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SETON Sunday News - St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
XIV Sunday in
Ordinary Time
July 3, 2016
Volume 2
Number 32
SETON Sunday News
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Church - A Missionaries of the Holy Spirit Community
2 | The SETON Sunday News | Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16
Let us bid welcome to our new Priests! Jesus’ Priests. Priests
Missionaries of the Holy Spirit and Priests of the people. Priests
who one day said to the Lord: “I will follow you wherever you
take me”. And He has brought them to us to serve us with love,
faith and hope.
¡Bienvenidos sean nuestros Sacerdotes! Sacerdotes de Jesús.
Sacerdotes Misioneros del Espíritu Santos y Sacerdotes de la
comunidad. Sacerdotes que un día le dijeron a Jesús: Te seguiré a
donde quieras llevarme. Y él los ha traído hasta nosotros para
servirnos con amor, esperanza y fe.
Este es lo que queremos que ustedes sean para nosotros.
Gracias por aceptar el venir a servir a esta comunidad y nosotros
nos comprometemos a caminar juntos con ustedes. Sabemos que
cada uno de ustedes trae sus talentos y dones para compartirlos
con nosotros.
Gracias por aceptar continuar la Misión de los Misioneros en
nuestra comunidad y seguirnos impulsando a conocer más a
Jesús y dejarnos transformar por él.
Queremos formar el Pueblo Sacerdotal junto con ustedes.
Deseamos crecer en santidad con ustedes; donde vayamos
haciendo el proceso de santidad que Dios nos pide a cada uno.
Sabemos que ustedes son hombres de Dios, que nos llevaran por
esos caminos de crecimiento espiritual y del amor.
Comprometernos en buscar caminos de mayor solidaridad con
los más pobres y necesitados de nuestra comunidad.
P. Gerardo, P. José, P, Armando sean bienvenidos a esta
comunidad de Sta. Elizabeth Ann Seton que los recibe con los
brazos abiertos y estamos ansiosos de conocerlos y llegar a tener
una gran amistad con ustedes.
Personal y Líderes de Sta. Elizabeth
This is what we would like for you to mean to us. Thank you
for accepting the task to come serve this community and we
commit to journey with you. We are sure you each bring your
own talents and gifts to be shared with all of us.
Thank you for taking on the continuation of the mission of
the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit in our Parish: moving us to
know Jesus better and let Him transform us.
We want to build the priestly people together with you. We
wish to grow in holiness with you; in such a way that we fulfill
the process of holiness God has envisioned for each one of us.
We know you are men of God, and you will lead us through
roads of spiritual growth and love.
We make a commitment to look for ways to be more solidary
with the poor and needy around us.
Fr. Gerardo, Fr. Jose, Fr. Armando, welcome to this
community of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton who welcomes you with
open arms, anxious to get to know you and establish a wonderful
Staff and Leadership at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Gerardo Alberto, M.Sp.S., Pastor
Mario Rodriguez, M.Sp.S., Vicar
Jose Ugalde, M.Sp.S., Vicar
Armando Hernadez, M.Sp.S., Vicar
Craig Lundberg, Deacon
Shannon Everist,
Pastoral Asst. for Administration
Lori Lowery, Secretary
Our Shared Vision
Phone: 425-481-9358
Enliven Faith
Embrace our Ethnicities
Enhance Spirituality
Monday thru Friday:
10am - 5pm
Office Hours:
Mon. - Thu. 9 am - 4:30 pm
(Closed 12:30-1:30pm)
Mass Times:
Mon.-Sat. 9 am / Saturday vigil - 5:00 pm
Sunday: 9 am, 11 am,
1 pm (Spanish) & 5 pm
Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturday - 3:30 - 4:45 pm
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:
Mon — Fri, 10 am — 9 pm
How to reach us:
Phone: (425) 481-0303
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Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 3
Pastor’s Reflection
rothers and Sisters, when Jesus
appointed seventy of his disciples to go on
a mission, he gave them a vision of a vast
field that is ready to be harvested for the
kingdom of God. Jesus frequently used the
image of a harvest to convey the coming of
God's reign on earth. The harvest is the
completion of much labor and growth,
beginning with the sowing of seeds, then
growth to maturity, and finally the
harvest. In the same way the word of God
is sown in the hearts of each one of us who
hear his word, accept it with trust and
obedience, and then share the abundant
fruit of God's word to others. The harvest
Jesus had in mind was not only the
gathering in of the people of Israel, but all
the peoples of the world. John the
Evangelist tells us "God so loved the world
that he gave his one and only Son, that
whoever believes in him shall not perish
but have eternal life."
What does Jesus mean when he says
his disciples must be "lambs in the midst
of wolves"
? This certainly refers to the
second coming of the Lord Jesus when all
will be united under the Lordship of Jesus
I was born in El
September 5,
1959. I am the
oldest of four,
one sister and
two brothers; one
of my brothers is
a diocesan priest
in El Salvador.
