Oct/Nov 2013 - Marine Military Academy Blog



Oct/Nov 2013 - Marine Military Academy Blog
MARINE MILITARY ACADEMY develops disciplined, morally strong,
college-ready young men who are prepared for responsible leadership.
Volume 27, Number 3
Dedicated to our Cadets – Leaders of Tomorrow
October/November 2013
Special Events
48th Birthday Ball
On Nov. 2, all cadets and family members gathered for the 48th Birthday Ball.
Birthday Ball guests first attended a dinner banquet in a dazzling, fiesta-themed
setting in the Mess Hall. This year, dinner guests were treated to native songs
of Mexico by a live mariachi band.
At the Birthday Ball ceremony, held in King Gym, Guest of Honor Michael C.
Gross, Class of 1980, enthusiastically spoke of his experience at MMA and
explained how his education at MMA not only gave him an edge in college,
but in his military career and civilian career. Mr. Gross is top criminal defense
attorney based out of San Antonio.
Junior Alfonso García Garza of Monterrey,
Mexico, poses with his date.
After Mr. Gross’ speech, Superintendent Col R. Glenn Hill freed his sword to cut
the grand birthday cake. Per tradition, the guest of honor and the youngest
cadet received the first two slices of cake. This year, the youngest cadet was
eighth-grader Alejandro Garza Rodríguez of Tampico, Mexico.
The final highlight of the Birthday Ball was the mother-and-son dance, which
kicked off the dancing for the rest of the evening.
To view and/or download photos of this event, visit Flickr.com/Photos/
MMAHarlingen and click on the 48th Birthday Ball set.
Guest of Honor Michael C. Gross, Class
of 1980, acepts a gift from Senior Cody
Hubbard of Stafford, Va.
Junior Spencer Pascal of Westfield, N.J.,
honors his mother with a dance.
The 48th Birthday Ball cake is topped with a symbol of Marine pride: the Iwo Jima Monument.
Guest of Honor
Michael C. Gross, Class of 1980,
served as the reviewing officer
for the 48th Anniversary Parade
and the guest of honor at the
48th Birthday Ball.
Mr. Gross of San Antonio is a
top criminal defense attorney.
Among his many accolades, Mr.
Gross has been named in Best
Lawyers in America (2005-2013),
The National Trial Lawyers Top
100 Trial Lawyers in Texas (20122013) and Texas Super Lawyers
in Texas Monthly (2004-2013).
Special Events
48th Anniversary Parade
Hundreds of proud family members and friends filled the stands and cheered
the MMA Corps of Cadets at the 48th Anniversary Parade on Nov. 1. This
annual parade not only commemorates MMA’s birthday, but the birthday of
the Marine Corps, which turned 238 on Nov. 10. This year, the reviewing officer
for the parade was attorney Michael C. Gross, Class of 1980.
To view and/or download photos of this parade as well as other recent events,
go to Flickr.com/Photos/MMAHarlingen.
This valedictorian earned his
bachelor’s degree from Trinity
University in San Antonio in
1984 and was subsequently
commissioned to the Marine
Corps. He went on to earn his law
degree from St. Mary’s University
in San Antonio in 1987. He then
served in the Marine Corps as a
judge advocate until 1992.
Mr. Gross became an associate
for Zimmerman & Lavine, P.C.,
in Houston. In 1996, he opened
a law office in San Antonio and
became a successful self-practice
attorney for 16 years. In 2012, he
partnered with a colleague and
opened Gross & Esparza, P.L.L.C.
Michael C. Gross, Class of 1980
(Top) Audience members rise for the national
anthem. (Bottom) Junior Maxwell Pascal of
Westfield, N.J., salutes the reviewing officer.
The Delta Company cadets march strongly during the
pass in review.
The Silent Drill Team finishes an excellent performance at the 48th Anniversary Parade.
Special Events
Veterans Day Parade
More than 170 veterans attended the Veterans Day Parade on Nov. 11. Just as
impressive was the number of people of all ages who turned out for the event
to pay homage to its nation’s heroes.
At the parade, veterans from World War II and the Korean War received special
seating directly in front of the historic Iwo Jima Monument. During the parade’s
pass in review, all veterans were asked to join Superintendent Col R. Glenn Hill
and Reviewing Officer MAJGEN Robert Walter Jr., USA, on the parade grounds
to be honored by the MMA Corps of Cadets. Several of them were assisted
onto the field by MMA cadets.
