only colors allowed to
be printed on shirts include red, blue, black
and white. Some students disagree with this
“I think we should be able to choose whatever color we want for the t-shirts that we purchase ourselves,” Junior Taylor Reetz said.
Some people feel that the policy on the
shirts is too lenient, however.
“I don’t feel that the policy is strict enough,”
Spanish Teacher Angie Wagoner said.
With the tennis team not getting their idea
for a t-shirt slogan approved prior to printing,
it caused controversy that has made the administration not allow the girls to wear their
shirts in representation of the school. The
suggestive slogan, according to the administration, was not something that they wanted
Crete High athletes to be wearing to competitions.
“The whole goal is to represent Crete
High in a respectable manner,” Moore said.
“Hopefully we can do that from here on.”
classroom and the newspaper.
“Will’s written expression is creative and
unique. He can be assigned an ordinary expository essay and produce prose that is quite profound,” Junior English Teacher Terry Hiemer
“I think his writing is extraordinarily entertaining,” Senior English Teacher Mary
Georgi said. “He has a vocabulary way beyond his tender age of 16 or whatever it is. I
always like his irreverent tone and look forward to his column.”
George Mason Tastes a Hint of Lemon
Jessalyn Holdcraft
Staff Coordinator/Copy Editor
Junior Will Veguilla will be a lone cardinal in Washington, D.C. in July. Although he
had the chance to go with Crete’s Close-Up
group in March, opportunity knocked on another door and he answered. Nowss he will
be riding solo a few months later to a week at
George Mason University devoted completely
to journalism.
“I’m looking forward to gain precious
knowledge from the most brilliant journalists
and professors of our time,” Will said.
In addition to meeting professionals in
the field, he will get to meet and mingle with
other high school journalists from across the
“I’m incredibly excited. It might be cool
to hang with students who are also into the
Journalism bit. I might make a friend or two,”
Will said.
Will earned a Superior rating for his column writing which qualified him along with
(a couple other people in journalism) to take
the trip.
“I did all right in that JEA contest thing,
and someone must’ve noticed my ‘Superiority’,” Will said. “Column writing is my favorite because it gives me a lot more freedom to
use my ‘Voice’.”
His voice is appreciated by many devoted
“I like his column because it’s funny, it exploits people and things, and it drifts from reality,” Sophomore Lukas Renker said. “During the cold winter, I burned Will’s columns
after reading them, so he kept me alive with
his columns.”
Teachers have taken notice of Veguilla’s
talent for thinking outside of the box in the
Page 4:
Graduation Called
Junior Will Veguilla works on a yearbook page in journalism. His use of “voice” in his amusing
columns have earned him an invitation to George Mason University in Washington D.C. this July.
Page 6:
Robotics End 11th at
World Championship
Page 10:
Humor Month
April 30, 2010
Page 2
words of a feather
To Arm or Not To Be Armed
by Jacob White
Staff Reporter
Most people know the 2nd Amendment.
People provide the right to bear arms. Recently, this amendment has been taken to the
extremes in many people’s mind.
How would students feel if they walked into
a classroom and found that the teacher was
carrying a gun?
There is quite a controversy over firearms.
Wisconsin State Representative Frank Lasee is
pushing for teachers and administrators to be
permitted to
carry weapons in the
“If the
school has
gang-related issues
or a lot of
serious violence, then
maybe it would be okay,” Junior Morgan Ramer said. “Our school doesn’t have that bad of
issues with gangs and violence.”
What would happen if the teachers here did
have guns?
“I would not feel safe,” Junior Kelsie Skala
said. “I understand how guns are supposed to
protect, but they can also cause a lot of damage, which we have all seen or heard about.”
The law has not been passed, but Lasee is
not the only person proposing the idea. Many
other states, including Nevada, Texas, and
Utah, also believe that it should be legal for
teachers to carry guns in school.
“Our school hasn’t reached the point where
we as teachers need to have a gun with us during the school day,” Language Arts Teacher
Julie Schumacher said.
Many believe that if a school has resorted
to teacher needing guns in the classroom, then
the school itself has not done its job at keeping
the environment safe for all students; nor has
it done its job at keeping the situations under
control and calm.
Included in the concerns is the risk of a student gaining possession of a gun.
“It’s scary to think about,” Schumacher said.
“It’s scary to think what would happen if a student or teacher had a gun and lost his or her
temper. We don’t need guns in school.”
Chip Daehling, a regular substitute in the
uses guns for
hunting. However, he does
not agree with
“Guns have
never been allowed in school,
and it doesn’t
need to start
now,” Daehling said. “It would cause students
to have less respect for the teachers, and they
would feel threatened.”
Many speculate as to the reasons why lawmakers are pushing for guns in school. Much
of their reasoning comes from the school
shootings at Virginia Tech and Columbine, and
bomb threats that some schools have received.
“They probably have a picture in their minds
that all schools are violent because of what
happened to those other schools. But they’re
not,” Ramer said.
Even well known gun enthusiast, Principal
Tim Conway felt that guns shouldn’t be allowed in schools.
“If schools are supposed to be a safe place,
there shouldn’t be firearms,” Conway said.
“I would not feel
-Junior Kelsie Skala-
Wisconsin State Representative Frank Lasee is pushing for teachers and administrators to be
permitted to carry weapons in the classroom. Many people disagree with this notion of handguns
being permitted in schools, pointing to safety factors as a major concern.
Prom Prompts Stepping IntoVegas
approval by the administration.
“Somebody brought up
the idea, and we asked Mr.
Moore. He said he didn’t
see anything wrong with the
idea,” Junior Class Vice President Brooke Nerud said.
Becoming aware of the
theme is only the first step
in preparing for an unforgettable evening. Ladies and
gentlemen alike go through
extensive measures to glam
up for prom night. Girls in
particular tend to be more
concerned about scheduling
prior arrangements.
“I am going to get my hair
and my nails done at a salon.
The day before, I am going to
get accessories, go tanning,
Crete High School upperclassmen will celebrate prom tomorrow. Prom attire including dresses and tuxes at varying and get a hair trim and my
expenses, jewelry, shoes, and various accessories and transportation can all add up for students preparing for prom. eyebrows done,” Senior Haley
Sowders said.
from the original saying, “What Happens at
Guys, on the opposite hand,
Dulce Castañeda
worried with making
Staff Reporter
clusive theme.
Vegas may be closer to Crete than it has
Ideas for probable prom themes came about
“I am picking my tux up on the 29th,” Juever been before.
solely from everyone involved in the prom nior Marco Ortiz said.
This year’s prom theme emanates from the planning committee’s collaboration. Before
Prom planning includes everything from
ever-popular saying “What happens in Vegas, any ideas were disclosed, the committee had to buying a dress to renting a tux. Both are
stays in Vegas”. With only a mere deviation reach a consensus about the theme and obtain equally important factors in dressing accord-
ingly for the occasion. Budget plays a vital
role in both.
“I tried the dress on and it fit perfectly,” said
Junior Kara Siedhoff. “I hemmed it myself so
I saved $30. It was like $580.”
Still, some students’ budgets are smaller
than those of others.
“This year, I rented my tux at Men’s Warehouse because they have a lot of variety and
it’s cheaper than other places,” Ortiz said. “The
total came out to be $150, but that includes everything: the pants, the jacket, the shirt, the tie,
and the shoes.”
Finding the perfect ride to prom is a priority
that, according to budget, may or may not be
so feasible for students attending. “We got a limo, so we are going to be taking a hummer limo. There are like thirteen
people,” Senior Meredith Wahl said.
Others take an alternative form of transportation.
“I’m driving my car there,” Junior Renzo
Martel said.
Some students’ plans are more or less extravagant depending on their personal budgets.
Any way it is perceived, however, prom night
is one to remember and one that will remain in
the memory of those in attendance for years to
Staff Reporters Jake White and Rachel Hoesche contributed to this report.
Students vs. Teachers: Who’s Looking Forward to Summer?
Rachel Hoesche
Staff Reporter
Students or teachers, which group is more
impatient for summer to come? The students
cannot wait until summer break, although the
teachers are also impatient.
“I think students are more impatient than
teachers for summer to come. I think everybody looks forward to no homework and
hanging out with friends,” Sophomore Emily
Manning said.
“I believe that students are more exited for
summer, but when my mom worked here at
the school, she was just as ready to be out for
the summer as my brothers and I were,” Junior
McKehna Thiem said.
“Yes!” ELL teacher Jennifer Wickard said
when asked about teachers being more impatient for summer to come than the students.
Many students and teachers look forward
to summer because of the potential for travel. Math Teacher Doug Dolezal is heading to
Minnesota for a week.
“Our friends have a cabin on a lake with a
pool. No TV,” Dolezal said.
“This summer I am going to an FFA conference at the beginning of the summer for three
days. Then in June I am going to Brazil for two
weeks, and near the end of the summer I will
spend five days in Wayne at Student Council
camp,” Thiem said.
Then there are some who are going to Europe.
“I’m going back to Germany. Before that
my parents and I fly to Denver and drive to the
Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and San Francisco,”
Foreign Exchange Student Anna Hense said.
“Later in August I’m going on a family vacation and my best friend is coming with us,
too. Between May and August I hope to get a
job. School starts for in September.”