My father is still
alive and my
mother passed to
the house of the
Father five years
ago. I moved to the United States when I was
seventeen years old, ten years later I met the
Missionaries of the Holy Spirit in Los Angeles, CA,
where I lived since I moved to the States.
I joined the Congregation of the Missionaries
of the Holy Spirit on July 3, 1988, that was the day
I started a new adventure in my life. After three
months of postulancy, I entered the novitiate, a
formation stage of two years. In the novitiate I
wanted to confirm God’s calling to consecrate my
life in the Congregation of the Missionaries of the
after he has put down his enemies and
established the reign of God over the
heavens and the earth. In the meantime, the
disciples must expect opposition and
persecution from those who would oppose
the Gospel. Jesus came to lay down his life
for us, as our sacrificial lamb, to be
expiation for our sins and the sins of the
world. We, in turn, must be willing to offer
our lives with gratitude and service for our
Savior Jesus Christ.
What is the meaning of Jesus
appointing seventy disciples to the
ministry of the word? Seventy was a
significant number in biblical times. Moses
chose seventy elders to help him in the
task of leading the people through the
wilderness. The Jewish Sanhedrin, the
governing council for the nation of Israel,
was composed of seventy members. In
Jesus' times seventy was held to be the
number of nations throughout the world.
Jesus commissioned the seventy to speak
in his name and to act with his power. He
gave his disciples instructions for how they
were to carry out their ministry. They must
go and serve as people without deceit, full
of charity and peace. They must give their
Holy Spirit. I made my first religious profession on
August 11, 1990, a further step to reaffirm my
vocation. In my profession I made my first
commitment to Jesus to live poor, obedient and
chaste. In September of the same year, I began
the stage of philosophy, this stage was for 4 years,
which opened new horizons in my life and
strengthened my desire to belong to God.
In 1995 I started the stage of
‘Efosa’ (internship), which was to live in a Parish
community for one year, I was sent to Saint
Martha Parish in Huntington Park. I began to live
what they taught me in the novitiate and
philosophy on the lifestyle of the Missionaries of
the Holy Spirit, this was a very cheerful dynamic
stage; working in parish ministry also helped me to
reaffirm my priestly vocation.
Finally, the last stage of basic formation was
the theological studies, which began in September
1996 at St. John Seminary in Camarillo California,
a time of consolidation in my life in all areas. After
finishing my theological training I was ordained a
priest on August 12, 2000.
full attention to the proclamation of God's
kingdom. They must travel with only what
was essential, in order to concentrate on
the task of speaking the word of the God.
They must do their work, freely to others,
without expecting any payment.
Jesus wants his disciples to be
dependent on him and not on themselves.
Jesus makes it clear that the true
source of our joy is God, and God alone.
Jesus assures his disciples that he has all
power over evil, including the power of
Satan and the evil spirits. In fact, that is
why Jesus came into the world: to
overthrow the evil one. We, as disciples of
Jesus, have been given spiritual authority
and power for overcoming the works of
darkness and evil. God gives us his lifegiving word that we may have abundant
life in him. Jesus wills to work in each of
us for his glory. God shares his word with
us and he commands us to speak it
confidently and plainly to others. Brothers
and Sisters, are we ready to witness the
truth and joy of the Gospel by word and
example to those around us?
Fr. Jose Gerardo Alberto, M.Sp.S
In 2000, I started my priestly ministry in the
community of Saint Matthew’s Parish in Hillsboro,
In 2004, I was assigned as Superior and
Rector of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit
theology house in Oxnard California, and for three
years this theology community was at South Bend,
In 2011, I was assigned to the House of
Studies in Mount Angel Oregon, as Superior and
Rector of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit House
of Studies.
In 2016, I was assigned to St. Elizabeth Ann
Seton’s parish, in Bothell Washington, as Superior
and Pastor of this parish Community. I tend to
respond to each of the previous assignments with
faith and trust in God, and I assure you that this is
not different in any way. I come to Saint Elizabeth
Ann Seton’s community with great enthusiasm,
faith, and trust that God wants me here for a
reason, and that He will guide me in the process. I
rely on your prayers and support in order for me to
do the will of God at its best in this community.
Fr. José Gerardo Alberto, M.Sp.S.
