Langdons host farm tour for South Korean Ambassador



Langdons host farm tour for South Korean Ambassador
Volume X, No. 2Copyright Murphy-Brown LLC - A Smithfield Foods Company
Langdons host
farm tour for
South Korean
ontract growers John and Eileen
Langdon have long been notable ambassadors for the U.S. pork industry and
for Murphy-Brown. It’s no surprise they
were recommended by the North Carolina
Pork Council to host a tour of their farm
for South Korea’s ambassador to the U.S.,
Han Duk-soo, and his delegation.
At the time of his visit, Ambassador
Han was traveling across the country in a
grass-roots effort to urge support for the
U.S. - Korea Free Trade Agreement, which
aims to reduce tariffs and open Korean
markets to American agriculture. Eager
to see U.S. pork in his home country, Ambassador Han said that Congress needs to
pass the agreement by August because Korea has similar pacts going into effect this
summer with the European Union and
others. The U.S. tour was arranged by the
U.S. Chamber of Commerce with hopes of
stirring pressure from constituents to help
speed the process in Washington.
If passed, the treaty will open up
South Korea’s 49 million consumers to
U.S. exports, including pork. Deborah
Johnson, executive director of the North
Carolina Pork Council, expects the treaty
will increase profits by $10 per pig. “If
the treaty fails in Congress, American
pork producers won’t be selling there in
2nd Quarter 2011
Pork production video series
receives two Telly Awards
Murphy-Brown LLC is proud to be recognized with multiple
Telly Awards for segments of its “Taking the Mystery Out of
Pork Production” video series. The 7-part series offers an
in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at pork production and
sustainability practices at the company’s hog farms.
Presented by the namesake New York City organization,
for 32 years the Telly Awards have served to honor the very
best local, regional and cable television commercials and
programs, as well as the finest video and film productions
tailored for the Web.
The award-winning segment specifically acknowledges the company’s unwavering commitment to animal care and environmental
stewardship, including measures focused on water and energy conservation and comprehensive manure and nutrient management
systems. The video series is available online at
SmithfieldFoods, and
SmithfieldFoods. Copies of the DVD are also available upon request.
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Our Families Feed Your Families . Opportunity
Initiative designed to improve business performance
Murphy-Brown East announces
transition to regional management
ast year, Smithfield Foods announced a series of initiatives designed to improve business
performance. All subsidiaries were challenged to develop a business plan to support
Smithfield’s overall efforts and goals.
Gregg Schmidt
Murphy-Brown East
Murphy-Brown has committed to cost reduction objectives aimed at improving the efficiency and productivity of raising hogs in an environment of high feed and energy prices and
significant health challenges. Current production results are not competitive, therefore lower
cost performance is necessary for our business to be sustainable in the future.
Significant capital investment projects have been initiated to correct or eliminate noncompetitive production sites and creative plans implemented to tackle general cost and
productivity performance problems. These initiatives are well underway; however, a change
in management structure is also needed to capture the full benefits of these improvements
and deliver the desired results.
Beginning May 1st, Murphy-Brown East was organized into four geographic regions with
an integrated focus on farrow through finish productivity and cost. This approach will add
accountability to regional management and create a more competitive environment between regions. We expect the new structure to improve creativity, enhance identification of
best practices, and create an atmosphere of success.
Where it makes sense, key support operations will be decentralized and aligned with
Murphy-Brown East
regional management. Some support operations will be decentralized initially, including
accounting (analyst support), vet services, human resources, and internal pig transportation.
has been reorganized
Support operations which will continue to be centralized include feed manufacturing and
into four geographic
delivery, market haul, vehicle maintenance, land and nutrient management, lot account-
regions with an in-
ing, production data, nutrition, diagnostic labs, contract grower relations and select human
tegrated focus on
farrow through finish
productivity and cost.
resources functions.
The Northern region will operate out of the Waverly, Virginia office and be led by Keith
Allen. The East Central region of Duplin, Pender, Onslow, Craven, Johnston, Jones, Lenoir,
and Wayne counties will be led by Dexter Edwards. The South Central region of Sampson,
Cumberland, Bladen, Columbus, and Brunswick counties will be led by John Sargent. The
region west of I-95, which includes Multiplication, will be led by Terry Jones and managed
from the Laurinburg office.
The transition towards regional management control will evolve over the next several
months. During this time we will continue to progress. In the meantime, we ask for your support as we make these important organizational changes.