In addition to the recognition, all of the heroes received a special gift at the
parade: an embroidered star from a retired U.S. flag.
A Marine veteran and his family attend the
flag retirement ceremony.
After the parade, MMA Boy Scouts Troop 22 held a retirement ceremony
for approximately 30 tattered and/or faded U.S. flags behind the Iwo Jima
More than 100 parade-goers attended the ceremony. Everyone present was
asked to take a strip of a U.S. flag and place it in one of two burning barrels.
Because the flag retirement ceremony followed MMA’s Veterans Day Parade,
more than 50 veterans participated in this proud, touching event.
Sophomore and Star Scout Robert Walter
III of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas, explains the
history and significance of the ceremony.
(Top left) Veterans eagerly await the Veterans
Day Parade. (Bottom left) Hundreds of paradegoers rise for the national anthem.
(Top right) Members of the battalion staff lead the
MMA Corps of Cadets in the parade procession.
(Bottom right) Veterans line up on the parade
grounds for the pass in review.
(Top) Juniors Charles Ogden of Bryan, Texas,
and Chace Andrea of Spring, Texas, relax as
they get their blood drawn.
(Bottom) Junior Bruno Lopez Alvarez of
his release
form places
of aDavid
for water
the five-mile
into the
Special Events
Parent’s Weekend
From Oct. 31 to Nov. 2, parents and other family members from all corners of
the globe came to MMA for Parent’s Weekend. For a great number of parents,
it was their first time to see their sons since August.
Seniors Brandon Van Patten of Mountain
House, Calif., (left) and Julian Van Damme
of Panama City, Panama, lead Golf Company
to morning colors.
The MMA Parents Organization kicked off the weekend and hosted the “Night
at the Museum” reception at the Iwo Jima Museum & Gift Shop on Oct. 31.
Dressed for the occasion — Halloween costumes! — parents enjoyed food and
beverages and even judged a pumpkin-carving contest.
The following day, parents attended the morning colors ceremony and watched
their sons march in with their companies. Afterwards, they had the opportunity
to meet the teachers and spend time with their sons. Many of the parents also
joined their sons for lunch in the Mess Hall.
The afternoon of Nov. 1, all visitors turned out for the 48th Anniversary Parade.
A few hours later, parents and siblings gathered again at Bowman Stadium
to watch the MMA Homecoming Game. The MMA Leathernecks battled and
defeated the Pharr Oratory Ocelots with a score of 47 to 6.
Freshman Marcus Franklin of Detroit greets
his parents after morning colors.
On Nov. 2, all parents, siblings and friends attended the weekend finale: the
48th Birthday Ball. Similar to a prom, this formal event is the highlight of the
year for the cadets. Though King Gym was full of people glamorous enough
to walk on the red carpet, the true stars of the evening were the MMA cadets.
Sophomore Mark Cruz of Houston gets a
proud hug from his father.
(Top) Juniors Charles Ogden of Bryan, Texas,
and Chace Andrea of Spring, Texas, relax as
they get their blood drawn.
(Bottom) Junior Bruno Lopez Alvarez of
Eagle Scout
City David
his release
form before
for water
(Top) Parents dress up for the “Night at the
Museum” reception. (Bottom) The color guard
presents the flags at the 48th Anniversary Parade.
(Top) Post-graduate Josiah Neliaku of Abuja,
Nigeria, focuses on football at the homecoming
game. (Bottom) Post-graduate Ciaran Maguire of
Davie, Fla., and junior Richard Bloch of Sunburst,
Mont., look strikingly handsome at the 48th
Birthday Ball.
Recent Events
3.0 & Above Luncheon
More than 50 percent of the cadets at MMA enjoyed
a Subway sandwich lunch on Nov. 6 for earning a
GPA of 3.0 or higher with no failures in any subject
for the first academic quarter. After lunch, the 135
cadets were given afternoon liberty to which they
could spend at the mall or movie theater.
Cadets who meet the same criteria for the second
academic quarter will be treated to a pizza lunch
in February.
Junior Meng Yu Wang of Taipei City, Taiwan, glady grabs some “grub.”
NHS Blood Drive
The National Honor Society
helped United Blood Services
of Harlingen collect 75 units
of precious blood. Fifty-seven
people from MMA, mostly
cadets, answered the call for
blood donations. Thanks to
NHS, the blood bank harvested
enough blood to help save at
least 187 lives.