4 | The SETON Sunday News | Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16
enseñaron en el noviciado y la filosofía sobre el estilo de vida de
los Misioneros del Espíritu Santo, esto fue una etapa dinámica
Nací en El Salvador el 5 de
muy alegre; trabajando en el ministerio parroquial, también me
septiembre de 1959. Soy el mayor
ayudó a reafirmar mi vocación sacerdotal.
de cuatro hermanos, una hermana y
dos hermanos; uno de mis
Finalmente, la última etapa de la formación básica era los
sacerdote estudios teológicos, que comenzó en septiembre de 1996 en San
diocesano en El Salvador. Mi padre Juan Seminario en Camarillo California, un tiempo de
sigue vivo y mi madre pasó a la consolidación en mi vida en todos los ámbitos. Después de
casa del Padre hace cinco años. Me terminar mi formación teológica fui ordenado sacerdote el 12 de
mudé a los Estados Unidos cuando agosto de 2000.
tenía diecisiete años, diez años más
En el 2000, empecé mi ministerio sacerdotal en la
tarde me encontré con los
comunidad de la parroquia de San Mateo.
Misioneros del Espíritu Santo en
En 2004, me asignaron como Superior y Rector del
Los Ángeles, CA, donde vivía
de Oxnard, California, y durante tres años esta
desde que me mudé a los Estados Unidos.
comunidad se mudó a South Bend, Indiana. En el 2011, fui
Me uní a la Congregación de los Misioneros del Espíritu
asignado a la Casa de Estudios en Monte Ángel Oregon, como
Santo el 3 de julio de 1988, que fue el día en que empecé una
Superior y Rector de la Casa de Estudios de los Misioneros del
nueva aventura en mi vida. Después de tres meses de
Espíritu Santo.
postulantado, entré al noviciado, una etapa de formación de dos
años. En el noviciado quería confirmar el llamado de Dios para
En 2016, fui asignado a la parroquia de Santa Elizabeth Ann
consagrar mi vida en la Congregación de los Misioneros del Seton, en Bothell Washington, como Superior de la comunidad y
Espíritu Santo. Hice mi primera profesión religiosa el 11 de Párroco de esta parroquia. Tiendo a responder a cada una de las
agosto de 1990, un paso más para reafirmar mi vocación. En mi asignaciones anteriores con fe y confianza en Dios, y les aseguro
profesión hice mi primer compromiso con Jesús para vivir pobre, que esto no es diferente de ninguna manera. Vengo a la
obediente y casto. En septiembre del mismo año, empecé la comunidad de Santa Elizabeth Ann Seton con gran entusiasmo,
etapa de la filosofía, esta etapa fue de 4 años, que abrieron la fe y la confianza de que Dios me quiere aquí por una razón, y
nuevos horizontes en mi vida y fortaleció mi deseo de pertenecer que Él me guiará en el proceso. Me apoyo en sus oraciones y
apoyo para realizar esta hermosa tarea buscando hacer la
a Dios.
voluntad de Dios en todo momento en esta comunidad.
En 1995 empecé la etapa de 'Efosa' (prácticas), lo que era
vivir en una comunidad parroquial por un año, fui enviado a P. José Gerardo Alberto, M.Sp.S.
Santa Marta en Huntington Park. Empecé a vivir lo que me
Soy el P. José Ugalde, originario de Tarandacuao,
Guanajuato y el primero de ocho hermanos. La mayoría de
ellos viven en Rogers, Arkansas, dos hermanas en México y
un hermano en Santa María, California. Mi papá, Jesús
Ugalde, falleció hace tres años. Mi mamá radica en Rogers,
Arkansas con mi hermana menor.
Hice mis estudios de formación sacerdotal en California
y Oregón, y fui ordenado sacerdote en mi pueblo el 10 de
enero del 2009.
Muchos de ustedes ya me conocen. Estuve en esta
parroquia por cinco años, del 2007 al 2012. Llegué como
hermano, y al año fui ordenado diácono. Cuatro meses
después fui ordenado sacerdote. Fue para mí una experiencia
muy bonita y significativa compartir la fe con ustedes en las
alegrías y en las tristezas.
En el 2012, fui asignado vicario parroquial en la
parroquia de San Mateo en Hillsboro, Oregón. Serví allí por
tres años y el año pasado me asignaron de Promotor
Vocacional en la Casa del Noviciado en Long Beach,
Ahora regreso de nuevo a esta comunidad de Santa
Elizabeth Ann Seton. Me siento muy contento de volver con
la familia que me vio crecer como hermano, diácono y
sacerdote. Regreso con la misión de caminar juntos en la fe y
juntos trabajar en los proyectos que el Espíritu Santo nos
pide a todos los Misioneros del
Espíritu Santo: fomentar en la
Espiritualidad de la Cruz y las
vocaciones a la vida religiosa y
sacerdotal. Nos encomendamos
a sus valiosas oraciones, y
tengan la seguridad de mi
oración diaria por ustedes.
Agradezco mucho su cariño y
su apoyo. Bendiciones.
Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 5
Fr. Armando Hernandez, MSpS
Padre Armando Hernández, MSpS.