Gregg Schmidt,
President, Murphy-Brown East
Our Families Feed Your Families • Sustainable
Keeping sustainable in our world today
Western Operations hosts grower banquet in Des Moines
ots of great prizes, good food, vendor exhibits and talented
speakers awaited growers at the Marriott Hotel in Des
Moines recently, where staff from Murphy-Brown’s Western Operations and other pork industry representatives gathered
for the Murphy-Brown Grower Banquet. After a short hiatus,
the banquet was again added to the events calendar giving the
growers a chance to network and exchange views. Approximately
40 percent of the Midwest grower base attended the event, taking
advantage of the opportunity to socialize, some even arriving a
day early for a “mini-vacation” away from work.
Among the guest lecturers at the grower banquet was keynote
speaker Bruce Vincent, a highly sought after motivational speaker
and businessman. Vincent has given motivational speeches
throughout the United States and the world discussing his views
on natural resource issues. His similar message to the growers
tied into the theme for this event, “Keeping Sustainable in Our
World Today.” Other speakers included: Dr. Chris Hodges, Senior Vice President for Fresh Pork for Farmland Foods; Al Witt,
Murphy-Brown Environmental Manager; and Chris Novak, CEO
of the National Pork Board.
An additional 22 growers signed up for the National Pork
Producers Council (NPPC) Strategic Investment Program (SIP),
giving the Western Operations approximately 150 grower par-
ticipants. Pork producers participate by voluntarily investing a
percentage of the price of each market hog sold. Funds from this
program are used to strengthen NPPC’s mission to enhance and
defend the opportunities for U.S. pork producers at home and
Murphy-Brown Western Operations will evaluate the results of
the banquet survey to determine the frequency of future events.
A video and meeting package is available by contacting Lori Jorgenson in the Algona, IA office at (515) 295-7570.
Protecting your right to do business..
As the nation’s leading pork producer, Murphy-Brown is a strong supporter of NPPC through voluntary membership in the Strategic Investment
Program (SIP). Each year, the company contributes over $1 million to SIP.
The owners of more that 65% of the pigs produced in the U.S. contribute
to the SIP. The program is based on a voluntary annual investment of
one tenth of one percent of the value of your grower contract. Help
Murphy-Brown set a positive example for the whole industry by becoming
an SIP participant. For more information, contact your Grower Relations
department. Investing in SIP is a small price to pay to protect your right
to do business.
Our Families Feed Your Families • 3
Ag Secretary Vilsack Announces
National Pork Board Appointments
The six appointees were
eral Manager, Algona, IA;
chosen from among eight
Karen Richter, Montgom-
Wednesday, May 11th,
pork producers nominated
ery, MN; and Roy Henry,
six appointments to the
by the National Pork Pro-
Longford, KS.
15-member National Pork
ducers Delegate Body during
Board. Five appointees
its meeting in Phoenix, AZ in
Pork Promotion, Research
will serve 3-year terms and
and Consumer Informa-
griculture Secretary
Tom Vilsack announced
one will serve a 1-year term
The newly appointed
Established under the
tion Act of 1985, the Board
to complete the term of a
members representing pork
develops budgets and
Board member who re-
producers are : Glen Wal-
awards contracts to carry
ters, Barnesville, GA; Janice
out a coordinated pro-
“I am pleased that these
Miller, Belden, NE (serving a
gram designed to strength-
individuals have agreed to
1-year term completing the
en the position of pork in
provide their time and ex-
final year of resigning Board
the marketplace.
pertise,” said Vilsack. “I am
member Gene Nemechek’s
The mandatory program
confident that pork produc-
term); and Henry Moore III, a
is funded by an assessment
ers and importers will be well
Murphy-Brown contract finish-
of 0.4 percent of the mar-
served by them.”
ing grower from Clinton, NC.
ket value of all hogs sold
Henry had served one earlier
in the United States and
USDA statistics, there were
term on the board from 2007-
an equivalent amount on
69,100 pork operations,
imported hogs, pork and
In 2010, according to
representing about 64 mil-
Members reappointed
pork products. USDA’s Ag-
lion pigs at the beginning
to the Board include: Con-
riculture Marketing Service
of 2011. Top pork producing
ley Nelson, Murphy-Brown
oversees operations of the
states include Iowa, North
Midwest Operations Gen-
Conley Nelson
General Manager
Murphy-Brown Western Operations
Henry Moore, III
Contract Finishing Grower
Murphy-Brown East
Carolina, Minnesota, Illinois
and Indiana.
