NDSC 41st Annual Convention



NDSC 41st Annual Convention
NDSC 41st Annual Convention
Taking our Convention a Mile High
July 19-21, 2013 • Denver, Colorado
Vacation at a Higher Level
2013 Convention at a Glance
Thursday, July 18
9:00 a.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. Global Down Syndrome
Foundation Research
and Medical Care Day
Registration Opens
Diversity Outreach Social
Friday, July 19
a.m. Kids’ Camp Session 1
a.m. Pre-Conference Sessions
p.m. Sharing Sessions
p.m. Kids’ Camp Session 2
p.m. Y&A and B&S Kick-Off
p.m. Sharing Sessions
p.m. Opening General Session
p.m. Opening Reception and
Just Dance!
Saturday, July 20
a.m. Kids’ Camp Session 3
a.m. Y&A and B&S Conferences
a.m. General Convention
Kids’ Camp Session 4
p.m. Reception/Awards Banquet
p.m. Dance
Sunday, July 21
a.m. a.m. a.m. a.m. p.m. p.m. Kids’ Camp Session 5
Y&A Talent Show
B&S Off-Site Trip
General Convention
Convention Closes
Colorado Rockies
Baseball Game
General Convention
The General Convention programming includes a mix of plenary sessions and
breakout workshops. The Convention officially begins Friday evening with
keynote presentations for all attendees on a variety of topics. Attendees can
participate in five workshop cycles Saturday and Sunday, with 14 sessions
available during each cycle. A complete, age-organized workshop list is available
both at www.ndsccenter.org, and within the Souvenir Journal to guide you in
making selections.
Pre-Conference Sessions
These valuable assemblies present the first, and arguably most in-depth, learning
opportunity of the weekend. More information about available Pre-Conference
Sessions is listed on pages 4-5.
Sharing Sessions
Sharing Sessions mark the unofficial beginning of the General Convention. Taking
place Friday afternoon from 1:30–3 p.m. and again from 3:30–5 p.m., these
sessions facilitated by seasoned parents, encourage participants to connect
informally around common age groups and interests, and share similar needs, joys,
concerns, resources and strategies.
Kids’ Camp
The educational playground of the convention, Kids’ Camp was created for children
ages 6 months – 14 years to participate in activities while their parents are
attending workshops. The camp is offered in five separate sessions. All children
must be pre-registered. Space is limited so register early.
About Denver
Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver is where city lights meet the
Wild West. Best known as the Mile High City (the 13th step of the state capitol is
at 5,280 feet above sea level), Denver is the ideal summer vacation destination.
Warm days, mild nights and low humidity lend themselves to getting out and
exploring. Catch a Rockies game or gaze at a buffalo herd in Denver’s Mountain
Park System. Enjoy the excitement of the Elitch Gardens downtown amusement
and water parks or the mile of dining, shopping and attractions at the 16th Street
Mall – both near our hotel.
If you have a few extra days, explore Rocky Mountains National Park, take the
cog railway to the summit of Pikes Peak, or check out the lifestyles of the rich and
famous in Aspen and Vail.
There are museums, exhibits and events aplenty – more than you will have time
to do. Catch a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Or maybe tour the home of the
“Unsinkable” Molly Brown, and learn more about the life and times of this famous
Titanic survivor.
Whatever your interest, Denver and Colorado have something for you and your family!
To start planning your trip, visit www.denver.org today!
Youth and Adults Conference
Attendees must be 15 years old by July 19, 2013
Considered “the heart and soul of the Convention
weekend,” the annual Youth and Adults (Y&A)
Conference is a fun, empowering, enriching and
safe environment for attendees with DS age 15
and up.
Announcing Two New
Workshop Tracks:
Co-Occurring DS and Autism
Spectrum Disorders
(DS-ASD or DS+Complex
Registration for the Y&A Conference will close June 7, or earlier if capacity is
reached. Please note that Y&A Conference registration is not available on-site. We
encourage interested attendees to register early, as we typically reach capacity
before the deadline date.