There are also important plans that have
been made for the summer in terms of impact
on school next year.
Some teachers will be at school and working with the state department on future assessments.
“(I will) work on State Math Assessments,”
Dolezal said.
“I will work on my 4-H projects to get them
ready for the fair. I’m going to do two leadership camps, HOBY and NLS. I’ll probably do
some camp counseling at Gretna. I was also
Junior McKehna Thiem visited the city of Ensenada in Baja, California in the summer of 2009.
Thiem assisted with VBS (Vaction Bible School) at nearby park where she met Jazmin (left) and
Delia (right) and helped at local rehab facilities. Thiem will be going to Brazil this summer.
thinking about going to a volleyball camp,”
Manning said.
“My trip to Brazil is a missions trip, so I
would definitely consider that a very important trip to share my faith with people around
the world,” Thiem said.
Summer plans and vacations are really important to both the students and the teachers,
both of the groups are waiting for the school
year to end so that their fun.
Page 3
April 30, 2010
words of a feather
Veguilla Ponders the Evil of Summer Camps
Will, With a Hint of Lemon
by Will Veguilla
Staff Reporter/Columnist
remember the exact moment my approaching summer vacation was ruined. I remember it
It was a
cold Sunday
afternoon in
a village that
was lost in
the center of
the Alpine
The villagers, oddly,
were missing.
I thought. I’d been pursuing the beast since
that morning, tracing it from my backyard to
Austria. I carefully searched the pastoral huts,
looking for anything that might lead me to my
target, until my pocket buzzed with a text message.
It read: “Come home for supper. We are having goat. Also, we signed you up for a bunch of
summer camps.”
It was all
over, then –
summer break
for me. See,
I don’t like
s u m m e r
camps. I hate
them, actually. Passionately.
I’m not passionate about anything, really – so that’s saying something.
I suppose my dislike for summer camps began last year, when I was sent to a camp for the
first time.
Now, I’ll admit – I’d been a menace of sorts
during the beginning of my last break. My
room had been a haven for nonstop raving, and
most government officials agree that my house
was the outbreak site of the “Plague of Grove
Avenue” (but it’s still unconfirmed). My parents had every right to rid themselves of me by
sending me away – sure.
And, let me tell
you, I learned my
lesson. My experiences in Camp
Rage were one of
the most terrible
of my entire life.
The camp director, Mr. Murphy, was a ruthless individual. I
still sweat uncontrollably when I
remember him...
teaching me key character values, and – oh,
dear goodness – satisfying my need for healthy,
outside activities. It was absolutely brutal.
My fellow campers were even worse. They
forced enriching peer-to-peer interaction upon
me. I had to make friends and develop my social skills. Gruesome stuff, to be honest.
My experiences
in Camp Rage
were one of the most
terrible of my life.
So, I escaped. Through the forest, across the
river, past the Orc armies in the cornfields, and
all the way into Canada.
But the tenacious Murphy hunted me. Eventually, he cornered me in an alleyway in Quebec.
“Still struggling to adapt to new social situations, Will?” he sneered. “Come back to camp.
I’ll help you grow as an autonomous individual. I’ll help you... find yourself.”
“Find this,” I told him, willing my body and
mind to reappear somewhere else. It didn’t
work, and I was taken back to camp.
And yeah, I found myself. Myself sucks.
Now, I might have to relive those same horrors from last summer again.
I won’t put up any sort of fuss, though. No.
I’ll give up my dreams of capturing the Ice
Cream Man, of sailing across the Mediterranean, of digging a hole in my backyard in a
futile attempt to find an archaeological artifact
(this is what I do any normal summer).
Well, just as long as my new pet Yeti is allowed to come to summer camp with me. That
would make it all much more pleasant.
Have a great summer, everyone.
Stay cool.
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He Said/She Said: TV Knocks Up Teens
He Said
by Jake White
Staff Reporter/Columnist
Teen pregnancy shows do influence teen pregnancies.
Teens are stupid. We all know we are. Our minds aren’t finished developing yet, and we’re going to be influenced by what we see on T.V.
When girls watch those shows about pregnant 16-year-olds, they get
this idea in their minds. “Oh! This girl is pregnant, and she’s on T.V!”
What a great reason to go get yourself knocked up.
I understand that the girls on the shows have to face those problems
and how hard their life is with the child. Well, who’s fault is that? Easy
solution: Keep your legs closed.
On these shows they don’t actually show the real details of what happens. You’re going to act differently
when there is a camera in your face. It’s sad to say, but
how many teen dads actually stay with the mom and
baby? The statistics are not in their favor. They proba bly leave after they get paid for being on the show.
But the producers can’t show that because
they would lose ratings. Teens are so mesmerized because they think it’s real. Just
because it says “Reality T.V.”, does not
mean it’s real.
If they’re not necessarily influencing
teen pregnancy, then they sure are influencing teenagers having sex. As if we really need anymore ideas about that in our
The producers probably think they are doing a good thing by showing teens that they
should “stay safe” and wait to have children.
They’re leaving it up to us to make the right
choice. Honestly?
The shows may not be a sure influence of pregnancies, nor are they
the only reason for the rising teen pregnancy rate; but girls can get ideas
from them.
Teenagers are not ready to be parents, and shows should not influence the idea that in anyway it can or should be done.
It’s all nice and fun to watch…on T.V. But one day it’s not going to be on T.V., and you’ll wish you waited.
by Christina Jackson
Staff Reporter/Columnist
She Said
Teen pregnancy shows do not influence kids to get pregnant and
have sex. Who wants to go through the 14 hours of labor when they
are only in high school. Shows and movies like 16 and Pregnant, Teen
Mom, Knocked Up, and Juno aren’t saying “Hey kids, go get pregnant!” In fact, in Mean Girls the gym teacher says, “If you have sex
you will die!” She’s right, of course.
The MTV show 16 and Pregnant displays that the girls who become pregnant aren’t ready for the responsibility. Since they made
the choice to have sex they are dealing with the consequences. The
girls show that they have to give up some freedom of their lives for
their kids; school is difficult and some do drop out, and it’s not fun to
be carrying a baby for 9 months and going through a long,
painful labor at a young age. Or any age, for that matter.
The majority of kids in our school watch some of these
shows and some don’t think that watching the shows
makes you want to go have sex and get pregnant.
I watch some of these shows and when I see the girls
and how it affects their home, social, and school lives,
I think, “Oh, hell no!”
Take Maci from the first season of 16 and Pregnant. She had a cute baby named Bentley, like the
car. However, her fiance Ryan didn’t help to much
with raising Bentley. While she was in an accelerated high school graduate program, working, and
asking for help from her mom, Ryan wasn’t there.
But that’s not the case for all teen moms. For Amber
and Gary they stayed together after their daughter was
born. Amber didn’t want her daughter, Leah, to grow up
without a father like she did. A child shouldn’t have to grow up without their father and miss out on the manly physical things that a father
would teach them if the girl had a son; you know, things like football
and pants-wearing.
And remember, it takes two to get pregnant.
Besides, there are a lot more things out there that are influencing
kids to get pregnant and have sex like music, movies, and pictures.
One show isn’t going to change the course of the teen pregnancy
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Página 4
30 de abril del 2010
Words of a Feather
La Voz Hispana
Se graduarán más latinos este año
Ex-alumnos llaman la ceremonia “día inolvidable”
Melisa Franco
Graduación está a la vuelta de la esquina y los estudiantes por graduarse se esfuerzan para pasar las clases requeridas.
La ceremonia de graduación se llevará
a cabo el día 15 de mayo, en el campus de
Doane, en Fuhrer Field House a las 3:00pm.
Los seniors tendrán que presentarse antes de
las 2:30pm, para tomar lugar en sus asientos
asignados y así la ceremonia comenzará a
La administración de la secundaría de
Crete trata de que ésta sea una ceremonia formal, aunque no sea así en todas las escuelas.
Este año hay aproximadamente 105 seniors, aún no se sabe definitivamente cuántos
se graduarán debido a que muchos están
reprobando clases requeridas para adquirir los
créditos necesarios.
El 12 de mayo será el último día de clases
para los seniors. Si todos entregan sus tareas
y trabajos para el día 12 de mayo, ya no tendrán que regresar a la escuela. Sin embargo
algunos tendrán que volver.
“Tenemos como tres estudiantes que
tendrán que regresar el trece porque están
tomando clases AP y tienen que hacer su
examen final”, dijo Sra. Stec, consejera de la
preparatoria de Crete.
Este año cerca de un tercio de los estudiantes son extranjeros, lo cual significa que no
todos están familiarizados con la forma en
que aquí se celebra la graduación de prepa.
Hay seniors de Centroamérica, México, y
alrededor de Asia. En cada país las graduacio-
Ex-estudiantes de CHS el año 2009 en el dia de su graduación. Lizeth Cuandón (Izquierda), Jessica
López (medio), y Thu Cue Do (derecha).
nes son diferentes.
“Aquí la graduación está como rara,
porque en México hacen bailables y todos
se visten iguales”, comentó senior Jessica
En ese sentido, es menos formal que la ceremonia que se realizará en la prepa de Crete.