At their June 2011 meeting, members of the National Pork Board elected Conley Nelson
Each market
hog represents
to the office of vice president. Conley will serve a one year term. He is the general man-
371 servings
ing his second three-year term on the board. At the state level, he serves on the Iowa
of pork.
Conley Nelson elected vice
president of the National Pork Board
ager of Murphy-Brown’s Midwest operations, located in Algona, Iowa which has 89,000
sows and markets 3.7 million hogs a year. He also owns a 4,400 head wean-to-finish
operation. Conley is a graduate of the Pork Checkoff ’s Leadership Academy and is servPork Producers board of directors, its audit committee, the membership and leadership
committee and the swine health and animal well-being committee. He is a member of
the Kossuth County Pork Producers and the Homboldt County Farm Bureau.
Our Families Feed Your Families • Community
Smithfield Foods and
Murphy-Brown give
$100K for tornado
BLADENBORO, NC — Murphy-Brown and Smithfield Foods
have donated $100,000 to the Bladen County Baptist Men’s
Association to help families in Bladen County, NC affected by the
April 2011 tornado outbreak .
Don Butler, director of Government Relations and Public
Affairs, for Murphy-Brown, chose a somber place to make it
official. Don met with members of the Baptist Men’s Association
at the location where former employee of Smithfield Foods, Brian
T. Batista, lost his life. He was at home on April 16, in a mobile
home park when one of the tornados flipped his mobile home
upside down, sending him to his death.
“We would like to thank the Bladen Baptist Men’s Association
for all they have already done and the many people they have
helped,” Don said. There are so many families in Bladen County
that need help — we challenge other businesses and residents to
give — so these people can regain some normalcy to their lives.”
This mid-April 2011 tornado outbreak is likely to rank among
the largest tornado outbreaks in U.S. history.
Murphy-Brown LLC
Our Families Feed Your Families
Bruce Cannon (center) of the Bladen Baptist Men’s Association
and Director of Missions, shakes hands with Don Butler, director
of Government Relations and Public Affairs for Murphy-Brown.
Cameron McGill (left) is pastor of Dublin Baptist Church and a
member of the Bladen Men’s Association.
You’ve seen the signs
Do you know what they mean?
The pork industry’s “We Care” initative is designed to help producers and industry associates tell their story and increase the
level of trust in the U.S. pork industry. Generations of produc-
tion and commitment to continuous improvement have resulted
To lead the industry by producing a predictable amount of lowcost, high-quality meat; to operate as a responsible business
creating sustainable success for our customers, employees,
contract growers and shareholders.
in the U.S. pork industry producing the highest quality, safest
pork in the world. Murphy-Brown has made the commitment to
responsible pork production and to letting the world know of this
commitment by embracing the “We Care” program developed
jointly by the National Pork Producers Council and the National
The Murphy-Brown newsletter is published quarterly by Murphy-Brown LLC. Its
purpose is to provide information to employees, producer families, and others
affiliated with Murphy-Brown LLC.
Comments and suggestions may be sent to:
Rhonda Campbell, Editor
Murphy-Brown LLC Headquarters
P.O. Box 856
Warsaw, North Carolina 28398
[email protected]
Pork Board. That’s why the “We Care” logo is proudly displayed
in all the Murphy-Brown production management offices in the
U.S. and on company highway vehicles, including service trucks,
tractors, and bulk feed trailers.
Phone: 910-293-5324
Fax: 910-293-6957
Translation: Luis Torres
The “We Care” logo represents Murphy-Brown’s
commitment to animal care, environmental protection,
food safety, employee health, and community support.
Our Families Feed Your Families • 5
Jim Webb to serve on Utah Drinking Water Board
Jim Webb, environmental and public affairs manager for Circle Four Farms, has been
appointed by the Governor of the State of Utah and confirmed by the Utah Senate
to serve four years on the State of Utah Drinking Water Board. The purpose of this
board is to implement rules governing the design, operation and maintenance of
Utah’s public drinking water systems. The Division of Drinking Water is the administrative arm of the Drinking Water Board. The board consists of 11 members
representing different sectors. Jim will serve as the industry representative. “I view
this appointment as an opportunity for Circle Four to continue to expand its zone
of influence and to continue to strengthen relationships with the Department of
Environmental Quality,” Jim said. Among those serving on the board with Jim is the
director of the Department of Environmental Quality and the division director.