I’m a Missionary of the Holy Spirit. On June 10th 2001, I
started my Postulancy Stage and later on January the 3rd, 2004 I
Professed my Religious Vows. I remember that on the day I
received My First Communion I received the Call to serve in
the Church as a Priest. I was born in Lerdo, Durango,
Mexico, on May 7. My Parents are Francisca and Leoncio (my
Dad died 15 years ago). I have two sisters, Angelica and
Norma. When I was 8 years old I studied drama and singing in
Mexico. Later I was a High School Drama teacher in Mexico.
I like to paint and enjoy to play guitar. I concluded my studies
as an Accountant. Later, I started my carrier
studying Graphic design at Autonomous
University of Baja California in Mexicali, B.C.
Later, I felt a strong desire to serve God and
His Church. In May 2009 I concluded my
College studies at Mount Angel Seminary and
graduated on May 13, 2009 with a BA in
Philosophy and Religious Studies. From 20092011 I worked for two years in my pastoral
internship here at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Parish. I studied Theology at the University of
Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana and
Mount Angel Seminary in OR.
On September 19th, 2015, I was ordained a
Priest here at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Bothell,
WA. I love to serve people and to share with
them what I learned from Jesus: to be
compassionate and to have a spirit of solidarity and mercy with
all. I hope that my experience as a Priest here in this parish can
be helpful for you and your family members. Also I want to
thank you for your prayers, especially for vocations to the
religious life and to the Priesthood. May God Bless you.
Soy Misionero del Espíritu Santo. El 10 de Junio del 2001
ingresé a la Congregación y el 3 de Enero del 2004 hice mi
Profesión Religiosa. Recuerdo que el día que hice mi primera
comunión nació mi llamado al Sacerdocio. Nací en Lerdo,
Durango, el 7 de Mayo. Soy hijo de Francisca y Leoncio
(fallecido). Tengo 2 hermanas Angélica, madre de 4 hijos y
Norma. Desde los 8 años estudié teatro y canto en México. En
1987, fui maestro de Teatro en la Escuela Preparatoria de la
UJED plantel Lerdo. En 1990, terminé la carrera de
Contabilidad. Luego estudié Diseño Gráfico en
Mexicali, B.C. Donde después de un tiempo
inició una sed por servir a Dios y a su Iglesia.
Soy pintor de Arte; también me gusta escribir
iconos y tocar guitarra. En Mayo del 2009
terminé mis estudios de Filosofía en el
Seminario de Mount Angel Oregon. Realicé mi
etapa de Servicio Pastoral del 2009-2011 en esta
Comunidad de “Santa Elizabeth Ann Seton”.
Estudié Teología en la Universidad de Notre
Dame, en South Bend Indiana y concluí dichos
estudios en Mount Angel, Oregon. Fui
Ordenado Sacerdote en esta Parroquia de “Santa
Elizabeth también el 19 de Septiembre del 2015.
Me entusiasma el servicio y compartir con las
personas lo que aprendí de Jesús: a ser
compasivo y tener un espíritu de solidaridad y
misericordia con todos. Deseo que mi experiencia de
Sacerdocio aquí en Santa. Elizabeth sea de gran ayuda para
ustedes. Y agradezco que sigan pidiendo por mi Sacerdocio y
por todos los que han sido llamados a abrazar esta hermosa
vocación al Sacerdocio y a la Vida Religiosa. Dios les Bendiga.
I am Fr. Jose Ugalde, born in Tarandacuao,
Guanajuato, Mexico. I am the oldest of eight
siblings: five brothers and three sisters. Three
brothers, a sister, and my mom live in Rogers,
Arkansas; two sisters live in Mexico and one
brother in Santa Maria, California. My father
Jesus Ugalde passed away three years ago.
I went for my priestly formation to John´s
Seminary in Camarillo, California and to the
Benedictine Abbey in Mount Angel, Oregon and
was ordained priest in Mexico on January 10,
Many of you know me. I came as a brother to this parish
of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in 2007. A year later I was
ordained deacon, and then four months later I was ordained a
priest in my hometown, Tarandacuao, Gto. Being in this
parish for five years was a beautiful and meaningful
experience, sharing my faith with you in
moments of joy and sorrow.
In 2012 I was assigned Associate Pastor at St.
Matthew’s parish in Hillsboro, Oregon, where I
served that community for three years. Last
year, I was assigned Vocation Director for our
Province and lived in Long Beach, California.
Now I am coming back home to St. Elizabeth
Ann Seton. I feel very happy to come back to
the family that saw me grow as brother, deacon,
and priest. I am coming back with a mission, the mission that
the Holy Spirit is giving to all Missionaries of the Holy
Spirit: to promote in the parish the Spirituality of the Cross
and the vocations to the priesthood and religious life. Please,
pray for us, and thank you for your love and support. Many
blessings to all of you.