“Nosotros tratamos de ser una de las es-
Omaha festeja Cinco de Mayo
lugares con un gran número de mexicanos en
los Estados Unidos, como Colorado, Illinois,
Texas, y California. Se celebra con diversos
El Cinco de Mayo es frecuentemente mal
tipos de comida, música, desfiles, y juegos.
identificado como el Día de la Independencia
Este año, como todos los años, hay una
de México, el cual verdaderamente se festeja celebración en la comunidad del sur de
el 16 de septiembre.
Omaha, ya que el área tiene la más extensa
El Cinco de Mayo se celebra por los mexi- herencia mexicana en Nebraska.
canos porque en 1862 México ganó la batalla
El festejo siempre dura tres días durante el
de Puebla, con solamente 4,500 soldados
fin de semana más cercana al cinco de mayo.
mexicanos contra 6,500 soldados franceses.
En este caso se llevará a cabo el viernes 30
Este es un día en el cual todos los mexica- de abril, sábado 1 y domingo 2 de mayo.
nos están orgullosos del valor que tuvieron
“Aquí, en Omaha, dura tres días pero en
los soldados mexicanos al enfrentarse con los otras partes del mundo puede durar de uno a
soldados franceses, quienes estaban major
cinco días”, comentó Marcos Mora, uno de
armados y los superaban en número.
los organizadores de los eventos en Omaha.
Con la dirección del general Ignacio ZaraEl viernes es el día de la recepción de
goza derrotaron a los franceses y mantuvieron reconocimiento, acompañado por entretenla independencia y el control de México.
imiento cultural con Trío Azatlán, un grupo
En los Estados Unidos, como en México,
musical. También se coronará a la reina del
el Cinco de Mayo es una fiesta muy popular
Cinco de Mayo 2010.
y celebrado por las personas mexicanas o
El costo del evento es de solamente 5
personas con raíces mexicanas en cualquier
dólares y abierto para toda la comunidad. La
lugar del mundo.
recepción se lleva a cabo en María Bonita
Ahora el Cinco de Mayo es una de las cel- Mexican Cuisine, unbicado en 1921 Missouri
ebraciones étnicas más festejadas del año en Ave (20th & L).
Janneth López
Este año el evento celebra su 25° aniversario.
Música en vivo, comida, concurso de comer
burritos, para los adultos, concurso de lanzar
tortillas, para la juventud, juegos y paseos de
carnaval, y comida mexicana auténtica son
algunas de las atracciones.
También habrá un desafío de fútbol en el
cual se pondrán a prueba las habilidades en
balancear la pelota en la cabeza y rodillas de
los aspirantes.
“Tacos, enchiladas, elotes, sopes, tostadas,
nieve, fruta, entre otros, son algunas de las
comidas que estarán disponibles” dijo Marcos
Los patrocinadores del evento incluyen
First National Bank, Cox, Hy-Vee, Radio
Lobo, Us Cellular, el Perico, Abarrotes la
Güera, y más.
Según Mora, lo que le atrae a la gente es
“un poco de todo a unos la comida y a otros el
entretenimiento o los juegos”.
Para más información sobre las actividades
y lugares para visitar durante estos tres días
sólo hay que visitar el sitio de web en www.
cuelas que haga todo muy formal y decente,
dijo Sr. Tim Conway, director de la preparatoria de Crete. “Queremos reconocer los logros
de los estudiantes con seriedad”, agregó.
A otros estudiantes les gusta mucho la forma en que la ceremonia es celebrada porque a
la vez es mas organizada que en sus países.
En algunos países no tienen ceremonia,
nada más reciben el diploma del director y
van directo al baile.
Según algunos estudiantes ya graduados, la
ceremonia de graduación en general fue uno
de los momentos inolvidables en sus vidas.
“Lo que más me preocupaba era que dijeran mi nombre bien pronunciado. Al tocar
mi diploma sentí un alivio y una sensación inexplicable. Fue tan grande mi emoción que ni
oí si habían dicho mi nombre correctamente”,
dijo Lizeth Cuandón, quien se graduó el año
Para algunos estudiantes, recibir el diploma es un momento de orgullo porque al
fin han logrado algo muy esperado. Se sienten
orgullosos de haber dado el primer paso hacia
carrera profesional.
Cuandón explicó, “En especial me sentí orgullosa por estas razones: por ser mujer y ser
hispana y no haber caído en ninguna de las
típicas estadísticas por las cuales son categorizadas los hispanos”.
Según Cuandón, el no haber abandonado
la escuela, haberse involucrado con pandillas,
o haberse convertido en madre a temprana
edad, le dio la sensación de haber vencido a
los estereotipos de los latinos.
“Eso fue lo máximo, saber y sentir que
estaba y sigo siendo una diferencia para la
comunidad hispana”, dijo.
5:30 PM recepción de
reconocimiento a los
6:45 PM la coronación de la reina
5:00 a las 11:00 PM
juegos de carnaval
30 de Abril
1 de Mayo
2 de Mayo
10:00 AM a 12:00
PM desfile de la calle
24th & B a las calles
24th & P
12:00 PM a las 12:00
AM comida, juegos,
mundo de niños
concurso de lanzar
tortillas para los
12:00 PM a 10:00 PM
Juegos, música en
vivo, y comida Caminata de 5 kilómetros
Concurso de comer
burritos para los
Concurso de fútbol
en la Plaza de la Raza
(24 & N)
Crete se destaca en feria de idiomas en UN-L
Jonathan López
Estudiantes ganan premios por música y poesía
Las clases de español y alemán participaron
en poesía, música, y drama en la feria de idiomas en la Universidad de Nebraska en Lincoln (UNL) el jueves 15 de abril.
Este evento fue una oportunidad para estudiantes de lenguas como francés, alemán,
japonés, ruso, chino y español de la preparatoria para competir y aprender de otras culturas.
Estudiantes tenían la opción de competir en
drama, danzas tradicionales, música, y poesía.
Las competiciones son juzgados por trabajadores y graduados de la facultad de lenguas
y literaturas modernas..
Según el profesor y jefe de la facultad, Russel J. Ganim, los trabajadores de ésta facultad
en UNL crearon el evento en 1976.
“En cualquier año alrededor de 35 escuelas
participan en el evento”, dijo Ganim. “Recientemente, el cambio más grande que hemos
visto es la asistencia de más de mil estudiantes
que participan, y además nuevos eventos competitivos en nuevos lenguajes, como chino”.
También durante los años han añadido nuevas actividades como mini-lecturas de lenguajes exóticos, como lingala, basque, y tamil
Además, este año añadieron nuevas competencias para hablantes nativos.
“Esta decisión fue basada en la presencia
aumentada de hablantes nativos, especialmente en el español”, dijo el Sr. Ganim.
De Crete, la clase de alemán II participó
en la categoría de música alemana. Maridza
Flores, CeCe VanMeveren, Megan O’Brien,
Marco Ortiz, Isaac Hunke, y Anna Hense cantaron la canción “Ausgezeichnet” y ganaron
el segundo lugar por su presentación. También Megan O’Brien cantó un solo y se llevó
el primer lugar.
Estudiantes de Crete Vanesa Salcido, Lincy
Meraz, Sonia López, Melisa Franco, y Luz
Ávalos participaron en la categoría de poesía.
López ganó el segundo lugar en poesía para
“Estoy nervioso pero también emocionado
por participar”, dijo Marco Ortiz, minutos antes de su presentación.
Más de mil estudiantes se presentaron a la
competición de varias preparatorias en Nebraska, el cual fue un número récord de participantes.
“Decidí participar porque oí que era divertido y Sra. Eckerson me animó a ir”, dijo
Vanesa Salcido, freshman en la escuela preparatoria de Crete. “Ver a los demás estudiantes
participar me hizo nerviosa, pero fue divertido”.
El día consistió de más que competencias.
Hubo mesas de conversación sobre culturas e
idiomas. También había mini-lecturas y lecciones de danzas tradicionales, en los cuales
podía participar cualquier estudiante.
“A mí me encantó la lección de flamenco” ,
dijo Sra. Eckerson. “Definitivamente volveremos el año que viene”.
Senior Melisa Franco (izquierda) y Junior Luz Ávalos (derecha) muestran sus premios. “Al terminar el
dia supe que era una experiencia que nunca olvidaráa”, dijo Franco. “sFue una cosa muy divertida, y
aprecié que los maestros tomaran su tiempo para asistir”, dijo freshman Lincy Meraz.
La Voz Hispana
Página 5
30 de abril del 2010
Words of a Feather
Latinos benefician de conferencia cultural
Gerardo Saldaña
Unos de los latinos más inspiradores en el
estado de Nebraska trabaja con latinos para que
tengan una buena educación, es Juan Guzmán, el
director de asuntos multiculturales en la Universidad de Nebraska en Kearney (UNK). Es él que
otorga becas para los estudiantes sobresalientes.
Ayuda mucha los latinos para que puedan asistir a
Guzmán organizó la el Conferencia Multicultural en UNK en marzo del presente año para los
latinos en la preparatoria. Esta conferencia ayudó a
muchos alumnos de escuelas preparatoria para que
estudiaran en la universidad y recibieran una buena
Guzmán nació en Tepic, Nayarit México de
una familia humilde. Después, vino a los Estados
Unidos ilegalmente para hacer algo de sí mismo.