The NDSC cares deeply about serving
the needs of all families, including
those with loved ones with co-occurring
autism, autism-like behaviors, or
complex needs. As a result the NDSC
has collaborated with Down SyndromeAutism Connection to offer a speciallydesigned DS-ASD/Complex Behaviors
track at this year’s convention.
Experts in the field of DS-ASD will be
presenting on important issues and will
be available to answer questions and
provide much needed support.
Brothers and Sisters Conference
Adult Siblings
For those entering 6th through 12th grade in 2013-14, as well as college-age
conference alumni
The role of a brother or sister changes
dramatically as parents age. This track
of workshops is designed to give adult
siblings the tools they’ll need, whether
that day has come, or whether it’s well
in the future. Packed with experts in
financial planning, guardianship, trusts,
adult transition, aging and mental
health, coupled with a few social
networking opportunities, adult sibs
will leave feeling prepared, supported
and empowered.
The Y & A Conference is planned and presented
by self advocates. The event begins with a Friday afternoon
kickoff party, followed by workshops, open mic sessions, empower hour and panel
presentations on Saturday (lunch is not included). The Conference closes on Sunday
with the popular talent show, but not before attendees elect one of their peers to
serve on the NDSC’s Board of Directors.
The sibling connection is most often the longest-lasting family relationship
attendees have. As a result, it’s important that brothers and sisters feel supported,
and know how to advocate for their sibling with DS.
The B&S Conference begins with a Get Acquainted Session Friday afternoon.
The group additionally meets all day Saturday (including lunch), and will break
concurrently with the General Convention and Y&A Conference. On Sunday, B&S
attendees will travel off-site to explore a local Denver attraction.
Social Events and Other Activities
What would an NDSC Convention be without a dance or two?
All attendees are invited to join Friday night’s Just Dance! event, following
the Opening Session. Saturday evening’s events include our annual Awards
Banquet (a ticketed event), followed by another dance for all attendees
(no ticket required). We will also host a vendor Exhibit Area featuring the
latest books, toys, teaching aids, apparel, software and more.
Our Film Festival showcases the best films, clips and documentaries
featuring the Down syndrome community.
After the Convention closes Sunday, consider heading to the ballpark
to see the Colorado Rockies take on the Chicago Cubs. NDSC families
can purchase discounted tickets during Convention registration to sit
in our reserved section.
2013 Pre-Conference Sessions
Pre-conference sessions enable you to dig deeper into one specific topic with nationally-known speakers. The sessions are
structured to share best practices and proven “how to” strategies, while providing research-based content. All sessions
will include time for Q & A, and coffee and pastries will be provided. Pre-cons will be held on Friday, July 19 from 8:00am 12:30pm. Separate registration is required. Pre-conference handouts are only issued to the person registered for the session.
Space may be limited in some sessions, so register early. On-site registration cannot be guaranteed.
DS Parenting 101: The Straight Scoop,
with Tools and Rules
Natalie Hale, Educator, Author, Founder of
Special Reads for Special Needs, Mother of a
Son with DS, Los Angeles, CA
In this session, Natalie Hale, author of the new book, “DS
Parenting 101: Must-Have Advice for Making Your Life Easier,”
will cover the gamut of an extraordinary parenting journey,
from a child’s birth to independent living. Special attention
will be given to understanding oppositional behaviors and
learning the tools for parenting those behaviors. This session
will include a parent panel, role-playing, and short videos,
as well as a “Non-Compliant Tool List.” As one parent has
said, “I can’t get this kind of information anywhere else in
this country. Standard parenting books fall “way short for
me.” This unique session gives hard-won tools and insights
which can make our parenting lives smoother and even more
Try Reading Again…or for the First Time
DeAnna Horstmeier, Ph.D., Author, Mother of
a Son with DS, Worthington, OH
Do you have a struggling student who has
given up trying to read, or pretends to read, or who has
some sight words but can’t figure out new words? Does that
student protest that the books are babyish or just boring?