6 | The SETON Sunday News | Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16
SECCION en Español
Hermanos y
Cuando Jesús
llamó a setenta
discípulos para
ir a la misión,
les dio la
visión de un
vasto campo
que está listo
para el reino
de Dios. Jesús utiliza con frecuencia la
imagen de una cosecha para transmitir la
venida del reino de Dios en la tierra. La
cosecha es la finalización de muchas
manos en la obra y el crecimiento, que
comienza con la siembra de semillas, el
crecimiento hasta la madurez, y finalmente
la cosecha.
personas sin engaño, llenos de amor y de
paz. Ellos deben dedicarse a la
proclamación del reino de Dios. Ellos
deben viajar sólo con lo esencial, con el fin
de concentrarse en la tarea de transmitir la
palabra de Dios. Ellos deben hacer su
trabajo, gratuitamente para los demás, sin
esperar pago. Jesús quiere que sus
discípulos se apoyen en Él y no en sí
mismos. Jesús deja claro que la verdadera
fuente de nuestra alegría es Dios, y sólo
Dios. Jesús asegura a sus discípulos que él
tiene todo el poder sobre el mal,
incluyendo sobre Satanás y los espíritus
malignos. De hecho, es por eso que Jesús
vino al mundo: para derrocar al maligno.
Nosotros, como discípulos de Jesús, hemos
recibido la autoridad espiritual y el poder
¿Cuál es el significado de que Jesús
nombra a setenta discípulos para el para superar las obras de las tinieblas y del
ministerio de la palabra? Setenta er a un mal.
número significativo en los tiempos
Dios nos da vida a través de su palabra
bíblicos. Moisés escogió setenta ancianos para que tengamos vida abundante en él.
para que le ayudaran en la tarea de Jesús quiere trabajar en cada uno de
conducir al pueblo a través del desierto. El nosotros para su gloria. Dios comparte su
Sanedrín, el consejo de gobierno de la palabra con nosotros y nos manda a hablar
nación de Israel, se compone de setenta con confianza y claridad a los demás.
miembros. En tiempos de Jesús setenta se Hermanos
entendía como el número de naciones, o preparados para ser testigos de la
pueblos, en todo el mundo. Jesús envió a verdad y la alegría del Evangelio con la
los setenta a hablar en su nombre y para palabra y ejemplo para los que nos
actuar con su poder.
¿Qué quiere decir Jesús cuando dice a
sus discípulos que deben ser "corderos
en medio de lobos"? Esto sin duda se
refiere a la segunda venida del Señor Jesús
cuando todos se unirán bajo el señorío de
Jesús después de que haya derrotado a sus
enemigos y establezca el reino de Dios
sobre los cielos y la tierra. Mientras tanto,
los discípulos deben esperar oposición y la
persecución de aquellos que se oponen al
Evangelio. Jesús vino a dar su vida por
nosotros, como nuestro cordero de
sacrificio, para expiar nuestros pecados y
los pecados del mundo. Nosotros, a su vez,
debemos estar dispuestos a ofrecer nuestra
vida con gratitud en el servicio a nuestro
Salvador Jesucristo.
De la misma manera la palabra de Dios
se siembra en los corazones de cada uno de
nosotros que escuchamos su palabra, la
aceptamos con confianza y obediencia, y
luego compartimos el fruto abundante de la
palabra de Dios a los demás. La cosecha
que Jesús tenía en mente no sólo fue reunir
al pueblo de Israel, sino a todos los pueblos
del mundo. Juan el Evangelista nos dice
que "Dios amó tanto al mundo que dio a su
Él dio instrucciones a sus discípulos
Hijo único, para que todo aquel que en él sobre la forma en que debían llevar a cabo
cree no se pierda, sino que tenga vida su ministerio. Tienen que ir a servir a las
reconocido las "virtudes
hePablo nació el 25 de
septiembre roicas", primer
paso para La beatificación,
del P. Pablo María Guzmán
El P. de 1897 en Cuanamuco,
estado de Guanajuato, en
México y murió el 17 de
febrero de 1967, en Ciudad de
El 20 de noviembre de 1936
fundó la Congregación de
Misioneras Eucarísticas de la
Santísima Trinidad (MESST).
P. José Gerardo Alberto, MSpS
Ya estamos recibiendo inscripciones par a clases de
Catecismo en todos los niveles. Llene la forma que se
encuentra en el Vestíbulo y entréguela en la Oficina de
Formación en la Fe. Todos deben llenar una nueva forma,
aunque sea el segundo año que asistan a clases..
Listas para recogerse están las fotos y los DVD de la Primera
Comunión y Confirmación. Pueden buscarlos en la Oficina de
Formación en la Fe de lunes a Viernes de 10am a 5pm.
