Connecting Schools and Community



Connecting Schools and Community
Connecting Schools and Community
Superintendent John Schieche
Back-to-School 2013
State Delivers Good News
For the first time in years, East Valley School District is able to lower class sizes in all district
schools rather than increase them. The district recently hired teachers, three assistant secretaries for
the elementary schools, and restored the elementary counselors to full time positions.
The resources for the additional staffing are coming from state funding, following a court decision that upheld a lawsuit claiming Washington State was not fulfilling a constitutional responsibility to fully fund education. The additional income has meant a flurry of hiring this summer. But all
parties seemed happy to put in the extra time needed to fill all openings created by replacements and
new positions. By mid-August, 20 new employees
had been hired with another 10 expected by the time
school begins.
Over the past four years, state funding for East
Valley School District was slashed by approximately $2.2 million. By restoring the layoffs caused by
those budget cut-backs, the district can ensure not
only smaller class sizes, but also additional support
services. For example, kindergarten class sizes,
which have been 25-26 students, will go back down
to 19-20. According to District Superintendent John
Schieche, that difference will have a positive impact
on student learning.
Robotics Team Goes to Nationals
A STEM Activity
East Valley Robotics team rolled
right over the local competition and
on to compete at the national level.
At the event in Omaha, Nebraska
they finished fifteenth out of 54 in
their division.
Team members Josh Brown,
Drew Scherschligt, Derek Huth,
and Evan Wolfe, pictured from left
to right with advisor Barry Reifel,
also won the excellence award at
the East Valley tournament, were
tournament champions at East
Valley and Sunnyside, and were
tourney finalists at Toppenish.
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Together We Make A Difference
Bond Projects
A New Beginning
A new year means a new beginning. In Terrace Heights, it also means a new school. It is one that has a bit of an old
school vibe, especially near the front entrance.
Terrace Heights Elementary students will ring in 2014 in a brand new facility, thanks to a 70 percent voter-approved
$5.9 million construction bond. Combined with $6.2 million in state matching funds and $3.7 retained from the 2005
bond, this project is providing a replacement for the building that served as a landmark on the corner of Terrace Heights
Drive and 41st Street since 1942. But the new facility will retain a look of familiarity, thanks to the foresight of district
staff, creative design by the architects, and beautiful masonry work by some contractors.
Visitors and parents approaching from the west parking lot will be the first to notice the sign, made from brick that was
taken from the old Terrace Heights Elementary School. The sign bears the school name as well as two medallions that
duplicate the herringbone pattern used on the old brick building. It is one of the ways that Terrace Heights Elementary is
unique from its model school-Moxee Elementary. Using the same floor plan and design documents from Moxee Elementary School saved taxpayers a great deal of money. Because the new Terrace Heights was built on the footprint of the old
building, the community saved on planning and construction funds as well. The northeast wing, constructed in 1996, was retained and received new paint and
updated technology infrastructure in line with the rest of
the facility.
The exterior of the facility is mainly brick facade, also
a nod to the appearance of the old building. However, as
soon as visitors cross the threshold into the new school, it
will be evident that Terrace Heights is no longer a 1940’s
elementary school building.
Inside the front entrance is a foyer with two sets of
doors. Once the morning bell rings, the inner doors lock
and entrance must be granted through a window into the
office. Only visitors receiving a pass from office staff
will be allowed inside the school.
Visitors are still welcome at East Valley schools. Please remember, like many other area schools, there may be new or
different security measures in place. The building, in a few small details, resembles the old Terrace Heights Elementary
School. In reality, it is an up-to-date, fully-secure, highly-functional, beautiful facility. It is a new beginning, and a new
landmark, in Terrace Heights.
The doors to the new Terrace Heights Elementary School will likely open in January 2014. Students and
staff will return after more than a year in their temporary headquarters at old Moxee Elementary. They will
find a facility complete with a cafeteria, a full-sized gym, a music room, and reliable heating and cooling,
amenities lacking in the old building. The project is currently within budget and ahead of schedule. The
school district may begin moving some items in after they take possession, probably in October. The completed
facility must meet all criteria and inspections before the district signs off on its completion. The first available
move-in date is over winter break, which begins Dec. 20. However, with assistance from the Dept. of Ecology
in constructing a temporary fence, the playground and field may open to the public as soon as the school
district takes possession of the facility.
Welcome to the District Administration Office
School districts have many faces: the face of the classroom teacher
you see the first day of school; the face of the secretary who greets you
as you enter a building. Tucked away in a small building on the west
side of Beaudry Road are some faces you may not see often. They are
just some of the people behind the scenes who keep East Valley School
District functioning as one of the top schools in the area. Meet the
administrative office staff:
John Schieche
Assistant Superintendent
Mike Messenger
Sheryl Seaman
Human Resources Director
Justin Scully
Business Operations Director
Jane Butler
Admin. Asst/
Special Programs
Sandra Cuevas
Admin. Asst/
Human Resources
Karla Ruggles
Payroll Officer
Mary Almon
Admin. Asst/
Special Srvcs.
Sheilah Wood
Accts. Payable/
Purchasing Officer
Mary Kay Weber
Special Srvcs. Director
Retirees Honored
Many Thanks for Years of Service!
Stephen Merz began his service as a principal in
East Valley at the Intermediate School and ended at
the Elementary School. All in the same building. He
oversaw the transition when the school on Beaudry
Road changed from grades four through six to the
district’s third elementary school in 2009. He leaves
behind a reputation as a die-hard WSU Cougar fan
who hopes to get to Pullman more often.
Mr. Merz served as a principal in the district for
10 years. He said that during that time he realized
East Valley kids are fortunate to have so many caring
staff members and a great learning community. As
he wished local patrons farewell and thanks for the
honor and privilege of being an East Valley principal, Mr. Merz stressed he will always be a big cat
fan-Cougars and Jaguars!
Donna Perrault retired in 2012 after 30 years as
Left to right - School board president Jim Penning recognized
a P.E. teacher at East Valley High. Mrs. Perrault
retirees Stephen Merz, Donna Perrault, and Denny Taylor at a realso coached volleyball and track as well as taught
cent reception. Superintendent John Schieche gave a brief summahealth and one year of basic math. She was inry of each employee’s service during the event.
strumental in starting EVAC, an athletic club, and
served as Honor Society advisor. Mrs. Perrault said some of the most memorable moments were when former students would
visit and say “do you remember when?” Mrs. Perrault is still getting groups together, even in retirement. She walks once a
week with four fellow cancer survivors and caregivers. She is also involved with Wellness House and LOVES her Seahawks.
Between boating, spending time with her own three boys, and ball games, Mrs. Perrault has plans to keep plenty busy.
Denny Taylor picked up a broom at East Valley High School on August 9, 1983. Between that time and his retirement this
summer, he probably picked up thousands and thousands of items as a school custodian. He also picked up a joy of being
around young folks. And that is what he will miss most about being away from the school. Mr. Taylor spent just over a year at
the high school, a few years at the middle school, and then when East Valley Intermediate opened in 1995 he transferred there
and found a home. He admits to being a homebody, he doesn’t care to travel. Unless it is to watch one of his grandchildren’s
“Two years ago I had five grandkids at EVE with me,” Mr. Taylor said. “I really enjoy them and will be following them
around.” He will also continue to follow the EVHS Red Devils for now, continuing to run the score clock for the home varsity
games. Say “hi” to Mr. Taylor when you see him in the gym. He will be the guy surrounded by grandkids.
Mary Jones taught grades 7 through 12 in a number of subjects ranging from Careers
to English, but she always taught art. Mrs. Jones retired this summer after 20 years of
teaching, 19 of them in East Valley. The last 15 were as EVHS art teacher, an assignment
that brought her many wonderful memories. One that stands out occurred when she taught
seventh grade Language Arts/Social Studies block class at EVC.
“It was early in the year and we were spending much of our day together. I was looking for a way for us to come together as a group,” Mrs. Jones explained. “The class voted
and decided to hold a family night. Almost every student had a parent attend. There were
poetry readings, a play, and games, just a lot of fun,” Mrs. Jones said. “We were really a
unit after that and I still have kids who come back and talk to me about that,” she added. “I
Mary Jones
will really miss that connection with the kids.” For now, Mrs. Jones plans to reconnect with
painting on her own, as well as some yard work, sewing, cooking, and some travel.
Best wishes to these retirees and many thanks for your years of dedicated service to the East Valley students and community!
A First for EVC-Science Olympiad
A STEM Activity
Museum of Flight
Thursday, August 22
11:30 -1 during the 8th gr. BBQ
• Robot Garage •
• Planetarium •
• Rocket Science •
Free of charge, please call 573-7539 to register.
East Valley Central students competed in the Science Olympiad for the first time last spring.
Above - Zachary Spencer and Ben Albrecht built a
mousetrap car for their part of the Science Olympiad.
“That was the best academic experience I have
had,” said Ben. “I got to work with my friends to
solve problems.” The eighth grader said the mouse
trap car and helicopters were his favorite.
Sophie Hirtle and Alexis Norman’s project was
Sounds of Music. Sophie also participated in the
meteorology and forestry events. The sixth grader enjoyed the competition because she got to make things.
Fourteen-year-old Kyra Visaya took part in Crime
Busters, but said her favorites were Anatomy and
Reach for the Stars, during which they used a planetarium.
A Link to a Wealth of Information
Throughout the year, a wealth of information is available on the East Valley School District’s website, www. At the top is ”select a school” tab to go to a building’s site. There are also school board minutes
and schedule, fiscal and human resources information, the district report card, information regarding career
and technical programs as well as special services. In the bottom left corner are links to employment information, district newsletter, the district strategic plan, and much, much more. Contact information for district
personnel is available on the site as well.
School Built 1996
East Valley Elementary
Grades K-5 ~ 438 Students
1951 Beaudry Road • 573-7600 • fax 573-7640
School Built 1996
• Principal - Colleen Crowston
• Secretaries - Carolyn Sauve and Cynthia Castro
Office reopens:
Wednesday, August 20
Hours: 9-12 and 1-3
REGULAR SCHEDULE: MONDAY: 9:55 a.m.-3:31 p.m.; TUESDAY-FRIDAY: 8:55 a.m.-3:31 p.m.
OPENING DAY: Students report to assigned classroom between 8:40 and 8:55 a.m.
“May I Take Your Order?”
EVE’s Second Grade Book Bistro has been serving patrons for years.
But each spring, students and their “diners” feast on new offerings from
the menu and are nourished body and soul by poems and short stories.
The Book Bistro is a chance for the youngsters to showcase the
reading skills they have acquired over the school year. For the past three
years, the event has been a student-led conference focusing on reading
and writing.
To prepare, each student collected a portfolio of their work and prepared a menu. Appetizers consisted of poems. The entree was a story and
dessert was test scores, Accelerated Reading information, or a book
report. When parents (or a visitor) ordered a menu item, they were
treated to a reading and an explanation of the skills learned.
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Book Bistro
“When my mom picked
an appetizer I read the poem
to her and then explained we
read poems so we can read
fluently and not sound like a
robot,” explained Mackenzie
Hambly. “Writing stories is
so we can be creative and
it helps us learn how to be
better writers,” the eightyear-old added.
Aiden Kidwell read The Baby Frog to his mother
“This is really neat because it gives them the confidence
to show us what they’ve learned,” said Mrs. Kidwell.
“Aiden has been excited to show us his progress.”
Aiden’s teacher, Connie Faulkner, loves the format of the
book Bistro because it is a fun setting and the students
are so proud of their efforts. She explained the second
graders began working on the project after spring break,
writing, publishing, and collecting poems and stories and
working on Accelerated Reading points. Students also
help decorate the second grade wing like a French cafe
as well as serve as greeters and waiters.
Students, Staff Bid Farewell
Retiring EVE Principal
Stephen Merz was presented
with a quilt by the school staff,
student body, and PTO. The
quilt squares were decorated
by each class with some of
their favorite memories of Mr.
Mr. Merz leaves after 10
years in the district.
Terrace Heights Elementary
Grades K-5 ~ 469 Students
408 E. Seattle Ave., Moxee (temporary)
T.H.E. under construction
• 573-7800 • fax 573-7840
• Principal - Bob Adamson
• Secretaries - Tammy Lawson
and Doreen Holzer
Office reopens:
Wednesday, August 20
Hours: 9-12 and 1-3
Traffic Alert
•Students are encouraged to ride the school bus
•Drivers allow ample travel time-there will be increased traffic and limited parking near the 2 elementary schools in Moxee
REGULAR SCHEDULE: MONDAY: 9:55 a.m.-3:31 p.m.; TUESDAY-FRIDAY: 8:55 a.m.-3:31 p.m.
OPENING DAY: Students report to assigned classroom between 8:40 and 8:55 a.m.
A STEM Activity
Thank You for Your Support!
Chloe Gieseke read a thank you
message from her fifth grade class
to Roy Farms for their help in the
class’ Salmon Safe project. Chloe
was a student in Cindy Crnick’s
class. Elaine Jones’ fifth grade class
also participated in the program and
was involved in the presentation to
Roy Farms representatives.
The Moxee growers made a
generous donation for classroom
tanks used by the students to raise
salmon as part of an environmental
education program. Roy Farms participates as part of their community
stewardship program.
The farm received a Salmon Safe
Certification in March. It verifies
that their 150 acres of organic hops
contributes to watershed conservation. That is in alignment with
Salmon Safe goals of maintaining
food safety and sustainability.
During a thank you ceremony, Roy Farms was recognized by two fifth
grade classes for their contribution to East Valley environment education
program. From left, Marcy Wellner, part of the company’s stewardship committee; Carman McKinney; and Roy Farms president Leslie Roy accepted
the thanks for Terrace Heights Elementary fifth graders. “It’s exciting to see
the enthusiasm of the kids for this program,” Mr. Roy noted.
School Built 2007
Moxee Elementary
Grades K-5 ~ 533 Students
528 E. Seattle Ave. • 573-7700 • fax 573-7740
• Principal - Monica Masias
• Secretaries - Colleen Gordon and Ivone Zuniga
Office reopens:
Wednesday, August 20
Hours: 9-12 and 1-3
Traffic Alert
•Students are encouraged to ride the school bus
•Drivers allow ample travel time-there will be increased traffic and limited parking near the 2 elementary schools in Moxee
REGULAR SCHEDULE: MONDAY: 9:55 a.m.-3:31 p.m.; TUESDAY-FRIDAY: 8:55 a.m.-3:31 p.m.
OPENING DAY: Students report to assigned classroom between 8:40 and 8:55 a.m.
Fire Station Field Trip
A Serious Lesson and Plenty of Fun
kinders, getting to climb on a shiny red fire engine or
squirt a very big hose is probably what they remember
the most.
The lesson is actually of great value to the fire department as well. According to Lt. Trevor Lenseigne, any
fun and relaxed interaction with children makes their job
easier in the event a youngster ever is in danger.
“We show the kids a video that teaches Stop, Drop,
and Roll, getting low to the ground if there is smoke in
their house, not to hide, how to call 911, and what is an
emergency,” Lt. Lenseigne explained. “We also dress up
in our gear and mask and the kids can come up and touch
the suit because we don’t want them to be afraid,” he
said. The 1985 EVHS graduate and 25-year fireman was
instrumental in starting a local public education program
in 1998. He and several other East Valley fire fighters
were on hand at the Moxee station when two kindergarten classes arrived.
Every year the local fire department works with East
Valley schools on fire drills and school lock downs, Fire
Prevention Week events, teaching second graders how
Teaching kindergarteners about community helpers
such as firefighters and police officers happens near the
end of that first year of school. For teachers and parent
volunteers, it is a nice, walking field trip for Moxee
Elementary School students. It helps reinforce to the
youngsters who to look for when help is needed. For the
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School Built 2009
East Valley Central
Grades 6-8 ~ 730 Students
2010 Beaudry Road • 573-7500 • fax 573-7540
- Jeri Young
Assistant Principal - Cherie Carroll
Secretaries - Wanda Alexieff and Cindy Case
Counselors - Callie Scott and Andera Zagalow
Office reopens:
Wednesday, August 20
Hours: 9-12 and 1-3
REGULAR SCHEDULE: MONDAY: 8:50 a.m.- 2:26 p.m.; TUESDAY-FRIDAY: 7:50 a.m.-2:26 p.m.
OPENING DAY: Students report to assigned class. School pictures will be taken first day of school. Fall sports
begin when school starts and athletes are required to have a current physical and all paperwork completed
BEFORE beginning practice.
Science Olympiad Champs
A STEM Activity
The Science Olympiad gave our
students a chance to work with other
students from across grade levels and
learn a lot of information connected
with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).
The East Valley Central team worked
long hours from the end of October
until Mid April either before school or
after school to learn their events. Not
only did they learn a great deal, they
were able to learn the information in
ways very different from the classroom.
The students became responsible for
their own learning and trouble shooting
when an idea did not work. At the state
competition, each member of the team
The East Valley Central Science Olympiad Team attended the state competition
at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington. The overnight trip was sponsored by
was able to interact with others from
GEAR UP and was a result of a first place finish at the South Central Regional
schools across the state.
competition in Yakima. Team members were Ben Albrecht, Zachary Spencer, Kyra
According to advisor Christy Wood,
Visaya, Codi Jones, Lorena Garcia, Graham Stepniewski, Cora Jongeward, Allison “I believe our experience with Science
Bender, Alexis Norman, Tatiana White, Sophie Hirtle, Victoria Vaca, Juliana
Olympiad this year has been amazing
Romo, Albert Alamina, Jared Munoz, and Payton Hill. Congratulations to the
with multiple learning opportunities and
sixth through eighth graders. And huge thank you to the parent volunteers who
a lot of fun!”
chaperoned the trip: Aaron Norman, Shannon Hall, Stephanie Hirtle, Jennifer
Well done, middle schoolers!
Norman, and Akil White. According to advisor and EVC science teacher Christy
Wood, there were 23 events, each tied to STEM. Topics ranged from building a
mouse trap to meteorology and heredity.
School Built 1980
East Valley High
Grades 9-12 ~ 785 Students
1900 Beaudry Road • 573-7400 • fax 573-7440
• Principal - Dottie Say
Office reopens:
• Assistant Principal - Matthew Toth
Wednesday, August 20
• Secretaries - Vickie Lamar, Lisa Rossow, Toni Nugent, and Hours: 9-12 and 1-3
Open House
Friday, September 20th
Kristina Rhynes
• Counselors - Dawn Young and Wendy Ross
• Athletic Director - Dave Cullen
REGULAR SCHEDULE: MONDAY: 8:50 a.m.-2:26 p.m.; TUESDAY-FRIDAY: 7:50 a.m.-2:26 p.m.