Trabajó duro para obtener una buena educación
y ahora, con su experiencia, ayuda a otros estudiantes a que tengan la oportunidad que él trabajó tan
duro para obtener.
¿Qué fue lo que lo hizo lo que es hoy en día?
El sacrificio de mis padres. Ver a mis padres todos los días trabajar fuerte y largas horas, queriendo proveer algo mucho mejor a lo que en México
teníamos. Porque mi padre un día me dijo que él,
cuando muriera, no nos iba a dejar una herencia,
pero que nuestra herencia sería una buena educación. Recuerdo que lloré como un niño, y me
dije que esa sería meta a seguir, porque también
era el sueño de mi padre y no lo iba a defraudar.
Me aferré a este sueño y no descansaré hasta que
termine mi doctorado.
¿Por qué comenzó el Nebraska Cultural
Unity Conference (NCUC)?
Cuando yo era estudiante, vi la deficiencia que
instituciones educativas tienen cuando trabajan
con estudiantes multiculturales. Como estudiante
y junto con otros compañeros fundamos el Grupo
de Estudiantes Hispanos, la Conferencia NCUC y
la fraternidad Sigma Lambda Beta. Todo porque
siempre vi la forma de ayudar a nuevas generaciones de estudiantes multiculturales a hacer de una
educación universitaria una realidad.
¿Qué consejo les da a los alumnos de la prepa?
Que se preparen académicamente para tener las
oportunidades de ir a la universidad. Si los estudiantes se esfuerzan en la prepa con sus estudios,
y se involucran en la escuela, en la comunidad
alguien más pagará por sus estudios a través de
becas. Si el estudiante no tiene documentación o
está en el proceso de inmigración debe de seguir
adelante y no dejarse vencer. Pues, puede existir,
en un futuro no tan lejano, una reforma migratoria o que el senado apruebe el DREAM ACT. No
hay ninguna excusa para que nuestros jóvenes no
logren el éxito en este país. Es solamente un poco
más difícil, pero sí, se puede lograr. También, hay
que ser buenos ciudadanos y aportar al beneficio
de este país que tanto nos ha dado.
Raquel Pineda
La conferencia anual de unidad cultural
(Nebraska Cultural Unity Conference (NCUC)
se otorgó una beca, (Multicultural Community
Service Scholarship) el 28 de marzo de 2009.
El ganador de esta beca fue Ángel Zacarías, un
estudiante que asistió a la secundaria de Columbus
antes de ir a UNK.
Cada estudiante presente anticipaba quién fuera
el ganador de la beca. El día de la conferencia,
400 estudiantes de varias secundarias de Nebraska
esperaban ganar esa misma beca.
Ahora Zacarías tiene 20 años y sigue su estudio para de ser un maestro secundario. Zacarías
ahora asiste a UNK donde está recibiendo dinero
de la beca que obtuvo en 2009, la cual paga por
sus libros y para sus clases para los cuatro años
que va a estudiar alli,
A cada estudiante siempre hay una persona
que le apoya para graduarse, unos tienen sus
Ser latina es más que la apariencia
Luz Avalos
¿Quién es la mujer latina? Según el programa “Nuestra Belleza Latina”, un concurso
de belleza emitido en Univision, la mujer latina debe de ser alta, flaca, bonita, además de
poder cantar, modelar, bailar o actuar. Pero en
verdad, las mujeres latinas pueden ser esto,
pero son mucho más.
La mujer latina no tiene que ser flaca ni alta,
con que tenga una personalidad bonita y una
manera de ser que les caiga bien a muchos. En
Nuestra Belleza Latina solo se fijan en lo de
“No se fijan en lo interno, sólo se fijan en lo
externo”, opinó Ingris Lopez, junior en la preparatoria de Crete. “No se fijan en la inteligencia ni en la amabilidad, nada más hacen que la
mujer latina se vea como una mujer vanidosa
y sin cerebro”.
Los jueces hicieron audiciones en los lugares más grandes de los Estados Unidos incluyendo Houston, Los Ángeles, Nueva York, Miami, y Chicago. También hicieron audiciones
en San Juan, Puerto Rico. Allí escogen a las
mujeres que sean las más bonitas y que tengan
un talento.
Después de que son elegidas, pasan por
otras audiciones hasta que sólo queden doce
Greydis Gil, la ganadora de Nuestra Belleza Latina
en el año 2009.
Durante las audiciones tienen que mostrar
su talento, pero casi ninguno de sus talentos
es talento verdadero. Saber caminar, saber
promover un producto, o saber bailar. ¿Desde
cuándo es caminar un talento?
Después de todas las audiciones las finalistas deben mudarse a Miami y vivir juntas.
Mientras viven juntas se la pasan peleándose
y hablando mal unas de otras, esto sólo nos
hace ver como hipócritas. En la casa reciben
clases de baile, pasarela, dicción, uso del teleprompter y entrenamiento físico.
Durante las semanas que se quedan en la
casa ellas participan en diferentes desafíos.
Después de que cada episodio los televidentes
pueden votar por sus favoritas y en el siguiente episodio eliminan la que obtuvo la menor
cantidad de votos. A veces los jueces son los
que deciden quien se queda y quien no. Así
que la gente ni escoge.
No sólo en este programa sino en muchos
lugares hacen que las personas piensen que las
latinas son mujeres muy flacas, muy altas, y
como dijo López, sin cerebro.
En la revista “Latina” se halló un sólo artículo, de ocho números que hablaba de latinos
normales, que no estuvieran flacos o que no
fueran famosos. Pero somos mucho más que
eso. La mujer latina es bella no por lo que tiene
afuera sino por lo que tiene adentro. La mujer
latina es fuerte, inteligente, y sabe representar
sus raíces y a otras mujeres latinas.
“Yo creo que la mujer latina debe de ser
representada por inteligencia y por saber dar
ejemplo para otras mujeres latinas”, dijo María
Regalado, sophomore en la preparatoria
Baile de Prom: ¿tan bueno como dicen?
Carlos Escobar
Los del consejo estudiantil en la escuela preparatoria de Crete están organizando un baile de promoción para el primero de mayo en el Cornhusker
Marriot en Lincoln.
Este baile es para todos los estudiantes del
grado 11 y 12, donde se puedan vestir bien y para
que se pasen un rato divertido junto a sus amigos.
El baile es algo grande para los estudiantes,
como señala el fin de cada año escolar. En los
últimos años, el baile se ha hecho en diferentes
lugares y este año va ser en un hotel muy elegante.
A muchos estudiantes les gustan esto porque
pueden ajuntar dinero y alquilar una limosina. En
mi opinión, hay cosas del baile de promoción que
deberían de cambiar para mejorarlo. Pero, para empezar, hay varios aspectos del baile de promoción
que me caen bien.
En este baile muchos estudiantes se van a
otro lado a buscar lo que se van a poner y esto es
interesante. Los estudiantes no quieren vestirse
igual que otros estudiantes y quieren verse muy
elegantes. Esto me gusta ya que todos los que van
a ir al baile se van a ver muy elegantes y eso da
una mejor imagen de sus personalidades.
Pero en realidad lo que mas nos gusta a los
estudiantes es la comida y la música que tocan.
Para los seniors es un tiempo cuando se sienten
tristes porque allí enseñan las fotos de ellos y
también pueda ser el ultimo rato que van a estar
con los amigos escolares.
Después del baile de promoción va a haber una
fiesta de “post prom” en el gran “D” en el colegio
de Doane. Allí va haber de todo como van a tener
juegos, y otras cosas para que los estudiantes se la
pasen bien.
En mi opinión esta bien porque nosotros, como
jóvenes, no nos gusta irnos a dormir pronto y pues
con lo que va haber en “post prom” uno se puede
ir a divertir hasta la madrugada con los amigos.
Pero tengo una sugerencias para mejorar este
baile, por ejemplo, como la clase del grado 11
son los encargados de organizar el baile, y creo
que esto es malo ya que ellos son los que ponen
todo para que los seniors tengan una despedida
elegante. En mi opinión los que deberían de organizar el baile son los del grado 12, porque es su
ultimo año escolar y así ellos podrían hacer lo que
ellos quieran en el baile.
También, si en el baile de promoción hubiera
diferente música (como música hispana) muchos
estudiantes hispanos se irían al baile en vez de no
ir, y también el baile tendría mucha emoción.
Pero con todo dicho es bueno que tengan el
baile porque así les queda un bonito recuerdo para
todos los estudiantes quienes van. Es de esperar
que para el próximo año los seniors tengan su
baile también.
Política de cartas al editor
La Voz Hispana acepta gustosamente cartas al editor y noticias actuales de estudiantes, docentes, administración, residentes de la comunidad y
público en general. Pedimos que estas cartas no consistan de más de 300 palabras y que incluyan el nombre del autor, dirección, número telefónico
y firma original. Todo material entregado será verificado en persona o por escrito. Nuestro equipo editorial tiene el derecho de rechazar cualquier
carta y/o partes de cualquier carta y podrá devolverla para revisión si contiene lenguaje inapropiado o errores que cambien el significado. Favor
de enviar sus cartas a Sra. Eckerson en el salón 703 o mándelas via correo electrónico a [email protected]
padres, otros sus amigos y para, otros como
Zacarías, son los maestros. Para él, las personas
quienes le influyeron más eran algunos maestros y
consejeros como Melinda Velecela, la señora que
impactó más a la vida de Zacarías.