Under the leadership of teacher
Diolanda Dye, NHS sponsors a
blood drive each semester.
Veterans Day Visit
On Nov. 11, four MMA cadets honored the veterans of the Canterbury Court
retirement facility in Harlingen. The cadets first raised the U.S. flag at the
retirement center in honor of Veterans Day and then held an official cake-cutting
ceremony to honor the Marine Corps’ birthday on Nov. 10. The cadets involved
in this event were: senior Falco Fematt Rodríguez of Monterrey, Mexico;
senior Javier Gil Humphrey of Altamira, Mexico; junior Yuri Juárez Segón of
Mexico City and senior Logan
Workman of Tomball, Texas.
Canterbury Court resident Joe
Kight, a Marine veteran and
Iwo Jima survivor, accepted the
honor of cutting the birthday
cake. Mr. Kight, a longtime
friend of MMA, volunteers at
the Iwo Jima Museum & Gift
Shop as often as possible. After
distributing the cake to all of
the residents, the cadets dined
with them. Not only did they
learn more about their local
heroes, but different periods in
U.S. history.
(Top) MMA cadets raise the U.S. flag
at Canterbury Court on Veterans Day.
(Bottom) Marine veteran and Iwo Jima
survivor Joe Kight cuts the Marine Corps
birthday cake.
(Top) Junior Alexander Hornedo of Laredo,
Texas, eats a slice of pizza before giving
Durden of
is Laredo,
after the five-mile hike.
ready” tofor
Battalion Competition
On Nov. 1 during morning colors,
Alpha Company accepted the
Golden Guidon from MMA
administrators for winning the 1st
Quarter Battalion Competition.
The company will have the honor
of carrying the guidon until the
next battalion competition.
That morning, Alpha Company
also accepted the Academics
and Military Streamers for the
1st Quarter while Golf Company
accepted the Athletics Streamer.
MMA will announce the winner
of the 2nd Quarter Battalion
Competition in January 2014.
Recent Events
Merit Badges
In just nine weeks, the MMA’s Boy Scout troop offered three merit badge
courses: Dog Care, Shotgun Shooting and Fire Safety. Merit badges provide
Boy Scouts with the opportunity to learn new skills and advance in rank.
Twenty-three Boy Scouts completed the Dog Care merit badge on Oct. 1. In
this four-week course, they learned the history and evolution of the domestic
dog as well as the different types of breeds. These young men were then taught
how to properly care for these pets. Actual dog owners covered many topics,
including feeding, immunizations, exercise, living accomodations, grooming,
discipline and obedience. The troop even visited the Harlingen Humane Society
to witness the sobering consequences of neglectful pet ownership.
On Oct. 15, during a weekend campout, 13 Boy Scouts earned their Shotgun
Shooting merit badge. SgtMaj Al Wilson, an MMA recruiter and Boy Scout
adult leader, conducted the course and taught them the correct way to carry
and fire a shotgun and how to aim and hit the target. SgtMaj Wilson stressed
safety to the youths to avoid injury to themselves and others.
Twenty-eight Boy Scouts finished their Fire Safety merit badge on Nov. 5.
Over a period of five weeks, the firefighters of the Harlingen Fire Department
thoroughly educated them on fire prevention and extinguishing. For this merit
badge, the troop took three field trips, one to Fire Station 3, one to Fire Station 8
and one to Valley International Airport! The firefighters allowed as much handson training as possible, allowing the
boys to explore the firehouse, climb
aboard the fire trucks and try on the
firefighting suits.
(Top) Superintendent Col R. Glenn Hill
(left) and Commandant of Cadets SgtMaj
Ford Kinsley attach the Golden Guidon
to the Alpha Company flag. (Bottom)
MMA administrators attach the Athletics
Streamer to the Golf Company flag.
SgtMaj Al Wilson gives Junior Alfonso García Garza
of Monterrey, Mexico, some target-shooting tips.
(Top) Freshman Kenneth Quoyeser of Houston
stops to look at a pair of canine brothers. (Bottom)
Eighth-grader Giancarlo Betti Hernández tries an
aircraft firefighting suit.
Recent Events
NHS Induction Ceremony
Thirteen cadets were inducted into the National Honor Society on Oct. 2.
Sophomores, juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 are invited to
join this prestigious academic organization. To remain in NHS, members must
maintain a 3.0 at the end of every grading period.