OPENING DAY: Students report to first period class. New students who register the first day will receive forms to complete. Their schedules will be developed that day so they may begin classes the second day, August 28.
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Robotics National Competition
skills are more than just robotics,” he said. “They are related to engineering design following a specific criteria,”
he added.
Drew agreed that Robotics Club and competition is
much more than just assembling a machine.
“It is a great environment,” Drew said. “I made some
really good friends over the course of the competitions.
The best part was hanging out with the team and Mr.
Reifel in Nebraska” said the EVHS in-coming senior.“We laughed and had so much fun.”
Drew, however, definitely has a serious side. He is enrolled in his second year of Running Start at YVCC with
the goal of attending the Air Force Academy, and eventually becoming a commercial pilot. Certainly a career
where a strong STEM background will be useful.
Congratulations to the competitors on all three EVHS
Robotics teams. We applaud your accomplishments and
fine representation of East Valley!
Their entry into the VEX Sack Attack game was a
year-long project. The Robotics Club met after school
several days a week to build robots. Each of EVHS’s
teams received the same materials, including a VEX kit.
Barry Reifel serves as club advisor. His role is to
supervise. The students do all of the assembly of the
“It took a lot of team work,” according to Drew
Scherschligt, a member of the team that earned a spot at
the national competition.
“We all had different ideas and had to come together
and test it out.” After, (and sometimes during), each
tournament the team tweaked their creation to improve
it, advancing through all local competitions.
East Valley held its first Robotics competition last fall.
Throughout the day, teams took part in a practice round,
and then qualifying rounds, followed by the championship. Local school staff, parents, and volunteers ran the
event. Head referee Joe Buchanan, a Hanford employee,
has been a machine designer for 30 years. He works on
a team that designs, builds, and deploys robotic tools for
examining, sampling, and retrieving waste. And he was
“The kind of tools they built are the kinds we use at
the Hanford tank farms,” Mr. Buchanan noted. “I have
a design project they could work on right now. These
A STEM Activity
According to their website, VEX Robotics Design System is “the fastest growing competitive robotics program
for middle school through college in the country.” The
company pairs with Robotics Education & Competition
(REC) Foundation, a non-profit group that manages the
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A STEM Activity
“I am going to Kansas!”
Cheyenne Adams is a young woman with her eyes on the prize. The prize is a college education and career in engineering. And Cheyenne has that prize in her sights.
Eighteen-year-old Cheyenne is a 2013 EVHS graduate and is a bit of a trail blazer. She entered ninth grade convinced she wanted to become an architect and was enrolled in Barry Reifel’s Principals of Engineering class.
“I can’t explain how much I loved (the class),” Cheyenne said.
“It changed my whole outlook,” she added. That passion spurred the
young lady to pursue ways to get a college degree. What she realized is she could combine her new-found love of engineering with a
lifelong passion-riding quarter horses.
In high school Cheyenne ran track for EVHS as well as showed
her horses, a diversity that impressed the Kansas State Equestrian
Team coach.
“When I was accepted to school and got the scholarship offer from
the team I thought ‘I’m going to Kansas!’”
While Equestrian team will take hard work from Cheyenne, she
plans to make good use of the two GEAR UP classes she took from
Mr. Reifel.
“I like automotive engineering, it would be fun and challenging,
but I also like to be practical, “ Cheyenne said. “I may come back
to the valley where they will always need hydro engineers and crop
Cheyenne Adams and her American Quarter horse Barney competed in
a boxing class last summer. The 2013 EVHS grad is pursuing a degree in
engineering at Kansas State University.
Photo courtesy of Cheyenne Adams.
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A STEM Activity
VEX Robotics
VEX competitions. According to their website, REC’s goal is to “support
robotics and technology events and programs aimed to inspire and motivate students to advance in STEM education.”
Also in the mix is Project Lead the Way. (PLTW), a non-profit provider
of STEM curriculum that partners with industry to develop “hands-on,
project based robotics lessons to help students learn about STEM career
opportunities.” Together these entities are running hundreds of competitions worldwide for over 7,000 competitive teams in 20 countries.
The ultimate goal is the three-day World Tournament, held annually
in Anaheim, California. Every two years, VEX announces a new theme
for the competitions. For last year’s Sack Attack, teams remotely operated their robots on a 12’x12’ square field, performing various tasks to
accumulate points.
STEM Class Honored
Congratulations to Barry Reifel’s
Principles of Engineering class for being
selected one of the top 25 entries in the
Samsung National Solve for Tomorrow
Out of 1600 entries, the EVHS class
was chosen as one of the top 25 and
received a Samsung laptop computer and
video camera. Class members were Leno
Bartisto, Anthony Certo, Brian Gott,
Ryker Ford, Robert Heaverlo, Quincy
Henscheid, Wyatt Johnson, Kyle Lindberg, and Brandon Smith.
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Fire Station
Field Trip
About 50 students, two teachers, and
eight parent volunteers trekked from
Moxee Elementary School to the fire
station for fire safety lessons followed by
fun with the fire fighters. The East Valley
Fire Department, which includes a large
number of EVHS graduates, works hand
in hand with the school district in many
capacities. The department consists of
three stations, seven staff plus a chief and
secretary and 32 volunteers. There is a
pressing need for more volunteers and
anyone interested is encouraged to pick
up an application a the fire district office
on Beaudry Road.
to escape from a burning
house, and introducing
kindergarteners to basic
fire safety. They also
participate in activities designed to build a
relationship with students
such as an annual hockey game and providing
fire hose “sprinklers” for
end-of-the year field days.
Many thanks to the East
Valley Fire Department
for the role they play in
the school-community
A STEM Activity
Above- Teams tried to stack up points at the first
Robotics competition held at East Valley High.
Their mission was to move bean filled sacks around
a 12’x12’ field and accomplish assigned tasks. At
left - The EVHS team brain stormed last minute
modifications on their robot.
From leftIslam Alsarama and
Shelby Baum proudly display the
solar system they created in 8th grade
science class. According to teacher Ken
Weyrick, the assignment for the solar system
unit included making a restructured solar
system with the tools he provided, including
bamboo sticks, paper clips, tape, tooth picks,
and foam balls. The youngsters then designed
their own planets using actual scale. The
group project required students to measure
accurately, use calculating skills
without a calculator and some
East Valley Schools
Enrollment - June, 2013
East Valley Schools
Browse our website and learn more about our district...
Administration Office. .............................................573-7300
Superintendent, John Schieche ................................573-7320
Asst. Supt., Mike Messenger ...................................573-7321
Admin. Asst., Human Resources,
Sheryl Seaman..........................................................573-7322
Business Manager, Justin Scully...............................573-7334
Dir. of Special Services,
Mary Kay Weber..................................................... 573-7330
East Valley High School, Grades 9-12 ....................573-7400
Principal, Dottie Say
Asst. Principal, Matthew Toth
East Valley Central, Grades 6-8................................573-7500
Principal, Jeri Young
Asst. Principal, Cherie Carroll
East Valley Elementary, Grades K-5........................573-7600
Principal, Colleen Crowston
Moxee Elementary, Grades K-5...............................573-7700
Principal, Monica Masias
Terrace Heights Elementary, Grades K-5.................573-7800
Principal, Bob Adamson
Anne Dillinger.............................454-4641
Dave McFadden...........................576-9399
Jim Penning.................................452-9266
Bob Price......................................575-0976 Wes Stickney................................961-5544
Regular meetings of the
East Valley School Board
Second and Fourth Mondays
of the month
7 p.m., meeting room
2002 Beaudry Rd., Yakima, WA
The Return to Terrace Heights...
The new Terrace Heights Elementary School
gym is much like it’s counterpart in Moxee.
One difference in design is that the music room
opens into the gym rather than the cafeteria.
Here music teacher Doug Carey, left, checks
the progress with Superintendent John Schieche
and Principal Bob Adamson.
The photo at the right may look like a simple, boring
ceiling tile. In reality, it is a high-tech, energy efficient panel. The small sensor indicated in the photo creates “light
harvesting.” As outside light changes, the sensor adjusts the
room lights to maintain consistent light at desktop level.
Below, finishing touches are being installed in the
library, which includes a second computer lab. At
right, the cafeteria, complete with the “Bearpaw Cafe,”
(kitchen area), will soon be ready to serve lunch to the
nearly 500 students who attend Terrace Heights Elementary School.
Is Getting Closer Every Day!
Washington State has been experiencing
an epidemic in whooping cough (pertussis)
cases. It is very important that each student
has an up-to-date pertussis vaccine.
El estado de Washington ha estado
experimentando una epidemia de casos de
tosferina (pertussis). Es muy importante que
cada estudiante tenga una vacuna actualizada
contra la tosferina.
Students attending public school in Washington State are required to have certain
vaccinations. It is the responsibility of parents or caregivers to have students vaccinated
before they attend school and to provide the
school with proof of vaccinations. The above
website for the Department of Health has an
easy-to-read chart showing all of the required
vaccines for school age children. Due to a
change in the law last year, a health care
providers signature is required for vaccine
exemption in most cases.
2013-14 School Calendar
August 2013
26 In-Service - New Teachers to the District
27 District Directed Day - No School/Stu
28 In-Service - All Teachers - No School/Stu dents
September 2013
Labor Day - No School
First Day of School
November 2013
11 Veteran’s Day-No School
18-22 Elementary Conference Week
27 Early Dismissal
28-29 Thanksgiving Holiday - No School
December 2013
20 Early Dismissal
23-31 Winter Break - No School
January 2014
1-3 Winter Break - No School
Classes Resume
20 Martin Luther King Jr Birthday - No School
February 2014
17 Presidents Day - No School
March 2014
24-28 Elementary Conference Week
31 Spring Break - No School
April 2014
1-4 Spring Break - No School
May 2014
23 Make-up Snow Day (if needed)
26 Memorial Day - No School
June 2014
High School Graduation (Tentative date)
Yakima Valley SunDome - 7:00 p.m.
11 Last Day of Classes
sobre las vacunas
A los estudiantes que asisten a las escuelas
públicas en el Estado de Washington se les
pide obligatoriamente que tengan ciertas
vacunas. Es responsabilidad de los papás o
de los proveedores de cuidado vacunar a los
estudiantes antes de que asistan a la escuela y
proveerle prueba de esas vacunas a la escuela. En la parte superior sitio en la red para
el Departamento de salud tiene una gráfica
fácil de leer que muestra todas las vacunas
necesitadas de acuerdo con la edad escolar de
los niños. Debido al cambio en la ley el año
pasado, se necesita una firma del doctor para
cualquier excepción en la mayoría de los
Early Dismissal Times
Terrace Heights Elementary:
Moxee Elementary:
East Valley Elementary:
East Valley Central :
East Valley High:
12:25 p.m.
12:25 p.m.
12:25 p.m.
11:20 a.m.
11:20 a.m.
School Dress Code
Codigo de Vestuario Escolar
The high school dress code was developed by a committee
of students, parents, and staff. Below is a summary of some
key portions of the dress requirements. The dress code will be
printed in its entirety in the student handbook provided to all
students in the fall.
The following specific dress expectations are in effect
during school hours:
Shirts/Tops: Appearance that distracts from the learning
process is unacceptable. For this reason, excessively revealing
tops, exposed underwear, tube tops, halter tops, muscle shirts or
tank tops that are cut low under the arm, shirts that expose the
midriff or back, sheer or see-through clothing, and excessively
low-cut tops are prohibited.
Shirts must have a two-finger minimum width at the shoulder. Any part of the bra, except straps that accidentally fall out,
cannot be showing.
Shirts will be long enough to cover the stomach and back.
Pants/Shorts/Skirts: Pants that are excessively oversized or
undersized (two or more waist sizes from the normal) are not
The following apparel and items that can be an indicator
of gang activity are prohibited on East Valley School District
property at any time:
• Showing “colors” through clothing items, such as shoelaces, gloves, belts, hats, shirts, and sweat shirts is not permitted.
• Any apparel or items that have gang-related numbers,
symbols, designs, drawings, or lettering is not permitted on
property or body.
The dress code at East Valley High requires that students
wear appropriate school dress. Alcohol, drug, or sexual messages are not permitted. Students will be asked to cover inappropriate clothing or go home and change. Gang-related apparel will
not be permitted at school or at school activities.
Este codigo de vistuario sera imprentado completamente en
el libro de mano que se les provee a los estudiantes en el otoño.
Asi los padres y los estudiantes pueden saber de los cambios
antes de ir de compras para la ropa de la escuela durante el
verano. Los cambios mayores estan escritos abajo.
Lo siguiente son las expectaciones especificas de vestuario y estan en efecto durante las horas escolares.
Camisas /Blusas: Aparencias que pueden distraer el proceso
de aprendizaje son inaceptable. Por esta razon blusas demasiadas reveladoras, ropa interior a la vista, camisas de resorte sin
tirantes, o sin mangas, o blusas de tirantes que tienen corte muy
abajo del brazo, camisas que enseña la mitad de la espalda o
toda la espalda, delgada o muy trasparente,camisas de hombre
de tirante delgado sin mangas minimos 2 centimentos de ancho
en el hombro y blusas con corte muy bajo son prohbidas. Las
camisas deben de ser suficientes largas para cubrir el estomago
y la espalda. Cualquier parte del brasier, menos los tirantes que
pueden salirse no deben ser vistos.
Pantalones/Shorts/Faldas: Pantalones que estan demasiados
grandes o muy entallados (2 o mas medidas de lo normal) no
son permitidos.
Los siguientes articulos que pueden ser una indicacion
de actividad de pandilla son prohbidos en la propiedad del
Distrito Escolar de East Valley:
• Ensenando colores atraves de articulos de ropa como
cintas de zapatos, guantes, cintos, gorras, camisas y sudaderas
no son permitidos.
• Cualquier articulo que tiene numeros relacionado con
pandillas simbolos, diseños, dibujos o letras no se permiten en
la propiedad o en la persona.
El codigo de vestuario en la preparatoria de East Valley
requiere que estudiantes se vistan apropiadamente al codigo
escolar. Alcohol, drogas, o mensajes sexuales no son permitidos. A los estudiantes se les pedira que se cubran su vistuario
inapropiado o que se vayan a casa a cambiarse. Ropas relacionadas a las pandillas no seran permitidas en la escuela o en las
actividades escolares.
Student Health and Safety
East Valley School District students with life-threatening health
conditions are required to notify
the child’s school before attending
school. Those conditions include
anything that puts the child in danger of death during the school day if
a medication or treatment order and
a nursing plan are not in place.
Washington State law requires
that such students be excluded from
school until the necessary procedures are in place. The law applies
to students with a life-threatening
condition who are new to the district
and students who are already attending
It is vital to your child’s safety
during the school day that if your child
has such a condition you immediately notify your school’s principal and
school nurse. The necessary forms will
be provided and a time will be arranged
for you to meet with your child’s school
nurse. The school nurse has limited
hours during the summer. Messages
may be left at the District Office (5737300).
Please call your child’s school and
tell a teacher or school counselor
about any health-related or personal
situation that may be affecting your
child. Your comments and inquiries
regarding disability, family situations, and/or educational needs will
be kept completely confidential.
This information will help us better
meet your student’s needs. And
please tell us if your child experiences health or family changes
during the school year.
Children with life-threatening conditions such as severe bee sting or severe food
allergies, severe asthma, diabetes, severe seizures, etc., are now required to have a
medication or treatment order and nursing plan in place before they start school. The
medication or treatment order must be from the child’s licensed health care provider.
When to Keep Your Child Home from School
It seems like there is always something going around when it comes to kids. Here are some guidelines to help you to know
when to keep your child home from school:
APPEARANCE/DISCOMFORT: If your child appears unusually tired, irritable, pale, or has an unusual lack of appetite, you
may want to consider not sending him or her to school.
DIARRHEA: If your child has experienced vomiting and/or diarrhea during the night, or in the morning before going to
school, please do not send them to school. Your child should have had no diarrhea, vomiting or fever for 24 hours before sending
them back to school.
EYES: We understand that eyes are sometimes swollen and irritated by allergens or virus. Because of the extremely contagious
nature of Bacterial Pink Eye you are asked to consult with your doctor before sending your child to school with these symptoms:
Thick mucus or pus draining from the eye, or if eye is red, puffy, itchy and/or painful. Your child can attend school 24 hours after
starting medical treatment for bacterial Pink Eye.
FEVER: Temperature of 100° or higher is an indication that your child could be contagious. Giving a child Tylenol or Ibuprofen will bring the temperature down, and make them more comfortable, but will not prevent them from passing their illness on to
classmates. Your child must have no fever for 24 hours before sending them back to school.
RASH : A body rash, especially with fever, itching, and open and/or draining sores indicates something contagious.
HEAD LICE: Children cannot return to school until their hair has been treated with lice shampoo and most of the dead eggs
(nits) have been removed from the hair. The student needs to check in with the nurse before returning to class.
SEVERE SORE THROAT/ COUGH: If your child has a fever and/or swollen glands in the neck, he or she may be contagious and should not be in school. In addition, a frequent, severe cough can be a distraction to the class.
OTHER ILLNESSES: If your child has been diagnosed by your healthcare provider, with a contagious illness, please notify
the school as soon as possible. (Examples: chicken pox, pink eye, flu, whooping cough, MRSA, etc…)
UPDATE HEALTH CARE RECORDS AT SCHOOL: Be sure to update health care records at school if your child has newly acquired allergies or has an illness that the school nurse should be aware of. Our goal is to keep all of our children as safe and
healthy as possible. It is only with your help that we are able to accomplish this.
If you have any questions, please call the District Nurse:
Melody-Ann Luke, RN
East Valley School District Nurse, 833-9375
Salud y seguridad del estudiante
Se necesita que los estudiantes del
Distrito Escolar de East Valley con
condiciones de salud que atentan contra
su vida, lo notifiquen a la escuela antes
de que empiecen las clases. Esas condiciones incluyen cualquier cosa que ponga al niño en peligro de muerte durante
el día escolar si no se ha establecido
alguna medicina u orden de tratamiento
y un plan de cuidados.
La ley del Estado de Washington exige que dichos alumnos sean
excluidos de la escuela hasta que los
procedimientos necesarios se hayan
llevado a cabo. La Ley aplica a los
estudiantes con condición que atenta
contra su vida y que son nuevos al distrito y
a los que ya asisten a la escuela.