“Ella me dio la fuerza que necesitaba para
seguir una carrera de universidad y me ayudó a
graduar de la secundaria cuando estaba a punto de
salir de la escuela” dijo Zacarías.
Con el apoyo de los maestros y consejeros
Zacarías logró sus deseos de ir a la universidad.
Zacarías también tuvo la confianza y la fuerza
para seguir en sus estudios por las personas que le
ayudaron en el proceso.
Hoy en día hay muchos estudiantes que no
piensan que puedan tener una carrera profesional
porque piensan que va a ser muy duro llegar a ese
nivel, pero Zacarías tiene un consejo que puede
ayudar a estos estudiantes.
“No se dejen caer y que le echan ganas en su
estudio” dijo Ángel Zacarías.
También una consejera de la secundaria de
Crete tiene unos consejos para estudiantes que no
quieren hacer su tarea.
“Las universidades ven a todas la calificaciones” dijo Sra. Buchfinck, consejera de Crete
“No se dejen sus sueños, y que busquen ayuda
para estar preparado”, agregó Buchfink.
Zacarías es un ejemplo y un líder para muchos
estudiantes que no piensan que pueden seguir
adelante en la escuela.
“Lo más grande, el obstáculo, es que tenemos que parar de echarle la culpa a otros por
los problemas que pasamos y empezar mirando
para adelante donde podemos tener éxito como
individuos y podemos ayudar unos a otros y
podemos abrazar nuestros logros como comuni-
Si quieres leer más: visítanos en el sitio
La Voz Hispana
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Crete, NE 68333
Teléfono: (402) 826-5811
Correo electrónico:
[email protected]
Personal Editorial:
Diseño, Redacción y Coordinación:
Marilyn Bolaños
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Luz Ávalos
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Señora Eckerson
Señor Mason-D’Croz
‘La Voz Hispana’ dentro
de ‘Words of a Feather’ es
producida por la clase de
español para hispanohablantes
nivel III/IV de la secundaria
de Crete. Esta sección de
del periódico se ha diseñado
como foro público para que
estudiantes periodistas informen y eduquen, específicamente en español y procuren
reflección y discusión en la
comunidad. El contenido de
‘La Voz Hispana’ se determina
por la clase de hispanohablantes nivel III/IV, con el apoyo
del personal de periodismo
escolar, y el contenido no
refleja la opinión del personal
de la secundaria, únicamente
de los estudiantes quienes lo
crearon. El propósito de esta
sección es publicar la escritura
de estudiantes hispanos en una
vía pública para facilitar el
aprendizaje de los fundamentos de escritura y fotografía
periodística. El diseño de esta
sección se realizó por miembros del personal periodístico
escolar en conjunto con la
clase de español para hispanohablantes nivel III/IV.
April 30, 2010
Page 6
words of a feather
Jasmine Foster
Layout Design Editor
Watching robots zoom around and compete
against each other is an accomplishment for the
Robotics team at Crete High. Robotics is about
determination, hard work, and team effort.
Without the help of the fellow members, building a fantastic robot just wouldn’t be possible.
Most of the students in Robotics are under-
classmen. There are only five seniors, seven
juniors, eleven sophomores, and six freshmen.
Having this many underclassmen on such an
advanced team does not seem to bother the
members. The students feel their team is full
of enjoyment and an all around good time.
“I enjoy going to tournaments and
watching our robot compete with other teams,” Sophomore Amy Hung said.
There are many specific jobs on the
Robotics team. For example, Hung
Musicians Bring Home Superior Performances
Christina Jackson
Staff Reporter
District music contest is a contest where
different schools come together to compete
against themselves not other schools in order
to receive a district rating. The choir has 15
spots available to members to sing in a small
ensemble or a solo. NSAA regulates that the
number of spots available per school is divided amongst the band and choir of that school.
District music contest is a contest where
choirs get graded, on their tone, phrasing, and appearance. The Crete High Concert and Swing Choir had found themselves
receiving a division one rating (superior)
and a division two rating (excellent) at districts music contest at Norris on April 22-23.
Choir director Michael Morris chose
songs which fit the choirs’ talents and
available accompanist Julie Schumacher.
“We are doing one accompanied by Julie Schumacher and two not accompanied,”
Morris said, “It’s appropriate for this year and
challenging but they have prepared for it.”
Many of the seniors have taken chances on experimenting with new members of
concert choir. Senior Dale Potter is singing a duet with Freshman Alan Poteet.
“I’m concerned about the leadership for next years choir and I’m trying
to allow new voices to grow,” Potter said.
“I find it more comfortable singing with
someone who has done it for the past four
years. It makes it a lot easier,” Poteet said.
“I’m doing to ensemble with Emily Manning (Soprano 1) and Megan O’Brien (Alto),”
Junior Alison Schuerman said, “It’s very
excited because our voices blend well.”
How do some of these newbie and oldies get ready for districts is a mystery.
Freshman Mason Roth received a district two rating on his solo. He sanged
Give A Man A Horse He Can Ride.
“Main thing I had a problem with was
memorizing the words because I would
know them but get them mixed up,” Roth
said, “However, my solo went pretty well.”
There was recently an issue concerning the
band and choirs as to whether or not the robotics members of the music groups would be
able to go to VEX Robotic World Championship 2010 in Dallas, Texas. This decision could
have affected both the band and choir in many
ways such as 13 members of the robotics team
is in band. Without those thirteen members the
band wouldn’t have its full sound. On the choir
side of the issue it affects the robotic members
who are in a small ensemble and the group
members involved. The administration decided that the Districts contest is a state event.
“The decision was based on the priority
list in the Activity Hand Book which was established in our school,” Student Activities
Director Jim Moore said, “All sate music
had higher priority over robotic conference.”
Many of the robotic team members were
disappointed, but understood the decision.
“The members that are in choir and robotics would rather go to robotics but choir
we are graded on. Our coach would have
made us go to choir over robotics no matter
what,” Sophomore Aaron Braunberger said.
Junior Ali Shuerman sings at Disrict Music
Contest held at Norris High School last week.
Schuerman received an ‘Excellent’ rating.
Saving Lives One Unit of Blood at a Time
just missing their
goal by one unit.
“I thought overall the blood drive
was very successful,”
Junior Kelsey Heir
said. “We didn’t reach
our goal of units of
blood, but we came
pretty darn close,
and we were happy.”
There were sixteen FSA students
that helped out with
the blood drive to
make it a success.
FSA sponsor Darren Schmidt said he got
many complements
from the American
Red Cross representative and coordinator
Junior Megan O’Brian gives blood during the annual blood drive. The
on how well the layout
Red Cross ended up receiving 93 units of blood during this blood drive.
and the students did to
work the blood drive.
Taylor Reetz
the best high school
Staff Reporter
set up they have been to and they got through
Almost one hundred students sacrificed it very quickly due to the set-up and help.
veins for the annual Future Scientists of
“I helped out with getting people
America Blood Drive on April 21, in the high food after they gave blood,” Junior Emschool gym, raising ninty-three units of blood, ily Hintz said. “We had a lot of students
give blood and only a couple students almost
pass out. So I thought it went very well.”
“I talked to the people giving blood and
then after they gave blood I walked them
to the food and drinks table,” Juinor Taylor Schelstrate said. “I got nervous a couple
times that a few kids were going to pass out.”
Because the blood drive is hosted at
the high school, many students have the
opportunity to give for the first time.
“For my first time giving blood, I was super nervous because I was afraid I would
faint,” Junior Brooke Nerud said. “I started
freaking out when the person next to me
fainted. The needle hadn’t even been in me
yet, so I wanted to quit. But I sucked it up
and gave blood and it was a piece of cake.”
“I gave blood for the first time this year and I
was really nervous,” Senior Luke Ruhlman said.
“But when it was over I decided it wasn’t that
bad and I think I could handle doing it again.”
Between the Wal-Mart blood mobile and
the one held here at school, FSA had to raise
up to one hundred units of blood and FSA
seniors could receive scholarship money.
They surpassed that goal, so now
the American Red Cross gets to decide the recipients of the $1,000 scholarship by how active seniors are in FSA.
It can either be split between seniors or just
awarded to one.
locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out
Freshman Matt Scholz, Tad Rosburg and Junior David Rodriguez work on their robot during
practice to prepare it for competition. The Robotics team went to Dallas to compete in Nationals
where they recieved eleventh place out of 98 teams.
works on the engineering notebook.
building process of the robot,” she said.
Practices run a little different than other activities. They have meetings and work days.
“Practices are a free for all time period used for building and working on
the robots,” Senior Daniel Young said.
Being in robotics does not take any specific skills. The members learn everything
they know by simply being at the practices.
Practices can run from two to three hours
long and occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Working on the robots during practices
takes up the entire time. Meetings are set
aside for other days to discuss upcoming
events like the World Robotics competition in Dallas, Texas which runs April 21-25.
“Unfortunately, I (was) not able to attend the competition because of District Music Contest,” Daniel Young said.
As for the competition the students attending included Isabel Hernandez, Ryan
Haller, Patrick Haller, Sophomore Colin
Lauenroth, and Junior David Rodriguez,
along with sponsors Kathy Koerner and .