EPA associates travel to Murphy-Brown to participate in field day demonstration
Associates from the EPA, Region 4 got a first hand
look at the hand-held computer system that MurphyBrown uses on farms to assist in nutrient management. Left to right: Javoyne Hicks-White, EPA Chief
of Staff; Denise Tennessee, EPA Agricultural Policy &
Agricultural Issues; Bradley Herring, Murphy-Brown
Land & Nutrient Management Department; and Elvie
Barlow, EPA environmental scientist.
This spring, several associates from the Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) Region 4 traveled
to North Carolina to participate in an agriculture
field day demonstration.
The visit was intended to
acquaint EPA associates
with agricultural colleagues in North Carolina
and examine the environmental challenges they have overcome in
order to remain successful. The field day
itinerary included a visit to the MurphyBrown Warsaw headquarters for a brief
overview of the company’s environmental recordkeeping system. This system
implements hand-held computers to
assist in the nutrient management programs on all company owned and managed farms in the East.These hand-held
computers allow for real time uploading
to central Murphy-Brown computers
and automated annualized reporting of
all facility’s metrics. Implementation
of this system earned Murphy-Brown’s
environmental department the Environmental Excellence Award from Smithfield
Foods, including the President’s Award
for its demonstration of exemplary environmental performance in wastewater
The Murphy-Brown Employee Referral Incentive Program featured
in the 1st quarter 2011 newsletter is currently being offered to Eastern Operations employees only. The implementation of incentive
programs are determined by the Human Resources department in
your region. We apologize for any confusion.
Our Families Feed Your Families • Excellence
Eastern Operations drivers rangle for first place at the
2011 Truck Rodeo!
n April, some of the finest drivers in Murphy-Brown’s Eastern Division competed for the first place title and the coveted “Rodeo Cup” at the 2011 Truck
Rodeo. No lassos were needed at this rodeo and cowboy hats were optional.
What these “wranglers” did need was excellent driving skills and a proficient
knowledge of highway regulations and procedures.
During the event, drivers completed a three-part competition consisting of a
written exam to test each participant’s knowledge of Department of Transportation (DOT) laws and regulations, a pre-trip test to demonstrate the driver’s
knowledge of the vehicle, and the obstacle course. Each participant was judged
on his or her ability to back the vehicle and maneuver through the obstacle
course while collecting points at each course location. And it’s not an easy task
to twist and wind your way around those orange cones and yellow and white
barrells without knocking over a few--all while coming as close to them as you
can in order to collect the points needed to place in the event.
The truck rodeo took place at the AgProvision office in Kenansville, North
Carolina. Throughout the day, drivers and family members enjoyed the friendly
competition among the co-workers, a delicious picnic lunch prepared and served
by transporation supervisors, and a variety of fun activities and games.
The first place winner of the 2011 Truck Rodeo was Peter Huemiller of the
Rose Hill Division. Brian Willis of the Waverly Division received second place
and Jerry Quinn, a Warsaw driver, came in third. The pre-trip winner and
Rookie of the Year was Robert Hall, another Warsaw driver. David Wilson of
the Waverly Division was the second place driving course winner and Don Bell,
a driver supervisor with the Rose Hill
Division, was the winner of the supervisor competition. The coveted “Rodeo
Cup” will be displayed at the Rose Hill
Division, at least until the 2012 roundup.
Peter Huemiller (center) is the first place winner
of the 2011 Truck Rodeo. He is shown here
with his supervisor Barry David (left) and Denny
Lanier, area manager (right).
Brian Willis (left) came in second during the Truck
Rodeo. He is congratulated by Al Searles, vice
president of Transportation and Feed Manufacturing.
Warsaw dispatcher, James Miller, tries
unsuccessfully to walk a straight line on the
field sobriety test tape (left) while wearing alcohol impairment goggles designed
to simulate the effects of consuming a 12
pack of beer.
Lunch was
prepared and
served by
supervisors and
Jerry Quinn (left) was the third place winner of
the 2011 Truck Rodeo. Pictured with Jerry are
Richard Kiger (center), Warsaw area manager
and Al Searles (right), vice president of Transportation and Feed Manufacturing.
Our Families Feed Your Families • 7
Murphy-Brown listed among
North Carolina’s Stream
Juicy news!
Company adopts section of beaufitul Black River tributary
orth Carolina’s lakes, streams and
rivers are among the state’s most
precious resources. The quality of these
waters affects the quality of life for all
living things surrounding them. Growth,
development and carelessness threaten the
health of even the most pristine waterways. Realizing that those in the best
position to monitor the waterways and
notice the signs of distress are those who
live and work nearby, North Carolina’s
Department of Environment and Natural
Resources’ Division of Water Resources
initiated the “Stream Watch” program.