Es vital para la seguridad de su
hijo durante el día escolar que si él o ella
tiene tal condición usted lo notifique inmediatamente al director(a) y a la enfermera
de la escuela. Se le proveerán los formularios necesarios y se programara un horario
para que usted se reúna con la enfermera de
la escuela de su hijo(a). La enfermera de la
escuela tiene un horario limitado durante
el verano. Se pueden dejar mensajes en la
oficina del Distrito (573-7300).
sejera de la escuela sobre cualquier
situación relacionada con la salud o
personal que pueda estar afectando a
su hijo(a). Sus comentarios y preguntas con referencia a incapacidad,
a situación familiar, y/o necesidades
educativas se mantendrán en completa confidencialidad. Esta información
nos ayudara a mejorar nuestra ayuda
a las necesidades del estudiante. Por
favor también infórmenos si su hijo(a)
experimenta cambios de salud o familiares durante el año escolar.
Por favor llame a la escuela de su
hijo(a) y dígale a la maestra o a la conLos niños con condiciones de salud que atentan contra su vida como: graves alergias al piquete de abeja o a
comidas, asma severa, diabetes, severos ataques, etc., ahora se requiere que tengan de antemano un medicamento
u orden de tratamiento y un plan de cuidados antes de que empiecen la escuela. El medicamento o la orden de
tratamiento del niño tiene que ser del proveedor de cuidado de salud con licencia.
Cuándo NO llevar a su hijo/a a la escuela
Parece que siempre hay algo rondando cuando se trata de los niños. Aquí hay algunas guías para ayudarle a saber cuando tiene
que mantener a su hijo en la casa y no llevarlo a la escuela:
APARIENCIA/INCOMODIDAD: Si su hijo/a se ve inusualmente cansado, irritable, pálido o tiene rara pérdida del apetito, usted querrá considerar no mandarlo/la a la escuela.
DIARREA: Si su hijo/a ha tenido vómito y/o diarrea durante la noche, o en la mañana antes de venir a la escuela, por favor no lo/la
mande a la escuela. Para que usted lo pueda mandar otra vez a la escuela deben haber pasado 24 horas sin que haya tenido vomito, diarrea
o fiebre.
OJOS: Se entiende que veces los ojos se traen hinchados o irritados por los alérgenos o por un virus. Debido a la naturaleza extremada
de lo contagioso que es la conjuntivitis, se les pide que consulte con su doctor antes de mandar a su niño/a a la escuela con estos síntomas:
lagañas gruesas o pus saliendo del ojo, o si el ojo esta rojo, hinchado, con comezón y/o adolorido.
FIEBRE: La temperatura de 100 o más alta es una indicación de que su hijo/a puede ser contagioso/a. Al darle a su hijo Tylenol o
Ibuprofeno le bajara la temperatura y lo hará sentir mas cómodo, pero eso no evita que ellos contagien a sus compañeros. tiene que haber
pasado 24 horas sin que su hijo/a tenga fiebre para mandarlo a la escuela otra vez/
SARPULLIDO: El brote de ronchas en el cuerpo, especialmente acompañado de fiebre, comezón y ampollas abiertas o escurriendo
indica algo contagioso.
PIOJOS: Los niños no pueden regresar a la escuela hasta que su cabello sea tratado con champú para piojos y hasta que la mayoría de
huevecillos muertos (liendres) se hayan quitado de la cabeza. Los estudiantes necesitan ser revisados por la enfermera antes de regresar al
salón de clase.
DOLOR DE GRAGANTA SEVERO/TOS: Si su hijo/a tiene fiebre y/o glándulas hinchadas en el cuello, él o ella puede ser contagiosa,
por favor dígaselo a la escuela lo más pronto posible. Además, una tos frecuente y severa puede ser una distracción para el salón de clase.
OTRAS ENFERMEDDADES: Si su hijo/a ha sido diagnosticado con una enfermedad contagiosa por su doctor, por favor notifíquelo a
la escuela lo más pronto posible. (Por ejemplo: viruela, conjuntivitis, catarro, influenza, tos ferina, MRSA [tipo de bacteria resistente a los
antibióticos], etc.)
ACTUALICE EL RÉCORD DE SALUD EN LA ESCUELA : Asegúrese de actualizar el record de cuidado de salud del niño/a
en la escuela si es que su hijo/a ha desarrollado alergias de repente o tiene una enfermedad que la enfermera de la escuela tenga
que saber. Nuestra meta es mantener a todos los niños a salvo y lo más saludables posible. será solamente con su ayuda que podremos llevar esto a cabo. Si usted tiene preguntas por favor llame a la enfermera del distrito:
Melody-Ann Luke, RN
Enfermera del Distrito Escolar de East Valley
Bus Information/ Información sobre el autobús
Cómo viajar con seguridad en el
autobús escolar
Padres de familia, por favor asegúrense de que su hijo
entienda y siga estas reglas de seguridad:
1. Llegar a tiempo, lleguen 5 minutos antes de la hora en
que les recogerá.
2. Caminar; nunca deben de correr del o hacia el autobús.
3. Pararse atrás de la carretera.
4. Esperar quietamente al autobús; no empujar ni jalonear
a nadie.
5. Mantenerse en su asiento.
6. Hablar despacio; no levantar la voz ni gritar.
7. Hay que obedecer siempre al chofer del autobús.
8. Esperar a que el chofer del autobús les haga la señal
con la mano antes de cruzar la calle.
9. Siempre hay que cruzar por lo menos a 10 pies enfrente
del autobús.
10. Bajo ninguna circunstancia, NUNCA vayan a meterse
abajo del autobús.
Para contactar a Dena Westphall, la supervisora de transportación, llame al 573-7347.
Rider Safety on the School Bus
Parents, please make sure your children understand and
follow these safety rules:
1. Be on time—arrive 5 minutes prior to the pick up
2. Walk; never run to or from the bus.
3. Stand back from the road.
4. Wait quietly for the bus; don’t push or shove.
5. Stay in your seat.
6. Speak quietly; don’t yell or shout.
7. Always obey the bus driver.
8. Wait for the driver’s hand signal before crossing the
9. Always cross at least 10 feet in front of the bus.
10. NEVER crawl under a school bus, for anything.
Contact Dena Westphall, Transportation Supervisor, at
La escuela necesita el permiso de los papás para un
cambio de parada del autobús para el estudiante.
Los papás necesitan enviar un permiso por escrito a la escuela
para permitir a su hijo(a) que se baje en otra parada diferente de
la que esta asignada al estudiante o para cambiar a otro autobús.
Por favor use las recomendaciones para hacer arreglos para su
1. Los papás tienen que escribir una nota pidiendo el cambio.
2. Los estudiantes tienen que llevar la nota a la oficina de la
escuela para que la firmen o le pongan las iniciales.
Por favor tenga en cuenta: que el chofer del autobús tiene que
tener una nota del papá/tutor que venga firmada de alguien de la
oficina antes de permitirle al estudiante que se baje en otro lugar
que no es el asignado.
School needs parent’s OK for student to change bus stop
Parents need to send written permission to the school to allow
their child to get off at a stop different than the student’s designated stop or to change buses. Please use the following guidelines to
make arrangements for your student.
1. Parents must write a note requesting the change.
2. Students must take the note to the school office for signature/
Please note: The bus driver must have a parent/guardian note
from the school office before letting a student on or off the bus at
other than their designated stop.
Items NOT Allowed on
East Valley School Buses
School bus transportation is the safest, most convenient
means for students to get to and from school and is available
to students in the East Valley School District.
For everyone’s safety, the bus driver is not allowed to
transport the following items on the bus. Please make
alternate arrangements to transport these items to and from
school. If your child tries to get on the bus with these
items he or she will be sent back!
Items not allowed on the bus: skate boards, animals,
breakable containers, flammables including aerosol cans
such as sun block, heavy, sharp, or bulky items, and
wheelie shoes must be carried not worn.
Cosas que NO son permitidas en los autobuses escolares de East Valley
La transportación en el autobús escolar es la más segura, la forma más conveniente para que los estudiantes vayan y
regresen de la escuela y está disponible para los estudiantes en el Distrito escolar de East Valley.
Por la seguridad de cada uno, el chofer no puede transportar las siguientes cosas en el camión. Por favor
hagan otros arreglos para transportar esos artículos hacia y de la escuela. Si su hijo intenta subirse al autobús con las
siguientes cosas a él o a ella se le negará la subida.
Las cosas no permitidas en el autobús son: patinetas, animales, trastes de vidrio, cosas inflamables incluyendo latas
en aerosol, por ejemplo, bloqueador solar, cosas pesadas, puntiagudas, o brumosas; los zapatos con llantitas deben de
cargarlos no llevarlos puestos.
2013-14 School Bus Routes for East Valley Students
Please save pages 22-29 for future reference
Each student who rides the school bus is provided a time and place to catch the bus each morning and to be let off in the afternoon. New students registering for school this month may create a need to adjust these routes.
1. Find the school your child will attend.
2. Find your child’s bus stop/address.
3. Note the number of the bus. 4. Note the times of the bus stops for both morning and afternoon.
If you have questions, please contact your child’s school or Dena Westphall, Transportation Supervisor: 573-7347, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Bus Safety TIPS
Meet the Bus: Coordinate with other parents to ensure an adult is present
at the bus stop, especially for children
under age nine.
Remove/Replace Drawstrings:
Drawstrings on jacket hoods or around
Questions? Contact Dena Westphall, Transportation Supervisor, at 573-7347.
the bottom of coats can catch in playground equipment, fences, and school
bus doors. Remove, shorten, or replace
drawstrings with a different fastener.
Confine keychains and “add-on”
trinkets to INSIDE backpacks. Key-
chains swing as students move through
the narrow bus aisles and sometimes
students who are seated get hit in the
face. Some objects have jagged edges,
are heavy, or are fuzzy.
Rutas de autobuses escolares para estudiantes de East Valley del
año 2013-2014
Por favor guarde las páginas 22 al 29 para referencia futura
A cada estudiante que viaja en el autobús escolar se le da un horario y un lugar en el cuál debe tomar el autobús cada mañana y bajar del autobús por la tarde. Los estudiantes nuevos que se están registrando en la escuela este mes,
pueden crear la necesidad de hacer ajustes a estas rutas.
1. Encuentre la escuela a la cual asistirá su hijo.
2. Encuentre el domicilio de la parada del autobús para su hijo.
3. Fíjese en el número del autobús.
4. Fíjese en los horarios de las paradas del autobús para en la mañana y en la tarde.
Si usted tiene preguntas, por favor llame a la escuela de su hijo o a Dena Westphall, Supervisora de Transportación al
573-7347 de 7:00 a.m. a 4:00 p.m.
CONSEJOS de seguridad
en el autobús
Para recibir al autobús: coordínese
con otro papá para asegurarse de que
un adulto esté presente en la parada
del autobús, especialmente para niños
menores de nueve años.
Remueva o reemplace los
cordones o cintas sueltas. Los cordones
del gorro de una chamarra o los que
¿Preguntas? Contacte a Dena Westphall,
Supervisora de Transportación, al 573-7347.
se encuentran alrededor de la parte de
abajo de las chamarras se pueden atorar
en los juegos de afuera, en las cercas
o en las puertas del autobús. Quítelos,
córtelos o reemplace los cordones con
otro sujetador diferente.
Encierre los llaveros y los dijes
colgantes ADENTRO de las mochilas.
Los llaveros se mecen cuando el niño
camina por los pasillos angostos de los
autobuses, de modo que, estos colguijes
terminan golpeando en la cara a los
niños que están sentados. Algunos objetos tienen las orillas muy puntiagudas,
son pesados, tiene pelusa.
East Valley School District
AM High School/Middle School
Route #1 Shea
7:07 148/154 Terrace Park Dr
7:07 130 Terrace Park Dr
7:07 118 Terrace Park Dr
7:10 34th St & TH Dr
7:11 207 N. 33rd St
7:12 307 N. 33rd St
7:12 305 N. 33rd St
7:13 313 N. 33rd St
7:13 497 N. 33rd St
7:13 601 N. 33rd St
7:13 607 N 33rd St
7:13 701/703 N. 33rd St
7:14 714 N. 33rd St
7:14 3204 Butterfield Rd
7:14 3203 ½ Butterfield Rd
7:15 3106 Butterfield Rd
7:16 N. 31st/Mt. View
7:17 Resthaven/Pilot/Hillcrest
7:18 Cascade & Butterfield Rd
7:22 5010 Norman Rd
7:23 5019 Norman Rd
7:23 5302 Norman Rd
7:24 5500 Norman Rd
7:27 6004 Norman Rd
Route #2 Bonnie
6:50 7704 Mieras
6:51 8807 Mieras
6:52 8960 Mieras
6:53 9530 Mieras
6:54 9601 Mieras
6:54 9721 Mieras
6:55 10052 Mieras
6:56 10180 Mieras
6:56 10211/10220 Mieras
6:57 Mieras & Kittitas
6:57 Mieras & Durand
6:58 10651/10662 Mieras
6:59 Mieras & Coombs
6:59 100 Coombs
6:59 240 Coombs
7:01 451 E. Duffield Rd
7:03 2520 St. Hilaire
7:03 2470 St. Hilaire
7:03 St. Hilaire & Chevy
7:04 St Hilaire & Ford
7:04 2291 St Hilaire
7:05 2101 St Hilaire
7:06 2000 St Hilaire
7:06 2010 St Hilaire
7:06 1881 St Hilaire
7:06 1841 St Hilaire
7:06 1760 St. Hilaire
7:07 1270 St Hilaire
7:07 1171 St Hilaire
7:08 St Hilaire & Norman
7:08 1030 St Hilaire
7:11 9900 Bittner
7:12 9806 Bittner
7:12 9240 Bittner
7:13 271/280 White
7:14 9290/9293 Miera
Faucher & Hi Point
2510 Duffield
2420 Duffield
2350 Duffield
2210 Duffield
9300 Duffield
8310 Duffiled
8120 Duffield
Route #6 Glenda
6:30 2906 Beaudry Rd
6:30 2910 Beaudry Rd
6:31 2914 Beaudry Rd
6:32 3012 Beaudry Rd
6:34 6701 Beauchene Rd
6:35 5970 Beauchene Rd
6:38 Beauchene/Birchfield
6:39 33101/2 Birchfield Rd
6:39 3451 Birchfield Rd
6:40 3481 Birchfield Rd
6:40 3519/3513 Birchfield Rd
6:40 3526 Birchfield Rd
6:41 3551 Birchfield Rd
6:41 3641 Birchfield Rd
6:41 4405 Thorp Rd
6:42 4205 Thorp Rd
6:42 Birchfield Ln/Thorp Rd
6:42 4301 Birchfield Ln
6:43 4302 Birchfield Ln
6:43 4310 Birchfield Ln
6:45 4413 Birchfield Ln
6:44 4420 Birchfield Ln
6:44 4422 Birchfield Ln
6:45 Birchfield Rd/Birchfield Ln
6:48 4821 Gamache Rd
6:48 Easter Ln/Gamache Rd
6:48 5001 Gamache Rd
6:49 5312 Gamache Rd
6:50 5706 Gamache Rd
6:50 Arron Rd/Gamache Rd
6:51 6804 Gamache Rd
6:52 6806/6807 Gamache Rd
6:53 7301 Gamache Rd
6:53 Gamache/LaFramboise
6:54 3408 LaFramboise Rd
6:56 3300 Beaudry Rd
6:56 7301 Gamache Rd
7:00 8210 Robillard Rd
7:00 8710 Robillard Rd
7:00 8902 Robillard Rd
7:01 8909 Robillard Rd
7:00 150 Konnowac Pass
7:01 Chappel /Konnowac Pass
7:02 510 Konnowac Pass
7:03 760 Konnowac Pass
7:04 Desiree /Konnowac Pass
7:04 1452 Konnowac Pass
7:05 1742 Konnowac Pass
7:05 Meadowlark Ln
7:06 Top of Konnowac Pass
7:11 1152 S. Rivard
7:18 840 S. Rivard Rd
7:18 731 S. Rivard Rd
7:18 8517 Beauchene Rd
7:21 8401 Beauchene Rd
7:22 8211 Beauchene Rd
7:22 8108/8209 Beauchene Rd
7:23 8201 Beauchene Rd
7:23 8108 Beauchene Rd
7:23 8008 Beauhene Rd
7:24 3212 LaFramboise Rd
7:25 Bell/LaFramboise Rd
7:26 7715 Bell Rd
7:27 Kill Deer/Bell Rd(7513)
Route #7 Carrie
6:40 617 Keys Rd
6:40 635 Keys R
6:41 516/522 Keys Rd
6:41 512 Keys Rd
6:41 Cavanagh/Keys Rd
6:42 416 Keys Rd
6:42 310 Keys Rd
6:44 Country Kids
6:46 Cutoff Rd/Butterfield Rd
6:48 2802/2807 Butterfield Rd
6:55 Almo/W. Birchfield Rd
6:56 3405 W. Birchfield Rd
6:56 3308 W. Birchfield Rd
6:57 1207 Keys Rd
7:00 Blue Crane Ln
7:02 Lester Ln/Riverside Rd
7:02 End of Riverside Rd
7:03 1803 Riverside Rd
7:04 Park/Ride Entrance
7:05 1601 University Pkwy
7:05 1505 University Pkwy
7:06 3708/3802 W. Birchfield
7:06 3907 W. Birchfield Rd
Route #11 Dave
6:35 24831 Hwy 24
6:40 22550 Hwy 24
6:40 19952 Hwy 24
6:40 19853 Hwy 24
6:41 Moody Ln/Hwy 24
6:44 15400 Hwy 24
6:46 14701 Hwy 24
6:47 Suntarget/Hwy 24
6:50 6840 Desmarais Rd
6:51 6770 Desmarais Rd
6:51 Cut-off/Desmarais Rd
6:58 4592 Desmarais Rd
6:58 4590 Desmarais Rd
6:59 4351 Desmarais Rd
6:59 4233 Desmarais Rd
7:00 4172 Desmarais Rd
7:00 3840 Desmarais Rd
7:01 Heibert/Desmarais Rd
7:02 3570/3451 Desmarais Rd
7:03 1661 Beane Rd
7:03 1631 Beane Rd
7:10 780 Desmarais Rd
7:11 2690 Faucher Rd
7:11 2581 Faucher Rd
7:12 2011 Faucher Rd
Route #15 Laurie
6:53 5911 T.H. Dr.