The Robotics team competed against a total
of 98 teams, placing eleventh overall.
“There were four divisions and each division had eight teams that competed,” Rodriguez said.
“We didn’t score like we wanted to, but we
showed great defense against the other robots,”
Koerner said.
The most memorable moment of their trip
was getting to meet Grant Imahard from the
television show Myth Busters and being able
to see the different designs on other robots.
“It was awesome; the kids did great,”
May 1
What: Prom
May 2
What: Post Prom
Where: Doane Fieldhouse
Time:12:30-3:30 am
Band Banquet
3 pm
May 3
FFA Meeting
7 pm
Prizm Club Meeting
7 pm
May 4
FBLA Meeting/Officer
7 pm
Senior PALS party
11:30-12:40 pm
May 5
TeamMates end of the
year party
11:44-1:35 pm
May 6
Honors Night
Juniors and Seniors
7 pm
Freshman and Sophomores
2 pm
May 7
Speech Recruitment and
Infomational Meeting
Friday MAP
May 15
What: Graduation
Where: Doane Fieldhouse
Time: 3:00 pm
May 19
FFA Highway Clean up
1:30 pm
May 24-26
FFA Officer team at
Chapter Officer
Leadership Training
in Aurora
locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your
Robotics Places Eleventh at Worlds In the Lone Star State
me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in
The Road To Dallas
Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut
Nicole Reetz
Staff Reporter
Katelyn Edwards
Q: Do you
plan on going
to college, if so
what college?
A: University
of South Dakota
Q:What was
your favorite
class throughout high
A: American Studies
with Mr. Hobza or
English III with Mrs.
Q: Do you plan on
staying in Nebraska
or moving out after
you graduate ?
A: I want to be
around my family, so
it depends on my job,
but it’s not like I’m
dying to leave or stay.
Daniel Jerina
Q: Do you
plan on going
to college, if
so what college?
or UWM
(University of
Q: What do you think
your class will most be
remembered for?
A: Procrastination, or being an embodiment of pure
Q: What is your favorite
class through out your
high school years?
A: Probably media classes
would be my favorite,
since, of course, I’m going
to be a famous director
when I’m out of college.
ShayLea Duba
Q: What was
your favorite
class throughout
A: Fashion and
Q: Do you plan
on staying in
Nebraska or
moving out of state after you graduate?
A: Staying in Nebraska
Q: Do you plan on
going to college, if so
A: SCC Beatrice to become a Physical Therapist and to play softball.
words of a feather
Cardinal Crossword
5. Who was the Cardinal Baseball team’s first
6. Name one teacher who is not in the teacher
wellness challenge.
8. Where is McKehna Thiem going over summer
1. What concert gives those who are not going to
district music a chance to sing?
2. What state is Senator Lasee from?
3. Japanese people of old commited sepukku
when they were ashamed or they lost their
______ night.
4. How many seniors are in robotics?
7. The tennis team’s first dual victory was in
Nicole Reetz
Staff Reporter
Words of a Feather gladly accepts submissions for People page items, including questions of the month,
senior spotlight questions, crossword questions and answers and items for the Cardinal Community
Connection board. Students, Teachers and Administration are encouraged to submit items for the
editorial staff to review and consider reporting, especially items not contained within the school calendar. Submissions should be given to any editor or Mrs. Wright in Room 412.
Cardinal Community Connection
Words of a Feather Staff
Need to know about
changes in your activity schedule. Check
with the office for
Monday, May 3 US Government and Politics AP
4-H Y
Awar h Character
2 leeter
than th ation from ot f
e nomin
line J tor. Deadune 1st
By: Christina Jackson
Staff Reporter
What would be your
ideal paradise?
Freshman Preston McElravy
Thursday, May 13 World
History AP exam.
man Ge y 14 Huograph
y AP
Question of
the Month
Sp uesda
AP ani y, M
exa sh L ay
m. ang 4
Page 7
April 30, 2010
sale in t s for
he offic
for $50
or orde
act e 1.
th is Ju enter
The eadlin areer ilor f
d d the C ounc on.
Aw ck in our C rmati
Che ith y info
or mor
“My ideal
paradise would
be somewhere
cool temperature
witht the softest
couch ever and a
huge TV with an
Xbox360 with
an unlimited
supply of Monster ”
Sophomore Emily Potter
from is May 2
a.m. 12:30-3:3
ane t the D
rece rs Senio .
ive a
is pr ft and
“ A huge busy
city. Just somewhere I can go
and get lost and
have tons of
Best Buy E
Latino Le
aders Sch
olarship. See
more inform rs. B for
Junior Tayler Hester
“It’s gotta be
sunny mid 80’s
all year round, a
beach, bunch of
gorgeous girls
an’ my buddies.
All you can eat
Students’ Summer Pastimes
Justin Taylor
Q: Do you plan
on going to
college, if so
A: South Dakota
State University.
What was your
favorite class
through out
high school?
A: Building Construstion
with Mr. Ollenburg.
Q: Do you plan on staying in Nebraska, or moving out of the state after
you graduate?
A: Moving to Colorado
after I get my degree.
Students with Summer Jobs Before School is Out
Tanna Nitzel
Staff Reporter
Summer jobs are one of the many
things on students’ minds. The numbers
of school days are
getting shorter and
kids are looking for
“I’m hoping to
find a summer job
this summer so I can
make some money.
It is just difficult to find one due to the
recession,” Sophomore Zach Smejdir
The recession is making it harder for
students to find jobs.
According to IstockAnalyst, about
10,000 people will lose jobs this year
in Nebraska alone, causing stress for
adults and students alike in obtaining a
The school also works to help students find summer jobs at companies
like Barts Detasseling or helping the custodians clean the school.
Junior Jessica Thatcher has been
working for Barts for six years.
“Detasseling is an easy way to earn
“It’s a relief having a job now so then
you don’t have to worry about looking
for a job each summer,” Sophomore
Caroline Cote said.
Other students choose not to have
summer jobs because
of sports or just because
they want to participate
in other activities.
“I don’t believe that
students should have
jobs during the summer
because it is their break
from school and they should just be able
to have fun and spend time with friends,”
Sophomore Jimmi Ngo said.
Many teachers they believe that it
is better for students to have jobs during the summer rather than having them
during the school year.
“I think work affects most students’
school work because they are more concerned with making money rather than
doing their homework,” English teacher
Terri Heimer said.
Senior Kendra McElravy
“The beach.”
“I think work affects most
students’ school work...”
-English Teacher Terry Heimergood money, that’s why I do it. I used my
money that I earned to buy myself a car,”
Thatcher said.
“It is difficult for students to find summer jobs with the current economic situation, I believe that the school should do
whatever it can to help students find job
openings,” Business Teacher Jenifer Coe
Some students don’t have to worry
about finding a summer job because they
have jobs all year round.
TeacherTerry Hiemer “ I’ve been to
paradise, and it’s
Bora Bora (Tahiti), because it’s
the most exotic
island on earth.”
April 30, 2010
Page 8
words of a feather
locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out
Monday, May 3
Boys Golf @ Seward 9am
Boys Soccer
District Tourney
@ Simon Field
Girls Soccer
District Tourney @ York
Friday, May 7
Baseball Districts
Boys Golf
Conference @ Lakeview
Girls Tennis @ York Invite
Saturday, May 8
Track Conference Meet
@ Holdrege
Monday, May 10
Boys Golf
@ Waverly Invite
Tuesday, May 11
Girls Tennis
@ Lincoln Christian
Wednesday, May 12
Boys and Girls State Soccer
Thursday, May 13
Girls Tennis vs. Norris
Co-ed Track Districts
@ Concordia, Seward
Friday, May 14
Girls Tennis Districts
Saturday, May 15
Baseball State
Monday, May 17
Boys Golf Districts
Tuesday, May 18
Boys Golf @ State
Thursday, May 20
Girls Tennis @ State
Friday, May 21
Co-ed State Track Meet
Omaha Burke
out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your
Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me
Linksters Latch on to Places
Junior Caleb Trethaway watches his ball soar through the air after he tees off in the Milford Invite. The team placed first with a score of 330.
Jessayln Holdcraft
Copy Editor/Staff Coordinator
The linksters started their season with a trip to
the Beatrice Invitational. They put up a fifth-place
finish. Leading the boys was Junior Caleb Tretheway with a score of 78 and a fourth-place finish.
Sophomore Ian McGowan shot 90, Junior Alex
Moore 97, Sophomore Adam Bauer 101, and Junior Grant Harms 115.
“For the first meet of the year, I was happy with
their score,” Head Coach Scott Johnson said. “Beatrice is the kind of course that if we don’t hit the
ball just right it will cost you quite a few strokes.”
Next, the team won a triangular held at York.
Tretheway shot a 41, McGowan 44, Moore 45,
Bauer 45, and Sophomore Jimmi Ngo 59.
“The key thing is that we play teams in our district,” Johnson said. “It’s been a long time since
we’ve beaten Seward and York at York.”
The golfers were on the road again to the Lincoln Pius X Invite without Tretheway to lead the
way. McGowan shot an 83, Moore 89, Harms 94,
Bauer 98, and Ngo 105.