This program allows groups of citizens to
“adopt” a section of waterway and become
its primary caretakers.
Murphy-Brown, in an effort to demonstrate its commitment to environmental
stewardship and community support, formally adopted a section of Six Runs Creek,
a tributary of the Black River in Sampson
County. The Black River is known for its
pristine water and ancient bald cypress
Karen Hoare, production
trainer with Murphy-Brown
Eastern Operations, is one
of the volunteers to help
with the first “Murphy-Brown
River Sweep.” Stream Watch
groups are asked to conduct
two sweeps a year.
Stream Watch groups are asked to
conduct two visual monitoring and litter
cleanup events each year. Around 15
volunteers from Murphy-Brown, along
with friend and family members, participated in the company’s first “River Sweep”
in May. Boats, kayaks and life jackets were
provided by the Sampson Friends of the
Waterway, a group of concerned citizens
interested in preserving the unique water
resources of Sampson County. The objective of the six mile float was to remove
any trash accumulated on the river while
enjoying its natural beauty.
The make-up of the more than 200
existing Stream Watch groups is as varied
as the bodies of water they have adopted.
Elementary school students, scout troops,
businesses and retirement groups have
all shown concern for the preservation
of these natural resources. These efforts,
combined with state support allow North
Carolina’s 37,000 miles of waterways to be
thoroughly monitored by those with the
best view.
It’s OK to lower the temp...
It’s official! New cooking guidelines from the nation’s food-safety agency confirm Pork Checkoff
research that shows pork can be consumed
safely when cooked to an internal temperature of
145 degrees Fahrenheit, followed by a threeminute rest time. The guildlines were recently
announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS).
The new recommended temperature is a significant 15 degrees less than what was previously
recommended and typically will yield a finished
product that is pinker in color and juicier than
most home cooks are accustomed to.
The revised recommendatiion applies to
pork whole-muscle cuts such as loin, chops and
roasts. Ground pork, like all ground meat, should
be cooked to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Regardless of cut or cooking method, both the USDA and
National Pork Board recommend using a digital
cooking thermometer to ensure an accurate final
The new recommendation reflects advances in
both food safety and nutritional content of pork
in recent years. On average, most common cuts
of pork are 16 percent leaner than 20 years ago,
and saturated fat has dropped 27 percent. In
fact, pork tenderloin is now as lean as the leanest
type of chicken - a skinless chicken breast.
o .
Be 1 F
Our Families Feed Your Families • Eliminando el Misterio de la Producción Porcina
Serie de videos en Producción Porcina recibe
el codiciados Premios Telly
urphy-Brown LLC está orgulloso de ser reconocido con múltiples Premios Telly por
segmentos de su serie de videos “Quitando el Misterio de la Producción de Cerdos”.
La serie de 7 partes ofrece una mirada a profundidad y detrás de bambalinas a la producción
de cerdos y prácticas de sostenibilidad en las granjas de la compañía.
Presented by the namesake New York City organization, for 32 years the Telly Awards have
served to honor the very best local, regional and cable television commercials and programs,
as well as the finest video and film productions tailored for the Web. Presentados por la
organización Neoyorquina del mismo nombre, por 32 años los Premios Telly han servido
para honrar a lo mejor de la los programas y comerciales de televisión a nivel local regional y
por cable.
El segmento ganador del premio específicamente reconoce el firme compromiso para con
el cuidado de los animales y el medio ambiente, incluyendo medidas enfocadas a la conser-
vación del agua y energía y un sistema comprehensivo de manejo de estiércol y nutrientes.
La serie de videos está disponible en internet en, www. y Copias de los DVD también
están disponibles por solicitud.
Langdon da a Embajadores Sur Coreanos
un recorrido por su granja
Los productores por contrato John y Eileen
otros países. El recorrido en EU fue facilitado
Langdon han sido embajadores notables de
por la Cámara de Comercio con la esperanza de
la industria porcina de Estados Unidos y de
aumentar la presión de los constituyentes para
Murphy-Brown. No fue sorpresa cuando
ayudar a acelerar el proceso en Washington.
fueron recomendados por el Consejo del
Si pasa, el tratado abrirá el Mercado Sur-
Cerdo de Carolina del norte para ser anfitrio-
coreano de 49 millones de consumidores a las
nes en su granja para el embajador Surcoreano
exportaciones de EEUU, incluyendo productos
en EEUU, Han Duk-soo y su delegación.
del cerdo. Deborah Johnson, directora ejecutiva
La visita se realizó mientras el embajador
del Consejo del Cerdo de Carolina del Norte
much more demand from Korea.”