6:54 Morningside/S.58th St
6:56 103 N. Canyon Rd
6:58 1st Cul-de-sac/Ridgeway
6:59 Ridgeway/S. 57th St
7:01 Kilgary/Santa Roza Dr
7:01 Canyon/Santa Roza Dr
7:02 Terrace Garden/Canyon Rd
7:03 610 Canyon Rd
7:03 Frayne Pl/Canyon Rd
7:04 640 Canyon Rd
7:05 Morrier/Norman-On Morrrier
7:05 1302 Morrier Ln
7:06 Burman Wy/Morrier Ln
7:07 1609 Morrrier Ln
Route #17 Carol M.
6:42 1505 Beaudry Rd
6:42 1438 Beaudry Rd
6:42 1403 Beaudry Rd
6:47 715 T.H. Dr
6:48 602 T.H. Dr
6:52 Country Club Tennis Courts
6:56 Manor Dr/Hillcrest
6:57 5220 Roza Hill Dr
6:59 Bridleway/Roza Hill Dr
Route #17 Carol M. cont.
7:01 502 Bittner Rd
7:03 603 Bittner Rd
7:03 619 Bittner Rd
7:02 703 Bittner Rd
7:04 708/811 Bittner Rd
7:06 8102 Bittner
7:07 820 Warrior Rd
7:08 401 Warrior Rd
7:08 203 Warrior Rd
7:09 Warrior/Roza Hill Dr
7:10 7822 Roza Hill Dr
7:11 50 Wendt Rd
7:11 110 Wendt Rd
7:12 201 Wendt Rd
7:12 120 Wendt Rd
7:13 210 Wendt Rd
7:13 7111 Bittner Rd
7:14 6708 Bittner Rd
7:14 Oliver Rd/Bittner Rd
7:15 Bridleway/TH Drive
Route #19 Chris
6:55 Birchfield/Postma Rd
6:55 5001 Postma Rd
6:56 5201 Postma Rd
6:56 5409 Postma Rd
6:58 6903 Postma Rd
6:58 6909 Postma Rd
6:58 7002 Postma Rd
6:59 7102 Postma Rd
6:59 7106 Postma Rd
7:00 7107 Bell Rd
7:00 7101 Bell Rd
7:01 6605 Bell Rd
7:02 6303 Bell Rd
7:02 6100 Bell Rd
7:03 5807 Bell Rd
7:04 5404 Bell Rd
7:05 5312 Bell Rd
7:06 5001 Bell Rd
7:06 4903 Bell Rd
7:08 Bell/Birchfield Rd
7:08 28103 Birchfield Rd
7:08 2708 Birchfield Rd
7:08 2603 Birchfield Rd
7:09 2510 Birchfield Rd
7:09 2409 Birchfield Rd
7:09 Cayuse/Birchfield Rd
7:10 2003 Birchfield Rd
7:13 5404/5403 Mieras Rd
7:14 5311 Mieras Rd
7:14 5530 Mieras Rd
7:15 5702 Mieras Rd
7:15 6010 Mieras Rd
Route #20 Joe
7:00 Warren Acres/T.H. Dr
7:03 TH Dr & Roza Vista
7:05 Roza Hill & Panorama
7:07 N 41st St & Maple Ave
7:08 N 41st & Nola Loop
N. 40th St/Mt View
405/307 N. 40th St
3905 Commonwealth
N 37th St church lot
N.37th St/Mt. View
N.38th St/Mt View
N. 39th St/Mt View
Route #21 Erin
6:52 Rainbow Inter./Butterfield
6:52 Home Acres/Butterfield
6:53 402 Butterfield Rd
6:54 410 Butterfield Rd
6:54 602 Butterfield Rd
6:55 1805 Hartford Rd
6:56 1703 Hartford Rd
6:57 1509 Hartford Rd
6:58 1507 Hartford Rd
6:59 1006 N 15th St
7:00 15th & Marsh Rd
7:00 1704 Marsh Rd
7:01 2120 Marsh Rd
7:01 2125 Marsh Rd
7:03 Boucher/Butterfield Rd
7:04 Skyline Mobile Crt.
7:06 717 Keys(just past tracks)
7:10 1311 Birchfield Rd
7:10 1404 Birchfield Rd
Route #23 Linda
6:56 W. End of Canal-TH DR.
6:58 Hillcrest2nd Dr. Off RozaHill
6:59 Kenward Way/Hillcrest
7:00 Crawford Ln/Hillcrest
7:02 Maple/Hillcrest
7:03 Lockhart Dr/Hillcrest
7:05 Mt. View/Hillcrest
7:08 Terrace Park Apts/S.41st St
7:09 Henning/S. 41st St
7:11 514 S. 41st St
7:12 710 S. 41st St
Route #24 Cheri
6:55 5305 N. Skyvista
6:55 N. Skyvista/Channel
6:57 5039 N. Skyvista
Route #24 Cheri cont.
6:58 Pear Butte/Sycamore
6:59 Mt. Aix Wy/Sycamore
6:59 Channel/Mt. Aix Wy
7:00 Mt. Clements/Channel
7:01 5500 Channel
7:01 Channel/N. 57th St
7:02 Laredo Ln/N. 57th St
7:04 Bohoskey/N. 57th St
7:05 Shelter/N. 57th St.
7:06 Sycamore/N. 57th St
7:07 Mt. Clements/N. 57th St
7:08 Mt. Aix/N. 57th St
7:08 Tumac/N. 57th St
7:09 Pear Butte/N. 57th St
7:11 409 Locust
Route #25 Carol E
6:43 5260 Hwy 24
6:48 75 Beane Rd
6:49 110 Beane Rd
6:50 150 Beane Rd
6:50 220 Beane Rd
6:50 340 Beane Rd
6:51 380 Beane Rd
6:51 Soonaswegetalittlemoney
530 Beane Rd
Ladybug Ln/Beane Rd
661 Beane Rd
670 Beane Rd
Critter Ln/Beane Rd
1060 Derringhoff Rd
1110 Deeringhoff Rd
1292 Deeringhoff Rd
1480 Deeringhoff Rd
Hoff Rd/Deeringhoff Rd
1841 Deeringhoff Rd
410 Smith Rd
490 Smith Rd
Smith Rd/Hwy 24
9605 Hwy 24
9501 Hwy 24
9243 Hwy 24
781 Deeringhoff Rd
Morrow/Deeringhoff Rd
660 Deeringhoff Rd
441 Deeringhoff Rd
371 Deeringhoff Rd
7300 Hwy 24
6081 Hwy 24
5891 Hwy 24
2814 Beaudry Rd
2802 Beaudry Rd
2607 Beaudry Rd
2611 Beaudry Rd
Route #26 Paula
6:43 Iler & Postma Rd
6:45 10000 Postma Rd
6:47 10421 Postma Rd
6:48 10680 Postma Rd
6:50 Hill Rd/Postma Rd
6:53 Lamb Ln/Postma Rd
6:57 Prairie Rd/Postma Rd
6:58 11785 Postma Rd
6:59 Schut Rd/Postma Rd
7:04 Columbus/Faucher-EastSide
7:06 1252 Faucher Rd
7:07 1181 Faucher Rd
Route #27 Stan
High School Only
7:01 Charron/Chinook-HS Only
7:02 Square Dance -HS Only
7:04 Rainier & Rivard HS Only
7:05 Olympic & Rivard HS Only
EVC Only
7:16 Charron/Chinook-MS Only
7:17 Square Dance-MS Only
7:20 Rainier/Rivard-MS Only
7:21 Olympic/Rivard-MS Only
7:23 2505 Beaudry Rd
Route #41
High School Only
6:55 Chelan/Faucher-HS Only
6:56 Moxee /Faucher-HS Only
6:57 Columbus/Faucher-HS Only
7:00 Rivard\Holly-HS Only
7:01 Post Office-HS
7:02 Old Moxee Elem. HS Only
7:05 City Hall-HS Only
Route #41
EVC Only
7:15 Chelan/Faucher-MS Only
7:16 Moxee /Faucher-MS Only
7:17 Columbus/Faucher-MS Only
Route #41 cont.
EVC Only
7:18 Rivard/Holly-MS Only
7:19 Post Office-MS Only
7:22 Old Moxee Elem. MS Only
7:24 City Hall-MS Only
PM High School/Middle School
Route #1 Shea
2:43 5500 Norman Rd
2:44 5010 Norman Rd
2:45 5001 Norman Rd
2:47 152/154 Terrace Park Dr
2:47 148 Terrace Park Dr
2:47 130 Terrace Park Dr
2:47 118 Terrace Park Dr
2:48 34th & TH Dr
2:48 207 N. 33rd St.
2:49 305 N. 33rd St
2:49 313 N. 33rd St.
2:49 497 N. 33rd St
2:49 601 N. 33rd St
2:51 714 N. 33rd St.
2:52 3203 Butterfield Rd
2:53 3106 Butterfield Rd
2:54 N. 31st /Mt. View
2:55 Restheaven/Pilot/Hillcrest
2:56 Butterfield & Cascade
Route # 4 Connie
2:42 Old Moxee Elem
2:45 Post Office-MS Only
2:47 Holly/Rivard-MS Only
2:51 2011 Faucher Rd
2:52 2361 Faucher Rd
2:52 2411 Faucher Rd
2:53 2690 Faucher Rd
2:53 351 Desmarais Rd
2:54 780 Desmarais Rd
Route #2 Bonnie
2:39 8120 Duffield Rd
2:40 8310 Duffield Rd
2:40 8502 Duffied Rd
2:40 8907 Duffield Rd
2:40 9300 Duffield Rd
2:41 2210 Duffield Rd
2:41 2350 Duffield Rd
2:42 2420 Duffield Rd
2:42 2510 Duffield Rd
2:44 Rainier & Rivard Rd
2:46 1370 E Charron
2:49 Hi Pnt Landing/Faucher
2:50 9290/9293 Mieras Rd
2:51 280/271 White Rd
2:52 9240 Bittner
2:53 9806 Bittner
2:53 9900 Bittner
2:54 1270 St Hilaire
2:54 1171 St Hilaire
2:56 St Hilaire & Norman
2:57 1760 St Hilaire
2:57 1841 St Hilaire
2:58 1881 St Hilaire
2:58 2010 St Hilaire
2:58 2000 St Hilaire
2:58 2101 St Hilaire
2:59 2291 St Hialire
3:00 St Hilaire & Ford
3:00 St Hilaire & Chevy
3:01 2470 St Hilaire
3:01 2520 St Hilaire
3:03 451 E. Duffield Rd
3:04 240 Coombs
3:04 100 Coombs
3:06 Mieras & Coombs
3:07 10651 Mieras
3:07 Mieras & Durand
3:08 Mieras & Kittitas
3:08 10220/10211 Mieras
3:08 10180 Mieras
3:08 10110 Mieras
3:09 10052 Mieras
9721 Mieras
9601 Mieras
9530 Mieras
8960 Mieras
8807 Mieras
7704 Mieras
Route #6 Glenda
2:41 2906 Beaudry Rd
2:41 2190 Beaudry Rd
2:41 2914 Beaudry Rd
2:42 3012 Beaudry Rd
2:43 3300 Beaudry-Corner Beauch.
2:43 6701 Beauchene
2:44 5970 Beauchene Rd
2:46 Beauchene/Birchfield Rd
2:46 3131Birchfield Rd(Beachene)
2:47 33101/2 Birchfield Rd
2:47 3411 Birchfield Rd
2:48 3451 Birchfield Rd
2:48 3481 Birchfield Rd
2:48 3526 Birchfield Rd
2:48 3641 Birchfield Rd
2:49 4405 Thorp Rd
2:49 4205 Thorp Rd
2:49 Birchfield Ln/Thorp Rd
2:50 4301 Birchfield Ln
2:50 4310 Birchfield Ln
2:51 4411/4413 Birchfield Ln
2:51 4420 Birchfield Ln
2:52 4422 Birchfield Rd
2:52 Birchfield Ln/Birchfield Rd
2:54 5001 Gamache Rd
2:55 5311/5312 Gamache Rd
2:56 Arron/Gamache Rd
2:58 6804 Gamache Rd
2:58 6806 Gamache Rd
2:58 6807 Gamache Rd
2:59 7602 Gamache Rd
3:00 3651 LaFraamboise Rd
3:02 Robillard/LaFramboise Rd
3:02 8210 Robillard Rd
3:04 8909 Robillard Rd
3:06 150 Konnowac Pass
3:06 Chappel /Konnowac Pass
3:06 510 Konnowac Pass
3:06 760 Konnowac Pass
3:07 Desiree /Konnowac Pass
3:08 1452 Konnowac Pass
3:08 1742 Konnowac Pass
3:09 Meadowlark Ln
3:09 Top of Konnowac Pass
3:11 1152 S. Rivard
3:16 840 S. Rivard Rd
3:18 8517 Beauchene Rd
3:19 8401 Beauchene Rd
3:20 8211 Beauchene Rd
3:21 8201 Beauchene Rd
3:22 8108 Beauchene Rd
3:23 8008 Beauchene Rd
3:24 3212 LaFramboise Rd
3:24 Bell/LaFramboise Rd
3:24 7715 Bell Rd
3:25 Kill Dee/Bell Rd(7513)
Route #7 Carrie
2:40 3802 W. Birchfield Rd
2:42 Blue Crane Ln
2:44 Lester Ln/Riverside Rd
2:45 End of Riverside Rd
2;46 1803 Riverside Rd
2:47 Park & Ride Entrance
2:48 1601 University Pkwy
2:48 1505 University Pkwy
2:50 Almo/W. Birchfield Rd
2:50 3405 W. Birchfield Rd
2:51 3308 W. Birchfield Rd
2:52 1209 Keys Rd
3:00 635 Keys Rd
3:02 512 Keys Rd
3:03 Cavanaugh/Keys Rd
3:04 416 Keys Rd
3:05 310 Keys Rd
3:08 Country Kids
3:10 Cutoff/Butterfield Rd
3:11 2802/2807 Butterfield Rd
Route #11 Dave
2:38 1491 Faucher Rd
2:39 Chelan & Faucher Rd
2:41 E. Moxee & Faucher Rd
2:42 Columbus & Faucher Rd
2:44 1631 Beane Rd
2:45 1661 Beane Rd
2:45 1691 Beane Rd
2:46 3364 Desmarais Rd
2:46 3451 Desmarais Rd
2:47 3570 Desmarais Rd
2:48 Heibert/Desmarais Rd
2:49 4172 Desmarais Rd
2:49 4590 Desmarais Rd
2:50 Cut-Off/Desmarais Rd
2:51 6840 Desmarais Rd
2:51 7251/7253 Desmarais Rd
2:57 Suntarget/Hwy 24
2:59 15083/15085 Hwy 24
2:59 15400 Hwy 24
3:00 Moody Ln/Hwy 24
3:03 19853 Hwy 24
3:05 19950/19952 Hwy 24
3:08 22550 Hwy 24
3:11 24831 Hwy 24
Route #15 Laurie
2:40 1609 Morrier Ln
2:41 Burman Wy/Morrier Ln
2:42 Norman/Morrier-On Norman
2:44 640 Canyon Rd
2:45 Frayne Pl/Canyon Rd
2:46 610 Canyon Rd
2:47 Terrace Garden/Canyon Rd
2:48 Santa Roza/Canyon Rd
2:49 Kilgary/Santa Roza Dr
2:52 Ridgeway/S. 57th St
2:56 103 N. Canyon Rd
2:57 Morningside/S. 58th St
2:58 5911 T.H. Dr
3:00 409 Locust
Route #17 Carol M.
2:37 1500 Beaudry Rd
2:37 1438 Beaudry Rd
2:38 715 T.H. Dr
Route #17 Carol M. cont.
2:38 605 T.H. Dr.
2:38 602 T.H. Dr
2:39 Bridle Way/T.H. Dr
2:40 5403 T.H. Dr
2:42 Country Club- Tennis Courts
2:46 Manor Dr/Hillcrest
2:47 5220 Roza Hill Dr
2:48 Bridleway/Roza Hill Dr
2:49 50 Wendt Rd
2:48 201 Wendt Rd
2:49 120 Wendt Rd
2:49 201 Wendt Rd
2:49 210 Wendt Rd
2:50 502 Bittner Rd
2:51 516 Bittner Rd
2:51 603 Bittner Rd
2:52 619 Bittner Rd
2:53 703 Bittner Rd
2:53 708/811 Bittner Rd
2:54 7608 Bittner Rd
2:54 8102 Bittner Rd
2:59 203 Warrior Rd
3:00 Warrior/Roza Hill Dr
3:01 7822 Roza Hill Dr
3:03 7111 Bittner Rd
3:05 7109 Bittner Rd
3:05 6708 Bittner Rd
3:05 Oliver Rd/Bittner Rd
Route #19 Chris
2:37 6010Mieras Rd
2:38 5702 Mieras Rd
2:38 5530 Mieras Rd
2:38 5311 Mieras Rd
2:38 5307 Mieras Rd
2:39 5001 Mieras Rd
2:40 2003 Birchfield Rd
2:41 Cayuse/Birchfield Rd
2:41 2409 Birchfield Rd
2:42 2510 Birchfield Rd
2:42 2708 Birchfield Rd
2:43 2813 Birchfield Rd
2:43 Bell/Birchfield Rd
2:44 4903 Bell Rd
2:44 5001 Bell Rd
2:45 5312 Bell Rd
2:45 5404 Bell Rd
2:46 5807 Bell Rd
2:46 6100 Bell Rd
2:47 6303 Bell Rd
2:48 6605 Bell Rd
2:48 7101 Bell Rd
2:48 7107 Bell Rd
2:49 3408 LaFramboise Rd
2:52 7106 Postma Rd
2:52 7102 Postma Rd
2:53 7002 Postma Rd
2:53 6909 Postma Rd
2:53 6906 Postman Rd
2:53 6608 Postma Rd
2:55 5409 Postma Rd
2:55 5201 Postma Rd
2:56 5001 Postma Rd
Route #20 Joe
2:45 Warren Acres/T.H. Dr
2:51 TH Dr & Roza Vista
2:53 Roza Hill & Panoram
2:55 41st & Maple
2:56 41st & Nola Loop
2:56 N. 40th St/Mt View
504 N. 40th St
405/307 N. 40th St
3905 Commonwealth
410 N. 37th @Church Pkg Lot
N.37th St/Mt View
N.38th St/Mt View
N. 39th St/Mt View
Route #21 Erin
2:41 1404 Birchfield Rd
2:41 1311 Birchfield Rd
2:44 GunClub @ Tracks
2:50 Rainbow Inter./Butterfield
2:51 Home Acres/Butterfield
2:52 402 Butterfield Rd
2:52 410 Butterfield Rd
2:53 602 Butterfield Rd
2:57 1805 Hartford Rd
2:57 1703 Hartford Rd
3:01 1006 N. 15th St
3:02 15th & Marsh Rd
3:02 1704 Marsh Rd
3:03 2125 Marsh Rd
3:05 Boucher/Butterfield Rd
3:06 Skyline Mobile Crt
3:08 717 Keys-past RR tracks
Route #23 Linda
2:47 514 S. 41st St
2:48 Henning/S. 41st St
2:49 Terrace Park/S. 41st St
2:50 W. End Canal/T.H. Drive
2:51 Hillcrest2nd Dr Off RozaHill
2:51 Kenward Wy/Hillcrest
2:52 Crawford Ln/Hillcrest
2:53 Maple Ave/Hillcrest
2:53 Lockhart/Hillcrest
2:56 Mt. View/Hillcrest
Route #24 Cheri
2:44 5305 N. Skyvista
2:45 N. Skyvista/Channel
2:45 5039 N. Skyvista
2:46 Pear Butte/Sycamore
2:47 Mt. Aix Wy/Sycamore
2:47 Mt. Aix/Pearl
2:48 Channel/Mt. Aix Wy
2:49 Mt. Clements/Channel
2:50 5500 Channel
2:52 LaredoLn/N. 57th St
2:52 Bohosky/N. 57th St
2:53 1115 N. 57th St
2:54 Shelter/N 57th St.