DeAnna Horstmeier will present a savvy method for teaching
beginning reading tailored to the interests and vocabulary of
upper elementary and secondary students. The Try Reading
Again method consists of three important components:
stories written in the student’s own language (language
experience), phonics, and age-appropriate structured stories
(written by others). Participants will walk away with new
strategies to make reading a reality.
What Autism Looks Like in a Child with DS
Susan Hepburn, PhD, Associate Professor,
University of Colorado School of Medicine,
Director of Research for JFK Partners,
University of Colorado School of Medicine,
Aurora, CO
This presentation will explore the connection between
DS and Autism, and provide a variety of resources to
help navigate this complex diagnosis. Participants will
learn how behavioral characteristics intersect to create
unique challenges for screening and evaluation, as well as
implications for intervention. Dr. Hepburn will provide an
overview of the differences in behaviors presented with a cooccurring diagnosis.
Developing a Good Foundation for Speech
and Language: Birth to First Grade
Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Professor of
Speech-Language Pathology and Author,
Loyola University, Baltimore, MD
This session will focus on the differences between
communication, language and speech, what prepares
your child to speak, and how your child progresses from
sounds to words to conversation. Dr. Kumin will provide
and demonstrate activities you can do at home to help your
child develop skills they will need to master. Additionally,
Dr. Kumin will share effective techniques for working with
teachers and SLPs in preschool and elementary school
Curriculum, Visuals, Behavior – Are You
Sure this Child can be Included?
Patti McVay, M. ED., Director of Education,
Linda Crnic Institute for DS
Anna & John J Sie Center for DS, Instructor,
Department of Pediatrics University of Colorado School of
This session will examine key ways for students to become
true participating members of their general education
classroom. Participants will learn how to make modifications
and accommodations that can benefit multiple students in the
classroom, examine how visuals support success, and learn
alternate processes and perspectives to ensure behavior is
not a barrier for inclusion. This session will include parent
perspectives and time to develop plans to support your child
or student using inclusive best practices.
Doing the Detective Work to Create
Positive Behavior Change (Con
interpretación simultánea al español)
Scott Shepard, Director of Avenues Supported
Living Services, Professor at CSU Northridge,
Cal-TASH Board Member, Valencia, CA
Proceso evolutivo de la afectividad y la
sexualidad en personas con síndrome de
Dra. Teresa Aguilasocho Montoya, Médico
Gineco- Obstetra, Presidenta de la Fundación
Síndrome de Down de Nuevo León A.C.,
Monterrey, N.L. México y Beatriz Garvía,
Psicóloga Especialista en Psicología Clínica
Centro Médico Down, Fundación Catalana
Síndrome de Down, Barcelona. España
Positive behavior change is possible! This session will
lead you to discover why your child behaves a certain
way and more importantly how you can make positive
changes. Participants will receive an overview of functional
assessment, learn how to identify behavioral motivations and
teach replacement behaviors and skills as an alternative to
challenging behavior. Attendees will take home a variety of
“tools” to get started on the right path, with principles that
can be applied with children and adults of all ages.
Self-Promotion: A Good Idea for Your
Brian Chicoine, MD, Medical Director, Adult
DS Center of Lutheran General Hospital, Park
Ridge, IL and Dennis McGuire, PhD, Director
Psychosocial Services, Adult DS Center of
Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, IL and
Christine Maxwell, Self Advocate, Evanston, IL
Good health is both a gift and a process.
Optimizing both mental and physical health
requires active participation in that process.
As the world expands for people with DS,
there is both opportunity and challenge
to improve health. Health promotion for
adolescents and adults with DS will be
addressed. This session will provide special
emphasis on self-promotion of health by people with DS.