9 y 10 de julio
St. Bernardette, Burien
Cuota por pareja $100
Interesados, comunicarse con
Laura Esparza: 425-350-0853
Polo Esparza: 425-268-1954
Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 7
Jesus has done it All
—————Fr. Mario Rodriguez, MSpS—————
This is the statement that flows and moves from the bottom of my heart: “Jesus has done it all.” Fr. Felix used this
expression as the title for one of his letters in which he talked about the history of the Congregation of the Missionaries of the
Holy Spirit. Fr. Felix could clearly see the action of God in our history; Jesus had helped us and given us the necessary graces
for the Congregation to exist and develop. Amidst a sea of difficulties, the Congregation had been able to move forward,
thanks to Jesus’ Divine intervention.
My life and your life are also Divine interventions. We’ve had many successes and many happy times in our lives. We
have grown and reached places we couldn’t imagine. We have avoided unexpected situations and dangers. We’ve had many
moments of triumph and success. We have become great. And Jesus has been constantly present in our lives, and has been
acting in our lives. And it is Jesus Himself who has taken us to these heights, and we know it!
But now there can be a new beginning in our spiritual lives. This can be the moment to acknowledge that JESUS HAS
DONE IT ALL. That in him we acknowledge the giver of all graces. Jesus is the source and goal of our whole life. Now, as
Catholics, it is our turn to acknowledge that JESUS HAS DONE IT ALL in our lives, and we have just been unprofitable
servants (Lk 17:10) who have just been led by Him. Jesus has called us to be co-sharers in His salvific mission and we have
just allowed ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus has done it all in our parish, in our families and our personal life. I
invite you to start looking at your life from the point of view of
Jesus’ actions, and not from the perspective of your own
In the end, all we need to say to the Lord is: “Increase our
faith.” (Lk 17:5) so we can discover that YOU have done it all in
our lives.
Jesus lo ha hecho Todo
Esta es la frase que ha estado brotando y moviéndose en el
fondo de mi corazón: “Jesús lo ha hecho todo”. Esa es la frase que
el P. Félix utilizaba para titular una de sus cartas donde nos
expresaba la historia de la congregación de Misioneros del Espíritu
Santo. El P. Félix descubría el actuar claro de Dios en nuestra historia; Jesús había ayudado y dado las gracias necesarias para
que la Congregación existiera y se desarrollara. En medio de todas las dificultades tenidas se había salido adelante, gracias a la
intervención divina de Jesús.
Mi vida y tu vida son también intervenciones divinas. Hemos tenido muchos éxitos y muchos momentos felices en
nuestras vidas. Hemos crecido y llegado a lugares que no imaginábamos. Nos hemos vistos librados de situaciones y peligros
inesperados. Hemos tenido muchos momentos de éxito y de triunfo. Hemos llegado a ser grandes. Y Jesús ha estado muy
presente en nuestras vidas y Él ha estado actuando en ellas. Y Jesús es quien nos ha impulsado y llevado a esas alturas ¡Y lo
Pero ahora en nuestra vida puede iniciar un nuevo momento en nuestra vida espiritual. Puede ser el tiempo de reconocer
que JESUS LO HA HECHO TODO. Que en Él reconocemos al dador de todas las gracias. Jesús es la fuente y la meta de toda
nuestra existencia. Ahora como católicos nos toca empezar a reconocer que JESUS LO HA HECHO TODO en nuestras vidas
y que nosotros sólo hemos sido siervos inútiles (Lc 17, 10.) que se han dejado guiar por ÉL. Jesús nos ha llamado a ser
copartícipes de su misión salvadora y nosotros sólo nos hemos dejado llevar por su Espíritu. Jesús lo ha hecho todo en nuestra
parroquia, en nuestras familias y en nuestra vida personal. Te invito a que empieces a ver tu vida desde la actuación de Jesús y
no desde tus propios logros.
Al final lo que tenemos que decirle al Señor es: “Auméntanos la fe” (Lc 17, 5) para poder descubrir que TÚ eres
quien ha hecho todo en nuestra vida.
8 | The SETON Sunday News | Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16
Vocation Awareness
“Lifestyles” and “Prayer Styles” of sisters and brothers in “community” are described
by the National Coalition for Church Vocations as follows:
Personal choice within the specific spirit and custom of a community encourages a
great deal of creative, thoughtful and prayerful decision-making about how sisters and
brothers live and grow holy. Again, community is a frame of reference. Some people find
living in a traditional convent or a very large community house best suited to them and to
their current ministry or apostolate. Others are drawn to small-group living, perhaps in a
small home or apartment. For still others, the decision must be to live alone — and yet to
be very community-oriented during this interim. Basically, it’s not really where you live,
but why and how you do it.
That’s true about praying, too. Everybody does it, but there are many different ways in
which we can relate to God. The community helps here, too. Sisters and brothers pray —
frequently within very ancient traditions of prayer, constantly finding new ways of keeping
in close touch with God. Individually, they have their special ways of being with God,
listening to Him and responding to His love.