2:57 Cougar/Sycamore/N. 57th
2:58 Mt. Aix Wy/N. 57th St
3:00 Pear Butte/N. 57th St
Route #25 Carol E
2:36 2320/2326 Beaudry Rd
2:38 2607 Beaudry Rd
2:38 2611 Beaudry Rd
2:38 2703 Beaudry Rd
2:39 2802 Beaudry Rd
2:40 2814 Beaudry Rd
2:41 5260 Hwy 24
2:44 5891 Hwy 24
2:46 6081 Hwy 24
2:49 7300 Hwy 24
2:50 371 Deeringhoff Rd
2:50 441 Deeringhoff Rd
2:51 660 Deeringhoff Rd
Morrow/Deeringhoff Rd
781 Deeringhoff Rd
920 Deeringhoff Rd
1061 Deeringhoff Rd
1110 Deeringhoff Rd
1292 Deeringhoff Rd
1480 Deeringhoff Rd
Hoff/Deeringhoff Rd
1750 Deeringhoff Rd
1841 Deeringhoff Rd
410 Smith Rd
490 Smith Rd
9605 Hwy 24
9501 Hwy 24
9243 Hwy 24
1221 Beane Rd
1140 Beane Rd
Critter Ln/Beane Rd
670 Beane Rd
661 Beane Rd
Ladybug Ln/Beane Rd
530 Beane Rd
380 Beane Rd
340 Beane Rd
220 Beane Rd
150 Beane Rd
110 Beane Rd
75 Beane Rd
Route #26 Paula
2:38 8101 Postma Rd
2:38 8520 Postma Rd
2:38 8522 Postma Rd
2:40 Square Dance Hall-MS Only
2:44 10000 Postma Rd
2:45 10421 Postma Rd
2:46 10680 Postma Rd
2:47 Hill/Postma Rd
2:48 Schut/Postma Rd
2:48 11785 Postma Rd
2:49 Prairie/Postma Rd
2:54 12780 Postma Rd
2:55 Lamb Ln/Postma Rd
3:00 Columbus/Faucher-E.Side
Route #27 Stan
2:40 Iler & Postma-MS Only
2:41 1252 Faucher Rd
2:42 1152 Faucher Rd
2:42 1181 Faucher Rd
2:42 1420 Faucher Rd
2:43 Chinnok & Charron
2:44 City Hall
2:45 Rainier/Rivard
2:46 Olympic/Rivard
2:48 2505 Beaudry Rd
Route #27 Stan-HS Only
2:57 Iler & Postma-HS
3:00 Charron & Chinook-HS
3:05 Square Dance Hall-HS
3:07 Post Office-HS
3:08 Holly & Rivard-HS
AM East Valley Elementary
Route #1 Shea
Dual Language Only
8:13 1121 E. Charron Rd
8:18 Square Dance Hall
8:20 Rainier/Rivard Rd
8:21 Olympic/Rivard Rd
EVE Only
8:31 Square Dance Hall-EVE
8:32 Rainier/Rivard-EVE
8:34 Olympic/Rivard-EVE
Route #2 Bonnie
7:55 1905 Birchfield
7:57 1709 Beaudry Rd
7:58 1609 Beaudry Rd
8:01 6006 Norman Rd
8:03 5320 Norman Rd
8:03 5000 Norman Rd
8:04 1209 Birchfield Rd
8:07 Burman Wy/Morrier Ln
8:07 1210 Morrier Ln
8:08 Morrier & Norman Rd
8:12 Cross Rds Kids-Dual Lang.
8:13 1815 Ekelman
8:13 1910 Ekelman Rd
8:18 3101 LaFramboise Rd
8:20 8008 Beauchene Rd
8:20 8108 Beauchene Rd
8:22 8211 Beauchene Rd
8:22 8515-8519 Beauchene Rd
Route #4 Connie
7:34 19952 Hwy 24
7:37 22550 Hwy 24
7:39 19853 Hwy 24
7:45 Moody Ln/Hwy 24
7:46 15400 Hwy 24
7:48 14590 Hwy 24
7:49 Badger/Suntarget/Hwy 24
7:49 13390 Hwy 24
7:50 7253 Desmarias Rd
7:51 7251 Desmarais Rd
7:57 4592 Desmarais Rd
7:57 4590 Desmarias Rd
7:58 4351 Desmarais Rd
7:58 4233 Desmarais Rd
8:03 3611 Desmarais Rd
8:03 3570 Desmarais Rd
8:03 3451 Desmarais Rd
8:03 3363 Desmarias Rd
8:04 3116 Desmarias Rd
8:04 2162 Desmarais Rd
Route #4 Connie cont.
8:05 Beane/Desmarais Rd
8:10 1041 Desmarais Rd
8:12 780 Desmarais Rd
8:13 351 Desmarais Rd
8:14 2690 Faucher Rd
8:15 2581 Faucher Rd
8:18 Columbus/Faucher-East side
8:20 1491 Faucher Rd
8:21 509 Charron Rd
Route #6 Glenda
7:56 2204 Beaudry Rd
7:55 Kane Ln/Beaudry Rd
8:01 7120 Bell Rd
8:02 7107 Bell Rd
8:03 7101 Bell Rd
8:06 6601 Bell Rd
8:07 6303 Bell Rd
8:08 6210 Bell Rd
8:09 6206 Bell Rd
8:10 5405 Bell Rd
8:11 5312 Bell Rd
8:11 5001 Bell Rd
8:12 Birchfield/Bell Rd
3810 Birchfield Rd
2603 Birchfield Rd
5607 Postma Rd
6404 Postma Rd
6520 Postma Rd
6909 Postma Rd
6906/7007 Postma Rd
7002 Postma Rd
7102 Postma Rd
2603 Beaudry Rd
2611 Beaudry Rd
2802 Beaudry RdTrlr Court
2814 Beaudry Rd
2815 Beaudry Rd
Kill Deer/Bell Rd(7513)
7711/7719 Bell Rd
LaFramboise/Bell Rd
Route #11 Dave
7:42 8309 Mieras Rd
7:42 8707 Mieras Rd
7:43 9530 Mieras Rd
7:44 9601 Mieras Rd
7:45 9618 Mieras Rd
7:46 9793 Mieras Rd
7:47 9810 Mieras Rd
7:47 1941 St. Hilaire Rd
7:51 1270 St. Hilaire Rd
7:52 Hi Valley View/St.Hilaire
7:53 E. Norman/St. Hilaire Rd
7:56 9425 Bittner Rd
8:00 High Pt Landing/Faucher
8:03 10000 Postma Rd
8:06 240/244 Coombs Rd
8:07 Mieras Rd/Coombs
8:08 10651 Mieras Rd
8:09 10220 Mieras Rd
8:10 10180 Mieras Rd
8:12 2291 St. Hilaire Rd
8:13 Chevy/2390 St. Hilaire Rd
8:14 E. Duffield/St. Hilaire
8:15 521/491 E Duffield Rd
8:20 1250 Faucher Rd
Route #19 Chris
7:36 8007 Duffield Rd
7:37 Corner Duffield Rd
7:37 2210 Duffield Rd
7:39 8411 Postma Rd
7:40 2505 Beaudry Rd
7:44 Swier Ln/Mieras Rd
7:45 6010/6011 Mieras Rd
7:46 5702 Mieras Rd
7:49 5001 Mieras Rd
7:55 1005 Keys Rd
7:55 1107 Keys Rd
7:56 1211 Keys Rd
7:57 1307 Keys Rd
7:57 PiperLanding-1410 Keys Rd
7:58 3305/3008 W.Birchfield
7:58 3405 W. Birchfield Rd
7:59 3408 W. Birchfield Rd
7:59 Almo/W. Birchfield Rd
8:00 Blue Crane/Univ. Prkwy
8:05 1803 Riverside Rd
8:07 Park & Ride
8:10 3702/3708 W. Birchfield Rd
8:13 2003 Birchfield Rd
8:13 Cayuse/Birchfield Rd
8:13 2303 Birchfield Rd
Route #25 Carol E.
7:43 530 Walter Rd
7:44 Roy Farms/Walters Rd
7:44 231 Walters Rd
7:44 10421 Postma Rd
7:47 Hill Rd/Postma Rd
7:48 Schut Rd/Postma Rd
7:49 11785 Postma Rd
7:49 Prairie Rd/Postma Rd
7:50 11800 Postma Rd
7:50 11808 Postma Rd
7:51 11821 Postma Rd
7:51 12231 Postma Rd
7:56 75 Beane Rd
7:56 110 Beane Rd
7:57 205 Beane Rd
7:57 380 Beane Rd
7:58 530 Beane Rd
7:59 Ladybug Ln/Beane Rd
7:59 661 Beane Rd
8:00 741 Beane Rd
8:01 Critter Way/Beane Rd
8:03 1250 Deeringhoff Rd
8:04 Hoff/Deeringhoff Rd
8:05 1750 Deeringhoff Rd
8:06 1841 Deeringhoff Rd
8:10 9351 Hwy 24
8:11 9240/9243Hwy 24
8:15 Morrow/Deeringhoff Rd
8:15 920 Deeringhoff Rd
8:15 660 Deeringhoff Rd
8:16 441 Deeringhoff Rd
8:16 371 Deeringhoff Rd
8:17 290 Deeringhoff Rd
8:18 7300 Hwy 24
8:19 6761 Hwy 24
8:20 6191 Hwy 24
8:21 6081 Hwy 24
8:22 5941 Hwy 24
8:22 5891 Hwy 24
Route #26 Paula
7:36 3310 Birchfield Rd
7:37 5605 Beauchene Rd
7:38 5970 Beauchene Rd
7:39 6701 Beauchene Rd
7:40 Beauchene/Beaudry-SW Corner
7:41 3201 Beaudry Rd
7:42 3103 Beaudry Rd
7:42 3003 Beaudry Rd
7:43 2910 Beaudry Rd
7:47 3411 Birchfield Rd
7:48 3451 Birchfield Rd
7:48 3513 Birchfield Rd
7:49 3611 Birchfield Rd
7:50 3830 Birchfield Rd
7:50 Birchfield Ln/Birchfield Ln
7:55 4112 Thorp Rd
7:56 4205 Thorp Rd
7:56 4212 Thorp Rd
7:57 4302 Thorp Rd
7:58 4401-4405 Thorp Rd
7:59 4911 Gamache Rd
8:00 5302/5312 Gamache Rd
8:05 8210 Robillard Rd
8:06 8905 Robillard Rd
8:07 150 Konnowac Pass
8:07 Chappel /Konnowac Pass
8:12 Top of Konnowac Pass
8902 Gamache Rd
8:17 1152 S. Rivard Rd
PM East Valley Elementary
Route #1 Shea
3:40 Square Dance Hall
3:52 Square Dance Hall
3:54 Rainier/Rivard Rd
3:56 Olympic/Rivard Rd
3:57 9411 Postma Rd
3:57 10000 Postma Rd
3:58 1121 E. Charron
3:59 1150 Faucher Rd
3:59 1491 Faucher Rd
4:04 2581 Faucher Rd 2690 Faucher Rd
4:04 2690 Faucher Rd
4:06 80 Desmarais Rd
4:07 351 Desmarais Rd
4:08 780 Desmarais Rd
4:09 1040 Desmarais Rd
4:10 1370 Desmarais Rd
4:10 2162 Desmarais Rd
4:11 2981 Desmarais Rd
4:12 Columbus/Faucher EastSide
4:12 1491 Faucher Rd EastSide
Route #2 Bonnie
3:49 8515/8519 Beauchene Rd
3:49 8211 Beauchene Rd
3:50 8108 Beauchene Rd
3:50 8008 Beauchene Rd
3:52 3101 LaFramboise
3:57 1910 Ekelman
3:59 1815 Beaudry Rd
3:59 1709 Beaudry Rd
3:59 1609 Beaudry Rd
4:02 Norman/Morrier Ln
4:03 1210 Morrier Ln
4:03 Burman Wy/Morrier Ln
4:05 1209 Birchfield Rd
4:06 5000 Norman Rd
4:07 5320 Norman Rd
4:07 6007 Norman Rd
Route #4 Connie
3:56 Beane/Desmarais Rd
3:57 3116 Desmaarais Rd
3:58 3363 Desmarais Rd
3:59 3451 Desmarais Rd
4:00 3570 Desmarais Rd
4:02 Heibert/Desmarais Rd
4:03 4172 Desmarais Rd
4:04 4170 Desmarais Rd
4:05 4351 Desmarais Rd
4:06 4592 Desmarais Rd
4:14 7251 Desmarias Rd
4:14 7253 Desmarais Rd
4:15 12940 Hwy 24
4:16 Badger/Suntarget/Hwy 24
4:18 14590 Hwy 24
4:20 15400 Hwy 24
4:26 19952 Hwy 24
4:29 22550 Hwy 24
4:35 19853 Hwy 24
Route #6 Glenda
3:55 LaFramboise/Bell Rd
3:55 7711/7719 Bell Rd
3:57 Kill Deer/Bell Rd(7513)
3:59 2815 Beaudry Rd
3:59 2814 Beaudry Rd
2802 Beaudry RdTrlr Court
2611 Beaudry Rd
8520/8522 Postma Rd
2210 Duffield Rd
8120 Duffield Rd
2204 Beaudry Rd
7007 Postma Rd
7002 Postma Rd
6909 Postma Rd
6404 Postma Rd
6305 Postma Rd
5607 Postma Rd
2603 Birchfield Rd
2623 Birchfield Rd
2726 Birchfield Rd
2810 Birchfield Rd
2819 Birchfield Rd
Bell/Birchfield Rd
4903 Bell Rd
5001 Bell Rd
5312 Bell Rd
6206 Bell Rd
6303 Bell Rd
6601 Bell Rd
7101 Bell Rd
7107 Bell Rd
7120 Bell Rd
Route #11 Dave
3:45 1250 Faucher Rd
3:47 Hi Pnt Landing/Faucher
3:48 9530 Mieras Rd
3:48 9618 Mieras Rd
3:49 9810 Mieras Rd
3:49 10020 Mieras Rd
3:50 10180 Mieras Rd
3:51 10415 Mieras Rd
3:51 Durand Ln/Mieras Rd
3:51 10651 Mieras Rd
3:52 Coombs/Mieras Rd
3:53 240 Coombs Rd
3:55 521 E. Duffield Rd
3:55 491 E. Duffield Rd
3:56 E. Duffield/St. Hilaire Rd
3:56 Chevy/2390 St. Hilaire Rd
3:57 2291 St. Hilaire Rd
4:00 9293 Mieras Rd
4:03 9425 Bittner Rd
4:06 E. Norman/St. Hilaire Rd
4:07 Hi ValleyView/E. Norman
4:08 1941 St. Hilaire Rd
4:10 1881 St. Hilaire Rd
4:11 1290 St. Hilaire Rd
4:15 8707 Mieras Rd
4:16 8309 Mieras Rd
Route #19 Chris
3:44 8411 Postma Rd
3:45 2505 Beaudry Rd
3:46 EVE-Latch Key
3:48 Crossroads-Dual Lang.
3:50 6802 Mieras Rd
3:51 6010/6011 Mieras Rd
3:51 5702 Mieras Rd
3:54 5001 Mieras Rd
3:55 3610 GunClub Rd
3:56 1107 Keys Rd
3:57 1211 Keys Rd
3:57 1307 Keys Rd
3:59 3305/3309 W. Birchfield
4:00 3408 W. Birchfield Rd
4:02 BlueCrane Ln/Univ. Prkwy
2612 Riverside Rd (end)
1803 Riverside rd
3702/3708 W. Birchfield Rd
2003 Birchfield Rd
Cayuse/Birchfield Rd
2405 Birchfield Rd
2409 Birchfield Rd
2510 Birchfield Rd
Route #25 Carol E
3:51 5891 Hwy 24
3:52 6081 Hwy 24
3:51 5941 Hwy 24
3:52 6081 Hwy 24
3:53 6191 Hwy 24
3:56 890 Walters Rd
3:57 530 Walters Rd
3:58 Roy Farms/Walters Rd
4:01 10421 Postma Rd
4:02 11140 Postma Rd
4:02 Hill/Postma Rd
4:03 Schut/Postma Rd
4:05 Prairie/Postma Rd
4:06 11800 Postma Rd
4:07 11808 Postma Rd
4:08 11821 Postma Rd
4:09 12231 Postma Rd
4:13 75 Beane Rd
4:14 110 Beane Rd
4:15 205 Beane Rd
4:16 380 Beane Rd
4:16 Soonaswegetalittlemoney
4:16 421 Beane Rd
4:16 530 Beane Rd
4:17 Ladybug Ln/Beane Rd
4:18 661 Beane Rd
4:19 741 Beane Rd
4:19 Critter Way/Beane Rd
4:20 1061 Deeringhoff Rd
4:22 1250 Deeringhoff Rd
4:25 Hoff/Deeringhoff Rd
4:26 1750 Deeringhoff Rd
4:27 1841 Deeringhoff Rd
4:32 9351 Hwy 24
4:32 9240 Hwy 24
4:38 Morrow/Deeringhoff
4:39 660 Deeringhoff Rd
4:40 441 Deeringhoff Rd
4:41 290 Deeringhoff Rd
4:42 7300 Hwy 24
Route #26 Paula
3:51 1152 S. Rivard Rd
3:51 8905 Robillard Rd
3:54 150 Konnowac Pass
3:54 Chappel Ln/Konnowac
4:01 Top of Konnowac Pass
4:05 8210 Robillard Rd
4:06 Beaudry/Beauchene -3300
4:13 4401-4405 Thorp Rd
4:14 4302 Thorp Rd
4:16 4212 Thorp Rd
4:17 4205 Thorp Rd
4:18 4112 Thorp Rd
4:19 4302 Birchfield Ln
4:19 4310 Birchfield Ln
4:20 4415 Birchfield Ln
4:20 4422 Birchfield Ln
4:22 3516 Birchfield Rd
4:23 3511 Birchfield Rd
4:23 3310 Birchfield Rd
Route #26 Paula cont.