“It was a tough loss,” Harms said. “Missing Caleb hurt us.”
Then, the golfers started three meets in three
days, battling Pius X one-on-one in a dual on their
home greens. The Bolts narrowly edged the Cards
172-173, with Tretheway hitting 37, the best of the
“I wasn’t too disappointed with the loss because
it was a dual, and we only lost by one stroke,”
Tretheway said.
The Cards hit the road to the Milford Invite
where they took first place with a team score of
330. Tretheway and McGowan went 1-2 with 74
and 77, respectively, Moore shot 88, Bauer 91, and
Harms 98.
“The win felt good because new we know what
we can do if we just play well everytime,” Mc
Gowan said. “We’re going to try to duplicate that
at Districts.”
The next day the boys made their last stop of
the week at the York Invite where the team tied for
sixth with Hastings St. Cecilia with 339. Tretheway
placed sixth individually with 80, McGowan 85,
Bauer 85, Moore 89, and Harms 102.
“I was a little disappointed with my performance
at York,” Tretheway said. “I could have done bet-
The team began the next week with their first
trip to the Fairbury fields for a dual with the Jeffs.
Every Cardinal hit the links led by Tretheway with
a 40, McGowan 43, Harms 46, Bauer 46, Moore
47, Ngo 59, and Freshman Justin Hollman at 61.
“I was a little nervous because I didn’t know the
course like my teammates,” Hollman said.
They made a return to Fairbury for the Fairbury
Invite. This time the team placed third out of the
ten-team tournament. Tretheway placed third individually with 75, Moore placed tenth with 82, McGowan shot an 84, Bauer 87, and Harms 98.
“I was excited to place,” Moore said. “This
builds my confidence going into Districts.”
After a full week of practice, the Cardinals hit
their home turf for the Crete Invite today at the College Heights Country Club.
The team heads to Districts on May 17 and 18
at Beatrice.
“We know that Beatrice at home is going to be
in one of the top three spots,” Johnson said. “I’ve
been preaching to them all year that it’s going to
come down to one or two strokes. It’s gonna be a
The state meet is May 25 and 26 in Kearney.
Spring Sports in Action
locker. Cut me out and put me in your locker. Cut me out and put me in your
Page 9
April 30, 2010
words of a feather
Cards Set Higher Personal Marks on Track, Field
Amber Kress
Staff Reporter
Above: Junior Aaron Paulsen gets out of the blocks in the start of the
200-meter dash at the Syracuse Invite. The boys’ team went on to take
second place.
With the track season
coming to a peak, the
coaches are pushing their
athletes to meet their
“To try and get the
most athletes to make
it to state meet and to
get 200 PRs (Personal
Records) or more,” Assistant (Distance) Coach
Kyle Royuk said about
the goals for the team as
a whole.
The team has already
met one of those goals.
As of Saturday’s York
invite, the team has accumulated 213 PRs.
“I think it’s important
to point out ways to improve ways that help the
kids see that it is possible
to get even better. Ultimately, it comes down to
the athletes themselves
having the drive to stay hungry, and our track
team this year is feeding off of its own success. Every time we meet a goal, we set a new
one and we push hard to get it,” Coach Dustin
“After getting to know what many of our
athletes are made of I am not surprised. We
have a great group of kids who want to be involved and participate. What I am surprised
by is how fast we met our goal.,” Heuer said.
Junior Jacob Wollam has personally contributed to that team goal with one PR coming
in his leg of the 4 x 800-meter relay.
”To improve as the year goes on and qualify as many people for the state meet,” Junior
Ryne Reeves said was a team goal. Reeves
looks to qualify again for the state meet in the
shot put and discus, but looks to the shot for a
better chance at medaling.
“I would like to break the school record for
the shot put,” Reeves said. Being only two
feet away from doing so. Reeves runs, lifts,
and practices every day after school to prepare
for it.
Reeves is not the only track athlete wanting to break a school record. Freshman Kaitlyn Bradley has already broken school records
for the long jump, 200-meter dash and tied the
100-meter dash record.
“I was surprised and didn’t believe it at
first,” Freshman Kaitlyn Bradley said about
the long jump record of 18-7, set at the Norris
dual. The 200 record of 25.6 came at Waverly,
with Senior Amanda Reetz coming in a close
second. The 100-meter dash time of 12.67 automatic was run at Fairbury.
Many individuals on the team are hoping to
make it to state,.
“We would like to send as many as we can
get. It’s been a good year so far,” Assistant
Coach Doug Douzal said.
Many have made some big accomplishments this season, and they are continuing to
make more accomplishments as the season
comes to a peak.
“(My) biggest accomplishment was jumping over 40 feet,” Freshman Garett Wahl said
about his mark in the triple jump.
All of the coaches are hoping that the season
will end well, with many athletes moving on
to state at Burke following their district meet
May 13 at Concordia University in Seward.
“We reached our (team) goal due to a couple
of factors. First of all we have more kids out
for track this year so we have more kids competing. We also have ambitious kids who are
willing to try events and who are williing to
work to get better at those events,”Heuer said.
“I hope that athletes make their own personal goals and PRs,” Royuk said.
The team hosts the Crete Invite today starting at 4:30 pm at Doane’s Track and Field.
Team Pushes Through Tough Season Tests
Cheyenne Persing
Activities Editor
Spring is definitely here but along with spring
comes rain, and luck has it spring hasn’t been
on the baseball team’s side so far this season.
The Cardinal Classic, which was supposed
to be held March 27, was postponed due to the
“If the weather continues to not be corporate
with us we might have to play more games in
May. We have the chance to reschedule games
as the season goes on,” Head Coach Andrew
Bent said.
The team was fortunate as the rain letup
so the team could win 5-4 over Lincoln High,
“Getting the first win was definitely needed.
We needed to to win a game and especially one
that we controlled for most of the game,” Bent
said, “It helped build the boys’ confidence up.”
South Sioux City‘s game was postponed, as
After a few days break the boys went up
against Wahoo. Sophomore Derek McGinnis
started the game on the mound.
Senior Robbie Sattler pulled out all his skills
in this game. He caught numerous pop flies to
right field and hit a double and a triple at bat.
Senior Campbell Wentz stepped up to pitch at
the top of the sixth. The Cardinals came out on
top 10-2.
“The team played really hard for the win.
Kalkwarf really played well. He struggled the
first couple of games offensively and now his is
confident and ready to go,” Bent said.
Again, the rain didn’t give the team a chance
to play this time against Gretna. Four innings
in, the game was called due to wetness. Before
they called the game the score was 5-2 with
Cards on top. However, the game is rescheduled for tonight at Gretna, beginning at 4:30.
After the rain-out, the team played a double
header against Seward, winning 16-13 and 8-5.
Being that Crete and Seward are the only two
teams in the conference with baseball, Crete
won the conference championship.
“They young guys on the team have really stepped into their roles and have helped
the team out greatly. We do need to work on
Above: Sophomore Derek McGinnis pitches against the Beatrice Orangemen. McGinnis threw an outstanding one hitter for the Cardinals went on
to win the game 4-1 at the Tom Stallard field.
getting the bats swinging,” Senior Campbell
Wentz said.
With a three-game winning streak, the team
headed to Waverly, but the Vikings snapped
the streak with an 8-2 score, followed by another loss to Pius, 10-2.
The team bounced back against Beatrice,
winning 4-1. Sophomores Chase Sherman,
and Colton Mach, and Korblik all hit doubles.
Sophomore Derek McGinnis pitched the complete game, coming out with only one hit off
his skills on the mound.
“I have a great defense behind me when I’m
on the mound,” Sophomore Derek McGinnis
said, giving his teammates credit.
The boys added another loss when they
faced Norris. The game ended with a 5-3
The game with Wahoo also ended in a loss.
“We, as a team, need to work on communication. Right now we are lacking enthusiasm
and no one is stepping up to take the lead with
intensity,” Bent said.
As the team went up against Blair they had
another loss this time the score ended 12-2.
“The team has been really focused on getting the job done and they know that we need
to seize whatever opportunities we have as a
team. We are actually ahead of last year but
our record doesn’t show it,” Bent said.
The team then went up against Columbus
and Lincoln Northeast at the Columbus Triangular. Mach was on the mound in the game
against Columbus, which ended at 5-3. Lincoln Northeast showed some hot bats with
McGinnis was on the mound, handing the
Cardinals another 5-3 loss.
The rough struggle didn’t come to a halt
when the team went up against Nebraska City
on their home field Tuesday night. The boys
walked away with another tough loss with the
score ending 13-15.
“Nebraska City is a good team and we hung
in there,” McGinnis said. “It was a night of
offense, that’s for sure.”
Going into their final regular season game
with a 5-10 record, the boys went up against
Yutan yesterday; scores were not available as
of press time.
The boys head into district action Friday,
May 7 against Douglas County West in game
one of the B-1 District Tournament. Pending
the results of that game, they could face No. 1
rated Omaha Skutt Catholic to vie for a crack
at State Tourney play.
“We hope to win the first game, but a lot
could happen after that,” Sattler said.
First Win Sparks Confidence
Jessica Thatcher
Staff Reporter
Junior Kelsey Hier competes in a dual against Waverly at the Crete Tennis Courts. The team won
their first dual win over the Vikings.