La operación agrícola familiar en el
Han viajaba a través del país en un esfuerzo
espera que el tratado aumente las ganancias en
Condado Johnston de Carolina del Norte
por promocionar apoyo al Tratado de Libre
$10 por cerdo. “Si el tratado falla en el Con-
incluye instalaciones para 10,000 cerdos en
Comercio entre Corea del Sur y Estados Uni-
greso, los productores de cerdo estadounidenses
engorda con contrato con Murphy-Brown, una
dos, el cual aspira a reducir las tarifas y abrir
no comercializarán ahí en el futuro,” dijo. “No
operación de más de 65 cabezas de ganado y
los mercados Coreanos a la agricultura Es-
podemos perder mercados internacionales
280 acres de maíz, zacates bermuda, fescue y
tadounidense. Ansioso por ver productos por-
como el Coreano.”
granos pequeños.
cinos americanos en su país natal, el Emba-
Considering himself a proponent of
”Sin embargo, John dijo a los visitantes que
jador Han dijo que el Congreso necesita pasar
American agriculture, Ambassador Han seemed
el grueso de sus ganancias provienen de la
el acuerdo para agosto de este año debido a
particularly impressed with Langdon’s farming
producción de credos. “La granja porcícola y
que Corea tiene pactos similares entrando en
operation. “It’s very scientific and environmen-
la relación con Murphy-Brown es lo que paga
efecto este verano con la Unión Europea y
tally friendly,” he said. “I think there will be
nuestras cuentas.”
Our Families Feed Your Families • 9
Impacto Positivo
Murphy-Brown East anuncia transición
a administración regional
(apoyo analítico), servicios veterinarios, recursos humanos y transportación interna de animales. Operaciones de apoyo que continuarán
El año pasado, Smithfield Foods anunció una
sitios de producción no competitivos y se han
centralizadas incluyen fabricación y entrega
serie de iniciativas diseñadas para mejorar el
implementado planes creativos para abordar
de alimento, transporte al mercado, manten-
desempeño del negocio. Todas las subsidiar-
el costo general y los problemas de desempeño
imiento vehicular, manejo de terreno y nutri-
ias recibieron el reto de
productivo. Estas iniciativas están bien avan-
entes, contabilidad por lotes, producción de
desarrollar un plan de
zadas; sin embargo, un cambio en la estructura
datos, nutrición, laboratorios de diagnóstico,
negocios para apoyar los
gerencial fue también necesario para capturar
relaciones con productores por contrato y una
esfuerzos y metas genera-
los beneficios totales de estas mejoras y obtener
selección de funciones de recursos humanos.
les de Smithfield.
los resultados deseados.
Murphy-Brown se ha
Gregg Schmidt,
Murphy-Brown East
La región Norte será operada desde la
A partir del primero de mayo, Murphy-
oficina en Waverly, Virginia y será dirigida por
comprometido a objetivos
Brown Este fue organizado en cuatro regiones
Keith Allen. La región Este Centro de los con-
de reducción de costos
geográficas con un enfoque integrado en la
dados Duplin, Pender, Onslow, Craven, John-
destinados a mejorar la
productividad y costo desde el nacimiento de
ston, Jones, Lenoir y Wayne serán dirigidos
eficiencia y la productivi-
los cerdos hasta su finalización. Esta medida
por Dexter Edwards. La región Sur Centro de
dad en la producción de
aumentará la responsabilidad a las geren-
los condados Sampson, Cumberland, Bladen,
credos y en medio de un
cias regionales y creará un mayor ambiente
Columbus y Brunswick será dirigida por John
ambiente de altos precios
competitivo entre las regiones. Esperamos
Sargent. La región al oeste de I-95, que incluye
del alimento y energéticos así como signifi-
que la nueva estructura mejore la creatividad,
Multiplicación, será dirigida por Terry Jones y
cantes retos en la salud de los animales. Los
coadyuvará a la identificación de las mejores
administrada desde la oficina en Laurinburg.
actuales resultados en la producción no son
prácticas y creará una atmósfera de éxito.