The variety of lifestyles and prayer forms evident in the so called “active” communities
is also apparent in contemplative groups of religious. Men and women attracted to
contemplative life learn from the great prayers of the past even as they explore new forms
of contemplative prayer and contemplative living. This vocation is a particularly precious
gift to contemporary society and culture. Among some contemplatives there is renewed
interest in “hermitages.” Through this kind of life some are finding, in greater isolation and
solitude, an even more intense form of spiritual life.
Serra for priestly and religious vocations
Monday July 4
Independence Day, Office Closed
Tuesday July 5
Rosary for Life
Adoration/Bible Study
St. 1
St. 2
Knights of Columbus
St. 7
Thursday July 7
Luz y Vida—Gpo de Oración 7pm
Seton House
Holy Hour for Vocations
Grupo de Jóvenes
Youth Room
Guadalupe Committe
St. 4
Simbang Gabi
St. 7
St. 6
Friday July 8
Saturday July 9
The Readings this week:
This week please pray for
Louis Cunningham
St. Anthony Church,
Theology II— Mundelein Seminary
For information on becoming a
Religious Priest Missionary of the
Holy Spirit or a Diocesan Priest
contact one of the following people:
Serra Club: Arthur Adams
Youth Minister: Stephen Kramp
Priests: Fr. Roberto Saldivar, M.Sp.S.
Fr. Mario Rodriguez, M.Sp.S.
Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 9
Y o u t h Section
Ty p o l o g y
10 | The SETON Sunday News | Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16
HAPPENING Here and elsewhere
Volunteers needed for Mother Seton Ministries
We are a group of ladies that meet @ 8:00 Friday mornings to
straighten pews and when necessary put inserts in the bulletins.
We usually finish the pews by 9:00 am and therefore are able to
attend the Mass. If we have bulletins to stuff, we do it
immediately following the Mass and usually finish by 10:30.
On occasion we could use a substitute when one of us is
unavailable for whatever reason.
If you would be interested in helping on a regular basis or as an
occasional volunteer please contact the office; Thank you.
SEAS PRO-LIFE: Rosary for Life will
be prayed every Tuesday at 12 pm during
the summer months in the church. You are
all welcome to join us!
Are you a man suffering from the loss of a child through
abortion? If so, your healing can begin today. Please visit Stop regretting,
and start hoping.
Nimble Fingers Is a group of women who share their different
talents on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from September to
We work on projects that we donate to different organizations. It
is always a pleasure seeing the many talents of everyone.
Wednesday July 13th at 11:30 (to avoid the noon rush) we will be
going to lunch at: China City Restaurant at 15402 Main Street in
Mill Creek.
Everyone is welcome to join us at lunch and hopefully join our fun
If you would like to knit but don’t know how; Jacqueline enjoys
teaching or just come and share your talents with us.
Are you looking for low-cost, family fun that will impact
Then join us at the Rally Round 4 UltraSound at
Fort Steilacoom Park, Lakewood, Washington on
FRIDAY AUG 12 and/or
SATURDAY AUG 13 to support
Events include bike rides of 21 & 42 miles;
5K, 10K & Half-Marathons Races & Walks;
a Motorcycle Rally; a Family Fun Festival;
and The World’s Largest Squirt Gun Fight.
Volunteers needed, please
contact Steve Robinson
sterob8[email protected]
Your parish is here to assist you and your family as you
go through difficult transitions and losses. Don’t hesitate to
call on us for support and assistance. Help us do what Pope
Francis asks of us “to become involved by word and deed in
people’s daily lives’ and be ‘supportive, standing by people
every step of the way.’ (The Joy of the Gospel)
Information in the narthex:
[email protected]
In today’s Gospel Jesus sent “messengers
on ahead of Him.” (Luke 9:52) To be the
messengers of God, we must know well
what it is God wants to say and do through
us, as he sends us out to bring his love to
others. In the first half of June, you were
the “messenger of God” in bringing hope to the poor. Your
gifts enabled the Society of St. Vincent de Paul to assist ten
families with food, with utility and rent bills, and with other
On behalf of Catholic Daughters of the Americas we
would like to thank you for your support at our recent Bake
Sale. We appreciate the contributions you have made this
past year as it enabled us to donate financially to the
following charities: Smile Train, Tutwiler, Pregnancy Aid,
4US, Gabriel Project and St. Vincent de Paul. See you in
September when fall arrives and we commence another
successful year. CDA
Registration is now open for all Faith For mation
Programs. Registration is required for all children and
Youth seeking a Sacrament, even if this is their Second
year of Formation.
Registration Forms can be found in the Vestibule, the Faith
Formation Office and online.