4:24 5605 Beauchene Rd
4:25 5970 Beauchene Rd
4:25 6701 Beauchene Rd
4:25 Beauchene/Beaudry Rd
4:27 3201 Beaudry Rd
4:28 3103 Beaudry RD
4:28 3003 Beaudry Rd
4:28 2914 Beaudry Rd
AM Terrace Heights Elementary
Route #7 Carrie
7:40 512 Keys Rd
7:40 Cavanaugh/Keys Rd
7:41 426 Keys Rd
7:41 420 Keys Rd
7:42 416 Keys Rd
7:43 402/316 Keys Rd
7:44 310 Keys Rd
7:48 2205 Butterfield (Skyline)
7:50 Boucher Ln/Buttefield Rd
7:50 2123 Butterfield Rd
7:51 2127 Marsh Rd
7:54 1704 Marsh Rd
7:56 N. 15th St/Marsh Rd
7:56 810 N. 15th St
7:58 1509 Hartford Rd
7:58 1606 Hartford Rd
7:59 1807 Hartford Rd
8:00 602/604 Butterfield Rd
8:00 410 Butterfield Rd
8:02 Home Acres/Butterfield Rd
8:02 204 Butterfield
8:04 Cutoff/Butterfield Rd
8:10 N. 37th St/Hillcroft
8:11 3905 Commonwealth
8:15 Panarama /Roza Hill Dr
Route #15 Dual Language
Terrace Heights area
7:30 714 S 41st St
7:31 41st & Henning
7:32 120 S 41st St
7:35 34th Ave & TH Dr
7:38 Keys & Cavanaugh
7:39 310 Keys
7:40 305 Keys
7:44 2205 Butterfield-Skyline
7:46 Butterfield & Resthaven
7:46 Butterfield/N. 33rd St
7:47 3704 Mt View
7:49 38th & Mt View
7:55 Warren Acres
7:56 TH Dr & Nugent
7:59 103 N. Canyon
8:03 Sycamore & Pear Butte
8:05 N. 57th & Bohosky
8:07 700 N 57th St
8:08 N. 57th & Pear Butte
8:12 7111 Bittner
8:13 7001 Bittner
8:14 605 Locust
8:17 Garden Terrace/Canyon
Route #17 Carol M
7:48 Bridleway/Roza Hill Dr
7:51 502 Bittner Rd
7:52 516 Bittner Rd
7:53 619 Bittner Rd
7:53 703 Bittner Rd
7:54 811 Bittner Rd
8102 Bittner Rd
820 Warrior Rd
401 Warrior Rd
203 Warrior Rd
Warrior/Roza Hill Dr
120 Wendt Rd
201 Wendt Rd
210 Wendt Rd
310 Wendt Rd
7008 Bittner Rd
6904 Bittner Rd
Oliver Dr/Bittner Rd
Bridleway/Bridle Ln
5909 T.H. Dr
Kilgary/Santa Roza Dr
Canyon/Santa Roza Dr
508 Canyon Rd
Garden Terrace/Canyon
Cynthia /Canyon Rd
Frayne Pl/Canyon Rd
409 Locust Rd
305 Locust Rd
Viewridge/T.H. Dr
Rosalee Wy & T.H. Dr
Route #21 Erin
7:45 41st & Nola Loop
7:47 307 N. 40th St
7:50 N. 38th St/Mt. View
7:51 3914 Mt. View
7:53 N. 3914 Mt. View
7:57 152 Terrace Park Dr
7:58 134 Terrace Park Dr
7:59 3309 T.H. Dr
8:02 Keys @ Shell RR Sign
8:02 641 N. Keys-Country Kids
8:07 Cascade/Butterfield Rd
8:07 Resthaven/Pilot
8:07 714 N. 33rd St
8:08 607 N. 33rd St
8:08 497 N. 33rd St
8:09 305 N. 33rd St
8:10 207 N. 33rd St
8:11 Warren Acres/T.H. Dr
Route #23 Linda
7:44 712 S. 41st St
7:45 Henning/S. 41st St
7:46 Terrace Park Apts.
7:47 Nuggent/T.H. Dr
7:48 W. End Canal/T.H. Dr
7:49 Manor/Hillcrest Dr
7:50 N Sky Vista & Roza Hill
7:51 104 N. Canyon Rd
7:52 5504 Hilltop
7:53 5607 Hilltop
7:54 204 S. 57th St
7:56 Morningside/S. 58th St
7:57 N. Canyon & Morningside
7:58 211 N. Canyon Rd
7:59 1st Cul-de-sac/Ridgeway
7:59 234 Ridgeway
8:00 244 Ridgeway
8:01 207 S 57th St
8:04 Kenward Wy/Hillcrest
8:05 Crawford Ln/Hillcrest
8:07 4703 Hillcrest
8:10 Maple Ave Apts
8:11 Maple Ave/Maple Crt.
8:12 4513/4515 Maple Ave
8:15 Mt. View/Hillcrest
Route #24 Cheri
7:46 606 T.H. Dr
7:47 502/602 T.H. Dr
7:49 4707 Maple Ave
7:51 Pear Butte/Sycamore
7:52 Tumac & Sycamore
7:53 Mt. Aix Wy/Sycamore
7:54 Pearl Pl/Mt. Aix Wy
7:58 TerraCotta/N. 57th St
7:59 Bohosky/N. 57th St
8:00 Lupine/Shelter/N. 57th St
8:03 N. 57th & Sycamore-Cougar
8:04 701 N. 57th St
8:05 Kloochman/N. 57th St
8:06 Mt. Clements/N. 57th St
8:07 Mt. Aix Wy/N. 57th St
8:08 Pear Butte/N. 57th St
8:09 Castle Mtn Crt/N. 57th St
8:10 5305 N. Skyvista
8:11 5203 N.Skyvista
8:11 5105 N. Skyvista
8:12 N. Skyvista/Channel
8:13 5074 N. Skyvista
8:13 5039 N. Skyvista
8:14 Sycamore/Maple-On Sycm.
Route #27 Stan
8:09 3704 Mt. View
8:10 39th & Mt. View
8:14 Maple Ave & Overbluff Dr
8:15 Maple Ave/Sycmr-On Maple
PM Terrace Heights Elementary
Route #7 Carrie
3:55 Panarama /Roza Hill Dr
3:56 3905 Commonwealth
3:57 N. 37th St/Hillcroft
3:58 3309 Commomwealth
4:02 Cutoff/Butterfield Rd
4:04 2205 Butterfield (Skyline)
4:06 Boucher & Butterfield Rd
4:07 2123 Butterfield Rd-Boucher
4:08 2127 Marsh Rd
4:10 1708 Marsh Rd
4:12 N. 15th St/Marsh Rd
4:14 810 N. 15th St
4:17 1509 Hartford Rd
4:18 1606 Hartford Rd
4:20 1807 Hartford Rd
4:21 2019 Hartford Rd
4:22 602/604 Butterfield Rd
4:23 410 Butterfield Rd
4:25 Home Acres/Butterfield Rd
4:25 204 Butterfield
4:27 303 Keys Rd
4:27 310 Keys Rd
4:28 402/316 Keys Rd
4:29 416 Keys Rd
4:30 420 Keys Rd
4:30 426 Keys Rd
4:31 Cavanaugh/Keys Rd
4:31 512 Keys Rd
Route #15 Dual Language
Terrace Heights area
3:52 714 S 41st St
3:53 41st & Henning
3:54 Terrace Park Apts
3:55 34th Ave & TH Dr
4:00 Keys & Cavanaugh
4:04 310 Keys
4:04 305 Keys
Route #15 Dual Language
Terrace Heights area cont.
4:07 2205 Butterfield Rd-Skyline
4:10 Rest Haven & Butterfield Rd
4:10 Butterfield/N. 33rd St
4:11 3704 Mt View
4:12 38th & Mt View
4:14 701 N. 33rd Ave
4:15 Warren Acres
4:19 TH Dr & Nugent
4:22 103 N. Canyon
4:26 Sycamore & Pear Butte
4:29 N. 57th & Bohosky
4:32 700 N 57th St
4:33 N. 57th & Pear Butte
4:38 7111 Bittner Rd
4:40 605 Locust
4:45 Terrace Garden/Canyon
Route #17 Carol M
3:45 640 Canyon Rd
3:46 Frayne Pl/Canyon Rd
3:47 Cynthia /Canyon Rd
3:48 Garden Terrace/Canyon
3:49 508 Canyon Rd
3:50 Canyon/Santa Roza Dr
3:52 Kilgary/Santa Roza Dr
3:54 Viewridge/T.H. Dr
3:55 Rozalee Wy & T.H. Dr.
3:58 Roza Hill & Bridal Way
4:00 120 Wendt Rd
4:01 210 Wendt Rd
4:03 502 Bittner Rd
4:04 516 Bittner Rd
4:04 603 Bittner Rd
4:05 619 Bittner Rd
4:05 703 Bittner Rd
4:06 811 Bittner Rd
4:09 8102 Bittner Rd
4:08 820 Warrior Rd
4:09 401 Warrior Rd
4:10 Warrior/Roza Hill Dr
4:12 7008 Bittner Rd
4:13 6904 Bittner Rd
4:14 Oliver Dr/Bittner Rd
4:15 Bridleway/Bridle Ln
4:17 305 Locust Rd
Route #21 Erin
4:00 Warren Acres/T.H. Dr
4:02 41st & Nola Loop
4:05 307 N. 40th St
4:07 N. 38th St/Mt. View
4:09 N. 3914 Mt. View
4:12 160 Terrace Park Dr
4:13 152 Terrace Park Dr
4:16 3309 T.H. Dr
4:19 Keys Rd @ Shell Station
4:21 641 N. Keys-Country Kids
4:22 2810 Butterfield Rd
4:23 Cascade/Butterfield Rd
4:24 Resthaven/Pilot
4:20 714 N. 33rd St
4:22 607 N. 33rd St
4:23 497 N. 33rd
4:23 305 N. 33rd St
4:25 207 N 33rd
Route #23 Linda
3:54 712 S. 41st St
3:55 Henning/S. 41st St
3:58 Terrace Park Apts.
4:00 Nuggent/T.H. Dr
4:01 4805T.H. Dr
4:03 Manor/Hillcrest Dr
4:05 Sky Vista Pl/Rosa Hill
4:06 104 N. Canyon Rd
4:07 5502 Hilltop
4:08 5607 Hilltop
4:09 204 S. 57th St
4:10 Morningside/S. 58th St
4:13 N. Canyon & Morningside
4:14 211 N. Canyon Rd
4:15 1st Cul-de-sac/Ridgeway
4:16 236 Ridgeway
4:16 244 Ridgeway
4:20 Kenward Wy/Hillcrest
4:21 Crawford Ln/Hillcrest
4:23 4703 Hillcrest
4:24 Maple Ave Apts.
4:27 Maple Ave & Maple Court
4:28 4513/4515 Maple Ave
4:29 4603 HIllcrest
4:32 Mt. View/Hillcrest
Route #24 Cheri
3:55 606 T.H. Dr
3:55 502/602 T.H. Dr
3:57 4707 Maple Ave
3:57 Sycamore/Maple-On Syc.
3:58 Tumac/Sycamore
3:59 Pear Butte/Sycamore
4:00 Mt. Aix Wy/Sycamore
4:02 Pearl Pl/Mt. Aix Wy
4:06 TerraCotta/N. 57th St
4:07 Bohosky/N. 57th St
4:08 Lupine/Shelter/N. 57th St
4:09 Cougar/Sycamore/N. 57th
4:10 701 N. 57th St
4:11 Kloochman/N. 57th St
4:12 Mt. Clements/N. 57th St
4:13 Mt. Aix Wy/N. 57th St
4:13 Tumac/N. 57th St
4:14 Pear Butte/N. 57th St
4:15 Castle Mtn Crt/N. 57th
4:17 5305 N. Skyvista
4:18 5203 N.Skyvista
4:18 5105 N. Skyvista
4:19 N. Skyvista/Channel
4:19 5074 N. Skyvista
4:20 5039 N. Skyvista
Route #27 Stan
3:53 Maple Ave & Overbluff-M&F
4:00 Maple Ave & Overbluff-T-W-Th
4:00 Maple/Sycamore-On Maple
4:02 3704 Mt. View
4:03 39th & Mt. View
Get To The
Stop Early!
Students must be at the bus
stop at least five (5) minutes
before the scheduled time
for the bus to arrive.
¡Llega a
la parada
Los estudiantes tienen
que estar en la parada del
autobús por lo menos cinco
(5) minutos antes de la hora
de llegada del camión.
La línea de
la nieve
La información sobre la
cancelación de las clases en
cualquier escuela de East
Valley va a estar disponible
cuando llame a la línea de
la nieve al: 509-573-7350,
opción 3. Tan pronto como
sea posible, la información
se hará disponible en el sitio
de internet del distrito: www.; al igual que en
canales de televisión local y
las estaciones de radio.
Snow Line
Information on any East Valley school closures will be
available by calling the snow line at 509-573-7350, option 3.
As soon as is possible, the information will be made available
on the district website at; as well as local
television and radio stations.
District Offers
Special Services
The East Valley School District offers
a variety of supplemental programs that
support general education, enhance the educational process for all students and provide
opportunities for students with unique
learning considerations. Many of these
programs are funded by the State of Washington or federal sources and require an
application and evaluation. Such programs
include: Special Education, Title I- Remedial services, Learning Assistance ProgramRemedial Services, Migrant Education,
the State Transitional Bilingual Program,
Title III (limited English Proficient) Highly
Capable Education, Title V- Innovative Programs, and Title II- Teacher and Principal
Training and Recruitment.
A condition of these programs allows
any patron to request a summary of any
teacher’s qualifications by contacting the
district office.
The applications and evaluations for
these programs are available for input and
review. The district encourages public participation in the preparation of each of the
applications for funding, as well as on-going recommendations.
If you are interested in viewing any of
the mentioned programs or assisting in the
application and evaluation process, please
contact Special Programs at the district
office at 2002 Beaudry Road or call 5737330.
Bilingual Report
East Valley School District met the criteria for progress for students enrolled in the
State Transitional Bilingual Program for the
past school year.
The information is reported by the Office
of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.
The office monitors the Annual Measurable Accountability Objectives (AMAOs)
and notifies each school district of their
progress toward improving education and
English language development for the
students enrolled in the program. The OSPI
has not provided the progress monitoring
information for the last two years; however
we anticipate that we will receive notification on an annual basis.
The Becca Bill
Becca Bill legislation addresses the issue
of unexcused student absences from school.
In compliance with that legislation, the
following steps are particularly important:
1. The parent/guardian, will be informed either by phone or written correspondence after one (1) unexcused absence
for the student(s) within any month during
the current school year.
2. After two (2) unexcused absences in
any month during the school year, a parent/
guardian conference will be required.
3. After a student has accumulated
seven (7) unexcused absences in a month,
or ten (10) in a school year, the district is
required to petition the courts to take jurisdiction of that student.
Exceptions exist to allow for private
school attendance, home-based instruction,
or special excuse by the school district
superintendent. (RCW 28A.225.010)
Release of Directory Information
Student directory information may be
released by the district unless a student’s
parent submits a written request to the
building principal that it not be released.
Such information includes: student’s name,
address, and telephone number; date and
place of birth; major field of study; participation in officially recognized activities and
sports; weight and height of members of
athletic teams; dates of attendance; degrees and awards received; the most recent
previous educational agency or institution
attended by the student; and photographs
and other similar information.
At East Valley High School, requests
for information made by the military are
granted unless otherwise directed by a
student’s parent(s)/guardian(s).
State Law Dictates School Attendance
Regular school attendance is necessary for student success in the educational program at East Valley School
District. It needs to be clearly understood that the only legal reasons for
absence from school are illness, doctor
or dental appointments, a religious
observation, school-approved activities, and family emergencies. Parents
are urged to prearrange absences by
submitting a written request prior to the
planned absence.
Daily punctual attendance is required
in accordance with state law and school
board policy. Students will attend regularly
scheduled classes unless officially excused
(RCW 28A-27).
Asbestos Safety
The East Valley School District facilities have recently been inspected using an
asbestos management program.
Spray Applications
Herbicides are applied seasonally on
schools grounds and on other school district
properties. Pesticides are used in school
district buildings as needed.
Copies of the above-named management
programs are available for review during
regular office hours at the district administration office. Please address inquiries to
Mike Strother, asbestos program manager/
Maintenance Supervisor: 573-7346.
Declaración No discriminatoria
El Distrito Escolar de East Valley #90
cumple con todas las reglas y regulaciones
federales y no discrimina en cuanto a
raza, color, origen de nacionalidad, género
o discapacidad. Esto aplica para todos
los estudiantes quienes están interesados
en participar en programas educativos o
actividades extracurriculares. Las quejas
con referencia al cumplimiento de estos
procedimientos pueden ser dirigidas a la
oficina del distrito escolar Título IX o el
coordinador de la Sección 504/ADA.
La oficina de Título IX: Mike Messenger 2002 Beaudry Road, Yakima, WA
98901,Tel: 573-7321.
El distrito ofrece servicios
El distrito escolar de East Valley ofrece
variedad de programas complementarios
que apoyan la educación general, incrementan el proceso educativo para todos
los estudiantes y provee oportunidades
para los estudiantes con consideraciones
únicas de aprendizaje. Muchos de estos
programas son sustentados por los recursos
federales o el Estado de Washington y
requieren una aplicación y una evaluación.