La vida afectiva y sexual de las personas
con síndrome de Down está sometida a una serie de
mitos, prejuicios y fantasmas que inquietan a familias y
profesionales. Pero no dejan de ser eso: prejuicios y miedos,
porque la sexualidad de la persona con síndrome de Down
es sexualidad humana, no es una sexualidad especial, no
existen diferentes sexualidades. La sexualidad y la afectividad
son dimensiones de la personalidad que están presentes en el
comportamiento, son funciones biológicas y afectivas.
*Affiliates LEAD 101: A “Basic
Workshop for Leadership, Education,
Advancement and Direction
This session is designed specifically for local DS organization
leaders (both volunteer and staff) who may be new to the
world of non-profits or whose organization is relatively new.
We’ll start the day with a presentation on communication:
social media, email marketing, blogging—you know, what
all the cool kids are doing! Then we’ll go really interactive,
and spend our time networking and sharing your ideas and
concerns through a “table top graffiti” session. LEAD 101 will
leave attendees inspired and motivated!
The Joy of Work: How Finding a Job and
Starting a Career Can be FUN!
Amy Dwyre, Senior Associate, TransCen, Inc.,
Sister to a Brother with ID, Rockville, MD
*Affiliates LEAD 201: A “Beyond the
Basics” Workshop for Leadership,
Education, Advancement and Direction
There is a job out there for anyone who wants one, regardless
of disability, need for support, or economic vitality of a
community. But more importantly, the journey to a career
can be fun and exciting! This session will teach strategies
that families and jobseekers themselves can use to jumpstart
the job search process and help case managers do a better
job. After this session, participants will understand the
importance of the individual discovery process, how to
approach and partner with businesses, how to negotiate and
customize an awesome job position, and how to stay focused
on a career path. Participants will also walk away with the
start of an individualized “Positive Personal Profile” and a
personalized marketing script!
Keeping in mind the more seasoned non-profit leader, this
session will address topics “beyond the basics”. Along with
attendees from the LEAD 101 session, we’ll start the day
learning more about the importance of communication: social
media, email marketing, blogging—and how to move our
message beyond the basics. Next, we’ll hear from non-profit
professionals on critical areas such as financial oversight and
strategic thinking. LEAD 201 will also provide the opportunity
to network with other experienced DS organization leaders.
*NDSC Affiliate Members receive two complimentary
registrations for either Pre-con J or K.
Register Now!
Register Online
Meal Plan
Visit www.NDSCCenter.org; click “Annual
Convention”; and select “Register”
Attendees can register for an optional
meal plan that will provide four meals
throughout the weekend – dinner Friday
evening, breakfast and lunch Saturday,
and breakfast Sunday. Menus have been
pre-selected (gluten-free is available),
and can be viewed on our website. The
cost is $68 per person for the fourmeal package (meals cannot be ordered
separately), and may not be available to
purchase on-site. If you are interested,
please order during registration to
ensure availability.
American Airlines - Promo Code:
5% Discount; Book online at
www.AA.com or call (800)-443-1790
Convention Headquarters
Ground Transportation
Colorado Convention Center
700 14th St.
Denver, CO 80202
Avis Rental Car is pleased to provide
a convention discount to NDSC families.
The AWD code is J944711 - call (800)
331-1600 or book online at
Register by Mail
Access downloadable forms at
www.NDSCCenter.org, or contact us at
(800) 232-6372 or [email protected]
to request hard copy registration forms.
These forms can be completed and
returned (with payment) by mail to the
address listed on the back cover.
Convention Hotel
Delta Airline - Promo Code:
NMFJ7 (domestic/Canada) and
NMFNK (international)
5 - 10% Discount; Book online at
www.delta.com or call (800) 328-1111
*Surcharges apply for booking via
Hyatt Regency Denver
at the Colorado Convention Center
650 15th St. Denver, CO 80202
(303) 436-1234
Visit the NDSC website for details on
how to reserve a room in the
convention block.