Confirmation photos and First Communion photos/DVDs
are in. You can pick them up in the RE office Monday –
Friday 10am to 5pm. If you need to arrange for another
time please call the RE office at 425-481-9358.
EDGE, Middle School: July 11-15- Transformers Service Day Camp for all middle school youth.
Permission slips for both these activities can be found in the
RE office or on the website. For more information, call
Susie King 425-481-9358 x34
Fourteenth Sunday, 07/03/16 | The SETON Sunday News | 11
Counseling 425-257-2111 or 888-240-8572
Alpha, Steve Robinson
Altar Servers, Jane Baer and Veronica Cardona
Apostleship of the Cross, Vicki Leone
Coffee & Donuts, Kelly Cooley
EMEs Ana May Apin and Amelia Carver
Environment Team, Claudia Galindo
Funeral Committee, Pat Maurer
Guadalupe Committee, Claudia Galindo
Homebound Ministers, Marianne Iwamoto
Home Visitation/Peer Counseling, Joan Kluck
Lectors, Nicolette Gagner and Elvira Hernandez
Linens, Linda Brownfield
Min. of Hospitality, Doug Portello and Graciela Chagoya
Music Coordinator, Kathy Egashira
Pastoral Council, Paul Gallagher/Gerry Apin
Pro-Life Ministry, Karen Salvati
Sacramentors, Scott Occhiuto
Simbang Gabi, Gerry Apin
Stavros, Jim Krieger
Vine Moms group, Erin Robinson
Women’s Fellowship, Mary Christie
Young Adult Group, Roberto Martinez
Cascade Serra Club, Ken Christie
Catholic Daughters, Lois Raske
Knights of Columbus, Chris Harvill
St. Vincent de Paul
Connect to St Elizabeth Ann
Seton Church through
myParish App
(for I-Phone and Android)
Want to listen to Sunday’s
homily? Download the App!
Please keep the sick among us in your prayers, especially:
Mina Amlag
Salvador Andrada
Roberta Autron
Tom Bender
Jane Bentley
Shawna Boger
Eulalia Castillo
Ruth Carpizo
Ed Crull
Billie Dougherty
Anna Epps
Fran Fielden
Marjorie Frye
Vanessa Griffith
Dee Holiday-Osborne
Rosemary Jesmer
Helen Johnston
Patricia Kramer
Jennie Leyva
Patti Means
Marie Milne
Shirley Muntz
Yolanda Noblezada
Teresa Paris
Ritzy Rafer
Floyd Roderick
Joyce Rosas
Florentine Ruhland
Benita Schumacher
Jim Schumacher
Leticia Solorzano
Fran Sphung
Adrienne Steuer
Harry St Nicholas
Francis Sullivan
Richard Totorica
Barb West
Tami Wyatt
May God the Father bless you, God the Son heal you and
God the Holy Spirit comfort you. Amen.
Staff and Clergy
Alberto, Fr. Gerardo [email protected]
Everist, Shannon
[email protected]
425-481-0303 ext.24
Garcia, Rosamaria
[email protected]
425-481-9358 ext.29
Hernandez, Fr. Armando [email protected] 425-481-0303
King, Susie
[email protected]
425-481-9358 ext.34
Kramp, Stephen
[email protected]
425-481-9358 ext.26
Lowery, Lori
[email protected]
425-481-0303 ext.21
Lundberg, Dn. Craig [email protected] 425-481-0303 ext.25
Matheny, Stephanie [email protected]
425-481-9358 ext.31
Moran, Stephanie
[email protected] 425-481-9358 ext.28
Rodriguez, Fr. Mario [email protected]
425-481-0303 ext.23
Ugalde, Fr. Jose
[email protected]
Ministries and groups
Adams, Arthur
Alejandro, Jon
Apin, Ana May
Apin, Gerry
Arulnathan, Jenifer
Augustine, Rolfson
Auroux, Jacqueline
Baer, Jane
Brownfield, Linda
Cardona, Eduardo
Cardona, Veronica
Carver, Amelia
Chagoya, Graciela
Christie, Ken
Christie, Mary
Cooley, Kelly
Dellino, Jean
Egashira, Kathy
Galindo, Claudia
Gagner, Nicolette
Gallagher, Paul
Gimenez, Marcia
Gogal, Heidi
Harvill, Chris
Hernandez, Elvira
Iwamoto, Marianne
Kennedy, Robert
Kluck, Joan
Krieger, Jim
Leone, Vicki
Martinez, Roberto
Maurer, Pat
Occhiuto, Scott
Paine, Alice
Portello, Doug
Raske, Lois
Robinson, Erin
Robinson, Steve
Salvati, Karen
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
A Call to Share…
Saturday 5pm
9 am
11 am
1 pm
5 pm
Children’s Envelopes $139.00
EFT Contributions
Mid Week
Total Offering
Thank you...
Patty McGoorty, CPA
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