La transición hacia un control administra-
competitivos, lo que hace necesario un menor
Donde tenga sentido hacerlo, las opera-
tivo regional evolucionará en los siguientes
costo en el desempeño de nuestro negocio para
ciones clave de apoyo serán descentralizadas
meses. Durante este tiempo continuaremos
ser sostenible en el futuro.
y alineadas con la administración regional.
progresando. Mientras tanto, solicitamos su
Algunas operaciones de apoyo serán descen-
apoyo para realizar estos importantes cambios
tralizadas en un inicio, incluyendo contabilidad
Se han iniciado significantes proyectos de
inversión de capital para corregir o eliminar
Operaciones del
Oeste organizan
un banquete para
los productores
en Des Moines
Montones de grandes premios, Buena comida,
Entre los presentadores invitados al ban-
exhibiciones de proveedores y talentosos ora-
quete se encontraba Bruce Vincent, promi-
dores recibieron recientemente a los producto-
nente orador motivacional y hombre de nego-
res en el Hotel Marriott en Des Moines, donde
cios. Vincent ha dado discursos motivacionales
personal de Murphy-Brown en las Operaciones
a través de los Estados Unidos y el mundo,
del Oeste y otros representantes de la indu-
discutiendo sus puntos de vista respecto a
stria porcina se reunieron para el Banquete a
Productores de Murphy-Brown. Después de
una breve pausa, el banquete fue nuevamente
agregado al calendario de eventos, dando a los
productores la oportunidad de interactuar e intercambiar puntos de vista. Aproximadamente
un 40 por ciento de la base de productores en
el Medio Oeste atendió al evento, tomando
ventaja de la oportunidad para socializar,
algunos incluso llegaron un día antes para una
“mini-vacación” lejos del trabajo.
Our Families Feed Your Families • Impacto Positivo
¡Rodeo de Camiones 2011!
Usted ha visto los anuncios
¿Sabe lo que significan?
n abril algunos de los mejores conductores de la División Este de Murphy-Brown compitieron por el título de primer lugar y la codiciada “Copa del Rodeo” en la versión 2011 del
Rodeo de Camiones. No se necesitaron lazos en este evento y los sombreros vaqueros fueron
opcionales. Lo que sí requirieron estos “vaqueros” fueron excelentes habilidades de manejo y un
conocimiento eficiente de los reglamentos y procedimientos de las carreteras.
Durante el evento, los conductores completaron una competencia de tres niveles consistiendo
en un examen escrito para evaluar su conocimiento de las leyes y reglamentos del Departamento de Transporte (DOT), un examen pre-viaje para demostrar su conocimiento del vehículo
y una ruta con obstáculos. Cada participante fue juzgado por su habilidad para echar en reversa
el camión y maniobrar a través de una ruta con obstáculos acumulando puntos en cada estación
de la ruta.
Y no es una tarea fácil maniobrar para abrirse camino alrededor de los conos color naranja y
esos barriles amarillos y blancos sin tumbar algunos al pasar tan cerca a ellos como sea posible
para aumentar el puntaje que les ganará un lugar en el podio.
.El rodeo de camiones se realizó en las instalaciones de AgProvision en Kenansville, Carolina
del Norte. A través del día, conductores y sus familias disfrutaron de una competencia amistosa
entre compañeros de trabajo, un delicioso almuerzo preparado y servido por los supervisores de
transportación y una variedad de divertidos juegos y actividades.
El ganador del primer lugar en el Rodeo de Camiones 2011 fue Peter Huemiller de la División Rose Hill. Brian Willis de la División de Waverly recibió el segundo puesto y Jerry Quinn,
un conductor de Warsaw terminó tercero. El ganador del concurso pre-viaje y Novato del Año
fue Robert Hall otro conductor de Warsaw. David Wilson de la División Waverly se llevó el
segundo lugar en la prueba de manejo y Don Bell, supervisor en la División de Rose Hill fue el
ganador de la competencia entre supervisores. La codiciada “Copa del Rodeo” será exhibida en
la División de Rose Hill, al menos hasta el evento del 2012.
La iniciativa “Nos Interesa” de la industria porcina está diseñada para ayudar a los productores y asociados de la industria a diseminar
su historia e incrementar el nivel de confianza
en la industria porcina de Estados Unidos.
Generaciones dedicadas a la producción y
comprometidas al mejoramiento continuo
han resultado en la más alta calidad de cerdo
producida por la industria estadounidense y
también la más segura del mundo. MurphyBrown se ha comprometido a una producción
responsable de cerdos y a dar a conocer al
mundo este compromiso mediante la adopción
del programa “Nos interesa” desarrollado en
conjunto con el Consejo Nacional de Productores de Cerdo y el Buró Nacional del Cerdo.