Tales programas incluyen: educación
especial, servicios terapéuticos del Título
I, Programa de Servicios Terapéuticos de
Apoyo Educativo, Educación Migrante, el
Programa Estatal Transitorio Bilingüe, Alta
capacidad de educación (Destrezas limitadas en inglés) del Título III, Programas
innovadores del Título V y entrenamiento
y contrataciones de maestros y directores
del Título II.
La condición de estos programas
permite a cualquier dirigente pedir un
resumen de aptitud de cualquier maestro(a)
llamando a la oficina del distrito.
Las aplicaciones y evaluaciones para
estos programas están disponibles para
opinar y revisar. El distrito exhorta la
participación pública en la preparación de
cada una de las aplicaciones para los fondos, al igual que las recomendaciones.
Si usted está interesado en ver cualquiera de los programas ya mencionados o
en ayudar en el proceso de la aplicación y
evaluación por favor contacte a Programas
Especiales en la oficina del distrito en el
2002 Beaudry Road o llame al 573-7330.
Reporte sobre el Programa Bilingüe
El distrito escolar de East Valley reunió
el criterio del progreso de los estudiantes
inscritos en el Programa Estatal Transitorio
Bilingüe del año escolar pasado.
La información es brindada por la
oficina del superintendente de Instrucción
Pública. La oficina monitorea anualmente
la capacidad de responsabilidad de los
objetivos (AMAOs) e informa a cada
distrito escolar sobre su progreso hacia la
mejoría de la educación y el desarrollo del
idioma inglés de los estudiantes que están
matriculados en el programa. La OSPI
no ha proporcionado la información del
registro del progreso en los dos últimos
años; sin embargo, nosotros decimos por
adelantado que recibiremos la notificación
El Programa Becca
La legislatura del Programa Becca
menciona el problema de las faltas injustificadas de los estudiantes a la escuela. Para
cumplir con esa legislatura los siguientes
pasos son particularmente importantes:
1. El padre o tutor será informado ya sea
por teléfono o por correspondencia escrita,
que el estudiante tiene una falta injustificada durante cualquier mes en el año escolar
2. Después de dos (2) faltas injustificadas en cualquier mes durante el año escolar, se necesitará una junta con el padre o
3. Después de que el estudiante haya
acumulado siete (7)faltas injustificadas en
un mes o diez (10) en un año escolar, el
distrito está obligado a hacer la petición a
la corte para que tome la jurisdicción de
ese estudiante.
Existen excepciones que permiten la
asistencia a las escuelas privadas, instrucción en el hogar, o justificación especial
por el superintendente del distrito escolar.
(RCW 28A,225.010)
Emisión de información del directorio
La información del directorio del estudiante puede ser emitida por el distrito a
menos que el estudiante o el papá envíe
una petición por escrito al director(a) del
plantel negando la emisión. Dicha información incluye el nombre del estudiante, el
domicilio y número de teléfono; fecha y lugar de nacimiento; rama de especialización
en los estudios; participación en actividades reconocidas oficialmente y deportes;
peso y estatura de los miembros de equipos
atléticos; fechas de asistencia; títulos y
reconocimientos recibidos; la agencia previa de estudios más reciente o institución
asistida por el estudiante; fotografías y
otra información similar.
En la preparatoria East Valley, las
peticiones de información hechas por el
ejército son concedidas a menos que se
haya pedido otra cosa por el estudiante, el
papá o el tutor.
La Ley del Estado dicta los requisitos
de asistencia a la escuela
Es necesaria la asistencia regular a la
escuela para el éxito del estudiante en el
programa educativo del Distrito Escolar de East Valley. Se necesita que esté
claramente entendido que la únicas razones
legales para las faltas a la escuela son por
enfermedad, citas de doctor o dentista, una
solemnidad religiosa, actividades escolares
aprobadas y emergencias familiares. Urge
que los papás arreglen previamente las
ausencias llenando una petición por escrito
antes de la falta planeada.
De acuerdo con la ley del estado al
igual que la póliza de la mesa directiva,
la asistencia diaria y la puntualidad son
obligatorias. Los estudiantes asistirán regularmente a sus clases a menos que tengan
una justificación oficial (RCW 28A-27).
Alerta Ambiental
Seguridad con los asbestos
Los planteles del Distrito Escolar de
East Valley han sido inspeccionados recientemente usando un programa del manejo
de asbestos.
Algunos herbicidas son rociados temporalmente en los terrenos escolares y en
otras propiedades del distrito escolar. Se
usan pesticidas en los planteles del distrito
escolar según como sea necesitado.
Se encuentran copias disponibles del
manejo de los programas mencionados
arriba para ser revisados durante horas
hábiles en la oficina de administración del
distrito. Por favor dirija cualquier queja
a Mike Strother, gerente del programa de
asbestos y Supervisor de mantenimiento al
Un enlace
hacia una
abundancia de
través del año, abundante
información está disponible
en el sitio de internet del Distrito Escolar de East Valley: En la parte
de arriba dice seleccione una
escuela (select a school) para ir
hacia los sitios de los planteles.
También hay información sobre
minutos de la mesa directiva
y agenda, recursos humanos y
fiscales, la tarjeta de reporte
del distrito, información referente a profesiones y programas
técnicos al igual que servicios
especiales. En la parte de abajo
a la izquierda hay enlaces para
información sobre empleos, el
boletín del distrito, el plan de
estrategias del distrito, y mucho,
mucho más. Información para
contactarse con el personal del
distrito está disponible también
en el sitio de internet.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
East Valley School District follows all mandated legal requirements. Part of our duty is to publish them each year. If you have questions or concerns about any part of this information, please contact the individual listed with the item of interest.
No Tobacco, Alcohol, or Firearms on
School Property
District patrons are reminded that state
law prohibits smoking or any other use of
tobacco products on school district property. This includes all district buildings,
grounds, and vehicles. Alcohol and firearms
are likewise prohibited. If clarification is
needed, please contact Superintendent John
Schieche at 573-7320.
Notification of Rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
The Family Educational Rights and
Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and
students over 18 years of age (“eligible
students”) certain rights with respect to the
student’s education records. They are:
1. The right to inspect and review the
student’s education records within 45 days
of the day the District receives a request for
Parents or eligible students should
submit to the school principal (or appropriate school official) a written request that
identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect.
The principal will make arrangements for
access and notify the parent or eligible
student of the time and place where records
may be inspected.
2. The right to request the amendment
of the student’s education records that the
parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate or misleading.
Parents or eligible students may ask
the East Valley School District to amend
a record that they believe is inaccurate or
misleading. They should write the school
principal, clearly identify the part of the
record they want changed, and specify why
it is inaccurate or misleading.
If the District decides not to amend
the record as requested by the parent or
eligible student, the District will notify the
parent or eligible student of the decision
and advise them of their right to a hearing
regarding the request for amendment. Additional information regarding the hearing
procedures will be provided to the parent or
eligible student when notified of the right to
a hearing.
3. The right to consent to disclosures
of personally identifiable information con-
tained in the student’s education records,
except to the extent that FERPA authorizes
disclosure without consent.
One exception which permits disclosure without consent is disclosure to school
officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person employed
by the District as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member
(including health or medical staff and law
enforcement unit personnel); a person serving on the school board; a person or company with whom the District has contracted to
perform a special task (such as an attorney,
auditor, medical consultant, or therapist);
or a parent or student serving on an official
committee, such as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school
official in performing his or her tasks. In
the event of a student transfer to another
educational institution, educational records
will be sent upon request by the receiving
institution. Also, subpoena requests will be
honored after you have been notified. Student records will not otherwise be released
by the East Valley School District without
expressed written consent.
A school official has a legitimate education interest if the official needs to review
an education record in order to fulfill his or
her professional responsibility.
Upon request, the District discloses education records without consent to
officials of another school district in which
a student seeks or intends to enroll. The
East Valley School District makes available
as “directory” information the following:
student names as published in activity and
athletic programs and brochures (information may include height, weight, age, class
and program experience); student names
and activities as published in the school
yearbook and newsletters; and student
names as published in honor rolls and
commencement programs. Parent permission is not required for release of “directory
information.” However, if you do not want
the school to release such information without your consent, please notify the school
office in writing.
4. Effective January 2009, parents
of children who have been a victim of
bullying or harassment by another student,
where the student has been disciplined,
may request information pertaining to the
discipline of the perpetrator by contacting
the building principal.
5. The right to file a complaint with the
U. S. Department of Education concerning
alleged failure by the District to comply
with the requirements of FERPA. The name
and address of the office that administers
FERPA are: Family Policy Compliance
Office; U. S. Dept. of Education; 600 Independence Avenue SW; Washington, DC
* State Law Qualification:
Although FERPA allows 45 days to
honor a request, the state policy records law
requires an appropriate response to a “public records” request within five business
days. RCW 42.17.320
This notice is intended to comply with
the applicable requirements in 34 CFR Part
300, 34 CFR Part 99, and WAC 392-172404. Policy: Sexual Harassment
East Valley School District is committed to a positive and productive educational
and working environment free from discrimination, including sexual harassment.
The district prohibits sexual harassment of
students, employees, and others involved in
school district activities.
Please contact the district office to
obtain a copy of the entire policy statement, 573-7300.
Statement of Nondiscrimination
East Valley School District #90 complies with all federal rules and regulations
and does not discriminate on the basis of
race, color, national origin, gender, or disability. This holds true for all students who
are interested in participating in educational
programs and/or extracurricular school
activities. Inquiries regarding compliance
procedures may be directed to the school
district’s Title IX Officer and/or Section
504/ADA Coordinator.
Title IX Officer: Mike Messenger
2002 Beaudry Road, Yakima, WA
98901 • Phone: 573-7321; Section 504 /
ADA Coordinator: Mike Messenger, 2002
Beaudry Road, Yakima, WA 98901, Phone:
La Ley de Derechos de Educación y Privacidad Familiar (FERPA)
El Distrito Escolar de East Valley sigue todos los requisitos obligatorios legales. Parte de nuestro trabajo es publicar esos requisitos
cada año. Si usted tiene preguntas o preocupaciones acerca de cualquier parte de esta información, por favor contacte a la persona apropiada enlistada con el tema de interés.
No se permite tabaco, alcohol ni armas en la propiedad de la escuela
A los dirigentes del distrito se les recuerda que la ley del estado prohíbe fumar o
usar cualquier otro producto de tabaco en
las propiedades del distrito. Esto incluye
todos los plantes del distrito, territorios y
vehículos. También el alcohol y las armas
de fuego están prohibidas. Si se necesita
una clarificación, por favor contacte al Superintendente John Schieche al 573-7320.
Aviso de derechos amparados por la
Ley de Derechos de educación y privacidad familiar (FERPA)
La Ley de Derechos de Educación y
Privacidad Familiar (FERPA) proporciona
a los padres y a los estudiantes de 18 años
de edad (“estudiantes elegibles”) ciertos
derechos con respecto a los récords educativos del estudiante. Los cuales son:
1. El derecho a inspeccionar y revisar los récords educativos del estudiante
durante 45 días a partir del día en que
el distrito recibe una petición para tener
Los papás o los estudiantes elegibles
deberán exponerle al director de la escuela
(o a un miembro del personal apropiado)
una petición por escrito que identifique el
(los) récord que ellos desean revisar. El
director hará los arreglos para tener acceso
y avisar al papá o al estudiante elegible la
hora y el lugar donde los récords podrán
ser revisados.
2. El derecho a pedir una corrección de
los récords educativos del estudiante que
el padre o el estudiante elegible cree que
están imprecisos o equivocados.
Los papás o los estudiantes elegibles
pueden pedir al Distrito Escolar de East
Valley que corrija un récord que ellos
creen que está equivocado. Ellos deberán
escribirle al director de la escuela, identificando claramente la parte de el récord que
ellos quieren que se cambie y especificar
por qué está incorrecto o equivocado.
Si el distrito escolar decide no corregir
el récord pedido por los papás o por el
estudiante elegible, el distrito les notificará
sobre la decisión y les aconsejara sobre su
derecho a un juicio referente a la petición
para dicha corrección. Se les proveerá a
los padres o al estudiante elegible, infor-
mación adicional sobre el procedimiento
del juicio cuando sean notificados de su
derecho a un juicio.
3. El derecho a dar permiso para la emisión de los récords educativos del estudiante que contienen información personal
identificable, a excepción de la extensión
que FERPA autoriza dicha emisión sin
Una excepción que permite la emisión
sin consentimiento es la emisión para
miembros del personal de escuela con intereses educativos legítimos. Un miembro
del personal de la escuela es una persona
empleada por el distrito como administrador, supervisor, instructor, o personal
de apoyo (incluyendo personal médico o
de salud y personal de la ley); una persona que trabaja en la mesa directiva; una
persona o compañía con quien el distrito
tiene contratado para desempeñar una
tarea especial (como la de un abogado,
un auditor, un doctor o un terapista); o un
papá o estudiante trabajando en un comité
administrativo, como un comité de disciplina u objeción, o alguien ayudando a otro
administrador a desempeñar su trabajo. En
el evento de una transferencia para otra
institución educativa, los récords educativos se enviarán conforme sean pedidos por
la institución que los recibirá. También,
las citaciones requeridas serán aceptadas
después de que usted haya sido notificado.
Por lo tanto los récords del estudiante no
serán emitidos por el Distrito Escolar de
East Valley sin un permiso expresado por
Un administrador de la escuela tiene un
interés educativo legítimo si el administrador necesita revisar un archivo educativo
para poder completar su responsabilidad
Conforme a una petición, el distrito
emitirá los récords educativos sin consentimiento de administradores de otro distrito
escolar en el cual el estudiante busca o está
interesado en matricularse. El Distrito Escolar de East Valley tiene disponible como
“directorio’’ la siguiente información: el
nombre de los estudiantes como están escritos en actividades y programas atléticos
y folletos (la información puede incluir al
altura, el peso, la edad sus clases y su expe-
riencia en el programa); los nombres de los
estudiantes y actividades como estén publicados en el libro anual y periódico escolar;
al igual que los nombres de los estudiantes
publicados en listas de honor y programas
de la ceremonia de graduación. El permiso
de los papás no se necesita para la emisión de la información del directorio. Sin
embargo, si usted no quiere que la escuela
emita tal información sin su permiso, por
favor dígaselo por escrito a la escuela.
4. Comenzando en enero del 2009,
los papás de los niños quienes han sido
víctimas de actos intimidantes o de acoso
por otros estudiantes, de los cuales el estudiante ha tenido que ser disciplinado, los
papás pueden pedir información referente
a la disciplina que tuvo el perpetrador contactando al director(a) del plantel.
5. El derecho a presentar una queja al
departamento de Educación de Los E.U.
con referencia al fracaso del Distrito en
cumplir con los requisitos de FERPA.
El nombre y domicilio de la oficina que
administra FERPA es: Oficina del cumplimiento de la Póliza Familiar, Family
Policy Compliance Office; U. S. Dep. of
Education; 600 Independence Avenue SW;
Washington DC 20202-4605
*Requisito de la Ley Estatal:
Aunque FERPA permite 45 días para
estimar una petición, la Ley de la Póliza
de Récords Estatal requiere una respuesta
apropiada a la petición de los “récords
públicos” en cinco días hábiles. RCW 42,
17. 320
Esta notificación intenta cumplir con los
requisitos aplicables en 34 CFR Parte 300,
34 CFR Parte 99, y WAC 392-172-404.
Póliza: Acoso Sexual
El Distrito Escolar de East Valley está
comprometido a un ambiente positivo, productivo trabajador y educativo libre de discriminación , incluyendo el acoso sexual.
El distrito prohíbe el acoso sexual de los
estudiantes y empleados, y otros involucrados en actividades del distrito escolar.
Por favor póngase en contacto con
la oficina del distrito para obtener una
copia de toda la declaración de la póliza,
Food Service
Additional Prices
School Lunch/Breakfast Prices
GRADE LEVEL Elementary K-3
Elementary 4-5
Middle School 6-8 High School 9-12
FULL-PRICE Lunch Breakfast $2.30
$1.50 $2.30
$1.50 $2.50 $1.55 $2.55 $1.55 REDUCED-PRICE
.00¢ .00¢
.40¢ .00¢
.40¢ .00¢
.40¢ .00¢
Any K-12 student qualifying for reduced price lunch will not be
charged for breakfast. Also, any K-3 student qualifying for reduced price
lunch will not be charged for lunch.
Meal Prepayment Encouraged
Student meals may be paid at the
time of purchase or pre-paid. Meal account prepayments will be accepted on
August 20-21 from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00
p.m. only at the High School Cafeteria. To avoid a zero balance and to help
assure faster lunch lines, we encourage
all parents and students to pay at least
one week, or preferably, one month
ahead of time for breakfasts and lunches. If a student has no money in his/her
account, the lunchroom staff will offer
a courtesy snack at no charge.
If checks are returned twice due to
non-sufficient funds, further meals will
be on a cash basis only.
All schools use computers to track
meal accounts. All students K-12 will
Allergy Info Needed
Adult- $3.50; Ala carte entree $1.45-
Visiting student- $3.50
Additional milk- $.50
(Adult meals cost more because the
school district receives federal reimbursement for students’ meals, but not
for adult meals. Their price reflects the
actual costs).
Free and Reduced Meals
Applications Now Available
A new household meal application must be submitted each
year. Only one form is needed
for each household. However,
any NEW student including a
kindergartener, must have a
new application, even if older
siblings have been receiving
Complete and mail meal application
use their assigned Skyward student
ID number to access meal accounts. NOW. Do not wait for the first day of
school. Applications may take up to ten
Students numbers will be available
after August 20 from building secre- (10) days to process. Applications have
tary or food service office. Our goal is already been mailed to families. They
to consistently and accurately track the will also be available at each building
money you deposit with us. You may including the district office at 2002
go online or call 573-7466 on school Beaudry Road, Yakima, WA 98901.
They may be mailed to the district
days between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.
or returned to the school office
if you have questions regarding your
where your youngest child attends
student’s meal account.
Account balances will automatically school.
follow your student if he/she transfers Families are responsible to pay full
to another school within the district price for all meals prior to approval.
and the balance will carryover to the
following school year.
East Valley Food
If your child has a life-threatening food allergy, a meeting and a diet
prescription is required prior to students receiving meals at school.
Contact the school nurse during the school year at 833-9375 or
Darlene LaBella anytime at 573-7435.
Service does not
include any peanut
products in their meals.
Exception: at EVHS
the ala carte bar offers
wrapped granola bars.