The cadets were treated to a private lunch before Diolanda Dye, NHS sponsor,
initiated the ceremony. Superintendent Col R. Glenn Hill then installed the new
officers and inducted the new members.
The new NHS members are: junior Niko Bakanec of Salem, Wis.; junior Matthew
Dorris of Crystal Springs, Miss.; junior Diego Espinosa Valdéz of Monterrey,
Mexico; junior Gerardo Hernández Alcázar of Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico;
junior Irvin Ie of Temple City, Calif.; sophomore Preston King of Dallas;
sophomore Chaunce Lee of Pudong Shanghai, China; junior William Martin
of Houston; sophomore Blake Moore of Victoria, Texas; sophomore Bailey
Ragsdale of Tahlequah, Okla.; junior Xichen Wang of Shenyang, China; Senior
Shaui Ye of Beijing, China; and sophomore George Zenner of Houston.
MMA held its first major
inspection of the year on Oct. 14,
15 and 17. Every fall, MMA holds
a self-inspection to prepare the
cadets for the Marine Corps
in March.
Nov. 1 during morning
Col R.colors,
Hill and
Commandant of Cadets
SgtMaj Ford Kinsley led the
inspections. The cadets were
carefully inspected to make sure
their uniforms and grooming met
MCJROTC standards. The cadets
were also quizzed on Marine
Corps history, drill, regulations,
values and leadership traits.
The new officers for the 2013-14 school year were also installed. Seniors Cody
Hubbard of Stafford, Va., and Michael Huang of Bellaire, Texas, became the
president and vice president, respectively. Senior Ivan Vidishev of Spring, Texas,
and junior Alfonso García Garza of Monterrey, Mexico, became the secretary
and historian, respectively.
(Top left) The officers light the
ceremonial candles at the National
Honor Society induction ceremony.
(Bottom left) Junior Irvin Ie of Temple
City, Calif., accepts the NHS patch
from NHS sponsor Diolanda Dye and
Superintendent Col R. Glenn Hill. (Top
right) The NHS candidates rise for the
induction ceremony.
(Top) Commandant of Cadets SgtMaj Ford
Kinsley reviews the uniform of sophomore
Josef Fussell of Willis, Texas, as dawn
begins to break. (Bottom) Superintendent
Col R. Glenn Hill reviews the uniform fit
of Junior Gerardo Hernández Alcázar of
Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico.
Visitors & Friends
Iwo Jima Survivor
Navy veteran and Iwo Jima
survivor Filomeno Rodriguez of
Rochelle, Ill., visited the Iwo Jima
Monument on Nov. 4.
A native of Donna, Texas, Mr.
Rodriguez was a Navy seaman
first class in the LSM-74 company.
He arrived on the island of Iwo
Jima the evening of Feb. 18,
1945. The next day, the first day
of the Battle of Iwo Jima, he was
wounded in combat.
Mr. Rodriguez was transferred to
the hospital ship, which departed
the island on Feb. 26. The ship
sailed to Guam, where Mr.
Rodriguez recovered. Afterwards,
he served on a support ship until
the end of World War II.
A recipient of the Purple Heart,
Mr. Rodriguez has visited the
both the Iwo Jima Monument
and the Marine Corps War
Memorial in Arlington, Va.
Filomeno Rodriguez
Eagle Scout Project
Junior Guillermo Hellmund of Houston completed his Eagle Scout Community
Service Leadership Project on Oct. 5. Hellmund, the first in Troop 22 to lead
and finish an Eagle Scout project this year, is
now eligible to pursue the highest rank in the
Boy Scouts organization.
With the help of his volunteers, Hellmund was
able to make 10 Game Bird Hunting permit
boxes for the local Texas Parks and Wildlife
in just three weekends. These sturdy outdoor
boxes will collect information that allows TPWD
to track the number of hunters and the number
of game birds harvested each season. Hellmund
and his teammates installed several of the boxes
at various wildlife sites in the region on Oct. 5.
Junior Guillermo Hellmund of Houston
shows the Game Bird Hunting permit
box that he just installed.
Intramural Championships
In intramural sports, Echo Company won the basektball championship on
Nov. 17 while Golf Company took the volleyball championship on Oct. 6.
Each semester, the companies compete against each other in different sports.
(Top) The Echo Company basketball team accepts the winning trophy from Superintendent Col R. Glenn
Hill. (Bottom) The Golf Company volleyball champs revel with Commandant of Cadets SgtMaj Ford Kinsley.