Es por eso que el logotipo “Nos Interesa” es
orgullosamente exhibido en los vehículos,
camionetas de servicio, camiones de remolque
y de transporte de alimento de la compañía
que transitan las carreteras.
asuntos de recursos naturales. Su mensaje a los
Ambiental de Murphy-Brown; y Chris Novak,
número de productores participantes por
productores se adhirió al tema para este evento
CEO del Buró Nacional del Cerdo.
las Operaciones del Oeste. Al participar
“Manteniendo la Sostenibilidad en Nuestro
Adicionalmente, 22 productores se
voluntariamente, los productores de cerdo
Mundo Actual.” Otros oradores fueron: Dr.
inscribieron en el Programa de Inversión
invierten un porcentaje del precio de cada
Chris Hodges, Vicepresidente de Productos
Estratégica del Consejo Nacional de Produc-
cerdo de mercado vendido. Fondos de este
Frescos de Farmland Foods; Al Witt, Gerente
tores de Cerdo (NPPC) aumentando a 150 el
programa son usados para fortalecer la
misión del NPPC de mejorar y defender las
oportunidades de los productores de cerdo
estadounidenses dentro y fuera del país.
Las Operaciones del Oeste de MurphyBrown evaluarán los resultados de una
encuesta sobre el banquete para determinar la frecuencia de eventos en el futuro.
Un video y un paquete informativo sobre
la reunión están disponibles contactando a
Lori Jorenson en la oficina de Algona, IA al
(515) 295-7570
Our Families Feed Your Families • 11
Murphy-Brown LLC
P.O. Box 856
Warsaw, North Carolina 28398
Wilmington, NC
Permit #42
[email protected]
o .
14 F
¡Es oficial! Las nuevas guías para cocinar de la agencia nacional para la seguridad de los alimentos confirmó los resultados de
investigación del programa Pork Checkoff que muestran que el cerdo puede ser consumido con seguridad cuando sea cocinado a una
temperatura interna de 145 grados Fahrenheit, seguido por un período de reposo de tres minutos. Las directrices fueron anunciadas
recientemente por el Servicio de Inspección de Seguridad de Alimentos (FSIS) del Departamento de Agricultura de Estados Unidos.
John Langdon and Han
Duk-soo, South Korea’s
ambassador to the U.S.,
on John’s farm near
Benson, North Carolina.
Smithfield and its Missouri
operating companies join
Joplin aid effort
June 17, 2011 - Smithfield Foods employees and their counterparts at
Farmland Foods, Premium Standard Farms and Murphy-Brown recently
donated household items, particularly items needed for food preparation, to residents who lost their homes during the May 22 storm, which
destroyed much of the city of Joplin, Missouri. Employees also are helping with the massive cleanup operation.
In addition, Smithfield Foods and its subsidiaries have committed to
donating $10,000 worth of meat products and other supplies to affected
Joplin residents.
Langdons host South Korean Ambassador ... from page 1
the future,” she said. “We can’t lose international markets like the
Korean market.”
Considering himself a proponent of American agriculture,
Ambassador Han seemed particularly impressed with Langdon’s
operation. “It’s very scientific and environmentally friendly,” he
said. “I think there will be much more demand from Korea.”
The Johnston County, NC family farming operation includes a 10,000
head swine finishing facility contracted with Murphy-Brown, a 65 head
plus cattle operation, and 380 acres of corn, coastal bermuda, fescue, and
small grains.
However, John told the visitors that the bulk of his profits come from
pigs. “The hog farm and the relationship with Murphy-Brown is what
pays our bills here.”
“Our employees said they wanted to do something to help their neighbors in Joplin because we care about our entire Missouri family,” said C.
Larry Pope, president and chief executive officer of Smithfield Foods.
Farmland Foods, Premium Standard Farms and Murphy-Brown employees are working with local organizations to distribute the donated items.
Murphy-Brown has provided two pallets of supplies to Joplin families,
and the company’s employees cooked 1,000 pork burgers donated by the
Missouri Pork Producers Association to feed emergency personnel and
Murphy-Brown also has donated $1,500 to the American Red Cross,
$1,500 to the Joplin Area YMCA for its Childcare Relief Fund and $2,000
for supplies and food for volunteer work groups. Employees will help
with long-term volunteer work through opportunities presented by
charitable organizations they are already involved with.
Our Families Feed Your Families • 

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