East Valley Food Services looks forward to serving you again this year. Questions? Call Darlene LaBella at 573-7435.
Servicio de alimentos
Precios adicionales
Precios del almuerzo/desayuno escolar
GRADO Primaria del K-3
Primaria del 4-5
Secundaria del 6-8
Preparatoria del 9-12
PRECIO COMPLETO Almuerzo Desayuno
$1.50 $2.30
$1.50 $2.50 $1.55 $2.55 $1.55 PRECIO REDUCIDO
Almuerzo Desayuno
.00¢ .00¢
.40¢ .00¢
.40¢ .00¢
.40¢ .00¢
A cualquier estudiante del Kínder al grado 12 que califique para precio del
almuerzo reducido ya no se le cobrará el desayuno. Ni tampoco se le cobrará
el almuerzo a ningún estudiante del Kínder al 3er grado que califique para el
precio reducido del almuerzo.
Se les exhorta a pagar con anticipación
por los alimentos
Las comidas de los estudiantes
pueden pagarse previamente o pagarse
a la hora de comprarlas. Los pagos
previos a la cuenta de comidas se
aceptarán el 20 y el 21 de agosto desde
las 8:00 a.m. hasta las 12:00 de la
tarde en la cafetería de la preparatoria
solamente. Para evitar un saldo de cero
y para asegurar la rapidez de la fila del
almuerzo, les exhortamos a todos los
papás y estudiantes a que paguen por
lo menos una semana, o de preferencia,
un mes por adelantado de desayunos
y almuerzos. Si un estudiante no tiene
dinero en su cuenta, el personal del
comedor le ofrecerá sin costo un refrigerio de cortesía.
Si se botan los cheques dos veces
por no haber fondos, los demás alimentos se le venderán solamente con
Todos los cursantes del Kínder
hasta el grado 12 usarán sus números
de identificación de Skyward asignados para tener acceso a sus cuentas de
alimentos. Los números de los estudiantes estarán disponibles después
del 20 de agosto, 2013 con la secretaria de su plantel o en la oficina del
servicio de alimentos. Nuestra meta
es registrar consistentemente y con
precisión el dinero que usted depositó
con nosotros. Si usted tiene preguntas
referentes a la cuenta de alimentos de
su estudiante, usted puede visitarnos en
internet o puede llamar al 573-7466 en
días de escuela entre las 7:00 a.m. y las
2:00 p.m.
Los saldos de las cuentas
seguirán automáticamente a los estudiantes si él o ella se cambia a otra
escuela en el mismo distrito, su saldo
se traspasará para el siguiente año
Se necesita información sobre alergias a los
Si su hijo tiene alergias a comidas que atentan contra su vida, se
necesita una junta y una receta para la dieta antes de que el niño(a)
reciba alimentos en la escuela. Contacte a la enfermera de la escuela
durante el año escolar al 573-7435 o Darlene LaBella a cualquier hora
al 573-7435.
Adulto: $3.50; Alimentos por separado
Estudiante visitante: $3.50
Leche adicional $.50
( Los alimentos para adulto cuestan
más porque el distrito recibe el reembolso
federal por los
alimentos de los estudiantes, pero no
por los de los adultos. El precio refleja el
verdadero costo).
Ya están disponibles
los formularios para
alimentos gratis o a
precio reducido
Cada hogar tiene que completar un
formulario de alimentos nuevo cada
año. Se necesita solamente un formulario por hogar.Sin embargo, cualquier estudiante nuevo incluyendo a un
cursante del Kínder, tiene que llenar
un formulario nuevo, aun cuando
los hermanos más grandes ya estén
recibiendo beneficios.
Complete y envíe el formulario
AHORA. No espere hasta el primer día
de clases. Puede tomar hasta diez (10)
días para procesar el formulario. Applications have already been mailed to
También estarán disponibles en
cada plantel escolar incluyendo la
oficina del distrito escolar en el 2002
Beaudry Road, Yakima, WA 98901.
También puede enviarlas por correo
a la oficina del distrito escolar o llevarlas a la oficina de la escuela en donde
asiste su hijo(a) mas pequeño.
Las familias son responsables
de pagar el precio completo por los
alimentos hasta que se apruebe la
elegibilidad de su aplicación.
El servicio de alimentos de
East Valley no incluye ningún
producto con cacahuate en sus
comidas. A excepción de las
barritas de granola que ofrece
la tienda de la Preparatoria East
El servicio de alimentos de East Valley espera servirle una vez más este año. ¿Preguntas? Llame Darlene LaBella al
Administre la cuenta de alimentos de su estudiante en el Internet
Para hacerlo más conveniente a los papás, el distrito escolar de East Valley No. 90 ahora provee a los papás un modo
más fácil de poner dinero a la cuenta de servicios de alimentos de su hijo. Se pueden hacer pagos por internet a la cuenta de
servicios de alimentos a través del portal para papás Skyward Family Access que se usa en la actualmente. El RevTrak, un
procesador nacional de pagos con tarjetas de crédito, ha sido contratado para proveer un sitio seguro para hacer pagos las 24
horas del día los siete días de la semana.
Los pagos son hechos a través de Skyward Family Access con la cuenta de acceso del estudiante usando las tarjetas de
crédito o débito Discover, Visa o MasterCard. Los pagos entrarán inmediatamente a la cuenta. Use los siguientes pasos para
poner dinero a la cuenta de alimentos de su hijo:
Visite el sitio en internet del distrito
Haga un clic en FAMILY ACCESS.
Entre en Skyward Family Access (usted necesitará su nombre y contraseña).
Seleccione “Food Service” del menú general de la parte izquierda.
Vea el balance y elija la opción: “Make Online Payment”.
Usando su tarjeta de crédito o débito Discover, Visa o Mastercard, entre la cantidad que va a pagar y seleccione: “Pay with RevTraK”.
Verifique la cantidad pagada y seleccione: “Go to Checkout”.
Ponga su dirección postal, información del pago y produzca una contraseña.
Si usted es cliente nuevo, seleccione: “I am a new customer” y ponga su dirección de correo electrónico. Si ya es cliente seleccione: “I am a returning customer” y ponga su dirección de correo electrónico y contraseña. seleccione Sign in.
Verifique la precisión de la información y seleccione “Complete Order”
El pago será procesado y podrá ver e imprimir el recibo.
Podrá salir haciendo un clic en logout
Reminders: BREAKFAST and LUNCH are served at all East Valley schools for all grades.
Manage Student Food Service Account Online
As a convenience to parents, the East Valley School District 90 now provides parents an easy way to add money to their
child’s food service account. Online payments can be made into food service accounts through the Skyward Family Access
parent portal they currently use. RevTrak, a national credit card payment processor, has been contracted to provide a secure
site for making payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Payments are made through the student’s Skyward Family Access account using discover, VISA or MasterCard credit
or debit cards. Payments are posted immediately to the account. Use the following steps to add funds to a student’s food
service balance:
Visit our district website
Log in to Skyward Family Access (you will need your Login and Password).
Select “Food Service” from “General Information” menu on the left.
View Balance and select “Make Online Payment”.
Using Discover, VISA, or MasterCard credit or debit cards, enter payment amount and select “Pay with RevTrak”.
Verify payment amount and select “Go to Checkout” .
Enter your Billing Information, Payment Information, and create a password.
If a new customer, select “I am a new customer” and enter your email address. If a returning customer select “I am a returning customer” and enter your email address and password. Select Sign in.
Verify information for accuracy and select “Complete Order”
Payment will be processed and Receipt can be viewed and printed.
Se buscan niños
El distrito escolar de East Valley tiene
el deber de identificar y evaluar a todos los
niños que viven dentro de nuestros los límites
y que tienen necesidades educativas especiales. Es nuestra póliza localizarlos y evaluarlos a todos, de las edades de nacimiento hasta
los 21, que tengan alguna sospecha de incapacidad, que viven en lo que abarca el distrito
y que no se han graduado de la preparatoria.
Nuestras actividades de búsqueda de
niños, esta designada a localizar y evaluar a
los niños en los siguientes grupos: niños que
están por debajo de la edad escolar; niños que
entrarán a la escuela por primera vez; niños
matriculados actualmente en escuelas públicas y privadas; todos los alumnos transferidos y cualquier otro residente de edad escolar
quien es elegible para asistir a la escuela pero
que no asiste actualmente a la escuela.
El distrito escolar evaluará cualquier niño
para determinar si es que él (ella) necesita
una referencia para educación especial apropiada, si es requerido y con el permiso de los
papás o tutores. Tal petición puede ser hecha
poniéndose en contacto con cualquiera de
los planteles educativos o con el Director de
Programas Especiales al 573-7330.
Child Find
East Valley School District has a duty
to locate, identify, and evaluate all children
who reside within our boundaries who may
have exceptional educational needs. It is our
policy to locate and screen all children, ages
birth through 21, with suspected disabilities
who are residents of the district and who
have not graduated from high school.
Our Child Find activities are designed to
locate and screen children in the following
groups: children below school-entry age;
children entering school for the first time;
children currently enrolled in public and
private schools; all transfer pupils; and any
other resident school-age children who are
eligible to attend school but who are not
currently attending school.
Upon request and with the permission
of the parents/guardians, the school district
will screen any child to determine whether
a special education referral is appropriate.
Such a request may be made by contacting
any of the school buildings or the Director of
Special Programs at 573-7330.
Registraciones para el Kínder
Los niños que vayan a cumplir cinco años de edad antes del 31 de agosto del 2013, son
elegibles para comenzar el kínder este otoño.
Para registrarse, llame a la Primaria Moxee al 573-7700, a la Primaria East Valley al
573 7600 ó a la Primaria Terrace Heights al 573-7800 entre las 9:00 a.m. y las 3:00 p.m.
Necesitará llevar a la escuela el acta de nacimiento del niño(a), el récord de vacunas y
comprobante de domicilio.
Kindergarten Registration
Children who will be five years old by August 31, 2013, are eligible to begin kindergarten this fall.
To register, call: Moxee Elementary at 573-7700, East Valley Elementary at 5737600, or Terrace Heights Elementary at 573-7800 between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Plan to bring your child’s birth certificate, immunization records, and proof of residency to school.
NEW STUDENTS who registered
last spring and those RETURNING
FROM LAST YEAR do not need to
register again prior to the opening day
of school. New student room assignments will be mailed or available at
the school office for pickup.
La Guardería
BASE en el
El Programa de Enriquecimiento
Antes y Después de Escuela (BASE) del
YMCA está disponible en las primarias
East Valley y Terrace Heights durante el
año escolar. El costo del programa está
basado en el uso y en la edad del estudiante. Pueden asistir del kínder hasta la
edad de 12 y podrán asistir uno, tres, o
cinco días ala semana, en la mañana o
en la tarde o ambos.
El programa incluye actividades
organizadas adentro y afuera. Para más
información y para registrarse llame
a Mikeal Doyle en el Yakima Family
YMCA, al 509-9725251 o visite el YMCA
en el 5 N. Naches Ave.
Los estudiantes nuevos que se matricularon en la primavera pasada y
LOS QUE REGRESAN DEL AÑO PASADO no necesitan matricularse otra
vez antes de que empiecen las clases.
La nueva colocación de estudiantes
en los salones de clase se les enviara
por correo o estarán disponibles para
recogerse en la oficina de la escuela.
BASE Childcare
in District
The YMCA Before And After School
Enrichment (BASE) Program is
available at East Valley and Terrace
Heights Elementary Schools during
the school year. Cost of the program is
based on usage and student’s age. Kindergarten through age 12 may attend
from one, three, or five days a week,
morning or afternoon, or both.
The program includes structured indoor and outdoor activities. For more
information and to register call Mikeal
Doyle at the Yakima Family YMCA,
509-972-5251 or visit the YMCA at 5
N. Naches Ave.
Terrace Heights Elem. BASE at Old Moxee Elementary ***Por favor use la puerta del lado
***Please use door on west side of
oeste del gimnasio para recoger su
the gym for BASE pickup.
Drivers near Moxee Elementary School and Terrace Heights Elementary (housed at Old
Moxee Elementary) are reminded of a few rules of the road that can help make this transition time go smoothly.
√ Speed limits inside Moxee City are 25 m.p.h. unless otherwise posted.
√ Please observe School Zones, obey crossing guards, and be alert for students walking
to and from school.
√ Additional parking spaces are available in lots west of Moxee City Park. One is located at Iler & Park Avenues, near the swimming pool. The second is along Rivard Rd., just
off Highway 24. Paved pathways lead from both lots to the two schools.
√ Use caution at the intersection of E. Seattle Ave. and Liberty Ave. (at the northeast of
Old Moxee Elementary campus). Traffic driving east on E. Seattle and veering left onto
Liberty Ave. must yield to oncoming traffic before turning.
Please have students ride the school bus when possible.
Think Traffic Safety!!
School Buses Won’t Stop At Beaudry RR Crossing
Beginning this school year, East Valley School District school buses are allowed to cross the railroad
tracks at Beaudry Road and Hwy. 24 Northbound, without stopping. The law allows school buses to cross
railroad tracks without stopping if the crossing is controlled by an official traffic device. At that location
it is safer for the buses to continue over the crossing without stopping. They will continue to stop at that
location going southbound on Beaudry Rd.
Know When to Stop for the
School Bus
If you drive, you need to know that you must STOP for a
non-moving school bus that displays flashing red lights if:
…you are on a two-lane roadway (one lane in each direction),
…you are on a multilane roadway (three or more lanes)
and you are traveling in the same direction as the bus. USE
CAUTION & SLOW DOWN when you see the alternating
flashing amber lights on the top of the front and back of a
school bus. The bus is preparing to stop in the roadway.
• Violation of the law can affect insurance fees and result
in a citation that affects a driver’s record permanently.
• The 1997 state legislature increased the fine for passing a
stopped school bus displaying flashing red lights to a minimum
of $394.00. (Reference: RCW46.61.370)
Hay que saber cuándo parar
para el autobús escolar
Si usted maneja, usted necesita saber que tiene que
PARARSE cuando el autobús tenga las luces rojas intermitentes y no esté en movimiento si es que:
...usted está en una carretera de dos carriles (uno en cada
... usted está en una carretera de varios carriles del mismo
sentido (de tres o más) y usted viaja en la misma dirección
que el autobús. TENGA PRECAUCIÓN Y BAJE LA VELOCIDAD cuando vea las luces intermitentes ámbar arriba
de la parte del frente y de atrás del autobús. Eso significa
que el camión se está preparando para pararse en la carretera.
La violación de la ley puede afectar los costos de su
seguro y terminará en una infracción que afectará el récord
de un conductor permanentemente.
La legislatura estatal de 1997 aumentó la multa de
un mínimo de $394.00 (Referencia: RCW46.61.370) por rebasar a un autobús escolar parado mostrando las luces rojas
A “New” Face at East Valley Elementary
There is a new face in town. Well, not exactly
“new,” since Colleen Crowston has taught in East
Valley schools since 1995.
Mrs. Crowston is leaving her position as a Moxee
Elementary teacher for a desk up the road. One with
a whole different view. She has been named principal at East Valley Elementary School following the
retirement of Stephen Merz. Mrs. Crowston took
over the duties during the summer and was praised
by Superintendent John Schieche.
“Mrs. Crowston completed her administrative
internship in the East Valley School District after
which she has continued to be involved in leadership roles in the district,” Mr. Schieche said. “She is
driven to make a difference for children. Mrs. Crowston continually explores creative ideas to improve
teaching and learning for all children,” he added.
Congratulations, Mrs. Crowston!
A Beautiful View
The view of the Terrace Heights Elementary School from the northeast shows a beautiful new facility. These photos show the new
building, including a gym, wrapping around
the 1996 wing of the school. The playground
has also been reconfigured, and includes the
generous addition of PTA-funded $90,000
playground equipment.
East Valley School District # 90
2002 Beaudry Rd.
Yakima, WA 98901
Non-Profit ORG.
Yakima, WA
Permit No. 107
Postal Customer Local
Superintendent’s Welcome
2013-14 School Year off to a Great Beginning!
I am delighted to welcome students and community back to school! East Valley
schools will open their doors on September 3rd with approximately 3,000 students.
That news is exciting as well as challenging. Equally as exciting is the recent news
from our State Capital that we are beginning the school year with increased funding.
I extend a warm welcome to students and families new to our district. You will
find East Valley to be a warm and caring community that is committed to providing
the best possible education and support for our children.
Significant past accomplishments give our district reason to celebrate and much to
build on as we launch into the new school year. The additional funding has allowed
us to reduce class sizes, reinstate some positions eliminated over the past four years,
improve school security systems, install camera systems in our buses, and catch up
on delayed maintenance, and other items that directly benefit our students.
Many talented teachers and staff members guide our students’ learning with best
practices every day in every classroom for every child. Because of those efforts, we
are reaching new heights in student success. Each school continues their efforts to meet individual learning needs for
all students through enriched programs and innovative strategies implemented over the past couple of years. I assure
we will strive to see that East Valley Schools are recognized as “the best in the teaching and learning business.”
Thanks to the dedication of our excellent, caring staff, East Valley Schools provide a rich and safe environment
where students grow and develop to their potential. Please contact me if you have any questions as we work together to make East Valley School District a great place for our children to learn. This will be an exciting year for East
Valley School District and our community as we work together to achieve excellence while educating our children! I
wish you and your family a safe and successful school year.
John Schieche
John J. Schieche, Superintendent East Valley Schools
Classes Resume Tuesday, September 3
- August 28th - Meet & Greet Backto-School BBQ/Open House. Teachers
in classrooms 4-5 p.m., BBQ in the
courtyard 5-6:30 p.m.
EVHS - students pick up schedules, get a
locker, have school and ID photos taken Only
make-up photos will be taken after school
August 20th - grades 10 & 12, 8-noon
21st - grades 9 & 11, 8-noon
- August 28th - Back-toSchool BBQ/Open House.
Teachers in classrooms
5:30-6:30 p.m.. BBQ 6-7
ELEMENTARY first day for 1st-5th gr.
Kindergarteners-Group A only attends
Sept.3 & 4th. Group B only attends
Sept..5 & 6th. Sept 9 all kinders attend.
Open House-Sept. 19th, 6:30-7:30 p.m.
EVC - August 20th - 6th gr. BBQ, 11:30-1
21st - 7th gr. BBQ, 11:30-1
22nd - 8th gr. BBQ, 11:30-1,
22nd - Fall athletics parents’ meeting-7 p.m., gym
EVHS Athletics
First football practice August 21st
First girls soccer, volleyball and cross-country
practice - August 26th

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