BGen Bryghte D. Godbold
Former MMA Board Trustee BGen Bryghte D. Godbold, USMC (Ret), passed away
on Oct. 8 at age 99. Gen Godbold was a trustee from 1980 to 1994, serving as
vice president from 1982 to 1984 and then as president and chief executive
officer from 1984 to 1986. This decorated Marine was not only a war hero, but
a civic hero who helped transform the city of Dallas.
BGen Bryghte D.
Gen Godbold was born in Coy, Ala., on July 8, 1914. After
earning his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from
Auburn University in Alabama in 1936, he was commissioned
as a second lieutenant in the Marine Corps. In December 1941,
while commanding a defense battalion on Wake Island, Gen
Goldbold was captured and imprisoned by Japanese forces
until September 1945.
After World War II, the Marine Corps sent this officer to Stanford University
in California to earn his master’s degree in business administration. In 1947,
Gen Godbold was assigned to the Marine Corps headquarters. In 1950, as
assistant chief of staff with the 1st Marine Division in Korea, he participated in
the planning of the Marine landings at Inchon.
Gen Goldbold retired from the Marine Corps on Jan. 1, 1958, a span of 22 years.
He held two Legion of Merit awards for his service in World War II and the Korean
War. He also held a Prisoner of War Medal for his sacrifice in World War II.
After the Marine Corps, Gen Goldbold became an assistant chancellor at New
York University, where he earned his doctorate degree in higher education. A
Ford Foundation grant then sent him to Purdue University in West Lafayettte,
Ind. In a time before satellite technology, this electrical engineer developed a
way to broadcast educational television programming using aircraft and highaltitude t.v. transmitters. At the request of mayor Erik Jonsson, Gen Godbold
moved to Dallas in 1963 to become the vice president of academic affairs for the
Southwest Center for Advanced Studies, now the University of Texas at Dallas.
SgtMaj Edgar Johnson
Former MMA drill instructor
SgtMaj Edgar “Ed” Wade Johnson
passed away on Oct. 10. He was
76 years old.
SgtMaj Johnson joined the
Marine Corps in 1956 and went
on active duty in 1959. He served
in the Vietnam War and later
became a drill instructor for three
tours at the famous Parris Island
Marine Corps training facility in
South Carolina. After serving 30
years, SgtMaj Johnson retired
from the Marine Corps.
In 1988, SgtMaj Johnson moved
to Harlingen to work at MMA,
where he was in charge of Delta
Company for four school years.
In 1992, this Marine returned
to his hometown of Meridian,
Miss., and worked as a Junior
ROTC instructor at Northeast
Lauderdale High School for four
school years.
SgtMaj Johnson is survived by
his son Rick Johnson, daughter
Terris Fisher and grandaughters
Heather and Holly Fisher. He was
preceded in death by his wife,
Fredna Johnson.
In 1965, Gen Godbold was approached by the mayor again to lead “Goals
for Dallas.” As executive director for this program, he was instrumental in the
planning and fruition of several major projects and programs, including the
construction of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the new Dallas City
Hall, the expansion of a city-wide library system and the Dallas Arboretum and
Botanical Garden. Thanks to his efforts and the support of other civic leaders,
Gen Godbold also helped save Dallas’ PBS station, KERA-TV.
This selfless citizen served in many Dallas civic groups, notably the Lee Park
& Arlington Hall Conservancy, Southwest Science Museum, Dallas Arboretum
and Botanical Gardens and the Dallas YMCA. Gen Godbold is survived by his
wife Patricia Murphy Godbold.