So far this season Tennis wasn’t having the
best of luck in their duals. However, an April
6 dual with Waverly turned the team’s frowns
“We picked up our first dual victory against
Waverly,” said Head Coach Nicole Gruntorad,
“and so far that has been the defining point of
our season.”
The team is focusing on using its individual
strengths to build a bigger team for the future,
hoping to get more team scores out of duals
and tournaments.
Sophomore Kellie Parks has improved
greatly form last year, according to Gruntorad.
This year she made varsity and has had successful wins in two of her matches.
“I do my best, and I was really proud of myself,” Parks said.
Gruntorad said that the team seems to be
meeting their goals considering they are showing improvement in practice each day.
“There is a different mindset than I saw last
year and some confidence in each other to win
some matches,” Gruntorad said.
This season the team is creating a positive
atmosphere and Gruntorad thinks the team has
the will to win more close matches.
“We try to work together the best we can,”
Parks said, “when we don’t see eye-to-eye, we
are able to work through it.”
Tuesday afternoon there was a dual vs. the
Norris Titans. The lady Cardinals lost 1-8.
The ladies mtach up against Lincoln Northeast at 4 pm tonight in a dual at Northeast.
April 30, 2010
Page 10
words of a feather
Students, Teachers and Parents Prepare for Awards Day, Night
Will Veguilla
Staff Reporter
On Honors Day/Night, time is taken to
celebrate an assortment of student successes
within the scholastic environment.
Shiny, paper awards are handed out to those
who excel in their classes. Students can be recognized for a range of accomplishments, from
maintaining high grades to exhibiting a positive attitude.
A big one for seniors is the “The Principal’s
Leadership” award, which is given to one senior who displays, among other things, a blend
of respect, responsibility, optimism, intiative,
and committment to excellence.
The ruling members of the school’s administration, faculty and staff hold that having an
Honors Night for students is important.
import a n t
to celebrate
s u c cesses
a n d
recogn i z e
excellent achievements,” Activities Director Jim
Moore said.
Some students, generally, agree.
“I was satisfied,” Sophomore Dulce Castaneda said. She has won awards in the past, and
felt excited to have all of her hard work properly recognized.
do not
see the
value of
“ I t
like we
recognize the same people over and over
again,” said Social Studies Teacher Mary
Some students who attend these ceremonies
and do not receive awards also harbor ill feelings about the programs.
“I don’t know, all I do is sit around and watch
other people win stuff. It’s bull crap, man,” Junior Jon Wollam said, adding that he’s likely to
never win anything at these programs.
“It’s okay to celebrate the successes of others,” Moore said in response to the attitude
of students who could care less about Honors
Night. “It’s not always about you.”
Whatever one’s specific feelings are toward
the events, Honors Night will be held May 6 at
2:00 for freshmen and sophomores, and 7:00
for juniors and seniors.
The ceremonies will take place in the auditorium and the public, including parents, is
eating habits, exercising, and being basically
healthy all-around.
There is a possibility that if the pilot project
goes well it will be extended to other schools
around the state which would cause the districts to obtain better health insurance rates.
“That’s the long-term goal,” Business Manager Sandy Rosenboom said.
At pervious in-services, the teachers spoke
about fitness; now 48 staff members are participating
in this
The elementary and
e m ployees
are also
Science Teacher Matt Anderson is one of
the teachers who chose not to participate.
“It isn’t the kind of motivation I need in order to exercise,” Anderson said.
Anderson agrees that it isn’t a bad idea, but
because he is already active being a wrestling
coach, he decided not to participate.
However, not every teacher has the oppor-
tunity to be active in their jobs, so those employees can take advantage of this program.
“It just comes to see what teachers are lazy
and what teachers aren’t,” Junior Marlon Arita
World Studies Teacher Mary Conway is a
participating teacher. She says that she is participating because first of all she “needs to start
working out again”. Conway hasn’t made big
changes to her daily routine but tries to add exercise in
I park
away to
m o r e
“I think the teachers are trying to show the
importance of physical activity, but it should
be made more obvious so that the students can
really know what’s going on,” Junior Taylor
McLain said.
Other teachers are accumulating more steps
because of training.
ELL Teacher Jacquelyn Kuzma and Science
Teacher Dawn Draeger are both training for
half marathons.
“I’m training for a half marathon so I’ll be
able to give more steps to my team,” Draeger
“Exercising is a great stress reliever and it
helps so that I’m in better shape for the summer,” Kuzma said.
The teams weren’t only made up of teachers. Health Teacher Jebb Hatch included the
janitors in his team.
“I assumed they walked a lot,” he said.
There are six teams all with creative names;
The Walkie Talkies lead by Jennifer Wickard,
The Tenathee Walkers lead by Becky Nitzel,
The Cleaners lead by Hatch, The Estrofest lead
by Kathy Boyes, and The Math Nerds lead by
Doug Dolezal.
There is, however, one problem with the
challenge; the pedometers aren’t working very
accurately. Kuzma commented that some staff
members have had to put tape around the lid
of the battery because sometimes it pops off,
and Hatch said that if the pedometers aren’t in
the right setting it will not count the steps correctly, resulting in false numbers.
“I don’t think there is any other problem but
the pedometers. I think that the teachers are
truthful, because if they aren’t then they are
setting a bad example for the students,’ Junior
Bryan Guardado said.
“It’s important to celebrate
student successes and recognize
excellent achievements.”
-Activities Director Jim Moore-
Teachers Put Their Health to the Test
Marilyn Bolanos
Staff Reporter
Run. Stop. Check pedometer. This is becoming common between the staff here at CHS.
From April 1 to May 31 teachers are being
challenged by the Wellness Committee to eat
healthier and work out.
In the Teacher Wellness Challenge, the
staff’s goal is to obtain 10,000 steps a day
which is a ‘healthy, realistic goal’ according to Foods Teacher Kathy Boyes. The staff
members are allowed to make teams with up
to ten people. They must have a team captain
that will keep track of the team’s average steps
every day.
At the end of the eight-week program the
team’s average number of steps will determine
the prizes they receive. If they have greater
than 10,000 steps per day the team will receive
a $10 gift card, those with 8,000 to 9,999 steps
will receive Sport Water Bottles, and in-between 6,000 and 7,999 steps they will receive
a Husker Football Calendar.
“I don’t care about the prizes I just want to
lose weight and be healthy,” Counselor Karen
Buchfinck said.
Crete was chosen out of twenty schools in a
pilot project to see how much impact the Wellness Challenge would do in promoting better
“I don’t care about the prizes;
I just want to lose weight and
be healthy.”
-Counselor Karen Buchfinck-
Funny People Flourish in April
Milo Delivers
More Laughs
for Freshmen
Perform on
April Fool’s
Freshman Milo Petrazlka made a name for
himself as the Funniest
Freshman. “The funniest time I’ve had with
my class would have
to be when I slipped
and broke my foot in
the boys’ lockeroom
in eighth grade. I said
‘I broke it, I seriously
broke it’, but the guys
wouldn’t get help because they were rolling around laughing,”
Petrazlka said.
Jessalyn Holdcraft
Copy Editor and Staff Coordinator
Giggling is an expectation for the month
of April. The fourth month of the year is
National Humor Month. The title is fitting
as it is the home of April Fool’s Day as
well as the birthdays of funny people such
as George Lopez, Amanda Bynes, and Eddie Murphy.
High school students took part in April
Fools’ Day action. Algebra 2 Students
Dulce Castaneda and Meghan Shrewsbury,
sophomores, played a practical joke on
Algebra 2 Teacher Doug Dolezal.
“Dulce and I snuck up here after school,
and Mr Royuk let us into Dr. D’s room
because of April Fool’s Day,” Shrewsbury
said. “We changed his signs to basically
the opposite of their meanings such as
‘Uncommon Base,’ ‘Fractions Are Your
Frenemies,’ and we pasted a sheep onto his
‘THINK’ sign.”
“I had to chuckle because it was fun,
but it wasn’t anything nasty or damaging,”
Dolezal said. “I thought the lamb was cute
on the ‘THINK’, but the other two would
not work in a mathematics room.”
Dolezal is no stranger to pranks. He has
been pranked at least three times before.
These have included practical jokes such
as every desk facing the opposite direction
and all of the posters turned around.
“Of course, they neve know when I am
going to get even,” Dolezal said. “They
don’t know it yet, but they’re fooling with
the master.”
Funny Zachs Attack Sophomore Class with Case of the Giggles
Sophomores Zach Smejdir and Zach Garcia share a name and title of Funniest Sophomore.
“When we hang out, we make a lot of jokes together, but I think Zach Garcia is funnier,” Smejdir said.
Cody Cracks Up Senior Class
Cody Wendelin added Class Clown to his titles
of NHS and Student Council President. “This
one is my fave titles because I don’t have to
have as much responsibility, and I can just
laugh and be jubilant with my friends,” Wendelin said.
That’s a Knee-Slapper, Courtesy of Jokester Junior Julia Renn
Juniors are jubilant when classmate Julia Renn enters the room because she always brings the
funny. “I think my proudest funny moment was when we were singing in the airport on our way
home from D.C.,” Renn said. “We gave everyone at Chicago O’Hare a concert because of our

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