2013 Registration Fees
By June 7
By June 26
General Convention Individual
General Convention Family (up to 3 people –
one additional adult can be added for $50)
Youth & Adults w/DS Conference
Brothers & Sisters Conference
Kids' Camp
$30 per session
By June 26
Extra compendium
not guaranteed
not guaranteed
Adult Banquet Ticket
not guaranteed
Child Banquet Ticket (12 and under)
not guaranteed
Conference Recordings
Meal Plan (4 meals)
Convention T-Shirt
*If you are not an NDSC member, $35 will be added to your
total registration at checkout.
Convención General
El programa de la Convención General
consiste en dos sesiones plenarias y
talleres que se presentarán durante el fin
de semana. La convención comienza el
Llevamos Nuestra Convención a lo Más Alto
viernes con la primera sesión plenaria. Se
ofrecerán talleres el sábado y el domingo
en 5 ciclos. Cada ciclo contará con 14 talleres. Un taller será impartido en español
y otro con interpretación simultánea al español. Las descripciones de cada taller
estarán disponibles en el portal del NDSC y estarán agrupados por edades. Equipo
de interpretación disponible en la mesa de información en español.
Los seminarios de 4 horas y media cada uno se presentarán simultáneamente
el viernes 19 de julio de 8 a.m. a 12:30 p.m. por lo que solo es posible asistir a
uno. Cada seminario tiene un costo de $75 USD y se requiere previa inscripción.
Solo una de las pre-conferencias será impartida en español la Letra I Proceso
efectivo de la sexualidad en personas con síndrome de Down Ponentes:Dra. Teresa
Aguilasocho y la Psic. Beatriz Garvía. Otra de las pre-conferencias estará disponible
con interpretación simultánea al español Letra F Estrategias para fomentar
cambios positivos en el comportamiento de su hijo. Ponente: Scott Shepard.
Servicio de café incluido y espacios limitados.
Encuentros para familias de habla hispana
Estos encuentros se llevarán a cabo el viernes 19 de julio de 3:30 p.m. a 5:00 p.m.
El objetivo primordial es proveer a las familias provenientes de diversas ciudades
de Estados Unidos y Latinoamérica una magnífica oportunidad para conocerse e
intercambiar experiencias. Los encuentros serán dirigidos por padres de familia.
Programa para Jóvenes y Adultos con síndrome de Down
Participantes deberán tener un mínimo de 15 años de edad
El programa para jóvenes y adultos con síndrome de Down es en si el corazón y
el alma de la Convención y tiene como objetivo el proveer a los participantes un
fin de semana lleno de aprendizaje y diversión el cual les proporcionará valiosas
aptitudes para su vida futura en un ambiente seguro. El programa arranca el
viernes por la tarde con una divertida reunión y el sábado consiste en talleres,
sesiones generales y presentaciones de panel. No incluye almuerzo. El domingo
los jóvenes participarán en el popular festival de talentos. Todos los ponentes y
participantes en este programa son personas con síndrome de Down qué cuentan
con el apoyo del NDSC y un maravilloso equipo de voluntarios. Se requiere
documentación y autorización de los padres. La documentación nos permite
conocer a cada uno de los participantes y entender sus necesidades para brindarles
el mejor apoyo posible. Espacios limitados e inscripción cierra el 7 de junio.
Reunión de Hermanos
Pueden participar hermanos desde 6to al 12vo y hermanos universitarios
La reunión de hermanos consiste en un divertido fin de semana en el cual los
participantes tienen la oportunidad de aprender sobre el síndrome de Down,
intercambiar información y experiencias así como conocer nuevos amigos. Las
actividades comienzan el viernes con una reunión para que los participantes se
conozcan. El sábado se reunirán durante todo el día (almuerzo incluido) y terminan
simultáneamente a la Convención General y al programa de jóvenes y adultos con
síndrome de Down. El domingo
está planeado un
paseo a una atracción
Informes: [email protected]
turística en la ciudad
Página web: convention.ndsccenter.org/en-espanol
de Denver.