SgtMaj Edgar Johnson
Cadet of the Month - October
Jackson Perkins of Austin, Texas - Alpha Company
Rank: Cadet Corporal
Grade: 11, Activity: Weightlifting
Future education goals: Study forestry & wildlife management at San Diego State University
Career goals: Become an officer in the Marine Corps
Jordan Sartor of La Porte, Texas - Delta Company
Rank: Cadet Private First Class
Grade: 10, Activity: Weightlifting
Future education goals: Attend The Citadel
Career goals: Become an officer in the Marine Corps
Gustavo Salazar Mar of Papantla, Mexico - Echo Company
Rank: Cadet Sergeant
Grade: 11, Activity: Weightlifting
Future education goals: Attend college in Puebla, Mexico
Career goals: Work in my father’s business
Ahmed Malik of Missouri City, Texas - Fox Company
Rank: Cadet Private First Class
Grade: Post-graduate, Activity: Aerospace
Future education goals: Attend Texas Tech University
Career goals: Become a commercial pilot
Jacob Roopchand of Katy, Texas - Golf Company
Rank: Cadet Lance Corporal
Grade: 11, Activity: Soccer
Future education goals: Attend the University of Cambridge and major in zoology
Career goals: Manage the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia
Daniel Fago of San Deigo - Band
Company: Delta, Rank: Cadet Private
Grade: 12
Future education goals: Attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Tufts University or MIT
Career goals: Become an engineer
William Martin of Houston - Drill Team
Company: Fox, Rank: Cadet Gunnery Sergeant
Grade: 11
Future education goals: Graduate from Baylor University
Career goals: Become a Navy or Marine Corps officer
Cadet of the Month - November
Michell Reyes Méndez of Mexico City - Alpha Company
Rank: Cadet Corporal
Grade: 9, Activity: Weightlifting
Future education goals: Attend Universidad Iberoamericana
Career goals: Take over my family’s jewelry business
Sterling Mellman of Victoria, Texas - Delta Company
Rank: Cadet Lance Corporal
Grade: 10, Activities: Color guard & Jiu Jitsu
Future education goals: Attend the U.S. Naval Academy
Career goals: Become a pilot in the Marine Corps
Hugo Mendóza Mauricio of Monterrey, Mexico - Echo Company
Rank: Cadet Staff Sergeant
Grade: 11, Activity: Soccer
Future education goals: Attend college in Mexico City and major in culinary arts
Career goals: Have a family and own a restaurant
Giancarlo Betti Hernández of Huixquilucan, Mexico - Fox Company
Rank: Cadet Private First Class
Grade: 8, Activity: Drill team
Future education goals: Attend a university in Europe and major in business administration
Career goals: Own a business
Matthew Miller of San Antonio - Golf Company
Rank: Cadet Gunnery Sergeant
Grade: 11, Activity: Jiu Jitsu
Future education goals: Attend Texas A&M University and major in business
Career goals: Become a Marine Corps infantry officer
Maxwell Pascal of Westfield, N.J. - Band
Company: Alpha, Rank: Cadet Staff Sergeant
Grade: 11
Future education goals: Attend Virginia Military Institute
Career goals: Become a Marine Corps aviator
Richard Lee of Spring, Texas - Drill Team
Company: Echo, Rank: Cadet Lance Corporal
Grade: 8
Future education goals: Attend the Naval Academy
Career goals: Be a Marine Corps officer
Alumni Affairs
Important Dates
• Jan. 11: Check-in for new
cadets, 8 a.m. to noon
• Jan. 12: Check-in for returning
cadets, by 6 p.m.
• Jan. 15: 2nd Semester/3rd
Quarter begins
• Jan. 25: SAT, 8 a.m.
• Feb. 7: Academic Awards
Ceremony, 2:30 p.m.
• Feb. 8: MMA Parents Organization meeting, 8:30 a.m.
• Feb. 8: Introductory Training
Graduation & Parade, 10 a.m.
• Feb. 19: Iwo Jima Parade, 4 p.m.
• March 4-7: 3rd Quarter exams
• March 7: Spring Break begins,
flight departure after noon
• March 16: Spring Break ends,
return by 6 p.m.
• March 17: 4th Quarter begins
• April 4: General H.M. Smith
Foundation Dinner, 6 p.m.
Recent Events
Several alumni were spotted with their MMA “brothers” at recent events. Austin
Maeyama, Michael McGraw and Chase Taylor, all Class of 2012, attended the
2013 Homecoming Game at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C. The “bulldogs”
should graduate in May 2016. Meanwhile, 2ndLt Kyle Gannon and 2ndLt
Nathaniel Keegan, both Class of 2008, appeared at the 238th Marine Corps
Birthday Ball in Quantico, Va. Both entered the Marine Corps as officers in 2012.
Gannon and Keegan graduated from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas,
and Masschusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass., respectively.
(Left to right) Michael McGraw, Chase Taylor and Austin
Maeyama, Class of 2012, turn out for the 2013 Homecoming
Game at The Citadel in Charleston, S.C.
2ndLt Kyle Gannon (left) and 2ndLt Nathaniel
Keegan, Class of 2008, attend the 238th
Marine Corps Birthday Ball in Quantico, Va.
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