Eventos Sociales y Otras
Cóctel de Bienvenida jueves 18 de
julio 7 p.m.- 8:30 p.m. Reunión para
dar la bienvenida oficial a las familias a
la 41ª Convención Anual del NDSC. Se
requiere reservación previa al momento
de inscribirse a la Convención General.
Reunión de Asociaciones y Grupos de
Apoyo viernes 19 de julio 1:30 p.m.
– 3:00 p.m. El objetivo de esta reunión
es conocer los proyectos de cada uno e
intercambiar programas, logros y lo que
es primordial unificar esfuerzos a favor
de las personas con síndrome de Down.
Enviar correo a: [email protected]
para confirmar asistencia y recibir más
Just Dance! El viernes por la noche
recuerden venir cómodos para bailar y
disfrutar del popular Just Dance!
Cena de Premiaciones (Se requiere
boleto a la entrada). El sábado por la
noche se celebrará la ceremonia de
premiaciones y cena de gala. Al terminar
le sigue el tradicional baile y todos los
asistentes a la convencion general están
Sala de Expositores más de 60
expositores se darán cita durante el fin de
semana para presentar lo más novedoso
y reciente en libros, materiales didácticos,
juguetes educativos, programas de
computación, entre otras cosas más.
Festival del Cine Maravillosa
oportunidad para disfrutar de los mejores
filmes y documentales en las que los
protagonistas son personas con síndrome
de Down. El Festival del Cine se llevará a
cabo durante los ciclos de los talleres del
sábado y el domingo.
Kids Camp Es un campamento de niños
con el propósito de brindarles alegría y
diversión Se requiere inscripción y pago
adicional. Los lugares son limitados y
las inscripciones cierran el 7 de junio.
Edades: desde los 6 meses hasta 14 años
de edad.
Plan de Comidas Este plan es
opcional e incluye cuatro comidas:
cena del viernes por la noche,
desayuno y almuerzo del sábado y
desayuno del domingo. El costo por
persona es $68 USD.
Special Thanks
The National Down Syndrome Congress would like
to thank our 2013 Host Committee Partners for
their assistance in providing local support and
coordination of the 41st Annual Convention.
Adam’s Camp
ARC Thrift Stores
Colorado Springs Down Syndrome Association
Denver Adult Down Syndrome Clinic
Down Syndrome-Autism Connection
Global Down Syndrome Foundation
The Rise School of Denver
Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association
Global Down Syndrome Foundation
Research & Medical Care Roundtable
State of the Union – What you should know for your
child or adult
On Thursday, July 18, from 9am to 4pm we are hosting the Global
Down Syndrome Foundation Research & Medical Care Roundtable.
Co-organized with the National Down Syndrome Congress and
supported by the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group, this
roundtable will feature top scientists and medical professionals
working to better the lives of people with Down syndrome. Topics
will include sleep apnea, immune deficiency, heart and pulmonary
problems, cognition, and Alzheimer’s disease.
After the roundtable, we have organized a major musical concert
free of charge for all attendees to the roundtable from 6:30 –
9:30 pm. We hope to welcome you to Denver in July. Look for the
link for Roundtable Registration on www.ndsccenter.org to reserve
your spot now — seating is limited.
Michelle Sie Whitten
Executive Director, Global Down Syndrome Foundation
NDSC 41st Annual Convention
July 19-21, 2013
Our Youth and Adults Conference always fills up
quickly, and registration may close in advance of
the June 7 deadline.
30 Mansell Court, Suite 108
Roswell, GA 30076
Toll Free: (800) 232-NDSC (6372)
Local: (770) 604-9500
Fax: (770) 604-9898
Email: [email protected]

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